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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 24, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a motorcyclist cruising along has no idea -- >> a fire truck was coming toward him. >> the moment he faced it head on and lived to tell the story. >> i'm telling you now, please do not come in here! >> good luck getting this guy out. >> he has been squatting in a pub for two months. >> eviction that required extreme measures. drive-thru workers get an order from -- >> car full of minions. >> the prank that's despicable and delicious. plus one happy roll in the hay. and one unhappy ball of wool
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who -- >> can't get back over. >> surprising reason this sheep is flat on her back. >> i thought she was just like rub my belly. recorded on glendora california. >> everything looks amazing except he can't remember a thing. goes down the road. you see that is very curvy. when he comes around this one here watch what he comes face-to-face with. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh! >> a fire truck was coming toward him. he thinks he may have freaked out as he came around tha curve and saw the uck, pulled on the front brake, and he believes that sen him truck. no word on why the truck was there, headed in that direction. his bike has a lot of damage. right about here his buddy picks up the camera and you get
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to see what the scene looks like afterwards. the motorcycle is crunched on the site. is he on the ground. wearing all of his gear. the impact was so strong did he end up suffering several broken bones, including his femur, tibiaa ulna. >> going about 35 miles an hour when he crashed into that truck. >> it's like hitting a wall. it's a not like hitting a car where you might go over the hood and burn off some of your energy and speed. this it was just flat front, solid stop of an impact. >> some jobs are tougher to do than others. emotionally, physically. high court enforcement officers in the uk are tasked with carrying out the judge's final orders. in this video from itvs the
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enforcers documentary series they're trying to evict a guy that's been squatting in a pub for two months. >> squatting in a pub? >> yeah. they're hoping that they don't need the backup of the police officers that are with him. but you can see the man is clearly agitated. this isn't going to be easy. >> you come in here -- >> after a very lengthy court process. everything that could be po done to get this guy out peacefully has failed. thts last-ditch effort. [ bleep ] >> we're coming up. >> oh, wow! i feel so terrible for this guy. there's obviously a reason he is in this situation. >> it's a tough situation for everybody involved. >> we need to talk about it. >> no! no! keep away from me! >> he's so scared. >> officers have no choice but to use the taser. he drops the weapon and he is then taken into custody in handcuffs and removed from this
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property that was not his. now it's a tough situation for everybody, including, like i said the enforcers at the very beginning. they have a tough job. this documentary series follows their emotional investment in their job as well. >> they're human beings. and they see this man's humanity. they understand his fear. and they still have a job that they have to carry out. i can't imagine taking that home at the end of the day. >> it's just a job, lot more danger and lot more stressful job. job. >> take a look at scene, swollen river in china. yes, that is a man in the middle of all of it on a truck that is perched on its side. according to reports, that man was driving on a flooded road swept up in the current and swept into the river, downstream. >> that's one of those small little city trucks too. large truck.
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he's lucky to be in the position he's in. >> yes. and firefighters were called to the scene. this firefighter is trying to get this man to get him first a life jacket so that if something does happen he is wearing a life preserver. in this video, you see that just with a rope tied around his waist and the help of a walking stick, he get through this current, gets the life preserver on him and back to safety. >> truck is like a brake. >> yes. >>ce deep. it's yust quick. >> i don't want to sound insensitive. but how do you get yourself in that predicament? are you really that unaware or are you that much of an optimist that you think i can do this? >> i think in that situation you don't realize the force of the water. maybe he thought it was shallow and he could get through it. water rescue itself took 45 minutes. fortunately, the man suffered no serious injuries. many people around the
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country country, all too wet. summer is here. hot out there. they decided to go out and do something simple in the streets of atlanta, going out and handing out free water. that's literally all they're doing in the hopes of inspiring other people to pay it forward to other people in their community. they have this cooler and start wandering around centennial park would you like some water? it's free. take as much as you want. >> that's great. it's charitable and doing a great thing. it is hot outside right now. people don't remember to take their water bottle with them and stay hydrated. >> it's also really thoughtful thing to do. hopefully, all of these people who took water from him somehow paid it forward in their community. >> carry your own water. get a hydration pack something you put on your hip or a water bottle when you walk out the door. >> like touring around doing stuff like this as they travel
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around the country. it's about raising awareness. >> it makes you feel good too. >> giving will make you so happy. it makes the person receiving the gift a bottle of water or $5,000 makes them feel great. an accident get this is driver fired up. >> he heads to the truck and pulse out his weapon of choice. >> how a little fender bender turns into a big repair. >> it was an accident! let it go. plus this dude is in the middle of the jungle and builds a shelter -- >> from nothing but what he can find around on the ground. >> fascinating steps he takes to build his home sweet home. >> makes you start thinking about the evolutiohe huma wewe s snanap p itit.. wewe s statackck i it.t. wewe s smomoososh h itit.. wewe l lovove e itit.. hershey's s mamakekes s itit a a s s''more... yoyou u mamakeke i it t spspececiaial.l. hehersrshehey'y's s isis m minine,e, y youoursrs our chocolate. anand d whwhenen y youou b bunundldle e yoyourur home and auto insurance ththrorougugh h prprogogreressssivive,e, you'll save a bundle!
