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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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court he is called by his full name. he appeared in front of a courtroom this afternoon to answer to the murder charge. >> what is your plea? [ indiscernible ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> no guilty. >> reporter: francisco sanchez is accused of firing a gun on fear 14 wednesday night. a bullet hit 32-year-old kathryn steinle in the back as she walked on the peer killing her. public defender said despite francisco sanchez's previous confession this is not simple. >> very likely this was accidental shooting. >> reporter: francisco sanchez's attorney says he has a second grade education. in court it seemed he didn't understand the proceedings. repeating -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> i am not guilty. >> reporter: he was in san francisco for a short time before he was detained and
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arrested for murder. the district attorney's office said immigration brought him here to face a drug charge. >> for was a -- there was a case from 1995 the sale of american. >> reporter: the -- of marijuana. the case was dropped. it is the reason he was brought to san francisco and the opportunity for him to have been on peer 14 wednesday. when he goes on trial san francisco's policy will be an unnamed defender. >> again, that was noelle walker reporting. immigration officials came under fire at a hearing in washington, d.c. over the francisco sanchez case. a senator from wisconsin wanted to know why i.c.e. didn't pick him up when he was released from san francisco county jail. >> what happened in that case where that individual had 7 prior felony convictions and he
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was released repeatedly and now a woman is dead. why did that happen? >> in that particular incidence he completed -- >> the sheriff's department did not honor their request to keep francisco sanchez in custody or notify i.c.e. that is a policy the sheriff's department stands by. today senator dianne feinstein weighed in and said the tragic death of kathryn steinle could have been avoided if the sheriff's department notified i.c.e. prior to the release of francisco sanchez that would have allowed i.c.e. to remove him from the country. >> some city leaders are standing behind the sanctuary law. ktvu's john sasaki is live outside the sheriff's office where he talked to san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi and he is defending the release of the suspect without informing officials. >> reporter: his office is here
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and yes, he is defending the decision and he is blaming i.c.e. saying it is not the city's fault. this is a policy that has been in place for decades. now, while it has been mended over the years -- amended over the years -- supporters say the goal is to prevent illegal immigrant from being deported just for being here illegally. >> francisco sanchez was detained by us for more than two weeks. i think we expected any time because i.c.e. is aware of our local laws, that they required a legal instrument as a court order or a warrant. a detainer, notification of detainer request has been
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determined to not be a legal instrument. >> reporter: opponents of this law are quick to criticize the city and leaders. we talked to one of those folks, he is very harsh on this law. >> but they decided that they want to create a sanctuary for criminals and killers and it has nothing to do with protecting the rights of immigrants or keeping people from being deported. this was a massive failure. >> reporter: now, i did talk to a supervisor this afternoon, and i tried to ask him if there is anything the city could have done to prevent what happened tokathryn steinle and his reaction -- to kathryn steinle and his reaction was interesting. >> francisco sanchez is responsible for what happened.
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>> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> um-- >> reporter: that happened an hour ago. i talked to the police officer's association, and he said that something has to change about this law. he said the current law allowed kathryn steinle to be killed. so something has to change or more people will be killed he said by illegal immigrant in san francisco. back to you. >> a story we will be following for a long time. thank you. as kathryn kathryn steinle's family copes with her death they are also raising money in her honor. a go fund me page has been set up, kathryn steinle legacy and family fund raised $20,000. the money will be used to support charities close to her heart. firefighters are battling a fire right now in bay point. the fire started around 1:15 p.m. this afternoon. you can see charred grass in
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the area and smoke from our traffic cam raw. officials -- camera. officials say no structures are threatened. new developments after a grass fire grew quickly today and moved close to a neighborhood in danville. forcing a children's center to evacuate. tonight the fire is out. the fire started this afternoon near sycamore valley park. we have team coverage, chief meteorologist bill martin has the conditions today but we begin with cristina rendon who spoke to people who live in the neighborhood. >> reporter: right now i think the neighborhood is just breathing a sigh of relief. we are in the parking lot of a elementary school and this is where the fire started. just over the hill is a neighborhood of homes and crews were able to get a handle on the fire quickly and it wasn't more serious. >> the view from sky fox 2
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shows the 60 acres of the open space that went up in flames around 11:00 a.m. this morning. >> we just saw the fire was inching its way along the mountain and we saw the wind was pushing it. >> reporter: the fire broke out near sycamore valley elementary school and a day care evacuated. she says the hot, windy and dry conditions made this an uphill battle. >> text book. these are all the right conditions for the fire to spread. >> reporter: what started as a half acre tripled in size and they brought in aid to attck from the ground and -- attack from the ground and air. he rushed home to find crews were cutting a fire line beyond his backyard.
