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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 25, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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any minute now the supreme court could issue a ruling on some landmark cases. we will break down the two big decisions we are watching on day marriage and obamacare. and firefighters in eastern contra costa county, they are making sure a wildfire doesn't flare up again. the concerns that prompted evacuations in one neighborhood all ahead on "mornings on 2". good morning and welcome to mornings on two. we are live at san francisco's powellle street station. that's why bart is considering something it hasn't done since the september 11 terror attacks. in a few minutes ktvu's tara
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moriarty will tell us about the security measure that may be reversed in order to keep the stations cleaner. it's awfully quiet there. but i am sure that will change. good morning it to you. thursday, june 25. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> i am dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, i saw nothing but sunshine outside your door? >> i think for most that's probably the case. it will be warm to hot pretty quick for many. not for all. there is a little bit of fog on the coast. that's about it. otherwise, temperatures, yes, 80s, 90s, and 100s for many under clear skies. not much of a breeze. yesterday there was a decent breeze. tonight that's not the case. jim pursily sent this as an e-mail. sunrise over san rafael yacht harbor. santa cruz coast monterey, 50s
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for others. low 60s, mountain view and san jose. fairfield west @8. northeast at oakland. that's an offshore breeze. the fog there doesn't have much of a chance. the higher clouds do. they eye rife friday. the fog screams back tomorrow morning. today sunshine and warm to hot except for a little bit of fog. 90s, 100s for many, 60s, 70s, 80s near the water. sal, 7:02. nor slow traffic? >> we have more normal slow traffic. i want to mention the traffic is still very slow in some of these areas. let's go outside and take a look at what we have now. starting off with a look, of course, at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for about five 15 to 20-minute delay on the bring. giants game today. first pitch 12:45. there is our spider again. making a lot of appearances this morning. all right. let's take a look at the san
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mateo bridge. that traffic looks good as you head out to the high-rise. no major problems. southbound 880 getting slow traffic now as you drive starting at 238 heading down to union city. better by the time you reach fremont and milpitas. 7:03. back to the desk. we are watching the supreme court for two major decisions that could come down this morning. one on a case that could legalize same-sex marriage across the country. another that will significantly affect the future of obamacare. a professor in our newsroom this morning watching for word on a decision on both cases. good morning, professor. first of all, do you expect to see either of those major cases announced today? >> well, we certainly could. there are seven cases still left for the supreme court to decide and there are three decision days left, including today. it's a possibility we could see one of both of those cases today. >> on the obamacare to some, on the obamacare decision, if this
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doesn't go the president's way, it could be a crippling blow to a piece of legislation that is the president's legacy? >> this is what most people would say is the major achievement of the obama presidency. if the challenges erwin it guts a significant part of the obamacare or affordable care act. >> and, now, professor, here in california we have a state insurance exchange. would any decision on the affordable care act affect californians. >> not immediately. tax subsidies would be available for people who can't afford health care. in other states that don't have their exchange and rely on the federal government, for those people tax subsidies would no longer be available. this could eventually have an affect in california because if the plaintiffs win and those people become uninsured, premiums could go up and that might have some long-term effects in california. let's switch to the same-
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sex marriage decision. if that were to be announced same sex legal in california, but that could be in question depending how the justices rule? >> that's right. california is one of the states where although same-sex marriage is legal, it's legal because of a federal court decision that ruled that california's proposition 8 was unconstitutional underneath the federal constitution. if in today's case, if the states earned up winning, it could mean that the basis for that california decision a few years ago is no longer valid and the status of same-sex marriage in california could be in question. >> professor standing by in the ktvu newsroom. thanks. we will let you go. we will bring you back in when and if those decisions are announced. thank you. now, when the supreme court hands down its decision, gay rights groups plan a major rally in san francisco's castro district. what you are seeing is a live picture. you see the rainbow flag not waving, because it's not breezy
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today. still gay rights activists will be celebrating if same-sex marriage is legalized nationwide. they are also ready to protest if the high court places restrictions on same-sex marriage. we will have continuing coverage for you on today's supreme court decisions through the morning. we have the latest on our website,, and the ktvu app. time is 7:06. we are following developing news from the south bay. there is a brushfire. now, cal fire is at the scene of a brushfire near the los gatos-san jose border. had is burning off hicks road south of the guadalupe reservoir. it's burned about three acres. it is about 80% contained. the firefighters say that area is very dry, but the crews do have control of the flames. ktvu's chopper is on the way. we are sending a crew there as well. we will bring you the details coming up as soon as we get them in. meantime, a brushfire that was fanned by some pretty strong winds, it's fully contained
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right now in eastern contra costa county. it was a quick moving fire. it shook up a lot of people, as you can imagine, and prompted evacuations by people near the contra loma park in anitoch. alex savidge has been out there since 4:00 this morning. i know the firefighters are still working hard out there, alex? >> reporter: they are. certainly those hot, dry conditions that helped that fire grow yesterday afternoon similar conditions on tap for today here in this area. firefighters, they have been out here through the night just keeping an eye on the hot spots with see from time to time. some smoke rising from the hillside beyond us here. as we go to the left-hand side, you can really see just how close these flames came to some of the homes in this area. they have burned right down this hill and very close to these backyards here. obviously, this was quite a nerve wracking situation for people who live in this area. the good news is that this fire is 100% contained.
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and that fire quickly grew to about 500 acres yesterday with helicopters and air tankers coming in to make drops. those flames crept dangerously close to a number of homes. there were people evacuated mainly along grim's beach drive. those homes back up to the contra loma regional park where the fire was burning through that dry brush. some neighbors worried enough to pack up their belongings get out of the area. others stuck around. they grabbed garden hoses, tried to do what they could. in the end it was the cal fire crews who came in and controlled the flames. >> i was terrified. the whole hill was on fire. >> i tried to alert everybody in the neighborhood that was on this side of the hill. >> reporter: and in the end the good news is no homes were burned out. incredible, given the try
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conditions that firefighters were up against. a sense of relief in this area. fire crews around the state are bracing for a very busy fire season. cal fire has already handled 275 separate fires across california just in the past week. coming up for you at 8:00, you will hear from one of the neighbors in this area. we just saw this woman unpacking her car. she had it all packed with some of her personal items. you will hear from her, the sense of relief she is feeling this morning at 8:00. >> alex savidge in antioch. thank you. east bay community of bay point on edge after deputies announced two drive by killings near highway 4 were gang related and connected:the first shooting saturday morning. the most recent late tuesday night. now, in the incident tuesday night a man and woman were shot at while driving near the willow pass road on-ramp to westbound highway 4. they were able to drive to a hospital, but 19-year-old patricia ochoa died from her injuries. a 26-year-old man is in stable
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condition. >> i drive up and down the freeway every day. my mom and dad live out here. i am born and raised here. it's scary. >> investigators have connected that shooting to one on saturday afternoon on highway 4 near bailey road. 20-year-old thomas mendez of pittsburg was killed in his car. investigators say all three victims in the two shootings were targeted. the sheriff's department says the general public really shouldn't be concerned about driving on highway 4. time now 7:10 here on "mornings on 2". bart passengers looking for a bathroom, you may soon be able to do that. bart shut down all of the bathrooms after the 9/11 attacks for security reasons. ktvu fox 2's tara moriarty joining us live. you are at the powell street bart station where they may test redesigned bathrooms, but won't be cheap? >> reporter: no. it could cost nearly $1 million a year for the upkeep of all of these underground facilities.
