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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 15, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. out on the beach see how it led to a lifetime. it's a touching video about a dad who made a huge impact on his daughter. why the story is one that will stay with you. here it is a truck hauling heavy equipment leads police on a chase. look at all the dust, what happens when it clears and the suspect comes out. >> he's armed. he's armed. >> plus movie's message to
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california about skipping showers and see that guy tied to a pole? how his buddies are taking prarngin' to a whole new level. this video was captured last sumner ma lashia just uploaded when a tropical storm appeared and watch out behind you. just in time to catch them. >> right behind you. hang out in the beach under an umbrella during a storm. >> time to double time. check this video out he got slow motion video that's pretty
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incredible. >> that's incredible. >> some days at work are more interesting than others. aaron morrison this day was quite interesting in the rural woods at alberta, canada. >> a flat tire. >> oh! >> oh my gosh. they're working out and the truck towing a small caterpillar piece of machinery, a royal police mounted.
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>> the vehicle is taking off down the road other people stepping out of the way and officers tried to get out of the vehicle, looks like it's off into the woods and according to aaron morleyson the suspect got away. she claims the suspect was armed. >> he's armed. he's armed. he's armed. >> how weird. he was getting away in a heavy truck carrying heavy machinery. >> reports say that heavy machinery was a stolen piece of equipment and the owner was on scene able to track his stolen equipment because there was a gps locator in it. given an opportunity i'm going to cause a crash. no reports of injuries to officers.
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video just released online is going viral. this is reportedly another video we've seen quite a few of these in recent months in this particular video translations say she is saying "let me go let me go i won't put it on" meaning the head skafb that is a sign of the tribe. are these her own family members? according to reports these are family members of the groom to be. >> oh gosh. this is so hard to watch. the reason we're showing you this video this video is raising questions. experts are wondering why we're seeing influx of so many of the videos in recent times. some experts believe these videos are put out because this is something that is around and
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people are dating who know each other to get married, it's a rule they are staging these bride snatchings in order to marry the person they want to marry. they think it's the proper match. it's speculation. there's no confirmation to that but it's raising a lot of questions. the bride kidnappings do happen but experts believe they happen in a very very small number and the fact that we've seen so many of these raises the question as to whether or not these are actual real bride kidnapping but they are more video proof that the bride kidnapping happened so that the union between the two young people can happen against the will have their families possibly.y're doing it to benefit their two it's one thing but watching someone that they
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love. >> it's kind of like an psa from moby. >> i'm moby and i'm a vegan. that's my personal choice. i also believe it's possible for you meat lovers to enjoy your meat responsibly. water resources in california are at an all-time flow. many factors are to blame including less beef production. one pound of steak has a water footprint of over 1,800 gallons. if you skipped 37 showers that would make up for one quarter pounder. 37 showers in might sound ridiculous but in the face of the historic drought, skip showers, i won't because i don't eat meat. >> moby is a bit of a creative guy so i feel this is a way to grab your attention, get you over to the website which tells you a lot more ways to save
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water. there is another video about the california drought. >> it takes 1800 gallons of water to create one beach you can equalize your footprint skipping 37 hours for a hamburger. >> that's 89 showers 8 or 9 showers for an ounce. >> is it a vegan aggressive joke. >> or a compilation of all of the above at the same time shining a light on what's going on. >> i want to eat meat i want to take care of our planet. i guess you can say i want it all. >> skip showers for beef. >> we did, and so can you. >> there's an injured bird somewhere in the yard. >> that bird is down.
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so spectacular, we've got some cool by the smith sewnial channel check this out, this person arrives as it opens up as the pods dry out, it creates this unbelievable pressure and seeds just explode from the plant itself from that bud, and that way -- >> i was hoping to see it in slow motion. all right. >> it's like little bullets. this happens again.
