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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 27, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the golden state warriors are in the nba finals for the first time in 40 years. >> it's been a long time coming, but the golden state warriors are heading back to the nba finals for the first
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time since 1975. >> and take a look at this. fireworks above oracle arena, where they were celebrating big time right after the warriors win tonight. next up, lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers, game 1 at oracle, a week from tomorrow. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. celebration at oracle arena, where the golden state warriors defeat the houston rockets. to win the series 4 games to 1. >> joe fonzi is court side where he just heard from some of the players, we'll talk to both of them in a moment, first, mark ibanez is here. that was really something. >> i've got my tricks into sneaking into seats down by the court. i'll tell you, the atmosphere down there, prior, these guys
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were so excited, but little over--amped. i thought you saw that come out in the course of the early play in this game. both sides had to be very nervous. no team has ever come from three gaming down to win a playoff series. houston trying to do it. good enough to put themselves in the final for the first time in four decades. i think jittery, would be the best way to describe both teams early. the warriors proved gritty enough to play through it on an off-shooting night. you see dwight howard get loose, everybody talked about the importance of getting off to a fast start. clay thompson the one guy who seemed to find a little bit of a rhythm, pops the three there before he ran into some foul trouble. more trouble with an injury, as you'll see in a moment. warriors up 6 at the half,
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after trailing by 5 after 1. steph curry starts to get into the act. he wound up with 26 points, and they up the lead to 11 points in the early going of the 3rd. james harden becomes a major story. 13 turnovers, one of them leads to an andre iguodala open court dunk. the 13 turnovers, and nba playoff record. another frightening moment. trevor ariza, the same guy that steph fell over, overnight, knees clay thompson in the right temple. harrison barnes, ignites. rising to the occasion. barnes at one point, wound up with 24. you saw his outside shot. you see him go strong to the bucket, and 13 of his 24 come in the 4th quarter, and then the celebration, a nice moment there with james harden, 1-2 in the mvp balloting.
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coach kerr going to the final in his first year. 4-1 series victory. the warriors are an incredible 43-3 at the oracle this year. obviously, the home court had a lot to do with that. houston proved they were in this western conference final for a reason. they weren't about to go away. hard-fought throughout joe. >> reporter: yeah, mark, and the warriors have also proven all year, that no matter what style of game, they're capable of winning, if it's an up tempo game. if it's a slow down game. i looked p up at one point, shooting about 25% from the field, you know shear going to improve on those numbers. it just felt like every possession they had to slug it out. >> it was tough, we knew it wasn't going to be easy. we're not a group that gives up, and we knew that from the
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jump. we had to gut it out. the coach said at halftime, it was ugly, but i like our team better in ugly games than theirs. >> they really pushed us they're a great team. they're a great team. we stuck to our game plan, our coaches did a great job of bringing our game plans. we stuck to them, and we got the wins based on that. they're a great team, not taking anything away from them. >> reporter: the record is going to show the warriors won this series 4 games to 1, but every game was tight, with the exception of game 3 in houston. now, next up is the cleveland cavaliers. lebron james. the guys said we'll think about that maybe tomorrow, or the next day, but we're going to enjoy this one tonight. mark, back to you. >> can't blame them. coach kier was asked after the game, if he game planned at all
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for the cleveland cavaliers. he said i haven't given it one moment of thought. good for him. what a blast out there. these guys were so keyed up before the game. you can just feel the excitement and the anxiety, and it showed. >> what a series. thanks mark, more in sports. >> our warriors coverage continues right now with ken wayne, live outside oracle arena, where fans have been wishing and wanting, are now celebrating. >> reporter: julie, are warriors fans happy? i think they are. the confetti came down after the game this evening. they waited a long, long time. 40 years for this moment. the warriors are finally going to the nba championship game. we talked to the fans inside and outside oracle about their reaction to this momentous
