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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 1, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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♪ time to go full throttle with muscle call drivers who decide to -- >> test the limits. >> along with a precision display of high-speed handling. let's es just say it doesn't happen suspects who hop the fence. >> stop! >> what happens when the fence nearly stopped the cops. >> [ bleep ] wild mustangs in the desert. >> this could be a scene from an old western movie. >> where one man stumbled upon one spectacular sight plus give them plenty see
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how we're joining the challenge. and dude's got an itchy ear why here all going to find out. >> what could possibly be in there? oh, hello! there's just something about cars that people like to test the limits. a couple guys choose a very wet road to test the limits of that i mustang and pontiac gto. >> oh, fishtail fishtail hydroplane into a pole. >> and he knock it isdown. >> no iur this one, just dumb. >> these guys testing the limits of these cars a guy in a have super-charged nissan 350-z, up ahead a porsche, and gets the early jump, but who is this? he's got a vw rabbit? blasting past the z and smokeses
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the 911. that's what you call a sleeper. >> greatest car video ever. >> the guy in the z takes it all in stride the economy here called a tatta-nano trying to test the limits of high-speed maneuvering? >> let's just saying it doesn't happen. >> the limits of this car you aren't really hard to find. off it goes. >> seriously that looks like a tine tuna can, with tiny little wheels. >> this guy walks into a store which looks like a camera shop of some type. you see frames and camera bags on the wall but the guy is not interested in it. he's taking a five-finger discount on the laptop. he puts it in hi pants and walks out. >> it might in and out dawn on
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you you might be caught on camera? these men think these people involved in this crime probably have been there before. you see a guy walking in a dolly with a hoodie over his head a heavy gaming machine. what? >> some of the gambling machines in vegas, and they're all over the uk in pubs -- >> the fruit machine. >> things on the wall -- >> i didn't know what that that was. thanks for clarifies. >> they don't believe the man acted alone. let's watch him get away. did he have a big van? nope a smaller station wagon. they just strapped it in and drove off. >> they probably found this things two miles down the road after they hit a speed bump. >> this last one will give you a chuckle. you can see the police are in hot pursuit.
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the guy jumped the fence and an officer followed. >> now, they just posted this video. they say this happened back in 2013. they say the suspect was eventually apprehended, charged and convicted. >> in the royal navl -- for ninth, even the most average day will be an exciting one,ful like this one. they had lost power, they have gone out to help them out because of choppy rough seas. they're going to send one of their volunteers onto the yacht in high sea toss hel back. the one keyword in there -- volunteer. this guy is like sure i'll jump in for no pay. >> that's why the rnli is such a great group of people with so many donation because they have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. >> and not just humans.
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>> i'm sad he has failed and can't get back to shore. >> we don't know what's going on here but they successfully get their guy on board, everything is copacetic, but there is days where things are slightly stranger. this is near essex, where they're rescues this guy on top of his van. he was drying to drive over to the island got caught in the mud on a causeway and the huge tides changed. he's stuck there. he cause the rnli they said a bit longer the water would have been over the top of the van. >> he didn't looked worried, the operation manager said el yarks yeah, he was super chilled, relaxed like, hello. >> we got him. one of the greatest things about social media, it can be used to raise awareness, a
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brand-new xam challenge challenge #givethem20. give them 20 pushups, 20 sit-ups, 20 squats give them 20 challenge two of your friends via social media, getting that ball rolling. it was started by a nonprofit is corporation, the american corporate partners a nonprofit focused on assisting our returning military to help them build their next year so veteran can get career counseling career advice ask the questions that need to be asked. this is sid goodfriend. he is the founder of acp. he challenges somebody, pretty spectacular spectacular. >> i'm nominated jon tour of "the daily show." will he do it? >> yes, he does. >> here we go. >> they are awesome videos showing up celebrities, just
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everyday people people who are committed to the cause. so i think we should challenge ourselves to drop and give them 20. all of us and then we xhalening our viewers to do the same and share on their social media accounts and challenge their friends. >> deal. >> you guys ready? drop and give them 20. >> boom! ♪ your turn now, america. >> give them 20. is [ laughter ] >> thank them salute them, and give them 20. is jack fails back with a trick. the target jack from bails mom. >> see how mom reacts when she suspects her son is up to no good. >> that just came on. come here! and he's taking his free running skills to an iconic
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these two videos are all about freedom! >> the first one, a couple loose -- oh, seems to be without in freedom. found themselves in an urban area parking lot, that giant fence just separating them from
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the beautiful lush green forest to the other side. how sad the poor moose cannot find their wayous. they find their way right back into another big mean old fence. >> where do they come from though? retrace your steps, moose. >> they're trying. they're trying to find their way back to greener pastures. they don't seem to do it in this section of the video, but there's no bigger sign of freedom in america than this. t the individual sent to me by my buddy, and he was on his way to denver -- when suddenly daniel said he had come along the horses they were just standing there, got out and took some pictures. daniel continued on his journey when suddenly he saw the dust. they weren't chasing the horses. the horses were following them just to run.
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>> that's spectacular. >> somewhere near monument valley this could be a scene from an old western movie. >> this is so quint essentially western american. you feel the freedom. >> they were born to run, girl. ♪ the prank where the husbands pretend they're cheating on their wives. they're just cruel. >> that's mean. >> guess who is getting in on it now? jack veil here's he wife with his quote/unquote girlfriend. her name is becky. guess who his wife sherry left in the car? jack vail's mom. >> they have a hidden microphone. they start hearing mom talking to herself. >> what do you think, mom? >> what is she going to do?
