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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 5, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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a baby's left alone in a locked car. how an angry crowd got the car open and the kid out. dude was reeling one in until a shark moved into the everglades. >> a scary place. >> see the unholy battle over a little told tarpon. >> oh my gosh oh! a woman's foot becomes trapped in a motorbike pedal. >> they'll have to cut that off. >> that's not her foot. the pedal.
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and a surprise at the lacrosse game when -- >> player takes his mask off. the moment a son finally realizes his dad is home. this short video of malaysia going viral on the other side of the world because of what is happening right now, as you can see there are about 20 strangers gathered around this car and it looks like a group of people trying to break in. why would we think this is happening? we've seen it before. >> animal or child? >> it's a child this time, nick this is intense. people had noticed this very small child in the back of this car and it's been in the car for about 20 minutes. guys in malaysia this is the tropics over 90 degrees pretty much every day, 98 humidity and they're all trying to pry the doors open, break it open. eventually someone decides enough is enough takes an iron bar and then -- smashes the rear right window. once the window is broken the guy is able to reach through, open the back door and you can
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see here as they climb inside you can also hear the crying. you realize just how young this child was. you can see in the arms of this young lady who takes the baby away it's a baby taken inside to air con for hopes the baby can calm down and cool down. >> i feel awful. this really breaks my heart to see that someone would be so careless with a child. >> accidents happen people get forgetful. it's sad to say, you're right, how can you be so careless? in this case minutes could be the difference between life and death. >> the mother did return to claim the baby and told rescuers she was in a rush and forgot to leave the engine running. >> you don't leave the child in the car, period. >> because this video has gone so viral around malaysia it's caught the attention of the police who are now considering bringing charges on the child negligence under the child act 2001. we'll see if something happens. fortunately for everyone involved all of the kind strangers helped avoid a much more tragic situation.
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you're watching a brain surgery being performed by neurosurgeons in brazil but i want you to listen to what's going on in the background. ♪ somebody is playing the guitar and singing. >> no! >> that is so cool. >> because the doctors are trying to figure out what part of his brain shuts off the music? >> partially part of it. >> doctors i've had this song stuck in my head. can you get it out? ♪ >> this is 33-year-old anthony diaz. he discovered he had a brain tumor two weeks after his son was born. he said his motor skills were affected his speech was affected. he went to the doctor they discovered the tumor had to be removed. here he is in surgery, and they let him bring in his guitar and sing because when people do get brain surgery they use anesthesia but you're not put under where you're asleep. they say the brain has no pain
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sensors so you can talk to your doctors while they're doing the surgery and this is helpful to them so they know if there's been injury to the areas of your brain that control your speech or your movement. >> wouldn't you freak out while you're there, brain surgery happening, you're playing the guitar and you you move the scalpel goes the rock way. >> think of it this way, it helps you relax and take your mind off the fact that someone is poking around in your mind and just sort of play. >> it's freaky! >> what if the music just stopped, the doctors are like oh. and he's like just kidding. to the lacrosse field,ant knee farmer jr. is on the field, to get the game started one of the players takes his mask off and you realize he's kind of a mature man for a player. >> wait a minute, it's anthony's dad! >> they look alike. >> anthony farmer sr. a u.s.
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army sergeant first class, he's been in afghanistan decideded to surprise his son. this is the best part here when the camera turns around we can see junior's face and he is in full on tears. >> it's anthony's dad! >> you saw that moment where he just basically football tackles his dad. >> he's so moved. being super polite and then -- >> i see how he missed it at first because he never really looks at the player. he looks at the ref and glances his eyes down and misses his dad. he's like yo hello. >> i'm right here dude. >> and number 57 anthony's dad. >> the rest of the family comes on the field to say hello to anthony sr., that's because nobody knew about it except mom. >> oh man. that was nice. good fake out. i liked the planning of that. okay okay okay fine so
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this guy might be driving a little too spiritedly passes a car and then just lets the bike open up. but he has a catastrophic failure. watch this. oh oh what's happening? the bike starts to swerve left and right, left and right. he's hanging on. it's not going to work. what happened? it was eared on ice. >> like he was skidding perhaps at about 120 miles per hour. he claims an engine failure locked up the rear wheel. he did a remarkable job. >> 20 seconds, it was incredible. >> he slowed it down the bike goes on pretty gently. he flies, looks like he's got gear on. the video ends before you see him get the bike out of the highway, he's not injured and doesn't peer that anybody else was involved in this.
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that bike failed this guy and this bike failed this woman in china, riding one of the bikes with the pedals you use to get it going. her foot slipped off and now has trapped her ankle between the pedal and the chassis of the bike. she's stuck. >> we're going to have to cut that off, not her foot the pedal. >> sorry you're done. >> they have to cut that pedal off. >> you're right. firefighters show up and they do have a hydraulic tool and finally cuts loose. they take her away in an ambulance. doesn't look like she had serious injuries. that was a tough one there. riley is on a fishing trip and has a salmon on the line. see what makes a guest appearance. >> oh, i could have died!
