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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 22, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a rescue demonstration is in full effect but things -- >> did not go as they were planned. >> the multiple mistake that led to one quick flight town. zple slammed so hard. there's a mysterious noise coming from underneath the roof rack. >> warm him up take him in the car. >> how a small sound becomes a huge rescue. he became an internet legend when -- >> he absolutely thrashed the guitar. >> meet the guy behind the escapade. >> first let me just say we're not worthy. >> and let me just say, no, you are not.
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plus -- >> everybody say cheese. >> cheese. >> an announcement that leaves this family thrilled. who wants to beat floyd mayweather. >> a magician mocks a bragadocious boxer. see what happens when he puts people to the literacy test. >> what? no, no, no. the man you're about to see rappelling down this rope is an agent with the columbia state preventative police. the demonstration happened in mexico. you can see right away this demonstration of a rescue unfortunately -- >> oh wow. >> things did not go as they were planned. >> he's demonstrating how not to do it? >> he pretty much did. he fell 30 feet. he was severely injured. he suffered leg, hip and head injuries. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> wow. >> they say there were three things that factored into this
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incident. he was carrying an overweight stretcher and that single rope he was going down was not sufficient for what he was trying to do. >> oh gosh. he slammed so hard. >> but because this is a demonstration for people who rescue people who are injured and in harm's way, there were people immediately there to go render aid to this man. >> he needs more training before he starts doing demonstrations because clearly there were a lot of things overlooked here. everybody likes the pub, right? who doesn't. these guys apparently. this one from cctv in north umbria. this guy walks up to the bmw and quickly sets it alight running off with flame on his arm as he does. unfortunately it's just getting started, as you can quickly see, this bmw becomes a huge ball of flames. the police actually called the
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people inside the pub and told them to leave by the back door. they were afraid the pub was going to catch as well. there was an explosion heard, it was the gas tank which had just been filled up the day before. fortunately the pub didn't catch fire. it was damaged and now north umbria police are looking for this person. no one has any idea why this happened. we had a second arsonist in canada. looking for this guy, this is cctv frothe back of the marine pub and brewhouse. you can see him nosing ng couple of the bins. eventually we see him climbing through the win dough at the back. as he wanders out, the shot to the right-hand side keep your eye to the left-hand corner. i don't understand quite what happened here but you see the flashes and flames eventually a little flame catches so obviously something was happening, what we can't see on the camera. later on he comes wandering in he's not putting the fire out. he starts piling chairs on top of these flames in the hopes that it will catch, which it
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did. the marine pub and brewhouse was a total loss so anybody out if they recognize this fellow let the rcmp know. >> what an awful thing to do especially if you're the owner of the place to see the person actually burn your place down. that's awful >> and callous as well, just so cold about it. i have a triple party of animal videos. this first one you're going to really love, even though it starts off a little rough. this guy was driving on the freeway, saw a bird flying right past the window a few miles later pulls over hears some scratching coming from the roof of his car, takes a closer look and sees the bird. >> oh man on the roof rack. >> not only is it stuck there, the poster of the video, ron hol lapped said it was about 37 degrees. he used a cardboard box to slide
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the bird from underneath the ski box. the bird is not doing well. >> put him in front of the heater and warm him up. >> he sits him gently on the seat of the car, even gets a little blanket, a makeshift blanket. it's precious. you can see now the bird is dried up a little bit. it starts coming back to and right now, it looks like a brand new bird. this bird is tough. it survived a car accident. >> insane. >> fly away birdie fly. >> that's exactly what he does. when they opened the door he just ♪ do, do do do do ♪ takes off. >> you never would have figured that one. >> just like this video that somehow probably didn't see this window well and ended up falling in it. fortunately it was spotted and this one is a speedy rescue. all he had to do was jump in the well pick it back up and let it on its way. >> run away. >> and last but not least the guys over at wildlife aids foundation were called to rescue this deer that had been stuck between the gate and the post.
