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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  July 7, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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the low off the coast looks like -- it's on its way. the cloud cover is offshore. the lows are wl warm for -- are really warm for most. 60s for many. a few 50s to the north. kenwood, santa rosa border, 54. santa rosa, 55689 after that, it's all 60s. everyone is close. coast, bay, inland. it doesn't matter. cloud cover getting close now. starting to move in on parts of the coast and bay. overall, we have to wait until tomorrow before this starts to move in. mixed bag here. some sun, some partly cloudy, partly sunny skies. breezy but on the mild side. 80s through the interior. 60s, 70s coast and bay. looks like by tomorrow we'll
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cloud it up and rain. here's sal. we're gonna start off in the east bay. looking at 80 westbound as you can get down to the toll plaza. you will be waiting 0 minutes to get on the bridge. it seems to be improving a little bit. and as we get closer to 8:00ing :00, we'll see more improvement. taking a look at 880, it looks good. southbound traffic gets slower as you approach hayward and head into union city. i can show you that on the road sensors. you are seeing a little bit of red there. it's lighter than it usually is. northbound, 101 has been heavy and slow. it's improving a little bit. there was an earlier accident near oakland road. that's gone. 280 and 85 are moderate. back to the desk. hundreds of firefighters are working to contain a wildfire burning near vacaville. it's burning near mixed canyon road and sky ranch.
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ktvu fox 2's alex savidge is there to tell us about the progress crews have been making and do they know what started the fire? >> reporter: yeah, it appears to be a truck fire that broke out yesterday morning. that's what sparked this wildfire that threatened quite a few homes. i want to get you straight up here to a live picture so you can see what things look like this morning from up above. this is being called the sky fire. it is no longer advancing. that's the good news. calfire is saying the fire is 25% contained. we expect the figure will likely rise as we move throughout the day and crews get another look at the fire. total of about 150 acres have burned so far. this is a remote area that's west of interstate 80 near mix canyon road and sky ranch road. here was the scene yesterday. this fire was fabbed by very strong winds, especially in the afternoon and flames came dangerously close to quite a
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few homes. crews were on standby to make sure those homes did not burn and in the end, they did -- they did their work and those -- no homes were lost yesterday. this fire started about midmorning. it quickly grew in size. they called in helicopters, air tankers and that air attack brought water and fire retardant and helped out the crews on the ground. neighbors were not forced to evacuate. but there were some people who decided to leave on their own yesterday. the sky fire appears to have been sparked by a pickup truck that either caught fire or threw a spark along a dirt road. >> it's that time of year. it looks drier than july. i live not far from here. i'm accustomed to seeing it a little bit greener than this. this is kind of the situation over most of the state. >> reporter: fire crews in the vacaville area have been very busy over the past couple of days. this is the second big brush fire that's broken out here just since saturday. on saturday afternoon, on the
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east side of town, there was a large fire, about 300 or so acres that was threatening homes and it broke out on the fourth of july. it appears as though fireworks started that fire. overnight here calfire crews had many of their engines stationed near some of the homes up on mixed canyon road. the homes that were threatened yesterday, just to make sure this fire didn't flare back up and come towards the homes. they were doing structure protection through the night. the good news, they have 25% containment. the fire no longer growing in size. they expect to get more containment through the morning. >> look at the live picture, i can tell there are not many strong winds. is that smell of the smoke still in the neighborhood where you are? >> reporter: yeah. we're down from where the fire is burning. the fire is up in the canyons there. we're sort of down from where it is. we don't have a strong odor of smoke in this area, at least not this morning.
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in all likelihood, the delta breeze and winds blowing yesterday, probably blew a lot of that smoke out of this area. >> that's good for the crews and the people who live there. thank you. >> reporter: yeah. sure. >> we posted the full video of the vacaville fire on our youtube page. go to and search for ktvu's file. we have video here from our ktvu roof cam. you can see flames off in the center and distance. this broke out after 10:00 last night near poplar not far from the park. right now it's not clear how this fire started. researchers at uc berkeley are developing a new system to give extra help to firefighters. the system will use drones, planes, satellites to look at wildfire. also, infrared cameras will be mounted. once the system is up and running, researchers say it will be able to spot new wildfires within three minutes after they start. the system right now is still in the early stages of development. 7:07. here on "mornings on 2," the
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man accused shooting and killing a woman on san francisco's waterfront last week, he's been charged with murder. 45-year-old francisco lopez sanchez, he's scheduled to be arraigned today in connection with the death of 32-year-old kathryn steinle last wednesday. now, he's an undocument mnth -- undocumented immigrant. he's been deported five times. he's a repeat drug offender released from jail back on april 15th. coming up at 7:30, tara moriarty will tell us how this shooting has become part of a national debate about san francisco's sanctuary city policy. parking in san francisco could get more expensive. according to the city transit agency, they are expected to approve plans to pass on a credit card processing fee to people who use charge cards at marking meet -- parking meters. the proposed fee would add 27 cents to the cost of parking.
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genegexer is depending more on credit cards these days. the study found that 48% say credit card functions as a financial survival tool. consumer experts say the reliance on credit card debt can be troublesome because people often put off saving for retirement and other needs because of it. starting today, you might have to pay more for four favorite drink at starbucks. some of the prices will be going up between 5 and 20 cents in most areas of the country. a venti will cost you 2.45. the increase comes as the cost of buying coffee beans has actually fallen. starbucks says this has to do with rising rents, labor, wages and marketing equipment. >> i'm not angry about it. i'm sure we would love to pay less all of the time. >> i don't know how high they can go.
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the company is doing well and i don't see a need for it. >> is while the price for most drinks is going up, the company says frappuccinos packaged coffee and food will will not be impacted. we did the math. if you get a venti coffee every day with this price, it will cost you $73 more a year. join the conversation on our facebook page. tell us what you think. this criticism this morning about a san francisco condo complex, some pea say it should -- people say it should be bigger. a developer has plans for condos between oak and fell street. they will only meet a minimum standard of 12% of units. affordable housing wants to see 183 units that's affordable. well, supporters of a
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temporary ban on building more housing in the mission district, well, they say their plan will be on the november ballot. a citizen group claims they've collected enough signatures to put that controversial measure in front of voters. they say without the 18-month moratorium. latinos and their culture will be pushed out of the mission district. this petition signature collection drive started last month after the board of supervisors did not approve a similar measure. the supporters say this proposal would give the board some time to work out a plan to keep the mission district affordable. >> let the community put a plan together with the city once and for all that's going to build affordable housing for the community. >> it will accelerate, you know, the pricing out that's already existing. >> volunteers are busy. they are counting and checking those petition signatures now. at least 9700 signatures are needed to qualify for the bal
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pott. supporters are claiming they have already collected at least 14,000. 7:11. ice caves in washington state draw hikers looking for a challenge and a thrill. now one hiker has died even after officials warn people to stay away. but a shocking new twist in the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. up next, the court testimony just made public that could be very embarrassing to cosby. forming. good morning. we're looking at the east bay commute. not too bad. we see a lot of slow traffic coming in to concord from the baypoint area. we have a low off the coast. it's starting to produce high and mid-level cloud the -- mid- level clouds. we'll talk about a change in the forecast.
