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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 10, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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we need a cleanup on aisle three as two ladies duke it out. >> even though there's a child present. >> how a whole lot of hair pulling sent the shampoo flying. >> this is white trash at this party. >> experience motor pilots follow a river. >> it's like something out of a movie. >> how they found out what you don't see can hurt you. this is what happens as kids say -- >> can we build a roller coaster in the backyard? >> others enjoy the ride. >> the one room in improv is you
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always say yes. >> a dude tells a bald faced lie. >> all the pictures i used were when i had hair on my head. >> he is so not as advertised. >> it's just not like picture looks like at all. >> what's wrong, tell me. >> when a video starts like this -- >> i [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> this is awesome. >> something bad is about to happen. you've got a man creeping through the aisles through the aisles of the store. the woman in the pink shoes riding one of those electronic shopping cars. >> you want it? you want this? you want it [ bleep ]? [ bleep ]. >> this makes me so angry
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because you don't act a fool in the store. >> i'll just watch tearfully. >> this is white trash at its finest. >> oh my gosh. >> i feel bad for this child. i feel so horrible for him. >> come on guys. >> you hear them address actually why they're not getting involved. >> break them up. >> i don't think you can touch them. >> somebody's got to. >> the video ends before we see police arrive. we reached out to police and they did not get back to us by our deadline. >> what was she doing on a cart? >> come on [ bleep ]. >> there should be a special place for our coast guard, out
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in the waters they found these turtles that were caught in the fishing line. this turtle is wrapped around its head. this would have been certain death because they wouldn't feed the way they needed to. >> rapid coincidence it's just luck. >> reminder not to throw your trash in the water, take your fishing line all the stuff that you put in the ocean is a danger to animals. >> after they're done they put the turtles right back in the water, just in time to celebrate world oceans day. >> so awesome, u.s. coast guard. >> not just us but the turtles as well. >> it's awesome to see the rescues. you'll like this one as well. these guys are off to rescue this cat under a bridge. the cat got there because someone actually intentionally threw this cat over the bridge down into the water.
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good samaritan called the great plains spca and the fire department came and one of the rescuers carefully working his way over to where the cat is and once they finally secure it they carefully drag the cat back to shore. >> what an evil person to throw a cat over a bridge but how often that someone saw this and called for help and now i'm sure this cat will end up in a loving home. >> yes, actually because this weekend that cat was adopted. >> ye! we've seen a lot of paramotoring videos these two guys in charlotte are doing it right, flying around forest city in north carolina and they get some really cool views. they have one here with the camera mounted on the canopy as they start pulling off some really cool moves, pull off what looks to be a complete roll. oh, whoa. >> i feel like you can see the curvature of the earth as they're doing this. >> following this river doing
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some close calls with the trees and stuff. incredible. look at that, like something out of a movie. >> not something beginners do. >> even with all the planning and experience in the world things can still go wrong. as they fly down the river everything's fine a nice wide river but as they approach what looks to be this pontoon on the right-hand side the camera is completely thrown off and ends up in the water. watch it again in slow motion. >> was there a line a fishing line something? >> steel cables which was going across but you cannot see in the video, that's what's incredible. he was completely fine. get another look from the canopy camera as he goes over the top. >> why were there steel cables in that area? what in the world? zbhu don't know why. it could be their land maybe moving things from either side. these guys didn't see it and said you got to do this kind of flight you have to check out and see if there's any dangers. like i said the guys were just fine they had an awesome day.
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look at that. i watched every angle myself and can't see the cable. >> you are about to see the sinking of a half million-dollar art installation on purpose, you guys. this is meant to be an underwater art installation but the thing is 150 feet long and nine feet wide. >> what you see is the rabba nui reef in boca raton, florida. someone donated to sink the art installation and divers could go down. some are six feet high some 25 20 feet high. >> this is perfect! >> it is perfect until -- >> no no! don't do this! starts listing. do you see that? >> oh, no! >> it's supposed to sink down but it lists. check out this video from corey
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codington he had a camera up in the sky, as it starts to sink what beautiful waters. manmade riff people can check out. starts listing and sank in less than 11 minutes so some divers did get in the water to check it out taken shattered some of the sculptures they are visible but the steel reinforcement roads pose a hazard to anybody going down there. >> now it's just another wreck dive. >> at the same time it's subjective and a cool story. they can go look at this a half a million dollar mistake. >> the woman who donated therewas there on another boat watching. >> half a million dollars of her money, that sucks. this suv seems just right for some furry hitchhikers. wait there's a cub inside the car. it's a risky plan to send the three crafty bears packing. >> yeah >> and she's showing -- th makeup.