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>> second time this happened since we lived here. >> reporter: it is why she packed a few things in her truck along with her dogs as a precaution. >> when you see something like that just happen, just like -- the wind will push it towards your house. so it is scary. >> reporter: thankfully the fire did not hurt people or damage homes. you can see the playground here, it is where firefighters set up. they will remain on scene throughout the night making sure hot spots don't pop up. >> all right. thank you. in many cases the weather can be a big factor in how destructive the fires are. chief meteorologist bill martin with the conditions those firefighters were facing today. >> yeah. that is a good point. the fire conditions, it is summer time, the fire conditions are through the
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roof. in a drought. fire conditions are unprecedented but weather wise could be worse. mild temperatures. not low 100s but we had wind. let's look at the winds. winds are typical. what i am getting at here is yes, it is a nasty time of year for fire. winds by fairfield. with the moisture we are seeing the two fires we talked about today. wind in livermore. knocked down quickly. current temperatures point this out. fairfield. this time of day, year, that should be 93, 94 degrees. livermore. temperatures are cooler. doesn't make the fire -- still dangerous. still damaging. but this pattern has been helpful in -- with firefighters getting a handle on the fires early. when i come back we will talk about the fire conditions. and what you can expect. >> thank you. two people died in the
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skies over south carolina in an accident involving a f-16 fighter jet and a cessna 150. it happened this morning northwest of charleston. the national transportation safety board says an f-16 fighter jet and a cessna 150 collided. the f-16 pilot ejected safely. the pilot and passenger aboard the cessna was killed. attempted murder will be added to the list of charges filed against charleston church shooting suspect dylann roof. the new charges are for the people who survived the attack that emanuel a.m.e. church. he was arrested and charged with 9 counts of murder. one for each person killed. he also faces a weapons charge. the south carolina senate took a step to remove the confederate flag that flies on the state house grounds in columbia. the vote of 36-3 sends the bill to the house. the debate over the flag was renewed after last month's
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shooting in charleston. the killer carried the confederate flag as a symbol of racism during the attack. [ indiscernible ] >> the war began here, it should end here. >> governor nikki haley is expected to sign the bill. she called for the flag to be removed. a man on his way to spend 4 4th of july with his family never made it. the leads police are following in the deadly hit and run case. and the hazard that closed a climbing route on yosemite's half dome. >> and in a few days the end of the road for a major road project years and years in the making.
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new at 5:00 p.m. a new ride years in the making. the doyle drive replacement job will be done monday morning after a four day closure that starts thursday at 4:00 p.m. ktvu's tom vacar with one of the first to take a ride-along the new roadway leading to the golden gate bridge. >> prove that rebuilding or -- proof that rebuilding is something that could improve people's lives. >> as you roll along you can't help but marvel as its complexities. >> we have three new tunnels. a new bridge. new access that nobody has taken and in order a get to the marina you have to be in the right hand lane. >> the ramp connections to highway 1 will reopen after 5 years of closure. but the weekend is needed to connect it all together.
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>> there is all kinds of materials that have arrived, equipment deliveries every night. they set up a new batch plant for the concrete. they got as much done as they can. >> the real work is to remove existing roadways and lay steel and concrete to make new ones. >> the key things are to remove the temporary detour. they need to get rid of that and build up the new road. at the east end they need to build up the road 7-10 feet. >> the golden gate bridge will remain open. >> walk or bike but do not bring your car. parking lots will be closed. no place to park. >> reporter: come monday all of connections mean a new learning curve for commuters. >> we are changing the approach to the golden gate bridge.
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come monday morning drivers should be watching the roads carefully because the lanes will be different than they are used to. >> reporter: some of this increases the capacity and will make things more efficient. the intent of the project from the beginning was to be a seismic safety project for a major highway that was sure to collapse in a major earthquake. more at 6:00 p.m. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> seems like this work has been going on forever. how long have they been thinking about replacing doyle drive. the fist studies was when the -- first studies was back in the 1955 era. the reason was, they said, this thing probably isn't going to do well in an earthquake and they knew little about earthquakes and how they worked. that is how this came to be.