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but for those needing to if to the loo, it would be well worth it. this is the powell street bart station where the idea may be given a test run. another station the 19th street station in oakland. those steel doors that you see would be replaced with semi opaque doors with gaps at the top and bottom and the toilets are inside. the sinks would be out here in the open. the design came about in order to discourage things like drug use, vandalism and other suspicious behavior because that, as you may recall, bart closed all of the bathrooms after 9/11 because of potential terrorist threats. most of the restrooms have reopened expect for the ones at the ten underground stations. most passengers we talked to say they approve of the idea because they think it might spruce up bart stations overall. > >> in the elevators, they are always constantly have like a urine smell. i could only imagine what the bathrooms would be like. if they maintained it and kept it well kept up, it would seem
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like it would be a lot of work. i am not sure. >> reporter: probably less work than escalators, right? >> definitely. >> reporter: bart says it receives a lot of complaints about the stench of urine and feces at station entrances. passengers blaming the problem on the closed restrooms. this plan will be discussed tonight at a board meeting in oakland. we will keep you posted as to what happens. live from san francisco, tara moriarty. back to you. breaking news news out of the supreme court. the justices have just handed down their ruling on obamacare and it's a big win for president obama. within just minutes here we learned the court ruled people who get their health insurance through an exchange established by the federal government will be eligible for tax subsidies. they will be getting those tax subsidies. we here in california have a state exchange not directly affected. had it gone the other way, the
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justices ruled against it, it would have been a different story. we have a professor from santa clara university. we will bring him back into our coverage to help us understand a little bit more about what that most recent ruling means on obamacare. again, it is considered a big win for president obama. and one other thing. we have been alerted there will be no more rulings today by the u.s. supreme court. that includes same-sex marriage. so this is all just coming in right now. breaking news. but no more rulings from the u.s. supreme court expected later on today. we will keep you posted with all the latest information. time now 7:13. back here in oakland, cracking down on sideshows. coming up at 7:30, two things the police are doing after one officer was seriously hurt after being hit in the face with a glass bottle over the weekend. first, he rode muni 106 times in 72 days. one super talks about his experience and why there should be one subway line under construction there in the city.
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good morning. we are looking at the marin commute. so far good. a little bit at the slowing at the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza. maybe you are the new kid on the block? sunny and hot today. > [music]
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". 7:16. today in south carolina the casket of the reverend clementa pinckney will be on display in the church in charleston where he and eight others were shot and killed. yesterday his casket was carried into the south carolina state capitol rotunda. hundreds of people waited in line to pay their respect. reverend pittsburg was a state
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senator. there was bible study at the emanuel a.m.e. church one week since that shooting rampage. the reverend pickney's funeral will be tomorrow. president obama will deliver the eulogy. a man from petaluma is setting off a debate after he started flying the confederate flag this week. travis kilbourne with the flag. he told the paper he put up the flag as a response to calls for removing the flag from the state house in south carolina. several neighbors were very upset about his display. kilbourne is a civil war reenactor. he plays a union soldier and says the flag should be given the same respect as the american flag. a san francisco city supervisor is breaking down muni after special a special dare. he just completed the 22 day muni challenge. a campaign to push city leaders to become more familiar with
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transit problems and needs by riding muni themselves. he rode it 106 times during the three week period. weiner said the transit agency has improved especially in on-time performance. he adds there are still problems, including driver shortages. vehicles breaking down, and a disparity in service between affluent and poor neighborhoods. all right. time is 7:18. sal is back. you are watching the east shore and everything else. everybody behaving? >> it looks good. let's go to 80 westbound. you can see traffic on the east shore looks good. the drive teen the carquinez marriage maze 22 minutes. bay bridge toll plaza slowing there. it's about a 15 to 20-minute drive. as we look at cordileone to walnut creek, that looks good. 680 looks good to pleasanton. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have mostly clear skies. there is a little bit of fog.
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it's rather shallow, but it's there. monterey, santa cruz coast and san mateo coast. but inland a little hazy. very hazy with higher clouds up in the sierra nevada from the fires. you will notice the haze and hot conditions. especially reno, parts of nevada and out to the valley as well. for us it's clear for everybody, except for that fog. did you see me on tv? i love the warm weather. well, some of you do. and scott, our own in the control room, ac cranked up already. a cool 75 in the control room. we need the control room to be happy. thank you, scott. the low cloud deck is there for a little bit, but not a lot. it's already in the mid 60s for some. yes, it's going to be hot today. i can tell you that because you know and i know it started off warm this morning. hardly a breeze. there is a slight component of a northerly or northeast. fairfield west at eight. that won't do it. 80s to the interior. 70s and 60s. hot from phoenix to seattle.
7:20 am
i mean, the west coast really under the dome of high pressure except for some of that fog. water temps are cool. that fog will be back tomorrow morning and higher clouds making a push which will start to be late friday, more likely into saturday for us. sunshine today and warm to hot except for parts of the san mateo, santa cruz coast. otherwise, rest of the marin, sonoma looks fantastic. 70s, 80s, 90s. those hundreds out there. you get over to the coastal hills and you can find 90s, 100s today. starting off warm. 90s to 100s santa clara valley. 80s, 90s on the peninsula. today will be the hottest day over the next five. fog will be back tomorrow. higher clouds and fog for a big cool down by saturday. >> we are ready for it. >> i understand. >> thank you, steve. the city of berkeley, coming up in 15 minutes the reason the city is joining a criminal investigation into last week's
7:21 am
deadly balcony collapse. plus, an attempted boys inning caught on camera -- poisoning caught on camera. what a man put in the water bottle of a co-worker and how the victim was tipped off.
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we have video of a very violent purse and snatching. you have to see to understand how quickly it goes ounce. police tell us a man runs up to two woman in a parking garage
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and grabs their purses. one woman falls to the ground. a second man was standing by. once the purse is grabbed they run off together. this happened at 1:40 in the morning sunday, june 14. police don't know who the two attackers are. they are asking the public for help and say anyone who recognizes them to please call san jose police. time is 7:24. a man in georgia accused of trying to poison a co-worker and it was caught on camera. 65-year-old anthony duntin, he admits he poured weed killer into his co-workers water bottle on four to five different occasions. he told police it was a practical joke. his co-worker says he set up a camera himself after his water was tasting funny. >> after he tasted it and shook it a little bit and noticed foam came to the top of the bottle, he decided it to set up a camera. >> mr. dentary had to be taken to the hospital. he was treated for kidney pain.
7:25 am
those water bottles are being taken to a lab for further investigation. the san francisco giants helped make a dream come through for a young fan battling cancer. >> tonight is going to be a good night. >> 8-year-old charlie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a year ago. since then his parents decided to make the most of their time together. taking time away from their jobs and pretty much that the guy wants to do. last night the family took in a giants game. but it was a special night because the team really gave charlie the v.i.p. treatment. he also met players like shortstop brandon crawford and got an autograph from outfielder justin maxwell. >> he doesn't have control. out here, he has control. he gets to be a kid. he gets to be an 8-year-old. he gets to play. and that's the beauty of all of this. >> we try to think of something that grown ups get and old people get.
7:26 am
but there are babies, you know? and 8-year-old little boys that -- it's horrible. >> charlie is the oldest of four children. he has a tumor the size of a silver dollar below his left ear. his mom says coming to terms with her son's conditions, as you can imagine, has not been easy. we are following developing news for you. a brushfire in the south bay right now. we are heading there. we will have a live report on the situation coming up for you. also, the supreme court just handed president obama a big victory involving the affordable care act or obamacare. coming up a live report from the front steps of the high court. what that morning's decision means to you and your family. plus, the major case we're still waiting on. good morning. we are looking at a morning commute that is a little bit busier now than it was a half hour ago. we will update this commute and some of the nearby bridges as well. it is officially summer and
7:27 am
it's going to be pretty warm to hot today expect for parts of the coast. your forecast coming up next.
