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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 29, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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a speed flier makes an epic attempt to hit a moving target. >> just watch this. >> why not reaching that cable car door means disaster. it kind of looks like a tree root stuck in concrete but. >> that is a python. >> see who's brave enough to dig it out. a billionaire's grandson is quickly becoming? >> the most quickly attested in russia. >> how it didn't sit well with this guy. >>. >> plus a sweet little boy
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learns a secret. and a fitness fanatic's water melon workout. >> holly -- do people do this before the internet? >> epic tv just posted a video that blew my mind. you're going to watch a 43-year-old do a trick you won't believe. what he's going to do to jump off this cliff and then try to land inside a cable car which is moving down the mountain. now, this has taken months of preparation. it requires perfect timing perfect weather. they have to land it when it's going horizontally. you will be approaching it at 50 miles per hour and stall it as the engine goes. just watch this. he's off and moving. they have the camera and then you can see it the amazing cable car. they have the mission.
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as he approaches the door he goes straight into the door but look at this drama. as they get ahold of him, he gets caught by a gust of wind. they struggle to pull him inside. >> nailed it. high fives all around for everything that comes together in a perfect way that he's able to do this. approach it, slice into the door and have everybody be like nailed it. >> think about all that. there's so much math in there. >> these guys are pros. we have to give them credit for the many years of training they've had. >> think of the math has nothing to do with skill. it's t >> here's something you do not see every day. >> the earth is giving birth to something. >> it looks like somebody is making sausage out of the street. >> that is a python that's been
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stuck in the road in tie lan. they called the professionals. they try to break the concrete around the snake and look. >> that is sick. that looks painful. >> and the snake probably just keeps getting more and more scared from the noise and va brags that -- vibration that it keeps trying to go into the hole. >> they're using branchs from trees to wedge it up. they've not cracked the concrete next to the python. they have to try to continue to pull it out. they do so by kind of twisting it. it seems to be working. >> it goes to show how strong snakes really are. >> right about here you see they're able to pull it out, and it is alive and unhappy. >> look at it. these people spent an entire
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evening just trying to save a python which is pretty awesome of them. let's be honest. >> this next video is in india. >> this is the family pet, and it's inside and next to a big window but watch what comes to say hello. >> is that a jaguar? >> that's the leopard that was trying to really get himself a piece of that dog. >> the dog didn't even note it at first. the dog wasn't even reacting until it was like maybe this dog has been mean to a couple of cats so they got their big cat friend to come over. >> these back gravel roads are meant for a much slower speed, and they're driving the car. this is a race. just blurring the trees and speeding through this little
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trail of forestry. his co-driver right next to him saying coming up left right, to make sure he keeps the car on the road. in rally racing frequently that doesn't happen. in the water. where did the water come from? it looks like he didn't realize it was coming up that quick. you hear him lock it up. back in. slides just off the road. rolls over into a drainage ditch. thankfully they land on their wheels and quickly jump out but it was a puddle that they landed in. >> are you serious? that's one heck of a way to dampen your race. >> this is a sports car race in malaysia. the course is wet. up ahead you'll see a car off to the left but uh-oh. no. oh. >> how on earth did you pull
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that move off? >> the water was running across the track and caused a hydroplaning incident. course marshals quickly running in to help that car out but not thinking the track is hot, there's still problems this isn't over. >> what? >> whoa. there's another one? >> another one comes through. there's a second incident right as this car passes through, see how the water is running across that track? that causes him to lose traction and slide and see the car right behind the same thing. thankfully nobody got hurt in that incident. >> time for a para motoring adventure. we're heading into the blue sky. there's a camera mounted to a helmet for this perspective. you see him checking his equipment. here he goes. you can see the mountains, the green grass. this is really pretty. in this moment of the video we
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start to see him pan out to the area where to pilots went down about a year ago and then his wife continues on. he knows what he's doing. >> until he doesn't? >> he knows the whole time. >> are you tell megathat you're showing us a video where this is no horribly tragic ending or terrifying crash landing? >> it's not tragic or terrifying. it's just well done. you hear that engine start to slow down and putter out. oh my gosh. >> may day. >> but we have a second video that shows us that he knows exactly what he's doing. he finds a lovely place to land. he's gliding right now. he's close to neighborhoods. it's all working out beautifully. he has a perfect landing give than he wasn't planning on land gd there and then we hear exactly what went on. >> i blew a cylinder. >> how does that happen? these engines, i would imagine
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would be the most reliable engines. >> the lawn mower goes out all the time. >> this man and his crew are getting ready for summer. >> all you need is some excavating equipment. >> see how they jump into a whole lot of fun in the sun. >> that's awesome. >> and a couple things outside the box for a scare prank, but -- >> now they're panicking that the grill just got whopped on the head with a bottle. >> why this is the ultimate fakeout. that's me. greaeat t toto s seeee y youou o offff t the soccer field. what's that susunsnscrcreeeen? itit's's c copoppepertrtonone e clcleaearly sheer. lighghtwtweieighght,t, b brereatathahable protection. yoyourur s skikin n lolookoks s amamazing - not greasy. trtry y itit. . heheadads s upup!! shshowow o offff. . i i hehearard d ththatat!! cocopppperertotonene c cleleararlyly s sheer.
