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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 17, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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good samaritans rush to the rescue of a flaming suv. >> that's because the driver is trapped inside. >> how a brave bystander put h own life on the line to save the day. store clerks get a visit from a robber so -- >> they try to take this guy down on their own. >> see how these tough ladies turn the and chairs to send them packing. a pug with a beautiful story. >> if you look at his face you realize he doesn't have eyes. >> oh! >> why he's showing the world that justice is blind.
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>> plus a brand new apple watch goes for an accidental dip. and dudes having some ear trouble so a pal's going in. >> it's coming. >> see what happens when they strike gold. >> here it comes. bravery caught on camera in the middle of a terrifying situation. this is in saudi arabia. as soon as the video picks up you see a car in trouble. according to reports, it fell from the bridge just up above and burst into flames. you see that people have run to the rescue. that's because the driver is trapped inside. these people just good samaritans going in trying to help. as everybody is trying to break out these windows a local security guard who happens to be on the scene, he runs right in and puts himself inside that vehicle, putting his own life on the line.
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he drags the driver of that vehicle out of the car to safety. >> wow! just a security guard? >> just a security guard. >> this isn't his job. he's leaping in being a superhero. >> he made it look like easy work which i'm sure it wasn't. the car was on fire. >> hopefully dragging that person out of there didn't cause any other internal damage for that person. but he had no other choice. >> right. they had to get him out because that car was going up in flames. you could be armed. you could be dangerous. but when two older ladies just don't want any of your stuff -- in russia you see that guy come n he grabs the woman behind the counter. it appears he has what is believed to be a knife. you see this lady and her co-worker? they try to take this guy down on their own. that other woman, she falls the floor. wait. blondie is not done. he may have a weapon but so does this lady. she wants to turn the tables on
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him -- or shall i say the chairs? look what she comes out with. she's like you got a knife? i got a chair. she throws the chair at the guy. she doesn't back up. >> i love this. i get the feeling that these women have known each other for a very long time and if you start messing with mildred, forget it. they all goingo attack. >> i like the fact that he left the store after these ladies got to him. these two guys go walking into the convenience store, their faces covered. one has a gun. the guy behind the counter has a bat. guess who wins. >> the gun. >> the guy with the bat. he thinks about it. no. let's get out of here. they both scram. >> did derek jeter start working in a convenience store? that's really the only guy i would honestly fear with a bat if i had a gun. money to get the gun but not the ammo and that's why the bat was
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scary. >> could be. >> sadly, 20 minutes later, according to police they believe the same pair hit another store and were able to get away with cash and cigarettes. the michigan humane society is reminding us that justice is blind, the honorable sabrina johnson and that is mikey, her pet pug. if you look at his face you realize he doesn't have eyes. >> oh! >> you can't really tell because of the puggy wrinkles. >> he was rescued at the michigan huemane society with mange and severe glaucoma. doctors decided it was best to have both eyes removed. later with the help of the michigan pug rescue he found a home with the judge. they do say this has been an interesting relationship. little mikey has had to learn how to do everything by using all of his other senses. you see him here walking down this set of steps like it's no big deal. >> the dog does not behave to be
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blind in any way. it's going about just find. >> it's a beautiful reminder that dogs, even with disabilities are still amazing creatures and deserve a loving home a forever family. so amazing. >> these two brothers have set out to break a world record for tandem flying. >> wait. what? >> they're going to steer mere mt. blanc. and they want to use it as the backdrop to break the ceiling for tandem flying. flying one glider with his buddies, the cameraman and tim flying another glider with his buddy as well. >> i guess it's possible right, as long as the weight is in accordance to the rules of pair gliding? >> they're going to break some rules here. you're right, it is possible. all the weather conditions have to be precise. this epic tv video takes us through what the guys had to do
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to set up. and what it was like once they got up in the air. >> kick our feet along the huge cloud. it feels like euphoria. >> something out of james bond isn't it? >> they get up to a point where they really can't climb any higher. >> the ceiling. can't get any higher. next mountain and this one is working really good. >> they're using the natural sun, heat lift up off those mountain spaces to lift them up. they're not just using the power of the motor behind them. once they get into that updraft, up they go. >> 4,600 meters and break the old record. we continue screaming up this space with the huge wave like they're searching a giant wave. it's 4,800. climb higher higher and higher. >> they not only broke the record. they shattered. 5,066 meters.
