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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 11, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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warriors fans are celebrating a big win on the
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road as the team finally hits its stride in game four of the nba finals. the series is all tied up at two games a piece. and the fans can finally exhale. >> the warriors are going to return after the warriors found their rhythm. the final score 103-92. mark ibanez live on the court in cleveland. after hearing from some of the players we're going to get to them. but first scott reiss. they had a better flow on offense and they put more points on the board. >> more points on the board, always a good thing.
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this was an exciting game. did they ever rise to the occasion. game four both mvp with game faces on. lebron, steph. off the miss, back the other way. livingston. get it to iguodala. warriors up four after one. second quarter scary moment. lebron fouled hard. it was a clean play. it wasn't dirty but he ends up sprawling into a camera. look at the blood on his head. he was dazed. a little kiss from mom made it better. third quarter the cavs come roaring back. dellavedova down and it's a one
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point game. curry a little step giving it up to thompson. curry, step back three. dagger. 33 for curry. he's feeling it. the warriors feeling it. they even up the series at two games a piece. a decidedly different feel tonight than on tuesday? >> yeah, you know the thing is the warriors just don't lose three in a row and they haven't all year and they sure didn't do it tonight. two things going to jump out at you. one the cavs shooting three for 27 from the free throw line and lebron about half his usual average. but the warriors purely energized by andre iguodala. after the game, steve kerr talked a little bit about how he had to try and talk iguodala into a reserve role this year.
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he's been a starting all this year. he's been willing to accept that and he set the tone for the entire season. everyone playing with one goal. 22 points, eight rebounds. clearly the most energized player on the floor for the warriors. and steve kerr talked about the over all big plan for the veteran iguodala. >> our focus is next game we have to win. every play off game is like a precious moment. every possession you know every time out you have to be locked in. you have to pay attention. any adjustments we're just really i think both teams are. just really trying to do whatever we can. we have to win four. >> we tried all season to give andre some rest. kept him 29 minutes a game. 28. we just tried to keep him as fresh as possible.
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he looks great out there. he's been our best player. he guards lebron pretty much every possession he's out there and his offense has been terrific. >> reporter: absolutely and the crowd for the cavs tuesday night. two nights ago loud, delirious, deafening, and today the warriors sent them out early in mass. i heard someone say this is more like warriors basketball. they were passing the ball, moving it in transition. they certainly looked like the team everybody picked to win this series to begin with. it's headed back to oakland. from the q right now in cleveland, ohio. >> mark, thank. we're back to you in a few moments. it was a best of seven series now it's a best of three and the warriors with two of the
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three at home. it's getting good. >> sure looks like they have more life. i know mark has been cheering because his voice is all hoarse. >> i think we're all a little hoarse from cheering in the newsroom. in oakland and around the bay area this is the game that warrior fans didn't want to miss. they packed bars, they packed living rooms and they attended watch parties. everyone knew the stakes were incredibly high all weekend. >> everywhere you went tonight, downtown. people really came out for this and they turned that energy dial up. fans were fired up. some got to see the championship the trophy. it was an incredible night and there were just a lot of people out there really holding on to hope. >> reporter: this night was all
