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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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driver stopped that forced police to bring in an armored truck. the day is here, game one of the nba footballs. what steph curry told us about how he's preparing. . it is thursday, june 4, warrior day, it is friday eve, let's get started let's get started with steve, probably reading a book. >> time so happy the game is at 6:00. >> when you're on the east coast, it's 1st quarter, 9:00 at night. we have believe it or not a low is forming and sending in rain
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up in the sierra nevada and to the north, it's disrupted the fog bank, you can feel a cool breeze, the bat earn continue -- pattern continues, the clouds increased yesterday rapidly taking the edge off the temps. it will drop down into southern california and produce a lot of thunderstorm, that's moving in over us. it will go right over us, 40s and 50s on the temps. these are running cooler than yesterday, there's a breeze, water temps are holding teddy and -- steady. the low will reside in california. hurricane blanca a power house system. more of that coming up. breezy to winnie below normal
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temp, a lot of 70s, and 50s and 60s closer to the water. sunday night is game two, tonight the game is 6:00, sunday is at 5:00. they made it for us, you and me. >> really. >> exactly. steve and salve to get up early on monday they will put the game at 5:00. we've a long running joke about how we get up early, it's been going on for 20 years or so. traffic is doing okay, the commute looks good going to the bay bridge toll plaza. you get up early too. there's no need to run out of the house right now, traffic is doing well. there's no problems on the bridge, looking at it 80 the --
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880 it looks good. as you head to hayward and fremont. if you're driving on the freeways looking at the green, 80 looks good, 880 is fine, a little bit of slow traffic on the altamont pass as a lot of truck traffic is on 580. let's go back to the desk. developing news, police have surrounded a home in pitsburg, there's been heavy activity of st. par it's -- maritz drive. unconfirmed report of gun fire, a police dispatcher would not confirm.
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this is in pittsburgh in the east bay. 680 is open after a police standoff. at 11:30 vallejo police began chasing a suspect. the suspect stopped on highway 4 but would not get out of the car. an armored car was brought in. the freeway was back open not until 1:15 this morning. the suspect had a medical issue. warrior fans have waited for 40 years. at 6:00 tonight the warriors will square off against the cavaliers, both teams looked relaxed during light workouts. the cavs are led by lebron james who showed off goal colored sneakers during
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practice. steph curry exhibited his shooting touch. both say it's important to keep their composure. >> i'm going to get a haircut, hang out in the pool at my house, get some sun and get a good night's rest. >> you don't put too much more pressure on it. it's a court, and it's basketball, it's 10 guys on the court. >> i want steph curry's life. las vegas oddsmakers have the warriors as the favorites in tonight's game. warrior's fans are relishing the moment. last night the team thanked the community by hosting a vip party in oakland. the warriors invited vol tears -- volunteers and the community partners. >> i've been in sports since i
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was 16-year-old, which is a rare thing to have a season unfold the way this has. >> san francisco fans packed the warriors store and gobbled up the warriors merchandise. we'll have a live report at the bottom of the hour. the mayors of the opposing teams wage a friendly bet. clevelands mayor spurned the bet. oakland mayor is endorsing the cause challenging the fan base to raise money for the food bank, the city that raises the most wins. >> the problem of hunger exists because people are not catching
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one of the economy, people are not making enough to make ends meet. >> alameda county and greater amount cleveland food banks will have to wear the other jersey. we have clunch on our web site. federal agents accuse a man of making guns as part of a local militia. they raided the home on tuesday morning. they arrested him and seized two assault style weapons. a neighbor woke up to the sound of officers storming the home next door. >> we woke up around 6:00 a.m. to loud noises and we weren't sure what was going on. >> a criminal complaint states that a concerned citizen
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contacted the fbi. the tipster said he bragged about using a gun despite being a ex-con. authorities in boston showed surveillance video of police shooting and killing a terror suspect. 26-year-old usama rahim was shot on tuesday. he lungs at investigators who wanted to talk to him. they wanted to show report to community leaders. >> the video clearly shows the four or five officers backtracking away from the suspect as he's coming at them. >> the video is inconclusive, i don't think he was shot in the back. >> according to court documents
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rahim planned to randomly kill police officer. he recruited his nephew to help him. crews will be making repairs caused by a water make break last night. a viewer sent these photos of the water at piedmont road and brandy lane. it started at 7:30 last night. late last night the san jose water company turned off the water and crews started working to fix the damage. oakland reached an agreement with the teachers. it increases salaries 2 1/2% in the next school year, cuts class size and the number of counselors are responsible for.
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the office of education is expected to approve the deal. the giants are making a special stop on the road trip, they start a three day series with the phillies but they will be honored at the white house by president obama. this is the team's third visit to the white house in the past five years, it doesn't get old. >> they are making it a habit. time is 4:10. ted cruz tried to show his humorous side but it backfired. the joke he told that now has him apologizing. a backpack stolen out of a pink fire truck. what was inside that could hurt dozens of the bay area kids. good morning, highway 4 in
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westbound highway 4 looks good. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute. a system has dropped in keeping temperature on the cool side, rain in the sierra. the moon is peeking through the fog. the forecast is coming up.
