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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 4, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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a boat load of tourist are about to witness. >> i don't know anybody that's seen this before. >> a woman tries to stay afloat after rescuers. >> give her something to hold on to. see the problem when she won't let it go. a driver minds their own business when out of nowhere something's busting like a bullet through the median. who wants snakes and eggs for
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breakfast? a girl friend tries to prank herman her man by saying i'm pregnant. what happens when it all backfires? >> big time. >> that's captain dave. he said every few years he's never seen something so incredible. >> i just saw a mother and two gray whales. something i've never seen before. it's amazing. they don't know if it's twins. it could be or the whale could have adopted the other one. >> for them to have two is an amazing thing. >> how remarkable. can you imagine if they are, in fact twins? that would be so cool.
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either way it's really tweet. >> well it's documented dolphins will adopt another dolphin or species and raise it but it hasn't been documented a gray whale has done it. think about this. feeding one calf a gray whale loses 30 prs of its body weight. that times two plus traveling 6,000 miles toward the arctic. >> she gets the whale momma of the year award for this. >> we're on the river in cavalry. you can see right there, one was trapped right there behind the rock as the water is rushing by. rescuers repelled down as you
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can see and gave her a line to hold on to and they came over to help her. she was too tired to risk the swim to shore. these guys come up and everyone holds on. they work together as a team and get the boat right up close. as they start pulling away you can tell how scared she is. she does not want to let go. she gets over to the side and everybody's fine. our second video comes from south africa. residents notice three dogs have gotten themselves in the water in this reservoir. this is a reservoir with no way of getting out. they realized they were in trouble. they all turned up. these two here you see he
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slides down like a kid at a playground. this is actually, it was too slippery for them to get out. what they do they all go down and try to get these dogs literally wants to get out, of course a little bit skiddish of all these people but here you get to see why the rescue is necessary. the big dog tries to follow. you can see there's no grip for them. they try to get out. everybody was just fine. >> i have some videos here and really can't explain them. this first one is a crash on the b.c. highway. out of nowhere, a vehicle loses control, crashes against the median. >> it's almost like he merges to see the truck and flips it into the wall. >> look. >> you can see the crunch on the suv from the other truck. >> but why they made contact, who knows. it created a horrible situation
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for the drivers on the road. even this vehicle hit by the debris. it doesn't look like people were seriously injured. just like these next accidents on the exact same road looked closely. >> wow, dude. >> it hit a gate. one of those gates you generally see as railroad crossings down on the road and if you look through there's no reason why the gate would be there. >> it's the hov lane. >> that's exactly what it is. they only allow it during certain hours. this car wanted to get out of whatever traffic jam was there. >> using an autopilot. >> he wasn't thinking it's a sunday. >> it seems like cars keep doing it over and over again. watchhis other car. when you're on the road like this motorcyclist on a rainy day, obviously. cannot see it when you as a city planner decides maybe we should do it a different way.
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eventually in the incident with the motorcycle you see that vehicles do show up. one of them even walks over to the gate probably scratching his head as to why the heck the gate is there. >> we pretty much have a running list as the top 10 things you don't expect to see in a day right. i have two of them. a wild bore some translations say wild pigs. >> are those? >> yes. running through a potato feel. i want you to tell the families following mom. let's do it. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, nine ten, eleven. >> there you go. normally a bore has 5-6 in a litter. how adorable they're following mom. >> right in the beginning i thought it was being chased by other small animals. i didn't realize it was the
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children. >> this next video i was almost positive you would never see this. >> pay attenti to the basket of eggs. >> that's climbed out of the spice cabinet that is now trying to eat an egg. >> the family heard a noise coming from the direction of the spice cabinet and this is what they found. it is a rat snake. it's nonvenomous. it got to the house through an open hole in the floor in their laundry room. it is trying to eat their eggs. >> that i would expect a snake to do but they can sneak in and steal eggs from. >> the family said they let the snake finish the egg and then lifted it up with a broom and threw it out the window. >> 31 feet above sea level. >> beautiful over paradise. she's ready for some yoga and
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that's in the virgin islands home of the, does anyone know? richard branson. he has his own island and this is the main island and the reason we're seeing this video, he put it up on his facebook page. nick jacobson has been invited by richard to jump off the top of the main house and kite surf the entire way down to the ocean. so he's like sure. he gets on top and jumps off. he's 131 feet above sea level and clears 300 feet of land over 500 feet before not going into the water and splashing, he just
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lands it and starts surfing. in 2011 he jumped off the crane of a ship wreck and he says his next one, he's going big. he's going to jump over 1,000 feet he's going to try and do. it's incredible how far he goes and at the same time it's incredible to get a look at an island where i've always wanted to go. >> it's a jaw dropping video. jaw dropping experience. i'm drooling over the house and terrified by the kite surfer. i'm confused about how to feel. >> just feel awesome. >> i want to know richard branson. he can invite me there. >> after a few busy days sometimes you just need some yoga to calm yourself. >> i noah get that high.
