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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 28, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the warriors defeat the rockets, they are headed the times. that's a good one. a big scare for the players, it's all ahead. good mornings, first steph curry flies through the air, then klay thompson. it's a could good day. good mornings, i'm brian flores. we're so excited. the first time 40 years headed to the nba finals. >> it was a great game. i love it. i couldn't leave, i had to watch. >> you watched it too. until the 3rd quarter. when i went to sleep they were
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ahead but not by much. 3rd quarter was scary. >> you are well-rested. it's just a lot of make up. outside we're looking at clouds, a minor warm up will continue as we get into the afternoon. along the coast, inside the bay. the winds onshore and through the delta picking up. fairfield reporting 30 miles an hour. a southerly breeze in concord. i mentioned yesterday, the onshore breeze not going away completely. it stays localized, because of that the coast is mostly cloudy and remain with the sea breeze, the rest of us around the bay will continue to warm, 52 in
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napa, 53 in oakland. temperature will begin to climb. i'll show you the color coating on this. that shade of orange in the central valley begins to creep our way, in the low 80s for the arch, most of us widespread 70s, 60s around the bay and 58 in areas like pacifica, 59 around half moon bay with mostly cloudy conditions, the warms trend will continue. i'll have a look at the numbers for today and show you the extended forecast. let's check in on the traffic this morning. good morning you to, we're doing well around the bay area, let's look at the east shore freeway, westbound 80 looks good, no major problems if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it is going
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to be okay. the 880 interchange is looking good. the traffic continues to look good. and in the south bay, traffic on 101, 280, 85 all doing well as you drive into the valley. let's go back to the desk. >> you know your excited. the wait is over for dub nation, they are going to the finals. >> he stepped up. the warriors eliminated the rockets with a win in game five. harrison barnes with 24, 13 in the 4th. steph curry led all with 26 points. the warriors shook off a close
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start, but there was another scare for the warriors, klay thompson was accidentally kneed in the head by trevor ariza, he needed three stitches. pam is turning away. the warriors say thompson was put through a concussion evaluation but after the game he said he developed the concussion-like symptoms. >> the break will be good for him, for all of our guys with the run we've been on, especially for klay. >> it's a proud run to be four wins away from our goal. >> to be able to do it here in front of the great fans that develop so much and to advance to the finals. it was a perfect night for us.
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>> the warriors will meet the cavaliers in the finals which start a week from today. the teams split 2 games during the regular season. james did not play when the team's met in oakland. steph curry's daughter joined her dad again and stole the show again. when we came in, the story lines throughout the playoffs, locked in. everybody has to be. >> she's so cute. >> 2-year-old reilly waived at reporters, after squirming around, she played hide and seek, you can watch the full interview on 11. >> i love --
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>> some long shivering warrior fans thought this day would never come. their unwaivering devotion paid off as confetti rained down. the phones were out, pictures taken, they did not want the night to end. >> my first game ever. amazing game. >> this is what we've been waiting for and we got it. we're deeper. they've to come to roarcle. >> the fireworks went off. the celebration will pale when the warriors win the
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championship. the finals start a week from tonight. tip-off 6:00 p.m. game two the 7th at oracle. then in cleveland for game 3 and 4. we'll have more in our second half hour. moving on, 4:07. ray mcdonald is in trouble with the law again. this mug shot was taken last night after he was arrested for the second time this week. he went to a home in santa clara which violated a restraining order. detectives tracked mcdonald to a togo's restaurant, he was booked and released after
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posting bail. his attorney said they were not notified about the restraining order and he went to the home to meet with a defense investigators. the woman what had lived there had said she would not be there. question new -- we have new information about the story, the girl that was yelling and screaming that was in a s. after photos appeared the male driver contacted officers and investigators talked to him and the girl. >> we sent officers out to residence, interviewed the juvenile that was in the back seat of the vehicle at the time and confirmed she's safe. she was not harmed. >> investigators say the girl was drying to break up a
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quarrel between the male driver and the female passenger, the woman has since been arrested by police on discuss persian -- suspicious of domestic violence. >> a suspect holed up in a arco gas station, had the owner of the gas station and employee inside with him. that began earlier in auto row. anthony hernandez and his daughter were at the front desk when they heard a crash. the suspect plowed into a customer. they ran outside and the suspect pulled a gun on them. >> what's scary, i talked to him and he ends up holding two
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people hostage. what if he freaked out. >> the suspect ran a block away to mike's auto body and stole a car. the new owner left the cell phone in the car allowing police to track the suspect. after that the suspect stole another car and crashed it near the arco station. after a few hours the suspect surrendered. police have not released many details about the suspect to say he has a long rap sheet. 35 people have tied from the storms in texas, oklahoma and northern mexico. nine people are missing in texas. the national weather service is forecasting more rain through sunday. parts of oklahoma could receive a half of feet of rain. in houston rains have sent the river above flood stage, people
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have not evacuated they could be stranded for days. >> i would get out if i was you, if not have a lot of praying and shoes and row boat. the roads are going on the road. -- flood. a dam on the brink of collapse yesterday is expected to hold. time is 4:11. coming up next. anthrax mistakenly shipped by the military. >> no fireworks for the 4th of july in cupertino. what the drought has to do with it. >> we're looking at the commute on highway 24 westbound. it looks good as you head to the tunnel. our minor warm up will continue for today. the onshore breeze is back for the afternoon.