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welcome back. at least 14 people killed in kenya in an attack by al qaeda- linked al-shabab militants. al-shabab has targeted kenya in retribution for kenya sending troops to fight. that attack comes three weeks before president obama is scheduled to visit kenya. british prime minister david cameron led this wreath- laying ceremony remembering the victims of an attack on the london transit system that happened ten years ago today. the bombers were four british men inspired by al qaeda to blow themselves up while riding on three subway trains. there are reports that agents are serving warrants at the home of subway spokesperson
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jared regarding pornography. investigators said a search of taylor's home set up 500 videos. at that time, fogel said his foundation immediately cut ties with taylor. now, fogel himself is not under arrest. according to reports. it's not clear how fogel's home is connected to the child pornography investigation. stunning new revelation surfacing in the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. new court documents just unsealed shows canby admitted to buy -- cosby admitted to buying drugs to give to women to have sex with them. the associated press obtained court documents in a 2005 lawsuit where bill cosby testified that he bought quaaludes in the 1970s with the intention on giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. in the court documents, the attorney for the woman suing cosby for sexual assault asked cosby, when you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women
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that you wanted to have sex with? cosby answered yes. >> and mr. cosby has been attempting to avoid and evade answering directly this question. and now his answer is out. his answer under oath is out. >> cosby settled that sexual abuse lawsuit for undisclosed terms. the 77-year-old has been accused in recent months by more than 25 illwomen of sexual misconduct dating back four decades. a lot of the cases for the statute of limitations has passed. that prevents prosecution. 7:17. your chances of whisting the powerball -- hitting the power bal jackpots is getting smaller. the odds of winning the top prize will shrink to 1 in 292 bill but the odds of hitting a smaller winning amount will get
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better. the changes come as ticket sales dropped almost 20% last year. california, by the way, is one of 36 states taking part in the powerball lottery. 7:17. let's get you out the der and check in with sal castanedo. what's happening, sal? >> well, ulknow, it's still a little bit busy out there. let's go outside and take a look at some of these commutes. we'll start with 280 in san jose. from downtown, you can season the right. that's northbound 280. it's getting slow getting up to cupertino. it's not quite as bad as it would be on a morning in february. but it's still plenty slow. i want to show you the map of the south bay. you can see 101 is slow. 85 is slow. so it's almost as bad as it normally would be. on the peninsula, you can see traffic on 101 is not all that bad. we're looking at -- at highway 37 all the way out to highway 121. let's get more live pictures. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is backed up here. it's about a 20-minute delay before you make it onto the
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bridge. let's go to the weather. hello, steve. >> hello, sal. thank you. we do have partly cloudy skies here. some sun. combo of low clouds and high clouds. there is a slight component of a severally breeze. we have a low off san francisco about 400 miles out there. it's starting to work its way ever so slowly toward us. some of our clouds on the eastern edge of it beginning to move in. the core of it is still back here. it looks like it's on the move starting tonight into tomorrow. that will start to cloud it up. it will give us drizzle. that's for sure, the thunderstorm over the sierra -- i mean, the cloud cover on the lee side, it's cloudy. a few 50s. vell few. a lot of 60s -- very few. a lot of 60s. san francisco, fairfield, 62. fremont, hayward, brentwood and livermore. west-southwest, 22 gust to almost 30.
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southwest, southwest, west, westerly breeze from sfo out to livermore. but 61 san francisco buoy. half moon bay, 62. monterey, 61. very warm ocean currents right now along the california coast. you can see the leading edge of some of the clouds associated with that low. once it begins to make the move, it will start to wrap in a lot of cloud cover. i think we go cloudy to mostly cloudy. some of that cloud cover will start to head back. it's on the increase. it will favor coast and bay more so than inland. i'm kind of splitting the difference. partly sunny, partly cloudy. they should be 85, 86 for most. coast and bay are actually running a little bit above. kind of a crazy pattern here. partly to mostly cloudy on wednesday. we cloud to up thursday into friday and possibility of thunderstorm activity. it's been blowing up over the sierra and down to las vegas. a better -- a little better on the weekend. >> thank you.
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>> any time. 7:20. it's already been delayed once. it's still lacking support. lawmakers will vote today on that controversial right to die bill but in 20 minutes, we'll tell you the main reason there's so much opposition. the dalai lama celebrates his 80th birthday right here in california. the birthday gift he was given that didn't come wrapped up in boxes and bows.
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7:23. one person was killed and four others were hurt after an ice cave collapsed in northwestern washington state. rescue crews headed to the snohomish county ice caves after receiving several 911 calls. three people were airlifted to a trauma center near seattle. one girl was taken to a closer hospital. the sheriff's officials say it's not illegal to go in the caves, but it has been warning since midmay that hot weather is making the cave very dangerous. >> it's weakened the caves themselves. they are frozen essentially. it's incredibly dangerous. the warm weather also means we've seen a high number of people going out and using the areas for recreation. >> right now, it's too risky for recovery teams to go into the area. so the body of the person who died is still inside the cave. the cave zone is about 70 miles northeast of seattle. it's a popular hiking spot near mount baker. the caves are closed until further notice.
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7:4. san francisco may start cracking down on those billboard companies that cut down trees in the city. the advertising companies reportedly cutting branches and hacking the trees in half to keep them from blocking billboards. city supervisors are due to consider an ordinance requiring the companies to get permits first and hire an arborist for every time they want a tree pruned. if not, they could be fined $500 and may have to replace damaged trees and pay. the dalai lama is celebrating his 80th birthday in california. he's in irvine to attend the three-day globalcomm passion summit. a special birthday present, a new species of marine life named in his honor. >> do you know what's happening here? you are getting a -- something -- a new species. a new animal is being named after. >> named after you. >> it has your name. >> this animal is your name
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now. [laughter] >> he was forced in, aisle in 1959 following a chinese invasion. he's never been able to return. 7:25. dead animals washing onshore at san francisco's popular ocean beach. coming up in 15 minutes, what some say may be behind this disturbing trend. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where the accused killer of a woman walking on pier 14 is now being charged with her murder. we'll tell you why this case has put a national spotlight on the debate about sanctuary city. good morning. the commute is getting a little bit busier now, as you can see, northbound 280 at 880. it's slow. we'll tell you more about the commute -- coming up. a lot going on for early july. we have an increase in high and mid-level cloud. there's also a very active typhoon season. more on that and our tuesday highs -- coming up.
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how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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you can see here a memorial of flowers along san francisco's waterfront left there for a young woman shot and killed while walking along pier 14. the case is sparking a national debate. the undocumented immigrant accused in the killing is set to be arraigned today. mum on -- coming up on "mornings on 2," tara moriarty will have more on how the
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sheriff is defending his department releasing that suspect. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about our weather and traffic. i ran out ten seconds ago. >> yes. >> it's not that bad. >> not that bad. >> a little mild. partly cloudy. mostly cloudy day. >> yeah. >> we're there. that's our forecast. we do have a lot going on. we'll get right to it. we have a change in the weather. it will be slow today. some low clouds. nothing compared to yesterday. they will be on the move tonight as a low off san francisco begins to make a push to the east. that will enhance not only our low clouds but the high and mid- level clouds. triplets in the western pacific. a tropical storm, and typhoons warnings and watches out for much of guam and china and japan. these two are the main players. that's a lot of energy coming across the pacific. there's our low. plenty going on. the low here, parking itself
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off july is not something we see too often. still a breeze. it's turning more southerly as the low inches toward us. it's starting to increase mid- and high level clouds. it's already starting to enhance cloud cover along the coast. clouds and sun, partly sunny, partly cloudy. breezy. on the mild side. 80s through the interior. kind of a mild, a muggy pattern. 60s, 70s for others. sal, anything going on? i am listening but i haven't heard anything yet. yes. there are a couple of things out there. let's go to the south bay. we do have slow traffic on all of the freeways here on northbound 280. we also do have a problem on saratoga avenue near williams, a good area to avoid because of a collision there. we'll find out more details about that but the freeways
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themselves are affected or are slow. northbound 85, 280 and 101 are all slow into the valley. as you move on the peninsula, nothing too much. 101 looks good. it does get slow in san mateo heading down to menlo park. it's slow as well. out to the bay bridge toll plaza we go. it's backed for a 15-minute delay before you make it on the span. if you are driving in the east bay, the freeways are moderate. looks like 880 northbound and southbound looking pretty good in front of the coliseum. 7:32. back to the desk. the man accused of killing a follow woman on san francisco's waterfront has been charged with murder. he's due to be arraigned today in connection with the death of 32-year-old kathryn steinle. ktvu fox 2's tara moriarty joining us live from san francisco. you've been out there all morning and this case is, once again, causing major debate about the city's sanctuary laws. >> reporter: yeah, that law says that city employees do not have to help federal officials
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detain illegal immigrants unless compelled by state law or a court order. we're standing out at pier 14. this is a look at the memorial of flowers. this is where kathryn steinle was walking with her father when she was shot and killed. san francisco authorities released suspect lopez sanchez in april after dropping the drug charges. they asked him to be turned over. that's despite the fact that they were asked to be let know if they are gonna let them know. the sheriff said isis is to blame for not getting a warrant. the sheriff was reiterating his stance on the sanctuary law in this inner office memo that ktvu obtained. mayor ed lee issued a statement saying the sakes airy policy -- sanctuary policy was never intended to protect repeat and serious violent felons and i'm concerned about the circumstances that led to the release of mr. sanchez.