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i want to introduce you guys to if not the most attested 16-year-old in russia if not the world. he's a grandson of a billionaire
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in russia. and what he does with his well-earned money by doing absolutely nothing is he goes out and bribes people all around russia to do degrading, humiliate humiliating, in this video, he's going around different parts of russia and offering these different russian girls about $90 u.s. to take off their clothes. and do other things like eat a 1000 ruble note. and they do it. >> are you serious? for $100? >> there are other disgusting videos. for example, this one where he's offering people about $300 u.s. to drink his urine. >> what a disgusting person. >> and the rest of the internet agrees with you. people are going all over social media to have a go at this guy, but don't worry. there is a happy ending to this
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story, because how would you feel if some guy came up and said drink my peaooe? >> i'd be offended and throw it back at him. >> fortunately for all of us, this guy's reaction is our reaction. >> i hate to say it but i think he deserved it. >> so does everybody else -- in the world. >> this is the perfect video to promote some summer fun and it's so simple. just putting up a little pool. >> all you need is some excavating equipment. >> no big deal. we all have that in our bag pocket. they were just flattening out the surface. you may recognize these faces. this is a shai karl video. they are having some summer fun. trampoline into the fun. >> that's awesome. as a family. >> and that's what this video is
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all about. it's put together to promote their clothing line that the family created. the whole idea is family and as you can see, shea karl wearing the gear in this video while having fun with the family. >> it is kind of cool. i like that. >> and it's not the normal videos we see. they do a blog. we've shown their blog on our show. this is just summertime fun shot with a quad copter. >> they've been inspired. no neighbors. this is the best place to live in the world. >> they live in idaho. just a lot of fun. a short, quick video. just putting together a great summertime video and getting the word out even more about the clothing line. >> oh the prank wars are
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heating up at the viral channel. erik is getting ready to prank his friend by using the girlfriend. they're doing a boxing video and they're going to prank. here's how it goes down. now erik is panicking that his girl just got whopped on the head with a bottle. >> don't shut it off. >> but an hour earlier, there was something else going on. a double-cross here. check out what really was happening. >> take care of me and you know we want to prank him and i just realized that i have at home this fake glass. so let's prank him that i killed his girlfriend. >> so with the bottle you're using is nothing more than a fake glass bottle. she plays it pretty good. erik, flipping out.
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>> [ bleep ]. >> dropped that line. that kind of wait. what? >> he's not happy. >> i always have my doubts about these videos. are they really fooled? but in this moment here in the slow moe, watch his face. i think he's really fooled. >> i'm with you. no when we see these, you can call out the terrible acting. he's relieved. >> the better the pranks get the bigger our september schism. these are good and intense. >> summer cliff jumping time. >> that looks like so much fun. next "right this minute", and things get dramatic when rapids send people in the raft ahead overboard.
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how fellow boaters take the rough waters to pull off a swift rescue. plus it's time to find out if the new baby is a boy or a girl but see why one family member is down in the dumps. >> i feel so much for him.
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it's all a bit of fun and terrifying at the same time. they start pulling people out of the water. up a couple of minutes, you can see they've managed to right the boat but all kinds of people are in different places. >> it would be terrifying to fall out. i would be thinking i'm going to get trapped underneath this raft. they have a good sense of humor about it. >> it's part of the fun of rafting. it's the team-building and the team getting through the rapids. >> that's why you wear a helmet and a life jacket too. >> this one comes to us from norway where this goes viral. a young 23-year-old went fishing. he was out there enjoying a day on the boat with his buddies and they go floating in the water with fly suits and seethey go
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floating in the water. we get a great view. he minds himself his own business and has a cod. >> where do you keep the fish? >> he had nothing. >> he kept the fish. he's planning on grilling it but that's how they do it in norway. it's time to reveal that another sibling is expected. you never know how your other children are going to react. >> give me the camera. >> this is a gender reveal moment of a family of five children four girls, one boy. the little boy the youngest. he's 7 years old. he's tate. so here comes the big reveal and it's going to be in the form of colored balloons? >> ready? it's a girl. >> another girl. >> look at his face. i feel so much for him. >> and look at the girls.
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they're going nuts. his sisters are so excited. then watch what he does. he's just wanting to make sure there aren't any blue balloons in the can. now, in the next video, we also have a gender reveal moment. two boys in this family. cal and ted. on three? one, two, three. >> it's a girl. >> oh that's cute. he's so excited. look at him. what a sweet little boy. >> he's going to be the best big brother and then listen to what he says. >> did you think you're having a brother or sister? >> i was thinking i was going to have a sister. >> what does cal think? >> hey, cal, do you know you're going to have a little sister? >> i was the cute small one. no. >> that's what i thought.
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l now!
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>> takes one to the face in this one. >> it's amazing what people will do when they have way too much time on their hands like this kid who figured out he could put aer in of dart on his -- oh.
9:27 am
>> they're suction cupped to his eyeballs? >> yeah. that is awesome. no way. >> you get a speck of dust in your eye and it's miserable. how do you put a whole suction cup on your eyeball? >> he membership a contact a contact wearer. >> he is so they're probably over the contacts. >> this is like cartoon character stuff. >> it's so funny, especially when he crosses his eyes. what would make you think i should try this? >> he's a guy. this is a fitness instructor instructor. >> how is she going to show us how strong her legs are? he grabs that water melon, places it in that spot and watch this. >> oh my -- wow. that's incredible. >> and then she eats it.
9:28 am
>> this one is gigantic probably as wide as her thighs. >> holy -- did people do this before the internet before they could upload it somewhere for everybody to see and be shocked by? >> that comedian fellow if he did it like this i would probably go see him. >> gallagher. >> i guess this one you going to have to go to the "right this minute" website to see. click on today's show or you can see it. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next t
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some kids think a stunt with a fire extinguisher is funny. how a cruel trick with a homeless man has police on their trail. >> a jet ski off the jet ski. >> go pro, go. >> dude is not recording a storm. >> the best part of the video is his commentary. >> how he makes driving in the rain one entertaining ride. >> i'm in a jeep so i'm going to move these people out of my way. >> and the


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