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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 4  FOX  July 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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scooter with friends and hasn't been seen since. the search for eight-year-old madyson middleton. >> a fire fighter burned on the front l >> a bay area community being told don't drink the water. the four on 2 is next. >> welcome everyone. i'm keba arnold. >> and i'm ken wayne. an intense search under way for eight-year-old madyson middleton. we are seeing more pictures of the girl today and we're also waiting for a press conference>> reporter: we we are waiting for the conference any min. the -- money. the latest is they're not calling this this a kid nap. ing they say it's a missing person's case. there's no signs of foul play. they are worry rid -- worried because she's been missing for almost 24 hours.
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we want to show you a video of what it's been all day. looking for the aware abouts of madyson middleton. also known as maddy the agd-year-old girl went missing at 5:00 at the tenry apartment koment complex. cruise went up mission street. looking for any trace of her or her belongs. she lives at the apartment complex with her mother. a surveillance video camera showed her riding her scooter near the mailbox when she van niched. they serve -- -- van niched. they're using foot patrol. i want to say the mood here is that of shock and devastation.
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everyone hoping for this girl's safe return. they are here now. >> good afternoon everybody. my name is joyce blaschke. we are here this afternoon for a brief update about a search and update for the search investigation for madyson middleton. today coordinated with multiple law enforcement resources for the search and investigation into the disappearance of madyson middleton. searchers included foot patrol, atv patrols. the woodland areas. and boat patrols of the river. santa cruz police department also coordinated air controls of the beach and oceans and areas
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around the -- wooded areas -- -- >> searchers included foot and atv patrols, woodland areas and santa cruz river. air patrol of the beach and ocean areas as well as the wooded areas behind the tannery arts center. so far ser sherss have not -- searchers have not found the ware abouts of madyson middleton. search and rescue teams will be developing a plan over the next 2 to 24 hours of operation period. vieding personnel and resources to this effort. at this point there are well over 100 police officers, federal agents and search and
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rescue team members looking for maddy. we would like to extend our gratitude to the multiple agencies. we would like to give special thanks to the american red across krosz. they have been with us throughout the day finding food support to our law enforcement agents out there working very hard to find madyson middleton. all of us are working towards a safe return of madyson middleton. we're asking the public assistance. if you see anything unusual or if you have any possible sightings, please call 911. >> we're looking into all possibles. this is a search and investigation. we're operating in the location of madyson middleton. we're looking at all possibilities. >> have you made progre identifying -- >> that is part of our process.
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we are looking anyone that could be a danger to this young child. we're looking at all individuals that may be involved. >> are you still calling missing person's case and not a kid napping. i>> i remind you this is a search and investigation. an on going investigation. we are looking for madyson middleton. we want her to come home. >> did have a specialized cain nine unit. it wasn't solely the beach area. that you were able to track her scent around the tannery area and the beach areas. we're looking at every nook and cranny to find madyson middleton. >> you're listening to a news
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conference. that's joyce blaschke describing the efforts to find aught-year-old maddy middleton. there's no new developments. more than 100 searchers out there. the fub is involved. using atvs. on foot. going in the water and on the river. also by using helicopters canvassing the area trying to find any sign of this missing little girl. so far other than a scent that was picked up by k-9s that led nowhere. they have no new information. they are talking to registered sex offenders trying to find if they have something to do with this. that has turned up nothing as well. we'll keep you updated. other headlines.
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authorities in vallejo say a violent car crash low led to a homicide investigation. before 10:00 last night a black acura veered off a road and partly cloudy into three parked cars near glenview circle. they say the man behind the wheel had been shot. family tells the victim was 23-year-old elliot. there was a passenger in the car. people who live in loss altos are being warned not to drink the water. they warn that drinking or cooking with the water without boyleing it first can expose you to bacteria. conducting more quality tests and expecting results by wednesday. >> the city's of boston's bid to host the 2020 olympics.
