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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 25, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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get to the car and take the keys from him. he's been sitting here forever. >> a guy gets cops to check on a driver because he was worried about this man. see why worry soon turns to fury. >> shame on you. i got kids loved ones. >> workers on a steep ledge clearing loose rock. >> it's a dangerous job. >> the moment this guy finds out firsthand. >> a motorcyclist gives the unique view of the race. >> i'm not going to complain. >> why he probably did, after this.
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and these two wound up in a shelter and they became instant best friends. the story of orphans who found their for family. they're so darned cute! >> a man in missouri pulled up to a stoplight at an intersection and found this that man got his camera rolling after calling 911, and he started recording what was happening. the guy in this car had sat through several stoplights not going, behind the wheel, seems to be unconscious. guy behind the camera name is christian firm was worried about the man and we quickly see cops arrive on scene. >> look at the color of the skin. >> hey buddy. window down. >> the man is responsive but can't seem to figure out how to get that window down. >> roll it down for me real quick.
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roll your window down >> then this happens. >> no, no stop. stop the car. hey, stop stop. >> stop. watch your arm, watch your arm. stop! stop the [ bleep ] car! stop! roll the window down now. >> why don't they put the cop car in front of him so he can't keep driving? >> our guy behind the camera asked the question. >> got something to block him? >> finally they're able to get in on the passenger side and unlock the door. we see him come out of the car slowly and he's hardly able to walk. >> oh my goodness. ferm starts to give the driver of this black car a little piece of his mind. are you drunk? >> oh yeah. >> shame on you. i got kids and loved ones. >> this man, a 36-year-old, was charged with dwi, open container of alcohol and blocking the
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roadway. >> but you could kill somebody. you are watching the celebratory video of nick meyer. he gets closer to his goal of having four track titles flawlessly completed 30 laps and everybody is celebrating with him, but that is not the case for everyone. check out this video also of the same race. oh. and he lost his tires. >> this is basically the end of this race for doug smith. he is okay. >> quite the experience. part of the racing fun. it happens. that's why you have good sponsors fix it up and go out the next week. >> this is a motorcycle race at snedderton. this is howie maine, about ten
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laps into the race. it's amazing how low these guys can get. this is an interesting camera shot. i'm not going to complain -- >> somebody bought that space because it's got a big ad on it. >> it's all marketing. watch unfortunately his crash. there it is. he gets back up and smacks his helmet out of frustration. >> stupid stupid i could have had it! >> but he's okay. you got to go easy on the sauce. you drinkit too much you could wind up like this guy in the yellow shirt passed out on the sidewalk. thankfully a good samaritan sits down next to him tries to make sure the guy is okay. >> he's not helping out. >> he's trying to lighten this guy's load. he fishes through the guy's left pocket looking around is anybody watching? sees if he wakes up how passed out is he? good news for the thief he's super passed out.
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he fishes around in the guy's right pocket. off he goes down the block with a pocketful of the other guy's stuff, except -- this camera operated by some police surveillance in columbia. >> oh! sir, were you stealing from the guy down the block? no i wasn't. get down on the ground you are arrested. >> instant! >> they check on the guy and make sure he's okay as well. neat outcome in that video. this next one from australia, the block cafe captured this looks like it's afterhours three guys come storming into the block cafe and go straight for the kegs one keg is gone and the second keg, ooh, it was heavy. 'tempts to steal a second keg, gets a few steps, thud down to the floor it goes. he goes for the lighter bottles of wine. >> he looked well witchy. >> the owners of the block cafe are making a little bit of light of this trying to keep a stiff
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upper lip and make fun of the guys in the same vain trying to get the video out so people will be able to share it and track the guys down. >> they'll shame the guy for being unable to carry a keg and shame these guys for breaking into a bar to take what isn't theirs like double shaming. this is in norway. the guy we're seeing worked for a company called norwegian rock support. he's up there with his school basically trying to knock down loose rock preventing things like landslides rock slides. there's a roadway down below. you see him clearing out debris. >> i've seen videos like this before. they do it here in the states as well but it's a dangerous job, almost like scraping the plaque off the teeth of the mountain. >> watch how dangerous. you see him knock debris and take a step back. oh! holy smokes. >> wow.