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all agencies involved, federal and local, need to conduct quick, thorough objective reviews of their policies and the decisions made in this case. more details are supposed to come forward sometime today. he's due in court at 1:30 this afternoon. a memorial service is planned for -- for kathryn steinle on sunday. back to you. >> thank you. 7:34. meantime, search crews from marin county, they are helping out in the search to find a missing 6-month-old girl in shasta county. authorities say according to her father, ember sky graham was last seen in her crib. that set off a mikor search by volunteers and law enforcement -- major search by volunteers and law enforcement. they say the father has made inconsistent statements and is not cooperated. the father, mathew ryan graham is being held on an unrelated
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probation violation related to dui and forgery convictions. santa rosa police arrested a man suspected of setting several fires in that city. 61-year-old james raymond was arrested on the fourth of july. police say they found him near the scene of now grass fires. they were peach set about an hour apart saturday night. the fires were clustered around marlo and guerneville. he's also suspected efsetting three other fires last week. all of them were put out before they could spread. frustrated homeowners say the city didn't do enough to crack down on illegal fireworks. take a look at this home security video. this man says his cameras captured 60 to 70 explosions going off in a span of ba 45 minutes on saturday. when he called 911 to report the illegal fireworks, he said he got a busy signal and then was rerouted to a non-emergency dispatch line. san jose police say the special operations division was working that night. >> by the time we get to the scene, we never get addresses.
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people don't know the addresses. they just see them in the general area. >> from about 9:00 until about midnight, it was all of san jose -- all of san jose was a combat zone. >> the city council is considering a plan to allow park rangers and code enforcement officers to issue citetations on the fourth of july. 7:35. police in san francisco want your help this morning. they are trying to find a person who robbed a dental office, not once but twice. in this video, you see a man in dark clothing crawl through the reception window at the office on alemany boulevard. the first break-in happened at 3:00 this morning last tuesday. then three hours later, he was at it again. but this time wearing different clothes. >> he was brazen because he did it, not once. he did it twice. >> shocked. we're fortunate that he didn't take anything serious. police say about 10,000 worth of items were stolen but
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luckily, no patients' record were stolen. take a look at this video. police say if you recognize this man, call san francisco police. police in danville are investigating what appears to be the murder suicide of a married couple. police say they received a 911 hangup call at about 7:45 yesterday morning from a home on glen eagle court. that's in the crow canyon country club gated community. police say 77-year-old edward perry was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. his wife, 67-year-old patricia perry, had been shot twice. she was also dead. the chief said officers had been to that home before for a domestic disturbance in 2011. >> no arrests were made. our detective d.c.s will review the report to see if there's any facts that would lead us into a direction as to why this event occurred. >> patricia was a long-time employee for the city of san ramon. police say this is the first homicide in danville since
7:38 am
2009. boy, a disturbing sight at san francisco's ocean beach and marine by olgists are wonder -- biologists are wogedderring what's going on. a dead dolphin and seal washed up on the beach. several people walking by couldn't figure out what's going on. the ocean temperatures -- and you hear steve -- oaks temperatures in the -- ocean temperatures in the bay area are warmer than normal leading some to wonder if that's a factor. >> it's very disturbing. i've never seen so many animals. >> marine by olgists are investigating. ktvu will continue to follow all of the latest developments and we'll bring you information as soon as it becomes available. wild weather in las vegas last night to show you. severe thunderstorms caused flash flood warnings. at one point, nearly an inch of rain fell in just 15 minutes. several roads had to be shut down to drivers because they were just too dangerous.
7:39 am
firefighters also had to rescue several people from their cars after they got stranded in the water. a new rollout from facebook could give youtube a run for its money. how a little icon in your new feed will change the way you use that site. do you ever feel pressured to tip? up next, how technology may be increasing that pressure. good morning. we're looking at a morning commute that is getting better in some places but has worsened in others. as we look at a san jose picture, we have a problem in san jose, we'll tell you about it coming up. well, low offshore. san francisco's finally beginning to make a little push east. that's pushing in low clouds. high and mid-level clouds. what about the temps? cooler and warmer. we'll take a look.
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the right to die. both side -- will be making their case in sacramento today. pam cook has more. >> s bill would allow -- the bill would allow california physicians to help patients end their own lives with prescribed medication. similar bills have failed in the past but the debate was re- ignited when brittany maynard was dying of brain cancer. she moved to oregon to end her life last fall. now, maynard's family has been in sacramento in support of the bill. but the opponents are making their case as well. the catholic church and other religious groups are mobilizing against the right to die legislation saying it's against the will of god.