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about high stakes, high hopes. >> oh my gosh. go warriors. i am so excited. >> i think they're bench is going to win this game and win this series. they have far more depth than cleveland. >> and high stress. >> it feels really stressful. but we're warriors, we never give up. it's been hard to watch them lose but it's been great not to see our fans put their heads down. they're keeping the faith. >> reporter: a sea of blue and gold, feeling the energy with every basket. >> energy you can feel it in here it's thick. >> reporter: and along with the lead came a surprise appearance by the warriors cheer leader carrying the ultimate lucky charm. the 1975 nba championship trophy. >> the spirit around oakland is really cool. everybody is coming together
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for the warriors. >> reporter: flags flying in rooftops from fans cars and hanging on buildings and businesses throughout town. >> in oakland we see nothing but flags and people and blue and yellow. >> reporter: golden state fans are drinking it all in. >> liquid courage, beer. >> reporter: another nba title so agonizingly closed. >> it was awesome. it was a great game. down 1-2 to tie it up. you know it's a great thing. >> they won a game, finally. we cut it up. finally it's amazing. fantastic. >> reporter: you can bet after this win tied up, you better bet the warriors are going to be bringing their energy with them. the warriors as we mentioned have home court
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advantage game five at, oracle arena. game six is next tuesday in cleveland. and if it goes to a game seven, the would return to cleveland. people living in a peninsula building came together to protest the system. they have received eviction notices just a few days after the building sold in april. some have gone others have stayed facing an ends of june deadline. supporters say finding an affordable place to live will be tough. >> a lot of these families have gone out and have not been able to find a place. so either they leave the area, we had a family that lived in about a shelter for a year. >> reporter: 30 children live in the building. organizers say they've heard the landlord wants to renovate
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the building and after that they say it is likely rents will go up. new at 10:00, police in palo alto looking for a man who killed a college girl. amber lee is in palo alto with the tactic that offers are using now to try to generate new leads, ambererer here in downtown palo alto the student was shot in the restaurant behind me. a lot of things have changed over the year but one thing has not. there's still no suspect in this case. downtown palo alto is a place where college students, professionals and families are easy to find. >> i always feel really safe in palo alto. ever since i was young i was able to walk around by myself. especially the downtown area. >> reporter: this evening these two sisters are enjoying each other's company along almond
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street. much of like how maria shao was doing with her sister on the early eve hours of may 10, 2001. when she was shot by someone who was standing by her. >> to have a murder like this that is so senseless really stays with us. paramedics transported maria to the hospital with lights and sirens. >> reporter: palo alto police have put this video on their facebook page to try to revive public interest in one of the city's three unsolved homicides. this case has something the others do not. witnesses, up to 20 of them. yet no arrests. >> there was a single shot fired. >> reporter: police say it doesn't appear she was targeted. she was a college student at the academy of art in san francisco aspiring to work in the art industry. she was celebrating her 21st birthday belatedly when she was shot. >> she was just coming into the prime of her life when she was
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killed. >> reporter: she was in front of a cafe, no longer here. replaced by this restaurant. for her sister, the memory of the night remains. she wants justice. >> it would help me heal so we can move forward. >> reporter: they're hoping someone from 14 years ago could help out. >> reporter: for this young woman what happened to chao someone her own age is unsettling. >> someone life's gets cut short. it's shocking. >> reporter: her family is offering a reward for information leading to the person who killed maria chao. >> let's hope this new attention leads to new leads. amber lee in palo alto tonight. amber, thank you. a long running program to raise and release salmon is ordered to leave it home at the edge of the bay. now there's a call for the
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landlord to reconsider. a warm one today. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. highs tomorrow could easily get up there in the triple digits. a shake up at twitter. the changes amidst criticism that twitter isn't growing fast enough.
