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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 6, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a cyclist and struck driver go at it and the driver stops. >> and starts yelling yet again.
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>> the road rager that keeps going and going, going, going. >> i got it on camera! ? >> dude's got an itchy ear. >> what's in there? what's in there? >> see the moment we all find out. >> what could possibly be in -- oh, wait. hello! >> ah! it's a wild ride in the horse pasture when-ish did. >> the horse bolts. >> why the first ball is nothing compared to the second. and a girlfriend tries to prank her man by saying -- >> i'm pregnant. >> what happens when it all backfires big time. >> oh -- oh, oh! i'm not quite sure why so many are so angry. seems we're seeing more and more road rage videos. this time from vernon hills, illinois. we're watching footage from a camera mounted on a bicycle according to the poster of this video, the guy on the bicycle,
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he's having to ride more in the center of this far right lane because the road is so torn up. then watch what happens. >> whoa! >> this big, blue truck comes zooming by awfully close to our cyclist but then does this -- slams on the brakes in the middle of that lane. >> [ bleep ]! >> i'm supposed to be in the road. >> i'm in the road user too. >> go around me. >> if you're in my way i'm going to [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ]. >> did you hear that? i'm going to run you over. >> the kind of bike sounds like he's riding a cute adorable one. maybe a little basket on the front? how can you get angry at somebody like that. >> but it's not over. the trucker pulls up yet again and starts yelling yet again. >> [ bleep ] -- i -- >> what the [ bleep ]. >> sidewalk stupid! >> i'm surprised that guy can even drive his truck. can't even see in his rearview mirror. this guy is generally, to everybody on the road he's a danger.
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>> our cyclist did get this guy's license plate number and actually pressed charges. police callught up up with the fellow truck driver michael a. ruben, arrested and charged assault among other things. notice the stricker is part of the charges, obstructed windows and stopped in the middle of the lane. one of the other charges, improper parking. >> well done vennen hills police department. >> if you're in my way i'm going to [ bleep ] run you over, [ bleep ] -- >> another animal trapped somewhere. this time in ind yad andia and this time a well. they think the leopard fell in when it was dark. didn't see where it was going, you see it resting on a step. residents and people from the forest service are there to try to get this thing out. >> man, that's a really deep well. >> they think it's about 15 feet down. you can see they have a giant cage they put next to the well. they're also going to put a ladder down there hoping to coax that leopard on to it but also put netting over it because
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they don't want that big cat to get out and there you see the cat. it's a little upset. >> man, a gorgeous animal. >> beautiful. got to be so exhausted. >> at some point, throw water on it. >> just trying to get it to move. >> yeah. >> the leopard, while it gets in the water, doesn't immediately go to the other side. eventually it does move. >> and soon as it sees the ladder it was like -- time to go up. >> oh wow. >> immediately goes into the cage. you soo that he? trying to jump out, but the netting is keeping it from doing it. [ applause ] >> that was a brilliant rescue. >> give credit to these guys. look. >> something nick's paying close attention to because we have a 7-week-old fox with a plastic tub on it. look how little that creature is. the family that spotted this creature called the east suffix rescue and wildlife service to come in and capture it. eventually found it but they had to cut this off. >> perfect reminder to throw your trash away.