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>> just the slightest bit of contact will do this. >> kind of like. >> i am going to show you more. >> another dramatic. >> display comes from this the squirting cucumber. >> this takes a little bit ofation. >> anmal will walk by or something like that. >> vibration. >> quite fascinating. >> how many other squirting cucumber cucumbers. >> new plants in every direction. >> a cctv camera in china, this man is being stripped naked in front of a group of people
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traffic light in the middle of a busy intersection and then pelted with eggs flour and all kinds of other stuff while people just watch, laugh and take photos. >> this is like a whoth birthday tradition or something. this is something that's fun and games and not something horrible. >> it's a groom on his wedding day. taken from the car, and then just covered in all of this stuff. this is just a you're getting married. >> they humiliate someone on their wedding day. >> they continue on their way there he is a small sad story as well. five minutes of pranking but as
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you can see, 30 minutes to cleanup for these guys. >> a little bit different than what we're used to seeing from intersections in china. pretty cool. >> behold the wonder of childhood. this little boy maverick wanted to chase that bird down. what i love is look at it. >> is that a bird? >> the bird is maverick is interested in the bird. >> is he under there? there he is look. >> he wanted to get it into a
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bed. >> okay. small, cute. >> show of hands, still awesome. >> this is going to be the first time i'm going to let him go in my own yard because i caught them all, there aren't many left and got to have sympathy. >> this video older but trending. >> released on his own lawn so he could dig a hole. >> let him go here and we'll watch how he digs. >> the poor little thing is like i'm supposed to dig? that's how i evolved? awesome. >> look at that. the homemade water blob. >> and it is freakin' cool. >> see how to make it next "right this minute." and still to come they're the ten people you might meet in the subway of new york. the spoof that's spot on.
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>> i love that person. i want to sit right next to him. >> plus now a high speed longboarder goes from feeling the road to feeling the road.
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soso t theherere's's n no o ststopping you. pepeririodod.. wwhehen n i i hahaveve a an n ececzema flare-up, i start to scratch. the more i s scrcratatch the worse it gets. [[ f fememalale e anannouncer ] gold bond eczema relief cream rrelelieieveves s 5 symptoms of eczema. gogoldld b bonond d rerealally works. do you live in the metro area? >> the subway doesn't have to be new york. the ten people you might meet in the subway of new york. recognize any of these people? sorry, sorry, sorry. the sorry person. constantly excuse me pardon me excuse me sorry. >> then it gets annoying. >> what about the snacker? >> god i want to sit andisten to the crunch licks. >> this person, too kind the stinky guy and you know the people with a little bit -- the snacker isn't just a snacker.
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it's like he brought his entire refrigerator. pda. >> they're keeping love alive. >> the prosthelytizer. >> i've never seen this on a subway everybody offering her a lap to sit on. that's common? >> the musicians, this guy, it's weird. you want to see the entire thing go to, click on today's show or use our mobile app. >> always fun to see people with an amazing skill, mountain biker almost too quick, right there, the same size. we all have that tempation, something's going to go a little
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bit wrong. what a bit of a term. wow. >> over and yes. >> great adjustment. had sliding down. >> i think he would have landed that. >> moving on, this is somebody else with some incredible skills. longboarding going down and really really kind of break and balance and everything going according to plan. >> you probably feel the love right on that long board, you can probably feel every inch of texture of the road. >> he's about to feel all the texture of the road. >> oh!
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>> it started in the military using the technology and then down to us this is kind of where it came from.
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>> what's up? it's chuck again. >> kind of tasty. >> he's going to blend them with scorpion jalapeno, habanero and he also has beer he's going to put into this feisty blend. ♪ >> this is what you would have expected just dealing with the intense heat we can see it turning all kinds of red, sat
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and tear >> oh! >> oh! >> this is fantastic. >> what a beautiful little spice of life video that has a really moving story behind it. >> i'm not sure i like it. >> he is having a conversation with his daughter gracie who apparently just got a less than stellar xwrad on her math final. his older daughter maria is
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behind the camera. >> just getting this on picture. >> you did your very best and did as hard as you could, i'm extremely proud of you. that's the way you grow as people and always know grades are not the most important thing. >> that is such a sweet thing to say. >> beautiful thing to say. >> you're a wonderful girl and i love you. >> this was shot back in 2010 but just posted in honor of the upcoming father's day. this is a beautiful moment about a father who had a huge impact on his daughter. but unfortunately in may of 2014 he passed away after battling pancreatic cancer. his daughters realize this brief moment in time represented what kind of father he really was.
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all he cared about was his daughters grew into intelligent, confident women and such a perfect reminder of how important family really is. even though his time was limited, you can tell that it was a very important life. >> it was important. he took life in his years. >> thank you. >> that's our show everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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a man clings to debris after being carried down a river. see the moment rescuers went in and nearly went under, too. a bull shark circles a fisherman because he's trying to hand feed the bull shark. >> he takes his chances with the kayak. >> when a guy at a party gets angry, see how a 35-year-old mother who had nothing to do with the incident


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