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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 21, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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very steep, very intense climb. >> see what happens when things start to get a little rocky. >> ahj. >> oh! >> cameras capture dad with a strolling carrying -- >> a 9-month-old boy. >> when dad leaves baby behind. >> it's thirsty. >> see the moment it meets something that's hungry. and dude is having some ear trouble so a pal is going in. what happens when they strike gold. >> here it comes. ah!
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>> for all you adventure lovers this video has to be exciting. this guy is climbing at odyssey in greece. it is a grade 7-b climb. very steep. very intense climb. watch this guy go. he's trying to find the right hand holds and foot placements. you can see he's tethered to a line and good until right about here. >> oh! >> oh oh he hit so hard. >> he loses his grip and falls crashing against the side of the wall. you're thinking this guy must have broken his skull open. cracked his head. cracked his neck. believe it or not even though the impact looks this severe all he broke was his thumb. >> you're kidding? ouch. >> do you see the burst of like
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dust when he hits the wall. you can get an idea of how hard he hits it. >> i wonder what happened there. >> once you get past that point you're going to have a bit of length of rope. it catches under his right leg which forces him to flip upside down. >> and he hit the wall with his back. it sounds like he may have broken a rib. but considering the impact and how horrible it looks, he was taken to the hospital and in an x-ray you can see his injury. he was bandaged up and he goes back on to the rock for a little bit but isn't able to seriously climb anymore. >> yeah because you kind of need that thumb. >> yeah. so he ends up just booking an early flight home and here you see him waving goodbye to his buddies because he's on his way back home to scotland. >> thumbs up for a good video. >> beware what's lurking in the water because it might try to
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eat you or something else. let's start in the south national park. what you have here by this watering hole is a wart hog. it's thirsty. it needs something to drink. >> wouldn't that be so awful. if we went to water fountains and a crocodile shot out of the drain. >> how thirsty are you? >> right. >> whoa. >> that crocodile will have to find a meal somewhere else. >> do you think it's the same crocodile that failed both times and starting to think am i getting old. >> now let's jump over to where there's a wallby in the water. the dogs have been barking at it and the wallby getsed up. into the water. the dog is wait a minute oh that's my buddy, don't do that. watch him try to take out the
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black dog. >> enough of you, be quiet! >> looks like he's trying to drowned the dog and finally the dog is able to break free. >> sit. >> that dog goes to the other side and watch. the wallby gets out of the water and so does the dog and that's when the video ends. >> that is not an accident. that is not construction. that is not a remodel. this is a smash and grab of epic proportions. at least three robbers using a piece of industrial moving equipment to bust into the front of this sweden pawn shop. in broad daylight on a saturday afternoon. lots of people nearby witnessing this crazy scene. >> police, police. >> and multiple videos posted. in a different video you'll see all the other people looking on and these pink smoke bombs going
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off. i'm assuming the robbers set those off to try and conceal what they were up to. >> i don't think you could try to conceal what you're up to when you're driving a giant piece of industrial equipment into a building. >> it seems to be drawing more attention but they were able to smash through the front of this store with that machine. they were able to come out with at least one bag of loot. witnesses described the robbers having a machine gun but that doesn't stop the witnesses from charging after these guys. watch this. oh! >> sounds like all the people that were sitting there watching for a moment chose to mob these guys all running down the street screaming at them and throwing things. >> this is crazy. >> sadly it didn't work. if you watch closely the suspects got away in a dark-colored suv. some reports say this isn't the
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first time this type of robbery has happened in the last several weeks. it's happened multiple times and police are wondering if they're related. ♪ >> not too long ago in a galaxy really really close to this one, chris heads to the forest and what you may know as california. >> when i got into climbing. it's taken me all over the world. >> as you can see, chris is quite the accomplished climber. he's climbed all over the world. going around the giant red woods and being one with nature but then started seeing the trees differently. >> i started looking up and seeing more than just trees, actually seeing mountains that would be amazing to climb on. >> that makes sense especially because those trees are gigantic. >> chris decided with the help of a couple of scientists he was
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going to make it a mission to see if he can could free climb one of these redwoods. he's climbing with his bare hands and climbing shoes. >> the bark on these trees i would think might just crumble or collapse. >> they're huge. this is no tienly little tree. it's impressive when you hear how high it is. >> 77 meters or 250 feet. >> what a great idea for climbing. >> he's not just doing it for the capital. he's going out there helping them. they're trying to investigate the effect of the drought that we all know is going on in california right now. the effect it's having on the redwoods. >> this tree was not particularly stressed right now. >> it was huge to come here and climb these stress and at the same time was super humbling.
