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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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snchts good morning, it's friday morning, june 26th, i'm pam cook. effort. let's get things started with weather and traffic. the fog is rolling in. the fog is rolling in. it's warm to hot, but not as bad as yesterday. a big drop for the coast and bay. higher clouds are beginning to move in. now, the fog is still rather shallow and there's warm air aloft. the higher clouds coming up from the south are really starting to move in fast. this is from clough -- cloe. i would think 100 for clear lake. that's some of the high cloud deck there. the low clouds are starting to circle the wagon and move in. 50s along the water.
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the west southwest breeze io long the bay. a lot of changes here in just one day and they are going to spell a little bit cooler pattern. the wind picks up cooler for most, still 90s inland. sal, what do you have for us at 67: 67 -- 6:01? let's look at the east shore freeway and start off with 80 westbound. some of the fog and the low clouds that you talked ability moving in. a lot of times we can see further than with this picture, but one of the things about this friday is we have fewer incidents, fewer accidents on the roads. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. things are moving through there with no major problems as you drive through this area. we have noticed slow traffic along 580. altamont pass to livermore,
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however, it's starting to improve already. by the time you reach dublin, things are back up to the speed limit. there are scary moments at a life guard competition yesterday, alex alex salvage is here with more. >> reporter: you can see they showed up for the big event and a bunch of great white sharks showed up as well. let's get you first to a photo that showed the contestants. this was the nor cal junior life guard competition. now, the event had to be canceled when about 15 sharks were spotted in the area. a man in a helicopter took these pictures. he just happens to be a marine
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biologist. he said the sharks likely just swam into the warmer waters to warm up. who can blame them. he said it's not unusual to see one or two, but it is unusual to see this many. he said it's a bit of a treat for him. brian, we can tell you what the beach is not closed to swimmers this morning even after all of those sharks were spotted. >> it's interesting. we have seen a lot of reports of sharks not only on the west coast, but on the east coast as well. >> and the numbers are rising. the great white population off of the coast, the numbers are going up. it's a thriving population. >> i think steve has talked about the water temperature having to do with that. >> we want your feedback on the
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pronunciation. well, this morning, again, we will be, of course, watching the supreme court to see if they will release their anticipated ruling on same sex marriage. the justice will release a decision about 7:30 our time, but it's not -- there's no way of knowing if the decision will come down today. the court has one more day on monday to hand down the decisions. the justice' are deciding on whether the same sex should be nationwide or if some states can keep their marriage bans. we are also following a developing story in south eastern france where a gas factory was attacked by suspected islamic extremist. the french president calling it a terrorist attack. now, these are pictures from
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sky flus -- news, our sister station in europe. a body that was beheaded was dumped at the entrance. several people are now under arrest, be -- but the officials are saying it's linked to islamic extremist. a gunman armed with a russian made assault rifle left at least 27 people dead including the gunman who was killed by the security forces. it's not clear whether or not there were other gunmen involved in the attack. tunesia has been on io high alert since march. the alameda attorney is issuing an investigation into the balcony collapse. city inspectors say they found
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severe dry rot from moisture that supported the balcony. now the district attorney says all of the evidence is being investigated. >> we will have to determine whether there are facts supporting charges and whether the charges will be proved without a reasonable doubt in a court of law. >> one of the victims of the collapse post eds an update on her facebook page yesterday. she said she suffered severe injuries including a crashed spinal cord. she said the chance of her walking again are pretty bleak. she said maybe she will find that her legs have been holding her back off of these years and maybe she has a talent for
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wheelchair basketball. there's a possible break this morning in an 18-year-old cold case in oakland. the teen turned 18 when she disappeared while visiting the bay area in 1987. her family recently hired a private investigator with a cay cadaver dog and yesterday, the dog picked up a saint in the home -- scent in the home where she was staying. the police say they searched the home where she was staying. the united nations secretary will be in san francisco to mark the anniversary of the signing of the charter. he will take part in a ceremony at city hall at noon. the event took place in the