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recycle your plastic. this fox probably smelled a tasty treat at the bottom of that plastic jar. ah. there you go little fella. >> they do get it off. look at the little creature like hey, hey, you're not my mom. >> the next day, it was returned to its mom. so -- good news is, it went meepd immediately back home after getting a little treatment. >> oh, look at that fa! there's just something about cars that people like to tax the limits. a couple of guys choose a really wet road to test the limits of their mustang and pontiac gto. >> fishfail oh fishtail. hydroplane. >> into a pole, and knocked it down. >> yeah'soff to the left that guy goes. no injuries reported in this one. just dumb. these guys testing the limits of these cars. a guy in a very supercharged nissan 350z. up ahead a porsche 911 gt
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nissan gets the early jump. here comes the 911, but who's this? is that a vw rabbit? >> it is. >> blasting past the z and smokin' the 911. that's what you call a sleeper. >> how does that happen? >> that's the greatest car video ever. >> the guy in the z takes it all in stride. listen to him laugh. [ laughter ] and the economy car, calmed a tata nam ohno. testing high-speed maneuvering. >> say it doesn't happen. >> no. the limits of this really hard to find. off it goes. >> like seriously, like a tuna can. >> it's a tuna can with tiny little wheels. animals, matt. just like aretha franklin. >> just want some r-e-s-p-e-c-t. >> keep an eye on the young
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lady. the horse bucks. >> i think the horse isn't happy being calmed those names. >> oh! wow! that looked really painful. >> you know what? that horse was feeling very stressed and at that moment was feeling attacked. you need to just walk away. >> a lot of the people online agree with you, on the way they was shouting at the horse as it bolted when she got thrown off. screaming, then runs off, almost like she's threatening it. the horse does what it's going to do. it protected itself. >> [ bleep ]. >> there are reports online saying she broke a collarbone and her jaw as well. >> ah. >> so that one is getting a lot of reaction online. the second video kicks off. it's a young lady and let's be honest from the very beginning of the video, you know where it's going. >> their spiders. >> oh -- >> oh! [ laughter ]
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>> just her reaction is so come on one, you didn't see it coming? >> famous for spinning. >> just famous for it and this one basically working that lugie up. >> you could see it! a beverly hills women is in hot water. all the people have something to say to her and it's not nice. >> what the hell's wrong with you? >> what she had in the dharcar that had the crowd going wild. and, it's time to put this drone to the test. >> a brand new dj high inspire one. >> how it gets its flight flipped upside down. >> incredible footage. ans.s. 8383% % trtry.y... to eat healthy. yet up to 90% fall shohort in getting... key nutrients from fofoodod a alolonene. . lelet't's s dodo more. adadd d onone e a a daday y wowomemen'n's. cocompmpleletete w witith h kekey y nunutrients we may need. plplusus b bonone e hehealalthth s supuppoportrt wiwithth c calalciciumum a andnd v vititamin d. one e a a daday y wowomemen'n'ss
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on tv -- online -- on mobile -- it's on "right this minute." beverly hills. a town where they love their dogs. they take them everywhere. inside restaurants, in their cars. it's the last place you want to be if you lock your dog in the car. that's what happens to a woman in beverly hills. she left her dog in a car. people there say that dog was in there two hours so they called police. you see the beverly hills police coming and you see them breaking into the car to help the dog. >> looks like some of the people are actually wearing jackets. like it might have been cool outside. >> in the mid-80s in beverly hills when this happened. but if you leave yore car closed up it can get to 30 to 40 degrees warmer than that. >> that appeared to be the
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problem here. police were called in. here comes the woman. runs up to the car. police back her up a little and all the people have something to say to her and it's not nice. >> oh -- >> [ bleep ] -- >> and blshyou're terrible. >> what the hell's wrong with you? >> police are trying to handle the situation and the take care of it but the crowd wants blood. >> arrest her! >> get out! >> arrest her! >> hey -- >> call the cop! >> you should die! >> wow. okay. >> rational here irrational. >> no. you shouldn't leave a dog in the car, but the owner shouldn't die. come on? the hate. >> they had more to say. >> i'm reporting her to peta. reporting her to peta. >> show your face in this town again! >> ow. hills police cited and has to make an appearance in court. >> as long as the dog is okay that's all people need to be worried about. this situation just -- had a lot
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of people who had a lot to say. >> sit in the car two hours with the windows rolled up! let her do it. ♪ always an exciting day when you get a brand new toy to test out. this video from the everyday reviews youtube channel testing out a brand new inspire one. one of the fanciest newest drones you can buy. this he claims is around $4,000. really cool. got a built-in camera that hangs down. beautiful shot getting those colors and the contrast. so this is a maiden flight. taking it easy. not sending it way far away or way high up. just trying to test it out. >> i have a feeling something bad is about to happen. >> well that's only because it's on the show. and you're right. suddenly he loses control of the inspire. >> oh -- oh. >> and it just begins to climb and climb -- >> getting incredible footage. >> beautiful footage. in the subtitles on the screen a great shot. wish i did it purposely.
