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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 18, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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a couple makes a mad dash. >> oh! oh! >> holy cow! >> see why they're lucky to be alive. this is no accident. it's intentional. the industrial-sized robbery that made witnesses unload. a man returns to his climbing roots. >> oh, my gosh! >> see if he could make his way up a massive redwood tree all in the name of science. plus a moose suddenly charges a man out for a run. >> you do not want to be rammed
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by a moose. and guys hit on a girl with a boyfriend. >> even though i'm lying and have a fiance? >> yeah. >> see a social experiment with a not-so-surprising result. these videos prove that things can turn ugly very quickly on the road. this first is a dash cam in russia. suddenly there's a car going off the road. but the cars in front of us keep going. suddenly this happens. >> whoa. whoa! >> holy cow! >> yeah. for some ungodly reason those people decided that road in that exact spot was a great place to cross the very busy freeway. and they almost got hit by all of these vehicles. amazingly, those three vehicles and probably the first one we saw, miss them completely. >> did i notice a small child? >> no. if you slow it down right here you see two adults and the lady
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appears to be holding a shopping bag which at quick glance does maybe look like a child. fortunately there was no child involved. nobody was hit and everybody made it out okay. that was a very close call just like this other incident caught on a dash cam much keep an eye on this little girl right here. >> no. >> on other side of the truck. doesn't see the white vehicle right in front of us. decides to run across the street. >> oh, man. >> yes. that was close. she runs across the street. sees the car, stops, falls to the ground and it looks like the car hits her just a little bit. but she does get up. she crawls off the road. she's crying. fortunately, there are other people who come to her aid. fortunately, it looks like everybody made it out okay. it's a beautiful day at the market in belarus. let's check in and see what's going on at the vegetable stand. we have a woman behind the counter being awfully friendly
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with all the customers talking to them. her job? to wave. >> vegetables fruits. let's watch her do that. did you watch that move right there? >> are you kidding me? a little weighted bag on the back of the scale to add. >> it's a potato in a bag. she is using that potato in the bag to add more weight. the people buying the vegetables because they are buying by weight. so she's cheating them out of their money. i have more than one video showcasing this behavior. this video was captured by another person there working the market noticed it and got this angle of this woman happily chatting up the customers and then just dragging that little potato of the table, causing the weight of the vegetables on that scale to get heavier and then she's overcharging all of these customers who are there at what is basically a farmer's market and they trust her. >> day after day, customer after
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customer. you have to imagine those pennies add up. >> yeah. >> this is a total scheme! >> the potato is heavy. >> you hear of the whole finger on the scale. fingerling? an accident. that is not construction. that is not a remodel. this is a smash and grab of epic proportions. at least three robbers using a piece of industrial moving equipment to bust into the front of this stockholm, sweden pawn shop. pawn shop broad daylight on a saturday afternoon. lots of people nearby witnessing this crazy scene. and multiple videos posted of this entire thing. in a different video, you'll see all the other people looking on and these pink smoke bombs going off. i'm assuming that the robbers set those off to try to conceal what they were up to. >> i don't think you can try to conceal what you're up to with
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pink smoke bombs when you're driving a giant piece of industrial equipment into a building. >> yeah it does seem to be drawing more attention and not quite cover inging up what they're doing. but were able to smash through the front of this store with that machine. they were able to come out with at least one bag of loot. witnesses also describe the robbers having something that appeared to be a machine gun. but that doesn't stop the witnesses from charging after these guys. watch this. sounds like all the people sitting there watching for a moment chose to mob these guys. all run down the street screaming at them throwing things. >> this is crazy. >> isn't that nuts? sadly, it didn't work. the video is shaky. if you watch closely, those suspects got away in a dark-colored suv. this is the first time that this type of robbery has happened in the last several weeks. it's happened multiple times.
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police are wondering if all these robberies are will related. not long ago in a galaxy really really close to this one, forest moon of endor. you may know of it as california. >> it's taken me -- >> as you can see, he's quite the accomplished climber. he's climbed all over the world. giant redwoods and just be one with nature. then he started seeing the trees differently. >> i started longing up and seeing more than just trees. i can see vines that would be amazing to climb on. >> that makes perfect sense. especially those trees are gigantic. >> chris decided, yeah with the help of a couple of scientists anthony and wendy, he was going to make it a mission to see if he could free climb one of these redwoods. >> he is using a rope for safety in the event that he falls but he's climbing with his bare hands and climbing shoe.