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>> tom vacar live in san francisco, thank you. a high speed police chase that began in san leando ended with the suspect crashing into market. the car crashed into tony's market. it began when they started chasing a burglary suspect at 7:00 a.m. this morning. the suspect led authorities on to interstate 580 and then the mountain boulevard exit where he lost control after that. he was arrested and now faces several charges including car burglary, evading police and possession of a hand gun. a wildfire sparked by burning truck. the sky fire started yesterday morning. aerial crews helped firefighters to control the flames. cal fire says it burned 150 acres and 60% contained. there is no word of injuries or damage to structures. investigators are trying to
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determine the cause of the truck fire. researchers at university of california at berkeley are working on a way to spot wildfires. they are developing a new system that uses drones, airplanes and satellites to look for flyers. cameras will patrol fire prone areas. once it is up and running it will be able to spot new wildfires within 3 minutes after they start. we have seen several grass fires today. let's go to bill in the weather center to talk about the weather and the cooler temperatures that will help the firefighters out there. >> yeah. talking about drones to help protect fire and using aircraft and what have you, they have been using fire tow forever in the -- towers forever in the mountains. those folks, when you man those things you could spot a fire quicker than 3 minutes. can't you? the problem is manning them all the time. cheaper -- just pointing out,
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technology is great. but the old way was great as well. quicker than 3 minutes. the forecast for the next couple days. cool, mind pattern. fog off shore. beautiful day. love it here this time of year. i typically don't mind the heat but i have been enjoying this pattern. this guy here, low-pressure system. talked about it last night. tomorrow night doing the same thing. that is the low-pressure system that will impact us for the next 10 days. that means continued thundershowers here. lake tahoe area. monsoonal moisture swept up from the gulf of california. the fire danger concerns will be around the lake tahoe area for the next few days. thunderstorms today. they will see them again the next couple days. we could see one of the thunderstorms work their way across the valley and show up in the east bay valleys. here are the current right now
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temperatures. the colors didn't log in. you are seeing, fairfield 80 degrees. 70 livermore. well below what i would expect for this time of year. cool. the low, spinning, does that. stretches out the marine layer. cooler pattern. 10 degrees below average. 10 degrees below average. keeps us this way. tomorrow morning, the fog -- inversion pushed inland. tries to bleed moisture into the sacramento valley as well. that helps firefighters. what doesn't help firefighters are the afternoon thunderstorms in the mountains. bay area wednesday. cool. the story will be, into the next few days, the mild pattern continues. here is the concern here for the thunderstorms. in the bay area. see how it pushes the moisture on the sierra nevada. lifting. ideal for thunderstorms. mammoth.
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north to big bear -- or bear valley. lake tahoe. some of that stuff could creep into the bay area. that is why we are talking about a chance for a shower or a thundershower eastern livermore valley. like last week. remember? tracking that for you. that is a concern if that occurs. fire again. 80 sonoma. 84 vacaville. temperatures are below what i expect for this time of year. offer quality is good -- air quality is good. fire danger is low. four years of dry and not getting -- no rain till november. significant rain. fire danger always a concern. five-day forecast, top numbers, that is not what you expect to see in july. july -- 5? 7? 8? 7. >> seems like we are getting a mild break right now.
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>> mild break. which is great. firefighters -- they have the doors open, we are not seeing that. they can relax a little bit. >> thank you. ahead, how the university of california is trying to attract a specific type of student. plus a dangerous tradition, thee people gored and one of them -- three people gored and one of them is from california and the aid and dying bill, the decision made today that state capitol.
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california man was among three people gored in spain's running of the bulls. the 27-year-old's home town wasn't released but he was among hundreds to tempfate today. another man -- tempt fate today. two other men were also gored. they are expected to recover. the bulls are killed by professional mad tores after the run -- matadors after the run. greece did not offer much in the way of a new proposal to solve its debt crisis. u.s. stock markets closed higher. dow rose 93 points. nasdaq gained 5. s&p gained 12. more on how they are dealing with the crisis and why lies ahead. .
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>> reporter: greece's money troubles are not going away soon. the country's new finance minister meeting with his eurozone counter parts to discuss the crisis. he did not present any new ideas on another bail out deal as he was expected to do. >> the door of the negotiations remain open but at the same time that door is conditional and i think we are running out of time. >> voters rejecting proposals sunday. the prime minister pushing for a no vote saying it would help greece secure a better deal. but there are fears this decision could lead greece out of the eurozone. >> it will be a terrible mistake. >> reporter: taking part in emergency talks with eurozone leaders. he and spoke with president obama. >> all parties acknowledge it is in their interest for greece to remain part of the eurozone.
