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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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a try athlete starts out strong then wipes out in h the race. >> it's all good baby! >> he's having to be air-lifted and having a party this entire time. >> get the story of a true survivor and his go pro video of a lifetime. >> i remember singing don't worry, be happy. >> a turkey hunter spots a bobcat. >> what a beautiful animal. >> why is beautiful and really fast. pranksters say the diamond heist -- >> they just look like oh man. >> see who finally tracks the bad guy and is not happy about it. >> is she done for the night? >> yes, sir. >> not doing this anymore. >> and a guy gets his girlfriend
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in an action movie. what's happening right behind her. >> see why the real action is about to start. >> what? >> what? [ horn blowing ] >> we're going to get some awesome go-pro footage. this is his first attempt at a triathlon. pretty spectacular. this is the triathlon in california taking place on may 31st of this year. he successfully gets through the swim and now on to the bike race. billy is putting his heart into this. right up until about right here. he handed face first on a rock. >> oh! >> ouch! >> can you hear me? we're going to get somebody to come up here buddy. there's your ride out of there brother. >> ooh! >> ouch! he looks terrible. >> woohoo!
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>> he's having to be air-lifted to mission hospital but he's like having a party this entire time while being strapped down on a backboard. >> i've never been in a helicopter. i'm stoked dude. ha-ha. t to look on the bright side. >> heay h wrist, a broken tailbone and get this traumatic brain injury as a result of this fall. >> tell us more about this go-provideo and how he's doing now we have billy from los angeles. >> woo! >> welcome to the show. you're looking better. how are you doing? >> thank you. i'm doing good. i healed up pretty well physically and my head is a little foggy. other than that one step at a time. got to stay positive. >> what do you think when you watch the video? do you look back and are shocked? >> it's all good, baby. >> i look back on the video and
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to be honest the only thing i remember is singing don't worry, be happy. i sang that for about two or three minutes and got the guys to join in. >> some of the other participants in the race stopped their own races to help you. do you know what happened afterwards? >> yeah. i would like to give a shout out to scott fishburn. i did not know him before the race. as you can see in the video the guys and lady that helped me. for them to stop everything. you see the beautiful side of people that are willing to stop and help. >> when do you think you'll get back into the racing thing? >> i have to limit my screen time. i can't get my heart rate up or be alone for about an hour. if i had to guess, about two or three months until i'm back working out. i'll be there next year 100%. i'm going to kick some butt. >> tell us about go fund me page. >> to help pay all the bills. i'm out of work for the next
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three or four weeks. also the transportation through uber and get back next year and kick some butt. >> so sick. first time in a helicopter. >> we got him. >> my house burned down last night and this is going to be the first walk-through of seeing what happened. >> fire is always devastating. this kid is entering his house for the first time after it burped down. >> oh! >> taking a video of it and the shock that you hear it's tough. at first you see some smoke on the walls, some water damage as he starts walking through the kitchen. >> isn't this strange even at the very beginning you still see remnants of the life they were leading. >> us essentially frozen in time. there's a base stand from holding a guitar. some amps. listen to his shock here.
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>> oh [ bleep ]! >> this looks like the living room basically ground zero of the fire where it broke out, the tvs, the couches. >> painful. i feel so bad for this guy. >> a little bit of nervous excitement when he finally sees this. >> ah! >> we have shoes! >> awe! >> the shoes in the closet survived behind the door and he's just so thrilled to see that. >> the closets are fine! >> virginia beach firefighters came across a car fire and then crashed into a fast food restaurant. however, that caught fire and it's not just the vehicle that they're concerned about. the van smashed into a gas meter. there is gas. >> oh no. >> causing more fire. the restaurant suffered major damage. it took the gas company hours to get the leak under control.