7:43 am
the vote was postponed because it didn't have enough support from fellow democrats on the health committee to advance it. the panel is scheduled to hear that legislation again this afternoon. now, one group, compacks and choices, plans to pursue a ballot initiative if the bill fails to let the voters decide. in the next hour, we'll hear from some lawmakers still trying to make up their mind and some of their concerns against it. some of it not just religious concerns. they have other things they are concerned about. we'll talk about that next hour. >> thank you. >> see you then. the nation's no no-child- left-behind law may be getting an update. the senate and house are expected to take up the bush era edgecation law and figure out -- education law and figure out how much of a role the government should play. there's been a pig question surrounding the 2002 law. last night, the white house said president obama wants allergy in the bill -- wants lank in the bill bill to turn
7:44 am
it around. south carolina may take down the confederate flag by the end of the week. the south carolina state senate voted overwhelmingly yesterday in favor of taking down the flag. the call for taking it down followed the mass shooting of nine people at emanuel ame church in charleston last month, including the pastor who was also a well-respected state senator. the measure goes to the house lawmakers today. it has to pass by a two third vote. the governor nikki haley pushed for the bill. she is expected to sign it. president obama says the u.s. and its allies are making progress in the fight against the islamic state terror group. he met with officials at the pentagon to get an update on the battle against islamic state fighters. after ward, he said confronting and destroying isis will be a long-term effort but the group's foothold in iraq has been reduced. today, ashton carter will testify before the senate arms committee on the u.s. strategy
7:45 am
against isis. 7:44. the eurozone countries want to hear new proposals from greece. sources say that hasn't happened yet. they've only heard an update on greece's financial situation. some finance ministers are speak be publicly for the first time. finland's prime minister says greece owes them $5 million euros. ireland is suggesting greece follow its lead. for the past you few years, they followed austerity rules from bayout creditors. now it's expected to have the strongest economic growth of all 28 countries in the european union this year. 7:45. technology, it may be leading to a new cultural experience, being guilty about tipping. that's what it's being called when you go to pay for coffee and doughnuts and give her your
7:46 am
credit card. and then it asks you if you want too pay a 15%, 5% tip. some people pick even if they want to. others say no thank you. >> do feel guilty not leaving a tip. >> i think it's the same thing as having a tip jar out. it's not any different than it was before. >> that doughnut shop owners admits total tips are up. it could be because digital tipping is easier and results in more money than dropping change inside of a jar. economists say people tend to spend more on everything when they use credit cards instead of using card. do you ever feel guilty? >> i do it. yeah. parting with that dollar is so much harder than hitting a button. >> but i think of the people who work really hard and may not make a lot of money. do it. do it. >> yeah. let's run over to the traffic center and check in
7:47 am
with hard-working sal. >> hello there. i'm looking at the computer to see if there's updates on any items. we do have slow traffic in san jose. we'll get to that. we'll start off with the partly sunny toll plaza, the traffic is backed up. it'sism broncking a little bit -- it's improving a little bit. it's backed up for 15 minutes getting into san francisco. the nimitz freeway, northbound, 880 is beginning to slow down a little bit getting up to high street. san jose, the freeways are jammed. 101 is very slow from before the capitol expressway up to mountain view. it doesn't look like a vacation pattern at all. northbound 280 is okay. saratoga avenue near williams there is a fatal crash there blocking streets. it's a good area to avoid. go around the area if you can. 7:47. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> all right. thank you. well, we to have a little combo of low clouds and high and mid-level cloud. those kind of helped along by a low west of san francisco which
7:48 am
is -- it looks like it's beginning to pack its bags. it will start to make the move tonight into tomorrow. we'll go cloudy to mostly cloudy. western pacific is very, very active in the cyclone and the tropical typhoon. this is the tropical storm, the weakest of the triplets, if you will. it looks like guam, china and japan, putting out the watches an warning foss these two. that's the western pacific. we're in the eastern pacific. we have a little low here. might be tapping into lower latitude cloud here. overall, the low is keeping temperatures very warm and the ocean temps have come up, up, up. 61 san francisco buoy. half moon bay, 62, monterey, 61. bodega bay at a 7. except for a few -- 57. except for a few 50s, there's a lot of 60s. half moon bay, 63. oakland, 63. that's warmer than fairfield,
7:49 am
6. livermore, san jose, 65. 64. a decent braze but instead of westerly it's turning southerly. still a westerly component from sfo out to livermore. livermore west at 10. that's a good indication. even san jose has a west at 3. i know that's not much but it's a westerly direction. a in livermore -- 58 in livermore. thunderstorms just absolutely going crazy over the sierra yesterday. the low will start to make its mark. as that heads in around south of big sur, it will start rotating in a lot of cloud cover wednesday, thursday, maybe into friday. big thunderstorms. they fall apart at night. they lose their heat and lift but they will pick up later in the afternoon. note only there -- not only there but around las vegas. there is a lot of cloud cover in nevada. for us, cloud cover is on the increase. coast and bay. some sun inland. partly sunny, partly cloudy. a little breezy but on the mild side, 70s and 80s here. highs anywhere from 60s, 70s to 80s. we're getting out of the 90s. i think we'll stay there for
7:50 am
the bulk of the week. some mid- to upper 80s. you have to go far north to see that. temperatures around the bay are running above average. inland temps are trending below average. especially for san jose, santa clara. 84, morgan hill, san jose -- east san jose, 8, 83. 60s on the coast. 70s in the city. south san francisco, 80 in woodside. we cloud it up thursday and friday. we'll get drizzle. maybe even some rain. by saturday it's gone. we'll see warmer weather. >> yes, that's promising. >> thank you, steve. >> i'm gonna buy you and gasia some pancakes. >> hey, big spender. >> i got a deal for you. if you are really hungry this morning -- i gotta tell you ihop. a shorts it stack, three hot pancakes for 57 cents. today's ihop's a 7th -- 57th
7:51 am
anniversary. you can only get one shortstack of pancakes for 57 cents. i was thinking about going back six or seven times. the pancakes are 57 cents. the baken is $8. coming up, you may not need to wait until the holidays to get pretty good teals. what am done is doing -- amazon is doing. and the big auction since caitlyn jenner's transition and how much it's expected to sell for.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
a dump truck driver in oakland said his brakes went out, failed just before he crashed into two cars in oakland. a viewer sent us this video. their is champion and montana streets, yesterday evening. that dump truck tipped over, spilled a load of dirt, badly damaging two parked cars. no one was in the cars. but a bicyclist was hurt in the crash, along with a dump truck driver and passenger. police say the driver told them he figured the only way he could stop his truck was to run into parked cars. the tour de france leader after two stages was knocked out of the race in a massive crash during yesterday's stage 3. it brought down 20 riders. they had just 37 miles to go. the race was stopped when the
7:55 am
cyclists were given medical attention an allowed to catch -- and allowed to catch up. he was later diagnosed with two fractured vertebrae and withdrew from the race. the running of the bulls -- go ahead, dave. >> the running of the bulls in spain was something to watch. today, oh, boy, a lot of people. it was all on the first day of the annual running of the bills festival. hundreds of people trying to stay ahead of those six bulls. now, 11 people were hurt. three people were gored, including two americans. not life-threatening wounds, though. others were hurt during falls as they were being chased. this event happens every day until next tuesday. back to talking about bruce jenner, sis 1984 olympic torch will be auctioned. now, he carried that torch, this one here, through lake tahoe, on its way to the los angeles coliseum.
7:56 am
it's the first major piece of jenner memorabilia to be auctioned since the former olympic star transitioned to caitlyn jenner. the torch will be auctioned in chicago on july 30th. it's expected to bring in about $20,000 or more. well, the women's world cup soccer champions are back in the u.s. they will be honored later today at a big rally in los angeles. the team arrived at l.a.x. yesterday and later this morning they will head to the l.a. live entertainment complex near the tapeles center in downtown l.a. for a free public celebration. this is the first u.s. stop of the team since they peat japan in the world cup final on sunday in canada. the them last won the world cup in 1999. a grizzly bear exhibit at a minnesota zoo is temporarily closed after a bear picked up a basketball-sized rock and shattered a glass barrier. take a look at what happened here when the bear threw that rock. all of that crackled-looking glass. that's what he did.
7:57 am
you can get people on the other side of the glass were sure surprised. the zoo says no one was in danger. the zoo also says the bears were taken into a holding area. they say the bear was being playful, not aggressive. >> i think they are just playing. they are doing what they do. bears are very active. they play with everything they can get their paws on. >> the bears will be staying in the holding area until the glass can be repaired. 7:56. we're all guilty of it. we're done it. you go to work. you feel under the weather. you just don't feel good. but what if the person feeling sick is the doctor treating you? coming up in the next hour of "mornings on 2," we'll break down a new study that reveals how many people go to work sick and why.
