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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 2, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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engine die and then silence. a small plane crashed killing the pilot. the question investigates are trying to figure out as they continue their work at the scene. plus police with guns drawn and people running for cover. the dramatic end to a chase in downtown san francisco involving a dangerous parolee, as you can see caught on camera. from ktvu, this is "mornings on two." this is tuesday morning, i'm pam cook. i'm alex savidge in this morning for brian flores: let's see what things are going to look like as folks head out the door. >> it's a lot more breaks in the low clouds and it's very mild. the water temperatures have come way up so the overnight lows are much warmer. the system gave some areas lot of cloud cover yesterday that's
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moved off. 59 in livermore. tempt will be quick to recover here. there's a slight breeze. monterey at 59. half moon bay at 57. that place into a mild to warm forecast along the coast. there's nothing here. it's a beautiful picture, though. trust me. low clouds, then sunny and warm. muggy for some, especially over by the coast and bay. there will be a little afternoon breeze here, but highs in the 70s and 80s. it's kind of a rare pattern here. good morning, sal. steve, good morning to you. we are off to a decent start here. we're going to start with the east shore freeway and take a look at interstate 80. yesterday we had kind of a bad one here as you drive from the car tinas bridge. no major problems to the bay bridge toll plaza. when you do get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you are
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going to see the traffic is light getting into san francisco. no major problems here. also looking at the rest of the east bay and the san francisco commute, yesterday we had such bad commutes here in marin county. i don't see lot of slow traffic. we're off to a good start. 4:02. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. this morning investigate ors are trying to figure out what went wrong after a firey plane crash. it went down three miles northeast of the livermore municipal airport. this was posted on enta gram. when firefighters arrived at the crash site, they found the plane in the field on fire. the pilot was killed in the crash. investigates say the pilot of the single-engine plane reported control problems shortly after taking off from
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the livermore airport. people who live near by also noticed a weird sound coming from the plane moments before it crashed. >> felt it and heard it and actually heard the airplane's engine die and then silence and the crash. >> at this point we're unable to identify the pilot completely. the plane is burned beyond recognition, so we can't find the tail number and we're working on that right now. >> the ntsb will lead the investigation this morning. it happened in the same area where another plane crashed last year. a man considered a dangerous parolee in custody this morning after a wild police chase. he was finally captured at 5th an market streets during rush hour traffic yesterday evening. ken pritchett just happened to be in the area at the time and has more on this dramatic takedown by police. >>reporter: to the left of your screen you can see a police
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baton crashing into a car window and a police officer on top of that car trying to pull a parolee from the driver's seat. dozens of witnesses recorded the crash. the police chase stopped when the suspect's cadillac wedges between two cars on 5th. camille hays was behind the wheel. >> i was trying to figure out what happened and the next thing i knew, something had smashed into my car. and police swarmed over the top of the car beside me. >>reporter: we witnessed police converge on the suspect's car in seconds, which camille says was trying to drive. >> the grinding of the medal was pretty dramatic. >>reporter: police say the man was the subject of a stop. >> he's armed and dangerous, a prison gang member. >>reporter: police say he sped
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away, striking a parole agent who was not injured, and multiple cars were hit along the way. >> the car was going fast and swerving at traffic trying to hit things and rounded the corner. >>reporter: a few blocks later on 5th, the ends of the road stopped by rush hour traffic. one passenger suffered minor injuries. the suspect taken away on a gurney. camille hays left with a damaged car. >> i'm just happy i'm not hurt and nobody on the scene was. >> and that was ken pritchett reporting there. two drivers suffered minor injuries there in that crash and we are still waiting for police to re lease more information. this morning we're learning more about the suspect accused in another bold heist at a car dealership in san francisco. this is a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. police now identify that suspect as 37-year-old peter of san francisco. now he's accused of stealing a
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100,000 dollar bmw from a dealership on howard street. he drove it through a window and crashed that stolen car when he hit a parked taxi a couple blocks away. he took off but was arrested about an hour later during a domestic dispute with a woman at another location. some speed bumps that were illegally installed have been removed. now, according to the contra costa times they were installed last week. it follows the death of timothy hudson who was hit outside his home by a driver. now, while hudson was being buried yesterday, city crews removed the bumps. this is photos after they were removed. you can see the word slow crossed out in black there and a memorial is there in the
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distance. now, antioch mayor told the can tra cause ta times he believes the people who installed the speed bumps had good intentions but inadd vert ently created a liability. airport security screeners failed to detect fake explosives and banned weapons 95% of the time. 67 out of 70 attempt. >> it would be nice to know i was more secure. not just anybody can get on there. >> i feel very scared. only because it's not just me. it's the whole plane. >> in response to that report, home land security secretary jay johnson has ordered the tsa to revise airport security
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procedures, retrain officers and retest screening equipment in airports all across the country. the fei is operating a small air force carrying surveillance video. in a recents 30-day period, they found the fbi flew 100 surveillance flights. the flights are for ongoing investigations, but the ap says the government has gone to great lengths to conceal its ownership of those planes, registering them to at least 13 fake companies. the city of menlo park pay consider changing its police camera policy. now, the proposed change would make it possible for people to have video recordings of themselves deleted. currently the policy requires them to keep all video for at least two and a half years.