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>> look at simon cowell. i love him. >> such a pro, yep, he'll be fine. >> he'd been there for a little bit, an abrasion on his hip from that post. >> it's a severe abrasion but they are able to release and you can see it does not take long for the deer to say like i'm out. at first this looks like just a crazy bit of road rage. two women struggling in the middle of the street one with a white shirt on attacking another woman, dragging her off to the side of the street. bystanders can't believe what they're seeing. the woman still standing over as bystanders try to break this up she's upset with the bystanders. listen to this man here. that's the bus driver of this tour bus, right here in the background the big blue tour bus is empty, there's no tourists on it right now but
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reports say the driver got off and attacked that woman because she took video of her running a red light. at least that's the claim right now. once the bus driver saw, she stopped the bus in the middle of the street got out and began attacking her. >> obviously this is so much this say better video than the other video, right? she really got out of that one. >> she was worried about losing her job. she has to worry about losing her freedom now. >> she's definitely lost her job. the 27-year-old woman that was attacked was in shock for about ten minutes after this. she was okay but bystanders said it took her a while to get herself back together. the company that employs this driver says we have video on the bus and we saw what happened and immediately terminated the drive. but after this attack the driver took off. so police are now opening an investigation to see if they need to step in as well. this bird of prey has a soft
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if any of you or anyone out
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there has this thing called the internet you may have heard of freddy wong. >> i was not always the lowly filmmaker that stands before you today. once i was a king almost a god. >> this video he absolutely thrashed guitar hero and he then went into the world series of video games in 2007 and he won. he went on a tour he started traveling around the world, but then toronto happened. >> i choked. i placed seventh. i lost everything. >> so he went into a slump, i wouldn't say it's a slump because he created amazing videos on the youtube channel freddie w. which is where i was introduced to him. now things are changing but a rumor the length end is returning. >> guitar hero competition next week are you up for it? >> the activision booth they had guitar hero live look who showed up to this rash.
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thrash. >> look at that crowd. >> the greatest fake guitar player in the world. listen to this. ♪ and as expected he absolutely nailed it. finishes up with a slide. yes! we don't know what's going to happen next but live "right this minute" we have freddie wopg. >> what's up everybody? i see you caught up on my later guitar hero escapade. >> what is going on in your world? >> make plans for another rhythm game world tour which is difficult because the games don't come out until the end of the year anyways. there's a weird part of my life i was a professional rhythm gamer for two years in college which was impressive to know one, happy to have the opportunity to continue. >> first let me say we're not worthy. >> let me just say no you are not. >> probably true.
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what was the key to you having success again? zbht key i think to success is not caring what people think about you because if you're going to get up there in front of let rally tens of people who play guitar video game as if you are any number of a rock god, it requires a significant lack of self-examination. >> and who would you compare yourself in the real rock world? >> you got townsend there, angus, satriani and the flourish of someone who doesn't know how to play guitar. i look at the air guitar champion as inspiration. >> rocket jump, what you guys are trying to do describe it to the people watching at home. >> making short films and web series. we have a show called high school on netflix and youtube and just finished shooting a show or hulu coming out later this year. >> i'm a massive fan. thank you for talking to us and good luck. >> thank you. i have a three-some of
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shorty but goodies. in the first doesn't last very long. >> oh! >> there was a lot of cracking sounds. >> guy lands on his head. >> is his head still attached it's still attached. >> totally fine. nothing broken including the bike which apparently only had a minor bend. >> wow. >> lucky day for this guy. >> iron man of the mountain bike. >> also a lucky day for this other fella, who is out >> pretty cool. >> -- on the other side of the hill basically a drop so he drops. >> good catch, buddy. >> yes. >> he could have made that though. >> this guy just straight up goes the wrong way. >> whoa. >> and crash. >> i know what does he trip over, his own tie?
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>> completely bites it and everybody else laughs at him because it is pretty silly. >> just go home, man, just go home. >> whoa. this is a bird of prey and not a little one. that's a big one, but they said after this one has been flying around it likes a little bit of a cuddle. just don't do it wrong, because if you do it wrong and you make this eagle mad it will claw you good. >> just laying on its back letting you pet it. i will stand in for beth troutman saying see, y'all, animals just need love. that's all they want. you see right here this eagle just wants love. you know it has to be soft and down downy under the feathers. >> belly rub, who asks first?