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occasion. >> i wish i had season tickets to watch the whole thing evolve. we're late bloomers you know. >> reporter: you're on the bandwagon. >> yes, but to be here in this moment is absolutely amazing. >> it's been 40 years in the making. this is oakland's team. >> my first game ever. what an amazing game, right? >> this is what we've been waiting for, and finally we got it. you know what? this is history for us. we've been doing this for a long time. and finally we got it! this is the greatest feeling. >> reporter: as fans spill out of the arena tonight, fireworks exploded above other kl arena, a celebration of 40 years in the making to get the warriors back to the nba championship game. and they're all looking forward to it. and everybody is having a good
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time. one last gasp. [ cheering ] >> reporter: i can't hear anything, so i'm going to toss it back to you. >> exercising their vocals for the finals. ken, thanks very much. [ cheering ] and it was also a thunderous roar tonight at the blank at jack london square. fans of course showed their excitement when the warriors wrapped up their big win over the rockets. after tonight's emotional high, warriors fans will have to wait a while. they'll have to wait a week for the finals to start. lebron and the cavaliers come to oracle for game 1 next thursday, june 4. tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. then game 2 also at oracle is sunday, june 7 at 5:00 p.m. the series goes to cleveland for games 3 and 4, on june 9th
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and 11th. both of those games start at 6:00 p.m. our time. there were new developments from the south bay, where ray mcdonald has been arrested again. this is the latest mug shot, taken after mcdonald's arrest in santa clara. he's accused of violating a restraining order that was put in place following his domestic violence arrest on monday morning. police say he went to a home around 3:00 p.m. that he had been ordered to stay away from. he was arrested about 5:30 tonight at a nearby togos. mcdonald was accused of domestic violence and child endangerment. we're told the case involves his exfiance, and their infant son. right now, mcdonald is still behind bars, but he is expected to be released before midnight. now, two new developments from antioch, following the arrest of a man at a gas
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station where two people were held hostage today. officers say they had been chasing a gunman involved in a couple of carjackings when they managed to disable his vehicle using spike strips. the suspect then ran into a mini mart off highway 4 in antioch. that's where two people were then held hostage. ktvu's ktvu's noel walker is live in antioch. >> reporter: this was a crime spree that hop scotched across contra costa county. that gas station there across the street, that's where the biggest drama played out. thankfully, it all ended in the best possible way. hours of tension in antioch. ended like this. sky fox was overhead when the 35-year-old suspect from newark gave up, and walked out of the arco station. the police chief announced the arrest earlier this evening.
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>> i'm very happy to report the hostage standoff has ended peacefully, with the hostages unharmed. >> reporter: there were two hostages. the owner of the arco station relesioned first, then about an hour later, an employee was freed too. >> just a hostage. >> reporter: two talked to our photographer. >> we couldn't leave. >> what was this guy like? >> he was a nice guy. >> reporter: the string of bad things started here at 5 after 11:00 this morning just off antioch's auto row. anthony hernandez, and his daughter esperanza were at the front desk of their mako auto body shop when they heard what sounded like a sonic boom. >> 80 miles per hour, he just collided into one of my customer's cars on the street. >> reporter: the suspect's car,
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plowed into one of their customer's car. >> there was a guy there walking around the car. >> reporter: both father and daughter rushed to help. >> oh, my god, are you okay? >> he actually pulled out a gun. >> that's scary because i talked to him and he ended up holding two people hostage. what if he would have freaked out at the point when it all happened? >> reporter: instead police say he walked down the block to mike's auto body and stole a newly purchased car. the owner left a cell phone inside, which allowed police to track the suspect's movement. he drove the wrong way on some streets and crashed again near the arco station. that's where the suspect tried to carjack another driver and then confronted a chp officer. >> while the suspect was fleeing, he pointed a handgun at a chp officer, at which time, the chp officer defendanted himself, and fired one shot. >> the shot missed the mark,
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but hostage negotiators were right on target after self- hours over several crime scenes, the drama ended peacefully. so police are not releasing the suspect's name, or a photo yet, but julie, the police did say this suspect has a lengthy wrap sheet, that includes auto, theft, and other crimes. >> noel walker live in antioch. >> soccer's international governing body is rocked by scandal. the new accusations of bribes and payoffs that led to a string of arrests. >> daytime highs are going to go up as we head into your bay area thursday. i'll let you know how long that heat will last. >> first, new information about a frightening crash on the bay area bridge. exclusive details on a driver now facing charges for going the wrong way.