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parnl the guy in the
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burgundy colored car -- >> guy in the dark-colored car is not happy. and, of course what does he do? >> oh, no. >> gets in the trunk and pulls out his weapon of choice. >> no. >> which is a crowbar. >> i wouldn't even stand around long enough. once that trunk pops i would be like later. >> he gets inside his car to try to get away from the man in the crowbar. >> oh, what a jerk. >> i can't believe it. >> what a jerk. >> he breaks the driver's side window. he shatters the front windshield. the guy inside the car is watching. >> people on the sidewalks are wondering what the heck is going on. >> it was an accident. let it go. >> after this guy busted his windshield and fought with this man, he got back in his car and drove away. >> now he feels like a strong
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man because he has ruined someone else's vehicle. >> he won't feel that way for long. they did get the license plate number for this car. police in st. petersburg are currently investigating. >> i'm not sure why this video fascinates me so much. especially if this guy has been doing this skill building. it's interesting to see a man go out to the middle of the jungle and start from scratch. no modern tools. this guy builds this entire shelter from nothing but what he can find around on the ground. doesn't look impressive at first. he seems to know everything about primitive building skills. >> this is the guy you want to be lost in the woods with. >> for the zombie apocalypse. >> exactly. look at this made a bed, siding for this house. >> it's noos neat to see the steps he takes. he has a roof over his head. let's get some fire going.
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rub two sticks together method. >> i love this. >> fascinating. >> it really is. it makes you start think bth evolution of the human. >> he builds his own pottery. he fires his own pottery in fire pits. >> what? he's building his own pottery? >> gets the clay going, fires it in an underground kiln he built. then talks it a step forward, covering his hut in adobe. >> this is a full-on building really a full-on home. >> very legit. it's neat to see. the leaves that he was using on his roof he said, after several months began to rot. now climbs a tree carefully cuts off the bark of this tree into big sheaths. starts digging a hole in the side of his hut. you just build that. why are you wrecking it? >> is it a vent? >> even better. >> a fireplace? >> outdoor fireplace with a
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full-on chimney, closes the rest of that side up. he can dookcook, fire more pottery. n stay warm. >> i love this guy. that is really awesome. >> just when you thought the caveman was gone he lives. oh! >> you would think this bowl of water with ice chips in it would be no big deal for this dog. some dogs just like tepid water. they don't want icy water. just tepid, room temperature water. >> freaking around. >> not to mention -- >> it tastes like water. feels like water but i can't drink it. >> this next video was poefed on our facebook page by rachel
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this jack russell terrier being super goofy in the hay. i bet that feels good roll around getting a back scratch. let me show you the best part of this video. yes, you can. and we will put it on oure decides to take a drive with a car full of minions. the prank that will leave you saying -- >> oh, my gosh! this is so funny. >> back with a new style. >> oh!
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>> known for his drive-thru pranks. i'll let you see what's going on. it takes a wide screen to see this. >> hey, guys. i teamed up with mcdonald's to put on a prank. i'm going to go through a drive-thru with a car of minion toys by placing a panel inside the car, giving you the illusion that the car is full of toys. >> that's awesome. >> may i order one happy meal please? >> the minion movie is coming out. mcdonald's said drive through some of our drive-thrus with a car full of minions. >> oh, my goodness! >> what the -- >> minion party. >> are you in there? >> oh, my gosh! this is so funny.