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>> just like to cuddle and cats like to pounce. it could be a big cat or little cat. they like to do a combination of both. but this big cat is not about cuddling. the person shooting this video is turkey hunter kevin walter. he is in virginia looking for turkeys. he noticed there was a bobcat nearby. so he decided to break out his camera phone. what you're about to see next is not an attack on him. he says the cat is after his cell phone. he says he was in full camouflage. >> kind of like a bullet from a gurn when it goes. >> like dangling a piece of yarn. instinct takes over. >> the glow from his black phone and the cat thought maybe it's food. >> you got to imagine the cat did not see him in full camo and if he did he wouldn't have pounced like that. >> kevin says he wasn't hurt.
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>> this is a neat trailer which is really cool. [ gunfire ] >> right? >> oh! >> wow. nearly missing the tail of that helicopter. >> so close. he looks beyond into the horizon to thank the universe for having saved her life. watch what's happening behind her. >> wait. this is a special effects movie proposal. >> yes, that's exactly what this is. she's got no idea what's happening happening. watch when she turns around. >> of course it appears as though she says yes and takes
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the ring. >> i got to hand it to her though because she figured it out quickly. i think it would take most people minutes to process. that this is no longer -- >> yes. >> we got it! we got it! >> it's a lovely moment. she's dressed beautifully, too, right? >> yeah she looks great. perfect proposal. you go to a nice dinner. >> she's had her hair and makeup done. this guy thought this one through. >> i like it's short and sweet. ♪ >> she is at a salon getting her beauty on when -- >> her friends decided to paint her a little visit. >> the sweet surprise that leaves her in tears. plus an olympic medallist. >> and today he's going up against his fiercest opponent. a toaster. >> see what pops up if he fails to miss it. itit's's a a n newew f fibiberer s supupplplemement that helps support regularity anand d ininclclududeses b b v vititamaminins s to help convert food to energy.
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world famous cyclist is no
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stranger to competition. he's world champion and an olympic medallist. he's in serious shape and has the scariest legs in the world. today he's going up against his fiercest opponent. a toaster. >> of course. >> want to see if he can toast a piece of bread. >> yeah. >> using nothing but him. connected to the stationary bike connected to the toaster. producing over 700 watts of power to keep the toaster operating and if it drops it will pop up. >> if you pedal this fast you can have bread. >> this isn't the first time this has been done. they brought in all kinds of athletes. here we have a famous skier, coming out the other side. just bread. we also have a champion rower. he went up against the toaster as well. and came out with bread. do we reckon an olympic cyclist
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can make toast? let's see. >> with those legs he can be a hot pocket in a microwave. >> oh my gosh. the way he's moving is so powerful. it's almost not human. >> the bread pops up. what do we reckon the results are. >> i think he toasted the bread. >> all right! >> actually able to make toast. >> feel like you need a more efficient toaster. >> i can't believe how much work it is the toaster there. i know it now. it's crazy. [ bleep ]. >> well you know what actually kind of the point of the video, it's been put together by an academy of dramatic art. they give you some statistics. the whole point is to draw attention to one, the amount of energy we use as humans and two, the amount of energy we can
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actually produce. ♪ >> this is one of the most emotional introductions you will see today. check this out. these guys decided to come and visit their friend lorna who is at the beauty salon. with her usual hair style. she likes purple stuff. while in the salon her friends decided to give her a visit with a special little guy. that's her friend nathan who is about to surprise her with this puppy he just adopted for her. watch her reaction. >> are you going to touch it? >> after you touch it you have to keep it. >> it's yours. >> what? [ laughter ] >> why is she so emotional.
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>> the story behind is it she's a stage 3 breast cancer survivor. >> wow. >> and this is the first time she gets her hair done after having gone through treatment. she's finally getting her hair back. i love this because you think she's hyperventilating over a puppy and you know what they deserve that kind of love and attention. i think this puppy is going to be happy for the rest of his life. >> nathan used to be her roommate. after everything she's gone through was feeling a little lonely and he decided the only thing that makes sense in this situation is to get her a puppy. >> oh. that's a cutie. >> look at the face on that puppy. >> awe. >> so yeah congratulations to both of them. >> the guys from big dog's tv decide to p this man is having trouble offloading his diamonds. >> why wouldn't people call the cops? of course.
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>> and see the jet boat that will leave you saying -- >> ah!
