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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 5, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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sir, let me see your driver's license. >> as a man i'm asking you as a man, what right do you have to stop another map? >> a driver pulled over for speeding is refusing the officer's request to see his identification and insurance. the cops finally lose their patience and the dude loses a win dough. >> supervisor -- >> a turkey hunter spots a bobcat. >> oh what a beautiful animal. >> why he's beautiful, very fast. a dude decides to skip work and hop a flight to new zealand. for 24 hours. see how he spent the ultimate sick day.
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plus what lexi's not loving. and charlotte's first time on the stairs. >> can i make it? >> oh so close. come on. >> see how this corgie finally pays off. it's pretty easy to have a minor lapse in judgment go maybe a little too fast while you're driving. according to this officer, the driver scott richardson was going 50 in a 40-mile-per-hour zone. >> can i see your driver's license? >> okay. >> richardson does not want to give that information up. >> as a man, what right do you have to stop another man? >> he's a police officer. that's kind of his job. >> right, and the officer here from addison, texas, says -- >> the state of texas has given me the right to enforce the law. you were doing 50 in a 40 mile an hour speed tone. >> i'm speeding. did you realize in the state of texas that speeding in and of itself is not illegal. >> they can tell you how fast you can go.
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>> i think this guy seems a little condpuzed. this goes back and forth and back and forth. key bit of information. am i being detained? >> yes. >> am i free to go? >> you're detained. >> the officer here i think keeps his cool for quite some time but richardson is not going to simply and peacefully get out of the car on his own. >> it is not illegal and i am not going to -- do you have a warrant for my arrest? >> no. >> finally, the officer loses his cool. >> open your window now or i'm going to bust it out. >> i need your supervisor. i am asking for -- i am asking him for his supervisor. i am asking you for your supervisor. >> he does drop the phone after he was pulled out of the car, he was placed under arrest. >> you're under arrest for failure to identify. >> in the end here's a bit of irony. we learned from the addison, texas, police that scott was charged with driving with an invalid license, failure to present his driver's license, and for having an expired registration.
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here's the funny bit. he was only given a warning for the original traffic offenses which he was stopped for. >> he was trying to outsmart the police and instead he just looked like a big old dummy. >> open your window now or i'm going to bust it out. >> i am asking you for your supervisor. this person shooting the video is a turkey hunter and wildlife follower. he was looking for turkeys and noticed there was a bobcat nearby so he decided to break out his camera phone. what you're about to see next is not an attack on him. he says the cat snatched her cell phone. he was in full camouflage. >> ahh! >> it's dangling a little piece of yarn.
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instinct takes over and -- >> sent the glow from the black phone and the cat thought maybe that's food. >> you got to imagine the cat did not see him in fall camo and if he did he probably wouldn't have pounced like that. >> kevin said he wasn't hurt. roxboro, north carolina a cat rescue. >> that's a good boy, biggie. >> biggie he's been up there six days. so he decides to get his gear and get up there to get biggie and a tough situation because they got the owner in the hospital, they tried a laser pointer to get up and once he gets him in the bag -- >> all right, he's in the bag, he's safe now. >> he rappelled down like a ride at disneyland. what makes the story touching is that biggie's owner was in a hospital texting patrick about the cat. so he was worried about him but the good thing is he's out of the hospital his cat's out of the tree and everybody's happy. ♪ reunited ♪
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considering how far technology has come it's amazing these two less than exemplary citizens of the world would choose simple weapons. this first guy walks into a service station, his weapon of choice? >> it looks like a twig a stick. >> it's a tree branch that he's using to intimidate the clerk. >> this will make him shake like a leaf. >> except it didn't make the clerk shake like a leaf. when the guy started demanding money the clerk is like no no dude. the guy ended up just throwing the stick at the clerk and just walks away. >> so close though he almost had it. >> businesses in canada a little puzzling. this woman randomly wal up t look what she does to the windshield. >> it's gravy on french fries. >> a gravy covered french fry with cheese kurds. the owner of the vehicle has no
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idea who she is why she did this in the first place. it looks like it really is just a random act of vandalism. the video was reported to police but not because the guy wants to press charges, mostly because he's so curious as to why this woman would do this in the first place. it she confuse it for a trash can? >> it turns out the woman came forward a pologized to this guy and said that this was a case of mistaken identity and the police report has also been closed. this is a video posted by matthew philip. it quickly starts he says yesterday i woke up at 3:00 in the morning didn't want to go to work. books himself a flight to new zealand for 24 hours. he gets packed up quickly figures out he's in australia, his passport there, checks into a flight jumps on a plane and just heads off to an entirely different country to have a one-day adventure, instead of
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going to work and sitting in a cubicle. as you can see from the air it's beautiful, "lord of the rings"y and he's south of the island, so sunny, jumps on a bus and heads in to explore the country. gets himself a bottle of water and drinks it straight from the river because it's new zealand. takes a boat trip in doubtful sound, i always wanted to go there, never had the chance. >> only 24 hours? >> he's just getting started. went on the boat saw some dolphins a walk gets in a car, what can make the day more interesting? i know bungy jumping. they love doing that stuff in new dee zee land. in the middle of nowhere, gets himself strapped up and takes the plunge. >> what's his excuse for not going into work that day? >> he's sick of work. that's a big enough excuse. >> did you mean sick or it was a sick day.