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this video fisherman taking in the florida ever glades and's got a ta on the line. wait somebody else claimed this is my lunch >> look at the shark, bro, coming in. >> he's got his fish caught something and his friend is like look at the shark. >> keep going, dude, keep going. >> oh! >> as you can see, the shark really wants that tar. on. the man wants the tarpon. it is a fight over lunch >> oh my god, oh! holy smokes, did you see that? >> it's crazy. just whipping around juking left and right like a crazy shark. >> this is proof the everglades are a scary place. you're going to get eaten by a shark, crocodile or giant python. >> we got this video from darrel
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welk at alaskan fishing adventures. riley is a young girl but got a salmon on the line. she is reeling this sucker in. she's reeling this in and barking out orders saying you got to be ready to whack it but guess what? she and that salmon are not alone. >> aah! >> it's an orca. >> it is an orca. you're wondering why is she having a hard time reeling it in? the orca got a bite out of it and riley not excited to see it. >> am i going to die? >> am i going to die. >> she doesn't know. >> she knows they're called killer whales. >> she got to see free willy. >> aah! even the high adrenalin world of freestyle motocross takes a break.
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ronnie goflz when he's not flying through the air on his motorcycle. of course he has to use a cooler golf cart than standard. he gets out there and starts swinging away but everybody gets a little frustrated playing golf. >> you frickin' kidding me? i hate this game! >> like many frustrated golfers and motocross riders when they see a golf course they see something to ride. >> is he going to tear up the green? >> he goes back to the clubhouse with his razr to pick up his motorbike and go to down at the golf course in san diego. the sand traps become jumps. the grass, the links become runways for him. >> does the club know he's doing this? >> i believe they do and it's a great video, to all guys who vo ridden dirtbikes, you so they and you think yes!
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>> i actually believe he just figured out what golf courses were meant for. >> looks like with all of the hard riding didn't do a ton of damage. >> maybe they were ready to replace some of the signage. >> usually when i use the words i have a proposal nick's face is this but this one has a bunch of kung fu masters, a union soldier with a musket and all other things as well. taylor and rebecca have been together since 2009. becca wanted her proposal to happen without her knowing it. turns out, her man was listening, and he goes a long way to make this happen. >> she didn't know it was going to be this big. >> he says it's a rite of passage for girl friends they have to climb up and he's found one that's 100 foot high. he put a lot of planning into this. he takes becca down to the volvo ocean race stopover where he has
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planned everything behind there, everyone is involved. they know what's going on. the emcee knows to look for this terrible hawaiian shirt with the last question because the winner of the question will get a special prize. >> yes, you! >> becca gets the answer right. woo hoo! they give her an extra chance. >> would you get the giveaway to get to the top? >> and credit to becca, she's game. >> what if she said no? >> that's why he looks so terrified in the background. he's quickly getting changed into a suit. >> i decided that for the rest of my life i would always protect you and be there for you no matter what as long as you might be willing to be my wife. even i don't think these guys are going to let you down if you
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say no. >> absolutely, i love you. yes. >> i love you. >> she comes all the way down he finally drops on one knee offers the ring. she's thrilled. everybody's happy, hugs, kisses. she decided to go on her first -- >> open water dive. >> find out which familiar face came in contact with the sharks. were you scared what was around you? plus this dude is -- >> taking a brilliant disney movie scene and uniing it. see the re-enactment that puts him to shame. >> ha, ha, ha!
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there were about three sharks in the water with us and never was it scary. this one takes a little turn and it's like oh i'm going to say hi to this girl. >> that was a lot bigger than expected. >> we believe they were small reef sharks. these aren't as scary as we think. it was awesome to have a better understanding of sharks and leading up to world ocean day there's another film released called "extinction soup" and that tries raise awareness about the use of shark fins in soup believed to be a delicacy in many countries. the film is going to premiere on june 8th on world oceans day. as a good reminder sharks aren't as scary as we think. they're very important and we need to do whatever we can to take care of them.
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older brothers you either love them or you hate them but you love to hate them. for reasons like this. >> this is why mom doesn't [ bleep ] love you. >> ten seconds of internet gold. >> this is why mom doesn't [ bleep ] love you. >> boiling down siblings in one
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people like their popcorn a certain way. plain or with butter. the folks at "pop sugar" made a way to smuggle your perfect popcorn into the movies. >> when i go to the movies i have to have the perfect ratio of buttery popcorn and creamy chocolate candies to raisinettes to butter fingers. it was important to get every single component in the perfect size. >> butterfinger mulling duds peanut m&m's into a popcorn cake. you need popcorn and marshmallows. what's pretty cool is how they put everything you like in it and you get marshmallows and butter melt them together and pour it over everything and were's it into a bundt pan. it gets sticky but she has a hack for that. >> i told you before i have a check for that.
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i'll spray my hands with pam. >> you press it down let it chill and then you pour the thing out, slice it up you. you the it in a baggie. you the it in your big purse and you walk into the theater with it. >> not that you're supposed to. >> i wouldn't advise it but they did. high five. >> down low. >> look at this squatter here that moved into this fifth story apartment and you realize this pigeon really was trying to make this place his home. >> oh my gosh. >> how many times a day do those things poop? >> you've seen nothing yet. it's not just poop it leaves behind also left its baby on the pan. >> wait a minute that can't be. how long were they gone?
3:58 pm
>> he owns several places and was gone from this one for a long time with the window open. >> trying to build its nest in the frying pan, is it one big pigeon joke? i don't believe it. >> it's hard to believe but this guy claimed this happened. it's funny. >> a little pigeon joke. >> right. thanks for joining us everybody. that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time. sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪ it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged.
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ride it at universal studios hollywood. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] charles: welcome to "tmz live." charles here. reagan: i'm reagan. charles: reagan is here.
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wow. charles: let's get to caitlyn jenner. great news for caitlyn jenner. let me put it this way -- great news for caitlyn jenner and maybe bad news for bruce jenner because bruce jenner's name could be erased from the olympic hall of fame records. we've found out that the u.s. olympic ready is ready to take


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