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>> reporter: banks remain close and there is a limit on how much folks can withdrawal from atms. there is concern the crisis will impact others around the world. [ speaking foreign language ] >> an exit of a country not from the european union but the eurozone is a risk for growth. >> reporter: greece is expected to request a loan from the bail out fund. fox news. the university of california wants to boost the number of community college transfer students. they are spilling out the courses students need to take to be eligible. transfer students make up 30% of the new undergrads they admit each year. university of california president janet napolitano wants to enroll one transfer student for every two freshman admitted. a motorcyclist hit and left to die and a family demanding
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answers. tonight why his motorcycle had a special meaning for him and the leads police are now following. >> and a court case over a cake. the baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple and why he says the law is on his side and b.a.r.t. gives us a look at the repairs, and it boils down to a piece of wood.
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two weeks shy of his 30th birthday a motorcyclist is killed after he was hit by a car on the 4th of july. now the chp needs help -- california highway patrol needs help finding the driver. ktvu's azenith smith spoke to the family and live where the crash took place. >> reporter: near interstate 880 north. the victim in the tragedy hailed from hawaii and lived in palo alto. his family is seeking justice. >> reporter: his lifelong dream to own a motorcycle. he bought a 2007 harley davidson in may on the one year anniversary of his mother's death. two months after owning the bike his life ended. >> i know he was just cruising on his bike. just -- just couldn't wait to
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see his nephew. >> reporter: on july 49:15 p.m. at night he was riding -- 4, 9:15 p.m. at night he was riding his bike when he was hit. the driver sped off. he died at the scene. >> we had plans to go all together. we had a lot of plans together. my heart hurts. it really hurts. >> reporter: he was loving, caring. he worked two jobs. no one is taking it harder than his father. >> i know he loved me so much. so much. >> reporter: they are praying to be comforted by answers and despite this loss, his father
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made it a point to say this about the driver. >> i forgive you. i forgive you. >> reporter: pleading for the person to come forward. >> we asked for help. ask for god to comfort us. ask that everybody to help us. he was such a good guy. >> reporter: witnesses describe the driver's car as a newer black dodge charger or challenger. likely with front end damage. the family plans to burry him next to his mother and they set up a go fund me phage to help with funeral expenses. we posted a link on our web page. . >> hope somebody comes forward. azenith smith, thank you. search crews spent a sixth day looking for any sign of a
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missing baby. authorities say a baby's father reported her missing thursday from a trailer home. that triggered a search by law enforcement including crews from marin and contra costa county. the father is considered a person of interest in the case because of his inconsistent statements. they say an abduction is unlikely. southern california truck driver is facing charges. officialssay the 42-year-old -- officials say the 42-yield was transporting used beverage containers from out of state. they spotted him in arkansas, tracked -- arizona, tracked him and arrested him. he had 7,000 pounds of plastic and aluminum containers from arizona in his truck. this is the third arrest of this kind this year.
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mark your calendars. b.a.r.t. is making plans to close the transbay tube for two weekends. communitiers will want to plan ahead -- commuters will want to plan ahead. ktvu's keba arnold on when the closures will happen. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is shut down the trains between the east bay and san francisco august 1 and 2 and-laid-laid weekend, september 5 -- and labor day weekend, september 5, 6, and 7. they need to replace railroad ties. over the years the holes in the woods used to hold the spikes could become loose. it allows b.a.r.t. to move the tracks from one -- train tracks from one track to another. b.a.r.t. says this particular system from the east bay to san francisco is one of the most important in their 104-mile
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system. >> right now we are not able to use it to its full potential. once we get the work done we will be able to use it. it will mean a smoother ride for passengers and for the people who manage the train traffic, it means more flexibility and fewer delays. >> reporter: there will be a bus bridge in place for those riders who have no other option. they are carry passengers from 19th 19th street to the san francisco transbay terminal for no additional charnel. however a 1-2 -- charge, however there could be a 1-2 hour charge. those two weekends have low ridership compared to other weekends which will be a great time to get in there and use all the equipment it owns to get the job done. >> if it means fewer delays it is a good thing. the ceo of the reddit
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website issued an apology. she has been under fire since reddit fired an employee last week. users were upset and closed down many subsections. the company hadn't communicate well and broke promises to users. reaction to the apology has been lukewarm. some saying they will with hold adjustment till they -- judgments till they see changes. coming up, the homecoming celebration for the women's world cup champions. explosives stolen from an army base. how the thieves managed to get back security. >> why parking in san francisco could get more expensive depending on how you pay.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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base jumping record holder died during a training jump in switzerland. he was called the bird man for his love of jumping. he trained at the lodi parachute center and met his wife there. he knew one mistake could cost his life. not known what went wrong, he was a native of columbia. memorial services are planned there and here in california.