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>> she's been busy doing yoga but also teaching her boy friend. >> trying to mimic these yoga poses by these yoga pros. >> this is fun. this is going to be fun. not only are you getting a workout but you're going to be laughing. >> it's going to be a fun story. >> what if you come crashing down? >> he should have been more worried about his pelvis than hers. >> that's good. look at this. she's bendy. >> yeah she's clearly a pro. he not so much. >> that means you're actually coming at me. >> just took a couple of seconds there. >> yeah, that was well done. >> yeah.
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>> a bottle disappears. >> ever so slowly. >> see if you can figure this one out. >> i don't know. >> and he thought he listened closely to her suggestions but. >> she's waiting for the haha just kidding part. >> how this plan leaves her dumbfounded. >> say something. >> you go first. . >> you know with just one coughall you could change your life. >> dude that's not going to get you the girl. >>
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movement. any of these flourishes. no. he has a little move there but where did it go? >> there's a dude right beside him watching the back of the bottle. >> that's the theory why it was done. he comes through and takes the ball. he doesn't seem to be. how does he do it? i want to know. >> does he have like is it i don't know. i have no explanation. >> i'm impressed. >> we have another one here. do you want to come up with a great bet in a bar and turn a glass of water into a glass of wine? using stine you can do it. simple. you get a plastic container and cut a square out. make sure it's wider than the top of the wine glass. then what you do if you fill a glass of wine and a glass of water in a similar glass you place the plastic over the top of the water glass and turn it over. when you place it on top of the other, all you have to do is
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pull a bit of plastic out and because the wine and water are different densities, they will switch. by the end of it, you are the witness. >> that's a good trick. >> that is. >> it is right. >> curling up for a nap. >> something real big he wants to ask this girl whose gotten in the car. >> you good? >> yeah. >> you see when they started dating their first date he said he's terrible at planning things so they ended up at mcdonald's for their first date.
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for some miracle this woman continued to date this man. she dates with him, you know what 10 years from now, you're probably going to propose in a chicken nugget box. since he's not good at planning anything that gave him the one idea he had to propose to her. >> they went to the drive thru and ordered chicken nuggets. >> he ordered a chicken sandwich. >> i just want to see if it came with mayonnaise. are you mad at me? >> you're not serious. >> didn't she suggest this. >> no she didn't really suggest
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. >> it was years before she remembered and yearsere absorbed this information and tried to be funny. >> i'm actually going to side with this guy too because if you're really in love with somebody who cares how they propose. >> come on. >> i'm with you. >> i think it's this side of the table verses that side of the table. even though it's kind of cute i wouldn't want it in a mcdonald's chicken box. >> it's not how i made it. it's i don't want to be proposed to in a chicken box. that is why you two are married and we are not. awesome. >> is that what you're saying? >> yeah.
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to hurt. >> this is euka and she's going to freak you out. euka right here is about to lift this. she attacks it.
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so politely. there she is with her chop sticks and a little cup of water and it starts vanishing. >> i know. >> i love them. the competition eating videos aren't as much fun to watch usually because they're shoving so much food. she's doing this and eating lovely with her chop sticks and eating it all. >> going back to the mayonnaise to keep it going. >> i love mayonnaise on a sandwich but romain noodles, not so much. >> she looks like she's out for dinner and she's done. >> you see her belly. she looks like she has a pregnant food baby belly. >> there we
3:56 pm
go. >> you know we're checking in with the viral brothers youtube channel. we're about to see a prank. this time it's eric's girl friend about to do the prank. >> she says this is a positive pregnancy test i'm pregnant. >> she does not get the reaction she was expecting. >> oh. >> oh shoot. >> oh my gosh. she's really freaking out. look at her body language. after three years she doesn't know he can't have kids?
3:57 pm
>> >>. >> she tried to prank him. is he pranking her back or are they pranking us? this is what i'm confused about now. it's a triple threat prank. >> >>. >> i feel bad for her now. she was suppose to have a good laugh out of this and now she's an emotional wreck. >> this is why we say you shouldn't prank your significant
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other. >> thank you for joining us even. that's it for right this minute. we'll see you next time.
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welcome to tmz live. the duggars are unbelievable. the parents are josh duggar the man and then the boy who molested his sisters the parents are saying the sisters covered way more damage because of the media than at the hands of josh duggar. it's an amazing interview they did with fox news channel.


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