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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 12, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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cameras catch a dad with a stroller carrying -- >> a the-month-old boy. >> the shocker when dad hops a train and leaves baby behind. a man stripped down to save a moose calf in a stream. i think the thing is scared to death, a naked man just ran toward it. >> see if the ambush rescue pays off. huge trend in china has people reaching around their back to -- >> see if they can then touch their belly button. >> why some are better at it than others. >> you're 12 inches from your belly button. and a dude pulls a stone cold prank with a bottle of extra hot sauce. how his unsuspecting friend fell
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hook line and drinker. >> you [ bleep ]. >> shocking security footage out of melbourne, australia. you see a 31-year-old man pushing a baby stroller inside that baby stroller a 9-month-old boy. we then see him behaving in an odd way. he starts kicking around some trash that he finds on the ground and then in the reflection of the store just across from a tram we see that 31-year-old man get on that tram leaving the stroller and the baby behind. >> is he the father? >> according to reports this is the father of that child. fortunately, some passers-by see the stroller about ten minutes later and they call police. keep in mind in melbourne, australia, it's wintertime cold outside and this child is alone in this stroller.
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we do see police arrive because the good samaritans called in authorities and the good news is authorities were able to catch up with this man, later that night. they did get him into custody. he was placed under arrest and charged and is expected to appear in court in september. the other good piece of news there was a wallet inside the stroller and in that wallet contained the contact information for the baby's mother. the baby was taken to a local children's hospital for observation. the baby is doing just fine but right now child services working with authorities to make sure that this child gets the best possible care. >> lucky there were a couple of good samaritans. anything can happen in that situation especially with it being winter a little baby like that outside doesn't take long for something terrible to happen. >> right. when animals need help you got to help. this guy in sweden came across this little stream here and saw that the poor little moose calf was stuck. at first he thinks if i scare
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it it will jump out of the water on its own. it doesn't work so this guy decides to take off his clothes and jump in the water to help the little calf out. >> he said it was about 45 degree weather he reaches the calf he tries to push it up he struggled with it a little bit because it can't be easy. >> i think the thing is scared to death, a naked man just ran toward it and grabbed its hoof. >> look at that. nice job, man. >> after a few attempts calf is finally out of the water and you can see it running away he comes back grabs the camera, picks it back up and the calf is off in the distance. >> he put his life in his hands. it's that cold the water must be colder. any little thing could go wrong. he gets hypothermic he dies too. >> anchorage street maintenance true and apd went down this manhole where they found a little duckling and quickly scoop it up and this is the best part of the video, because once
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they look around a little bit, they do find its mama and watch the reunion. it's amazing. >> oh i love these. you hear the chirping back and forth between duckling and mama. >> oh and siblings! >> mom's like there you are, you missed dinnertime. >> there you are, you are grounded mister! completely unreasonable. i have a video coming out of canada going insanely viral. >> [ bleep ]. >> what you're seeing is video of a taxi driver actually in ottawa and all that's happened is he's been asked to move by security because an ambulance is on the way to assist someone inside the shopping center to help get them out. that's all that's been asked. >> [ bleep ] you [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] what you think? i'm not blp. moving nowhere. >> the gentleman he's referring to is the security guy for the area and the two guys on the other side are fellow taxi drivers who are just trying to get this guy to calm down and be reasonable. >> [ bleep ].