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a shake up at twitter headquarters today in san francisco. the company's embattled ceo is stepping down amidst criticism that twitter has been slow to
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evolve. ktvu's ken pritchett is live now in the city outside twitter headquarters with more on the reasons behind the move, ken. >> reporter: well if you don't follow this company closely it would be reasonable to assume that twitter is a giant and nothing but a success story. but investors want more. >> perhaps fitting for a company built on micromessaging. the message came in a short and sweet tweet. >> it's a surprise and not a surprise. nobody expected it to happen in today really. but there had been a lot of pressure on the ceo twitter for a very long time. >> reporter: ian sher says that pressure comes in part from wall street. >> twitter can't seem to get going fast enough. >> that twitter is not growing so fast. >> reporter: does that surprise you? >> yeah. a little it. some of my friends use it and their friends use it. >> reporter: the pace is
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slowing as investors eye their competitors. >> there's i chat and snap chat that have become bigger than twitter. >> reporter: most say they use other social media apps. >> i never use twitter. i'm more of an instagram guy at heart. >> instagram, snap chat. >> reporter: twitter is profitable but it must find a way to become more attractive to advertisers. >> if you're not making a lot of money from advertising, and you're not growing too fast. you're not a fast growing company, you're not a sexy fast growing internet company. and that's not a good thing. >> reporter: there won't be any significant changes until a new ceo is named. many investors are upset
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that twitter has not climbed up fast enough. the president of stanford university announced today that he is stepping down but not for another year. in a letter to alumni today john hennessey says next year will be his last year. the board of trustees will now begin looking for a new president. police say they found a car and found several items that had been reported stolen. surveillance video helped provide investigators with a license plate and that helped lead to today's arrest. car burglars in this part of oakland often target tourists and their electronics. >> what i've noticed personally is usually it's tourists from outside of the area. they come in from the airport,
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they stop at local businesses for lunch or grab a coffee and within a short amount of time they usually get their car burglarized. >> the three men arrested today are well known to police and were wanted in connection with multiple burglaries. police also say they're working on how to return those stolen items. and tom vacar tells us what a budget will mean for riders. >> reporter: in passing next year's budget the b.a.r.t. board says it wants to give riders exactly what they want. >> they want better on time performance. more train cars out in service and cleaner stations. this budget seeks to do that. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is in a serious transition period. trying to maintain what it already has but preparing for a future of new cars and expanded routs. so the maintenance shop will soon do a lot of hiring.
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>> what we do is add maintenance shifts in the overnight hours and weekend hours to get the cars out of maintenance and out into service. >> i think that's a great thing. >> reporter: this action alone will put 30 additional existing cars back on the track enough for three long trains. >> that's going to be huge. because during the busiest part of the morning commute you literally cannot get on. there's even, it's even busy like at 10:00 at night. >> it's super crowded in commute times. i think that would make everyone's commute a lot easier. >> there's a lot more trains. it could work out but it could also mean there's a little more congestion. >> reporter: those cars will need more clean up crews. and b.a.r.t. will hire crews not only to sweep the stations but power wash the station. >> a clean environment is a happy environment. it can only help. >> i think that would help and
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i think that would help people realize the organization is really caring about its employees and riders. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. will -- candle stick park is almost gone. the rest has been torn down and cleared away. an outlet mall. homes and a hotel are plannedded for if site with construction starting in 2017. temperatures today were warm. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. take a look. numbers going up. today we warmed up quite a bit. 88 in santa rosa. tomorrow you go to 85. monday was at 106. tomorrow it'll be at 100 degrees. very warm day.
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actually hot day. you see the outline here. there's fog coming in over the city. on this side of the bay bridge there's a bunch of fog shooting through the gap and shooting across to berkeley and albany. you see it here on the forecast model. you can see the fog shooting across. the fog is no is not that deep . the fog is not real dense, it's going to stay right by the coast. temperatures are going to get very warm. you see that already in concord 75 degrees. the marine air not getting inland because of this inversion being formed. what does that mean? it means we were warm.
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68degrees at lump time. partly cloudy by the end of the day. mid-70s in downtown san francisco with temperatures tomorrow in the inland bay valleys perhaps up to 100 degrees. we'll talk about the hot day tomorrow and your weekend. which part of it will still be hot. skeletal remains found in a home in atherton. the investigation now under way to determine air identity. plus the technology that is helping fight crime.