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>> he gets a beautiful viewpoint and experiences some snow waiting for the sun to come up. back to the airport, jumps on the plane, and back in the office. >> well spent sick day. >> may have to take a sick day tomorrow. things get ugly on the road between a guy on a bike and a lady in an suv. the next light they meet face to face. >> [ bleep ] your face off you [ bleep ] moron. >> the surprising way this showdown ends. and it's a prank with one simple question. >> where do i know you from? >> how things get awkward when the prankster gets the wheels turned. st. patrick's day. >> dinner! what's up, man? >> oh! >> she really thinks she knows him now. bobothth d dririveve f foror a a l living, bobothth l likike e toto s savavee money on car insurance and we both know you may not get ththisis c carar b bacack k inin the same condition. watch your toes.
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i understand driving in traffic can get somewhat
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frustrating for people especially if you're on a motorcycle people not paying attention. this rider is hot steaming, claims this woman in the big black suv is trying to move over on him so he does what he calls a red bomb to alert his presence. nice big audible noise so she doesn't pull into his lane and cut him off. >> wow. >> now she comes speeding back maybe to send her own message to this guy. the woman does look like she's off quick, weaving through traffic at the next light. they meet face to face. >>ut down your window. you'll rip your [ bleep ] off your [ bleep ] moron. >> oh my gosh she has a kid in the gun. >> you get close to me [ bleep ] with your [ bleep ] camera. >> maybe they should call him hot under the collar. >> he's pretty abusive. >> at the next light they meet again. >> i'll [ bleep ] you [ bleep ].
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>> finally at the end of the video she says "i like your butt." >> [ bleep ] i'll talk to your [ bleep ]. >> the funny part about that short line is that's how he titles the video "i like your butt" in quotes woman flirts with flash bike. >> i never sent a confrontational attitude from the woman toward the guy. i think she was mostly puzzled. >> kill him with kindness. bro, what's up how you been? where do i know you from? >> i don't know. >> how many times do you run into people and you feel like -- >> we used to play ball bro. >> no. >> i would be dogging on you all the time? >> always all the time. >> no. >> yeah. >> i don't remember it. >> i would probably try to forget it if i were you. >> how's it going? >> good. >> where do i know you from? >> big dog was involved and you know it's a prank. >> what's your name.
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>> cody. >> what's yours. >> noah. >> noah yeah. >> uh-oh, i feel awful. >> this is fun. >> oh you got up on that table. >> dude is like well that could be me. >> at that party, dude. >> i come into the room and you're just spread eagle on the floor. >> the guy is like sounds like it could happen. >> [ bleep ] dude that was crazy, good to see you, man. calm down on the drinking all right? >> are you friends with aaron and sean? >> yes. >> oh! really thinks he knows him now. >> dude! >> what's up man? >> not much. >> i'm trying to figure out who is the pranker and the prankie in that one. >> i was there, we got us some drinks man. >> it's hard to tell. >> run that twerking video on youtube. >> she's like maybe i was there. >> yes. >> no. >> yes.
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>> no. >> she's like get out of here. >> i saw you and i was like that is where i know her from. . when animals are small no matter what they do it's cute and adorable. charlotte the corgie going up the steps for the first time. come on so close. >> it's like everest to the puppy. >> it's nice to see the puppy learning how to do things jump on things. >> you did it! >> she did it. >> but she has another step. does she do it? she does make a falter but guess what she gets right back up. >> yeah charlotte. >> there's another puppy, lexi just getting home with a new family. lexi does not like her new collar. >> just put the collar on. i don't think she likes it.