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>> keep her mouth -- >> you know what she does? >> hey, mom. >> not just hey mom, come here! >> they never change. >> who is that? >> oh, no that's becky. >> nobody. >> just a friend. all right. you don't have to say anything to sherry. >> remember sherry is inside the store. >> here comes sherry. >> hi babe. >> how are you doing? >> good. good to see you. >> i didn't thing you were going to be back in time. >> no no traffic was better than i thought it would be. i just spotted a car. i also wanted to make mom -- prank. >> and then he reveals it. >> i am so mad! [ laughter ] >> uh-oh. >> you monster. >> here it comes, here it comes. >> mom, don't you dare and then the real reveal
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happens. >> this was sherry's idea. >> it was sherry's idea? >> it's a really clever move, by the way. have sgloop it must be cool when your hobby becomes your profession but even cooler when your profession starts taking you to many places. this comes from running street stunts. he got invited to actually help shoot a comrcial in china, which means heoto dois running on one of the most amazing places in the world, the great wall of china. >> oh, man. this guy has really grown over the years. when we first started seeing his videos he was doing hard-core cool stuff in his hometown, and now he's global. >> well he's one of the best in the business taking his craft and expanded more and more more fun to watch. it's just good video. that's what the show is all about. >> the great thing for him here as well because he's shooting
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the commercial with permission he has the opportunity and not get in any trouble. he's jumping, doing all these great moves. >> such a spectacular structure. >> and to be hardcore on it is not what you're expecting. >> to come together and create this great, great video. >> look like they're good to jump. >> gulp. >> there they go. >> it's like where a bond villain would be. >> seat it next "right this minute." still to come, these drumline guys are about to put on a special performance. the story behind the lucky person who inspired this. >> go. go! plus when mountain biking gets the best of you. >> oh, boy. ♪ icicanans.s..... .....5.57% of us try to excercise regularly. 83% try to eat healtlthyhy.
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i think gloria esteban was right, if you wait long enough eventually the rhythm is going to get you. >> i knew you were going to do that song. >> i've been wanting to use it for a long time and i have a video to work with. they are part of.glen bard west drumline. >> performed bid yours truly, named tom young, and would like to dedicate it specifically to jonathan walsh. >> that will play a role a little later. i'll tell you exactly who that fella is. ♪ >> they're just basically hitting their bodies also using
9:20 am
some of their instruments. they're stomping collapse. it's kind of absurd, right? >> there's a reason they made the video, are josh and albus wallish, and he specifically hates anything that's obnoxious obnoxiously silly. >> but very catchy. >> and people when the rhythm gets them they can find it anywhere. >> 2. >> 3, 4, everybody on the floor! yeah. uh-huh. this is the pot catching the dripping water from the ceiling. this is arnie until parrot and i think he's enjoying himself. we believe someone has actually made a remix
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♪ everybody on the floor ♪ ♪ >> it's call the drip hop. >> there are some talented people there. uninvited guest. >> no! ♪ >> oh, wait! ♪ time fails. my favorite a guy on a built mx bike up and over. >> he was so -- >> a nice little just like a slide. >> you see in the back he's doing it -- >> didn't nail it this guy -- >> oh, man he's strong his buddies there egging him on but
9:22 am
he gets tired. >> safe planet safely planted in the tire hole. >> and his bud just just go nets. >> but he perseveres. >> no doubt it's tough. he's got to be exhausted at this point. an extreme downhill mountain bike course. it's tough. >> oh, my. >> it flips you right off the course. he's looking pretty tough. >> he's a little out of shane. right over here. good-bye. >> oh, man, that did not feel good. >> a helmet but short. this guy's got a bit of a health problem. >> completely blocked -- >> what's in there? >> the little lurker that set up camp. sumummemer r dadaysys d dririftftining g awaway to, uh oh, those summer nights ♪
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flying, let's be honest. squirrels, nature's comedians comedians. >> this one thousand he's interesting in my bike or so he thought. >> oh, surprise! >> he wanted the camera whatever the guy was holding. >> maybe he just wanted to ride on his back. >> could be any of those things. >> this squirrel definitely looking for food, but in the wrong place. >> that's a yankees clipper bird
9:26 am
feeder. i don't think it was intended for this. food is coming out, but it's having a -- i don't know if he's enjoying himself or panicking. >> the best part, watch when he falls. >> -- >> but it's a whole group. that one was taking the fall for everyone else. did you see that he was getting all the food out and the other squirrels are taken the further, getting carnival snacks at the same time. >> he was the boss. they're like you go we'll wait for the food for fall out. that's great video. ♪
9:27 am
a swim in a lake in missouri left this guy with a completely blocked ear canal and a bit of pain. what do you do? go to the doctor? web md? no. wake up your phone and put it to your ear. >> i hate -- >> what's in there? what's in there? [ screaming ] >> is that a crab? what is it? >> is it a spider? >> why is it in there? >> it's awesome. >> is it fake? >> we haven't confirmed it. >> you jerk. you're a jerk. go back to the jerk store. and i have receipt. i'm going to return you. >> it has, and that is the wteor a director writer and visual effects master. >> son of a bug in the ear.
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that is going to do it for this edition of "right this minute." we'll see you next time. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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crime is a family affair as cops best a father/son tagger team and while another video has a father/daughter video.
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>> what created outrage on the internet some tourists get a trunk full after deciding -- >> let's take a selfie with an elfie. >> it's all fun and games until somebody loses a purse. we have to descend down to 10,000. >> air emergency on a flight out of florida. what's amassing is -- >> how school calm and collected these two guys remained. >> the pilots who are gra


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