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closing days of world war ii. at this time, there was a -- at that time, there was a discussion of making san francisco the home office, but it was moved to new york city. tar moriarty is live with more on the gay pride event. >> reporter: that's right, the l lgbt community is keeping an eye on the events at the supreme court. hundreds of thousands are expected to attend the pride parade. along the waterfront, the floats are taking shape with 500-gallons of paint all to send a message about the lgbt
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community. >> it's important that we are out there and that we show people who we are and how important this is to us. >> reporter: the gay men's choir has marched in the parade since it began. this year's grand marshall is the president of the golden state warriors. be forwarned, there will be street closures which minges traffic and -- means traffic and sunday, there's a palm game. definitely leave early and allow yourself enough time to get where you need to go. back to you. >> good advice, it's definitely going to be busy out there. >> thank you, tara. well, coming up, a dramatic drop in gang related crimes. at 6:30, a look at the events
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fighting crime. coming up after the break, the way president obama will help loved ones in saying their final good-byes and the special jest gesture he is expect 2nded to give to the family. well, the fog made it to the golden state bridge yesterday, but fell apart.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:12. you are taking a look at a shot in alaska. crews are heading to the site of a deadly small plane crash. this is video from the area where the plane crashed yesterday. you can't see it, but you can certainly see the weather conditions of where that happened. the plane crashed into a shore excursion. all of the passengers and crew were killed the crash. president obama will deliver the eulogy today at one of the victims of the mass church shooting. rev clementa pinckney was killed when he and eight others
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were gunned down last week. dignitaries including michelle obama and others are planning on ait happening the event today. >> that calm spirit that always welcomed you, he was always smiling. >> he was always there to help those that were in need. >> president obama will also meet privately today with relatives of the shooting victim. a congressional committee is now asking for more aftion on the oil spill in santa barbara. yesterday, the committee asked the pipeline operator for detailed information on the pipeline including inspection records. it also wants plane, pipeline in leading up to the problem. the texas based company has been criticized for taking too
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long to notify about the spill. well, the bart service should be back on time this morning after the power line issues. the power issue started last night around 6:30. apparently, a tree limb fell onto a power line effecting all of the tracks. you can see the crowds gathered there at the lafayette bart station. bart ran is bus bridge to get the passengers moved yesterday. certainly a headache for the passengers. >> hopefully no problems like that for the morning commute. we have had slow traffic for sure, but not a lot of incidents. let's go outside and show you what we have. you can see the traffic is pleughing along bush moving along pretty well. it's obvious that sometimes on
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friday other people, not us, other people have fridays off because the traffic is lighter. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for about a 15- 20 minute delay getting onto the span. and we have the traffic moving over on the altamont pass. i am checking out the santa clara valley. usually on 101, we have something going, but hey, we are not complaining. at 6:16, let's go to steve. all right, thank you, sal, the fog is coming back, the temperatures are soring up, 90s to 100 inland. a few steps inland, it was a little bit warm. the fog will make an impact here. this is from lisa q. i hope it's cooler today. so hot yesterday that the cat
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just layed around like this. this is carter. carter the cat. thank you, lisa, today will be a little bit bitter unless you are really far inland. 60s, 70s for some inland. clouds in antioch. yesterday, 101.3 my forecast was for 103. that's close enough. three degree guarantee. 18 out f of the west, southwest. that's the folk. speaking of picking up, it is just flying and so are the high level clouds. they will play into a high level forecast. the trend is to bring it down on the temperatures for most. as the winds pick up, close to 90. 60, 70s for everyone else. the high clouds e squall a -- equal a much higher power. >> i have heard from michael
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and gene, epta. >> i believe it's the converging of two creeks. >> it looks like we are getting a pronouncuation. more to come. it's re-cernlg, it's -- it's research, it's fun. all right, time now 6:18. we have been talking about this happening today. dogs so ugly they are cute to face off in the bay area's famous ugliest dog contest. you remember the fog, froto, one of the 25 dogs in the competition with the tongue sticking out. some of the other irons brought their -- owners brought their dogs from as far away as florida. take a look at chewy. three dogs are from petaloma. you can go up there and root for the locals. you can see there's some pretty
6:19 am
fierce competition. the winner will take home $1500. not bad, look at that hair doo. the contest starts at 6:00. it runs through sunday, so go check that out and to see more of the dogs trying to become one of the ugliest dogs dogs. >> time now, 6:19, everybody. do you know why your eyes burn after swimming in the pool? well, it's not always chlorine. coming up, the disturbing reason you might be seeing red, but first -- ♪[ music ]♪ >> no bad blood. after the break, they have made up.