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dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you stay ♪ and the young at heart. ♪ forever young ♪ come remember that feeling. ♪ forever young ♪ come feel forever young. new at 10:00, exclusive information about a wrong way crash on the bay area bridge last november that injured several people. prosecutors have just filed charges after a toxicology report indicated that the wrong way driver was high on a dangerous combination of drugs. ktvu's heather holmes is breaking a story tonight, live at the bridge to tell us what she's learned. >> reporter: frank, right now that woman is in jail in napa valley. she will be transferred to san francisco to face a long list
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of charges, in last year's horrifying crash on the eastern span. the terrifying moment when drivers see a vehicle going the wrong way. authorities say the driver traveled westbound on the eastbound shoulder of the bridge for almost two and a half miles. now we've learned charges have been filed against the woman behind the wheel. 33-year-old karrie lyn morgan of vacaville. >> we just recently received the toxicology reports. >> for felonies, and 6 misdemeanors, including charges she was under the influence of methamphetamine and marijuana. with other drivers swerving to get out of her way, she plowed on in a stolen lincoln. morgan's path ended when she crashed into a nissan, and
10:17 pm
careened into another vehicle. 36-year-old gerald petty and his wife were in the nissan. for the first time, we're getting a closer look at what it was like for them. jared said he looked up, and quote, saw a car facing us with no headlights. angie was critically injured. she was driving and had to be extricated from the vehicle, by use of the jaws of life. >> she had fractured her skull. fractured both legs. fractured her right arm. torn all the ligaments in her neck. they had to restructure her neck. >> reporter: she says angie spent more than a month in icu, has undergone six surgeries, and is unable to walk alone. >> at this point, she can't even sleep in her regular bed. just every day little tasks are completely impossible for her right now. >> reporter: a completely life changing moment frank, for
10:18 pm
that couple that authorities say happened at the hands of a high, and unlicensed driver. morgan is set to appear in napa on those unrelated charges in two weeks, then it will be off to san francisco to face those 10 counts. >> heather, is there any word as to whether that victim may be able to walk on her own at some point? >> reporter: that is the hope. she is undergoing rehabilitation. in fact, she goes daily, and so the thought is, if she continues that, she will be able to walk on her own, and hopefully, return to work as well. she's a social worker at the vallejo school district. also tonight, the chp says it arrested a concord man today accused of leading authorities on a chase going the wrong way on several east bay roads. the suspect was driving a green honda, which was reportedly stolen out of martinez earlier this month. the chp says officers were tracking winger as he went the
10:19 pm
wrong direction. he reportedly fled from authorities after crashing into a motorist in berkely. the driver of the suv suffered minor injuries. the chp says no crime was committed in a strange incident at the bay bridge toll plaza. it involved this chevy blazer that moved in to pay the toll last saturday neat. when the driver rolled down his window, the toll taker noticed some kind of altercation. the toll taker then called police, but the vehicle didn't have license plates. so the highway patrol couldn't find it. after photos of the suv appeared on television, authorities say the driver voluntarily went to chp office today. >> we determined no crime was committed. the gentleman was allowed to leave and he left. he hadn't done anything wrong. there's no reason for us to arrest, detain him any further, or impound his vehicle. >> the chp says the toll worker did everything right by
10:20 pm
alerting authorities and letting them know exactly what he saw. clouds have moved back in tonight. but today was a bit warmer, maybe two or three degrees warmer. tomorrow will be warmer still. there's some wind out there, but not as much as we've been seeing. you've got the cloud cover now moving in. it was clear for a time in oakland. clear for a time in san francisco. but the fog and low clouds moved back in. a few high clouds will come in overnight. but that's it. high pressure setting offshore. you see this leading off into the plains. for us, tomorrow morning, a lot like today, but not as much fog as we've been seeing. so we start off clearing quicker, therefore a warmer day. the winds are still blowing pretty good out in fairfield. that's a gust that's howling. which is not unusual for this time of night, this time of year. 18miles an hour at sfo, gusts. the fog footprint not as
10:21 pm
extensive as we've seen. not as much tomorrow. so watch how quickly it burns off. it's gone by 9:00, 10:00. that's the plan. that allows the 80s and 70s to creep back in to the bay area forecast. we're going to see numbers that will border back into the upper 70s, and even some low 80s. i think we'll have low 80s to report tomorrow. downtown san jose, with good air quality. the warm up is starting. you kind of felt it a little today. you'll feel it a little more tomorrow. more noticeable. much more warmth as we head into friday and saturday. so we'll talk more about that with possible mid-80s, even upper 80s. we'll see you back here after a couple of breaks. >> apple acknowledges a bug that can crash your phone with a text. then, a bay area officer arrested, what he's accused of stealing from a south bay target store. >> up first, live anthrax samples shipped around the country, including to
10:22 pm
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the pentagon is admitting nine lab spores were shipped to as many as nine labs including one in california. researchers were supposed to receive dead, or inactivated anthrax for study. the live spores were shipped from a defense department in utah to government and commercial labs. officials did not identify the labs or their specific locations. officials say there was never any threat to the public. apple is working on a fix for a bug that allows someone to send you a text and crash your iphone, or your apple computer. you don't even need to read the text, you only need to survive it. the text contains a sequence of latin, and arabic characters.