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new fall out for bill cosby after documents showed he once admitted to giving quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with. today bounce announced they are pulling his sitcom. attorneys for women who are suing say his admission could bolster their claims. his admission came in 2005 but only made public yesterday. california's drought is changing the look of some city park. in los angeles, officials say they don't have enough water to irrigate all the trees so they are cutting down the ones that are dead or die before they fall down. 14,000 of the city's trees died. officials say dead trees pose a threat. >> we have a responsibility to
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keep our parks safe. on a case by case basis where the trees could become a safety issue the department will be removing the trees. >> they have been tracking tree deaths since the start of the drought. the dry conditions led to the deaths of 12.5 million trees in california's forest last year. parking in san francisco could get more expensive if you use a credit card to pay. they are expected to pass on a credit card processing fee to people. up till now the cost was covered by federal grant. the fee would add 27 don't the cost of parking. -- 27 cents to the cost of parking. climbing rock in coyote is closed -- in yosemite is closed. plus -- >> a new public park opening.
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but here, this isn't just any public park. >> tracking the cooler weather that is heading our way. mild last couple days. it continues. but there is a chance of thundershowers in the forecast. we will have the details. >> a look at traffic. the busiest freeway in the bay area. all the tail lights are the right, interstate 80 through berkeley towards vacaville. another live camera. 880. near oracle arena. slower on the southbound side of the freeway. and south, 280, downtown san jose, cars coming at you are heading in the southbound direction.
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♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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it is too dangerous for rescue teams to enter an big 4 ice ice caves in washington is state orecover a body of a female hiker. -- ice caves in washington state to recover a body of a female hiker. five other people were injured. it is not illegal to go into the caves but they have been warning people that hot weather is making the caves very dangerous. >> weakened the caves. [ indiscernible ] >> incredibly dangerous. we have seen a high number of people going out and using the areas for recreation. >> the body of a woman is deep in the hois cave near a water
5:47 pm
-- ice cave near a water fall. it is 150 feet deep. the zone is 70 miles northeast of seattle and it is a pop -- popular destination. a large faulk fall closed -- rock fall closed yosemite's half dome. officials say it happened last week but no one saw it and no one was hurt. officials are deciding how the -- it will effect future rock climbing. there are other routes available to climbers who want to go up the hard way. the women's world cup champions are back on american soil and they brought a new piece of hardware home. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: those are the -- >> those are the champions welcomed by cheering fans
5:48 pm
during a rally in los angeles. the first public appearance since winning the world cup. >> so proud of this team. everybody collectfly, we got -- collectively, we got the job done. every day feels great to wake up as a world champion and that feeling won't get old. >> carli lloyd scored three goals during the match. the united states beat japan 5- 2. the colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple had his day in court today. they filed a lawsuit against him in december 2013. a judge ruled in their favor. he appealed the ruling. general mills is going to
5:49 pm
start using cage free eggs. the company said eggs are a key ingredient in several product lines. hasn't said yet when it will make the switch. other big companies are switching including starbucks, dunkin' donuts, nesly and walmart. -- nestly and walmart. the humane society calls it a major victory to improve the lives of farm animals. back to bill with a hook at what is happen -- look at what is happening. >> how great was that soccer match -- [ talking at the same time ] >> never watched soccer. it was really exciting. >> good rematch. >> good numbers. everybody watched. >> 20 something million. >> it was great. the temperatures were on the mild side again. this pattern continues. we talked about it earlier. these were the highs today. right? well, cooler than highs you would expect for this time of
5:50 pm
year. 83 antioch. i expect antioch in the upper 90s. 85 fairfield. we are in the hot time of year. 77 santa rosa. 83 napa. the pattern persists. bird island. yeah. you never -- bird island. sanctuary. fog shooting across now. which way is it going? golden gate bridge, shooting across, towards vallejo area. there is the low-pressure system spinning away. not supposed to be here. that is not a feature you expect to see. everything should be going this way. the spinning in the opposite direction. with the low pressure off shore, sets us up with the fog. showed you the temperatures. didn't i? below average. because of the low.
