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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 1, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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after a truck aimed right at him, a motorcyclist spins around. >> then the complication starts. >> why talking tough is no match from a head butt. looks like a dog going after a toy but -- >> no it is garbage. >> incredible video of conservation canine. >> flawless base jump but -- >> i want to tighten up his shoe string. >> why there's a really good reason why he's hanging loose. >> and how a little girl on an outing -- >> accidentally encountered something. see why they're wrestling all
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right. >> oh! >> there's a way to deal with confrontation and there's a way not to. >> crown jewel of how not to deal with this situation. we're riding on the helmet cam of a motor bike rider. it's almost like the guy went to fast around the corner. the beginning of the video you feel almost like the truck is going too fast. the plot immediately thickens. the truck is reversing at him, screeches to a halt. before we get into all the screaming match,et me give you the story behind it according to the poster of the video. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> the people in the truck have had a problem with them on their bikes, speeding down the road they say, they're being dangerous. the crazy thing is this guy who is screaming has the kids in the truck. >> look i've got kids in my mother [ bleep ] truck. >> did you hear what you just said to me? >> i don't care. >> no i don't care. >> [ bleep ] i will kick your
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[ bleep ]. >> the wife gets out of the car. >> all i'm trying to do is -- [ bleep ]. >> the guy riding the motor bike said i need to get your license plate. you can see the kids inside the truck. you almost had a head-on accident with the guy riding the bike. >> i get that the guy is upset. and these guys were driving erratically up and down the street. call the cops. don't try to get head on with a biker. any wrong move could have killed somebody. now you're in a physical fight with the kids in the car. >> next day or couple of days later, two bikers again. they say the same guy spots them again. pickup truck here not the white one. it's just obviously there is a big, big confrontation here. >> i feel like there must be way more to this story for tempers to get to this height this quickly, there must abe long story behind this that we're not
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get ing getting. i already hate this. >> you're going to love this. you know the sky walk decks, the glass bottom decks that go out over? you get a base jumper anywhere near something like that they're going to want to jump off of it. southwest part of china. first jumper. successful jump. no big deal. the other guy with the camera mild dasher jumping next. >> where are they going to land? there's really not a place to land. >> there's a wonderful place to land. and you're about to see it. miles gets up on the platform go pro is ready. i want to look at this and i want to tighten up his shoe strings. the whole way down he's talking us through his flight. we're just listening to him. i thought i wanted to tighten him up he goes no no i'm
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going to get wet at the bottom and loosens it up even more. you can see there's a river at the bottom of the canyon. >> deep valley. still going. >> look at this. wow! >> huge platform they have for him to land on. instead he chose this little dinky target. i don't know what it was there for. he bounces off of it purposely. >> i'm so glad that other people do understand it and get these videos. >> it's great. great jump. awesome landing. good job, miles. >> what we have here in china is a smach but no grab. three guys come in with sticks and start banging up this shop. >> wow! >> according to the owner they even smashed a car. the owner told police this is
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believed to be revenge from a former lover. >> you can see why they're not koth anymore. >> good thing is that nobody was hurt in this incident. from multiple angles look at all the glass. we jump from china to sasketchewan. a tip jar so people can tip all the helpful people that work there. they've got their back turned. when they do somebody's watching and that somebody is that guy right there, white with the black baseball cap and backpack. looking around noticing their backs are turned and just take that is tip jar, slides it in the bag and walks out. >> something. or i'm still surprised to see these tip jars not chain eded to the counter or any kind of security. i know you like to try to trust people but you see so many of
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these. >> the good thing is that there are cctv and we can see an upclose of this guy and hopefully somebody recognizes this joker and turns somebody in. >> dogs have very human-like qualities. you're not going to believe what the dog is doing. >> bone or stick or something. >> no. it is garbage. it's litter. this dog is taking it upon himself to jump into this water and grab floating debris floating trash from in the water and he's bringing it to the shore. he doesn't not once not twice but three times, jumped into the river and clears it of garbage. >> y know what it is? the olympics are coming. commerce hire immediate to do this. i have to start cleaning it up. >> he's going to clean up that room no matter what. >> that water is completely not suitable for human consumption even after it's been treated.
