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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 15, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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a bride-to-be is stunned to see her dad, who had been told he was -- >> not well enough to go to his daughter's wedding. >> how the hospital had to plan to get him to the church on time. >> whoa! >> a car speeds up because -- >> who the heck knows -- >> who brought it to a sudden halt. when a lost little girl tries to get help this guy offers her his pass. why is not everybody so nice in
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this social experiment? plus a hard working beard becomes a work of art. and some big burly guys arm wrestle for a tv show. >> i want to see, i don't know. >> walk away mate. >> see why this match was quick and dirty. >> oh! a wedding for a family is a big deal. the bride wants everybody there, mom and dad. this bride's dad came to the wedding and it made her cry. let me tell you the story mind this reunion. that man you see right there in the wheelchair that is andre pearson. he suffers from heart failure. he was at the mayo clinic in rochester, minnesota, and they told him he was not really enough to go to his daughter's wedding. >> how heartbreaking. >> here's the thing, doctors kept watch oef him and realized you know what? we think if we send somebody with him, he should be able to
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attend this wedding. so somebody from the hospital traveled with him from minnesota to california where the wedding was being held. they didn't tell the bride. >> you neve want to upstage the bride but in this case all good. >> he was able to walk her down the aisle. look at the look on her face. she walks away like i cannot believe what i'm seeing. what's wonderful is somebody from the hospital did fly with her father so he could come to the wedding. this was a few days before the wedding, it was held on a saturday but her dad said i'm going to be able to walk you down the aisle. >> are you okay? now you know why we had to change everything? >> as you could see here that's the bride, alexandra, and her dad. >> beautiful. beautiful. >> a positive mental attitude and stuff like that really helps in recovery. i think this was really going to help it. >> everybody gives him applause.
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two completely random incidents caught on video. what happens? who the heck knows. >> [ bleep ] what the -- [ bleep ]. >> oh my god! >> it's almost like the accelerator jammed. we no control. >> yes. >> whoa! [ bleep ] what the [ bleep ]! >> oh my god! >> they crashed into that light post breaks it in half and it crashes over. >> that really does feel like, yeah -- >> mechanical failure. >> he accelerated through, no chance to hit the brake. >> hopefully they made it out okay. now this other incident also kind of doesn't make any sense. >> like it just fell off the jack the back end crops down. >> the guy pulls over to try to help this kid. apparently he's just coming back from celebrating his 21st
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birthday. >> uh-oh. >> we are led to believe that maybe this 21-year-old man has been drinking should definitely not be driving this ca g him options in terms of how to get home public transportation giving him other options other than driving. >> i can't afford to leave the car on the side of the road. >> decides to get in the car and look at this. >> without replacing the wheel. >> without replacing the wheel, decides to just take off on the three wheels he does have. . if you saw a lost child out in public i would hope all of us here would help that child. >> excuse me i lost my mom and i don't know where to find her. i just have nowhere to go. >> this is a social experiment put together a dennis c. tv and you see lovely people who are willing to help this child. >> you have a phone number? >> yes.
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>> what's their phone number? >> the little girl is approaching random strangers asking for help they offer to call her mom. this guy offers her his bus pass. >> thank you. >> here is where it gets hard to watch. >> can you help me call my mother. >> i don't know who your mother is. >> that's lovely. >> the same guy gets worse. >> can you help me find my mother? >> get the [ bleep ] away from me. >> this is the worst of the treatment. other people who are just as dismissive. the guy on the phone completely ignores her, and then does this. >> excuse me, can you please -- >> i'm sorry. >> this little girl takes the approach of sitting up against a wall and she's this little girl sitting there all alone, and look how many people just walk right past. >> she could just be waiting for her parents. like if she's just sitting there, you wouldn't necessarily immediately assume that she's there alone or lost. >> people are just assuming but almost like they're assuming so they don't have to worry about that. >> if i see a kid alone i ask do
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you know where your mom is? >> she finally asks a specific woman for help. >> excuse me can you please help me? >> she stops and makes eye contact with this little girl and then -- >> something's fishy about this kid's approach doesn't look genuine to me. i think her aproep here just opens the door for people to be unsure about what she's asking for. >> i think dennis c. had a message he wanted to get across to the people who watched this video. there's no exercise better for the heart than doing right and helping people. there's a shocking ending to this video if you want to see the entire thing head over to and click on today's show or wap it on our mobile app. things with two wheels inherently unstable. guy practicing his wheelies it's already on two wheels why are you doing it on one?