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>> the role of a television reporter is to report the news in the case of alex burkhardt from australia she became the news. outside the courthouse trying to talk to this young lady a supporter of a woman accused of murder for stabbing her ex-boyfriend ex-boyfriend trying to get the story. alex it in the pink on the right. watch wh >> get out of my way. >> she just put a cigarette out on the face of that reporter. sbl look at that wicked grin.
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>> the male friend was really bizarre. the young mother was arrested and charged with public nuisance. hopefully she'll learn her lesson. >> get out of my way. >> the crime storyies continue as we head to russia cctv. two younger guys are bothering and attempting to rob this older gentleman. they're surrounding him and things get violent. bang! are you ready for it? bang! knocks the two guys out cold. they picked the wrong guy, a boxer. the third guy i'm not going to get involved. >> he's like not on my watch. >> i'm here to show you the power of makeup. this lady gets a lot of attention online this past month
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because of this video that she shared nicky has makeup tutorials and a youtube channel dedicated to that. listen to how this begins. >> i notice when i don't wear makeup and hop in the bun and meet people and show them pictures of my videos or whatever looks i have done they tell me that's funny because i don't even look like that girl on the picture. so i'm going to do half my face full on glam going to transform one side of my face and the other side is going to be me. >> she does her foundation and eyebrows her eye shadow then she adds lashes at the very end. in the last month since she posted this video she's gotten more than 6 million views on the video. i think people are mesmerized by the difference and change in her face with the makeup. that guys srk the power of
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makeup. by no means if you have insecurities should you slap makeup on feel better and never be content with your own self. i just want people to know that makeup is fun and there are no rules to makeup and makeup is there for days when you want to look hella good. this is why i love the power of makeup. >> the crime, criminal damage the suspect, mama bear and her two cubs. we start in manitoba. anita woke up and heard honking, big surprise. look at what's on anita's car. that would be mama bear and cub but wait there's a cub inside the car. >> she bears left one of the handles were broken the bear got in the car, somehow closed the door and then tore the insides up and somebody left a gift in the back seat.
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>> what do you do in the situation? you just go nevermind, just close the door and go back inside. >> goldilocks was not here. >> maybe this was the suv that was just right. >> does the bear poop in the woods, no in a chevy. >> he opens the car door so the cub can get out. >> he's opening the door. >> the bear scampers outside and up into a tree. we move over to costroma russia the crime, hit and run. the suspect a flying moose. we got this video from juken. notice on the other side of the road there's a moose coming in for a direct hit. the other car misses it. >> no no no! oh oh it leaps over this white car, hits the ground does a little skid gets back and starts running. a spy movie trailer with a
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twist. >> what? wait wait. >> next "right this minute." and still to come the internet world was fascinated when he built his kids a backyard roller coaster. >> the science of it is interesting. >> that's the key, it's the science and the education behind it. >> now find out how coaster dad is using his science skills to inspire others to think big. >> it happens to be a crazy amount of fun. >> plus the cat that puts on one heck of a balancing act. >> whoa whoa whoa going down on the glass, stop cat, you're making me nervous.
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the fact that his kids learned alongside of him and never imagined all the attention this project would get from people around the world. >> it's fascinating. imagine having a roller coaster in your backyard built by your dad. >> the science of it as well is interesting. >> yes, that's the key holly, it's the science and the education behind it. will wants to nurture that process and inspire many more people so he's gone on to create something called the coaster dad maker space. you want to invite other people to get involved in this idea of physics and learning alongside as you work. most parents would have said that's a great idea but i don't really know. i said yes, because if you say yes to something and you don't know how it's going to end all sorts of possibilities happen. >> here is the beginning of what this coaster dad maker space is going to look like. it's a blank, empty office but the most exciting part the wide open space to create. joining us right this minute to tell us more will pambell.