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is over. he said he could not support any agreement leaving taxpayers on the hook for it went over budget. there are reports out there the u.s. olympic committee will likely taufr bid to los angeles. hillary clinton is on a three day campaign in iowa as criticism grows over use of private e-mails. clinton will now testify before the house select committee about the benghazi attack. all this has taking swings at the president. >> reporter: democratic president candidate trying to hold on to her current front runner status by reconnected with -- reconnecting with her base>> i have been listening to people across i oh, washgs about
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what's on your minds about what you want to see in the next president. >> reporter: clinton wrapping up the push after continuing to battle back reports saying she sent classified information through private e-mails while serving as secretary of state. >> coming from a candidate who said i want all my e male mails to be redesh mails to be released. >> the particular comments of mr. huck bee are i think part of just a general pattern that we've seen that would be considered ridiculous if it swornt sad. >> reporter: mr. obama expanded his to take swipes at ted cruz
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in -- real estate mogul trump who has ruffled the feathers of the republican accomplishment. california firefighters waging the battle on -- tracking the statewide fire fight including the blaze in northern california that has injured four people. >> dry and a lot warmer other to bay area. we'll check in r on your current conditions and how much hotter we'll be for tomorrow. >> question for you. what are you like when you drink too much. most people fall into one of four categories. a new study defieped them like names with mary poppens. go to our facebook and weigh in. what is your drunk persona. >> checking in on the early
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evening ka mute. a look at interstate 680.
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>> added attention to irta billty over seas. first let's talk about the financial crisis in china. the market dropped 8.5% today. the biggest since 2007. what's going on over there? >> reporter: well t main thing going on is the growth numbers out of china are way slower than people expected. that's driving the stock market down. the secondary factor is that there's almost a gambling casino like culture in the market. that's going to have an exaggerated momentum on both sides. the third piece they have trying to manipulate or prop up the
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margaret that's a huge sign for foreign investors that's why so much foreign capital rushing out. >> how can all of this affect the u.s. economy. that's our second biggest trading partner after canada. >> yes. a lot of people on wreath say it will have a big -- wall street will disturb will have a big effect. we are on a modest upswing. we're seeing wage growth and better employment data. our labor participation, so the people that would like to get a job, but don't have one right now is a little bit on the high side. i think we're fairly insulated from the internal problems going on in china now. the united states -- u.s. stockholders don't own a lot of stock in china. the second factor is we import goods and services from china the likelihood the goods and
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services will come in at a cheaper price which might be better for the united states. i think this is more bullish than the average person>>i know appal is doing well selling jones jones in china -- yoens in china. >> is there anything new that investors should not right now with what's going on in the markets? >> one thing that will certainly happen in the market as -- you're going to see more volatility in our market. we've experienced that to china some related to greece and iran deal. my prediction we will have more volatility going forward. why a lot of financial adv recommending to their customers to put it -- hedge funds possible commodity pools.
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thing was from stocks and bonds that splant the correlation with stocks and bonds. when it goes down people will have a buffer or defense. stanford university is a fairly large allocation to hedge fund community and private fund. the five cents on a dollar which ch will help dampen the volatility that we know is coming. >> thanks very much. a trusted financial adviser before making investments. we are in the thick of fire season. take a look at this map here. put together by call fire and grade schooling. -- cal fire and google. right now there are currently nine active wild fire. firefighters got a handle on the a grass fire in pittsburg.
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about 37 acres burned. ground clues surrounded the fire and sent back fires to contain it. no one hurt, no buildings damaged. in nevada county wild fire threatening 2,000 homes. four fire fighters have been hurt. the co-called lull fire is 20% contained. crews cleaning up a fire in clear lake. damaged three buildings. happen yesterday evening on dam road. the fire caused some minor damage to the nearby apartment collects and -- complex. >> so what this -- with this upcoming hot weather it's not going to help the firefighters and their fight. >> the transition already under way. drier than what we were 24 hours
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ago. let's take a look at what's going op outside. wall to wall sunshine from the coast around the bayened inland -- bay and inland. the wind primarily from the north. the on shoer breeze has picked up some. a live look from san jose where we are several degrees warmer than what we were 24 hours ago. starting in areas where we see hotter numbers. 94 in concord. north, 91 santa rosa. san francisco checking in at 73. 83 for mountain view. east bay shoreline upper 70s for places like oakland and hayward. some areas around pa reporting upper 60s. 0 degrees warmer in fair field
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this hour. 12 in napa . 12 to o 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. giving you a look here at the winds. noticing their are now on shore. fairfield reporting 13 miles per hour. a little bit of a shift. concord we saw the northerly breeze in your neighborhood. the ridge of high pressure will be strengthening over the area as we get into the next few days. the system responsible for our unseasonably cool weather has moved to the east. it will continue to move east. i think temperatures are going to peak on wednesday. for saad -- for today warmer. temperatures above 100 degrees for some of our warmer locations as we get into the midweek wednesday. tomorrow upper 50s to 60s. lit built of patchy fog. that should really be about it.