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good morning. it is coming up on 7:30. we follow breaking news we brought you minutes ago here. a major victory for president
7:30 am
obama as the supreme court upholds a key element of the affordable care act. we will have to wait at least another day to hear how the justices feel about same-sex marriage. we do have live team coverage in washington, d.c. and a local professor in our newsroom to help us break down these developments. we will continue to do that for you. it is thursday, june 25. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and i am dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. a lot of sunshine outside our door. it's going to get hot? >> for most. coast looks nice though. i mean, a little cool maybe for even down towards san mateo, santa cruz coast. some of that fog is working its way in. the only impact will be by the water's edge. everywhere else sunny, warm, hot. hazy out there. the fire is up in the sierra giving the sierra and nevada hazy skies. hot and hazy up there over the next couple of days. higher clouds moving in for us. it's still, there is hardly any breeze. that's the case. and the fog really doesn't have much of a chance. but it's there. i think it will be back
7:31 am
tomorrow. but today it's for many already 50s, 80s. i think we will see upper subsidies, low 70s next hour. a little bit of an offshore breezy oakland west in fairfield. anything less than 10 is really just not much. 90s to -- i mean, even seattle, everybody on the west coast under this big old dome of high pressure. it looks like one day and out for us and then a lot of high clouds on the way from the south as we get through the weekend. sunshine. warm to hot for except parts of the coast. 100s inland. sal, i haven't heard anything yet. something happened? >> we have a couple of things, steve. most of it is just routine slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza starting off. you will see traffic is going to be busy as you drive up to the pay gates. about a 10 to 15-minute delay before you get on to the bridge. giants game today. 12:45 first pitch against the padres. let's take look at the san mateo bridge. this gets crowded after giants games. right now it is crowded heading
7:32 am
west. southbound 680 on the exit there is a crash. out of pleasanton to fremont slow traffic. 7:37. back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. as we have been telling you the u.s. supreme court issued a ruling a little while ago that saves obamacare. the there had been a challenge to the subsidies provided to certain states under the affordable care act. our roper dug luzader joining us live right outside the u.s. supreme court with this later victory for president obama's healthcare law. doug. >> reporter: dave, good morning. and this is a big victory for the white house. there is no question about that. also, a victory for people who have been getting health insurance subsidies in states that chose to not set up their own health care exchanges. if you look to your left, you see a lot of obamacare, affordable care act opponents over there celebrating this big win. this decision was authored by
7:33 am
justice roberts. obviously, seen as a right leaning justice. he has acted before to help save obamacare and he did it again. he wrote the opinion saying, in part, that congress passed the affordable care act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them. this was a 6-3 decision. a little more lopsided than the 5-4 a lot of people expected. the author of the descent was justice scalia. no shock that he was on the other side on this. he chose to read his descent from the bench. scotus care for scream court of the -- supreme court of the united states. the other decision we are waiting for is the one on same-sex marriage. we thought that might come down today. now it likes it's going to come down tomorrow at the earliest. to do potentially come down next week. justices will have to decide whether to officially expand same-sex marriage across the entire country to establish
7:34 am
that it's a crucial right or perhaps come up with a more narrow interpretation. so we don't know which way the justices are going to rule on that. the only thing that we know at that point is that that decision will not come down today. so, dave, stay tuned. >> that's a big deal back here. doug, before you go, in a nutshell describe the mood and the scene outside the u.s. supreme court where you are. what are the people doing and saying? >> reporter: well, interesting to watch. and we will pan off to the left and show you that you see these people holding a sign there that are support he is of obamacare. you might see a rainbow flag back there. initially, this was a crowd that was very much in favor of same-sex marriage and then it began to morph into a healthcare crowd as it became clear that's the decision that was coming down today. but these are two very emotional
7:35 am
cases and we expect a lot of people will be out here tomorrow anticipating that that same-sex marriage decision could come down tomorrow. >> all right. we will be talking to you. doug luzader you outside the u.s. supreme court. more and more americans believe that gay marriage should be allowed in all 50 states. that's according to a recent poll conducted in part by the "new york times." 54% of americans say it should happen. and more than half of that group said that they once felt differently about gay marriage. well, now 41% of the poll takers believe each state should decide. 5% either had no answer or they simply didn't know. there is a margin irv error 3% -- margin of error 3%. ktvu will have continuing coverage on today's u.s. supreme court decisions through the morning for you. stay with us. you can also check the very latest on our channel 2 website or our ktvu app. we are following developing
7:36 am
news for you. a brushfire burning in the south bay. cal fire on the scene of a fire near the last gatos-stay boundary. it's burning off hicks road south of the guadalupe reservoir. the fire has burned through eight acres and it's 80% contained. firefighters say the area is dry but crews have control of the flames. we are sending a crew on the way there. city of berkeley will be joining a criminal investigation into last week's balcony collapse. leaders announced that their investigation was over and that police were not looking into whether any crimes had been committed. but berkeley's position when the alameda county's d.a. office said they would investigate the collapse. oakland police say they are working on new strategies to crack down on sideshows. this comes after a police officer was hurt and a freelance photographer was shot at.
7:37 am
this is youtube video. it shows a sideshow happening at macarthur boulevard and 100th avenue in east oakland early saturday morning. oakland police officers say when their crews responded someone threw a bolt hitting a female officer in the face. she had to undergo emergency surgery. she had more than 100 switches in her face. a freelance photographer was taking video when a number of shots were fired in his direction. >> i don't know. it's been going on a long time. you see it stopping? i don't see it stopping. >> oakland police say they will be increasing staffing levels on weekends and getting help from the sheriff's department as well as chp. police are asking for any other pictures or video that show the officer getting injured. they say anyone who comes forward can remain anonymous. time is 7:37. several big wildfires burning across california this morning. one of the biggest a 17,000- acre fire still out of control near the nevada border.
7:38 am
it started last friday. it's only 10% contained. the parts of highway 4 and 89 they are still closed this morning. no buildings have been damaged yet, but the fire is getting closer to cabins. several nearby campgrounds have already been evacuated. while the mountain town of marklyville is on stand-by. about 900 firefighters have been brought in to battle these flames, which was sparked by lightning. a large protest by taxi drivers happening right now in paris. blocking the roads to the main airports as well as train stations. at 8:00 the other countries that have joined in and the connection this has to the bay area. also, we just reported the supreme court has up sold a key part of president obama's healthcare plan. our legal expert wades through the decision and tells us about its impact. the morning commute is shaping up pretty well. there are some things, though. northbound 280 slow approaching 17 and we have a grassfire reported on the sin ole grade.
7:39 am
for many it will be hot. for some it will be too hot to handle.
7:40 am
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as we have been reporting, the supreme court just announced its highly anticipated ruling on the affordable care act. the court upheld the nationwide tax subsidies under president obama's healthcare overhaul. professor of santa clara university law school here. this ruling preserves health insurance for millions of americans? >> it does. this is a huge ruling. without this ruling, without it going the way that it did, eight million people would have immediately lost their tax subsidies and likely would have
7:42 am
not had insurance any more. >> while we got our insurance through the state of california, californians would have been affected if the ruling had gone the other way? >> california could have been impacted. all of this work together. so when you have 8 million people lose tax subsidies and their insurance premiums are likely to go up all over the country and, therefore, it would have had ancillary affect in california as well. >> a deeply political decision here? >> well, the case itself, you look at the breakdown, it was 6-3. chief justice roberts and justice kennedy joining the four liberal justices in the majority. it's the most common sense reading i think of the statute. congress did not intend for exchanges to only provide subsidies if they were established by the state as opposed to provided by the federal government. >> we see people in favor of obamacare really league on the front steps of the supreme court this morning. we have yet to hear from the president him. certainly, he is pleased? >> i think he has to be. the affordable care act, the obamacare has gone before the
7:43 am
supreme court twice and twice he has come out victorius. >> and the other big case we are watching, all eyes shifting to the issue of same-sex marriage. it looks like that either has to come tomorrow or monday now? >> that's right. there is five cases left on the supreme court dockets with two decision days left. friday and monday. probably the odds on favorite would be monday for the same- sex marriage case. >> so we will hear the others on friday and then the big finale, if you will, on monday? >> that's right. >> let's mention quickly the suit that came out of texas with the federal housing rules and the bias perceived? them. >> that's right. the other case released today was about the fair housing act and whether people who are claiming there has been an discriminatory practice in law in providing housing have to show that there has been discriminatory intent or whether they can show the impact was discriminatory. the supreme court ruled that impact is sufficient. this is a huge ruling for civil rights group and fair housing
7:44 am
generally. >> we continue to watch the supreme court. looks like friday or monday for the big same-sex marriage ruling. dave, back to you. >> thank you. time is 7:43. a very unique san francisco construction project is getting a lot of attention. it's the city's first apartment building specifically designed for low-income lgbt senior citizens. it's near market and laguna streets. now, the non-profit social service agency open house helped spearhead this project. spokesmen say that they don't have the same level of family support that other senior citizens may have. >> the gay and lesbian community is the equivalent of a persecuted ethnic community. it would be nice to be around your own people. especially in your later years in life. >> very critical that we create a space that is safer and more supportive and understanding of the unique challenges they face, accessing those services. >> a work in progress.