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. form texas governor rick perry will announce today he will run for president. he's scheduled to make his announcement in dallas. he will join the increasingly crowded field. he says he's been studying up on policy to be a better prepared candidate. in his last run for the white house he forgot the name of one of the federal agencies he wanted to close. ted cruz is now apologizing for making a joke smoking vice president joe biden. >> and vice president joe biden [ chuckle ] [indiscernible] >> cruz made the comment yesterday at a campaign appearance in michigan, it come as the vice president is
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mourning the death of his son. cruz apologized saying it was a mistake to make a joke about the vice president during the time of his grief. a thief grabbed a backpack out of a fire truck, but there was something important in the backpack. it was filled with donation to help cancer patients meet their experiences. >> what was stolen out of this pink fire enin' -- engine have people shaking their head in disgust. >> normally during the day the backpack stays right here. >> the fire chief doubles as head of pink heal solano, raising money to help cancer patients and family meet
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experiences. last saturday he put the cash box in the backpack and continued cleaning up. minutes later the backpack was gone. >> disbelief anyone would stoop that low. and gone with the fire department radio, cell phone and hundreds of dollars in donations for cancer patients. >> it hurts. every dime we lose can't go to someone to help them. they have helped 60 families in the area. this helmet is signed by all the children fighting cancer they have helped. that includes charlie with an inoperable brain cancer. >> vacaville firefighters convoyed to charley's house. i like the pink fire truck, and
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all the cops came and i like the part when they gave me all the stuff. >> it's people that are the real victims of the theft. >> you take from someone that's giving kids hope, that was the tough part. >> that's why so many people are saying "how low can you go." it is a surprise a high school senior from utah will never forget. called on stage to practice receiving an award, that's what she thought. those stories get me. madison broke down when she found out her brother was
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giving the certificate. he would not make it to her graduation. >> i didn't know he would be here. he told me he wouldn't be able to come. this is the best, so happy right now. my sister is the first in the family to walk across the stake. i walked in and walked out. this is something we can look up to. >> so sweet. for the little something special, the 21-year-old was able to hold his 4-month-old jacob for the first time. if that was not emotional enough. love those stories. 4:18, sal is here, he will read a book tonight. >> there's nothing else tonight. >> what could be going on tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> good morning everyone, i
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think the road to oakland, san francisco and san jose will be quiet. let's look at the roads right now, still quiet if you're driving around the bay area, this is highway 4, it's a nice drive, no problems on 680 heading south and no issues on highway 24 westbound from walnut creek to oakland, it's a nice drive, no problems there. let's look at the commute on the san mateo bridge, that's been nice, likewise for the bay bridge, we're off to a guard start. another system active pattern and the low has dropped in. you folks in men deseano down -- men casino county, back over
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to lake county, some of the shower popping up, same for the sierra nevada, most of it is to the lead side of the sierra. they are in the window for a couple days. the low is wrapping itself around, it will come from the northeast, cloud cover, possibility of showers disrupting some of the day. upper 40s, 50s, san francisco 51. most locations one or two degrees cooler. south at 10, south at 15, there will be a breeze. the water temps continue to
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lower. thunderstorm activity at truckee. 67 with the north winds at redding. 52 for blue canyon, between now and the weekend any travel plans i would keep an eye on the ski a sky -- die. the system drops south, we're on the western edge of it. doesn't mean we can't see activity popping up. breezy continues, a cool pattern for us. hurricane blanca category three. the track takes it west of cabo san lucas, southwest at 1 miles an hour. cloud rain forecast, watch how the sierra light up. that's going the play to our forecast. some of the wrap off the sierra, we're favoring the
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north and east bay. partly cloudy. possible form -- thunderstorm to the north. 70s, for many locations warmer. 50s, 60s coast and bay. temperature struggling to warm up. maybe by the weekend. some sun? >> blight a a little bit. it was tropical feeling yesterday as you have been saying. >> a little cooler today i'm a curveball by the colorado movie theater trial. >> the question that was met with frustrated reaction by the judge. a nice lawn takes a lot of work and water, for some it's not worth it. the demand that's big business for a bay area company.
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. welcome back, it's 4:25, the search for the missing flight could come to an end. it disappeared from kuala lumpur to beijing. the area being searched is as large as the state of pennsylvania. australia is leading is search efforts but there's no new
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information discovered the search won't continue. a search for survivors on the chinese cruise ship continues. chinese authorities have found the bodies of 75 people. 14 survivors have been pulled from the hull of the ship. 360 people are missing and feared dead. the search will continue. one of to survivers was the ship's captain. he said the both sank because of bad weather. california's drought has been food for -- good for global center. the largest artificial turf manufacturing company in the country. the business is doubling every month. homeowners that have been skeptical are jumpology the band wag -- jumping on the bandwagon. >> they have gotten so good,
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i'm going to do it. i wanted to lessen the workload. >> homeowners we talked with say it's cheaper to install real gas but it has lower water bills and low maintenance. some plan to stick with the new fake lawns even when the drought is over. >> they do look more realistic. 4:27 is the time, a dog sickens after a walk on a trail. a possible case of poisoning? >> we're at the scene of a homicide. we'll tell you what we learned from family members coming up.
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good morning, everybody. we are live in pittsburg, and you can see there is a heavy
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police presence. officers are searching a home after an overnight homicide. ktvu's taramoriarty just arrived on scene. she'll have more on this developing story in just two minutes. it is thursday, june 4th. i'm brian flores >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thanks for joining us this morning. it's 4:30. check in with steve. i'm looking for moments of sun. >> you'll get that, but there's some rain to the north. >> really? how far north? >> are you okay there? >> no, i'm not. sound like i'm okay? i'll be fine. sometimes at 4:30, i have problems at home, try being on tv. our line is forming up to the north. watch right here, marin county, lake -- mendin seeno county. if you're getting any rain, you can always let me know. north of windsor and into lake county. you can see between lakeport andukye a, so our system has arrived, an upper low, amaze fog for this


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