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savidge. ♪[ music ]♪ [ sweet home alabama playing ] the opening of this song. >> i love that. >> it's so good. >> yeah, we are playing a song about alabama usa. this song was requested by
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jenny harris and she said this song reminds her of summer trip w's the family and "sweet home alabama." >> car trips, probably. >> car trip, you're good, pam. if you want to hear songs on "sal's traffic jams" just use the #ktvu. >> everybody loves that song. well, taylor swift says she will release her new album on apple music. ♪[ music ]♪ we used to be bad blood. >> baby now we have bad blood. they don't have any bad blood anywhere -- anymore. earlier she wrote a letter to apple criticizing apple for not
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paying artists during the three months of free music. after that apple changed their decision and now swift is releasing her. ♪[ music ]♪ ic. she says she is looking out for the newer younger artists. >> i have never seen the video, it's darker for swift. mad em tusso will release a new wax fig you figure. cox is quoted in entertainment weekly saying "she hopes this will be a source of inpolice station inspiration to people in making their goals." a settlement has been reached in a lawsuit that led customers to believe that beer
6:25 am
was made in another country. it turns out that green bottle is probably made in st. louis, missouri. >> they are truly global products and things have been shifted around and manufactures have been moved closer because that's the right thing to do. >> well, the customers are eligible for a refound. a selfie stick has caused big problems at the happiest place on earth. a ride was temporarily stopped after a passenger pulled out a selfie stick on a ride. workers immediately started putting up signs banning selfie sticks. that is like sticking your arm out on a ride.
6:26 am
it's dangerous. >> absolutely. coming up after the break, we are live in dc with the anticipation building in what could be a very historic momentment. >> reporter: we are live in san jose where a new report shows that gang related crime is down. we will share the findings and what the reason behind it may be. we are looking at the south bay commute and not bad here on 280. it's a little bit slow on 17, but after that, it picks up. and we have fog returning. it luxe cooler. the fog is back. we will have your friday forecast. let's go out with some
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. >> good morning everyone we are chatty today. [ laughter ] thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. it's almost 6:30. we are talking because we have you all of the trivia going around. jeremy, one of our viewers who has lived in the area for 27 years says you are pronouncing it correctly. it's a native american indian word. >> thank you for responding everybody. >> you get a lot of information out there. >> a lot of smart people out there. >> there are, i love your viewers. >> some of the fog is moving in and it could be thick. some of that is a sign of a cooler pattern. not as hot as yesterday, throw in the high clouds into the mix. mike nebeck. i have heard of him.
6:30 am
solid, already warm, for some, the fog is not a factor, in fact, the you are far enough inland, near 90s and almost 100. 50s for some, it will be a big cool down by the coast. vilejo cool with no winds. how about a nice 78 today? i will buy that. a bit of a breeze. the fog is really ramping up big time. these both mean a cooler pattern. the cooling will continue right into the weekend. sal, that leonard skynard played cool. >> nieces nice use of the word ewe ubiquous.
6:31 am
>> thank you. it's 19 minute from the bridge to the mcarthur maze. let's go to the toll bridge plaza where the traffic is going to be busy as you drive through. no major problems as you drive out through san francisco. let's talk about highway 37. this weekend is a save mart 350 at the sonoma race way. we are going to have a lot of people doing this this weekend. put that in the back of your mind if you are going there. some people are asking camping out there. jeff gordon is beginning to be -- going to be there. we are ex-petting expecting a big crowd. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a big decision could be
6:32 am
coming out of the supreme court. this is a day after president obama was handed a big victory on health care. here's the latest. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this could be a very important day here at the court. you look at the scene here. all of the people here, most appear to be advocates of same sex marriage. they may be disappointed today, not because the decision goes against them, but because a decision could not be made today. the decision could be in less than an hour, or it could be on monday. if we get a decision, that would be two big decisions in two days. a big cheer goes up as the health care advocates got the decision they were hoping for. a ruling ruled that subsidies
6:33 am
could be paid across the nation. writing for the majority, chief justice john roberts who has now twice rescued o obamacare from the challenges wrote this. >> reporter: the decision, though, was cheered by the president. >> we finally declared that in america, health care is not a prig for a few, be u a right for all. >> reporter: while this might have been the final court challenge for the law, republicans in congress are still promising to repeal and replace it. >> we are going to continue our efforts, do everything we can to put the american people back in charge of their own health care, not the federal government. >> reporter: back at the court,
6:34 am
in the meantime, another big decision is on deck. the court will have to decide where the equal rights requires nationwide acceptance. as we come back out live, certainly, there's a lot of expectation that this will come down today. in about a half an hour, something in that neighborhood, we should have a better idea. they could reach a middle of the ground decision that the same sex can be allowed, but the marriage has to be recognized in other states. it's a complicated kind of scenario for the courts. pam? >> that's correct, thank you,
6:35 am
doug'. we will watch for that and come back in about a half an hour. we are getting a report that san jose crime is on the decline decline. janajanine de la vega is live with more this morning. what is the mayor saying about all of this? >> reporter: brian, the mayor is saying that he is confident right now saying that san jose has the lowest amount of crime in the country per capita compared to other cities. the crime rate is down 39% compared to this time last year. so far, there have been 89 this year. -- 8 this year. if it continues at that pace, we will have the lowest in the nation. the lowest findings will be continued to be stud dis. the report shows that violent
6:36 am
crimes are de creasing it went from as high as 28 incidents in march down to 9 in may and when it comes to simple gang related situations such as force, that's also declining with one many april and one many may. the city officials are telling me it's because officers were hired to control the lower crime that's freeing up officer for the streets. they are shifting the time on the streets to the evening rather than in the day and the afternoon. now, this doesn't reflect other crimes in the city, but considering the officer have been leaving in droves, this is good news. the mayor will be here along with the police chief at city hall. that meeting starts at 7:45 and we plan on talking with them,
6:37 am
brian? >> yeah, as you mentioned, certainly a positive trend and hopefully it continues in the upcoming years. thank you. well, people in livermore are being credited for a quick response. anisa baxter was on her way home when her neighbor called and told her about the fire. when she got home, only a little bit was burning. >> i am feeling like i am really happy that my horses and my animals, there was a baby kitten inside that wouldn't have been able to get out. i am thankful that we are all alive. >> well, the fire burned about 53-acres. another person's home was damaged in the fire, but the firefighters were able to contain it to a laundry room. nascar is return tog the bay air -- returning to the bay area.