7:45 am
>> 40 units are ready for move in next summer. 79 more in three years. legally, housing can't be set aside for any specific group, but lgbt senior citizens are encouraged to apply. we are still following a very disturbing case of animal cruelty in walnut creek. a woman said someone took her dog, tied and bound its legs and theft to die in a canal. ktvu fox 2's brian flores in our newsroom now. you have more reaction from this woman who is obviously heartbroken? >> she is, dave. very sad indeed. unbelievable that somebody could do this. we spoke to the walnut creek woman, the owner of this beloved dog, and she is left wondering who would do this. more importantly, why? the dog was a 14-year-old australian sheppard named gino pictured here. marilyn showed us pictures of their beloved family dog when we spoke with her.
7:46 am
she tells ktvu sunday night it was peculiar that gino wasn't in their room as they were going to bed. they spent that evening looking for gino but couldn't find him. the next day they posted flyers around the neighborhood asking if people had seen gino. when she returned home tuesday she got a phone call that he was found with his legs tied together with a shoelace in a canal. the body was found by a contra costa water district worker doing his job checking the channels at the time. that worker called marilyn to let her know the grim news. >> this is so wrong. this is evil. whoever, whatever person, people or whoever did this, they obviously need professional help and they really need to be away from my neighborhood. they need to be locked up. >> reporter: marilyn says she has no idea who would want to hurt her dog. her dog was older, had a tough
7:47 am
time seeing and hearing and never really barked or bothered anybody. animal servicees is asking the public to help figure out what happened. marilyn is planning on meeting with animal services today to decide what to do next. very disturbing story here, dave. >> brian flores, thank you. 7:46. let's get you out the door thanks to sal. >> good morning. we are still looking at some commutes that are going to be a little bit slow. we are going to start off with the bay bridge because there is slow traffic there. and we are expecting the traffic to be a little bit slow into the city today. through the middle of the day as well. there is a 12:45 giants games. first pitch at 12:45 against the padres. no problems on the bridge itself. highway 37 at lakeville there is a motorcycle crash here. highway 37 is slow out of vallejo. it stays slow all the way until past lakeville. we also have -- i don't think we told them. randy, can you give us a look
7:48 am
at 680, please? highway 680, there we go, sky fox is giving us a look at 680. we had a report of a gas fire. sky fox is looking for it. we haven't found anything. that's good news. fire department went out there. this is the kind of weather that, you know, you have to be careful with. 7:48. let's go to steve in the weather center. thank you, sir. very hazy skies. already warming up fast for some. there is subsidies 60s and 70s. that haze, a lot of the fires in the sierra causing hazy, smoke skies in the mountains. hardly a breeze. i mean, it's most locations calm or less than a couple of miles per hour. there is a slight offshore breeze. not that much of one. there is a little bit of fog. san mateo, santa cruz coast. but it's going to be warm to hot for many today. especially away from the coast. the coast looks nice, most of it. not that hot. travis says 80 degrees today, boo. thumbs down for you, steve. give us am rain. travis, i think he is in
7:49 am
oakland. 80 sounds beautiful to me. try coming out to my castle [ applause ] >> i will be doing cannon balls off the drawbridge into the moat today. you guys in the control room are good today. i tell you. this is jim in cobb mountain. a beautiful sunrise. already 66 degrees and rising. it's not like cozumel last week. okay. we get it. you are on vacation last week. you brought back the heat but not the humidity. that might show up by the weekend. little bit of fog month ray. santa cruz coast, san mateo already some mid 60s. i know it's 70 in clearlake already. 56 in half moon day. daly city at 64. west at eight, that's not going to do it. offshore at oakland. a northerly breeze napa airport. 70s in the interior. very hot. 106 forecasted for fresno today. a record high.
7:50 am
and 92 or phoenix to 65 seattle. seattle again looking for another day maybe above 80 degrees. setting a record here. the fog that looks like it will be on the move tonight and then the higher clouds coming up wrapping and a low, tapping into a lot of cloud cover here. it will move into the picture here, but until late friday morning. more likely saturday. sunshine, warm to hot except by the coast. it won't take long for inland areas or anybody away from the coast to warm up quick here. this is the warmest day for the next five and maybe for a while because the fog will be back and then those higher clouds start to move in. we get a little low coming in which will help to increase that on shore breeze as well. a little bit of a cooling trend friday. then a really pronounced one on saturday. you know, with the toyota save mart. >> right. >> thank goodness it's not today. it will be much cooler by the weekend up there. >> okay. all right. steve, thank you. >> you bet. time now 7:50. here is a question. do you know how much money your
7:51 am
partner makes? still ahead on "mornings on 2", why a majority of people say they don't know. but first. shame on you. you shouldn't be doing this. >> and that's just the beginning. after the break, how the leader of this free world shuts down a heckler who challenged the president at the white house. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. just before being sentenced to the boston marathon bomber
7:54 am
apologized. dzhokhar tsarnaev addressed survivors and families of the victims saying i am sorry for the lives i have taken. he said he had listened to each one of them as they took the stand to describe how the bombing deeply affected them. as a judge handed down the death sentence, he told tsarnaev he would only be remembered for the evil he had done. three people were killed and more than 260 others were severery injured. time is 7:54. a military fighter jet crashed last night during a training mission in southern arizona near the mexican border. the pilot flying that f-16 with the arizona national guard was the only person on board and we don't know yet if he survived. that crash did spark a brushfire in the area. we have some new information coming in about how the two men broke out of that maximum-security prison in upstate new york. in a sworn statement to investigators, corrections officer gene palmer says he gave the escapees a package of frozen meat provided by prison worker
7:55 am
joyce mitchell. palmer said he didn't know the meat contained tools that could be used to break out of the prison. palmer, who was charged and is now out on bail, says one of the escapees was a confidential inch ent who told him been illegal acts some other inmates were committing. the search goes on for those two inmates. david sweat and richard matt, it's now focused in a wide area about 75 square miles of upstate new york. the police think the men may have a shotgun or some other weapons from a hunting cabin. it makes them even more dangerous. joyce mitchell, a prison employee, was arrested on charges she helped them escape. president obama has had his fair share of hecklers, but one challenged him yesterday. watch here as the president shuts him down. >> no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
7:56 am
hey, yeah, listen, you're in my house. >> the heckler started yelling, no more deportation while he was making remarks at the white house. president obama stopped his speech. he see him trying to calm the person down. an activist group says the heckler is an undocumented immigrant who is transgender and she wanted to bring attention to the pride of lbgt immigrants. because she kept yelling, she was kicked out. still ahead. coming up on horne on two, there is another shark attack. where this happened and how the victim is doing. passengers may find some relief in a new plan that bart has for underground bathrooms. why they may be reopening for the first time in 14 years. and we're looking at the morning commute on 237 in the south bay. its a little bit rough getting over to sunnyvale mountain view
7:57 am
right now. we will tell you more coming up. looks nice by the coast. for some inland a little mini heat wave.