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they have worked out a compromise that would allow people to request video to be deleted if it has no investigative relevance and if they are willing to sign a legal waiver. a new analysis shows american law enforcement is responsible for 1 in 13 gun deaths. an investigation found between january 1st and may 31st, 5, 9999 people were killed by guns in the u.s., now, the numbers are far higher in most industrialized countries. the paper's data base shows 317 of testimony police shooting victims were carrying guns or other weapons. the widow of a police officer killed last year by another officer is suing the transit agency. tom smith was serving an apartment in dublin when
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officer michael mays mistook him and killed him. she says before her husband was killed, he was growing frustrated about the lack of training and told her to sue if anything happened to him. she has filed papers in court alleging bart denied her husband's trackty cal training request. an attorney for bart says the agency's top priority is the safety of the officers and public as well. 4:10 is the time. she is finally free. coming up, the way caitlin jenner's introduction to the world could impact the transgender community. plus, thieves targeting commuter rail ways. coming up after the break, what is drawing their attention and the way one senator wants to put the brakes on this growing
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crime. you can see traffic is looking good as you drive up to the willow pass grade. we'll tell you about the commute coming up. well, ocean temperatures are coming up. inland temperatures still struggling. we'll see what's in store for tuesday .
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welcome back. the bay area's transgender community is expressing pride over bruce jenner's decision to
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become a woman. she graces the cover of vanity fair magazine. caitlin. the photos from the shoot and behind the scenes footage appeared yesterday. >> she's one of us. and even though she has lots of money and lot of celebrity status, she's still one of us, and if she can get people to understand what it means to be transgender and that it isn't something you just do one day, decide to be transgender, you know, i think it's very helpful. >> vanity favor cover is seen as a pivotal. the actor hopes it will lead to more conversations in the community. caitlin's jenner's popularity, as you can imagine, already groaning. she set a new twitter record by
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getting more than one million followers in four hours and four minutes. president obama previously held the top spot there. jenner launched her new account with two tweets. one read, quote, another jenner world record, and at age 65, who would have thought. humbled and honored to have reached one million followers at four hours. thank you for your support. end quote. at last check, jenner had 1.9 followers. the silicon valley who lost a sex discrimination case is appealing the verdict. attorneys representing elen pao filed an appeal yesterday. in march a jury ruled in favor of pao's former employer cliner perkins. cliner perkins is seeking
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almost one million dollars in legal fees. they offered to waive all costs if pao did not appeal. the husband of the woman who brought nationwide attention to the right to die movement is trying to make it legal in california. brittney may nard was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given only months to live. she and her family moved from alamo to oregon so she could control her dying process. she died last year. now, her husband has moved back to alamo and is speaking on behalf of the right to die movement. the california senate will vote on the issue sometime this week. five states, oregon, washington, new mexico and vermont have right to die laws. federal transportation officials will face tough questions on train safety in
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following last month's deadly crash. the focus. why technology to slow down the trail was not in place. the train was going 106 miles per hour on a curve with a 50 miles per hour speed limit when it derailed. eight passengers were killed and 200 others were hurt. investigators are trial trying to figure out what caused the crash. there is a push to crack down on copper thieves that are targeting our nation's commuter rail ways. you might remember in 2011, thieves removed copper from bart's system in oakland, san francisco and along the peninsula. last week new york city had copper tripped from its rails in the middle of the night and that forced the shutdown of the city's biggest subway line. the new york senator charles shumer is proposing
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legislation. this morning a pedestrian safety group is wondering why someone took down canisters used to hold crossing flags. organizers say seven of eight canisters used to hold bright- colored flags have recently disappeared from utility poles. for more than two years the flags have been helping people cross lincoln avenue. >> you feel dorky, but i've driven down the street at least 100 times and you can't see people. with a bright orange flag, you can see them. so corky or not, i don't want to be in the hospital. >> she does not know if this was a prank or someone's mean spirited action but she does look into replacing the flags. they cost about 3 dollars each. >> it's a great idea. i'd feel a little silly carrying it across the street but it's an important tool. >> i wouldn't.
