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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 28, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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a motorcyclist cruising along has no idea -- >> fire truck was coming toward him. >> the moment he faced it head on and lived to tell the story. >> she wants you to think the car hit her but -- >> that is the worst acting. >> see the scammer who just can't commit. >> did you see this thing? >> to us that's just a whale in the water, but to something lurking nearby it's -- >> an all you can eat buffet. >> the close encounter when a hungry shark goes looking for lunch. >> and it has a dude reaching
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for a rope. >> and then the pliers. >> see if the makeshift dentistry makes for a successful extraction. >> dude, come on. this video was recorded on glen dora ridge road in california. beautiful day to be on the motorcycle with your buddies riding. >> i want to be there. >> everything looks amazing. except he can't remember a thing. he goes down the road. you see it's very curvy and when he comes around this one here watch what he comes face-to-face with. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> a fire truck was coming toward him. he thinks he may have freaked out as he came around the curve and saw the truck, pulled on the front brake and believe that sent him into the front truck. no word on why the truck was there. his bike has damage and his buddy picks up the camera and you get to see what the scene
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looks like afterwards. >> oh. >> the motorcycle is crunched on the side. he is on the ground. he was wearing his gear but the impact was so strong he did end up with several broken bones. >> oh. quite a recovery. he had a had a head injury as well. >> it's a truck, like hitting a wall. not like hitting a car where you might go over the hood and burn off some of your energy and speed. this it was just flat front solid stop of an impact. >> yeah. believe it or not, guys the movie "jaws" premiered 40 years ago this year. now we've seen all kinds of other sequels but i have other great videos to enjoy. this first one 45 miles south of long beach in new york when they came across a huge whale carcass. while it looks gross to other
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things it looks like an all you can eat buffet why the guys were not surprised when this turned up. a great white shark. >> look at that. >> that's really beautiful. >> eventually you do see the camera comes by for a bit of a hello there. tries to take a chunk out of the gopro. >> i don't know a thing about sharks but that looks either pregnant or like it's just engorging on whale meat. >> probably with the second one there because later on in the video you can see here it just starts going to town on the whale. look under water. these guys were just blown away and they got to see incredible footage of this majestic and terrifying huge shark. >> [ bleep ]. >> it's a beautiful beast and it was just curious and even if these guys were in the water it doesn't mean it was necessarily going to attack them. >> pretty good point actually christian. second from the bahamas. these are tiger sharks. i think they are curious. one of them decides that maybe
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the shot this guy is getting isn't good enough decides to take his camera equipment with him. this is where the divers say, i don't want to let go this is my camera equipment. you and i are going on a race here and going together. >> he's riding the shark. >> yeah. not for long, though. eventually just off camera yanks it away and the tiger shark swims into the great blue yonder. >> i can't wait until someone finds the camera. >> precautions have to go into training military police when using live fire like in this situation in brazil. you see multiple instructors working along with these new recruits. they're approaching the firing lines. sort of flash bangs and firecracker signs are going off to distract these guys and make sure they keep their focus on their target and their attention isn't drawn away by other loud noises. okay. that goes great. and they begin to pull back.
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as the drill is supposed to go. what's not supposed to happen is this. keep your eye on the shooter with the fluorescent ear phones. >> oh, no. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. flairs got caught up in his kevlar vest. >> one of the instructor's lobs another one of those flash bangs or firecrackers. >> like a firecracker. >> and it just pure accident gets caught right here in his vest. you see him start to squirm before anybody can help him, the vest is blown off him. >> what are the chances that's where that thing landed right in the kruk of his arm. >> how is he? is he okay? >> remarkably he is okay. sent to the hospital. released the next day. here's some photographs. >> whoa whoa whoa. >> burns really. >> just some seemingly superficial burns to his left side of his torso, but other than that he's going to be okay.
