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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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of the reasons that this collapsed, the folks, the victims will have their day in court. >> reporter: a week after the balcony collapse berkeley's building department says the code should be upgraded. >> we will make recommendations. >> reporter: all future balconies, decks, stairs will have to have ventilation holes to prevent water build up and ports to make inspections easy to do. they would have to be made using approved materials. finally all existing balconies, the onces out there right now, they would have to be inspected that owners cost within six months of this requirement's adoption plus reinspections every 5 years.
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a less than 10-year-old structure failed. >> all inspections were completed. >> reporter: they will determine that and more suing any entity if it fell short. >> every legal right american citizens do under california law. >> reporter: we won a verdict against a landlord who -- against a san francisco landlord. >> in any building, a residential housing project or any other building for that matter. >> the real standard -- >> requires that landlords, property managers are responsible for maintaining a safe and habited premises.
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>> the balconies still there were designed and made differently according to the report. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> any changes could take a while. in the mane time -- mean time what could people do if they are concerned? >> reporter: anyone who has a old balcony, any landlord, especially landlords of the dwellings that might have an issue ought to get it done now because it will become a law. in other jurisdictions you have to ask yourself a question, what happens if that does collapse when you can have someone take a look. i would say it is worth wild to have somebody professional take
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a look. >> thank you. a grass fire this afternoon caused tense moments. the fire started on a hillside in fairfield and burned 15 acres. helicopters and a air tanker helped to put out the flames. a lot of homeowners cleared the brush and dry grass from around their homes creating a defensible space. >> investigators say a house fire may be been started by a man welding a leaky gas tank on a car. firefighters say the flames were so intense they had to use chain saws to cut holes in the roof to vent the flames and smoke. firefighters say the man doing the welding was seriously injured. a neighbor says the man tried to use a extinguisher but the fire was too big. >> they tried to put the fire out themselves. she tried to grab that and give it to him but it got out of
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hand really fast. >> the man is recovering at a hospital with second and third degree burns on his arms, chest and face. his wife and the pets made it out safely. new figures show the number of homeless people in silicon valley is dropping. a 14% drop in the number of people living in the streets compared to two years ago. officials say that drop could be due to a focus on finding permanent housing for the homeless. and then providing them with services so they don't return to the streets. >> in san francisco one word spray painted all over the city cost $50,000 to clean up. the tagger who goes by crist was arrested in march on 10 felony and 17 misdemeanor counts. tomorrow morning his attorney will ask the court to reduce the felonies to misdemeanors. ktvu's noelle walker has been talking to people who oppose that idea and she was in san
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francisco tonight. >> reporter: against the district attorney's wishes the tagger was released without bail while he awaits trial. officials say since he has got out he has gone back to tagging. this is why people have been writing the judge and some plan to go to the hearing tomorrow. >> reporter: on a beautiful clear day in san francisco there is one thing that could spoil the view. >> crist. the name crist. >> you can find it on sidewalks, signs and stair rails. >> asulting the neighborhood. >> -- assaulting the neighborhood. >> from walls to doors, from market to treasure island. >> just all over the place tagging. in a serious way. not only does it cost a lot of money, it is hard to keep up. >> reporter: he is trying to
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rally the community to come to a court hearing tomorrow where the tagger's attorney will ask to reduce the felonies to misdemeanors. >> he admitted to doing it on camera to ktvu. >> reporter: to amber lee after his arrest in march. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> crist means crystal meth. >> reporter: he is 18-years- old. >> the tagger is juvenile. even though they are grown up they are juvenile. their ego says my name is more important than your property. >> reporter: this is what her new $3,600 oner looked like. >> a lot of vandism in the city. -- vandalism in the city. >> reporter: they sent a letter to the judge pointing out the
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tagger has donetens of thousands of damage -- done tens of thousands of damage. >> once you damaged something it is never as good. >> reporter: this just isn't about how it looks. graffiti is a gateway crime. the supervisors said when people see it it sends the signal that anything goes here and that could open the door to more serious crime. >> noelle walker, thank you. an investigation is underway in the richmond police department after a police dog attacked an officer this morning. ktvu's cristina rendon tells us that prompted the officer to shoot the dog. >> reporter: police officers and man's best friend, this morning one of their k9s attacked an officer. the officer shot the k9 in self-
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defense. >> the k9 was inside a secured vehicle. we are trying to figure out what transpired between that time and when the officer was confronted. >> the dog similar to this one was shot once. now recovering at an emergency vet hospital. the officer who was bit on his hand is expected to be okay. >> all of it merits an investigation. how it occurred. the actions of the officer, his response merits an investigation. >> the k9 will also be looked at. a lock on the cage could only be opened by the handler. police will check to see if the car malfunction. there is a history of failures for cage locks. >> this struck all of us to the core. we don't want to see one of our officers get injured. or our k9. it is pretty upsetting. >> reporter: and upsetting this happened in a place where
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officers and k9s are supposed to feel safe, where they are trained to protect and serve. even though the dog is expected to be okay he won't return to work but we retired from service. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. in south carolina crowds of people gathered that state house grounds to call for a permanent removal of the confederate flag at the capital. protesters held signs and called the flag a sign of hatred. the debate comes after the charleston church massacre last week in which 9 people were killed. governor nikki haley said yesterday it is time to remove the flag from the state house grounds. and she wants lawmakers to address the issue in a special session. the effort to remove the confederate flag from buildings prompted several businesses to take action. ktvu's keba arnold with that part of the story.