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in fact local vets say that this poor dog could get lepsis cirrhosis even getting into this water. >> humans are -- humans -- >> suck. cute little dog, very responsible for this mess that it made. >> yep. >> guilty. >> this dog gives the guilt face. it's funny. i'm assuming it's the little dog that's responsible for the mess and the little dog straddles the paws of the big dog. >> no the big dog and the little dog is protecting -- it's like don't put him outside. don't make him go into the crate. i'll pick it up. >> a motorcycle rider is cruising but then -- >> looks like he just freezes. >> how losing focus leads to a silly fail. and dude finds a san francisco sweet spot perfect for dancing. as the music starts swaying and
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right now we all know that it takes a lot of concentration to ride a motorcycle. one lapse in that concentration, and something like this could happen. >> no! >> oh, what happened? >> oh, my gosh! >> what did -- why? >> great question. i wish i had a good chance for you. i could have made that turn easy. i just lost concentration is what he said. going on a straight road. then a bit of a left turn comes up. it looks like he freezes and drives right into it. >> the big indicator there on the front wheel. he doesn't have his license yet. >> good eye on that ollie. hopefully, he'll learn something from that goofy mistake. next guy goofing around with his buddies.
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honda grom almost like a little moped, urban bicycle, like a toy. he has a helmet on gloves on. he has boots on. but he has jeans on. >> uh-oh. >> the bike a little bit damaged. couple of minorly broken pieces there. here comes the actual owner of the bike. they seem to get a good chuckle out of it. >> all this [ bleep ]. >> he got a big cherry on his knee. >> i didn't see the close-up of that. >> yeah. >> he now ordered riding pants to replace the jeans. >> how about riding lessons? >> that will hurt bad later. what do howie mandel jeff dunham and dwight howard have in common? they all want to get tanked. >> on this season of "tanked" filling dreams celebrity style. >> from the show "tanked" on
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animal planet. what they are doing is meeting all these celebrities, howie mandel and all these guys trying to make their tanked dreams come true. >> this is cribs for tanks? >> every week they're meeting up with huge celebrities trying to build them the greatest fish tank experience possible. >> i want it! >> i know. >> to be honest with you, i kind of want -- >> wait. did marshawn lynch actually speak?se he didn't want to get fined. >> "right this minute" waiting brett raymer. >> what's up guys? >> so fellows, who was the most difficult person to deal with on this show? >> dealing with brett all the time. celebrities pretty much know what they want. we make their dreams come true. it was great working with them and building the tanks. >> for people who haven't seen the show before tell them how
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you got into this. >> we've been doing this our whole life. family did it growing up as kids and moving to vegas and then he married my sister got stuck with me. and i kind of got stuck building tanks. >> my last name is bass. her last name is troutman. we feel nervous around you guys. if someone wants to get a fish sfwank want to get started what can they get that requires the minimum amount of feeding and care? >> glass fish. >> seriously, salt aquarium damsels. groupers are kind of hearty. on freshwater we try to sell people extremely hardy. >> what are the exciting things we can expect to see with you guys this season? >> hanging out with marshawn lynch, howie mandel. that was a great tank. gabriel iglesias was great.