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san francisco police could use some help catching two suspects involved in a robbery and shooting that literally had a gas station worker running for his life. today police chief greg suhr told us we need to get these guys. the suspects walked into the food mart at a shell station on eighth street in the south of market area last month. the video here shows them point a gun at the clerk's face and you can hear them order him to open the safe. but instead the clerk was so frightened he ran out of the door. and one of the gunmen then followed him and fired four or five shots as he was trying to get away. luckily that worker didn't get hit. we're told that clerk has since quit his job. the chief of police in
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salinas demanded his department after the wake of a cell phone video showing the officers beating a man with a baton. the chief says what the video doesn't show is frantic calls to 911 including the mother of the suspect's child. velasco. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: other 911 calls describe a man running, screaming and dragging a woman into traffic. velasco was under the influence of meth. the video only tells part. >> i had an emotional reaction to that video. i don't think anybody could watch it and not have an emotional response. but i've always been on the job
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long enough that i know that's just part of the story. police in atherton got a call saying they remains in front of her home. the homeowner said her father had gotten the bones from the palo alto junior museum. links them to paper work from the museum showing they may be made of human remains and they may be 200 to 300 years old. >> to think these have been laying in the shed or out in someone's yards. 200 year old remains, these really need to be even isn't the. sports goods retailer north
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face scheduled a very -- north face plans to hold these free sessions at fort mason and at&t park once a week. a place in san francisco that we can afford. >> at 10:45, a whole new neighborhood built from the ground up. see what $600,000 will get you. >> up first the hatchery is ousted from its space opt bay. the project that has people rallying the
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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it's become a dispute entangling educators children and politicians. debora villalon is live now in tiburon with why this 40-year- old project could soon come to an end. >> reporter: it's a tradition here. people come to black east pasture to release student raised salmon. salmon that would never make it to the sea other wise. these sanes shaped like salmon are usually red and up in the street alerting the community that it's time for the salmon to swim free. >> we have these little baby salmon and they're adorable in this bucket. you know you're helping the universe because you're helping life. >> reporter: release day after months of care is always exciting. older students raised the chinook from eggs a half foot long. but this pen is broken and unused now.
10:31 pm
the salmon released last week prematurely. part of its equipment from the space. >> we've been trying to get a lease here for many years. from permits to safety concerns, to bad science. as we address each of those concerns, the reasons switch. >> reporter: critics suspect this is the reason. a commercial real estate ad since taken down that suggests the 36-acre property is for sale. the land is part of san francisco state university which does research here. >> it has never been for sale. there was an exploration of leasing opportunities. >> reporter: the students admit the salmon plan has been successful. >> when a new director comes up. i have to look up all the lease agreements on all the tenants and make sure everything is the way it's supposed to be. >> reporter: and safety isn't what it should be. students on the water, not one life vest on. >> the unimaginable happens every day. >> but no one has ever been
10:32 pm
hurt. >> i have no idea. i started in 2014. >> i've had my children on that dock doing that program. >> reporter: congressman jared huffman has written an angry letter asking the president to reverse the eviction. >> this is a dumb decision. it is creating a lot of bad blood toward the university need lessly. let's see if we can't sit down and talk and figure this out. >> they're such an important part of the ecosystem. the fact that they're disappearing is very scary and i want to help. >> reporter: one board member has already resigned as a result of this petition. there's also a petition on they're hoping they're not sunk yet. >> seems very important to the kid. debora villalon tonight in tuburon. tesla is exploring into the
10:33 pm
old solindra plant. it's also expected to create hundreds of new jobs. the electric car company already employs thousands of people in fremont at its auto plant in it old nummi factory. murdoch the ceo of 21 century fox is handing over control of media to his two sons. he said his son james will become ceo and he has son lochland will be an executive chairman. kerry's departure will leave only family members as senior management. this was opening night of the san francisco black film
10:34 pm
festival. the festival has celebrated its 17th year showcasing black film makers. the films this year include a dark comedy about driving while black. there's another film about the late bay area rapper mack gray. >> and there's plenty to do this weekend. >> i'm ken wayne with your weekend watch around the bay area. friday night the gordon lighthood performs. saturday kicks off with women's
10:35 pm
world cup soccer action right here on ktvu fox 2. france takes on columbia in the first game followed by england battling mexico coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. the north beach festival starts its weekend party at washington square park in san francisco with food, drinks, crafts and music at 5:00 a.m. country music star brad pasl ey will be performing in mountain view. the saber cats take on the l.a. kiss at 7:30. and it's the kmel summer jam featuring artist little wayne and others at oracle arena. time 7:30. it's time to close the highway for sunt streets that starts at 11:00 a.m. relive california history at the 53rd annual bare flag celebration in sonoma with -- bear flag celebration in sonoma. paul rogers will perform at
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mountain winery in saratoga the show begins at 70:00. i'm ken wayne and that's your weekend watch. ahead tonight, why drivers may face new restrictions as they try to navigate market street in san francisco. >> affordable new homes in a tight real estate market. we talked about your heat up. we look at your forecast. when is it going to start to cool down. it appears that a breach is much bigger than first thought.