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only pay attention to the track itself but to the hand of this co-navigator to see where he's going. >> 900 horsepower. 20 horsepower. dane jackson apparently never heard the song don't go chasing water falls by tlc. that's all he does. to start, that's where he needs to go. so well i guess i'll just chuck my boat in. >> oh but then what? >> then my paddle. well then me. >> wow, man. >> beautiful lotioncations. huge drop off those waterfalls. he's about to re-enter. the biggest one towards the end. watch this. >> oh my god. >> a dramatic diamond heist in phoenix, arizona was caught on
12:21 pm
camera. really well. >> don't come in! >> as you can see there's the armed robber looping and chased down by security. he's jumping into a van and getting away. you figured out quickly those were the guys from tv pulling off what they're calling the diamond heist prank. but what we're usually seeing is the same prank being pulled over and over again. it's something different. they're telling the story and the pranks go along with it. >> i received the diamonds. >> now they have to try and off-load the die mopds. >> the drop will be made at 4:20 p.m. do not have my money. >> that's quite a thrill. >> freaking out.
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the poor dwalgal is waiting for a bus. this bagman is having trouble off-loading his diamonds. >> i have over 2,000 10 carat diamonds. i got to get rid of these diamonds. man, i can't. >> the bagman is panicking. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> dumps the diamonds and runs. this guy picks them up. this is quite fun. he hasn't off-loaded the diamonds and got the guys their money. repercussions are on their way. >> let's go! >> so now the guys come back. they put a bag over his head kidnap this guy on the streets of phoenix. they quickly carry him over to the van in full view of everyone else. jumping in the van and then the story take as hard left turn because it goes very, very off-script really quick.
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six cop cars and a police helicopter. >> why wouldn't people call the cops? of course. >> c'mon,his is a prankwe talking a chopper and all the officers who probably had real crimes they needed to be solving or real incidents and instead they're working out there. >> okay. >> you guys in the vehicle, people getting taken hostage, it's not normal. >> you done for the night? >> yes, sir. >> or doing this anymore? >> no, sir. >> we're good. >> back singing a new song. >> the video is called i want to touch you. ♪ on your face and your body ♪ >> why this hilarious tune is sure to be a hit. >> ah skbrchlt
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he highest. the only way you can do it is to go up there and try for real. >> i'm declaring this the year of flula borg. he's getting national attention. but now he's got a single and a video. the video is called i want to touch you by fluga featuring ava pearl and milana. ♪ my love ♪ ♪ you are so many meters away ♪ ♪ let's change those meters ♪ >> everything he does is hill
12:27 pm
lours -- hilarious. ♪ i want to touch you on your face and body and heart as well ♪ >> this is the girl from the at&t commercial. >> yes it is. ♪ your body your brains ♪ ♪ touch your heart right now ♪ >> it's the lyric that is set it off. he explains how much of you he wants to touch and he wants to touch a whole lot of somebody. ♪ touch everything ♪ ♪ ankle touch ♪ ♪ shoulder touch ♪ ♪ rear touch ♪ ♪ finger touch ♪ ♪ forehead touches ♪ ♪ brain touch ♪ ♪ heart touch ♪ ♪ touch my heart baby ♪ >> he he gets super artistic. when he says he wants to touch your heart -- >> hold on. this is taking a turn. ♪ i want to ♪
12:28 pm
>> you know what's great to think about as we first learned about him years ago he used to do videos of himself in the car or just in the bed but now he has full-on music videos. to see all of these videos in its glory, go our website and click on today's show or check it out on our mobile app. >> that's it for right this minute. we'll see you next time.
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here celebrating grandma's birthday. >> the cake with sparklers. >> what happens when the fun turns frightening? a deer is in trouble. rescuers brave a spiked fence to help guide this little guy out. see the moment they managed to set him free. it's got the power of a -- >> fuel tractor. almost brand new. >> what happens when it snaps in two. and trouble in the backyard. >> what happened? >> you could hear mom why are you screaming what happened? >> see the surprise that has nash


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