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temperature coming up by a few degrees, especially for inland communities. i'll show you the afternoon highs. more on that coming up.
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we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry. ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
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when she came to icu she had fractures her skull, fractured her right arm, they had to restructure her neck. >> morgan was driving a stolen car, facing four felony. an army lab at utah shipped
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live samples of an anthrax to 9 states. researchers were supposed to receive inactive anthrax for study. four people working in labs are given preventive treatment for exposure. the specific labs have not been identified. the city of concord is rolling out the new restrictions. ordered to limit outdoor watering to twice a week except for athletic field. cut use of drinking water by 25% in city building. the new controllers will respond to realtime weather information, the city shortened the season for the spray park
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and open at noon. on duty police will be required to report broken sprinklerring or over watering. a former marquette university professor has found a way to make people want the preserve water. meter heroes. people sign up at the web site and have access to your utility bills. compares current usage to how much people used two years ago. when it is lower customers get a rebate of a penny a gallon. >> most are 10 to $15 a month, some are earning $75 a month. >> there's a lot more money available than the amount he's paying out and hopes to get
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more funding. the 4th of july in cupertino will go out without fireworks. the city announced it won't hold the annual display, the fremont district denied usage of the sports field. the fireworks require spraying the field with more than 100,000 gallons of water to prevent damage. too bad. it's a drought. 4:18, sal sent me a funny top line. you didn't know the word. >> i was watching a tv show. what happened. >> thought you had the book club. good morning. you know what, we're off to a good start on highway 4, we're going to start there. bay point, westbound highway 4
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looks good. this is a time to see where traffic is going to be doing well. 680 concord as you drive the walnut creek. north bound traffic looks good into downtown oakland. if you're looking at the south bay, so far so good in the valley. high pressure strengthening over the area bringing the afternoon up. along the coast and bay only minor changes. temperature will be slightly warmer, friday and saturday those are the two warmer days. not a huge warm up, not too hot. mid-80's, a few upper 80s for the inland city. 54 right now in concord, 52 in
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napa, 53 in oakland. 53 in know vlado -- novato. gusting to 30 miles an hour. a little bit of mist out there, you may find it as well. mid-40's at west side. palo alto at 54. shifting into the areas around morgan hill. 53 in saratoga. as we get into the second half of the afternoon a few more 80s on the screen for today. low 80s for fairfield and vacaville. closer to the water it's a comfortable day. 73 in novato, mid-60's in saucelito -- low 80s for the inland east bay. 83 for break wood, the south
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bay -- brentwood. 82 expected for gilroy. upper 60s along the stretch and perhaps the boardwalk. 67 san mateo. low 60s if san francisco. upper 50s on the partly to mostly cloudy skies. the extended forecast, temperature climbing as we get into the last business day of the week, we get into saturday, little change in the forecast, by sunday we have a system that will come our way, increase the cloud coverage. near 80 for inland city, upper 60s for the bay. a warm um a -- warm up coming. i'm getting a text means getting information you need or
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want, some iphone users are getting a text that means trouble. more fallout over the corruption probe in fifa.
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>> the presidential race -- presidential race is getting so crowded the candidates are running into each other.
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i was planned to be here weeks ago. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina held a news conference outside a hotel, inside clint clint was -- hillary clinton was giving a speech. the 67-year-old clinton joked she would age better than a male president. >> i've been coloring my hair for years, you're not going to see me turn white in the white house. in the meantime rick santorum officially announced he's running for president. in 2012 he lost to mitt romney. more people approve of the
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governor. when asked if california is moving in the right division most -- direction most say yes. european football associations will debate whether to pull out of the meetings in switzerland. an indictment said fifa members received millions in bribes and kickbacks for awarding games in specific countries. there's calls for corporations that sponsor fifa to pressure the soccer organization to clean up the
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act. coca-cola, visa and akidas has long-term contracts. individuala is expecting -- visa is expecting fifa to take quick action to restore the reputation. >> 4:27 is the time the bay area police officer is under arrest. what an officer found when they caught up with him. the coverage of the warriors victory continues. the celebrities, one of them right there, that attended the game against the rockets.
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>> oh, yeah, the alameda county
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courthouse lit up in blue and gold! in honor of the warriors. for the first time in 40 years the team will head to the nba finals 40 years ago by the welcome back carter, the jeffersons were in the first season and the president was gerald ford. coming up in four minutes ktvu alex savidge 30 years old at the time, ages well, how fans are celebrating and ticket prices for game one of the championship series, against lebron and the cleveland cavaliers. it is a very happy friday eve otherwise known as thursday may 28. i'm a little excited. i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook, love all the trivia of what was happening there, some of us, were not even born yet rosemary, by the time the -- >> i think i was a thought. might have been a consideration at the time. >> maybe! [ laughter ] >> love that shot, that shot over in lake mira there walking around gorgeous skies, you may have been able to tell in that


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