7:58 am
7:59 am
there is a new study out and we are checking on a couple of things, but this study asks the question, how much money does your partner make? a lot of people couldn't answer it. they don't know. stay tuned. we are going to break down that
8:00 am
study for you. this is ktvu "mornings on 2". good morning and welcome to this 8:00 hour of morning on two. video into the newsroom of a grassfire in the south bay. we will go live to janine dela paying a. also an eye on the white house. the supreme court just minutes ago announced the ruling in favor of obamacare. so the president must be pleased. we also learned today that we will not be hearing the decision from justices on the same-sex marriage issue. that now has to happen either friday or coming up monday. >> busy day. >> very. it is thursday, june 25. i am dave clark. >> i am gasia mikaelian. let's get you out the door by checking the weather. a lot of us are comfortable at the moment, but in four hours it's not going to be? >> for many that is correct. it's going to be a pretty warm for many inland. on the coast not too bad. but it looks to be the cut-off around santa cruz, parts of the san mateo coast. the fog is out there but it's
8:01 am
parallel to the coast. inland hizikis. already warming up quick here. the good news for those who don't like the heat, it's not going to last very long. currently 75 degrees and sunny skies with a three-mile-per- hour wind and daly city already 65. my dogelli is not happy. this is one of those patterns where your cat or dog lies on the kitchen floor if you are away from the coast because it's going to be 90s and 100s for many. there is a little bit of fog. 70 in fairfield already. that tells you, i mean, there is absolutely no please. this is cassie jean in el granada. a gorgeous morning. the fog is way out there over the pacific. there is a little bit more closer to the coast on the santa cruz coast. fairfield has gone from 21, 18, 12, 8, now 3. that's why they are 70 degrees. it will be hot almost the entire west coast. for us a lot of high clouds will
8:02 am
be visiting on the weekend. it will be nice by the coast today. 60s, 70s there. 80s, 90s, and 100s away. sal, usual slow traffic? >> yeah, we have a lot of slow traffic, steve. a couple of minor things. mostly slow traffic especially trying to get into the valley. the silicon valley. this morning's commute at the toll plaza is moderate. we are expecting it to stay kind of robust all day because of the daytime baseball game in san francisco. and then later when you leave the city today, tonight, you will be with a lot of people leaving that game at about 3 or 4, whenever it's over. first pitch 12:45. it will be closer to four when that game is out. this is 880 southbound. dumbarton bridge the san mateo bridge traffic slow over to 101. we look at 101 from south san jose, it's very slow. so is 87 coming from 85 to downtown san jose because of earlier issues. let's take a live look at 280 san jose. northbound 280 not too bad.
8:03 am
slow around the corner approaching highway 17. it's 8:02. back to the desk. we are following developing news in the south bay. fire crews battled a brushfire near the guadalupe reservoir. >> reporter: here here on hicks road. this is up in the lot gatos hills. we are surrounded by fire trucks. you can see this is very steep te rain. the fire is burning. there is areas that you see are still smoldering up here. you can definitely smell all the smoke in the air. i want to go to some video that was shot earlier. this is what it looked like from sky fox. this fire started burning just after five this morning off of hicks road near reynolds. it is dry out here. a lot of vegetation that hasn't received any water because of the drought.
8:04 am
so far we have been told by cal fire it's burned three acres. but firefighters tell us this fire is 80% contained. now, no homes were threatened. this is a curvy, you know, two-lane road. the houses here are scattered. a lot of times cyclists use this area to ride their bikes. if you can see back out here live, i do want to show you there are a bunch of hand crews out here from cal fire. they came from ben lehman. they came from santa cruz. they have inmates here that you can see are wearing orange. right now what had they're doing is they are they are cutting a fire line. making a trench three to four feet around this steep terrain here because they want it to make sure that it acts as a barrier so that the fire won't spread. also san jose fire is helping getting water. they keep running out of water. so they have water tenders out here and san jose fire has been
8:05 am
going several miles down the road to a fire hydrant to load up on that water and bring it to the crews here. they expect that they are going to be here for the next several hours. but it is under control and it has not spread. and at this time they are, again, just trying to put a barrier around it so that it won't spread and they can completely make sure to squash it. back to you. >> thank you. time is now 8:05. meantime, several big wildfires are burning all over california this morning. and one of the biggest is a 17,000-acre fire still out of control near the nevada border. it started last friday. it's only 10% contained. the parts of highway 4 and 89 are still closed right now. no buildings have been damaged so far, but the fire is getting closer to cabins. several nearby campgrounds have been evacuated. while the mountain town of markly victim is on alert. 900 firefighters are battling
8:06 am
the fire, which was sparked by lightning. now, in southern california a wildfire northwest of los angeles, it is 45% contained now. it started yesterday afternoon. it's burned 350 acres. more than 1,000 people had to evacuate, and a part of the 5 freeway was shut down. but the evacuation orders were lifted last night. one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. starting monday outdoor burning will be banned in three bay area counties because of the fire threat. cal fire is suspended all permits for outdoor residents burning in alameda, contra costa, and santa clara counties. the ban includes burning branches and leaves. cal fire is also asking homeowners to clear dead or dying shrubs and to trim tree limbs to reduce the fire risk. another big story. the supreme court has ruled on the affordable care act saying the subsidies are legal. but there will be no ruling announced on same-sex marriage today.
8:07 am
that decision will either come down tomorrow or monday. coming up in the second half hour, we will sit down with a law professor who will break down the obamacare ruling. we are also expecting to hear from president obama presumably on his health care victory within the hour. what could be in store for same-sex marriage. our time "mornings on 2" is 8:07. people in bay point are nervous this morning. sheriff's deputies said two recent drive by killings near highway 4 were gang related and connected. the first saturday afternoon. but the most recent one occurred late tuesday night. in the tuesday night shooting shots were fired at a man and a woman as they drove past the willow pass road on-ramp to westbound highway 4. now, the couple was able to drive to a hospital, but 19-year-old patricia ochoa later died from her injuries. a 26-year-old man is listed in stable condition. >> i drive up and down the freeway every day. my mom and dad live out here. i am born and raised here.
8:08 am
and it's scary. >> now, investigators have connected that shooting to the one on saturday afternoon on highway 4 near bailey road. 20-year-old thomas mendez of pittsburg was killed in his car. investigators are saying all three victims in the two shootings were targeted. the sheriff's department says the general public should not be concerned about driving on highway 4. restrooms may be reopened soon after being closed for security reasons almost 14 years ago at bart stations. tara moriarty, after working with you for several years you would think i would get it. >> reporter: you will get it soon. >> you are there at powell street in the city. it's not just as easy as unlocking the door here, right? >> reporter: yeah. you know, a lot of people maybe didn't notice that bart closed the public restrooms after 9/11 due to security concerns. now they are thinking about reopening the ones, you all of
8:09 am
them are reopen except for the underground ones. this is the powell street station. we will give the test run bathrooms a shot. those steel doors are the current bathrooms. those would be replaced with semi opaque doors with gaps at the top and bottom with sinks out here. the design came about in order to discourage things like drug use, vandalism and other suspicious behavior. most passengers we talked to say they like the idea because they think it might spruce up bart stations overall. one woman says it would be a mistake. >> i think it's a bad idea. >> reporter: how come? >> i think people will be hiding in there that's not supposed to be in there. a lot of homeless people are going to create more riff-raff. it's enough stuff around here that you're doing that you should be able to use the bathroom somewhere around here rather than down here underground. >> reporter: bart says it receives a lot of complaints
8:10 am
about the stench of urine and feces at station entrances. passenger blaming the problem on the closed restrooms. it would cost a million dollars a year to clean, repair the restrooms. this will be discussed at a board meeting at 5:00 tonight in oakland. >> thank you. time is now 8:10. new this morning cab drivers in paris, they are blocking the streets to both the main airports and the train stations. they are protesting the expansion of uber pop into paris. now, uber pop is a gust of san francisco-based uber. they are setting fires it to tires, throwing rocks at police officers. uber has been banned in france. taxi drivers say that is not being enforced. they say their jobs are in danger. cab drivers from london, spain, and belgium are joining the protest and they say it is only the beginning. shame on you.