10:25 pm
computer experts say when it happens, the device reboots. the effects of the bug can be undone if the person who sent you the original text sends you another one, or if you text yourself from another device. the test results are in on the rods. the results show 99% of the rods passed a pull test without breaking. more than 400 rods were tested in all. two of them failed. caltrans says it conducted the tests after two other rods showed cracks. they were concerned exposure to water in the tower made them brittle. the rods are designed to keep the bridge from lurching during an earthquake. arrested two men today suspected of stealing copper wire from the bike path that leads to the new bay bridge. the incident happened around noon, when the officers say they spotted the men acting suspiciously. they also noticed a hole in the fence, so they confronted him. the chp is now awaiting an
10:26 pm
estimate on how much wire was taken. today is a historic day for the golden gate bridge. 78 years ago, the bridge opened to the public. it was considered an impossible dream when it it was first proposed. project engineers overcame arguments about it being unable to stand up to the thick fog, and dangerous tides. work on the bridge finished quickly, and the project came in under budget. 18,000 people lined up on the morning of may 27, 1937 to be among the very first to cross the bridge. 14 top soccer officials charged. the accusations of corruption spanning more than 20 years. >> they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to serve their interest, and to enrich themselves. >> but up first, more on the warriors big win tonight, now being celebrated in lights in oakland.
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downtown oakland has the warriors spirit. several buildings are glowing in gold and blue tonight. this is the alameda county courthouse, the warriors won the western conference finals tonight and now advance to the nba finals for the first time in 40 years. >> you want to say that. you saw the storylines throughout the playoffs. >> the little mvp of the postgame was back at it again tonight. steph curry's 2-year-old daughter riley stole the show again. you can watch the full interview on the home page of our website at now to the corruption scandal rocking the world of soccer tonight, as top officials are swept up and
10:30 pm
arrested in a multi-national bribery investigation. >> here now with the impact on the arrests of the world's most popular sport. >> reporter: this indictment came from a federal court in new york. sports officials in a dozen countries spanning the globe are charged with bribery, money laundering, and other corruption. it was an international thing that came early in the morning at a 5 star hotel in zurich. swiss authorities arrested 7 top officials with fifa. meantime in the u.s., the fbi and other officials raided the office in miami, florida of fifa's north and central arm. loretta lynch unsealed the 47 count indictment in new york today. fifa's vice president, jeffrey web, is among the 14 people at the highest echelons of soccer who are now charged with corruption, including bribe,
10:31 pm
racketeering, and money laundering conspiracies. >> they corrupted the voice of worldwide soccer. >> reporter: five sports marketing and media executives, including american aaron davidson, are accused of kicking in more than $150 million in bribes and kick backs. all to win highly profitable media, and marketing rights for fifa soccer tournaments. >> today's events are a disaster for fifa, and tarnish the image of football as a whole. >> reporter: former fifa vice president jack warner turned himself in today after being charged with accepting millions of dollars in prescribe money to help south africa win that bid. >> there's nobody in the u.s. [ inaudible ] some other people are guilty, and that hasn't changed. >> reporter: in the aftermath of the indictment, a spokesman said world soccer will emerge
10:32 pm
stronger. >> this for fifa is good. it's not good in terms of image, and it's not good in terms of reputation. but in terms of cleaning up, this is good. >> reporter: and there could be more arrests. swiss officials have opened their own investigation. fifa officials say despite bid rigging, they still plan to keep the 2018 world cup in russia and the 2022 world cup in qatar. >> what happen sentencing? >> as much as 20 years. hackers who stole the personal information of 100,000 u.s. taxpayers are likely based in russia. the information was taken from a website called gettranscript. offenses say it has been shut -- officials say it has been shut down. democratic presidential
10:33 pm
