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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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snatched karen sellers' wallet while he was riding the 5 fulton line. the whole incident was captured on surveillance cameras. the thief used his jacket as a distraction and to muffle the noise of zipping open her purse. sellers immediately noticed she had been robbed and alerted the bus driver. despite the quick response, within 20 minutes, the suspect had racked up charges on her credit cards. san francisco police say this is the work of a serial pickpocket. they do have a photo of the suspect from the same muni ride. they are asking anyone riding muni to keep an eye out. >> first time we got him on camera, you can see the quality is very good, sound is very good, and our still shots are extremely good. so again, remember his face, burn the image in your head, take a photo of it, save it on your phone. if you see him, contact us. >> once again, police say this is the man they suspect in this robbery and possibly several more. they say it appears he rides muni downtown and looks for targets on the 5 fulton line
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and the 38. police are asking anyone who rides muni and recognizes that guy to alert the driver or call the police. >> at this point, has the suspect there been violent in any way? >> good question. that was one of the questions i had for the police. they say so far, he's used tricks to take what he wants, not even using force or yanking those purses to get them away from the victims. they say that's why they are classifying these as pickpocketing. police caution anyone who spots him to not try to be a hero and stop him. if you do see him, they say call police or alert the driver. >> christien kafton in our newsroom tonight, thank you. now to some developing news in newark, where a man with a 1- year-old baby is involved in a police standoff at this hour. we have learned the man is a domestic violence suspect. police say they do not believe he is armed. he has been holed up in an apartment on sycamore street since this morning. a witness told us he was being served papers when he shut the door on police. another woman told us her daughter and granddaughter are stuck in their apartment now because police are telling everyone in the area to stay
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put. >> just saying go in and lay down. they are scared. >> they are laying down? >> yeah, they are laying down on the floor. >> police are telling them not to leave, right? >> yeah, they told her not to leave. she cannot go out or in. >> along with newark police, the highway patrol and a union city police s.w.a.t. team are on the scene. officers are still trying to negotiate with that man. a ktvu crew is also there monitoring the situation. as soon as we get any new information, we'll bring it to you. the golden state warriors, just six days away from game 1 of the nba finals. and tonight, there are real concerns about one of the team's star players, after klay thompson has officially been diagnosed with a concussion. >> scott reiss is here now. any word whether he'll be able to play in game 1 next thursday night? >> way too soon to know that. we are keeping every appendage we can crossed. this is a blow to the warriors. there's no two ways about it.
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klay thompson had more neurological tests this morning. they confirmed he does in fact have a concussion. he will not return to the court until he is symptom-free and cleared under the nba's concussion protocol guidelines. klay suffered the injury in the second half of game 5 against houston in the western conference finals, kneed in the head by trevor ariza. we saw blood trickling down the side of his face. he will be reevaluated daily and the warriors are optimistic that he will be back by game 1 next thursday, but nobody knows for sure. >> just do what the doctors say we should do and obviously we want to be as careful as possible and make sure that players are safe and sound and healthy. we'll follow the protocol that the league provides and we'll have klay out here when ready. >> took a nice little blow to the head, so i'm sure they want to be cautious and make sure he
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gets the recovery time he needs to get ready. hopefully by next thursday he'll be ready to go. >> it's unfortunate because we should be talking about steph and lebron and all the excitement. instead, klay thompson, will he be able to go? >> what does he likely face between now and next thursday? lot of tests he has to undergo. >> the protocol is very, very specific. it's very methodical. it starts with riding a stationary bike, then jogging, and if that's okay, then you do some agility and noncontact drills, and then you move on to practice. but you should keep in mind two things. one, if at any point in time he's symptomatic, they got to start all over again from the beginning. and two, this all goes through the nba's concussion doctor. this is no longer in the hands of the warriors to say, okay, klay, you look good. no, it's all in the hands of the league. it's very, very specific. >> if he doesn't get a chance to practice in the next six days and just hops in the game on thursday, how would he be,
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do you think? >> i think he would probably be okay. steve kerr said today he thinks he would probably be okay. klay is a guy who acclimates fairly quickly. let's be honest, once you play six months of an nba season, you take a week off, you're probably okay six days later in terms of getting back into the flow. but mentally, how do you respond from something like this? no one ever really knows until they go through it. >> worst case scenario, if he's not ready for game 1, who would go in? >> we'll see a lot more of andre iguodala and shaun livingston. they are great complimentary players, role players, but they are not klay thompson. they can't shoot anything close to him. it is a big downgrade if he can't go. >> scott, thank you. a man is suing fairfield police for $25 million for the loss of his left eye after being tased in that eye by officers. 31-year-old jerome hill posted this video on youtube which says came from an officer's body camera. hill says police removed him