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>> reporter: online giants ebay and amazon with pulling any product said depicting the confederate flag as is episy. the attack last week sparked new life into campaigns. the shooter dylann roof posted pictures of himself holding a gun and a confederate flag. walmart, kmart and sears were among the first businesses to announce confederate flag bans. a u.s. flag maker has also announced it will stop producing and selling confederate flags. >> the announcements from walmart and sears are consistent with the kind of position the president is taking when it comes to the confederate flag. >> reporter: before the ban on amazon was announced sales of confederate flags spiked. the sales were up 7,000% today. this is over yesterday. and also today governors of
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maryland, virginia and north carolina said they want the confederate flag removed from license plates and the maryland governor called it divisive and hurtful and has asked his secretary of transportation to replace the license plates there depicting the flag. >> thank you. the san jose scattered storms heard from veterans who want -- city counsel heard from veterans. thispoke about the -- they spoke about the commitment men and women make. >> if they become a pow or missing in action they will not be forgotten. >> dozens of men and women showed up to show their support. they want the city counsel to raise the pow and mia flag to recognize the military. better they say would be to fly it every day of the year below the american flag. up next here, spending the summer at coding boot camp.
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>> students learning the art of computer coding, how a new school in the east bay is helping women and minorities enter the world of high tech. >> a wildfire burning in the sierra, south of lake tahoe. an update on the fire fight. >> and tracking the heat. it will get up there and that will cause fire concerns in the next 48 hours. all those details coming up.
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a bill that seeks to crack down on the illegal ivory trade in california passed the committee today. law bans the ivory trade after 1977. all product said imported to the state prior to that date
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are exempt. the new law would eliminate that exemption making it illegal to buy, sell or possess ivory with the intent to sell it and it would allow the state to buy ivory for educational and scientific purposes. critics are concerned it could end up harming california citizens. >> what it will do is prevent average californians from being able to pass down any antiques they get. musical instruments. anything that conintos ivory. -- contains ivory. >> the bill now moves to the committee. new school in berkeley, a school that does more than just training software engineers. ktvu's rob roth tells us it is trying to close the racial gap in the high tech industry. >> reporter: they are students learning the art of computer coding. >> i want to become a software
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engineer. >> reporter: he is one of the students taking a course at the academy in berkeley. its goal is to train for careers in high tech. >> i interned at a tech company. >> reporter: it is co-founded by a software engineer, his goal is to bridge the racial gap in the high tech industry. >> we think that by providing people opportunities who probably would have them otherwise to learn how to code, it also helps the industry. >> reporter: he hopes to have 100 black and latino students complete the course. he says that is more than major silicon valley companies employ. >> haven't had access to hardware, computers, or even role models in the industry. >> reporter: some studies show black and latino engineers make
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up less than 8% of the sib siv workforces. -- silicon valley work force. >> if there are not people like me doing these jobs should i be at those jobs? the. >> the class begins next week with 18 students. 11 hours a day. 6 days a week for 12 weeks. when it is over they will have had 800 hours of classroom training. by the end of the class they will have created their own app. >> within their grasp. >> reporter: if all goes tell the students will be able to find jobs in high tech and help level the playing field along the way. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. if you travel a lot and suffer from jet lag there is an app for that. sky zen.