8:11 am
those are the words from president obama after a heckler screamed at him. the woman and what those around her did during the outburst. we will break down a new study. it begs to ask why people don't know how much money their partners make. good morning. we are looking at a commute here on the sunol grade. traffic is doing well heading south. we will tell you a little more about this commute. lots of sunshine. hazy skies. a teeny bit of fog. but that's not going to stop some very warm temps today. we will show them to you coming up. sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon! right now at sleep train save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and serta icomfort. big savings and interest-free financing? these deals aren't just hot, they're explosive! sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon! ♪ sleep train ♪
8:12 am
♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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8:14 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2". time is 8:14. for better, for worse, but don't ask me about my money. a new surrounded vie -- a new survey about what couples do and do not share about their money. ktvu fox 2's pam cook is in the studio. >> reporter: the fidelity survey that is out finds that 43% of couples actually say they have no idea how much their partner makes. a lot of it is miscommunication or no communication in the relationship about earnings. but sometimes it's because one person handles all of the finances. fidelly also says a lack of information is being blamed on
8:15 am
the recent recession. one of the lasting impacts of the recession, many families have irregular incomes now because more people are working contract or freelance. that leads you to not knowing exactly how much your partner by 020 independent contractors were expected to make up 40% of the u.s. work force. the survey finds 35% of adults bring some kind of debt into a serious relationship. they don't talk about it. the most common, credit card debt followed by car loans, mortgage debt, and then student loans. and financial analysts say a lack of knowledge about your finances is dangerous not just to the relationship, but also to your current financial standing and to your future, particularly when it comes to retirement planning. so talking about how amazing it is. a couple of interesting reasons
8:16 am
about that freelance part. >> definitely. it's sort of you eat when you kill. if you are not killing it up that week, times are rough. and i can't imagine not hashing that out. show me your cards. what's your deal before you make a commitment such as marriage. >> that's what they're suggesting. before you head into a serious relationship, definitely talk about that because it comes into play. >> easier to do early on. >> yes. thanks. time is now 81:00. all right. sal, you have got our commute all figured out? >> i just had to laugh. eat what you kill? really? really gasia? that analogy? i am giving you grief. that's what happens on the morning show. i love you guys. >> i am honored. >> let's go out and take a look at the commute. she is going to get a lot for of that because she is one of us now. the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up.
8:17 am
if you are driving into san francisco, all joke joking aside, today there is a daytime giants game and that means at 4:00, about 40,000 people are going to be leaving that stadium. sure, a lot of them use transit. out to the commute in san jose, really hasn't been good on 101. even 87 has been slow. let's take a snapshot of 280 at the 880 interchange. northbound up to highway 17, we do have some slow traffic there. and now let's bring steve in. steve, -- >> they are just yapping away. your weather music has been on point today. >> tomorrow is friday traffic jams. what is the theme? >> i don't know. we don't have a theme yet. we will get a theme. the boss is in the room. i will talk to him. >> sounds good. thanks. we have a lot of good suggestions on the music. i thank the control. they have been the spot on
8:18 am
today. is there a clap for the control room? i guess not. here it comes. >> a cricket. >> timing is everything. all right. clear skies except for a little bit of fog on the santa cruz coast. it's very still. not much of a breeze. already 75 in vacaville. 70 in fairfield. almost 70 for some. there is just a teeny bit of fog. it won't matter unless you are near the coast. there is a little bit on the coast. 70s. 60s already. 57 half moon bay. 64 already in daly city. most locations compared to 24 hours ago are running five to eight degrees warmer than they were. there is a little bit of fog right by the golden gate. it can't get past there. what does burns off really fast. that's usually a sign the city will be in the 70s today. 94 in phoenix already. 67 seattle. of the west coast dealing with this dome of high pressure. a little bit of fog will turn into a lot of fog by tomorrow.
8:19 am
today it's going to lose ought to high pressure. clearing nice over by the coast. maybe cool to mild to warm for some depending. north looks like a beautiful day. sunny and hot for many for the inland areas. this will be the warmest day over the next five. about five, ten degrees warmer for many away from the coast. there is a bunch of monsoon moisture in arizona and northern mexico. tropical clouds as well. looks like that is heading in our direction starting late friday. it will take us also into saturday. shower activity up in the sierra. higher clouds increasing up there already. so the temperatures will go down, but the lows and humidity comes up. don't think we we will see any rain out of this. kind of interesting pattern here developing for june. not something we usually see in june. sunshine. warm to hot. nice by the coast. 60s. 70s. and then a few steps inland 80s and 90s to 100 degrees. 103 in clearlake. brentwood.
8:20 am
78 for alameda. 80 oakland. upper 90s for some. 100 for many. within a couple of degrees of 100. santa clara val 90s to 101. 60s, 70s on the coast. 80s, 90s on the peninsula. redwood city 90. and also woodside. fog will be on the move friday and a little cooler and a much cooler pattern with a lot of clouds. low and high on the weekend. >> okay. thank you. sad story out of the south. more than 80 children at a summer daycare facility in alabama came down with suspected food poisoning. the children most of them between one and four years old suffered vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. they were treated at a hospital in montgomery. the source of the illness hasn't been inpoint -- pinpointed. another shark attack at a beach in north carolina. police say an 8-year-old boy was in just knee-deepwater when he was bitten yesterday. it happened at surf city, about
8:21 am
60 miles north of the beach where a boy and girl lost limbs in a shark attack a week and a half ago. police say the 8-year-old boy suffered bites on his foot and heel. fortunately, his injuries are said to be minor. time is 8:20. really aggressive heckler at the white house yesterday relentlessly went after president obama until the president had enough. >> no, no, no. hey, yeah, listen. you're in my house [ laughter ] >> there you go. the heckler kept yelling. no more deportations at the president, while the president was talking at the white house in honor of national pride month. president obama stopped his speech. he tried to calm the person down. an immigrant lbgt activist group says the heckler is an undocumented immigrant who was transgender and she wanted to bring attention to the plight of lbgt immigrants. here is the video of the woman
8:22 am
as she yelled at the president. look close. you can see several people around her trying to calm her down. there is a close-up right here. now, during the heckling people in the room chanted, obama. they booed the woman. because she kept yelling she was kicked out. remember those brick cell phones? >> i do remember. >> this little tiny smartphone, what he has to say about those marathon modern day smartphones and why he thinks apps aren't all that great. a new report shows american shoppers are feeling more confident about opening up their wallets.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
global mar connects -- markets are halting. greece and its international creditors talks ended early today. it's not clear why there was no progress. they have until next tuesday to rebay $1.8 million to the international monetary fund or face default. that could force it out of the eurozone which could lead to an upset in market around the world. here in the united states consumer spending jumps .9% in may, and that's the biggest increase we have seen in six years. shoppers bought new cars and spent more to fill up their gas tanks. economists track personal spending because it accounts for
8:26 am
more than two-thirds of the u.s. economy in total. personal income in may also increased .5%. our time is 8:25. an executive for google has died in an accident. the latest victim a 30-year-old man who worked in advertising in google's london office. he was attending the caa nes festival in france. google hasn't told us his name out of respect for his family. local police say the man who lived and worked in the united kingdom was run over by a cab. now, in april google executive dan fredenberg was killed while climbing mount everest. yahoo announced a new report with oracle. the search engine says it will be the default for java. the ceo says yahoo's deal to be the default search engine for mozilla's firefox browser and has been quite profitable, but she didn't give up any details
8:27 am
about it. well, the supreme court rulings are a big discussion all over the nation right now and in the bay area. today's decision is being called a major victory for president obama. ahead we are going to talk with a local law professor to find out what the ruling really means. plus, many people in this antioch neighborhood are breathing a sigh of relief this morning after a fast moving brushfire forced them from their homes yesterday afternoon. we will tell you about the evacuations in the area and what one family packed up and took with them as they left. good morning. morning commute right now is going to be slow in some areas, especially in the east bay. we will tell you where the tough spots are coming up. the first week of summer and it's going to feel very summer time like today.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". these are live pictures at the u.s. supreme court. any minute president obama is due to make a statement from the white house about this morning's supreme court ruling about the affordable care act, otherwise known as obamacare. as we have been telling you, the high court upheld the tax subsidies that are given to millions of people under the president's healthcare law. now, we are going to bring you president obama and his statement live once he comes up to the podium there at the white house. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it's 8:30. it's thursday, june 25. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic right now. steve paulsen with the latest.
