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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 27, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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a driver blasts through a wall of fire with a stunt man on the hood. whynder the wheels wasn't part of the stunt. >> get back up. this painting has people doing a double talk. >> are you seeing it? >> no. >> see if you can spot why this virgin maur yu video is going viral. >> don't encourage her stupidity. >> her man wants to take the plunge. what happens to when trying to stop your boyfriend backfires. >> [ bleep ]. and a personal good-bye. >> you guys know this and now i'm saying it to all of you at
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home. this is my last day at "right this minut" you'll choose the story mind my move and relive some of the magic moments with my "rtm" family. >> when someone means as much to you as you do to them it's not good-bye it's i'll see you soon. >> this first video, riding around on the cycle, that looks delightful until this. >> you had to say until. >> that's not what i was expecting. >> did it just blow up under him? caught fewer. >> like it was full of gas but these are battery powered electric things. >> he seems to get off the unicycle quickly. his legs are a little bit hot. fortunately there's a fire extinguisher and he immediately tries to get this fire under control. the next juken have you had yo shows us something that i don't think was supposed to go quite
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like this. this is at the greenville pick d speedway in south carolina and here comes our stunt driver and stunt ruder.ider. oh! he gets back up. gets back up and runs off the track. this guy according to reports was not injured. they took him away in an ambulance but he came back. >> that was uncredible. you got to throw this on your stunt reel. >> we have one more angle of this same incident. according to reports coming out of this track, the impact as he was going through that fire wall somehow knocd him loose from how he was being held. >> i can't believe he's walking that off. that guy is the hardest bloke you've ever seen. video shot by george acry during mass in a church in's trawlia has got a lot of people talking. see if you can figure out why.
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it's during the reading of the rosary right at the end of mass and he's seen something before and wanted to get it on video. some people seeing it. some people aren't. are you seeing it? >> no, not a thing are their mouths moving or something in. >> yes. >> is that what it is? >> watch it again as the prayers are being said look at the virgin maury's mouth mouth. >> the problem with that it is pixelated and grainy and just the movement of the pixelation alone can give the effect or the illusion that the mouth is moving. >> people across the world are throwing in their two cents but the biggest naysauer you've been able to find to the video is the
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reverend fat slieman quoted as saying "for me i looked at it it's a personal experience or has lugs nation or imagination. he watched it 20 times and he can't see anything special. he may have felt something under the emotion of prayer looking at family. it's not a professional camera we can't base our faith on something not 100%. that's coming from the father of the church. we'll stick this up on our facebook page you have a look tell us what you see. it's the summer. that means you're going to play in awe watering hole or someplace beautiful with the waterfall luke costa rica. check it out, all these friends the watering hole a waterfall, it's beautiful, a tropical paradise. until -- >> oh, no no no! >> dude! his bare little body just slid
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down baurl miss missing the people at the bottom. >> that's the most dangerous part. >> and barely missing some rocks. this is a slip and fall. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> don't encourage his stupidity. >> lawed ease, i got to say don't interfere with your man once he started his launch. >> oh [ bleep ]! >> oh! >> she makes him fall. >> oh [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> why would you even consider this why why, why? >> she tries to stop him and he falls before he even falls. >> this is the worst. >> it's a double fall you guys. >> looks like he clipped his head on the way down. >> even if she did interfere would this have turned out any different? >> oh [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]!
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this is the epitome of an adrenalin rush. notice that the first three-quarters of this video are of remi metalier hiking up this rock. >> is he wearing a parachute? you feel luke he should be. >> no parachute. he's not really going to need it once he gets to the spot on the mountain that he wants, he turns back around gets on his bike and we get this amazing pov view of his ride down that is going to be very quick. >> whoa! >> o! look at that slate. it is smooth it is steep and it's -- >> oh. >> that was it. nothing short of amazing. very smoothly makes it down none of us would have done that. >> we've all been there. do you reckon you can ride a bike dloun? guys are like let's try. >> this have you had yo is put
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out by gopro to promote their partnership with pinks bikes for a pov video contest so they're telling people if you think you have a gnarly line that you can capture in a pov camera on your the best most gnarliest have you had yo is going to get $20,000. >> they set the bar pretty yu high already with that one. i can't wait to see what she is about to get a piercing. but -- >> i'm not ready for this. >> you will not believe how painful this piercing gets. >> why she's not the one who is going to be sore tomorrow. >> oh! and maybe mila and cocoa, it's obvious they love each other. e adorable moment that will kill you with cu.
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the video i'm about to show is you undoubtedly the most painful piercing ever. >> all right, hon, are you ready for this? >> we got this from our friends at juken have you had yo. this lawedy is sitting down on the chair, leaning back exposing her belly button and you see the piercing expert. she walks up already freaking out. >> it's going to hurt. it's going to hurt so bad. i'm not ready for this. oh [ bleep ]. >> it's fine. >> you will not believe just how piercing gets. >> oh no! nope! >> oh! >> oh dude! >> it wasn't painful for the girl at all. she punched him? >> a self-defense move upper cut hum and he is down. >> now he's on the floor in the fetal position.