candidate hillary clinton had unexpected company on the trail in south carolina. it was carly fiorina. the only other female in the race. >> i had planned to be here for a long, long time. >> reporter: fiorina held a news conference right outside of the hotel where hillary clinton was giving a speech. clinton didn't talk about fiorina and stayed on her campaign message. >> we're going to have to fight to make sure that the success of our country is shared across the economy and that more families have the chance to get ahead. >> reporter: meanwhile, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum says he is also running for president again. he's a social conservative, and said he would work for working class americans. in the 2012 race, he won 11 states before losing the republican nomination to mitt romney. a new show most californians approve of the job jerry brown is doing at
10:34 pm
governor. 58% gave him a thumbs up. just 26% said they don't like what he's doing. others had no opinion. when asked if california is moving in the right direction. 40%, mostly democrats said yes. another 40%, mostly republicans said california is on the wrong track. the ridesharing company uber released headquarter plans. they released this rendering. the building would accommodate 3,000 workers, but not the drivers, they would be some place else. uber is hoping to have the new building completedly early 2018. the dow jones rose 121 points. the nasdaq added 73. the s & p 500 was up 19. investors seem to be relieved that the greek debt crisis is closer to being resolved. ann lewis put up yellow
10:35 pm
police tape, saying gentfication in progress, she said she did this in the middle of the night, but it was gone by the morning. lewis says said she won't stop her protest against gentfication. alice spearman has died. she was a board member from 2004 to 2012. after her time on the board, she served as school secretary at the american indian charter school. she was born in oakland, she attended castle mount high. she was only 63 years old, and died from complications following a heart attack. monitoring a warm up around here. you're going to feel the heat. how long these warmer temperatures are expected to last. >> up first, the home invasion robbery that prompted an extensive search for four people this afternoon.
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tonight, alameda county sheriff deputies are still searching for a home invasion robbery suspect after three others were arrested. it was reported on sweet briar place shortly after 3:00 this afternoon. the suspects were taken into custody a short time later
10:39 pm
along interstate 580. a sheriff's deputy spotted a wanted vehicle and the chase began. it ended a short time later in a crash. none of the three suspects was hurt. the sheriff's department called out a helicopter. they were searching the grounds of the old hospital, and so far again tonight, that person is at large. the uss arizona memorial in hawaii has been closed indefinitely after it was hit by another boat. a spokesperson says a hospital ship or another tugboat pulling it, hit or damaged the dock on the memorial. the battleship was bombed, and sank during the japanese attack on pearl harbor. more than 1100 men onboard were killed. the ramp and hand rails connecting the dock to the memorial are mangled. navy divers are assessing the damage. a vacant lot that was overgrown with weeds may soon be transformed to a community garden and gathering place. the lot is almost 1.5 acres and
10:40 pm
is more of an eyesore right now. the next month, the non-profit group city slicker farms hopes to break ground on it. the goal is $25,000. along with a garden, there will also be a park and a play ground for kids. children can still get soda with their meals at one northern california city, but now their parents are going to have to ask for it specifically. the city council in davis has unanimously approved an ordinance that has a restaurant to make water and milk the only things offered on kids menus. this will affect restaurants from applebee's, to taco bell. the goal is to make davis a healthier city. >> public health is a critical issue. in the past, i think our city
10:41 pm
maybe hasn't focused on it. or brought it to the priority level i think we're seeing now. >> parents can still offer soda for the kids, they just won't be offered on the kid's menu. two bay area students failed to advance in the scripps national spelling bee today in washington d.c. 13- year-old timothy yae and a 7th grader in cupertino. tomorrow is the semifinals, and tomorrow evening, the finals. still ahead here we're going out live to oracle arena where joe fonzi has been talking to some of the warrior players after tonight's key win. >> tracking changes in our weather he'll show us his extended forecast. >> plus, a police officer accused of theft. how he's accused of lifting a
10:42 pm
pricey watch from a target store.