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>> i think you're going to see a lot of fun, lot of entertainment and some amazing, amazing aquariums. >> awesome. thanks guys. >> friday may 29th exclusively on animal planet. this is a music video directed by mark rhyme from san francisco. the guy you're seeing walking around the beginning of the city is nico aguilar. he finds a place to dance and has some moves all to the song "wow." look at this as the music starts playing and he starts moving everybody wants to join in. they're doing everything they can to get to him. >> 2015 version of footloose. >> it was low budget. still using cardboard and
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electrical tape for the dance floor. >> it's not low budget when you see these shots. >> all shot with the go pro. special guest appearances by uncomfortably fresh. other break dancers you're seeing in this video. did you see that guy dance out of his jacket and it didn't make him fall? >> yeah. i was like take it off before you get tangled up. >> something about break dancing. i wish i could do it. i tried once. it just hurts. >> athleticism. >> incredible. >> you have to be a good athlete to pull this off. >> it's amazing to watch. it's shot in different places with iconic imaginary behind these dancers make it is even more fun to watch. there's a fantastic behind the scenes video, making of this music video. head over to right this click on today's show or check it out on our mobile app. making music like this.
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♪ >> it's kind of absurd right? >> why they do it next "right this minute." and still to come an old man collapses, but it's not what you think. >> having a heart attack of love. >> oh. >> what? >> why this dramatic moment is actually romantic. [ bleep ]. plus colin's a happy dude because he's got -- >> one minute! >> see the explosive way he celebrates.
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fireworks and setting 300 of them off at the same time? >> i love this guy. i want to be his best friend. >> you could be his best friend. call him up. y'all could totally hang out together. this is such a colin firth way of celebrating a million subscribers. >> they sort of put this whole thing on the back of this whole truck. every single one of these and the way they light the fuses at one go is it basically set off like a gas bomb? they press this spot and, boom lights all the fuses. a million explosions in the sky. >> i don't want to call him an evil genius. he's a pyrotechnic genius. give him a show already. >> that's a cool shot there.
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light up the countryside. i'm excited. we're all excited. >> do you know who is not excited? his neighbor. best friend's play time. >> sweet old guy out for a walk in the park. looking for the bathrooms. suddenly he collapses. >> a young lady nearby notices the man go down. she runs up and she's like my pills. he hands the pills over to her. she opens up the pills to help give him one and immediately starts laughing. that's a mask this man is wearing and he's not old and he's not having a heart attack. he's having a heart attack of love. >> oh.
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>> what? >> is this a proposal video? >> what? >> yep. >> this is nick calderone, bringing us a proposal video. >> a prank proposal video. >> wait you pranked us? wait. >> no he pranked her. >> for the past eight years i think we've had a lot of fun joking around with each other. >> ben tells us that him and his girl have been dating for eight years and they prank each other consistently. that's how they have fun together. >> this is a good way to do this. i think we've had a lot of fun joking around with each other. you know this couple is going to last because they're going to laugh. >> i would like to ask you -- wrong hand. if you'll let me make you laugh for the rest of our lives. that's my indirect way of asking you to marry me. >> yeah. >> there she goes. he gets the rest. >> i must look really shocked right now. >> a little girl gets serious when she spots a couple of
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-- amazing work that this guy has done. >> i thought that was pretty neat. dances with dogs. ♪
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i've got a couple of accidental encounters caught on camera. coast of australia. first, a go pro is accidentally dropped overboard. we see it spin going down to the bottom of the ocean. >> and, really we just get a beautiful view of this coral reef. then this little fellow comes up to say hello and we see that the camera -- this video was posted to the right this minute facebook page by lou vickel. this moment is video gold. >> what's that turtle doing
3:28 pm
that? >> doing what? >> doing that to that turtle. >> i think they're wrestling. >> ooh. >> uh -- >> they're wrestling. >> they're hugging. >> i'm seeing a turtle wrestling. >> i see that. >> if you want to see this entire video head over to right this check out today's show or download our mobile app. >> i told you could make sounds. >> that's it for our show everybody. so glad you joined us. see you next time.
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fast. >> there's a woman in that car. >> things look tense in tanzania. >> staring each other down. >> when two males finally come tusk to tusk. he tried to murder somebody. now officers are after him with -- >> a huge snoot full of pepper spray. >> why it will take a lot more than that to bring this guy down. plus an airman drops in. [ screams ] >> and a showman is about to stick his arm -- >> all the way down the croc's throat. >> what sent the audience over the edge. >> that is n


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