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you can see, no oxygen in use here either. >> that's way up there. >> paramotor. >> i'm a little nervous hearing that number. it's an aerial view of -- >> an iceberg collapse. >> the beautifthunusual. >> it kind of looks like cubes of sugar dissolving in coffee. and finding parking in new york city. >> difficult and frustrating. staying alive in game of thrones. >> see the solution to the b proble lolookok a at t ththatat b beaeautiful hotel on tripadvisor wait. whwhy y leleavave e ththe site? don't t yoyou u knknowow ththe e trtripipadadvivisor you've always trusted for reviews, book! nonow w chchececksks o over 200 websites to find the best price? bobookok!! bobookok! ! bobookok!! ♪ ♪ ovoverer 2 20000 s sitites checked to find the best price. soso d donon't't j jusust visit tripadvisor.... bobookok!! tripadvisor.
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on tv online on mobile. it's on "right this minute." this is iceberg alley. you guys are about to watch an iceberg collapse. the person who posted this video says he had a uav, unmanned
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aerial vehicle up in the air when the iceberg collapsed. you could see an aerial view of how beautiful it looks. look at that blue ice just sinking. >> i mean it's summer here. this iceberg is like i guess it's time for me to toss in the towel. >> looks like cubes of sugar dissolving in coffee. >> i was thinking nice big ice cube in a glass of whiskey or something. >> it's kind of cool once it sheered off the side and tilted. the balance was off. to show you just how much of that is under water. it really is just the tip of the iceberg you can see. >> it's absolutely beautiful. it's almost artistic. kind of like watching maybe your kaleidoscope has gone crazy. beautiful footage. something you just don't see every day. ♪ parking in new york city a
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challenge as difficult and frustrating as staying alive in "game of thrones." sure you can try to figure it out for yourself or let your robot overlord park your vehicle for you. dash cam rolling. it sort of robot parks your car for you. he wanted to see what happened inside. >> it's like being in a car wash and seeing what's really going on outside of your car. >> right. >> it is pretty interesting to see. >> they've managed to convert it so they can park cars all the way up the right and the left. they have this mechanism in the middle it whips it around in a 180. >> like a giant vending machine. >> yeah. >> robotic vending, get the snacks bring it down. >> this is tremendously expensive, though. >> i'm just wondering, if they got hacked and messed up where your car was, how long would it take you to find your car in
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there? >> what happens if you park your fiat and you come back out with a lamborghini? >> you say, thank you very much! nick, you'll re to this one. you like your gadgets. >> yeah. >> when you order them online you cannot wait till they arrive in the mail. just ordered an apple watch. it has finally arrived. why would troy not take this opportunity to prank his bro? he coordinated with his mom to find out when exactly his brother was going to get home. then they rigged the box. they took out the actual apple watch and put fruit in there. >> the fruit should have been apples in hindsight. that would have been funnier. >> their brother gets home and they're making him find his watch. it's in here somewhere but you have to find it. you can tell he's super excited. he's giddy. the brother is like i'm going to go find it before you do. when he picks up
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runs to the pool and suddenly -- oh no the box is now in the water. and now water is seeping into the box. he does get it. >> what a fun family to be part of. everybody is in on this. that's great. >> he sets it down. you can tell that the box is pretty wet. >> open it quick. >> i feel really really sick. >> what if it got in the actual box? >> yeah well -- >> and then they do open the box and he realizes that it was just a prank and sees the fruit. >> pretty good idea. >> i just got punked very bad. roxy the monkey is back. why she had us falling out of our chairs on the next "right this minute." and still to come these dudes are out for some fun in the mud. >> that looks like a pathfinder. >> see if they're able to find their path. plus these guys decide to --
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>> try things women do to get some sensitivity. >> how they handle this situation. >> i'm sorry for any woman or man who has ever done this.
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>> as you can see, something is hanging off the front of the car. >> they set out to destroy this thing? >> uh-uh. they set out to have a good time but couldn't drive that thing home. this is a mud bogger. this is an old chevy, i believe. it's about to have quite the adventure. there was a camera inside because the driver and his friend were riding on this adventure. >> oh, you just -- you nailed it! you were right there, buddy. >> you were so close. >> maybe he was tired and wanted to lie down. [ bleep ] are you okay? >> yeah. >> so everybody was okay. they had a good time. oh, my god! >> some surprises can be really mean. but then there are really nice surprise like this one. >> that was evil. >> what is wrong with you? >> this lovely lady that's margaret.