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from a car. a struggle followed. and hill says he was tased in his left eye. the lawsuit alleges when doctors removed a taser dart from his eye, the eye was pulverized. fairfield police have declined to comment on the lawsuit. a judge sentenced a mentally ill man today to 33 years to life in state prison for the brutal 2012 murder of a berkeley man. family members of the victim, peter sue car, packed the courtroom and his widow spoke out. she said the mental health and legal system failed and now she is calling for change. >> to think that i can do anything alone is ridiculous. it has to come from people within these systems. they must stop doing this, releasing, as i said, ticking time bombs. >> 26-year-old daniel dewitt used a flower pot to bludgeon peter suekar out his home. officials say dewitt suffers pair notice schizophrenia and
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will likely spend the rest of his life in a state hospital. treasure island will be transformed into a housing project. today, the navy sold 290 acres of treasure island to san francisco. that means two developers can now start the first phase of infrastructure and streets by next year. then, the first phase of 500 housing units will begin in 2017. the development includes plans for 8000 housing units, a hotel, and a new ferry building on the east side of the island. now to the weather here in the bay area, as we take a live look at conditions outside our ktvu studios in oakland's jack london square. you can see mild, gray and cloudy this evening. a lot of outdoor events are taking place this weekend, so the big question right now, will the weather cooperate? >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is here. what do you think? >> yeah, things are getting better. it's been cool all week, cool all month. each day, we're grabbing a couple of degrees warmer. that happened today. as we enter the weekend, julie's alluding to bottle rock, which is the biggest
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event going on this weekend in the bay area, hundreds of thousands of people up there. the weather is going to be outstanding. we're pointed that way right now, up towards benicia, and of course this is the napa area, where we're talking about temperatures right now that are in the 70s. tomorrow, they are going to be even warmer than that. but not hot. napa right now, i got 65 at the airport. look just east and north of napa. you got reds. you got upper 70s, low 80s showing up in the napa valley. throughout the bay area, we're seeing warmer or increased temperatures. here in the inland bay valleys, look for 90-degree numbers as we head into the bay area weekend. so a warming trend has been with us all week. it's going to stay with us really right through the bay area weekend. i'll let you know which day will be the warmest, how hot it's going to be in your city, and when you can expect a cooldown because it's right around the corner. i'll see you back here with all of that. >> bill, thank you. be sure to download our ktvu weather app for updates on conditions when you're out on the go. it's available for download on apple and android devices. tens of thousands of people are expected to come out to the napa valley expo center this
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weekend for the bottle rock music festival. that event features dozens of bands on several stages, along with local beer, wine, and a whole lot of food. ktvu's cristina rendon was there as the festival got under way today. ♪ >> reporter: opening day is not disappointing the thousands that have descended upon bottle rock napa valley. >> i'm pretty impressed. i think it's amazing. the weather is beautiful. decorations are cool. >> reporter: there's music, there's dancing, there's food almost everywhere you look, and of course there's wine, wine, and more wine. >> back in the back we have a bunch of wineries and they give you glasses. i got two glasses of wine. going to go sit out and listen to music. >> reporter: the musical acts started around noon, gearing up the crowd for tonight's headliner. >> that's what's good about a festival. you get a taste of everything where you might not just go to see one band. >> reporter: but getting to bottle rock is causing a bottleneck into napa. jay jamison lives blocks from the festival and got caught in traffic last year. >> i have no idea what to expect, so i stayed home.
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there's, like i say, they are trying something different with the traffic management and the cars. you know, we'll see. >> reporter: his landlord is offering up spots nearby for $100. since most residential areas are off limits, designated parking for drivers in a lot less than a half mile from the gates. >> we car-pooled. we all came from l.a. and car-pooled here. >> reporter: many say after the past two years, the festival is now finding its groove. >> everybody is here to represent napa and other regions, as far as wine is concerned, it's a cool event. >> reporter: everyone tonight is excited for the headliner, imagine dragon taking the stage at 8:15. one-day tickets are still available. they will cost you about $150. in napa, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2news. >> great event up there. well, setting sail in a small bay area community. >> it really is a hidden treasure. >> the new program aimed at bringing tourists to the south bay. >> and a look at the friday
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night commute. wow, look at that heading into san francisco. that's the bay bridge toll plaza. lot of folks heading to at&t park this hour, where the san francisco giants are about to take on the atlanta braves. first pitch set for 7:15. >> and right now on the east shore freeway in berkeley, traffic heading toward the camera, heading toward the bay bridge. not bad in that direction. the commute direction, much different story. back with more in a moment.