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>> crazy. i get really angry at people who do the wrong thing. try to scam people try to rob people. i also get really angry at people who don't commit to what it is they're choosing to do. dash cam footage of people walking on the side of the road. nice farmer's market going on. everybody seems to be doing the right thing right now, right. but watch this. you see that couple up ahead, looks like they're stopping in the middle of the road to let traffic go by. >> we're going to see an olympic slop aren't we? >> this is the least committed i've seen anybody. >> that is the worst -- >> it's terrible. i'm glad that it's so bad, sdisappointing on so many levels. >> i like she looks back at the guy, like did i do it right? is that how i was supposed to? i don't think i did that right. >> she feels dejected. i think she is embarrassed. this is something we've seen before one of the reasons
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people have dash cams. it's an insurance cam. the dash cam proves the woman was not hit but she is a hit on the internet. >> oh. >> obviously. >> she was stopped by the time she got there. >> no mark on that car. that was a hit and run. >> she winced before she even hit the car. like ow. this bird of prey has a soft spot. >> it looks a little bit of a cuddle. >> the eagle's majestic massage. >> y'all, animals just need love. >> a late night sky dive lights up the darkness. >> oh, my gosh. that looks cool? what they do next that causes this reaction. >> oh! >> you're kidding me. ththerere'e's s a a momorere e enjnjoyoyabablele way to get your fiber. try phphilillilipsps' ' fifibeber r gogoodod g gummies plus energy support. itit's's a a n newew f fibiberer s supupplplemement that helps support regularity anand d ininclclududeses b b v vititamaminins s to help convert food to energy. mmmmmmmmm,m, t thehesese a arere g gooood!d! ninicece w worork,k, p phihillllipips!s! ththe e tataststy y sisidede o of f fifibeber,r,
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a lot like juggling you have to keep your concentration
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going. concentrate on different things. if you're not concentrating it can go wrong. comes to us from russia trying to overtake this slow moving bus. there goes the white car. watch the black car. jams on the brakes. oh. bye. >> that was a big bank he went down. >> but keep watching the video. we see people start gathering, everybody starts popping out of the car. they are fine. >> they look young. >> i think it's just not having experience with how a car operates. >> that could be the explanation of the second video are from russia i believe. watch here approaching a nice right-hand turn. >> oh. >> and there goes your car. took that right-hand turn thinking he was in a formula 1 car, not realizing he was in a car. you can have -- looks like there's a line you can see the tram coming there. the next person also young and in inexperienced. 18-year-old driver does absolutely everything right. as she approaches the intersection pause it there, she starts slowing down. driving the speed limit. you condition see right there.
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because the minivan is turning she slows down. >> oh, no. >> this 78-year-old female driver here just did not look both ways before crossing. floored it. this young girl took the hit. >> oh, man. >> she's right in that sweet spot behind that van. you couldn't see the car that's coming out on the dash cam. >> that's awful. >> but apart from that you can tell she takes it well. dad is pretty proud of his daughter. this was his car that got totaled but she was doing everything right and now a wiser driver. all she had was a bruised knee. ♪ this is a bird of prey and not a little one. that's a big one. but they said after this was flying around it likes a little cuddle. >> don't do it wrong. because if you do it wrong and you make this eagle mad it's going to claw you pretty good. >> just -- yeah. >> focused. >> in someone's lap laying on
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his back letting you pet it. i will stand in for beth troutman today and say see, y'all, animals just need love. that's all they want. see right here. the eagle just wants love. pet it. >> you know it's got to be soft under there under the feathers. >> how do they figure out it likes a belly rub. who does it first? who asks first. it will only happen once. >> if it goes wrong you don't have any oerhi the time it was a little eglet they probably figure out but that is something you want to do if you know the eagle well. >> how do you resist the nail. >> i know. >> not the only animal that likes a good rub. check out this one. >> ♪ that feels good. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh. >> i want a pet pig.
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>> procedures do its-- brother do it just right. >> crack open your skull, throw in a disco ball a dash of skydiving, a little bit of an electronic dance party, shake the head around and get this. >> a headache. >> the red bull sky dive team going out to do something that i can tell you you have never seen before. they're going up at night over the city of austria. the door slides open. there they go. all jumping into the blackness of night but are they dark? absolutely not. >> look at that. >> they are wearing custom built led wing suits. >> oh. my gosh that looks cool. >> it's like a fire fly really, really high up in the sky. >> they are truly dancing in midair. they have ear phones in to listen to the music that their wing suits have been choreographed to. look. ♪
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>> oh! >> are you kidding me? >> that's got exponentially more freakin' cool. >> can you imagine seeing that flying over your house like you're calling, hey, um there is something flying over my house. >> no really this is a ufo. i swear. >> i forget to say, throw the cherry on top in your head because right here they kick it off even better some flairs sparklers coming off the heels. >> well done. well done. >> well done. >> he's out looking for a hit man. >> i've got the money in the car. let me go get it. >> watch how quickly the tables turn. ♪ >> an amazing act of kindness for a woman who lost her sight and hearing. >> that's pretty. >> the incredible gift that leaves her in tears. >> you can just tell the joy from the smile on her face. hihi, , i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknklelerr and i know there are many mymythths
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gogoldld b bonond.d. it truly is the simple things the life that can make a huge difference in someone's life and this is one of those stories. she was born deaf and has usher syndrome so over time she also lost her sight. in the last few years she's had a very difficult time. she lost her husband not too long ago and her daughter is about to leave for college. so her social worker decided to call these guys. they have a 3d printer. they came up with a really cool idea to create a special gift for faith. they're taking photos of her daughter denise and getting a 360 shot of her. >> i see what's happening here. >> yep. you know exactly where this is going because they then upload those images and create a 3d image of denise which they will
10:50 am
then print so that they can get the image of denise to faith and she can feel her daughter's face even though she's away in college. >> that's pretty neat man. >> all this technology coming together now that 3d printing 360 degree imageing and to use it like this man. >> that's amazing they're able to do this for people with limited vision. >> this is a part of the video where they come together to give faith her gift. she's very happy woman. looks at the smile on her face. this is the moment she unwraps her gift and she's figuring out what it is they just gave her. >> how long does it take to realize it's my child. >> she's a smart lady. watch. she starts feeling the 3d igh you can tell the joy from the smile on her face. >> just think about it when you miss somebody we have photos look at pictures of kids on your wall that moment of connection this will give her that moment. >> kudos to the social worker
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for having this idea. ♪ separation anxiety. >> can't get up that way. ♪ oh, oh,.. >> we've seen a lot of pranks on the show and have to ask ourselves when is this going to go over the line. tom found out in his hit man prank. >> this is the guy with a check for $10,000 in the envelope $10,000 after it's gone will be coming out of toys r us about 8:00. i want you in the parking lot. make it look like an accident okay?