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pulls the wheelie up gets a little sideways and as he bounces down he's out of balance and holding on to the handlebars for dear life. coming down a large flight of stairs oh! >> the problem is the pylon. >> right. >> that poor guy. >> i love that they just keep having their conversations. there goes another one. >> here we go. >> this next one my favorite of the three from the latest 2015 broscapade the dudes go out in the woods, hang out, do fun, stupid stuff. >> oh! oh, no! >> the first guy is funny. the second guy is hilarious. >> i missed the second guy. i missed him. >> wait what happened. >> not effective.
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>> the ramp finally failed. they said they had many successful jumps into the water this day. i guess the old wood on the old rarp finally just gave way. >> oh. >> basically -- >> yes, the wheel just got caught in it completely went into the woods. >> he'll have the scent all over him. >> she's about to get home when. >> the guy on the back jumps off. >> see how she outsmarts these criminals. >> yeah. >> that was quick thinking. and he memorized the height weight and college or high school of every single nba player. >> wait until you hear how quickly he does it. whwhenen i i'm'm o outut i in n ththe e hohot t sun, i know how to hydrate on the inside. but what about my skin? cocopppperertotonene s spoportrt s sununscreen puts a breathable layer on your skin to help keep it hydrated by holding in natural moisture
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in argentina, motor charos they call the people who stop to grab you and rob you and run away with their stuff. this bike comes by it stops, the guy on the back jumps off, look what the woman does. smart thinking throwing everything over the fence. it led the guy to go away. >> yes. that was really quick thinking. >> he was almost robbed and she's still walking in with a smile on her face kisses and hugs for people.
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you just thwarted a robbery. >> they say back in february this happened in the same place, there's a motorbike and they say there's a disturbance across the street they think something shady was going on then. this woman in sbast poll did not have time to defend herself against this. they say ten minutes before he comes in the store, was looking around the customers and he left. ten minutes later this happened. and then begins to pound her and kick her with his feet. >> oh my gosh stomped on her head. >> according to people with the the store they say he had access to the money that was behind the counter. he could have gotten money. he left with nothing. he just came in attacked this woman and left. but had a good check, but witnesses in the area tell them this man looked similar to a man who was in a bar in the area around the time this happened and they say he was creating a raucous there.
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i'm pretty good at remembering stuff except for the names of any human being i ever made fun of instantly. okay got it, thanks. this is crazy, 25 minutes long. he memorizes the height weight and college or high school of every single nba player. he's got he's put a blind polled on. he just says the name. >> why? >> because he can. >> yes because he can. man, this guy has a brilliant career in any sportscasting that's the hardest thing being a sportscaster remembering all the stats and names for all the players and all of those teams. >> he would be the greatest sportscaster in history. >> ever. >> this is how quickly he does it as well.
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incredible. >> washington state. marco, 6'5" 210 italy. >> gives the information before he's done. it's a full 25 minutes of stuff that i just cannot believe. >> garrett temple 6'4" 195. there you go. >> the internet's favorite on this guy john ulrich is back with a video about breaking up. >> breaking up let's be honest [ bleep ] amazing. finally i can do what have the hell i want whenever the hell i want to. if i want to binge watch "game of thrones" while i eat ice cream that's what i want to do or drink half a bottle of jack daniels and dance around my apartment listening to taylor swift i can do that too. >> you have all of the freedom to do whatever you want but he says stop fronting and get real. >> breaking up sucks.
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you can play it off you're not hurting and pretending this is the time of your life when you and your girlfriend coordinate your halloween costumes each year for the past three years i'm sure you're overcompensating. you want to stop off at the first bar you see. only trouble is you became a little too comfortable in the relationship and can't exactly fit onto the horse at this moment. you're depressed and your consideration skills reverted back to a seventh grade level. you like music, who is your favorite band coachella, music festivals. >> they're so fragile. >> we are not! >> or i can just stalk you on facebook and wonder why the [ bleep ] you're going to dinner with bryan dupuis. bryan with a "y." he's a [ bleep ]. enjoy your din we are a "y." wheel barrows full offing on tans. >> find out the touchy story behind this ride.