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. a new strain of canine flu from asia is making its way around this country and a small number of cases have turned up now here in california. overall, about 1000 cases have been reported and six dogs have died. experts say the canine flu is spread through contact with other dogs, but is not transmitted to people.
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dog owners should be on the lookout for coughing, sneezing, and runny noses in their pets. a more severe version can include high fevers and lead to pneumonia. new at 6:00, a new boat tour in a small south bay town to give people a look at what's being called a hidden treasure. today, santa clara county launched its first-ever boat tour out of the alviso marina, giving students a unique perspective on the ecosystem and climate change out of the water. >> and ktvu found out the county is hoping this program will help make the area a tourist destination. >> reporter: tucked away among silicon valley lies a bay in the south bay, home to marshlands, saltwater ponds and a national wildlife refuge, rarely explored until now. >> going to be windy, guys. >> reporter: it's an adventure for these students from george mann elementary school, many of them growing up in the area, not knowing this was in their backyard. >> never been on a boat. >> the first time they went
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fast, my -- my stomach fell. >> it's really a hidden treasure. we like to talk about national wildlife refuges as america's best kept secret. >> reporter: just a short 15- minute boat ride from the harbor, you can see this. harbor seals. you don't have to go to san francisco. in fact, we're on the san francisco bay. >> never knew there were seagulls here in the harbor. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's office has the jurisdiction over the waters. for now, they provide the boats and the deputies give the tours. >> it's awesome. i love the boat ride and how we learned about nature. >> reporter: santa clara county supervisor dave cortes hopes to spark interest for tours for the general public, putting alviso on the map and potentially spurring economic
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development in the future. >> this can be a crown jewel of santa clara county and certainly for the city of san jose. it could be our own little sausalito. >> reporter: for now, they are letting the bay be an outdoor classroom on the water. >> this is definitely the best trip i've ever been on. . >> so happy. >> good sign. let's go back over to bill in the weather center. gray outside right now. a warmup is on the way? >> yeah, warmed up a little bit. each day it's warmed up a bit. we're going to continue with that as we go into the weekend, with numbers that will be warmest on saturday. then slightly cooler on sunday. these are the numbers from today. fairfield is your hot spot, 84. 83 in antioch. inland valleys today got into the upper 80s, even low 90s up in the sacramento area. there's the clouds, stuck them in there for you. you can see a few high clouds coming in from a system offshore here. that means nothing. that's really just a little bit
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of filtered sunshine. we are tracking the fog. it's right along the coast right now, coming a little closer, wearing puffies in pacifica, out in san francisco, sunset district, engle side, edgemar. san bruno, fog shooting the gap at sfo as well. that's typical. it's a low-lying spot there. the fog's going to work its way back inland tonight. it was a nicer day. it has been incrementally nicer each day, as we've been through this week. started off cool and kind of like that. then each day we gained a degree or two. some cities around the bay, oakland and san francisco have actually dropped a degree or two, flip flopping back and forth. the numbers that have been steadily increasing have basically been napa and fremont not fremont. napa, livermore, up towards the north bay and east bay valleys. so tomorrow is going to be a nice, warm day, probably the warmest day of the week. 84, 85 degrees in some of the inland valleys, the hot spots. out along the coast, upper 50s.