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>> awesome! >> will tell us about what you hope to see inside the space that you're in right now. >> this is where kids will be able to go to learn not just how to build roller coasters but 3-d printing and laser cutting and how to build robots and fly drones and all sorts of other cool wonderful things. >> this is a huge plan a huge idea. where are you finding the funding for this? >> i spent every spare minute i have every spare dollar i have building these things and teaching these kids and connecting. we'll look for grants and money to build the space. surprisingly enough the thing that is the most precious is time and attention and if we can bring some time and attention to kids they light up and they want to know this stuff. we're doing this to teach s.t.e.m. and s.t.e.a.m. skills because that's what our nation needs and it happens to be a crazy amount of fun. >> are you surprised how one question, dad can you build me a roller coaster led to this huge
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project? >> i wasurprised about the idea of improvization and the one rule in improv you always say yes. if i say let's go to six flags instead that would have been that. but i didn't. since then i've been able to connect with millions of people online. i was at the maker fair in san francisco, connected with thousands of kids and thousands of parents. if you say yes and don't know what is going to happen that is an incredibly good thing. >> most of our pets like to escape. the door opens, the window opens, they're out of there because they want to get out into the big, wide world but if you live on the 17th floor, that makes you a little nervous. this is in shanghai and this family says their cat does this all the time they say their cat has an amazing ability to balance on a fine little pole right there on the balcony. this cat has been doing it since it was a kitten.
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>> gets a red bull sponsorship and maybe a gopro. >> the cat can execute a turn. whoa whoa whoa, going down on the glass, stop it cat, you're making me nervous. >> it's crazy. >> like i'm just teasing. >> this is the first time a cat video has made my hands sweat. >> moving up to the 17th floor and you have a cat check for the cat all the time. if your cat is the landlord you got to pay the rent just slide the money under the door countless minutes of fun. >> so the cat sticks a paw under the door touches the money but can't grab it. the guy moves the $5 bill to where it can get it still having issues. the cat tries and tries. gets two pause and pushes it away. finally the guy has pity on the cat. rvelgs a youtuber is feeling insecure about being bald. he sets up a social experiment. he wants to see how it will
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're silly. >> give me kiss. thank you. >> thank you. >> we all have something we are insecure about. he is really insecure about the fact he lost his hair. >> i set up a dating profile site but all the pictures i used were when i still had hair on my head and i hoped they wouldn't
3:27 pm
mind. >> nice view. >> i was hoping you'd like it. that was thought of. >> wouldn't mind the bald head. i don't know why that would make a difference. >> i am a huge fan of the receding hairline. >> being bald is great when you wear it with confidence. that's the key. >> women like it. >> let's see if the ladies in this video are like the ladies at this table. >> that was my profile picture. >> i think so. >> get a good look at me here. >> you had full hair on your profile. >> what happened to your hair? it's not like what your picture was like at ul. >> i don't look like what i look like. >> they're angry. >> seems to be more they think he lied rather than it's actually his hairline. i can understand that because i don't think anybody said you look terrible or i don't like bald hair unless somebody did. >> well somebody does. >> i'm not really into bald guys or anything. i know that's kind of rude to say but. >> she actually is the only one
3:28 pm
of all the females who leave. >> i wanna be nice so i would say i would probably leave. >> all right, let's go i don't mind. >> can i take these flowers? because i like a nice clean shaved head. >> theyouldn't figure out if he ld on' like bald heads so he created a whole another video he interviewed ladies about what they think about hairlines. if you want to see that video go on our website or check out our mobile app. that is going to do it for us here on "right this minute." we
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two base jumpers try a maneuver that suddenly has them spiraling down to earth. see what went wrong and the rush to fix it with only seconds to spare. a car thief leads cops on a chase. >> that's 120 miles per hour. >> how a police chopper captured the amazing rooftop ending. pranksters saved a diamond heist, but most witnesses -- >> they just looked like oh man, oops i'm not in it. >> see who finally


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