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plus a gopro decides to go for a dive. >> good-bye gopro. >> see how the owners managed to bring it back to shore.
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full offing on tan. this is in born crow. one of them is like i can walk. in born yo international animal rescue rescued these orange tabs owned as pets but they got them they freed them and now they are taking them in and now these orangutans now have to relearn how to be what they are. free animals, not pets. and so they need to learn how to climb and eat and do all those things that they do hold hands and look adorable being walked over the bridge. >> they are adorable but it's disturbing they're all piled in there together. i just want to hug them each. >> that's how sad this story is somebody felt they needed to keep these wild animals. that's terribly sad and awesome that these folks are taking the time to reintegrate them and hopefully they have a happy life back in the wild. >> you said frg i wanted to say, well done young man. we learned in other instances some of the animals are not cared for properly.
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that one looked like it knew what it was doing, it got out, running, ready to climb, this he had to chase them down. you knew he was finally free and the good thing is they've got lots of buddies to play with but look at him, so cute. >> oh. english bulldog, bath time. you want to see some cool beard art? >> yes. >> good because at incredibeard they take his beard and wrap it around his neck. >> like a beard combover. >> if he gets much longer he'll make it a combover and go over his head. >> some people can lose the hair on their head grow a beard. >> it's the '80s style pony
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tail. >> it's art, wrapping it around his neck and up to the side and the ends of his beard spread out because what they're going to mimic -- >> these guys do these videos all the time and on their youtube channel they have a ton of cool similar videos. once they finally pinned his beard at the exact place we see that he holds the blow dryer and watch this. >> i see. >> beard humor. >> yes. you're not watching footage from a nature documentary, not test footage from "finding nemo 2." this is somebody's camera bouncing around on the bottom of the ocean getting some pretty cool views. i'll show you what happened in the first place, this dude decided he wanted to go body boarding with his gopro. he does for all of two seconds
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and good-bye gopro. falls off his board. you're watching part of the 17 minutes of footage that's quite cool footage from the bottom of the ocean, a nice look at the reef. you can see the guy swimming around looking for it. you got to think how come we're watching the footage? they were able to go out the next day and find it. >> the next day? >> you have no idea. >> that thing could have rolled around and got nestled under a rock you'd never see it again. i wouldn't have thought to try to go and find it. >> ends up jammed under a rock and overhang i don't know how these guys managed to do it. it's just dedication, they wanted that gopro back. >> it helped that it was so clear. the guy must have had an idea where it was and doesn't look like where it finally landed was too deep. >> they are partaking in an arm wrestling charity match. the guy on the left is a former
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>> dog has a new bff. ♪ okay you ready to go? >> oh! i don't want to see it i don't know. >> walk away mate. >> these are the kinds of videos that make you faint. >> i gave you fair warning. >> this is an arm wrestling charity match going on on the footy show in queensland,'s trail why. ben roth is a former rugby player. the guy on the right is when dal sailor and they have big old arms. >> i'll watch it this time. >> last time it was close. >> push play.
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>> ooh. >> get a grip. ready and go! >> oh! >> wait wait [ bleep ] medical. >> the humerus in his arm broke. i don't think he'll arm wrestle again. i don't think he'll ever even consider it. >> yuck. oh yuck. >> think of all that muscle power together just is enough to wrench somebody's bone. >> he needs to drink more milk. maybe? >> of course wendell sailor who did the breaking he went on twitter and apologized but they said ben is in good spirits, he's asking for a left-handed rematch. >> we'll go to a break, all right, we'll come back of athis. we need an ambulance.
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>> that's our show everybody. we're so glad you joined us and we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." (engines revving) listen up. ready.
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ready. (engines revving) steady. (engines revving) go! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution]
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harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so it is almost summer -- charles: almost officially summer now. i don't care what the calendar has. if you have a party like drake has in his backyard, when i say backyard -- harvey: more like a city. charles: more like a small city. harvey: he invited 500 of his closest friends. how many friends do you have really? charles: i couldn't give away 500 tickets to do anything at the my house. >> actually it was


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