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>> i could be real fancy. >> a whole flag routine. >> i don't have a flag. >> that's what you need to get you going out the door. good morning, everyone. hey, let's go outside and take a look at what we have now. this is a look at the commute here on the san mateo bridge. it looks good. no major problems. both bridges look good. we're also looking at the bay bridge approach and you can see traffic is light getting into san francisco. getting into the golden gate bridge, a little foggy here. southbound 101 as you head down to the toll plaza, you can see cars appearing out of it. you will probably have to use the windshield wipers as you head down. there are no major problems on the waldo grade and the traffic also looks good in san francisco once you get there so we're off to a decent start.
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at 4:19 let's go to steve. in about five hours we can say hello to the june full moon. >> i actually happened to notice the moon last night. >> why is it called the strawberry moon. >> because the indian tribes would pick wild strawberries. >> ocean temperatures have come up. this is a carbon copy of last year. ocean temperatures went up and they said there and we went 13 months of normal to above normal temperatures. it looks likes temperatures are starting to warm up. our system yesterday -- i see that picture in the background there. do you want to take that in the control room. i see it right over there. there it is. thank you. >> beautiful. >> 9:19 this morning, the full
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moon in june. i'm not going the bark at the moon. that system moves out. weak high pressure but still strong enough to move in. look at the lows. very mild to warm. 24 hour temperature change shows most locations are running cooler to the the north. westerly breeze, there's still a components. months ray is now 59. nationally starting to warm up in the middle of the country and rain continues in the north east. keeping an eye on a system coming out of puerto rico and cuba. there could be a lot of rain in the sunshine state, and june 1st when hurricane season starts but that's not expected to do anything yet. for us, after the low clouds burn off, it will be mild to
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warm. hurricane andres and then tropical storm -- i can't remember. anyway, we keep on eye on that as they move north. low pressure might tap into that by the weekend. afternoon breeze, muggy for some. especially on the coast. 60s and 70s there. that's above average, but inland temperatures near average, so kind of an interesting patern here. low clouds will be with us and temperature will go down a bit and up a bit and we'll keep an eye on the weekend to see if we get storms. >> it's feeling tropical though. humid in my neighborhood. >> tropical storm blanca? >> that's it. >> we're here to help. >> i appreciate it. we have good news to tell you have. klay thompson back. what still needs to happen
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before he's cleared to play in the nba finals and what will be done with the league's concussion protocol during the offseason. ininstant alerts for an earthquake that didn't happen? that's coming up after the break
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. welcome back to "mornings on two." it is 4:25. chinese television says at least 18 people have survived a
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cruise ship accident but many more may have died. this is video from chinese tv showing rescue teams. the ship carried 458 people. most of the passengers were tourists between the ages of 50 and 80 but at least one passenger was just three years old. the ship cap sized and quickly sank during a storm. that storm is making it difficult for search teams to look for victims. we are now learning that the u.s. military sent samples of anthrax to a lab. it's part of the same batch send from a lab in utah. a lab at stanford university had received one of the vials. so far no reports of anyone suffering adverse effects. well, seismologists are
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trying to fix a software glitch. they say it caused problems this weekend and mistakenly identified local earthquakes. the system issued alerts to help emergency responders. those alerts were quickly deleted but they are saying they are now investigating this problem. >> these earthquakes are on an automatic processing system. >> and they say that software is being tweaked to make the system more reliable. well, time now is 4:27. a brand new 4 million-dollar fire house that cannot open. the reason building inspectors are keeping santa rosa firefighters from moving in. >>reporter: a small plane crash
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near livermore municipal airport. .
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good morning. welcome back. we are live in livermore. that is where an investigation is under way into a deadly plane crash that killed the pilot. tara moriarty is there at the scene. coming up in two minutes she'll have more on what those people saw and heard just before that plane went down there. >> incredible photos. >> absolutely. it's tuesday, the second day of june i'm alex savidge in for brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. i saw a little bit of everything yesterday. windshield wiper wind, sun, and warm. everything in one day. >> all in one day. >> all in one day. are we going to continue with this? >> no,


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