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it works with fitness wrist bans. after you enter your travel information, it will tell you when and what to eat to avoid jet lag. it monitors your sleep and wakeful psychotools help your body adjust. . >> the wildfire near markleeville is still out of control tonight. the washington fire burned 16,500 acres and there is zero% containment. it started with a lightning strike last friday night. the fire is burning 8-10 miles southeast of markleeville. some of the roads in the area have been closed. the fire is pushed by strong winds and timber that dried out from four years of drought. an alert has gone out to people to be ready in case evacuations are ordered. some homes have been threatened but the fire so far hasn't burned any structures.
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the fire danger only increases. let's go back to bill for more on that. >> it is always high fire danger in june. coming into july now. and then you have the drought. fire will be -- along with the drought, these are the big stories. the fire danger, off the cherts. -- charts. as we get into the warmer pattern, fires will become an issue. outside, temperatures today that warmed up 5 degrees in most places. 90 antioch. 93 fairfield. beautiful shot out there on the bay. light winds. winds are howling right now in -- at the oakland -- san francisco airport. not so much on the bay. beautiful shot. you can see the satellite image showing everything to the north. that is summer time. that is where we are. we are not going to see rain for a few months now. anything that comes up will
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come from the desert southwest or gulf of california. fog returns tonight. sunset, most will see it in the avenues. richmond. you will see the sun go down. 86 fairfield. beautiful night. breezy along the coast. fairfield 21 sustained. novato 17 miles per hour. sfo 35. that is big wind. that is 35 miles per hour gusts, significant. there is the fog. gusts push the fog. fog tomorrow morning. tomorrow is like today. maybe 2, 3 degrees warmer in some places. then the real heat, the reds work their way our way. 90 said west into -- 90s west into thursday. concord, 87. that is the high. starts out in the morning. you can see, 87 degrees around 4:00 p.m. how about -- san jose. 58 degrees in the morning. go to 82 around 3:00 p.m.
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and 4:00 p.m. nice looking day in san jose tomorrow. a warm one for sure. 95 in vacaville tomorrow. 93 brentwood. 90 pleasanton. 79 santa clara. along the coast, low 60s. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. hottest day is thursday. you know, you will have a fire. you know? we will have a fire. somewhere in this area that we live in there will be fire based on the moisture, the temperatures, the humidity. thursday, tomorrow afternoon into thursday the highest fire danger we have seen all season. >> people have to be extra careful. how many fires have we reported on -- [ talking at the same time ] >> four years of drought sets us up for anything. >> cal fire says they are staffing up. >> thank you. the a's are back in action
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tonight against -- action tonight against the rangers and andre iguodala marks the late night talk show circle. >> keba arnold is in the news room for what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36. >> coming up at 7:00 p.m. continuing coverage of today's findings into a balcony collapse that killed six people in berkeley a week ago. also i talked to tmz about sean "diddy" combs and the charnels he is facing -- charges he is phasing following his arrest from the ucla campus. what tmz knows about what went down. 0 p.m. on tv 36.
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sports. mark is here now with sports. >> everybody is starved for warriors news. you get plugged into the story, season is over, where do you go from here? you go to the jimmy kimmel show. that is what the mvp of the finals did last night. showing off his series mvp and the world championship. it is andre iguodala and the team went over the weekend to las vegas together. did up right and as he told jimmy kimmel, the team actually gave out medals for -- they talked about steve kerr too. >> i made a promise if we didn't win the championship with me coming off the bench i would kick his [ bleep ] [ laughter ] >> he would get steph curry and myself, we would go to augusta
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national -- >> you don't need him to go to augusta. >> he has good in. >> nba draft day on thursday. lots of deals are expected. and there is a guy making the rounds on the big time trade rumor list. hot topic indeed. the man many people think is the best center in the nba. jamarcus cousins. the lakers, denver, boston and orlando, coach wants to trade him but the ownership does not. we will see how that plays out as well. the giants will be in action tonight at at&t. in the meantime the a's in progress in texas. things looking good as it is josh hitting one high, deep and gone. to break up a 1-1 tie. that happened moments ago. thanks to comcast for that and
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the a's trying to play better ball, leading 2-1. that is the sporting life. >> nba trophies all over the place. >> augusta. vegas. late night talk shows. >> thank you. san francisco's pride parade days away. a report tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. thank you for joining us. good night.
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