10:43 pm
female announcer: through sunday it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a grass fire burned seven acres in the foothills of gilroy this afternoon. it started near a cart path on the eagle ridge golf course. cal fire aircraft dropped fire retardant, and water. officials hope to have the cause determined by tomorrow. they say it's a good time to remind people about the dangers of fire season. 4th of july will go on in cupertino this year, without one key ingredient. fireworks. the city announced today it will not hold its annual fireworks display. the launch requires spraying more than 100,000 gallons of water onto the field in order to prevent damage. tonight, a veteran santa clara police officer is in trouble with the law. he's on paid administrative leave, after he allegedly stole a smart watch from a target
10:45 pm
store in san jose. as azenith smith tells us, if he's convicted, he could face jail time. >> reporter: ken nguyen is on the other side of the law, accused of stealing. >> when one of our employees gets arrested for shoplifting, it hits us in the stomach. >> reporter: a santa clara spokesperson says nguyen was immediately placed on paid leave after learning of his arrest. authorities say earlier this month, nguyen was off-duty at the time, when he entered this target. loss prevention officers saw nguyen taking one of the store's pricey $250 smart watches. somehow using a magnetic key to unlock the device. he paid for other items, but not the watch. officers later caught up with nguyen. they saw the watch, a magnetic key, and all wires all on him. >> i think a police officer is
10:46 pm
held to a higher standard. you probably just need some help and he probably needs to be off the force while he's getting his help. >> reporter: the arrest leaving this 11-year-old disappointed. >> if he wanted a watch, then he should have paid for it, even though he's a police officer, he still should have to pay. >> it plants a seed and so you wonder, this was one officer that was arrested, and you can't paint this with a broad brush. >> reporter: since the charges are a misdemeanor he was never booked into county jail. his arraignment is set for july 19. ktvu, fox 2 news. high temperatures today nudged up just a couple of degrees. it's been a little warmer each day. tomorrow should be a more noticeable warm up, even though we had plenty of sunshine or more sunshine today. these numbers, like this 76 in antioch, 74 in fairfield, 73 in santa rosa, they're all going to get up, upper 70s, low 80s tomorrow. that's the plan anyway.
10:47 pm
we'll see a lot more mid-70s out in livermore valley, and upper 70s. we'll see low 70s around the bay. there's the bay bridge. it's cloudy out there now. a lot of traffic on the bridge probably has a little bit to do with the a's game, and warriors game. there are high clouds that will bring us no rain. the fog right along the coast. that's sort of our plan, is high pressure building in. as we go into the next 24 hours, that sets us up with a warmer pattern. we've had drizzle really almost every morning, in some area along the coast for a while now. now we're setting up with more of a regular pattern, where we're going to be plenty warm during the daytime hours, with less drizzle, or less fog intrusion in the morning hours. you'll see that in the model. the plan is, high pressure is set up. as we head into thursday and friday, temperatures are going to start to peak. friday should be the warmest day of the week. as we head into the bay area
10:48 pm
weekend, temperatures trend down. they're just going to be cooler than the mid-80s, that we're anticipating. so tomorrow, warmer than today by a good 5 degrees in many places. especially away from the coast. then on friday, the temperatures will warm further in the inland bay valley. san jose tomorrow, you make it to 74 degrees. 80 in st. helena. we had good wind. it's windy out there now. we've had wind gusts in the delta area to 35, and almost 40 miles per hour this evening. the airport is blowing pretty good. kind of a pattern, more typical for what you'd expect this time of year. still slightly cooler than what you might expect. 62 in san francisco. that's thursday's forecast. friday's forecast ratchet those numbers up another four or five degrees. the five-day forecast, a little warmer on thursday. warmer on friday. that's the warmest day, most likely. saturday, sunday, there's nothing wrong with those days.