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>> he could have easily been on that rock. >> well he was all tied in. >> if you're tied into that it doesn't matter. >> well i think they know what they're doing, but still, that's scary. >> wow, completely unexpected. you see those rocks, huge boulders land down on the road below. fortunately that roadway was closed no risk of having any cars or people on that road but i think this guy was even surprised by this. the bat's trapped and got to be wondering -- how did i get in this glass cage? we asked the tough question, next. and it's a 1957 t-bird special enough to get this man's attention. >> his heart is probably beating super fast. >> see one son's classic iou on
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now, back to the s if you want to feel happy, check out the amk productions youtube channel. you'll recognize this guy. do you recognize him? we just saw one of of his videoses not too long ago, randomly dancing behind people. he is walking the streets of new york wrapped in bubble wrap and just offering people hugs. >> bubble wrap hug. >> how do you not jump hug him? >> yes. >> oh they do. >> jumping in kids, girls, it's awesome. >> i know and every single person that this guy approaches has a huge smile on their face. >> you got to love the internet because it's making dreams of your childhood come true. tell me you didn't think about this kind of stuff when you were a kid, you saw bubble wrap. man, i wish i could do that. here it is being shared with the
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world. >> people do the thing you want to do, you start popping it. there's' beautiful moment in this video. >> it's bubble wrap i'm wrapped in bubble wrap so i'm giving out free hugs and bubble wrap. want to give me a hug and pop some bubbles? there we go. >> oh, cool. wow. i love this dude. i think he's possibly the happiest most positive dude on the internet. not only did this video make our day, at the very end somebody else's day was made as well. >> man, go for it. >> you just made my trip to new york. >> i think he could save both of these animal encounters are unlikely. see if you can figure out what these guys encounter on the road. they're on their motorcycle it's a windy, curvy road very nice. >> it's beautiful, look how green. ask you see did you see it? >> that could be dangerous to the motorcyclist. >> and dangerous for the turtle
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too. >> deadly. >> watch this the guy we're riding with ends up turning around stops the motorcycle walks over to the turtle picks it up, and gives us a good look at what it looks like. and it still looks intact so it looks like it's avoided any collision up to now and now thanks to these guys it's going to be safe because we moved it out of the road. now this little guy decides to come visit these fellas. >> oh man, bats. >> they're so cute. i know they're supposed to be scary but they're so cute. they spotted this bat and then they caught it and put it in this jar. >> what? don't put it in a jar. look how scared it is. how did i get in this glass cage? the bat is not happy. >> he's showing him his fangs. let me out of this cup! >> they said they were scared they caught it but went out and released it back into the wild. >> panda bath.
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>> a classic thing to do on father's day, check out some classic cars. why not take dad to a car show. that's what brian decided to do for his dad alan and like a moth to the flame, dad alan went straight over to the '57 thunderbird, his dream car, the car that he's always wanted went over there of course to check out the details on this '57 t-bird. and brian said hey, dad, check out the last part on that poster there? >> you see the last part? >> oh my god! >> son brian holds out the keys. dad this isn't just anybody's classic t-bird it is now yours. >> oh he got it for his dad? oh my gosh! that must have been quite
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expensive. >> this is payback because brian is an animal surgeon and mom and dad put him through undergrad school. >> this is such a great thing, giving back for all that he gave. >> return on investment i think they call that, right? >> yep. >> dad's reaction like so many dad reactions that we see, you know a little subdued. >> want to take it for a spin? >> okay. >> they're in walton, kentucky but the week before brian drove up to chicago to were much this thing, put a couple hundred miles on it to test it out and by the way, dad, you get a custom license plate, too. >> this is such a great surprise. >> don't keel over. romantic dinner with these guys singing. >> she is enjoying it. >> see what happens, next "right this minute." and still to come it's a crazy, dangerous place to go for a bike ride. >> if you fall here, there's no
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forgiveness. >> no. >> see where it is and who's doing it, next. and this guy is walking a mile in high heeled shoes just to know how women feel. sometimes you just want to kill everybody because the balls of your feet hurt. see how it allon "right this minute."