8:31 am
>> pretty warm temps unless you are by the coast. it's starting to warm up. there is not much of a breeze. most has collapsed here. we are under calm, hazy conditions and it's already -- now, there is a teeny bit of fog outside the golden gate. that doesn't have any chance. also parallel to the san mateo coast. a little on the santa cruz coast. unless you are right there, i don't think it's going to matter. everyone else has sunshine. this is kelsey sox. said it's the 69 degrees in walnut creek. it's going to be a hot one today. i would agree. tomorrow we will start a little cooling trend. some fog showing up favoring santa cruz, monteray. that's it. 60s and 70s already. 50s for some. 64 san jose. and it will be smoking hot from redding to sacramento. also fresno and bakersfield. possible record highs. this will be the hottest day. then fog returning tomorrow and a lot of high clouds on the way for the weekend for a pretty big cool-down. today it's about sunshine. hazy. warm to hot. nice by the coast. teeny bit of fog for a few, but
8:32 am
not a lot. 60s, 70s, 80s by the water. 90s and 101 inland. sal, the normal slow traffic? >> yeah, couple of things. we have had a couple of car fires already, steve. southbound 880 at marina there is a car fire reported. there was one reported earlier in castro valley. unfortunately, when it gets hot, these things happen. let's take a look at some of the things we have for you. westbound bay bridge traffic is going to be backed up for about a 20-minute delay. remember there is a daytime baseball game 12:45 first pitch at at&t game. then everyone is on the road getting out of there. a brand-new injury accident reported southbound 101 near petaluma boulevard north. 101 in san francisco looks good. no major problems here as you drive through. there is also a brand-new accident just reported southbound 680 at allen rock. a couple of crashes just came in as we were talking here. you can see our south bay map.
8:33 am
traffic a little bit busy. the new accident reported southbound 680 at alan rock right about here and traffic is going to slow down in that area. let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. time is 8:32a lot of anticipation. the u.s. supreme court released the last of the ruling for this current session. today the court handed dueling the ruling on the affordable care act otherwise known as obamacare. we're still waiting for the much anticipated same-sex marriage ruling. >> professor of santa clara university school of law back with us now. professor, we are about to hear from the president. first though, the chief justice john roberts in the opinion said taking away the federal subsidies from the states unlike california that rely on the federal government for the exchange, he said taking it away would essentially send the state exchanges such as ours into what he calls a death spiral? >> that's right. the law is based on three
8:34 am
things happening. one, that insurance companies can't deny coverage to people based on preexisting conditions. two, that everyone is required to have coverage. and, three, for people who can't afford it, they get subsidies to do so. as the court described in its opinion, these are interlocking and closely intertwined. if you take away any one of them, the other two are also going to be hurt. >> it's highly political sized situation. you said you weren't surprised by the outcome? >> i think is the most natural reading of the statute as a whole. it is true that the particular portion in question was perhaps poorly drafted. but it's really impossible to read the law as a whole and not think that this was the correct reading. >> we are hearing praise for today's announcement from nancy pelosi, harry reid saying enough is enough. let's move on. but for those who are against today's announcement, the
8:35 am
dissenting justice antone scalia -- we are going to head over to the president. his first reaction. >> nearly a century of talk, decades of trying, a year of bipartisan debate. we finally declared that in america healthcare is not a privilege for a few, but a right for all. over those five years, as we've worked to implement the affordable care act, there have been successes and setbacks. the setbacks i remember clearly. but as the dust has settled, there can be no doubt that this law is working. it has changed and in some cases saved american lives. it set this country on a smarter, stronger course. and today after more than 50 votes in congress it to repeal or weaken this law, after a
8:36 am
presidential election based in part on preserving or repealing this law, after multiple challenges to this law before the supreme court the affordable care act is here to stay. this morning the court upheld a critical part of this law. part that has made it easier for americans to afford health insurance regardless of where you live. if the partisan challenge to this law this succeeded, millions of americans would have had thousands of dollars worth of tax credits taken from them. for many, insurance would have become unaffordable again. many would have become uninsured again. ultimately, everyone's premium could have gone up. america would have gone backwards. and that's not what we do. that's not what america does. we move forward. so today is a victory for hard working americans all across this country whose lives will continue to become more secure
8:37 am
in a changing economy because of this law. if you are a parent, you can keep your kids on your plan until they turn 26. something that has covered millions of young people so far. that's because of this law. if you are a senior or an american with a disability, this law gives you discounts on your prescriptions. something that has saved nine million americans an average of $1,600 so far. if you are a woman, you can't be charged more than anybody else. even if you have had cancer or your husband had heart disease or just because you're a woman. your insurer has to offer preventative services like mammograms. they can't place annual or lifetime caps on your care because of this law. because of this law and because of today's decision, millions of americans who i hear from every single day will continue to
8:38 am
receive the tax credits that have given about eight in ten people who buy insurance on the new marketplaces the choice of a healthcare plan that costs less than $100 a month. and when it comes to preexisting conditions, some day our grand-kids will ask us if there was really a time when america discriminated against people who get sick because that is something this law has ended for good. that affects everybody with health insurance. not just folks who got insurance through the affordable care act. all of america has protections it didn't have before. the law's provisions have gradually taken effect, more than 16 million uninsured americans have gained coverage so far. nearly one in three americans who was uninsured a few years ago is insured today. the uninsured rate in america is the lowest since we began to
8:39 am
keep records, and that is something we can all be proud of. meanwhile, the law has helped hold the price of healthcare to its slowest growth in 50 years. if your family gets insurance through your job, so you are not using the affordable care act, you are still paying $1,800 less per year on average than you would be if we hadn't done anything. my one leading measure, what business owners pay out in wages and salaries is now finally growing faster than what they spend on health insurance. that hasn't happened in 17 years. and that's good for workers. and it's good for the economy. the point is, this is not an abstract thing any more. this is not a set of political talking points. this is reality. we can see how it is working. this law is working exactly as
8:40 am
it's supposed to. in many ways, this law is working better than we expected it to. for all the misinformation campaigns, all the doomsday predictions, all the talk of death panels and job disruption, for all of the repeal attempts this law is now helping tens of millions of americans. and they've told me that it has changed their lives for the better. i have had moms come up and say, my son was able to see a doctor and get diagnosed and catch a tumor early and he is alive today because of this law. this slaw working. and it's going to keep doing just that. five years in, this is no longer about a law.
8:41 am
this is not about the affordable care act as legislation or obamacare as a political football. this is healthcare in america. and unlike social security or medicare, a lot of americans still don't know what obamacare is beyond all the political noise in washington. across the country there remain people who are directly benefitting from the law, but don't even know it. and that's okay. there is no card that says obamacare when you enroll. but that's by design. for this has never been a government takeover of healthcare, despite cries to the contrary. this reform remains what it's always been. a set of fairer rules and tougher protections that have made healthcare in america more affordable, more attainable, and more about you. the consumer. the american people.
8:42 am
it's working. and with this case behind us lets be clear. we have still got more to do to make healthcare in america better. we will keep working to provide consumers the tools to make informed choices about your care. working to increase the preventative care that avoids bigger problems down the road. the steadily improving quality of care in hospitals, bring down costs even lower. make the system work even better. already we've seen reductions, for example, in the number of readmissions at hospitals. that saves our society money. it saves families money. it makes people healthier. we are making progress. we are going to keep working to get more people covered. i am going to work as hard as i can to convince more governors
8:43 am
and state legislators to take advantage of the law. put politics aside and expand medicaid and cover their citizens. we have got states out there that for political reasons are not covering millions of people they could be covering despite the fact that the federal government's picking up the tab. so we have got more work to do. but what we are not going to do is unravel what has now been woven into the fabric of america. and my greatest hope is that rather than keep refighting battles that have been settled again and again and again, i can work with republicans and democrats to move forward. let's join together. make healthcare in america even better. three generations ago we chose to end anea when seniors were
8:44 am
left to languish in poverty. we passed social security. and slowly it was woven into the fabric of america and made a difference in the lives of millions of people. two generations ago we chose to end an age when americans in their golden years didn't have the guarantee of healthcare. medicare was passed. and it helped millions of people. this generation of americans chose to finish the job. to turn the page on a past when our citizens could be denied coverage just for being sick. to close the books on a history where tens of millions of americans had no hope of finding decent, affordable healthcare. had to hang their chances on fate. we chose to write a new chapter where in a new economy americans are free to change their jobs or start a business, chase a new
8:45 am
idea, raise a family free from fear. secure in the knowledge that portable, affordable healthcare is there for us and always will be. and that if we get sick we are not going to lose our home. that if we get sick, that we're going to be able to still look after our families. that's why america soars when we look out for one another and we take care of each other. when we root for one another's success. when we strive to do better and to be better than the generation that came before us and try to build something better for generations to come. that's why we do what we do.