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she has a go pro strapped to her chest. that is roy. they're in tasmania, they're going to go out can a -- kayaking. at least that's what margaret thinks. they're in honeymoon bay. appropriately named. as he points out, hey, wait. what's that just over there? it's a little box. they decide they're going to get out there and investigate. she opens it up and sees there's a little book inside. oh this is a little bit nice. obviously he has planned this one ahead, someone has planted it for him. she's going through it it's saying all these really nice things. will you marry and she wonders what's the next page? me. surprisingly enough he whips out the beauring. you can see the excitement on her face. she immediately says yes. we get this lovely little photo here right there. >> i just love these types of videos where guys try things
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women do. >> i like that the eyelashes match my hair. >> challenging these guys to try on -- >> never thought i would see the day. >> girls wear eyelash extensions? >> mine are beautiful. >> that's not the point! >> feel like it's going to be glamorous. >> the point is for you guys to feel how awful it feels to glu fake eyelashes to your eyelid and try to wear them all day when you blink. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> no amount of understanding will explain why you want to glue stuff to your face. >> it's like an immediate no. no. >> the guys i give them credit. they kind of get it. >> here we go. >> men do have trouble extinguishing between the eyebrow and eyelashes. these are my eyebrows. these are my eyelashes. >> what kind of men do you hang out with? >> well it's a little high. >> it's very high.
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>> do any of them get more of an understanding of the opposite sex? >> yeah they do. >> this is so hard. how does anyone ever wear these? >> they're beginning to understand. >> i feel like girls should be -- >> i look good. check me out. bam! >> he does look good. he did a nice job, actually. >> i have beautiful eyes. i didn't even know. >> well done guys. daily struggle. we appreciate. we've learned more. i empathize. i sympathize. >> dress us in drag all in one day so we can see this is what it feels like to be a woman. okay. >> i don't like it. it feels weird. what could possibly make ollie say this -- >> i like to see things come out of weird places. >> and make me do this? >> it looks like cheese. >> stick around to find out if you dare. cocopppperertotonene s spoportrt s sununscreen puts a breathable layer on your skin to help keep it hydrated by holding in natural moisture whwhilile e prprovovididining g prprotection from harmful uv rays.
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at the end of the video, you can see nothing but chicken carcass and bones. two things are about to get the future treatment. walking dodgeball. this is a new device called the scoot. it's a self balancing little scooter here. stewart edge and a bunch of his friends have gotten their hands on a group of these scoots and they're going to play dodgeball on them. this is one squared. >> feels like an olympic sport, scoot dodgeball. >> exactly. they start around the $700 mark and travel up to approximately 9 something miles per hour go a
9:26 am
total of 15 miles on a charge. relatively short commute, you want to scoot around there you go. >> this makes you want to scoot around in your whole life. >> doesn't it? >> i want to try one of these. i also want to see how long it takes them to fall off a self balancing thing. water fight. ♪ the internet is full of videos like this because of people like ollie pettigrew, who
9:27 am
like to see bodily extractions like this one. >> ooh, it's coming. >> it's very necessary but when it gets impacted you have to clean some of this out. this guy has impacted ear wax. this video going extremely viral because of people like ollie pettigrew. blamed him for this video. check this out. >> you're doing really good. >> she hates ear>> i hate ear wax. >> one thing she hates more than anything in the world. >> ear wax and snot. she tries not once not twice, not three times to pull this out. it's the fourth time that's the charm. >> oh! >> oh! >> dang dude. >> that's impressive. >> holy mackerel! >> the inner ear. how did she pull it out? sfwh i think he forgot to clean his ears out. he needs one of those candles. >> it looks like a giant sort
9:28 am
of -- >> watch t here it comes. did you see all the hair that come out with it? >> i'll wait till she's finished. >> if you have a stronger constitution than beth troutman and want to see this uninterrupted go to right this or if you dare check it out on our mobile app. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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a couple makes a mad dash. >> oh! oh! >> holy cow! >> see why they're lucky to be alive. this is no accident. it's intentional. the industrial-sized robbery that made witnesses unload. a man returns to his climbing roots. >> oh, my gosh! >> see if he could make his way up a massive redwood tree all in the name of science. plus a moose suddenly charges a man out for a run. >> you do not want to be


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