6:38 am
the three day event typically draws about 10,000 fans from across the country. the toyota save mart 350. now, if you are planning to be anywhere near the race this weekend, be prepare eds to go around. highway 31 and 37 are expected to be backed up. fans being encouraged to use the race way fun train or the express bus to help yeas -- ease traffic congestion. this is going to be an emotional weekend for jeff gordon. gordon has always been a fan favorite here at his home track
6:39 am
in the bay area he is hoping he has what it takes to win that race. >> i am so focused on getting there and winning the race, i haven't put a lot of thought into it being the last race. it's going to be an emotional day for me. i am going to be thinking about the fact that it's my last race there. sonoma hadma has been a great place for me and one of my favorite track to race on the circuit. >> when asked whether or not this is going to be his last race, he said never say never. the state assembly approved a bill last night that would make vaccinations mandatory for children to attend schools. lawmakers say that will help to
6:40 am
protect children and others against the out break of the disease. this started last year after the out break of measles at disney land. well, a little bit of a warning for you, the weather might be heating up, but a new revelation about swimming pools might keep you out of the water. the red eyes people get in the pools may not just be from the chlorine, but it could be from u rine mixing with the chlorine. >> well, that's good to know, i guess. well, the time now is 6:40. coming up, we have been talking about san francisco's pride festival which is coming this weekend. coming up, the big changes to the pink event in the castro
6:41 am
following the events from last year. ♪ we came in station wagons, campers, on planes to see what walt had built. ♪ forever young ♪ and what we found was a place that was always growing, but never grew old. ♪ forever young ♪ and now comes a celebration 60 years in the making. the disneyland diamond celebration. ♪ may you stay ♪ with dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you stay ♪ and the
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welcome with back to mornings on 2s, a respected politician, beloved pastor being layed to rest today in south carolina. the reverend was one of nine people killed in last week's church shooting. we have more from outside of
6:44 am
the emaneul church in south carolina. claire, describe what it is like out there and we understand there are a lot of people from around the country who have come there. >> reporter: yes, good morning, pam. there are people we have talked to from texas, from georgia, from all over who wanted to be here and hopefully be inside that service. of course, it is very limited. 5400 people will be allowed inside. the family will be given the first seats and then people from the church and then others. people are lining up early to hopefully get one of the very few spots available. >> and we know the president is
6:45 am
going to be delivering the eulogy. we are also hearing about a special jest your gesture he is going to be giving. >> reporter: you may know that he actually knew reverend pinckney. he had met him during the run for president. he and the first lady michelle obama will be in attend dance today. that is one of the reasons in addition to the fact that this was a national tragedy, that he decided to be here. >> and we are keeping an eye on the suspect, such a young person charged with this. what is next in this part of the case? >> reporter: well, he remains in jail here in charleston,
6:46 am
south carolina. the jail facility is in north charleston and it's maybe 10-15 minutes away. he is in an isolated unit. the sheriff's department is keeping him there because they want to make sure this is going to trial. he is not going to be in the general population where something could potentially happen to him, but he had a bond hearing on the murder charges. he was given a $1 million bond on a weapon's charge, but because he has not had a bond hear oken the murder charges, he is not able to bond out. he is being held there. >> all right, the memorial service is about to get underway. we will check in with you throughout the morning: >> well, the search for two escaped killers in new york is over 20 days old.
