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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 17, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a toddler gets trapped as a crowd tries to help get this poor boy out. see the decision that led to a lot of second guessing. >> that's dangerous. a loud blast sends people scattering. >> that looks like a war zone. >> find out what is behind a fire cloud of fear. >> lunch box, clip board. >> you're looking at the original inventor of the classic game operation. >> now reacting to a new film determined to give him the
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credit that he so richly deserves. >> i charge up my batdteries. we're on a roll. >> plus your chance to win summer cash by playing video knockout. and a beloved dog lost for days is finally found but -- >> mom doesn't know that. >> find the moment she finds out he goes home. >> ah! >> people will do just about anything to get to some toys. once again -- >> oh man, i love these because i thought about doing it when i was a kid, too. being surrounded by all of that fun stuff. >> and you never think it through, how am i going to get out? >> this little boy in australia in a shopping mall ran away from dad and crawled up through that opening. now, at first, you can see he's quite distraught when he gets in and realizes that he's trapped.
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but 7 news spoke to some people and they said that he calmed down when he realized he was surrounded by all of the toys. >> he's still trying to grab the toys. >> they had to bring in some folks from the mall to help get this poor boy out. of course he was only stuck for five minutes because this guy came armed with a key. no harm, no foul no injuries. and because he's such a lovely fellow this guy from the mall gave him a stuffed penguin. >> we thought he probably deserved a prize. >> he got something for bad behavior. >> we're rewarding bad behavior. i'm surprised nobody threw some coins in there to try to get luke out. >> it's worth a try. >> right. >> don't move. let's see. here we come. >> a pair of horrifying and
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terrifying videos in the jungles of colombia. as they are about to land in this clearing, on board are 15 soldiers and technicians being brought in to fix a broken pipeline damaged by rebel fighters earlier. as the helicopter sits down you see people disembark when suddenly -- >> oh my goodness. what happened? >> the entire helicopter is torn apart and landed in a mine field. rebel fighters detonated those mines as the blackhawk was making the touchdown. four people were killed and sectionsi injured. the rt survived this incident. >> oh! >> at a chemical plant, it's
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already in flames. an oil like caused the fire but this explosion -- >> oh my god! >> that looked like a war zone. it rocked the surrounding neighborhood. people in a three-mile radius had already been evacuated. they stopped producing about a year and a half ago so nobody was in and around this area. remarkably despite the size and power of this explosion, there were only two minor injuries to firefighters in and around this area. 138 firefighters were battling this blaze. it took them six hours to get it under control. >> oh man. >> a man in manchester england, will now serve nine years in prison for this incident. police are calling it
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premeditated. it looks like he missed that crowd but he didn't miss everyone. watch again. there's a woman right there. that was a deejay. she broke her ankle. she has been using a wheelchair since. she will be able to walk again but may have to use a cane. this man had been involved in a fight where that woman had been deejaying. he came back with the intention of doing something with that car. there's the man, identified as lee robinson he's being pulled up by his friends. he gets up on his own two feet, he just walks police arrested him while he was in bed with his wife not far away. >> did they say he was intoxicated or anything like that? >> police said he had a dangerous cocktail of brandy and cocaine. >> what? >> in his system. he admitted dangerous driving causing great bodily harm with intent. >> in oregon instant carkarma for
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this driver. watch this car that goes through the light narrowly missing the pedestrian the student. >> yes, but police didn't miss that. an unmarked police car right behind him. i think the driver with the dashcam says it best -- instantly caught like this guy was in school and he wasn't exactly going slow in the school zone. >> imagine the guy with the dashcam, the police it's all working the way i want to. >> we're giving away more summer passes today. you can win. all you have to do is play a little video knockout at to play later in the show. stay t. >> hey, guys. today we're teaming up.
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>> these fine gentlemen are going to try to pull off a challenge. they are in england. the train from the island garden station. >> this is cool. they do it as a relay? is that how they are going about it? >> they are passing the baton. >> each one of them has their own baton. the first guy sets up at the very first station. >> this is so awesome. >> one of the guys gets out of the train and runs up the stairs into the street runs down the way. second guy catches the baton, takes off. >> oh i see. >> oh they are not doing train station to train station. >> no. >> i see. >> they are just trying to make it at the mug shoot station before the train gets there. essentially, they have to travel roughly 5,000 feet in three
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minutes to be able to get to that second station. >> cool. >> you see the last guy run up to the station. the train gets there. it opens the door and they make it. >> and then you see all four of them together at the very last station. they high five each other. >> fun way to train for your next race. [ screaming ] >> felix the cat snuck out the back porch and worked its way over to where the tiger lives. >> the interesting interaction between the two next. and this vancouver police officer went undercover as a result of two crimes committed against people in wheelchairs. see his unexpected experience in his communit
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oftentimes when we turn on our tvs, we hear about all of the bad things that bad people are doing.