7:58 am
you're a bow and arro♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
7:59 am
a high-speed chase that began in san leandro ended up with the suspect's car crashing into a small market in oakland. this is new video just into our
8:00 am
newsroom. you see the damage there done to tony's market. it's right on mountain avenue right by 580. according to police sources, it all started before 7:00 this morning in san leandro. at this point, we don't know yet what started the chase. but we do understand the chase for a minute was on 580. the suspect took that mountain boulevard exit, then lost control and slammed into that corner store. sources say the suspect has been arrested. at this point, it's unclear if he's injured. we do know there's heavy damage both outside of the store, also the inside. you can tell it's all boarded up. quite a mess probably. >> hopefully there were no problem walking by. >> it's early. don't know if the store was open yet. let's get to steve paulson. i guess it's a lot drier than yesterday. >> that's true. we have a little change on the way for us. >> yeah, right. >> the leading edge of that is beginning to move in. this guy right there. say hel row to my little -- hello to my little friend. this will enhance the fog bank.
8:01 am
there will be a lot of drizzle the next couple of days and possibly rain for us. thunderstorms going crazy. it looks like drier air is punching in. water temps are very warm. 62 half moon bay. 62 san francisco buoy. 63 half moon bay. san francisco, 65 for novato. 65 fairfield. 65 livermore and san jose. everybody is really close. the wind is picking up out in the delta but starts to turn southerly in advance of that. even with partly sunny, partly cloudy skies, humidity factor is high. the system will cloud us up starting wednesday and thursday. i think we'll get a little bit of rain out of it. clouds and sun, breezy but upon the mild side. 80s for. . 70s for others. 64 in daly city, sal. that's pretty warm. >> you are absolutely right. they are getting a little bit of warm weather there. good morning. right now we have a look at some of these commutes.
8:02 am
we have a blockage in san jose this morning. we have saratoga avenue closed near williams right near the denny's for a fatal crash where this vehicle ran into a light pole earlier this morning. one person was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. and they are investigating this crash. it will be closed according to san jose police until at least 8:30. this is saratoga avenue near williams road and you know the area. it's near the den nip's there. you cannot get through. people are using other roads and right now there's a little bit of a tieup on some of these other roads. there's no traffic on saratoga right now. police are on the scene. let's take a look at some of these other commutes. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, 15, 20- minute delay. no problems getting into san francisco. we're also looking at heavy traffic, frequent complaint lately is highway 37. people are staying why is it so slow, always leaving vallejo and heading to marin.
8:03 am
well, a lot of people are using that a. and we're also looking at slow traffic in 880 and union city in both directions. back to the desk. let's get straight out to alex savidge. he's been in vacaville for you covering this fire we brought you at the beginning of "mornings on 2". >> alex, you've been out there. it sound like they are really making progress against this wildfire in vacaville. >> reporter: they are making good progress, dave, gasia. good morning to both of you. the update we got within the last hour from calfire, they've now 60% containment on this fire. it's no longer growing in size. that's good news for all of the crews who have been out here since early yesterday. yesterday in the morning and they've worked throughout the night to gain control of the fire. total of 150 acres have burned in this remote area that is just west of interstate 80 near mixed canyon road and sky ranch road. in the afternoon yesterday, especially, there were strong winds and that moved the flames dangerously close to a number of homes in this area as crews stood by to protect them in the
8:04 am
end, the good news, there were no homes or structures lost yesterday. the fire started midmorning and it quickly grew in size as an air attack was brought in. helicopters dropped water and retardant. this is being called the sky fire. it appears to have been sparked by a pickup of some kind. 30 homes were threatened. crews were very busy because they had to deal with erratic wind. >> between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m., they had gusty downcanyon winds that were casting embers over the lines. they worked very, very hard into the night to pick up the spot fires that went over the line and we're still holding it at 60% containment due to their hard work overnight. now, there was never any mandatory evacuation order yesterday. but obviously given the size of the fire and how close it came to many homes along mixed
8:05 am
canyon road a lot of people decided to pack up their cars and get out of that area but those people will be allowed to return to their homes. we are told in the next few hours or so. they will reopen mixed canyon road. they are working on hot spots within the fire line itself because the fire again not continuing to grow this morning and the word i got from calfire is they will be working throughout the day today and hoping to have this fire fully contained, you guys, by sometime tomorrow. >> we hear so often from firefighters that we only clear defensible space around the homes. have homeowners done that? >> reporter: i was told the homes in the line of fire yesterday, those places, they know the conditions that they live in. they are surrounded by dry brush and trees, and a lot of those homes did have the defensible space and that made
8:06 am
all of the difference yesterday. >> thank you. we've posted an extend the version of the firefight for you at -- extended version of the firefight for you at youtube. go to youtube and type in ktvu and you will see the video. a grass fire in south san francisco is being investigated. take a look at some video. we took it from our roof cam. look in the middle of your screen. off in the distance, you can see the flames. this broke out about 10:00 last night near poplar and rocha avenues, not far from signhill park. it's still clear not clear how the fire started.
8:07 am
number this rning, law enforcement agents are reportedlier is fning search warrants at the home of subway spokesman jared fogle in connection with a child pornography investigation. here's pictures we just got in from our fox affiliate in independent and -- independent of a police. agents are outside of his home. now, russell taylor, the former head of jared's foundation, he was arrested back in may on charges of child pornography. at the time, investigators said they searched taylor's home. they found more than 500 videos with images of child pornography. jared fogle is not under arrest, according to reports. but those federal agents removed electronics from his home earlier this morning. a former uc santa cruz student was killed in hollywood in what appears to be a ran tom shooting.
8:08 am
carrie jean melvin was walking with her boyfriend near sunset boulevard sunday night when she was shot in the back of the head. witnesses told police that no words were exchanged. the suspect just appeared and fired the gunshot. police are hoping surveillance video from nearby businesses will help in the investigation. 8:07. a proposed condo complex is the focus of criticism in san francisco pie those who say it should be bigger. the developer has plans for two six-story could be dose between oak and fell. the 1 a 8-unit complex will meet 1% affordable units. advocates for aforldable housing -- affordable housing would like to see 180 units that's 33% affordable. that would meet the goals of the non-binding proposition k that passed last year. a san francisco citizens' group has collected enough signatures to put a controversial measure often the ballot. if measure would ban building luxury condos and apartments in
8:09 am
the mission district for 1 months. supporters say -- for 18 months. supporters say without that latinos and their culture will be pushed out of the mission. the board of supervisors did not pass a similar measure. proposals say this would give the board time to work out a plan to keep the mission district affordable. >> let the community put a plan together with the city once and for all that's gonna -- that's going to build affordable housing for the community. >> gonna exaser pate our shortage and -- exacerbate our shortage. >> the zrols are counting and checking petition signatures. they need 9700 to qualify. supporters say they already have 14,000. well, this will make you feel something. parking in san francisco may get even more expensive. according to kqed, the city
8:10 am
transit agency is about to approve plans to pass on a credit card processing fee to people who use credit cards at those parking meters. up until now, the cost was paid for by a federal grant. the proposed credit card fee would add 27 cents to the cost of parking. well, genegers are depending more on credit card as a life line. they surveyed 1,000 jen exers. the study was conduct and found that 48% say credit cards now function as a financial survival tool. now, consumer experts say depending upon credit card debt, it can be a big problem because people often put off saving for retirement and other needs because of it. 8:10. in your tech headlines facebook
8:11 am
is test out a future that will ausers to watch videos and scroll through their news feeds at the same time. users will see a new button on their videos. it looks like two squares. once selected, the video appears on the side of the news feed and that lets you scroll and watch the video at the same time. the website reports facebook has been aiming to take some of the traffic away from youtube but offering better ad revenue for content creators. apple can help you around the house with siri. it sells mor about $250 -- for about $250. there's a smart thermostat that lets you know a room's temperature and will tell you if someone is inside that room. xbox music, now call bed groove. this comes as the company gets ready to launch windows 10. with groove for $a -- for $10
8:12 am
a month, you can stream. today marks the 114th birthday of the man behind the famous godzilla movie. he was the co-creator and special effects director. google is park mark, the -- is marking the day with let's make a movie. still ahead, the man accused of shooting and killing a woman in san francisco last week, he will be in court today. we'll show you the growing it memorial out there for that murdered woman and tell you what is next for the suspect. also be prepared. if you go to starbucks, you have to -- you will have to pay more. >> you are looking at a commute heading to marin.