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>> i'm sorry, very very sorry. >> he just called that security guard the "n" word. >> after insulting his mother as well. we spoke to the company that owns capital taxi and they said this driver was in the disabled space waiting to pick up a pair of clients with disabilities. the company said they don't condone his actions or conduct in any way and the incident is being investigated. he's been suspended. >> what happened? >> he decides to then start moving off but it's only after he decided that he wanted to insult every single human being around him. >> yeah you mother [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> he needs to go to the beth troutman school of love. >> he's lucky he didn't get punched in the face. credit to the security guard, remained calm, kept doing his job. >> move your car, sir, moof your car. the game of strength and precision, ice hockey what better way to play with lots of
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horsepower? an audi rs3, known for their all wheel drive. can the opponent in red beat the team in blue? it will make the fights more interesting, don't you think? ♪ a little bit of a check, the car shrugs it off no problem. i've never seen cheerleaders at a hockey game before >> never seen a car either. >> fun way to show off your audi rs3 traction. that's all about precision. let's get more precise. >> are those hotdog buns? >> hotdog buns in the jaws of an excavator. he opens up the bun, puts the lettuce inoes and gets the hotdog hotdog. >> wow. i love the intensity in the guy
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operating the machine, right? he's so focused. >> the mustard. >> and onions! and he's not spilling any of it. it's all really going in the bun. >> not a bit. watch this for the grand finale. >> feed a friend. oh this is the greatest video ever! that's pretty cool. that's very impressive. wait this is a commercial for hotdogs? >> it's a commercial for hotdogs at spatoil. >> why isn't a commercial for the tractor? is it a tractor? >> no it's an excavator. there's a new trend sweeping social media. it's called the belly button challenge. the controversial wraparound that's all about measuring up. and it's paul versus -- >> connected to the back of their suv. >> see why the stump clearly
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there's a new social media trend called the belly button challenge. it's exactly what you see here a person who wants to take this challenge has to wrap their arm around their back and see if they can then touch their belly button. it's the number one trending challenge on weibo, china's version of twitter. >> is this supposed to be like a beauty level if you can touch your own belly button you're slim enough? >> yes, that's exactly what it's supposed to measure. if you are able to wrap your arm around your back and touch your belly button you are in good shape. if you can't you have to lose weight. maybe it has nothing to do with
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the size of your waist or length of your arms. >> what if you're extra flexible very limber. >> you're with the experts who say that exact thing. this really isn't a show of whether you're in good shape or not. it's a water of whether your hands are long enough and whether you're flexible enough and that's pretty much it. >> now that we know that who's going to try it? >> i no he that i can't do it. >> it's hard. i can barely get around to like my hip. >> i get close. i'm close. i'm like an inch or so from my belly button. >> i'm actually closer than i expected to get. >> oh, reached the rim. one of the most fun things about summer fireworks. everybody loves fireworks. we'll show you a really cool way to make your own beautiful night show really cheaply. it's called the steel wool firework. >> ooh. >> of course protect your eyes protect everybody else's eyes maybe cover why you have in a hoodie, take a kitchen whisk,
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put it on a string stuff the fine quad zero steel wool inside but you got to make sure you fluff it up. light the steel wool near the top of the whisk, start spinning and spin it faster than you thought you needed to spin it and that's what creates this huge shower of sparks. of course don't do it in a dry area. this video was created on the beach where there was no real threat of sparks capping anything else on fire but it creates a neat beautiful might time display. >> as long as you take precautions and be sensible it's a fun thing to do. >> super if unwhen you shoot it in slow motion. very maingcguyver. nice way to say we had a great day at the beach. a couple of videos people need to add one step to the decision-making matrix. asking one other person with an iq above maybe 80 is this a
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good idea? they want to get the such out of the ground they connected it to the back of their suv and giving it a go. >> hit it. >> oh! shoot! >> what do you think is going to happen if you gun it? >> i feel like i need to tell you i had not seep this video but certain things you can look at and just go -- that's going to happen. this next video though i think you could ask any of my chirp is this a good idea because lexi is in a shopping cart. >> are you sure this is a good idea? >> she asks somebody but evidently that person didn't have an iq of 80. >> no you are kidding me. >> oh my gosh. i wonder how this will turn out. i'm sorry, lexi you know what?
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you get what you get if you do that. ten types of subway riders. >> the stinky guy. >> oh. >> whole track hasin has to smell it. >> that's next "right this minute." and still to come a lion is holding things up on the road. >> i think he's asking for somebody to bring his breakfast. >> hear how he roars to get his way. plus national parks say no base jumping but now -- >> jonathan wants to change that. >> why that rule doesn't fly with the wing suit pro. >> we're self-sufficient. we can take care of ourselves.