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afternoon highs for tomorrow. 78 in san francisco. 83 oakland 100 in concord. 99 in antioch. a lot hotter today and hotter torl. some areas expected to hit 100 degrees. as we head to the south bay 97 for morgan hill. with this heat now in place the sun and the oh zone pollution, air quality is going to be to an issue over the next copal -- couple of days. we've been issued an advisory. moderate air quality for most of us. if you do suffer from respiratory issues if you have as ma. when -- limit your out door activity. the extended forecast here. giving you a look at the mini heat up coming our way. fortunately it doesn't last too long. temperatures cool back a bit on
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thursday. looks like we may have monsoonal moisture come back. even though temperatures come down it will feel warm and muggy on the backside of the week. >> possibility of rain with that. >> hopefully and the possible of thunderstorms. we'll be tracking that as well. >> doesn't last too long by by -- by wednesday we'll boo b ready for a change. >> instead of boarding passes and pass ports friendships and retina scans. finger prints and red ret na scans. a dead lay lsu crash on this highway. -- the safety concerns that popped up.
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>> the latest round of the bay bridge seriess as come and go with the giants sweeping the as. sunday day -- scot reiss has more. >> tim hudson just turned 40 now beaten all 30. prevailed against as. becoming the 15th pitcher to beat all 30 teams. one of -- >> mike trout is a future hall
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of famer but he out did himself hitting a grand slam into a fan-made trout net. how is that for distance and accuracy. >> not so accurate. throwing your glove in the air sill legal if you touch the ball. what was he thinking. saying he did that unconscious. >> reporter: you might now know the special olympics kicked off over the weekend. you might not know one of the biggest stars once part of a pa participant. >> the special teams gave any me a first chance discovering the tanlt did not know i had. >> her performance prowl faces some stiff competition. sorry stef. >> the challenger leah still
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five-year-old cancer patient. >> i smell a paper view tv event. >> looks cute. >> san jose airport and atlanta air license testing a new screening. using finger prints and retina. about 200 of frequent flyers will use scans of eyes and finger prints to get bags, go through security and c flights. alaska air license already using similar -- airlines using similar. >> a deadly big rig crash in liver moore. today in the four by four. taking four minutes to devil deeper into the new -- delve deeper into the. >> almost everyone can be
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defined by three personas when they drink too much. we'll break them down. the 4 on 2.
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>> welcome back to the 4 on 2. this big rig crashed killed a man in livermoore. the truck boat loathed with bottled water hit several cars
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and flipped. this happened on highway 84. connected 580 and 680. neighbors and cal trance all agree it's gotten more crowded as the economy has recovered. it's an not specifi highway 80 alone. we are taking four minutes to delve deeper into the safety concerns. neighbors contacted ktvu saying the prethe collision was predictable and preventable. >> a lot of these things, fatal have been big trucks. >> reporter: when he leaves his ruby hill neighborhood he is waping for rigs. >> reporter: a disaster like wednesday. before dawn traffic slows on the highway but this big rig doesn't
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and slams into three cars. one driver a 65-year-old man from moe des toe was killed early snpny 4:30 in the morning. a lot of traffic. >> reporter: another resident heard the wreck and ran to look over his backyard fence. all i could see from this part on was debris. >> reporter: he too worries about big rigs on the curves. trucks that may not have the time or space they need to react to other drivers. >> we were fortunate that that was a water truck. if it were a gasoline truck i'm sure with the dryness of this area it would just torch. >> reporter: at the bottom of this there's a light. ooment for several years neighbors are banned together calling for a ban or lower speed limit. >> take it to 30 so the trucks are coming through at a
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reasonable speed. >> reporter:>> then you have trucks barrelling down at 50 miles an hour. >> reporter: they have a website and have lobbied lowing local and state officials including cal ran thes. so far no traction. >> feedback primarily has been it's not something we can do anything about. it's not our responsibility>> reporter: truckers take 84 because it shaves off time getting from i-580 and 680. but this week's accident deepens doubts. not realizing it has nine stoplights and a lot of wind. ing>> how much can they lose in time and how much lives would you save. >> reporter: there was another dell deadly crash one year ago when a driver in a ford sedan drifted into oncoming traffic and slammed into a semi. the driver died.