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anywhere in between, you got 60, 23-degree spread from here, coast to inland. typically in the summer, you get a 40-degree spread, right? it's not that hot. still a nice warm day. forecast fog tomorrow morning, it's there, but not as extensive as it had been. in the forecast highs, temperature profile, you look at the temperatures and you see heat in sacramento. i'll get 90. napa valley tomorrow up there at bottle rock, they will be in the low 80s probably. it will feel hotter than that because of the bodies up there. 79 in st. helena. vacaville, 83. nice looking saturday. sunday's good, too, just a little cooler. you'll see it in the five-day forecast. forecast highs tomorrow, sunday, drop a degree or two. we'll see another weak pressure system move through. this pattern that we're seeing right now, this persistent kind
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of gloominess, but the clouds and cooler weather, that's not typical, not to that extent. everything is all over the place in terms of typical. this is not a typical pattern for us right now. there's your forecast on the five-day. you see a nice-looking setup for a big weekend ahead. there is a lot going on, with the giants games and bottle rock and arts and wine festivals. typically these events are in may because it's such a great time, but this weather has been less than what we expect. >> 80 degrees up in the bottle rock concert? >> i think so, topping out tomorrow at about 80. >> that's perfect. thank you, bill. state regulators today voted to implement new water rules that will affect new developments and renovations across california. the state building standards commission voted to change the rules to reduce the demand for water for lawns and other landscapes for those developments. the new standards are in response to governor brown's executive order for a 25%
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cutback on water use. the rules will take effect monday for proposed schools offices and office buildings. officials expect lawns to use about 20% less water if developers comply. local governments are responsible for enforcing the new rules. the cal bears opened up play today in the college world series and the warriors are getting ready for the nba finals and of course the arrival of lebron and the cavs. scott reiss is coming up with sports. >> right now, we want to check in with gasia in the newsroom with a look at what we're working on for ktvu fox 2news at 7:00. >> hi, frank. coming up at 7:00 tonight, we'll continue to follow a tense situation still unfolding in the east bay. a standoff involving police, a man, and a baby. >> also, when many people in the bay area may see big changes in their water bills. we're working on these stories and more, coming up at 7:00 over on tv 36.
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. i was just looking on stubhub. they want $750 for standing room only for game 1 with the warriors. and for courtside, some folks are trying to get 8000 to $10,000. we're only six days away. >> all right. let me see what i got. maybe we can pool our funds and all go to one game. it's at a fever pitch, no question. here's an idea. instead of dwelling on what the warriors might not have for game 1, let's focus on what they do have. the nba's most valuable player. steph curry was nothing short of brilliant in the rockets series, and well, going forward, he will need to be at least that, especially if klay thompson can't go. of course the marquee matchup in this nba finals will be curry and lebron james. they won't guard each other, but the two most popular players in the league, they are. if jersey sales are any indication.
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lebron was other worldly in the cavs' sweep of atlanta. dealing with him, priority number 1 for the dubs in game planning. >> he's obviously an explosive guy, explosive talent, not just scoring, but getting his teammates involved and creating mismatches and drawing a lot of attention. so it's going to take all five guys and obviously we'll have a game plan of how to defend him and defend everybody else on their team as well. you can't let lebron get off and let everybody else get off. that's when they are at their best. >> sometimes your best defense is your offense. you can't get crazy with the ball. live ball turnover with lebron, just a dunk at the other end. so you try to do what you can. we'll have a game plan in place and we'll try to follow the game plan, knowing full well that he's going to make a huge impact on the game and you just try to limit it as much as you can. and to think the cal
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baseball team is almost banished from existence a couple of years ago. now here they are back in the ncaa post season. their opener today against coastal carolina, mitchell cranston had a big day at the dish. he scores chris paul, opening the flood gates. cal goes on to win 9-3. cranston added an rbi double in the game. jefferies, terrific on the hill, seven strong innings of baseball. tonight, of course, much more on the cavs and warriors, steph and lebron, two of the marquee players in the league. it's going to be awesome. >> who is the lucky one who gets to guard lebron james? >> it might take four of them honestly. it's funny, because you remarked, julie, about lebron. he is so big. >> so big. >> the first time i saw him play a few years back at oracle, first time i had seen him in person, it gives you the idea of how incredibly skilled this guy is, especially with his size. i said this guy can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to on the basketball court and
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there aren't a lot of guys who can do that. he has that gift. >> going to be so much fun to watch these two teams go at it starting next thursday night. >> it is. again, good for klay thompson to have six days. bad for the rest of us because we got to build this thing up. it's a long delay, but it will be worth it. >> is the thought that he'll probably be ready? or is it just no one knows? >> no one knows. steve kerr says we expect him to be ready. that's great. but steve kerr doesn't know. i don't know. you don't know. the doctors don't know. concussions, they are strange animals and we see it again. we talked about this earlier. you see it in every sport at every level and it just depends on the individual and it depends on exactly how and where the hit to the head took place and you don't know how he's going to respond. >> and the cavs aren't totally healthy themselves. >> no, not at all. they are already without kevin love, one of their star players, he is out. kyrie irving missed the last couple of games in the atlanta series, but he'll probably go. everybody is banged up. >> bring 'em on. >> thank you.
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coming up tonight at 10:00, rising home values around the bay area. the sellers' market that has a growing number of homeowners choosing to take their money and move out of the bay. that story and much more, coming up tonight at 10:00. >> and we're always here for you at, on facebook, and on twitter. look at that. it says it all. go warriors! >> love it. >> see you later.
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