8:13 am
you can see slow traffic heading town -- heading to the toll plaza. big changes are brewing. more so tomorrow. we'll talk about that and see if there's any rain in the forecast.
8:14 am
8:15 am
starting today you might have to pay more for starbucks. some of the beverage prices
8:16 am
will be going up 5 cents to 20 cents. that means a venti coffee will cost $2.45. this comes as the cost of buying coffee beans has fallen. starbucks says the reason for the price increase has to do with rising rents, wages, labor, marketing and equipment. >> i'm angry about it. i'm sure we would like to pay less. >> i don't know how high they can go. the company is doing well. i don't see a need for it. >> the price for most drinks is going up. the company says frappuccinos and food won't be inpathed. we did -- impact. we did the math for you. if you got a venti every day with this price, it will be about $73 more a year. tell us what you think on your facebook page. >> want to hear. 8:16. san francisco may start cracking downg on billboard
8:17 am
companies that kowt down trees. the ad companies are lacking some trees in half in order to keep them from blocking billboard. city supervisors today are due to consider an ordinance require those ad companies to get a permit and hire an arforist every time they want to have a tree pruned. if they don't, they could possibly be fined $500 and they may have to pay to replace damaged trees. 8:17. let's get you out the door, head over to sal castanedo in the traffic center. >> hello. right now we're looking at a couple things in the commute. in general, it's not too bad. but we to have things to tell you about. we have a closure in san jose after a deadly collision with this truck and a pole. it happened much earlier this morning. and it's still closed as this he do an investigation on saratoga avenue near williams road. that's closed partially. now it looks like they've reopened part of saratoga avenue. it looks like one direction is
8:18 am
closed near the denny's. it's probably a good idea to avoid the area in general until they wrap up this investigation. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's about a 10, 15- minute delay getting onto the bridge with no problems on that span. i want to look at the east bay via our map system. 580 is slow through dublin and livermore. and 92 had a couple of earlier issues. heading out to the san mateo bridge. the dumbarton bridge is heavy. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy here is. a little bit of a breeze. temperatures on the mild side. water temps are warm. very active in the western pacific. have some typhoons and a tropical storm. there are signs about 1300 miles west of the big island of hawaii, right there, this system, if it does develop would become tropical storm
8:19 am
dolores. we'll keep an eye on that. we have an -- an area of low pressure. circulation around that might grab onto some of that. 50s for a few. 60s for many. 61, 62 san francisco buoy. that's why the lows on the coat never got below 60. half moon bay is 63. 65 sfo, daly city, 64. 65 fairfield. brentwood, livermore and san jose all around the same. same for fremont and hayward. the delta breeze has cranked up big time in the last hour. now gusts to 33. westerly component or a southwesterly component it's almost due west even san jose had a westerly breeze. west-southwest livermore. 60s, 70s through the interior. it's warmer in monterey than ukiah. 64. 62 and just 2 degrees cooler than sacramento. there's warm ocean temps. the low is on the move. finally. it's taking its sweet time moving but it will start to move in probably south of big
8:20 am
sur. as it does, it will spin in a lot of clouds. a lot of cloud cover and thunderstorms up on the sierra. plenty of clouds on the lee side. look calmer than yesterday. in las vegas, they had big boomers. drier air is beginning to punch in down there. but overall, another active day in the sierra. here comes the leading edge of our higher clouds starting to work our way in, tonight, tomorrow and i think mostly cloudy skies and maybe thunderstorm activity around here. wednesday night, thursday into friday morning. 67 os, 70s and 80s -- 60s, 70s and 80s. pretty close the -- pretty close. it doesn't meat -- matter. everyone is close. os and 80s, -- 70s and 80s. the south wind making coast mild. 70s to near 80 on the
8:21 am
peninsula. menlo park 79. partly sunny to mostly cloudy on wednesday, thursday, friday. possibility of some rain. it will be cooler and we'll see warmer conditions a little more sun on the weekend. the implications -- >> there's a lot going on for july. i would agree. nothing in the atlantic adged -- and the pacific. nothing in the atlantic. >> and el nino can be wet. >> but not always. not always. >> thank you. >> thank you. 8:21. a startling development in the scandal surrounding bill cosby. we'll tell you when and where he admitted to buying trucks with the intention -- drugs with the intention of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. the woman at the center of a discrimination lawsuit. she's on the hot seat at her own company. the reason thousands of people want reddick's ceo out.
8:22 am
leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo.
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8:24 am
taking a live look at markets on wall street, you can see the dow jones is down by almost 1% following 17 -- falling 170 points. the eurozone countries wanted to hear new financial reforms from greece. sources say that didn't happen. they only heard an update on greece's financial situation. just moments ago, the top official of the eurozone said ministers broadly agreed any new program must go beyond the
8:25 am
short term. some other spoke publicly since before the meeting. finland's finance minister says that greece owes finland $5 billion euros. ireland is suggesting greece follow the lead. ireland followed austerity from bailout measures. looks like the u.s. is importing an lot more than it is exporting. the trade deficit widened nearly 3% in may. that reflected decline in sales of american-made aircraft and machinery. the big reason the trade deficit increased is because the strong dollar is making it harder for people overseas to afford american-made products. the online petition to remove the interim ceo of reddick has almost00,000 signatures. angry users say that ellen poa played a role in firing a key
8:26 am
employee they liked and shut down message boards. yesterday, she said we screwed up. they cited inadequate communication between the site's administrators and mott raiders. the petition -- moderators. the petition has more than 199,000 signatures. you may remember ellen poa, she filed a gender violation lawsuit. she claimed that opportunities were kept from her because she's a woman. however, a jury said that was not the case. she's appealing that ruling. well, facebook's chief operating officer cheryl sand berg will be joining the board of directors at the survey monkey. sandberg is the widow of david goldberg, the ceo of the palo alto-based survey monkey company from 2009 until may when he died. sandberg wanted to help realize her late husband's vision for his company.