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north los angeles county and he noticed something in the roadway, not a puppy, not a dog. >> bear cub? >> that is a bear cub. >> no way! where's mom? >> you're thinking if there's a cub nearby mom is nearby. he said a week before in the same area they had seen mama bear. baby's come out to play. what this baby does is so cute but makes you wonder what it's going to do later. >> what a good day getting bear cub kisses. the guy is like maybe i should just walk away so he's going to ease away from the little bear cub and the bear cup is like i think i might need another lick of this guy. >> thinking i really should have used the honey dew lotion. >> maybe i shouldn't have had that salmon dip for a snack. that happened in the middle of a walkway, a pathway. look what's in the middle of the roadway. this is bordering on the krueger national park in south africa. that would be a full grown male lion it is early in the morning and i think he's asking for
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somebody to bring his breakfast. they said he was calling for his partner, which as you probably say woman, where's my pancake. which one, he probably has a whole pride of them. >> don't hate. this is part of the animal kingdom. >> he needs to evolve. you can't go anywhere until he's ready to go. we love extreme sports one of our favorites, one of the best athletes out there is jonathan flores. his video is different than we're used to seeing because of this message. >> i'm here in beautiful yosemite national park in the heart of the united states of america, the land of the free and i'm going to talk to you guys about the legalities of base jumping in the national parks. yose national park mational parks
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in the united states i've never base jumped in a national park because in the united states of america, base jumping in national parks it is illegal. >> this is a problem for base jumpers because it basically forces them to jump at these locations under subpar conditions. >> so they're doing it illegally or at off hours, things like that? >> yes. >> i know we've seen videos of these guys doing jumps in national parks. >> they are doing it illegally. back in may the sport lost two huge base jumpers, graham hunt and dean potter. >> base jumpers choose to take conditions that are not favorable to be able to perform the activities on what they really love to do. >> jonathan with this video wants to change that and he has started a petition. >> help us by signing this petition to congress to change the law, allowing us to enjoy this beautiful national park and all the national parks of the united states making our activity safer to do. >> so it tell us more about this petition and what he's trying to
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do we have jonathan flores via skype right this minute. tell me what prompted to you get the ball rolling, create this video and start this online petition? >> he want to perform our sports and do it just like everybody else does. we don't have any impact to the environment. we just leave foottrails behind like hikers do and we're self-sufficient. we can take care of ourselves. >> is it the liability causing things to not move forward? >> it's not liability because the most dangerous activity in the park believe it or not, is hiking. they have 30 or 40 people a year that die in the park while just hiking. if they're going to go off liability for us they should prohibit people from hiking. >> once you get all the signatures what happens next? >> we don't know. it's a pretty big road ahead. this is a federal law they're applying to that. base jumping in the states is not illegal but base jumping in national parks is illegal, so we come over here and are creating this awareness and i have challenged the national park services to actually have an
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open debate in front of the cameras, in front of the media and actually for them to tell us why it is illegal for us to do our sport. >> in terms of flying what is your next big stunt? >> tomorrow i'll be leaving the land of the free to go to europe with free base jumpers. dude sets up a spicy prank for his buddy. >> he has two little sodas there and he has gone in prepared. >> see what happens when his unsuspecting friend takes a big swig. >> oh! you [ bleep ].
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r. >> i love you rednecks. chip murveg devours corn.
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>> sometimes the best pranks are really just the easiest to pull off. mugging for the camera with a bottle of extra hot sauce. he's going to prank his buddy george barker. they've been riding around with george and decide to stop at a fast food restaurant. he said i'll go in and get the food for us. they've got two little sodas there and he has gone in prepared. he has some plastic wrap that he fills with the extra hot sauce and then he just ties those bags of hot sauce around the straw and puts that straw into the drink with the lid covering the evidence. >> and ruin a bunch of food with hot sauce,hat's a waste. >> because he has it in the baggie once they take the baggie out they can refresh themselves. >> he's not ruining the soda. >> he was thoughtful about this. >> well no. thoughtful is the wrong word. he thought this through because he puts this bag of hot sauce in his own drink as well just in
9:27 am
case he reaches for his buddy's drink. he reaches for the soda. uts it up to his mouth. >> he takes a big old swing. >> oh, you [ bleep ] [ bleep ]! oh [ bleep ]! >> then just as kurt predicted, his buddy reaches for his soda takes an even bigger swig of the second soda thinking he's going to cool his mouth off. >> you [ bleep ]! god! [ bleep ]! >> his poor friend gets out of the car, starts gagging relentlessly almost vomiting in the parking hot. >> yeah well done. >> the worst part is what the receipt lugs going to be? >> i'm sure we'll see it. that's it for "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time
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all things mobile. all in one place. a bride-to-be is stunned to see her dad, who had been told he was -- >> not well enough to go to his daughter's wedding. >> how the hospital had to plan
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to get him to the church on time. >> whoa! >> a car speeds up because -- >> who the heck knows -- >> who brought it to a sudden halt. when a lost little girl tries to get help this guy offers her his pass. why is not everybody so nice in this social experiment? plus a hard working beard becomes a work of art.


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