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the thing is way up there now when suddenly -- >> look at this. >> boom! >> oh. did it get hit? >> no. >> mayday. >> the drone inverts itself and is flying upside-down right now. he says the first time an inspire one has ever flown inverted. camera goes black and they pick up the fall about 2.5 minutes later from a cell phone on the ground. it's falling hard. >> and fast. >> we don't see it hit the ground but that's serious damage. >> wait. it came back? pretty remarkable. >> no one hurt. the drone obviously damaged quite a bit. yeah went straight up and straight back down. >> these things are actually programmed just like a mind of their own. eventually they're going to take -- >> feeling us out. >> and sends us information. >> to the cloud of people. >> your distrust of robotics is unfreakin' believable. >> which is a movie. >> for now! [ laughter ] >> one more video. these kids out of a high school football field again taking
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precautions. they've got plenty of room to fly. not flying anything nearly as expensive as that inspired drone but the same type of thing happens. poor guys. hmm, get a little shaky, a little further away. this time, though -- hitsz hits the ground. bounces, trying to fly and -- crunch. >> must love this. so many people crash their drones. >> this is it. you know we're checking in with the viral brothers youtube channel. we're about to see a prank. >> this time though it's eric's girlfriend domisha about to do the prank. >> i'll tell you -- thank you. >> oh no. >> i just want -- >> she says this is a positive pregnancy test. i'm pregnant. >> she does not get the reaction
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she was expecting. [ speaking in foreign language ] language ]. >> ah! oh -- oh! >> oh shoot. oh my gosh. she's really freaking out. look at the body language. >> after three years she doesn't know he can't have kids? [ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign language ] language ]. >> so she tries to prank him. is he pranking her back or are they pranking us? this is what i'm confused about now. a triple threat prank. [ laughter ] [ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign language ]
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[ laughter ] >> ah i feel bad for her now though because, look. she's crying. thought she'd have a good laugh out of it and now is an emotional wreck. not sleeping for five days. >> why you shouldn't prank your significant other. i think it's just like -- prank nick. [ laughter ] [ speaking in foreign language ] . they're about to live on the edge. there they go. >> the unbelievable bass jumps you've just got to see. plus see why waking this little sleepy head ain't easy. >> can we get up please? >> no. >> that's what i would have said. >> ah.
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2:52 pm
immediately. but looking at this jumping into caves. >> how is it people are not scared of doing this? >> from no epic conversation for a shot a guy on a drone, thought that was cool eyes are full. no. they find a second remarkable location and an old communist headyaur pquarters now abandoned. >> did you see the giant hands? looks like a scene out of "lord of the rings." >> the visual itself is sterning and, stunning the guys are going to climb to the top of that spire. >> and where a villain would live. >> and guys totally soaked with their jumps and shots they're getting. how could you not see every second of this video? it's so fun to watch. the bona fide boys amped up over this video, and rightly so.
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a little privacy, please. ♪ ♪ it's amazing when babies are just going to capture our hearts with their cuteness and awesomeness. this little guy's 3-year-old gracin does not want to get up. he's not a morning person clearly. >> gracin i need you to get up. >> why i -- [ inaudible ]. >> what i would have said. >> gibberishly saying all of these arguments why he should stay in bed. >> i cannot go to school. >> you don't have to go to school. just get in the car. >> don't you wish you could sleep like this? >> i do. >> actually isn't he every morning, too. i totally get you, gracin.
2:54 pm
gracin's fascinated by his dreams apparently. this a little baby fascinated by the gopro camera. the baby seeing technology for the first time. what is this thing i'm looking at? >> everything you hold up to his face is the first time he's seen it! that's the face he makes for everything. the walls! the sky! a finger! >> luckily, there's a lens on this and we capture the face. ♪ this guy's got a bit of a health problem. >> a completely blocked air canal. >> what's in there? what's in there? >> agency lurker that set up camp. >> oh! what is that? >> ah! ststopop i in n fofor r luluncnchh and tap, swipe, and go. chchilili'i's.s. frfresesh h isis h hapappepeniningng n nowow.. yoyou'u'rere w welelcocomeme..'re
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>> da da, da-da-da. coming up for a nap. curling up for a nap.
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♪ a swim in the lake of missouri left this guy with a completely blocked ear canal and a bit of pain. what do you do? go to the doctor? no. web m.d., no. put the phone up to your ear yes. >> i hate this. any ear wax. >> what's in there? what's in there? >> ah! what is that? >> oh! oh my goodness. >> what's in it? >> what's in the ear? >> is it a spider?
2:58 pm
why is it in there. >> that's awesome. >> is it fake? >> we haven't confirmed it but -- >> you jerk. you jerk. you're a jerk. go back to the jerk store. i have a receipt. i'm going to return you. >> well it has on the bottom right-hand corner. the website for a guy named bruce, director/writer at a visual effects master. >> son of a bug in the ear! that's it for us here at "right this minute," everybody. thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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pick a card. any card. all right, now memorize it. show it to everybody. got it? all right, give it back to me. five of hearts. real magic does exist. wow, joey, how do you do it? i can't tell you that. no. ( knocking ) uh, somebody's at the door on the ceiling. no, that's our unbelievably loud upstairs neighbor. why don't you go up there and ask him to just step lightly, please? i have, like five times but the guy is so charming that i go up there to yell and then i end up apologizing to him. oh, that is silly. i'll go up there. i'll tell him to keep it down.


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