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sergeant mark corsley wanted to go out and prove something in his communities. >> two robbieseries of victims in wheelchairs -- >> i went out in a wheelchair. >> a he pretended to have a brain tumor. >> the community accepted me very quickly of being one of theirs. in this particular case, a young man visiting from quebec asked for permission to pray for me and his prayers were adamant for my healing. >> oh my gosh. what a beautiful moment. >> then, another young man comes out and looks at the items that this young man has. >> and then he looked down and saw some money hanging out of a waist pouch and he reached down and zipped it up. >> you know that's really touching because at first you think this guy is kind of invading his personal space but he's doing it for his benefit. >> and he actually had five different deployments in this project. every single person did the
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right thing. >> it's a reminder to be kind and not everybody on every street corner is being looking to do bad. >> the caring and compassion expressed to me the police are watching but, more importantly, the people are watching. >> way to go sergeant. >> right? >> i think without realizing this changed his own perspective of his own community. >> right. >> you think of a role of a police officer in a community, they end up dealing with some of the worst behavior and not always the best behavior. >> this raccoon loves its mayonnaise. >> gosh! >> i'm going to hope that it got a big mayonnaise feast. >> i doubt it. and now he's humiliated for a couple licks of rotten mayonnaise. >> it's good for your hair so this guy is going to be well
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conditioned. >> the princeton police came to aid this poor raccoon. somebody else is holding it down and eventually they cut enough of the container to pull the poor raccoon head out. >> can you imagine how long he was stuck in that mayonnaise? >> this is the face of pure solid embarrassment. >> this cat is just meeting its cousin a tiger for the first time and cat doesn't like its tiger cousin. >> wow! >> the cat's name is felix and that's a pet tiger. his name is mchlaco. and apparently the cat snuck out the back porch and snuck to where the tiger is. >> they have a tiger in their backyard. >> uh-huh. >> this poor cat is going to have to develop a relationship with this tiger.
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>> pauly is quite the accomplished guitarist. music visualized playing metallica's "nothing else matters." ♪ >> i love watching the chords do that and move to the vibrations of the sounds. that is so beautiful. >> uh-huh. ♪ >> i think it really is neat because it kind of reminds you of sheet music with all of the notes but instead of seeing an "a" or "b" or a "c," you're feeling the vibrations.
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>> this is isn't the first time a video like this has been created. pauly is such a good guitarist, he plays the song so well and that's why it's gained so much a lesson on how to get the bright ideas that will leave you thinking -- >> this may be my favorite video, maybe ever. >> plus a chance to win some summer cash by playing video knockout.
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remember the hand he's good at getting keys out of the car. >> oh snap! >> you almost got it. >> oh! you got it. >> somebody got the bright idea to go underneath the truck and, by old gosh that worked. >> i can't believe it worked. >> this may be my favorite video ever. i wasn't expecting that. >> yes! neither was nick. >> here you go. >> hands. >> you got it. >> whoo! [ laughter ] >> we've all played the classic game operation. >> oh seriously. >> come on. >> right? >> it's operation, a game for doctors. >> there's a story about this game that you might not have
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heard. >> i wanted to do a game that i put the lights on shock some kids i thought it might be a hit. >> that is horrible guys. john is the original inventor and original patent holder. >> i put this box together with the overcharged battery and buzzer and, my golly, it worked. >> he was considered one of the best toy developers. >> he looked at me and said, what is this? and i said this is an idea for a game. he threw it up in the air and he said i love it. >> so what happened? >> so then he made me an offer on the spot. $500 and a chap when you graduate. >> no! >> 500 bucks at the time was probably a lot for a ledge kid
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college kid. >> that was it. my patent was signed over to him. >> but that's just the beginning of the story in this documentary. >> thank you. my brother and i decided to be doctors. >> this is just the trailer for the documentary. a campaign is coming and they are hoping that people will help raise $50,000 needed to complete this documentary. we have the original creator of operation, john sinello veeia skype from chicago. what do you think of all this new attention and fame that has come to you later in your life? >> well it kind of charged up my batteries and my wife and i are ebbnjoying it. we're on a roll.
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the trailer is a start and it's absolutely wonderful. >> operation first, lunch box, clipboard. his and hers underwear, key chain, prototype. >> was all of this new attention that you're getting, is that changing your relationship with the toy company? are they reaching out to you at all? >> well they have all retired or died. they are out of the picture. so we're dealing wh the producing the toy and they offered to purchase my prototype, which i sold to them. now it's going to be featured in the hasbro hall of fame or the museum right next to monopoly. >> you charged them more than $500 this time, i hope. >> i charged them tax on the 500. i did okay. from here on out they are going to seek backing for the film so
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we'll see where it takes us. all right, everybody. it's time to win $100 in summer cash. all you have to do is play a little game we like to call video knockout and vote for your favorite of two videos. all you have to do is head over to and click on summer cash. play video knockout today for some summer cash. good luck, everyone. this family's dog has gone missing. >> but find out the heartwarming story behind his return. >> oh! gigiveve i it t toto m me e i'i'm m wowortrth it. bababyby i i''m m wowortrth h itit.. uhuh h huhuh i i''m m wowortrth h itit.. gigimmmme e gigimmmme e i'i'm m wowortrth
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see the work that you've done with these animals and then released back into the wild what a wonderful feeling. >> we've seen a lot of homecomings on this show but 12-year-old tico has gone missing and six days later family members decide hey, let's go to the animal shelter and see if we can find him. in the very last kennel they found the dog. mom doesn't know that. this is mom who is just seeing the dog after a week. [ laughter ] >> oh! >> you can tell they are dog lovers. they have quite a few at their home. >> dogs really do become part of the family. [ crying ] >> and this is nicky. nicky is happy to see this guy.
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>> come here nicky. >> nick! >> nicky the dog apparently did not want to be outside. >> oh! >> her paws were longer, she'd wrap around it. >> nicky does that all the time. she's always happy. you can come home from the store, nicky is going to act like this. >> oh, that's cute. >> hi baby. hi baby. >> that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this min
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>> wendy: live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." it's a hot monday, and would wendy's got a super-sized dose
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of "hot topics." get ready to break it all down. plus, the kourtney kardashian and scott disick breakup. the inside scoop on their custody battle and more. and it's our last "trendy at wendy" of the season. don't miss out on the big finish to our big discounts. [ applause ] >> now, here's wendy!


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