10:52 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> people, of course, react the way you expect him to react like this lady not having any of it. $10,000 and a cashier check, don't look at pe. here's the guy. here's the guy. wrong guy. sorry, lady. >> she doesn't even say anything. she gets up and walks away. >> another $10,000 when it's done cool. >> explain it to me again. >> some people aren't clear on the concept. >> i don't care. i'm being paid to pay you to make him go away. >> i'm looking for somebody who said i don't care what you said but what about the $10,000 check. i'll take that. >> guess what? >> make it look like an accident. >> what? >> you said 10 stacks? >> 10,000. >> 10,000 now, 10,000 when the job is done and make it look like an accident. i just want to make him go away. >> you got the money right now?
10:53 am
>> yeah. i think i got the wrong guy, though right? >> no you got the right -- >> this guy shows a gun and then he's like hey, i have the money in the car, let he go get it. >> tom, if you can hear me meet me in the van right now. dude's got a gun. >> sodo i have to ask this question. >> tom is a prnk ster being pranked. >> he doesn't say. i think it may be a prank but you never know in this world. >> you got the money now? >> either way, it's all well done. >> you're going to see another video in a week's time one way or another. [ bleep ]. a guy has a tooth ache so his buddy is going to help him out. >> you guys it is unreal what this man does. >> see if reaching for the rope and pliers is enough to complete the pull. >> oh, my god. wowoahah w woaoah h mamargrge.e... you're not marge? i'm sorta marge. wewe b bototh h drdrivive e a a ststick, wewe b bototh h lilikeke s savavining money on car insurance anand d wewe b bototh h fefeelel i intntegrity
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the door on their way in. >> yep. >> damon's got zero fear. watch what he's about to do when he gets some solid swing time. >> oh! >> he cleared the whole thing. >> i did not see that coming. >> and he landed on his feet. >> yep. >> do you know how many kids have tried and attempted this and broken something. >> absolutely. >> he's a parkour expert and stuntman. if anyone is going to do it it's this guy. >> kp that in mind for all of
10:57 am
our amateur stuntmen out there. he knows what he's doing and makes it look so effortless. ♪ >> like something out of spiderman, isn't it? >> nick i know how you feel about dentist videos but have no fear. there are no drills. as you can see this guy is at the dentist but the dentist doesn't have standard gloves and you can see the dentist is working al fresco. >> this is going to be worse, nick. >> the dentist appears to be a mason. see, this guy, he doesn't have a lot of teeth to begin with and it looks like he may have been working with this guy possibly and presently had a sore tooth and his buddy says, i can pull that out for you. >> sure. >> they get a rope and the like torture just to watch this. >> yeah. this poor guy. he looks like he is in so much pain.
10:58 am
>> this poor guy, i feel bad for him. i really do. his whole mouth is a mess. he hasn't had the proper care. >> this is the only way he can find relief. >> i'm thinking this can't be real. >> no. dude. come on. >> you guys it is unreal what this man does. >> oh, my gosh. >> he did pull the tooth out. >> i cannot believe it. >> but that tooth if it really came out that easily needed to go. >> that's our show everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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>> it is a gorgeous day at del paso country club in sacremento, california, it is the 36th senior open championship. all live for you today on fox. pictureesqe setting lux green grass. light sand in the bunkers. big galleries. who do you think will take this thing? barks because it is absolutely wide open. let's look at some of the players. benard langart. he is tied at the top looking for his sixth senior major and then jeff maggert and then


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