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>> it only is going to happen once. if it goes wrong you don't have any other chances. >> if they've raised it from the time it was a little eaglet they probably figured out. that's something you want to do if you know the eagle well. >> how do you resist not painting the nails. >> not the only animal that likes a good rub. check out this one. oh my gosh. want a pet pig. >> doing it just right. >> a late night skydive lights up the darkness. find out what they do next that causes this reaction. >> oh! >> are you kidding me? a pregnancy announcement
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leaves people confused. >> we're pregnant. >> see why a baby brings this family a bundle of joy. >> well, maybe we are. >> are you pregnant? oh!
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gogot t bibig g papainin i i closed captioning provided by --n didiscscrereetet r relelieief.f. icicy y toto d dulull.l. hohot t toto r relelaxax.. nenew w icicy y hohot t mimicrcro o papatctch. [[ f fememalale e anannonoununcecer ] if shaving gets you bikini-ready beware of razor bumps. ddisiscocovever r bibikikinini zone. ststopops s irirriritation rredednenessss, , & & ititchching. bibikikinini z zonone
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really really high up in the sky. >> they are truly dancing in midair. they have ear phones in to listen to the music that their wing suits have within choreographed too. look. >> oh! >> that gotten exponentially more cool. can you imagine seeing that flying over your house, like you're calling hey, uhm. >> this isn't a ufo, i swear. i for got to say throw the cherry on top in your head because right here they kick it off, even better some flares some sparklers coming off of your heels. >> well done. >> well done. the digital world has made the pregnancy announcement go from a little card in the mail that says baby on the way to this. >> everybody say cheese. >> cheese. >> everybody's there, mama to be the grandparents but they
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don't know they're going to be grandparents yet. >> everybody say we're pregnant. >> we're pregnant. >> everybody say we're pregnant. >> we wish. >> one of them says "we wish." >> finally soaks in with one of they will. >> well maybe we. >> are you pregnant? oh! oh! >> now they get to babysit for the next 16 years. this next video is the pregnancy announcement to the kid that's going to be a big brother, but dad is such a joker, he starts the big announcement with a really big announcement. >> we're giving you up for adoption. >> have you done that before? you guessed that too quickly. >> mom steps in. >> you're going to be a big brother. >> wait a minute why? >> why? >> am i not enough for you. >> no no no. >> there's a i'm pretty suchtumped on this one.
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floyd mayweather boxer, champion let's be honest insert your favorite insult here. let's be honest. >> hi i'm rob anderson. people say floyd mayweather can't read but he doesn't know certain words like hue tilt sportsmanship or budget. today i'm going to use the magic of the mind to make people how to read or say these words. which one of you wants to be floyd mayweather. arms out. going in do you feel like floyd
9:56 am
mayweather yet? tanya, lk me in the eyes because you now have the mind of floyd mayweather. >> he pulls out a whole selection of cards with words written on them and shows them to the friends and shows them to floyd. >> read this word if you know it. >> money. >> money. >> do you know this word? mayweather read that word if you know it. is that what you are? >> yes. >> when it comes to the words that floyd doesn't know this happens. >> what is this word? >> what? is that a real word? >> yes it's a real word. yes that's a word. >> what? >> no no no. >> that's a word i guarantee you it's a regular word. >> brobro. >> can you define it for us? >> a squirrel and a pig? >> it's a squirrel and a pig. good. >> this is the exact thought that i had, but she's not wearing glasses. >> boom you got your own mind
9:57 am
back. what is the word? >> humility. >> budget. >> budget. sportsmanship, you know what sportsmanship? it's a squirrel and a big is what it is. >> maybe the cards erased he moved the thumb and changes the letters. >> we'll stick this up on our facebook page and you try and figure it out. >> good job. that's it for us here at "right this minute" everybody. thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time.
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live from new york city it's the "wendy williams." today it's a hot monday filled to the brim with all of the latest sizzling hot topics. and rumors are heating up. delaina dixon has the super star scoop on the marriage crisis. plus mally roncal brings the hottest summer trends to keep you looking chic even in the heat. now here's wendy! [ applause ]
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>> wendy: thanks for watching. [ cheers and applause ] how you doin'?


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