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like us on this minute stay in touch all day long. back to the show. >> talking security footage coming out of australia. you see a 31-year-old man pushing a baby stroller. inside is a 9-month-old boy. we then see him behaving in a odd way. he starts kicking around trash he finds on the ground and then in the reflection of the store just across from a tran we see the 31-year-old get on that tram leaving the stroller and the baby behind. >> is he the father? >> according to reports this is the father of that child. fortunately some passersby see the stroller ten minutes later and call police. keep in mind it's wintertime
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there now. it's cold outside and this child is alone in this stroller. we do see police arrive because those good samaritans called authorities and they were able to catch up with this man later that night. they did get him into custody. he was placed under arrest and is expected to appear in court in september. the other good piece of news there was a wallet inside the stroller and in that wallet contained the contact information for the baby's mother. now the baby was taken to a local children's hospital and is doing just fine. but right now child services working with authorities to make sure this child gets the best possible care. >> so lucky there were a couple good samaritans especially with it being winter as well. it doesn't take long for something terrible to happen. >> right. >> some days it's just easier to be a fisherman from hong kong
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where this phenomena happened. the water just boiling with tens of thousands of small bait fish like herring, sardine style fish just coming to the shore and erupting from the water. if you go home fishless well things are off. >> this is not completely uncommon. it's been seen before and nothing to think that it's totally weird here. >> if you love sardines do you pick one up and pop it in your mouth. doesn't get any fresher than this and if it's salt water it's already pickled. >> there's viral video, the south plat river in nebraska. check this died out on a canoe doesn't even need a fishing pole. >> wow. >> what is happening? >> this is so -- what are they
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doing? >> some theories are these are an invasive type of species of fish called the asian carp and known to be frightened by boats. he had lepaddles in and the fish freak out. sadly, they are not edible. they're just carp basically. and they're not good for eating. >> jeeps when modified properly are amazing. you won't believe what this jeep can do. >> that's a woman. >> you're right that is a woman and very soon you will see the jeep. >> oh. did not. see that one hmm coming. >> that's quite the mountain climber. >> how does it get back down? >> reverse. [ laughter ] >> i don't understand. >> this isn't the only video.
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this was posted on instagram and it's a thing. >> it's a thing? >> it's a thing. >> oh wait. this isn't going to work. >> this time it looks like she's on the beach. >> oh it's a thing for her. >> it's a thing. >> no. no. don't run over your girlfriend with a jeep. >> this is weird. >> yeah but oddly fascinating to watch. >> of course for you guys. >> i love cars and jeeps. >> and you love mountains. >> there's four. >> and she clearly is very into yoga and maybe she's into jeeps too. who knows. in her instagram they are both featured quite frequently in a variety of different yoga poses. >> are they really pose? >> they are actually and very difficult to get into. >> she's talented. >> she is talented. that one in particular is my favorite.