8:46 am
that's the whole point of public service. so this was a good day for america. let's get back to work. > [ applause ] >> we have been looking live at president obama live from the rose garden at the white house commenting on the u.s. supreme court ruling on the affordable care act. and we have been listening to -- we also know that several lawmakers are already commenting on the supreme court ruling. barbara boxer, a california senator saying it's a victory for millions of americans who now have affordable healthcare, a lot for the first times in their lives because of obamacare. saying it's long pastime for republicans to end the efforts to undermine the affordable care act and she is calling on them to join them in fulfilling the promise of quality, affordable healthcare for all. >> santa clara university
8:47 am
professor watching the president with us. we heard the president say he doesn't want to keep refighting battles. and pointing to the fact that affordable care act has certainly been in trouble before. dissenting justice scalia said we should call it scotus care. the supreme court essentially saved it twice now. we heard from the president. we heard from the supreme court. do you think it will quiet the challengers, will do it still be challenged in the future? >> this case was created through a political situation in which groups of people who opposed obamacare got together to think about the best way of challenging it. this was their -- in their estimation, their best shot at challenging it. it would stand to reason we would not see another case. that being said, i didn't think it would be challenged the first time or second time and did. so you never know. >> while we have you here, quickly, there was no ruling today on same-sex marriage. what do you anticipate?
8:48 am
do you think tomorrow possibly? >> i think more likely we will see it on monday based on what the chief justice did at the end of the session today. it looks like there will be opinions issued both tomorrow and monday. there is five opinions left on the court's docket. and it's highly likely that the same-sex marriage ruling will be on monday. >> interesting. >> and certainly the same sex issue will be very closely watched here in california because, as we said, the same-sex marriage is legal in our state. what happens at the supreme court could affect california because of the way same-sex marriage became legal in california. >> all right. in california, same-sex marriage is legal not because of a law or a referendum or proposition, but because a federal court said that it is unconstitutional according to the united states constitution. if the u.s. united states supreme court tells us differently, that means that that initial ruling is in question. >> we saw a lot of people on the steps of the supreme court
8:49 am
today. i am sure that crowd will grow on friday and huge on monday if we haven't heard since then. >> the that's right. >> all right. got up early. drove in from menlo park. we appreciate your time and expertise. we will get reaction on today's ruling on air and online. make sure you check out our website. or download our ktvu app. our time is 8:49. in other news this morning, a brushfire, one that was fanned by strong winds, it's fully contained this morning in eastern contra costa county. it was a quick moving fire. it made a lot of people nervous and prompted evacuations by people living near contra loma park in antioch. alex savidge has been out there all morning. you are back now. the firefighters haven't let up on their work? >> reporter: no. people living on this cul-de-sac, they were right in the thick of it yesterday afternoon. and take a look behind us and you can see just how close the
8:50 am
fire got. the flames burned right up to their backyards. in the end, none of these homes were burned. there were mandatory evacuations for people living close to the area of grim speed drive where we are this morning. jennifer newton and her family, they were forced to pack up in a hurry and get out. this morning we caught up with newton. she was breezy breathing a sigh of radio he leave. taking out her grandmother as paintings she brought with her yesterday. >> they are not masterpieces, but they are to our family. that was one of the first things i grabbed besides my pets. i actually wasn't home when the fire started. so i just said get me home as fast as i can and got the paintings and the dogs and the cats. >> reporter: this was the scene yesterday. this fire quickly grew to about 500 acres with helicopters and air tankers being called in to make drops on it. flames came dangerously close to a number of homes. a lot of evacuations were
8:51 am
ordered. and that was because people, their homes back right up to the contra loma regional park where this fire was burning through hillsides full of dry brush and there was wind pushing this fire in a number of different directions yesterday. but in the end contra costa county fire crews and cal fire crews were able to control these flames. >> it ranked up there with a faster moving vegetation fire that i have been on. with the erratic you wind directions we had, the fire burning in about four different directions in at one point. and then you put the wind behind it on the topography, and as you can see behind us we had several homes threatened. >> reporter: again in thend there were no homes lost out here yesterday and that's actually pretty incredible incredible according to firefighters given the dry conditions that they were up against yesterday and the warm weather and wills the wind they were dealing with as well. and crews are facing again another hot, dry day here in
8:52 am
the antioch area. that's why contra costa county fire crews will remain out here monitoring this fire through the day just to make sure that none of those embers are blown around by the wind and they want to make sure this fire doesn't player back up. by the way, the cause of the fire still being investigated. >> i am looking at the surroundings behind you. doesn't look like there is any wind blowing right now? >> reporter: it's very light. >> thank you. perfect. unlike yesterday being blown all about. we are going to check on the weather in a second. first to the roads and see what sal has for us. >> good morning. we still have a lot of slow traffic. we will look at these pictures and show you the traffic is busy still getting into the late commute. bay bridge is going to stay this way because we have a lot of people coming into the city for a baseball game. also, looking at the san mateo bridge, it's at a complete stand
8:53 am
still over to a crowded highway 101. and if you are driving in san jose 101, 280 and 85 are also very slow. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. just a teeny bit of fog mainly on the santa cruz coast towards monterey. really not around here. we started off rather mild to warm. hazy skies around. high pressure kind of a cap, an inversion over of us. a teeny bit of fog get through the gold gate. carrie said 100 degrees, ugh. bring on the fog. maybe tomorrow. we will see this break down by tomorrow. no doubt about it by saturday. just a teeny bit of fog san mateo coast, santa cruz coast. other than that the 70s for some. it's not going to take long to warm up. most locations well above average today. it will be scorching shot in the sacramento and san joaquin valley. phoenix already 96. las vegas 91 degrees. 67 in seattle.
8:54 am
we are looking for warm weather here and everywhere. but then we will get a lot of high clouds. a low is going to punch in by friday night into seattle. that will seattle -- saturday. we will deal with that tomorrow. sunshine, warm to hot. 90s and 100s. 60s and 70s for everywhere else. does not look like this is going to last. today we top it out. warm to hot. cooler coast and bay on friday. everyone in on that by the weekend. >> thank you, steve. time is 8:54. parents who were proud of their kids, like you, usually like to brag, right? we will show you what one mother did to celebrate her son's success.
8:55 am
8:56 am
female announcer: don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a mom in new jersey is proud of her son and she wants everyone to know it. she put up a billboard that
8:57 am
reads, a mother can't raise a man, but i raised a gentleman. the total package. love your family. congratulations, 2015. mom in this case is a single parent with six children. she spent $700 on this bill board praising her son for graduating high school. >> love it. love it. all right. sal, do you love our commute? >> no, i don't really love it. the toll plaza is busy. but san mateo bridge is also very busy. remember there is a daytime baseball game today at at&t park. a lot of our friends will be in the city today. steve. i want to thank the control room. a lot of fun with the music today. >> they did. > [ applause ] >> we will give it to you. you guys were spot on today. and i helped a little bit. all right. warm to the hot today and fog starts to creep back friday. it will be cooler. much cooler by saturday. >> all right. steve. that's our report this morning. we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> ktvu news is back at noon.
8:58 am
and remember you can get your latest local headlines by going to and our mobile app. female announcer: don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. plus, pay no interest for 36 months
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