6:47 am
the officials have followed up on over 2000 tips. in the meantime, another prison guard, gene palmer, is facing charges. he admitted to passing frozen hamburger meat to the prisoners, but he didn't know there were hacksaws inside. >> did he make a mistake? yes, but he is taking responsible. he is a man of integrity, but he did not plan or help plan in the escape. >> prosecutors believe palmer may have been duped. lululemon has issued a recall in jackets and sweaters. it involves jackets and sweaters with metal tips. they are saying that the cords
6:48 am
can catch on something and snap back in the faces and eyes. customers should contact the store for a replacement draw string. if you want more information, we have a link to a complete list of effected items on our website at all right, it is 6:48, that means it's time to check in and find out what's coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. as we wait to hear about the supreme court ruling on the same sex marriage, we are learning about the concerns about artificial turfs and why water districts shouldn't be paying people to switch to this. and paul chambers sat inside a car testing the
6:49 am
effects of the heat. these stories and more when i see you in the next hour of mortgages on 2. -- mornings on 2. >> all right, we will see you then. >> a good report by paul. stay with us, it's very interesting. >> 6:49 is the time, folks, let's go to sal keeping an eye on the traffic this morning. sal, are people behaving themselves on the roadways? you stole that from someone else. >> yes, he did. >> there is one problem i just noticed northbound 880 near 66. there's a report of a new crash that just came in and they are sending medics up to the scene. there's not a back up yet, but if it blocks lanes, there could be a back up. you can see the traffic is backed up at the toll plaza. you are seeing some slowing
6:50 am
approaching highway 17. it's been a little bit foggy, let's go to steve with the weather. >> well, i'll say, the fog is making a push back. it will still be warm to hot. -9d 0s -- 90s to 100s for most locations. if you love the fog, enjoy. all right, eric green sent me a question, how long will the drought last? eric, if i knew that, i would not be here. [ laughter ] when is el nino on the way? well, looking like october, november. you can see the time line from of january, february, march, april, may and june there and that it will continue well into 2016. however, even though we have very warm water, a strong el
6:51 am
nino does not always mean rain for us. usually, but not always. again, nothing will develop until we get to the october, november, december time line. a long way to go. water temperatures, speaking of, came up in the last 24 hours. i expect those to go down a little bit. taking a turn, now up the coast. the sonoma coast is looking good. here come the higher clouds streaming in pretty rapidly. maybe a higher humidity away from the fog influence. cooler today. the wind picks up. 100 up in clear lake, but 60s, 70s, 80s and then you will find some 90s. some areas coming down 3 or 4 degrees. it just temperatures on how close you are to the coast.
6:52 am
still 90s to the east. 60s, 70s, 80s closer to the fog and the fog will take us to the cooler temperatures into the weekend. >> a little bit more bearable. >> eric is saying pretty foggy along the coast. he acceptability us a picture on twitter. >> i believe it. >> the coast was clear for a couple of days. >> thank you so much. 6:52 is the time, and making history at the ballpark. >> he is yous another one of the -- just another one of the guys. >> after the break. we will do substance introduce you to the first openly gay baseball player.
6:53 am
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♪[ music ]♪ sometimes i get a good feeling. . >> i do too. >> i do now. >> this is eta james they sampled. tell your friends, you will sound smart. [ laughter ] if there's a special song you want to hear, send it to us at #ktvu on
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facebook twitter or instaygram. well, republican presidential hopeful donald trump made comments about immigrants. his page page pageants are being removed the air. >> when mexico sends their people, they are not sending their best, they are bringing problems with us, drugs, crime, their rapists. >> well, trump is not backing down from those remarks saying that the u.s. has to stop the flow of illegal imgrants coming in. bristol palin is pregnant
6:57 am
again. she had been due to get married last month, called it off two days before the wedding with no explanation. when her mother, sara palin announced her candidacy, it was revealed that she was pregnant. 23-year-old pitcher scene conroy led the team to o victory. he said he received amazing support from both teammates and fans. >> i am not active in the community yet, maybe, maybe soon, i just love being out there. i hope that people can follow my example. >> the sonoma stompers is a minor league team. they were having gay pride
6:58 am
night last night. >> i love all of the rain bows out there. >> speaking of that, we are on a supreme court watch. the landmark decision that could make same sex marriages legal in the united states. and what oakland police have learned about the disappearance of an 18-year-old college student 18 years ago and how a dog may have played a major role. gñ
6:59 am
7:00 am
. will the future of same-sex marriage be ruled on today. >> and a terrorist attack at an american factory in france. the grizzly discovery at the front gates and the links to islamic terrorists. mornings on 2 continues. good morning and welcome to mornings on 2. the decision could just come down in time for san francisco gay pride weekend. we have more with tara moriarty on how people there are getting ready for


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