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>> i want you girls to know i'm very proud of you. >> it's a touching video about a dad who had a huge impact on his daughters. why this story is one that will stay with you. and dudes are ready to take on the ramp at this -- >> broscapade. >> see how things go from fun to fail. >> oh. >> oh. [ laughter ] i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknklelerr and i know there are many mymythths s ouout t ththerere e ababout a a rereveversrse e momortrtgagagege soso i i w wanant t yoyouu toto k knonow w ththe e fafactcts.s. a a rereveversrse e momortrtgagagege i is insured byby t thehe f fededereralal g govovernment; yoyou u cacan n geget t tatax-x-frfree money frfromom t thehe e eququitity y inin your home; yoyou u cacan n ususe e ththe e momoneney to papay y ofoff f yoyourur c cururrerent mortgage, ifif y youou h havave e onone;e; ththe e reremamaininining g momoneney y can bebe u usesed d fofor r ananytythihing; ththerere'e's s nono m mononththlylymontnts,s, anand d yoyou u ststilill l owown n your home! cacallll t tododayay t to o geget t your frfreeee g guiuidede a andnd d dvdvd. itit's's e expxplalainins s hohoww a a gogovevernrnmementnt-i-insnsurured
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gogoldld b bonond d rerealally works. i have a beautiful little slice of life video that has a really moving story behind it. >> i'm not sure you learned your lesson. you're smiling too much. >> that is paul and he's having a conversation with his daughter gracey who just got a less than stellar grade on her math final and his oldest daughter maria is behind the camera. >> it's a video? >> no just a long picture. >> clever. >> you did your best to study. i'm proud of you and i want you to learn and grow as people and always know that grades are not the most important thing. >> that's such a sweet thing to say. >> it's a beautiful sentiment. >> you're wonderful people wonderful girls and i love you. >> this video is titled paul
11:50 pm
stagliano in a nutshell shot back in 2010 but just posted in honor of the upcoming father's day. this is a beautiful moment about a father who had a huge impact on his daughters. but unfortunately in may of 2014 he passed away after battling pan ceo attic cancer. his daughters realized this brief moment in time represented what kind of father he really was, that all he really cared about is his daughters grew into intelligent confident women. and it's such a perfect reminder of how important family really is. even though his time was limited you can tell that it was a very important life and that was it was very important. he put life in his years. >> thank you. god bless. >> things with two wheels
11:51 pm
unstable. here's a guy practicing his wheelies. >> whoa. right over the tree. >> it's already unstable on two wheels why are you doing it on one? >> pulled the wheelie up and gets sideways and as he bounces down he's out of balance and he's holding on to the handlebars for dear life. coming down a large flight of stairs. >> oh. >> oh. >> right. >> that poor guy. ooh. >> i love the bystanders keep having their conversation. >> there's another one. >> here we go. >> my favorite of the three from the latest 2015 broscapade. all the dudes get together and do fun stuff.
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>> oh, no! >> the first guy is funny and the second guy is hilarious. >> i missed him. >> wait. what happened? >> why is the ramp not effective? >> the ramp finally failed. they said they had many successful jumps into the water this day. i guess the old wood on the old ramp finally just gave way. >> oh. >> basically like -- the wheel just got caught in it. it completely went into the wood. >> he's going to have splinters all over him. >> what could possibly make olli say this. >> i like to see weird stuff come out of weird places. >> and make me do this. >> this is like -- >> it looks like cheese. >> stick around to find out. mies plus energy support. itit's's a a n newew f fibiberer s supupplplemement that helps support regularity anand d ininclclududeses b b v vititamaminins s to help convert food to energy.
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because you don't know what's coming. >> uggys water game.
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♪ >> the internet is full of videos like this because of people like olli people who like to see extractions like this one. >> oh, it's coming. >> the wax is very necessarily but got to kind of clean some of it out. this guy has impacted ear wax and this video going extremely viral because of people like olli so blame him for this video. >> you're doing really good.
11:57 pm
>> the one thing she hates. >> is ear wax and snot. those two things. >> she tries not once not twice, not three times to pull this out. it's the fourth time that's the charm. >> oh! >> oh! >> dang, dude? >> that's impressive. >> holy -- >> i think he just forgot to clean his ears out. >> you know what that's a lot of wax. >> it looks like a giant sort of -- >> here it comes. >> oh! >> did you see all the hair that came out with it? i'll wait until she finishes. >> she's not going to be finished for a while. >> all right then. if the you have a stronger constitution and want to see this uninterrupted. go to our website and click on today's show or if the you dare check it out on our mobile app.
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>> these it for "right this minute". we'll see you next time everybody!
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