5:51 pm
we are seeing thundershowers around lake tahoe-air. thundershowers around -- lake tahoe area. thundershowers around continue for the next few days because of the low. everything is dictated by the low. air quality is good. fire danger is down and thundershowers are in the forecast for the sierra nevada because of the low. the forecast -- if it was winter, you are looking at highs for san jose, a cut off like that, game on for rain. that's where we are. that is where we stay for the week. tomorrow, the mild pattern continues. the thunderstorms as they work north will potentially on thursday bring some flashes of light, thunder to the eastern neighbors of the bay area.
5:52 pm
we will be tracking that. not a guarantee. lake thaw [bleep] thursday -- lake tahoe thursday, there is a chance something would end up in the bay area. we will watch that. these are highs for tomorrow. like today. the five-day forecast. yeah. it was fun -- again, i am not a soccer guy but watching the women, when they won, just the looks on their faces. how exciting is that? >> 1999 -- >> yeah. to see that -- exciting. >> did it so fast. three goals off the bat. >> fun. >> thank you. still ahead tonight, new at 6:00 p.m. a look at immigration reform, a murder case now has many people asking why wasn't the suspect deported again, now a man in another case who is stuck in a i.c.e. holding facility and how his family is fighting for his freedom. >> priorities are wrong, not letting him have a day in
5:53 pm
court. >> tonight why critics sayimentgration is an inconsistent system -- say immigration is an inconsistent system. >> carnival cleared to go to cuba. how much the base fair will cost.
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it deadly for reaching a agreement with iran has been
5:56 pm
extended till friday. the parties have been closer -- have never been closer to reaching a final agreement. ditch elements wouldn't say -- diplomats wouldn't say what remains but the u.s. would oppose a demand the embargo would be lifted if an agreement is reached. officials in france ordered a review after a theft of explosives. 40 grenades, six pounds of explosives and 180 detonators were stolen. it appears the thieves cuts through security -- cut through security fencing. carnival will begin routes to cuba. they will set sail next may. the company was granted approval for travel to cuba for
5:57 pm
a cultural exchange. they will operate on the new brand which focuses on trips where passengers do volunteer work. they are expecting a high demand. ticket prices start at $3,000 per person for a 7 day. a community that is home to many low-income residents is getting ready for a grand opening. a new park is just about ready. >> rob roth tells us it will be the only public park in town. >> the finishing touches on this new public park. it will be the community's only park. >> most kids are on free and reduced so everybody, you know, some parents may not have a lot.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: not a lot to do for teenagers. >> we need things to do to keep occupied. and not just roaming around the streets. >> when you don't have a lot going on that leads to trouble. >> but that could change with the park. there was once a park here but it fell in to disrepair and became unsafe. so for the next 15 years it became a dump. with the help of a grant the community designed the park that includes a theater for plays and performs. >> hang out. take my sister and my cousin there. >> a gathering place. >> reporter: sometimes a park could be more than just a park especially when it will be the only one in town. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a grisly bear exhibit at a
5:59 pm
minnesota zoo is temporarily closed after a bear picked up a basketball sized rock and shattered a glass barrier. broke one of five lay arizona of glass. -- layers of glass. the bears were immediately taken into the holding area. zoo keepers say the bear wasn't being aggressive. >> i think they are just playing. they are doing what they do, they are active and play with everything. >> the bears will stay in the holding area till glass could be made, that could take several weeks. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts n a murder case ignited a debate on immigration reform. many people are wondering why the suspect wasn't deported. today in another case a man who says he turned his life around is being forced to leave the bay area, his home for decades. these cases highlight the
6:00 pm
challenges and the inconsistencies of the immigration system. first we begin with today's develops in the killing along the san francisco water front. ktvu fox 2 news confirmed the gun used by francisco sanchez belonged to a federal agent. the details on how he got the gun haven't been released. he had been deported 5 time. today he was in court for the first time and pleaded not guilty in the killing of kathryn steinle. we have team coverage tonight. ktvu's john sasaki explains why leaders are standing behind san francisco's immigration policy but we begin with allie rasmus and another case that shows how complex the system can be. >> reporter: the case involves a man, 41-year-old, his parents brought him to the country when he was a toddler and he lived in the bay area ever since. now he is about to be deported for


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