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>> the bark on these trees might just crumble or collapse. >> they're huge like the size of his hand. this is no tiny little tree. it's pretty incredible to see him climbing and even more impressive when you hear how high it is. >> 77.05. >> 77 meters or 252 feet. >> wow, what a great idea for climbing. >> he's not just doing this for the challenge. he's actually going out there, helping anthony and wendy. they're trying to do some studies and investigate the effect of the drought going on in california right now, the effect that it's having on the redwood. >> data would show that this tree is under stress right now. >> to come here and climb these trees, at the same time it was super humbling. >> if you want to see the entire thing head on over to right this click on today's show or use our mobile app. ♪
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i couldn't let you get through the rest of the day without some of these videos. >> i cannot believe what i'm seeing right now. >> he has been dying to see moose since he has been in alaska. he says here's the first moose that cory saw. luckily, there is a pane of glass in between them. >> such an experience. >> this moose came up to his window. the issue was, he had just let his dog penny out and suddenly saw the moose outside the window and thought this dog is going to
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be in a lot of trouble. turns out the dog is just hanging out with the moose. this wasn't the only moose. look at this. >> these aren't the first moose i've seen today. >> oh, hello. >> little moose babies. this is what you get when you move to alaska. >> i've seen a lot of moose. >> you have to love cory for just getting it on camera putting it out there for all of us who don't get to see a moose outside our window every day. this video from norway shows you just how exciting a moose encounter can be. exciting or terrifying. you choose your words. the reason this guy should be worried, what we don't see is there's a moose calf off in the distance. we know you do not upset mama moose. >> oh! >> you see our guy behind the camera? john t. peterson. he hides behind a tree. that works. >> you do not want to be rammed by a moose. that would hurt.
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it's a bit hard to make out what's going on in this video. car s cars going left, right and appeari to try to get around this mounty in the middle of the intersection. there's more to this video than meets the eye as he starts directing traffic. well it's quite clearly not his job. he's just there, wearing a t-shirt, jeans and flip-flops. >> he doesn't seem to be very effect g to him. they think he's a crazy guy in the middle of the intersection. >> he's actually a good samaritan. what happened in the busy intersection all the traffic lights were out. he decided to get out there. after 45 minutes of no police no assistance he decided to go out and start directing traffic himself. >> put on an orange t-shirt or something. he's not really visible. >> unless you have an actual uniform you're not going to look official. i can see why people are thinking he's just a crazy guy.
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they're not exactly paying attention to him. >> he's doing a pretty good job. because of how much chaos there was in the beginning. at least now it's a little bit less chaotic. after a couple of minutes look who actually shows up? >> finally. >> they're probably thinking we've got to get this guy out of the street before he gets run over. >> highly reflected jacket as you recommend with his nice hat and mini light saber decides to come out, starts directing the traffic. he shakes the guy's hand says thank you very much. >> see, look. it doesn't take a whole lot to do something good for your fellow man. just something like that made a difference. ladies and gentlemen, i give you the australian male version of -- >> beth troutman. >> this is mark thomas in ice land about to try one of their national dishes. it's called pecarle. that would be fermented shark. >> it's been buried in the ground six months.
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>> he's a gagger isn't he? >> is that' dill cassie? >> it's a national dish. a lot of people like it. first the smell. >> smells like cat. >> now the taste. [ bleep ]. >> whoa! >> didn't take him long. >> basically that's right. >> funny. i thought it was just you i found funny but i guess i like people gagging. it's just funny. >> it keeps going. >> this is my actual real first experience with an extended version. >> it is funny. >> that is disgusting. >> i looked online to check other people testing it out. they all pretty much gagged too. >> really? >> watching it i can't even imagine what that must taib taste like. i can't get it in my head to
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make myself sick. >> if you had got it in your head you would be gagging. >> right. >> this car, clever attempt at trying to put this fire out. a thing or two they should know. >> they take turns reading the clues. >> treasure hunt that reveals a sprprise.
