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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 16, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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a man clings to debris after being carried down a river. see the moment rescuers went in and nearly went under, too. a bull shark circles a fisherman because he's trying to hand feed the bull shark. >> he takes his chances with the kayak. >> when a guy at a party gets angry, see how a 35-year-old mother who had nothing to do with the incident ended up getting beaned with a bottle.
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plus why these suspenders could change your shape. and a rare look at snakes being born. they're freaked out. how they slithered into the world, not an egg in sight. >> that's really cool actually. >> dangerous rescue caught on camera in china. man swept away by a fast-moving swollen river and in this moment you see him on some debris in this river. according to reports he was taken down the river almost two miles. >> that must have been the longest jushy of his life. >> and it's only this debris that stopped him. >> what luck. all those people on the side of the river helping, they can't do anything. >> firemen showed up on scene to perform this rescue. they create a pulley system in order to try to get this man
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back. here is the rescuer, they hoisted out through this area of debris on what looks like a small. once the rescuer gets out, he is wearing a life preserver. they hooked the man to the pulley system this is where things get dangerous. there's rope caught on some of the debris and the rescuer and the man get swept underwater. as they get the rescue rope unstuck watch what happens. you see them just get flung into the air. the rescuer and the man were taken to the hospital and currently recovering. >> but they're ally. >> they are alive. >> that was close. right from the beginning this guy on a fishing trip is exciting. >> oh man. is he going to eat it? >> that's a bull shark.
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looks pretty big to me. you're being circled by a bull shark and you are in a kayak. i would not recommend doing this. >> this guy takes his fish that he caught right before seeing the shark and tries to delay it a bit, hoping to fish up and then tried to get himself a better look. >> there was his hand? >> he was trying to hand feed this bull shark to get the attention, puts the smell of blood in the water, it works. >> he'll eat his hand. >> camera dunks below the surface, clearly that shark is so interested. it's not a jai began take boat with a really long haul. they feel comfortable enough to pull this off. >> or is this dude being a dude? probably a little bit of that too. >> the shark comes close to the kayak a few times the fisherman
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agitateing the water trying to get the shark's attention. it's still close by. right there he's as close as the sharks ever come. it never does take the fish from the hands of this frischerman. instead they wind up dropping it in the water. the schork is hungry they get the shark here. >> people don't like others touching their food. >> goes for shocks as well. >> great day and close encounter with a shark. >> unfortunately humans are capable of some vicious attacks and sometimes they're caught on video video. he's trying to roll this manhold this man down looks like there's competition between this man and another man at this hotel. he reaches over and grabs a big bottle of alcohol, throws it across the table.
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35-year-old mother who had nothing to do with this incident that she's trying to get away turns her back to this man and gets hit on the head by the bottle. she goes down to the floor unconscious. this happened at a new year's eve party but the video was just released because this man is not going to serve any jail man. he has to do one minute and 50 hours of community service. he had eight month service suspended for years and ordered to compensate the victim for the assault assault. she eventually did suffer injuries to her head and still has lingering vision and hearing problems because of the injury. the dude from this video also had a count ear tack this is not the only time this house has been vandalized.
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second time thrown against the home and third time several men threw bricks at the house. the man in the home was so distraught he ended up having a heart attack while this was happening, he was taken to the hospital. there's no motive that we know of. police are looking at home and hoping if anyone has some kind of lead. . 0% of the world's snakes lay eggs but this venomous one isn't one of them. you're allowed to see something rare caught on film. awe live birth of a snake and she had more than one. they look instantly deadly. they go after mom like lunch. >> it's really cool actually. i'd feel privileged to see something like that in the wild. that's cool. >> mom doesn't pay attention to the humans because she's got bigger things going on at the
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moment. >> did you count? >> i counted at least four or five of these things. it'sry deep bill but it's live birth. >> it's not common to see a live birth in snakes but it happens in cooler climates. in warmer climates the eggs are kept warm. cooler climate the earth doesn't do that so you're more likely to see a live birth in a cooler climate. >> that's the evolution. this is fascinating. i had no idea snakes did this. >> 35% of snakes do this. they came out weightless, there was no way to spank them on the bottom. >> they freaked out, they used to be in mom's tummy and now they're out. you hear the sound of silence which you don't want to hear. >> see if he manages to nail the landing. and he's a master chef.
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itit w wasas w wororthth i it!t! sasavivingng y youou a a b bunundldlee when you bundle -- nonow,w, t thahat't's s prprogogreressssivive. the other direction and the light turns green here.