9:50 am
>> oh, no. wrong way. >> what's really funny is when he starts talking to them about his collection. >> how many do you have? >> 400,000. >> i love that. i think it's really funny. not doing magic but really funny because he disappears in the middle of all those minions. >> can you open it? >> want me to feed it to you? >> yes, please. >> through go. >> panda play time. >> when it comes to life you
9:51 am
never know what you're going to get. this is at alligator alley. you notice two little girls and that python. >> look what's wrapped around her neck too. >> like one of those little exhibits where you have a trained snake handler, letting people come up and handle this python. looks like he might have had part of the snake wrapped around that girl's neck and got caught in her long hair. the one that gets untangled first she walks away but this girl with the snake tail in the back of her hair looks tear terrified. look at her face. h eyes. >> now speaking of never really knowing what you're going to get, fellow named darren green walked up on this little scene. the sheep is too fat to roll over. >> i thought he was like rub my belly. >> it's quite common with sheep, especially if you have a sheep
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that is pregnant. >> that is a horrible predicament. >> it's not a funny situation. this can be deadly for these sheep. they can get stressed when they can't get themselves upright. it causes them to panic and they can suffocate. >> how did it get in this situation in the first place is what i want to know. >> just a little poke. watch. >> rock on chubby sheep. >> love that little salute at the end. >> he saved that sheep's life. >> this photographer has a few tips on how to -- >> photograph in chicks he's after. >> yes. owow t thehe i impmporortatancnce of heart health. you watch your diet, excercise... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. bubut t whwhenen i it t cocomemes s to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha ththatat r reaealllly y mamatttterer for heart health. nonot t alall l omomegega-a-3 3 susupppplements are the same. inintrtrododucucining g babayeyer r pro ultra omega-3 from ththe e hehearart t hehealalthth e experts at bayer.
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>> he turned out to be the most responsible got his stuff together dude. >> our favorite incredi-beard is back. >> love this guy. >> awesome stuff he can make with his beard. the skate beard. >> what? >> what is exactly right. >> a beard that looks like a skateboard. >> you went to beauty school to do hair and found yourself working on something that was really long beard hair that would be fun. >> you get to be super creative. they split his beard in half and create the board and then use smaller pieces. >> does he get to go out in public for the day and walk around like that? >> oh, my gosh! i totally would. why wouldn't you? >> why wouldn't you?
9:56 am
>> that's the video that incredi-beard needs to make next. it is nice to see the process. i want to see him walk into a skate shop and say i need a helmet for my new board. >> they've opened the door for other people to suggest ideas for his beard. >> oh! >> it's art. it's beard art. these guys do these kinds of videos all the time. and they have a ton of very cool similar videos. >> can he create rtms in his beard? >> incredi-beard, can you make an rtm out of your beard, please? i got some tips for you ladies next time you go out and
9:57 am
photograph chicks. we're going out with jeff kramer in the pechlt ruvian rain forest. chicks he's after, birds. you betcha. an extremely rare predatory bird that jeff has been hunting basically with his camera. the lens he's using, one of the most expensive canon lenses they make. along the way he's giving all different tips about the equipment he's using and how he gets his shot. >> now zoom in. zoom in again. look at that. >> good observation. >> this bird seems like it's a healthy bird. probably getting ready to leave the nest in a few month. >> looks like martin van buren. >> the feathers help them focus the sound in the service. they serve a purpose. check out the picture he's able to get. able to capture a bee buzzing
9:58 am
around the beak of this bird. that's incredible. >> had to set up in a high-speed shutter relief eight frames a second. it gets every single motion that the bird is going to make. >> gives a lot of detail about how he shot his images. go to right this click on today's show to watch the entire video. you can also use our mobile app. that's our show. thank you so much for joining us everybody. we'll join you for the next rtm.
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kids are expensive. so i'm always looking to get more for my money. . live, from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today, mer is officially heating up and so are the hot topics. wendy is sounding off on all the latest. and former playmate and girl next door, holly madison is here. and not holding back. with stories from her new book
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about hef, kendra and more. plus, we've got the summer's best beauty gadgets to make you look gorgeous! now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: wow! yeah.


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