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have you ever seen one of those cars that looks fast and hot, just sitting there? >> yeah. >> usually like a super car or something? >> that one's smoking hot. >> super hot car. too hot to handle. it is a big old barbecue front end of the car roasting away. you see over to the right the owner and bystander really trying. little bitty hose. >> squirting with a two-liter? >> not making a spit of difference. a pressure washer that they're trying to hook up. and maybe. >> i think it's probably a bit too late to rescue that car. >> once firefighters got on scene they realize, yeah it's a goner. they get the fire under control in a few minutes. that car was a total write-off. this guy has himself a 2006
3:50 pm
kawasaki large bike that in this case has been highly modified to do high-speed runs. built to go straight and fast. about 23 seconds after he begins his run, he sees something go down. there's smoke. there's fluid on the windshield. starts to slow down. that happened at 247 miles per hour. >> ooh! >> time to slow down. >> he does slow down. he does get off to the right of the track. ditches the bike. now you just watch this thing go up in flames. >> ooh! >> yeah. the windshield is even melting. the bike did not survive. the rider was fine. t.d. loves harper. ♪
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>> now the game that we're going to play -- >> time for a little surprise announcement. the ones being surprised? these adorable little girls. bralen two is briley. three is kylen. >> i'm going to give you a clue. >> it's a scavenger hunt surprise. >> finding the first clue. look for it where you get something sweet. >> all right. let's go find it. >> going all over the house, mom with the camera has hidden clues everywhere. first, the kitchen. >> good job. all right. now this one is for you, bradley. >> if he can get a clue to rd in each of the locations around the house. >> now go look for the clues
3:52 pm
where you lay your head. >> all the clues rhyme, they're going all over the house together. what could the surprise possibly be? >> disney or a new sibling. >> a puppy. >> let's see. here is the final clue. >> you have finally made it to the clue on the door. we have something to tell you more exciting than before. your surprise is -- >> right from the front. >> cool. >> what do you think that means? >> a baby. >> guess what. >> oh, there's a baby coming. >> there's a baby on the way. and they figured out -- their sweet reaction. >> we're going to have a baby. >> yea. >> ooh. a social experiment raises a lot of questions. >> am i supposed to think these dudes are crumby? >> see if the problem is in the execution or expectation. >> i get your number? whwhenen i i'm'm o outut i in n ththe e hohot t sun, i know how to hydrate on the inside. but what about my skin? cocopppperertotonene s spoportrt s sununscreen puts a breathable layer on your skin to help keep it hydrated by holding
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amazing. >> that is next to the forest. didn't have very far to go to get back to its nest.
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♪ here we go with another social experiment. this one by doc taylor lindt in venice beach, california. >> i have my friend lauren who will be my girlfriend today. we're going to go test out some guys. let's see if they will still give her their number knowing she has a boyfriend. >> seems like a simple setup. >> watch the execution. >> my boyfriend is going to be gone this weekend. he doesn't care about that stuff. >> oh, yeah. [ bleep ]. >> do you know where the bathrooms are around here?
3:57 pm
i need to go real quick. >> he's cool. yeah. you know it's not really like cheating i don't think. it's not emotional. it's more physical you know. >> can i get your number? >> yeah can i get your number? >> am i supposed to think these dudes are crumby for asking for the number? >> yeah. >> i don't. i think she's kind of crumby. >> she's being a crummy girlfriend and they're being opportunistic dudes. >> they're saying you're a bit of a crummy person and a bit of a liar. >> they actually put an engagement ring on her for that one. [ bleep ]. >> his work. >> that is crazy. used to lying. >> yeah. >> i'm disappointed. >> he does call her out on it. you're thinking this guy is going to put her in her place, right? >> not at all. >> do you want to hang out with
3:58 pm
me? >> i would hang out with you for sure. >> even though i'm lying and have a fiance? >> yeah. that sounds super exciting. >> she's a bad girl. intrigued by the bad girl. >> right. at least he knows that she's crummy to begin with in the beginning. >> people meet you at the level you approach them with. if you start out as a liar you're going to attract a lot of liars in your life. this is the way the world works. that's it for our show. so glad you joined us. see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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the ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> massacre inside a place of peace, a church, 9 people gunned down. >> we don't have all the facts but once again innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. >> good evening -- hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> tonight that attack is being investigated as a hate crime. here is what we know. the 21 suspect has


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