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literally the first definition of him and his personality right there. >> yep. >> the quad copter also used in this video. we're going to see a little hank the german shepherd get this exercise. >> cool. that's cool. >> isn't that a brilliant way to get your dog running and going and playing? >> it's like a "national geographic" about your own dog. >> the dog loved it. even does some dances pirouette, a little spin trying to jump up and grab the drone. in fact this isn't the only video of hank playing with the drone. jeff mcdonald got this shot of hank in the desert just keep climbing climbing climbing, you can see the shadows. these are the shoes i would normally wear on an average workkay. >> brandon from the bro bible is going to try to prove that women complain way too much about wearing heels all day. how bad can it be right? >> i'm going to give these bad boys a shot.
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>> oh he is in for a rude awakening. >> oh god. >> check out the pair he chose. not only are they strappy, which are going to cut into his feet and his toes after a few hours, it also has the thin heel which makes it even harder to balance yourself as you walk. >> i'm already in so much pain it's astounding. >> there he goes walking down the street people looking at him like he's goofy. he's so graceful. >> yes. >> now he's committed to keep the heels on all day long for everything that he does. >> oh, wow. >> right about here he gets the idea of what it's like to be a girl. >> i feel like people love to talk about how girls are kind of like prissy and in bitchy moods i get it right now. i want to kill everybody. >> sometimes you just want to kill everybody because the balls of your feet hurt. you can see at the very beginning of the video, he was a little wobbly on his feet but he was okay. now you can tell based on how
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he's walking that he's in pain. >> you guys get the car? i'm not going to be able to survive that walk again. >> right about here finally the conclusion. >> i want dusk. please let me die. i literally can't stand anymore. my legs are shaking, i'm calling this experiment at 7:15 p.m. pacific standard time. i'm going to go take some advil and go to sleep. >> all of you fellas out there, give your girls a foot rub right now. greedy cat. >> we have a turf to surf to turf adventure of epic proportions. why, it's on the epic tv channel. mountain bikers brayian mennier
9:23 am
and morgan such riding the volcanic mountainsides in the canary islands. some alien looking landscapes if you ever wanted to see. >> looks like they're riding on mars. >> it does interplanetary looking stuff. if you fall no forgiveness, hard rock gravel rough surfaces. they're awesome, they don't fall. blasting through the mountainside making it look easy and phub. >> you're right, this really looks like it's in a different planet. ? morgan out there, the girl making it look easy riding along with the dude brian. >> it's cool because we see so many videos with guys doing the extreme sports. it's so refreshing to see females doing it as well because we know we can do it. we don't see enough of it. >> she's keeping up with brian as as he makes his way down to the beach. cool off. it was a turf to surf to turf video? back up to the hills they go to
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♪ >> get ready for your heart to explode with this image. they're best friends. that's chip the little chihuahua puppy, five weeks old and adele, four weeks old in this video. both adele and chip were orphans about the same time. so the shelter where they were with the operation kindness no kill animal shelter placed them together and they became instant best friends and clung together in the shelter, keeping each other company, napping together, cuddling together. they are growing up together because a wonderful family adopted them together. and they have a facebook page that 66,000 people like.
9:28 am
>> you can't blame them they're so darned cute. >> look at the faces and look at the friendship. it just proves we can all get along no matter our differences. >> awesome. now they can set fire to the ring together forever. >> they're rolling in the deep. >> rolling in the deep fur. >> who had ever thought adele would think she'd find someone like chip. >> now they're rolling in the deep. >> that's going to do it for "right this minute" everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go!
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police zero in on a crazed killer. >> you can see the two foot long maet in his hand. >> see the desperate stop him before he strikes again. a careful driver is keeping a safe distance. >> he's actually doing everything right. >> why the guy behind her isn't. bear is at the door but this cat will not back off. see who is about to get his bell rung. and a kid's first time on the catapult. >> he's excited, he's tense. >> the moment


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