8:27 am
bargain hunters, you may not have to wait for the holidays to get great deals. amazon's rolling out prime day. the company will be launching a sale that's bigger than black friday. prime day takes place next wednesday, july 15th. that is the same day amazon turns 20. all right, gasia. 8:26. still ahead, a big question, will the right to die bill pass today's committee vote in the state legislature. coming up, pam cook is coming back. she will join us talking about the hurdles that bill has faced and why it may not go any further. we are in san francisco where the accused killer of a woman walking here along pier 14 is now being charged with her murder. we'll tell you why this case has once again put a national spotlight on the debate about san francisco's sanctuary city policy. good morning. we'll looking at a commute here where traffic is still getting a little bit slow approaching highway 17. however, we're seeing imprompt
8:28 am
prompt -- improvement in some areas. cloud cover is on the move. it look like a change is on the way later today but more likely wednesday into thursday. we'll explain.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. happening today, the man charged with killing a woman on san francisco's pier 14 is expected in court. >> ktvu fox 2's tara moriarty reports the tragic case that's really put the spotlight back on the sanctuary city meant to keep undocumented immigrants out of federal custody. >> reporter: sown flowers were -- sunflowers were kathryn steinle's favorite flower and they adorn the pier. this is the spot where she was
8:31 am
walking with her dad when she was shot and killed. her accused killer is due in court at 1:30 this afternoon. police say the shooting appears to be random. lopez-sanchez is an undocumented immigrant who has been deported five times. he's a repeat drug offender. the shooting has spurred a national debate about san francisco's sanctuary city policy. sheriff ross mirkarimi is defending the decision to release him. >> they knew his history, they knew his history with deportation. they could have taken measures when they brought him here to make sure there was a warrant or a judicial order. >> reporter: the mayor said the policy was never intended to protect serious or violent
8:32 am
felons. republican presidential candidate donald trump says the city should change its policy. >> just because donald trump is thumbing his nose at san francisco that we have to make the change, i don't believe that's the reason to do it. >> reporter: meanwhile, people gathered at pier 14 yesterday for a prayer vigil in steinle's honor. a memorial service is scheduled for thursday. we should be learning more details about the case from the d.a.'s office sometime later today. in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we'll be following the story all day for you. stay with us or go to let's check weather now, get you all set for the day. steve paulson says we should be okay today but there's stuff happening. >> tomorrow. >> yeah. >> i think we'll get rain out of it. late thursday, friday. there will be drizzle tonight, tomorrow. the low -- a low in early july? yes, it's out there. it's starting to pick up a little bit on the high, mid- level clouds and the low clouds, there weren't that
8:33 am
many. i think the low is starting to make its move and as it does, it's enhancing that even though the water temps are very warm. there it is. it might tap into tropical clouds. you can see the rotation starting to tap into some of that. these are the average temps. oerblgd is 71. san francisco, 67. today, 72, 70. they are above. santa rosa, san jose should be 84. we're going 80 and 78. inland terms run -- temps running below. monterey, 61. san rafael, 64. but by -- by the way, shelley said, steve, you are standing in front of the san rafael temperature, can you move? i'm happy to do that. if you are in concord, you can't see it. now you can. 67. [laughter] >> that's -- the first weatherman on tv, somebody said can you please move? fairfield, gusting to 33. west at oakland, westerly
8:34 am
component. this system moves in south of big sur. a little bit today. more so wednesday, thursday into friday. i think we'll see not only clowkd but rain. today, 70s, 80s. 70s around the bay. all right. i'm done venting. >> you are standing in front of a green screen and that's superimposed on you. weathermen can never wear lime green. [laughter] let's take a look at what we have is now. the traffic is moving along better in some areas. it's improving although some areas are getting more crowded like 880 northbound and southbound. 880 northbound is backed up out of san leandro. this is the typical late morning commute heading up to downtown oakland. 580 is slow. in pockets all the way out to the headache shore -- out to
8:35 am
the bayshore area. taking a look at the south bay, all of the freeways started off well but now we're seeing a lot of slow traffic on 85, on 280, on 101. started off much better. the early commutes have been better. now it looks like a regular tuesday. getting into the valley. back to the desk. police in san francisco are trying to find a person who robbed a dental office twice. you can see a man in dark clothing crawling through the reception window at this office. the first break-in happened about 3:00 in the morning last tuesday. then three hours later, he was at it again. but look. this time, he's wearing different clothes. >> he was blazen because he it -- brazen because he did it twice. >> we're shocked. but we're fortunate that he didn't take anything serious. >> according to police, about
8:36 am
10,000 worth of items were stolen but luckily, no patient records were stolen. take a look at the video. if you recognize that man, san francisco police want to hear from you. police in san jose searching for a man, this man, caught on surveillance cameras stealing clothing from a kohl's department store. now, these photos were inside the store on blossom hill road on june 17 pth. now, police say after stealing the clothes, the man left the store. when store employees chased him down, police say he reached for his waistband as if he had a gun and threatened those store employees. investigators say the man has a tattoo of a large shark fin on the back of his neck. also he has the image of a pit bull on the side of his neck. take a look. if you see him, if you know who he is call, call san jose police. police in didn't veil are investigating a murder-suicide of a married couple. police say they received a 911
8:37 am
hangup call from a home on glen eagle court. police say 77-year-old edward perry was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. his wife, 67-year-old patricia perry had been shot twice. she also died. the chief says officers had been to that home before for domestic disturbance back in 2011. >> no arrests were made. and our detectives will review that report to see if there is any facts that would substantial apartment or lead us -- sub substantiate or lead us into the direction as to what occurred. crews from marin county are helping in the search for a missing 6-month-old girl up in shasta county. according to her father, ember sky graham was last seen in her crib in their home on
8:38 am
redding. deputies say the father has been giving inconsistent statements. he's considered a person of interest. right now he's being held on an unrelated probation violation. ktvu fox 2's pam cook back in the studio now. the controversial debate over the right to die. >> the assembly health committee will vote today on california's right to die bill. also known as death with dignity. the bill would allow california physicians to help terminally ill patients end their own lives with prescribed medication. similar bills have failed in the pass but the debate was re- ignited when 29-year-old brittany maynard of alamo was dying from brain cancer. she moved to oregon to end her life last fall. maynard's family has been in sacramento in support of california's bill. but the opponents are making their case as well, including
8:39 am
the catholic church and other religious groups. one dam from los angeles is still -- democrat from los angeles is still undecided but is more concerned about safeguards, including mental health evaluations for patients seeking life-ending drugs. now, mon tan now, oregon, vermont have -- montana, oregon and vermont have court decisions regarding this. one group, compacks with choices plans to pursue a ballot initiative. so if the vote fails, they want to take it to the voters. certainly an oning going story -- ongoing story. >> it's been an ongoing story. but maynard's case has put this up to the front burner. >> watching her family travel, so young and everything. so yeah, it's put a face to this. >> she told her story. thank you.
8:40 am
>> thank you. 8:39 a bill allowing lane splitting by motorcyclists has been put on hold. it would have made california the first state to allow the practice of weaving between cars. this is permitted at the discretion of law enforcement. the assemblyman is tabling the measure for one year to work out how to implement it. the senate and house are expected to take up the no no- child-left-behind law and figure out how much of a role the government should play. last night, the white house said president obama wants language in the bill that requires rules for the lowest performing schools. prime minister met yesterday with pmg officials getting -- pk official -- met
8:41 am
yesterday with the pentagon getting updates on isis. he says the group's foothold in iraq has been reduced. >> over the past year we've seen when we have an effective partner on the ground, isil can be pushed back. >> ashton carter will be testifying about the u.s. strategy against isis. still, republicans in congress are criticizing the president saying he should have taken stronger action. president obama will meet with the head of vietnam's communist party at the white house. the general secretary of the communist party is in washington. this is the first visit ever to the white house by a vietnamese communist leader. the deadline for iran's nuke deal has been extended again. negotiators of the talks were about to miss the current dead
8:42 am
tlin but now it's been extended to friday. it's not clear how much progress negotiators have made or if iran is trying to by time. iran and the 6th world powers, including the u.s. are seeking a deal that would ease sanctionses on iran if it agrees at restrictions aimed at preventing it from obtaining a nuclear bomb. would you go to work sick? >> i've done it. >> sit next to me. >> not you. [laughter] >> never, no. >> people -- it happens all of the time. people say it's no big deal but what if your doctor did the same thing? coming up, a study that reveals it happens more than you think. dig through the couch cushions, a real deal is coming up. i hoff has a real deal. we'll tell you what you can get for just aen -- for just 57
8:43 am
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some stunning new
8:46 am
revelations about sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. some new court documents just unsealed show that bill cosby admitted to buying drugs to give to women. the associated press obtained court documents from a 2005 lawsuit where bill cosby testified he bought quaaludes back in the 1970s with the intent of giving them too young women he wanted to -- to young women he wanted to have sex with. he also admitted to giving a sedative to one woman. in the lawsuit, it was asked, when you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind you were gonna use them for young women that you wanted to have sex with. cosby answered, yes. >> and mr. cosby's been attempts to avoid and evade answering directly this question. and now his answer is out.