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trying to beat the red light that he had just gotten through the intersection crashing into multiple cars. thankfully though even though this was a big truck it didn't appear to be moving very fast. the impacts were not severe. afterwards all of the people getting out of the vehicles milling about and thinking that's just a crummy day. this next video looking very very similar to the one we just watched but i can assure you it is different. the light turns green for the left hand turns. >> i think everyone in the car needs clean pants as well. >> that was a near miss. that's amazing that car did not hit anybody. >> you want to know what wasn't a near miss? the third video, green lights across the board but the traffic imassistantly notices this girl on a bicycle crossing against traffic. >> oh no. >> oh!
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a vehicle coming on the outside lane she popped up immediately, trying to shrug it off. she's not wearing a helmet either. >> what is she doing crossing at the time. >> netflix released what it takes to deliver on your passion of food and culinary arts. you have all of these chefs in that series that are ambitious and passionate and dedicated to their art. >> you got to be impressed by somebody with a dish with one shrimp on it and they call it finished. i need a pound of that stuff. >> this features master chef who is incredibly passionate. >> personally hand crafted each
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one of them. not only that he doesn't just pour his serial into the bowl he watches it very carefully. buys corn flakes with blueberries. >> this i think is just the greatest creation. >> looks like honey mustard. it's peanut butter and raisins. >> mmm. >> is this really the trailer for season two or is this some guy who say huge fan? he can create his own little parody trailer. i think it's genius. >> a few feet left you can hear
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it it whenever he lands in the water. all right, so this is inflated even though it looks deflated if you saw that one turn. >> he lost control, wasn't able to get some lift back and it's completely quiet. not long after getting the video here that sound we've all heard before whatever is he going to do? he's just going to fail. >> you can see his body flying.
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everything goes to plan and check out the landing. >> perfect. >> you got to be a professional because i would have chosen the grass. >> so much wind in that video. nicely done. >> from the streets of san francisco we start with the scene of affection, this dude's wheel turning. >> am i going towards the trash ka? >> see how backing up. and this ladder is out of reach. >> where is the ladder? >> if you can figure it out. next.
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>> the girl in the bikini. >> it's hilarious. >> matt? >> definitely real. >> this video. >> fake. >> i'm going real. >> fake. >> this guy loves baseball and blames it on somebody else. >> why is the camera rolling, it's a dead give away all time. the guy on the bike is like am i really going towards this trash can? >> the fall isn't convincing. oh! >> his foot is already out, totally fake. >> i'm going to go with you. >> i think it's fake because it was real the only reason is the
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girlfriend or boyfriend whatever. >> two reels, real/fake, matt? >> i'll say he's right he's my favorite guy. i'm going to go with him. >> all right, last video. ♪ >> no. >> wait where is the ladder? >> he can't see it? >> he doesn't realize this is happening. that's so great because the guy is trying to reach the first rung and can't reach it and wondering why. >> this is a great prank. >> i'm with you guys and i think the cameraman was far enough past where the girl wouldn't notice them. i'm going with you guys, real.
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>> great video, matt. >> say hi to all of our fans out there on the street of san francisco. >> i get shout outs all the time on the street. >> an armadillo. you know what i love about this video it was submitted by one of our viewers. i love this ninja turtle power on his head and not interested in what mom is doing. >> get out of my business. >> just get out of my business mom. >> leonardo. >> the kid is 4 years old.
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>> think of the paparazzi. >> get out of my business. >> now this video will be gross to people who do not like the fruit durian in southeast asia. apparently it doesn't smell too hot. this baby seems to like it. >> you are not allowed to take it on trains or buses and things like that because it tastes like melon and smells like hell. >> people think it smells kind of like a malted melon but strong note of onions and turpentine. >> the baby would do well in asia. >> bainny has not developed a keen sense of smell yet. she loves every second of this. some people are getting their babies to eat, not here. this mannequin. >> it's alive. wait until you see her move. >> i buy that outfit maybe i could .
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like --
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>> what does dry watermelon. >> mannequin, they got game. >> oh! >> it's not just love or it's a leblg end. she is a dancer pulling off incredible moves like she's some kind of dancing robot mannequin. >> i also wanted to see mannequins come to life. this is the greatest thing ever. >> walking by a shop and this is happening. >> i'd want that outfit. maybe i could do this.
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>> this movie has amazing skills. we go to another. >> that was the lady looking sex sexy. i'm having so much fun. >> this is a commercial for suspenders ladies if you want to get yourself some suspenders suspenders what it's going to do is prevent you from if you bend oef and supposed to prevent the muffin top under your clothes. $15, you too can have a pair of suspenders. >> no thank you. >> while not sold on the technology we can agree it is the greatest commercial of all-time. >> everyone wants to watch this.
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>> that's our show everybody. we'll see for the next edition of "right this minute."
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