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>> oh that must feel weird, right? you're used to being free and unencumbered and now you got this thing around your neck. >> she's trying to get it off, the dog equivalent of trying to lick your own elbow, just never going to happen. >> this last one is priceless. this is one word cats love to hear. >> we're at "pet smart." >> when he says "pet smart" and captain sees the sign he goes nuts. >> it's like when you were a kid and the parents say we're going to toys "r" us. yeah yeah yeah! looking at bones everywhere. >> what's funny i think the dog is actually speaking. listen to its bark. i think he says i'm ready to go. rock star cat sauerkraut is on tour. >> there she is in the family winnebago winnebago. >> see her at rtm next "right this minute."
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and still to come, something shady is going down in the street. roman candle fight? >> it is a roman candle fight and escalates to ten guys. >> what happens when sparks fly. plus you'll never need to search for a trash bag again with -- >> the bottomless bin. >> see how easy it is to keep the bag rolling. >> this is awesome.
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off -- just feet from each other in the middle of traffic. >> looks like a harry potter game gone really really wild. >> right. i get it right. young kids being completely silly, recklessly playing with roman candles but do it on someone's backyard when it could be misconstrued. someone could have gotten shot. >> they could have shot their eye out. all right, here you are with little tree we'll try to remove with about 20 pounds. >> my second video explosive as well. the fellows from the georgia gun store have a tree they want to remove. instead of chopping it down or shooting it with a gun they decide to get some tannerite. just going to shoot it and see what happens. [ bleep ]. >> ha ha! >> that obliterated that.
3:22 pm
[ laughter ] >> no more tree. it worked. >> yep. good call on the 20 pounds. 40 would have been a little much. >> trampoline fun. ♪ ladies and gentlemen, i have the product of the century, but i'm going to let professor rubish tell you all about it. >> i'm professor rubish. if you're anything like me you have a bin in your house, now ordinary bin bags can get lost. >> you can't find them don't know where you put them don't know whoever you're living with stores stuff. >> here at bottomless bin we envision a world where bags throw from bins as easily as tissues from a tissue box. >> professor rubish is telling
3:23 pm
us about something real. guys got tokt and invented the bottomless bin. >> isn't that cool you don't have to go under your sink pull out another trash bag, put in. it's already there i love it. >> effortless convenience. >> pretty clever. i like it. it's a time saver and efficient. >> actually this is a kickstarter campaign even though they made a funny video. they legitimately tested everything to make sure it works. >> our team of experts have been working around the clock to revolutionize trash technology. >> they're looking for $22,934, don't know how they got that figure. once a lot of people who are always struggling to find a trash bag see this they'll want to buy it. >> good luck to them. the hodge twins are about to take on 30 tacos and two cookies. and they're going to chomp on it. see how things get comical when they chow down. >> [ bleep ] chewy and it's rich.
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doughnut on top of theentenman's box. that is going to go down the street and homer simpson is going to faint. a man eating tacos, two men eating tacos. these are the hodge twins. they're notorious online they go out, do their muscle building and they go big on their cheat days. today they decided they're going to do one of those eating challenges. >> this is 30 chicken tacos. >> i can't wait.
3:27 pm
show them what we got for dessert. >> they'll have the tacos and cookies and going to chow down. >> show them what we're going to wash it down with man. >> they're distracted by their own muscles. >> get me all full you been making some gains, man. >> i've been making all kinds of gains, all kinds. >> they set a camera up and split them up, 15 tacos. there's something wrong. >> these damned shells are steal.steal stale. i'm going back saying i want my money back. >> the funny thing is the video is 30 minutes long but has nothing to do with eating. it's just these guys -- >> [ bleep ] you owe me two more tacos, man. >> the twin on the left-hand side a bit of a ninja, he's done. the cookie trin twin on the left starts on the cookie. >> is this the cookie monster?
3:28 pm
[ bleep ] mouth going "sesame street." >> this is good man. >> you got something to look forward to, man. it's chewy and rich. >> the whole video is nothing more than the random play between two brothers. >> [ bleep ] man. >> they are hilarious. >> eat that taco and eat that [ bleep ] cookie. don't choke. >> we'll put the whole thing up on our website, or use our mobile app. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll
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a baby's left alone in a locked car. how an angry crowd got the car open and the kid out. dude was reeling one in until a shark moved into the everglades. >> a scary place. >> see the unholy battle over a little told tarpon. >> oh my gosh oh! a woman's foot becomes trapped in a motorbike pedal. >> they'll have to cut that off. >> that's not her foot.


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