8:47 am
his answer under oath is out. >> it cosby settled that lawsuit for undisclosed terms. cosby has you been accused by 25 women of sexual conduct dating back four decades in. in many case, the statute of limb takes has passed preventing any prosecution. bill cosby so far has not responded to these latest developments. 8:47. if you are about to head out the door, don't do it until you hear from sal. >> right. i couldn't have said it better than myself. traffic is still a little pit slow slow-- is still a little bit slow out there. bnd 80 between -- westbound 80 between the carquinez bridge, a wait. we're looking at traffic in the east bay that's still pretty busy. 88 is not so bad between
8:48 am
hayward and fremont. moderately heavy traffic. 508 is slow through livermore all the way to dublin. now, let's go back to steve in the weather center. >> i will be listening to mine on the way home. we do have a little about enhancement. the clouds are on the move. the low finally begins to make its presence felt close about closer toward us, about 400 miles west of san francisco. it looks like it's on its way to big sur. it's on the move. it might even tap into some tropical clouds. pretty impressive for early july. it's there. just -- again, it seems like 6 to 8 weeks ahead of schedule on the weather pattern. 60s, 61, 62. very, very warm except for bodega bay 57. upper 60s for some. mid-60s for others. yet there's not that big of a spread between the coast and inland temps. only about 5, 6 degrees. everybody is in the 60s here. kind of a mild pattern.
8:49 am
the breeze has been cranking up. the del tall was not that bad a couple of hours ago. now it's up to 33 miles an hour. it's starting to turn more southerly. you can see some of the clouds skirting along the coast. but beginning to enhance a little bit. some partly sunny, partly cloudies. as this low moves in, it will rotate a lot of cloud cover. clouds, some sun there. breezy but on the mild side. kind of a higher humidity factor. i mean. >> , the warm ocean temp, all combined to give more humidity to the mix. coast and bay are running a little bit above. we'll see some drizzle tonight and tomorrow. 70s and 80s for some. again, 70s, 80s. fn is pretty close here. there's not a huge discrepancy like we saw last week. very mild on the coast. i mean there's mid-60s already on the coast right now. cloudy to mostly cloudy.
8:50 am
next few days. i think we'll get rain out of it. it will be gone by friday and a little better over the weekend. >> now i'm thinking about lunch at big sur. >> yes. well, nasa just released new photos and the first color movie of pluto. take a look. the images were taken by the new horizon spacecraft. you can see pluto and its moon in orbit. just moving. astronomers say the detail and the images, some of the best they've seen. we should see more when the new horizons gets closer during a fly by a week from today. now, you pluto may not be a planet. but astronomers have a lot of interest in seeing more detailed images of the surface. the story getting a lot of attention at starbucks latest price
8:51 am
increase. the cost of some drinks are going up by 5 cents to 20 cents across most of the country. that would would bring the price of a venti at $2.45. the coffee beans price is down but other costs are going up such a as labor and equipment and wages. we've been seeing a lot of comments on our facebook page. this man writes quit complaining, y'all. starbucks has great benefits. i personally don't buy coffee there. i make my own. it tastes the same. a lot of people are pointing to the fact that they can go to mcdona now and get what they call a premium cup of coffee for about a dollar. some people go in the middle. >> others say i will cut back. i won't do anything. i will stay away. i don't know. it's interesting. i understand what starbucks is saying. they've got all of the costs.
8:52 am
somebody has to pay for it. >> they are the industry leader as far as offering benefits to their part-time employees and most companies you need to be full time. it is leading the way in that sense. but a lot of people say i choose to give it to my mom and pop coffee shop up the street. >> i want to hear what you are saying. i will be checking on the facebook page. if you are hungry this morning, ihop has a deal you may not be able to refuse. how does this send, get a short stack, three hot pancakes for 57 cents. today is the a 7th anniversary of i -- 57th anniversary of ihop. it's going on until 7:00 p.m. you can only buy one a 7 cent short stack of pain cakes. any pancakes after that, you have to pay the regular price. they are the one we turn to
8:53 am
when we're feeling sick. but some doctors are showing up sick to work even though they are feeling under the weather.
8:54 am
steak in a breakfast burrito? i can't keep up. this is advanced burrito, right? this is intro to burrito! jack's new steak & egg breakfast burrito's got tender steak and creamy sriracha in a warm tortilla. lookin' for a basic burrito? this ain't it.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's 8:54. something new is threatening the grapes in the napa valley. it's a very destructive moth. it has a scary nail. the western grape leaf schedule onizer. it's a -- skeletonizer. it was found in the vineyard late last night. when it's in the caterpillar stage, it eats a lot of grape leafs and can strip the vines. it can leave fungus and rotted fruit on the vines. it was spotted in calistoga. more traps are being set there to find out if there are more moths in the area. a majority of interests admit they show up to work even when they are sick. a study from the children's hospital of philadelphia found 83% of healthcare providers there say they went to work when they were sick. 98% of them, almost everybody, said they didn't want to let
8:56 am
their colleagues down even though they knew working when sick puts patients at risk of infection. there's another trend meant to keep people out of the doctor's office. usa today is reporting digital health startups brought in $2 billion in investments last year. a lot that money is for apps that left -- that let patients chat with their doctor. there are apps that can they diagnose a patient. a startup in berkeley is offering an app. it turns a phone into a remote stethoscope. a man is alabama is using the internet and a $10,000 reward for anyone who can help him find a girlfriend. he livings in birmingham. he is a recent harvard grad. he works full time. he can't find the right woman. he's created his own dating site. he says he will pay $10,000 to
8:57 am
the person who helps set him up with his future girlfriend unless the girl submits herself. in that case, doesn't qualify. >> no. there is a different motivation there. he says finding the right woman is as important as buying a car or a home. some might argue even more important. >> he says he just can't find a girl. all right. sal, you can help him where he need to go. >> if he has traffic problems, come to me. >> from birmingham all the way to the bay. [laughter] >> let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. as you you come up to the -- as you come up to the maze, you will see slow traffic. no major problems. when you get to 880, northbound to san leandro, very slow. this does not look like the summer pattern. i think a lot of people are working today. on 280 in san jose, that's fortunately cleared up. northbound on the right there. today's weather, let's go to steve. am i hearing things, is there something going on on the golden gate bridge this
8:58 am
weekend? >> thursday, they are gonna close doyle drive. big detours and delays. >> that's right. i will not be going that direction. partly sunny, partly cloudy, giving way to mostly cloudy skies thursday and friday and maybe some rain. >> interesting week. >> i don't have a forecast for that man in alabama. [laughter] >> i think -- >> get out there and -- what's the worse they can say no? >> listen to us. we have all of this advice. >> thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> see you back here at noon. thanks for watching.
8:59 am
9:00 am
police chasing a suspect open fire from a chopper. >> they're aiming for his engine, aiming for the tires. >> what happens when the bullets fly right behind a baby stroller. that's the most amazing caging i've ever seen in my life. >> if that voice sounds familiar that's because -- i got to go on a rescue. how gail tagged along with simon cowell to save two stubborn badgers. why pay attention to the road when you can play -- >> rock, paper


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