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>> oh my god. >> i feel so bad. >> a whole extra dawninger for piercers. >> you can tell th feels bad. >> there's a tip jar right behind you. you got to put a couple extra bucks in there. >> i you this he'll need a new tip. >> oh! oh my god. flying dog. >> i don't know if you noticed folks at home may have noticed got a new do. >> very nice. >> it's beautiful. i love it. >> our awesome hair and makeup artist tiana works for a salon
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called model citizen did a special haircut for me. i've been growing out my hair for a while because i wanted to do this. i cut my hair to have a wig made for my mother. she has be battling ovarian cancer. she' on chemotherapy consistently for the past four years. one of the things that's so hard is losing your haur and want and wanting to feel pretty and normal and so i wanted to help my mom. i wanted to help her do that. and that way she can car a piece of me all the time. >> you have to cut it from a pony tail. i found this wonderful company called caring and comfort. they will take as much hair you can offer and match it with other human hair if you don't have enough hair. i contacted the lovely owner of
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this company, her ne is cr dorfen and goi special wig just for my mom. i can't explain how full of love your heart feels in a moment like that and makes me feel christiane came by to offer me emotional support and hug me and cry with me and make me feel very special and that leads me to the second part of this story that is -- the hard part in saying you guys know this and now i'm saying it to all of you at home. this is my last day at "right this minute." i'm moving back to my hometown so that i can be with my mom, as she continues to battle this horrible disease so bravely. i just thank her for sharing you
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with us for four years because she's been sick that whole time. i'm going to miss you guys so much. you've becom >> yes. >> there's a booger in the whose is that? >> who is freak out? >> i don't like. >> i remember our first day, i wasn't so sure about you. >> i'm getting hot. >> i didn't think we'd get along very well. i'm really proud to call you aweyou a good friend and i can't wait to see all the wonderful things you go on to achieve and do and i'm excited for you.. >> i consider myself so luck yu i was able to work with you for this amount of time and become your fri and i'm going to miss you a lot. >> bye, beth. >> when someone means as much to you and them there aren't good-byes. you'll see us again. you'll see everyone you want to see again.
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it's not good-bye. it's you'll see you soon all right? >> um- unlike nick i like immediately. >> this is a very sad moment troutman. you're going to be get away scott free don't think so. you'll have your best/worst for you to enjoy. >> mostl 12,000 miles for these pictures. his dream was to be a storm chaser. " and still to come he's up on the edge but wait until you see how he's going to get down. >> oh! >> see what he does to make a smooth descent. >> that's some james bond style plus -- gus is down in the dumps because -- >> he wants to play. >> his sweet plea to get h.
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precise measurement. he's got his range finder out. tosses a rock for good measure just to check gravity does work in this part of the world. once mattias has numbers he calls down to base camp. >> from there 135 meters to impact almost 450 feet. you'll try to land right where we started climbing from but if i can't i have to land towards the northeast maybe more in that basin. >> drops in to the place he just got and- >> my goodness, this is amazing. >> he gets down safely his skis touch downs like firm snow got one of husband fullment maker buddies down there. i love this. >> did that work out okay? >> i was feeling it man, but one of the things you got to
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focus on the facts and the math adds up. your fear is irrelevant. >> nice. >> yep. >> there really is no room for fear. >> you're telling me there's a use for math in the free world. >> it worked out. ready? there is nothing so sweet as the wonderful giggles of a babe. >> the puppy is cocoa. the baseball yu is mila and it's pretty obvious, they love each other. this sound does just calm the soul and a fat little chub yu puppy, showing us its puppy belly. the best part of the last at the end they hit a crescendo. >> yeah. >> that's gus. gus is a puggle he belongs to sam caudwell.
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let me show you gus' baby that, pig. >> oh. >> that's his baby pig. he wants to play with his pig. that's why he's whining so he's waiting his own route. >> he's even got a little tear. little tear mark right there. >> finally, gus gets the pig. >> it's time to see some of the best and a few of the worst. >> there are many loveable and laughable moments with troutman yes, you all get to see now. >> i can't wait. >> the sendo it ay to, uh oh, those summer nights ♪ ♪ w welell l ohoh o oh h ohoh o oh h ♪ ♪ t telell l meme m morore,e, tetellll me more... ♪ twtwizizzlzlererizize e yoyourur susummmmer fun with twizzlers.
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oh, and he sticks the landing!
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>> okay. >> as we all know beth troutman is a consummate professional and never makes any mistakes or right? >> there are many loveable and laughable moments with beth troutman that yes, you all get to s. >> hi i'm tv's beth troutman. we take videos from the internet and we put them on the tv. what? >> come on, are these supersized. i still hold the world record for the 50 yard dash from kindergarten. you are so perfect for this show on many levels. >> can't you just -- even? gagging deep. oh my god! that can't be his name. >> just taste it. go.
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♪ >> guess what it's about diapers. >> firefighters are dealing with downed power lines that are arcing on the other side of this. >> oh my gosh will that affect their ability to use water? >> no. >> that doesn't affect their ability to use water. she is a proper southern woman and a proper southern woman goes outside to tend her tomatoes right, beth? >> ahh -- that dang stopped it don't break into my house, i shoot you in the knees. cue the "jaws" music. i sound like such a hick. yee-ha! the eye in the sky keeps his eye on that guy. watch this. just go about your merry way and continue about your day. >> all right, everybody.
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he says i got thi i beat off guys with it. >> there it is. >> i'm dropping a beat. it's salted arugula? that's not running. this is running! instead of a blue truck that needed a blue pill. look at this little boy. i would just all be mixing it in my mouth. beth troutman. the beth troutman. beth troutman to go with the beth troutman. that's going to do it for me everybody. thanks so much for watching over the years and please keep hanging out with my friends here at "right this minute." i'm having nightmares about th! >> we just lost he
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an ccused thief is cornered on a bus. >> you see here now he's trying to make his escape through the window. >> what happens when angry passengers say not on our watch. it's hard to tell what's
9:30 am
floating on the water. that's a raft of penguins. why the real fun is just under the surface. golfer's trapped in one heck of awe bunker. >> can't you talk a mully ly mulligan? >> what happens when the only way down is out and my last chance to say good-bye to my "rtm" family. >> my favorite thing over the past four years. >> how you leave him with good things and the sandwich that bears my name. your chanc


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