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>> join us is bob hauss from call ran thes. i know people like to gang up on call ran thes. what are the plans for potentially widening highway 84>> they already have up in the livermoore section. we just finished that last year. we have another widening project from contend to ruby in a few months. that will bring it up to current expres way standards. there's no substitute for people driving safely. >> what about the k-rails. i know highway 37 had a bad reputation between vallejo and nevada . now there's a center divider. it doesn't cost as much as widening the freeway and prevent the crashes. >> if they can be relaet --
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relawsuited to the crossing over. we'll take a look at that and see if that would be a -- an effective measures. >> some people are just not paying attention. people are texting or doing something they're not supposed to be doing. then it's too late by the tile they see the traffic in front has stopped. >> absolutely. that second bit of attention can cause any number of collision. you can just rare end the person in front of you -- rear end the person in front of you. there are potential road way issues more so because this is a higher volume of traffic on these roads that were not originally designed for it. bottom line is all of these corrodes be safe if -- roads can be safe if driven the way they're supposed to be. >> i know interstate in -- >> we'll take a look at that.
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there's a procedure for having trucks banned from the highway. it starts from -- they would have to do the proposal. take it to the public comment area and send it to us at the district level. we would review it and send it to headquarters. it starts with the locals and whether or not they would want that. >> i know drivers seem to be paying more a -- more attention when they see a cph vehicle parked on the shoulder. the there are going to be more enforcement? >> we redirect our enforcement when -- based whoon we hear from the public. we only have a certain amount of officer. some of these roads belong to the city in which you're driving through as opposed to highway patrol. that being said, we try to focus on enforcement on those problem areas but we can't be everywhere
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at once. the owness is on the drivers. watch your driving watch the spoed spoesed -- posted speed limits. >> tell me again when the construction starts. what's going to happen when it is all finish and what will that be? >> we're starting this fall. another widening project. from cannon ruby. and putting in other safety features as welling. -- as well. we'll be kicking that off around october. >> four lanes instead of two>> i believe so so. >> i think part of it we definitely won't be going down through niles canyon. that's not something anybody wants there. we are looking at certain section between 580 and 680. >> thank you gentlemen for being
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here. >> thank you. you've probable seen them. we'll talk to the researcher says almost every drunk person fits into one of four personas.
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>> bobbi kristina brown has died. she passed away yesterday. back on january 31 police were notified of a medical emergency at her georgia home. the 22-year-old was found unresponsive face down in a bathtub. she never fully recovered. autopsy ruments will be -- there were bruises on found on her body and a lawsuit filed against gordon allegedlying he took thousands of dollars from her without permission. a portion of that after she had been hospitalized. >> saying i am completely numb at this time. my family must find a way to live with her in spirit and honor her memory. people have been paying respects and tributes on social media.
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rapper misscy elliot tweeted. my heart is heavy. >> comedian and former host of the view sent this. >> the receive rand al sharpton tweeted. there's been plenty of research into how alcohol effects your body. now new research about how it changes your personality. joining us now is researcher behind the study rachel from the alcohol health and behavioral laboratory at the university of missouri. >> why do this study. why need a study about this? >> a lot of people talk about
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the fact that alcohol changes the type of person you are. our mood, and behavior. researchers haven't really established a tloong talk about those changes in a way that drinkers and nondrinkers and everyone can understand. what weerp trying to d is apply the frame work of personality a structure used to des individuals over 100 years after an intoxicating amount of alcohol. >> what were the parameters? who did you talk to? what were the questions asked? ny this study based on a sample of almost 400 young adults. ages 18 to 24. we had people come in into the lab and answer two sets of personality. one with instructions to talk about how they are when they are typically sober and instructions to talk about how they are when typically drunk.
