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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 9, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> what happens when the fun turns frightening. who is out on the lake shocked to see a deer. >> look at it. >> how they got a tired back to shore. >> a catamaran cruise seems to know what they are doing. >> how does it work. >> they don't know. >> and taking on 10,000 bees. >> this will happen on my face? >> that happens on your bees.
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>> see how he puts the bee in beard. >> that's awful! >> we have videos that take an unexpected turn. this firstge that's grandma behind the cake smiling as everyone sings and celebrates her birthday. the cake lit with sparklers. and then everybody starts spring aerosol string towards grandma. you did see that catch fire and it's on the grandmother's face. >> it's a mistake. it's a celebration thing and there's candles and people don't read the warnings. >> that's the reason why this video is getting such attention. important message to get out. aerosol string can be celebration but the contents are highly flammable so in a situation like this this made this celebration incredibly
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dangerous. they do get the fire out relatively quickly but she had to be taken to the hospital and had some pretty serious burns to her face. she's expected to recover but a dangerous situation that just did not have to be this dangerous. >> the next video also one that takes a strange turn. this is surveillance footage from what looks like a gas station. you see somebody standing by a car, the pump in the gas tank. the person leaning up against the car does this. oh that must not have been their car. this video was creating many questions. was this an act of arson? is that a cigarette that person put in the gas tank? was that intentional. as the fire starts you see the person walk away very calmly as other people come in and try to get this fire under control and do in fact get under control. someone comes in with a fire extinguisher and puts out the flames. people are wondering why. it's not often you go
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fishing with your dad and you catch something cute and cuddly but that's what happened. look what they reeled in. that's a little fawn. look at it. they said they saw it in the middle of the water and decided they probably needed to help it out. they were surprised it wasn't eaten by alligators. >> good thing they were there. >> look who was excited. >> they were able to take it back to shore. >> great fishing friendship inging trip when you catch a deer. >> this is a raccoon. these raccoons are exiting a house. that's a one way trap. once the raccoon leaves they can't go back in. but mommy figured out how because she has four babies inside. she's able to figure out how to
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get back in the one way exit. kind of tumbling thing. she's smart. she figures a way in. she has to lift it up. >> look at that little -- >> did she get the first one? >> i would do this if raccoons did this in my house. >> the second one, third one and fourth one. all four of her babies are out of there. >> the mothering instinct for your right there. incredible. ♪ it's so frustrating, stuck in traffic. always a dummy driver that decides to try this little move here. second car also following the red car. the guy in the vehicle is recording the whole thing. the guy in the black car tries to merge into the lane in front of this guy. this guy -- >> what are you doing? serious, what are you doing? >> the best part there was a
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police officer in an unmarked vehicle that pulled over that original red car. the driver in the black car noticed it decided to try to merge back in before the cop sees him. >> try to box him out. >> the cop is now walking into the lane this guy son. points to the other driver and tells him where to go. >> that's the gadget you want. you, inside now. >> you almost hit me. >> you always think where are the cops. >> here's another incident that doesn't make any sense. this one road rage incident between a driver and cyclist. we have so many road rage videos from motorists. >> this driver was so mad. swearing. the cyclist says the driver bit
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at him. >> he bit me. >> after he appears to spit on this guy he takes off. >> these guys obviously got a mixed up. they start screaming. oh! a bit of a zing. they keep going. somebody wasn't paying attention. >> this second video, we got monster impact. these guys going mountain biking in british columbia. these guys are having a great time as you can hear. >> i'm going to get you. >> stay in your lane. >> he starts moving ahead. he speeds past a slow sign. >> he should have read and absorbed because -- >> whoa!
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>> oh. wow! >> whoa! >> it compress there and his front wheel and he keeps running and catapults down like 20 feet down. >> he's in a tank top. that hurts. >> that's the compression i was talking about yesterday. >> they go down. have a look. he's completely fine. but when you see a slow sign ladies and gentlemen, the lesson is go slow. >> whoa! >> holy smokes. >> jack is putting on one heck of a street show. >> he's got a box and playing a harmonica. >> see how he's making sweet music for a sweeter reason. >> and we hang with the bees but that's not all. >> link is going to grow a be scary gigantic one.
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. this is an automotive journalist. he's driven all kinds of cars and might surprise you but his nissan gets more attention than
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his ferrari. >> i doubt it. >> yeah. >> nissan skyline. >> nissan skyline. >> i've never driven a car in my entire life as my nissan skyline. designee decided to take it out and prove day tension he gets. he went out for three hours on the street and here's the reaction. >> is that a skyline. >> yeah, a skyline. >> that's what i was going to say. he gets over 1,000 horsepower. everybody wanted one. that's one of the reasons why people recognize this car. the gamer generation. i want explains why we had no idea. >> it gives him some attention. >> no no 25 years old. they are legal now. >> really? >> yeah. >> is that legal? >> those people have no idea. the car enthusiasts who recognize for what it is -- [ bleep ] >> i drove one.
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>> oh, yeah. >> it's a lot of fun. i love it. >> and then doug is getting recognized by the readers, the true enthusiasts who recognized doug. >> yeah. >> definitely would catch my attention only because of the fact he's driving. i would think he's a mailman. >> regardless you would still pay attention. i think that's the point. for enthusiasts like me it's neat to see one of these cars. ♪ >> let's see the story about awesome things people are doing like this guy in cambridge.