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my name is mary molina and i'm a pipeline engineer for pg&e in the sacramento region. new technology is being used in all facets of the company and what we do. pg&e is employing these technologies as an investment to the system for the long run. we're not just going to roll up and go home because we live here and we work here and we care about the work and we care about doing it right. we all have the same goals to make the system safe and to make the community safe. together, we're building a better california.
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a leader of a government employees union says the hacking of employee information was far greater than the white
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house has acknowledged. the union claims the hackers stole all of the personnel data for every federal employee and every retiree. that includes social security numbers, military records, pay history, pension information and much more. one senator briefed on the incident said it was the chinese but didn't say whether it was the government or individuals. there's now word that the co-pilot accused of crashing a plane into the french alps feared he was going blind. the he saw 41 doctors in five years because he worried about his eyesight and doctors thought he was unfit to fly but couldn't report it because of privacy laws. investigators are now sure he did crash the plane on purpose. big changes may be coming
10:40 pm
to drivers. buses and taxis would be exempt. four of the most dangerous interceptions in the city are on that stretch of market. in fact, in two years there were 162 injury accidents on market street. the transit agency says the no turn plan would divert 30 to 50% of the traffic. drivers say this would cut do -- cut down on traffic. >> the one thing we hear the most is the importance of pedestrian safety. they see the their customers, they see their neighbors. they see their employers if they're an employer. in case you missed it. a big win tonight for the warriors.
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green has choice words about himself. we go back live to leek land for that and more. >> another warm up in our weather. through the weekend and beyond. this is going to be a wonderful new neighborhood in san francisco. in new homes in an area with a polluted past. see what you can buy for $600,000. ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
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thousands of new homes are being built in san francisco as demand for affordable housing in the city is through the roof but this new project is different. it's being built by the old house. >> reporter: this is the first
10:44 pm
home andrea and lyle have ever known. they got in on the ground floor of a shipyard. >> i think it's great. we have a view of the entire skyline. >> reporter: the >> reporter: -- it's a multi million dollars present. >> it's a really attractive price point. the lyles were the first to die into a dark area. >> i didn't support the environmental impact report because i didn't feel confident about what was there in terms of remaining, in terms of come about the in and abouts.
10:45 pm
>> but lenore irving says the contaminants have blood contaminants -- this is going to be a great new neighborhood in san francisco. >> all the construction is also bringing a lot of work to locals. >> you can see what the community can be from the ground up. >> reporter: it'll be another 6,000 housing units and retail and business space. in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. your temperatures warm today. you probably noticed it out there. these are the highs we had around the area today. you got numbers that were in the 80s and well heck there's some low 90s showing up out
10:46 pm
there in antioch and livermore 92. highs as we head into the next couple of days well highs tomorrow certainly going to be warmer. then still very warm on saturday. there's a live camera shot trying too show you the fog there. here's the fog from the satellite. you can see it's squishing through between the gate and what it tells you. kind of getting stuck here behind twin peeks. temperatures will have an opportunity to warm up tomorrow. the current temperatures are up there. you have lots of 70s in the inland bay valley. the forecast for tomorrow morning's fog. there it is. kind of like basically what we just outlined. a lit bit wants to get by down there in free monday. the idea is less fog right at the coast. you see it really go back. dense fog along the coast.