10:49 pm
they'll be fine. coastal areas have been cool. upper 50s, low 60s. just incremental changes. but i've been pointing out how texas has been getting our weather. it goes out there and explodes. as this system goes through, that should be the last one for us. we'll get a little bit of a break as we head toward the end of the weekend. texas. floyd mayweather, kanye west sitting court side, among those watching the warriors win tonight. >> lots of luminaries out there. lots of every day fans too waiting a long time for this to happen. either way, the rockets knew they were going to have to fly back to houston. the warriors just wanted to make sure it was a red eye flight, from crying over a series loss to them. maybe not the way golden state dreamed it up, but nobody is going to out-grit this team. they wanted to get out to a quick start, but it just didn't happen. houston inside for dwight
10:50 pm
howard. they settled down a little bit. clay thompson found a little bit of a rhythm. wound up with 23 points, but battled foul trouble. warriors up 6 at the half, after trailing by 5 after 1. of course, steph curry had a little something to do with them regaining control of this. he pops the three. had 26 for the night. and upped the lead to 11 in the 3rd period. james harden, just a disastrous night for him. a record setting nba playoff, 13 turnovers. this one leads to an open court andre iguodala. he knows what to do with it. also played great defense. another frightening moment. trevor ariza, the same guy it was steph who fell over. this time knees clay thompson in the right temple. he left for a while. suffered an ear contusion. he's all right they say. harrison barnes took off from there. barnes rising to the occasion with a three. in fact, he hit 9 straight
10:51 pm
warrior points at one point. 24 on the evening. 13 in the 4th, he goes for the muscle shot. nice moment there. number 1 and number 2 in the mvp balloting. steve kerr, his first year as coach, leads the warriors to the final. for harden, 14 points, 13 turnovers. the warriors got 31 points as a result of those turnovers. one week from tonight, lebron james and the cavs will come to town for game 1 of the nba final. plenty of time to size all of that stuff up. but stay in the moment, enjoy it. joe fonzi was out there all night with the celebration and locker room stuff. >> we talked about it in the pregame, how it was steph curry a little bit banged up. it would be nice if some of the other guys carried the load. in a night when clay had an offnight shooting from three- point range, just 3 of 11, it was the other guys. two guys specifically, who have
10:52 pm
come of age in this playoff series. festus azila wound up with the playoff career high 12 points. as you mentioned, that phase where harrison barnes took over in the 4th quarter. the rockets were saying, somebody besides curry had to step up. afterward, the guys talking about something they talked about all year, what a well balanced team this is. >> you know, steph and clay. we try to fill in and be aggressive from there. whether that means scoring, whether that means making the extra pass, offensive rebounding. things like that. on a night like this, when i'm able to get a lot more shots, and make shots it feels good. >> it feels like we're the deepest team in the nba. it's been showing throughout the playoffs, not only tonight. andre stepped up. everybody who came in made an impact. not in clay's spot, but huge
10:53 pm
off the bench. they stepped up for us, and made plays. that's what helped us get to this win. i know i was horrible. >> reporter: warrior fans have waited a long time for this. the franchise has waited a long time for this, mark, 40 years ago, you and i remember the last time the warriors were in the final. it will be nice to have them there again. joe fonzi, back to you. >> joe was in college and i was in elementary school. another bay area team we've got out on a roll. the giants know a little something about what it it takes to go the distance, and they're showing off all their attributes right now. a series sweep in milwaukee. sports part 2 next.
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
take you to milwaukee in a swinging mood there. ryan vogelsong, brandon belt with a nice play at the plate to get the out. the giants were down in the 5th inning, 1-0 to the brewers. joe panik, to right. a two run shot to right. the bullpen was perfect, they added another in the 9th to win it by a score of 3-1. the a's
10:57 pm
were 3-2 losers. peter debure, that's the name of your new san jose sharks coach. >> thanks. >> good night. [♪] ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both
10:58 pm
feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪
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11:00 pm
tes. you're destroying those things. ay, jay, leave him alone. well, i'm sorry, but that cow has suffered long enough. fun. whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. hang on. dinner's ready in five minutes. coach wants us to practice lay-ups. they are deceptively hard. a curious mix of dance and strength. you're making it lame again. sorry. ay, dios mío, that coach. i hate that guy. he seems to have the kids motivated. oh, dad, you haven't seen him. he taunts the kids. he's abusive. if this was a colombian soccer league, long time ago, one of the kids would have taken that guy out and kkkhh! a coach is supposed to ride the kids hard. phil, help me out here. he's a mean man. oh, you're such a woman. come to the game. you'll see. this guy's a real mother-scratcher. pardon the language, gloria. mm-hmm. gloria? he better cool it, or i'm gonna introduce him to the captain and tennille.


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