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he apparently borrowed this homeless man's harmonica a few night's before and now he's back to pay this guy a visit and have some fun. ♪ >> i like the way -- >> beat box and playing the harmonica. >> oh, wow. >> he did this in order to bring people over to this homeless man and get them to give him money. this is all about getting some funds for this man who meant something to jack.
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[ applause ] >> i come to a realization. >> when you are working as an entertainer, le we don't know what tomorrow holds, we don't know what the future holds. >> when this is your job you got to be prepared for the day in which people no longer care to click on your face. >> yeah man. entertainment is a fickle business. you never know where you're going to be from year to year or what they decided to come up with is -- >> the back up plan. >> going out on a journey to find out what other jobs they want to do when the world of entertainment comes to an end. >> they are going for -- >> bee keeping. >> they are going to teach them. >> you can talk to the bees. >> an interesting fact. >> the only thing is they don't like the carbon dioxide on your breath. >> talk without using hair. >> that's hard to talk.
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>> trial kinds of things. try to find the queen. >> there she is. no. it can take a little while. she can be hard to spot. >> where's waldo? >> that could be -- >> bingo. >> did you see that? >> i'm a natural. >> like cutting the honey off. >> don't you want one of us to lay down with our mouth open. >> they want to show link is going to grow a beard. very very scary gigantic one. look what they put around his neck. a wooden box with the queen inside and hang it around his neck and attract the drone. >> i'm petrified. >> he started piling them on with his bare hands. >> then he realizes choking a bad idea because one goes in his mouth. >> spit it out. >> you can see the finished
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beard right here. >> oh, that's awful. >> get them off. >> good question. >> get a leaf blower. >> they stop blowing them off his face. >> definitely got some on his neck. >> 10,000 to 12,000 bees. he only got away with one sting sponsorship i think he's okay. >> that poor little bee died. >> all in the name of entertainment. >> so it looks like we'll continue to be entertainers for the time being. >> he built this. >> what? >> see what's next on "right this minute." >> and still to come this baby is about to impress you. no that baby is not whistling. >> yes 7-month-old. the story special little gabrielle's special talent. >> plus he quit his job. >> and about to embark on a trip
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to high five the world. >> see how he's giving a high five to a global adventure.
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>> craig quit his job so he could travel the globe and he made it through 36 countries and in over a year. as you can see from this video he had one heck of an epic time. >> great movement making this video. >> collectively we all want to be craig lewis, we all want to travel the globe. >> he went to france tanzania sweden turkey usa. you went all over the place. >> giving up the security of a paycheck. he gained freedom. >> we see lots of people travel the world. how many say you don't need to save up a fortune to do that. just get over your fear and just go. >> in a year. >> just over a ar.
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♪ if there's one thing we learned at this job, babies rule the internet. yep. well i have two adorable baby videos. this first one is from brazil. no that baby is not whistling. >> yes. >> 7-month-old gabriel and he is in fact whistling. little gabriel's grandmother likes to whistle and they think he learned it from her. this is unusual for babies.
3:23 pm
>> from whistling to a baby making an adorable face. you can't get enough of these videos. >> i love it when they show dogs and baby. >> this little boy 8 months old, with his very first lemon. great thing about this little boy he doesn't make one sour face he keeps going. >> at the very end we hear him make a noise of disapproval. >> get it away from me until i start drinking beer at 21 then i'll want them again. >> or iced tea. >> iced tea. >> franksters dress up like a bunny to get simple scares. >> instead they get something big. >> why this joke ends with a dramatic twist.
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one, you would spend that anyway. buy this once and that's it. having a ball. >> we've been talking on the show seeing these prank videos and wonder when it would go too far. this is a video that's pulling off a relatively simple prank where they are dressed up like a giant bunny rabbit and jump
3:27 pm
around the corner and scaring people. they are not getting the reaction they are looking for until they get to michael. they say give it a couple of goes. he gets a reaction. the reaction keeps going. suddenly everybody is running across the road. and the next minute or so of the video, they are trying to get help. they are on phone. they are all jumping in the car. as we get to the hospital they ring the doctor. he has some distressing news. >> what? >> michael clearly distressed. in fact starts breaking down. >> now talking about a prank going too far. prank is on michael. >> that's funny. >> as he's sobbing the guy goes hey who's that?
3:28 pm
>> what did you think in that moment you think you killed a man because of a dumb prank? >> all right maybe we pushed it too far. >> the pblem uppi each other and keep upping their own pranks. >> at the end he gets a hug from marty povich. >> he's going through all of this in this stupid bunny suit. that's it for this edition of "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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a restaurant is terrorized by a hooded robber. >> he's armed, he's dangerous. >> the surprise guest who was
3:30 pm
also armed and much more dangerous. my name is daniel and this is my plan. >> he's traveling the country accepting challenges as part of the internet adventure club. see how you can decide what they do and what happens when they swing by rtm. >> third mission isn't just to visit us. we do have a mission for you guys. we do. >> a guy tours his home for the first time since it burned. >> holy [ bleep ]


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