10:47 pm
visibilities might be squashed there but numbers no longer want. winds are going to go slightly offshore. the air will sink. the hot spots at the cost will be mid-60 to 68. 80s right around the bay, mid- 80s then you find your low 100s in the inland bay valley. 101 in vacaville, 101 in brent women. so no too -- not so many. especially right out over the hill. here's the five day forecast as you head closer to your bay area weekend. friday it's a hot day.
10:48 pm
sergeant starts to cool down. how about those warriors -- friday, it's a hot day. starting to cool down. it feels like we saw the real warriors tonight. >> you know we haven't seen them enough i think during the play offs. they've gotten away with it because they're so darn good but tonight they brought their a game. nobody puts curry in the corner. not once had they lost three in a row. this team response. game four in cleveland. guys when do we get solid gold mics here at the station. the dubs wake off off the lebron miss back the other way. shawn livingston to andre iguodala who had 22 points and
10:49 pm
eight rebounds. warriors by four after one. second quarter. lebron fouled hard by andrew bogut. hits his head on the camera. scary sight. he was bloodied, he was dazed. fortunately mom was there to kiss the boo boo and the warriors led by a dozen at the break. third quarter the cavs come roaring back. the game three hero up for james who flushes and then they continue to attack the glass. lentlessly. james drive. misses from inclose. tristan thompson, he misses. lebron got it again. second and thirds chances kept the cavs did this again. thompson with just nine but the warriors are up double digits.
10:50 pm
curry steps back three. got it. the warriors and cavaliers series all tied at two. >> i heard you talking about my voice being a little hoarse. i have to be honest some warrior fans invited us up to the box where i didn't have to be a professional journalist for a while and i could let it go. that's what the team wanted to be. a little exuberance. a little more fire. you can take a look at what the team did today. this is more like the warriors team that we saw during the regular season. they were getting pumped up. and andre iguodala into the starting line up. the definitely bringing major emergency. you can see how excited he gets after some of his made shots and green took a little responsibility for the lack of energy that this team had shown
10:51 pm
in the prior three games in the series. particularly against cleveland. >> we've been soft and it's all my fault. and i wanted to come out here and change that tonight. and i knew in order to do that i had to get out of my own head. i had to be more aggressive and just fight. that's what this comes down to. it's just a street fight. nobody is doing anything dirty but they're battling and we're battling. that's why this series is so exciting. that's all it is. beyond basketball it's just a fight. guys are going at each other and trying to win the finals and i think we were playing regular season hard. i think if we were playing as hard as we were playing the last few games it would have won us 670 games. steve kerr admitted he lied to the media. earlier we had asked him if
10:52 pm
bogut was going to start. he said yeah he'll be starting. someone called him out and he said yeah i flat out lied to you guys. he's a pretty good liar and that's concerning. >> he lied and he doesn't feel one bit bad about it. thanks, safe travels. the a's get one against the rangers. >> and the giants and mets right down to the wire at nyc. a lot of baseball coming back at you. introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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welcome back everybody. the giants need not pack their brooms when they go to new york. they've had exactly one road sweep of the mets in the last 18 years and that was back in 2002. trying to get it done tonight. brandon crawford helping the cause in the sixth. down 3-2. up 4-3. crawford's ninth of the year. he's been the best shortstop in baseball to this point. 4-4 game. michael got just enough of it. curtis granderson scores. that's a walk off hit. the mets win it and they avoid the three game sweep. a's and rangers. 8innings of one hit baseball and got a lot of help from
10:56 pm
billy burns. look at him track down the delano drive. burns not afraid to get dirty. cashmere appreciates. the bats come alive. josh redding a three run home run. the a's get six in their fifth inning. the a's playing better. thank you for joining us tonight. you can always get breaking news on >> thank you for joining us. have a great night. >> good night.
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