4:43 pm
>> you said 18. you did talk to people under the legal drinking age? >> yeah. the study was done on a college campus. at least half the subjects were under legal drinking age. doesn't mean they're not drinking. >> very true. let's get into the basic results. >> the main question we wanted to look at how people change in general when they're drinking according to the the five personality. in general people get more extroverted, less agreeable. less consciousness,less ner rot tick. >> the hemingway person? >> the follow up question was not only do people change in general but certain types? we found four groups basically four clusters of people using their sober data. the hemingway group was the largest group. this group was defined by people
4:44 pm
who decrease less than average in intellect and consciousness. most people become less responsible. these people didn't show that much decrease as peers. . >> what about "mary poppins"? >> defined by being higher end than average agreeable when sober r and decreasing less than average when drunk. >> really nice people and still nice when they're drunk. >> maybe nicer when they're drunk? >> not necessarily. >> they maintain their basic personality. the fact that most people in general get less nice. the fact they didn't is note. >> mr. hyde. >> the mr. hide group -- hyde. they also are more likely to experience alcohol related
4:45 pm
consequences and endorse use disorder symptoms. >> and the last group. the nutty proverses. >> defined by people who are lower than average extroversion. sort of introverted. increase in extra is really striking and bigger than the rest of the group. these are people who are sort of timid essentially when sober when drunk they're more out going than typically. >> what would do we do with these results? anything that stoot stood out to you? anything that surprised you in the study? >> in order to be surprised that would um apply i was expecting to see something particular. that it wasn't case. the interesting thing about the case is people do c significantly in personality change. what that gives us in the field of clinical psychology is a language when we're working with
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clients with drinking problems and maybe aren't changing in the way they hoped to change. >> rachel, we're losing your audio there. but i think we got the basic point. rachel from the alcohol health and behavioral. thank you. >> now we got your audio back. >> rosemary over to you. >> are you mary poppins? >> i sure am. nice all the time. >> if they had dwarfs i would be dopey. they didn't do that study. it's really warm out there. >> it heed heated pup. summer time heat. today warmer than yesterday. tuesday into wokened -- wednesday hotter than that. air pollution and air quality issue. spare the air day has been given
4:47 pm
out for tomorrow. air quality moderate. the only area for tomorrow unhealthy will be in areas around the santa clara valley. unhealthy for sensitive groups. this is the type of weather we're going to deal with. spare the air air not only for today but tuesday and wednesday. 94 walnut creek. 59 in fairfield. 96 in liver deuces tecum moore. a warmdy? into the north bay. 91 in sanity rosa. for some of us this is the hottest part of the day and areas around fairfield. san jose 85. these numbers from 5, 10 15 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. a few more hot ones. a few -- 97 at this hour in
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antioch. antioch hitting 100 tomorrow. we continue to heat up. i think temperatures will peak on wednesday. heching to increase the fire danger as well. the northerly dry winds in place. seeing on shore breeze this afternoon. hopefully that will bring relief. a lot of 80s around the bay. a lot of 90s. as we get into tuesday wednesday we're looking at 100 degree-plus weather tuesday and by wednesday looking at 105 perhaps in areas around antioch. we'll fine tune this as we get to the next couple of days. going to be very, very hot and very dry and with that comes increase fire danger. we'll be tracking that as well. 60 in concord. upper 50s around the bay.
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partly cloudy, patchy fog. for the afternoon tomorrow, these numbers are warmer than what we had for today. 98 in fairfield. 96 for -- 100 for concord. east bay shoreline low 80s in store for areas like oakland. san francisco 78. mid 70s to upper 70s -- 70s along the coastline. low 90s in san jose. the extended forecast. temperatures climbing tomorrow. peak wednesday. thursday friday temperatures begin to cool off. we're also tracking possibility of monsoonal mouch pulling back in even though temperatures coming down we will get muggy. >> thank you. >> let's check in now with frank live in the news room with a
4:50 pm
look at the stories we're working on at 5:00. you're continuing to follow the missing girl case out of santa cruz. >> more about what we learned in the past hour about the eight-year-old. the police just updated on the situation. the search is massive and includes fbi. the little girl was has not been seen since last night. no trasz treys of her. >> quite the financial hit for chrysler. >> i hasn't heard this before. chrysler is being ordered to do something unheard you have. they are ordered to buy back half a million of their cars and trucks from their owners. we're going to explain why and which models are effected coming up next at 5:00. >> thanks. >> prayers and protests. explain why the unveiling of a new sta which you is so controversial.
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>> we're taking a look at stories making the rounds on social media. >> one of them the kor of the latest new york mag seen. portraits of 35 women who say big cosby sexually assaulted them. 35 of 36 women who accused cosby of sexual misconduct. there's an empty chair there. that's supposed to symbol liez other videotapes who have not come forward. cosby is maintainings his innocence and not -- innocence not charged any crime. a 2005 deposition surfaced that included testimony from cosby saying he used quaaludes in the
4:54 pm
70s. let's go to detroit. a satanic temple. the goat-headed monument. >> bflmat. never heart of it before. the reck suluation of opposites. it's -- reconciliation. >> nine feet tall the temple calls it a contemporary work of art. >> there are those who have a different opinion. hundreds protested the statue. here's what some people who saw it had to say. >> we have the freedom to express what woe believe as well. >> more of a motive to get rid of religious or make fun of religion. i don't think they should make fun of it. if you don't believe in god -- and they also say they don't believe in the devil.
4:55 pm
why would you create an image that represent it is devil. >> a lot of people are protesting out here they're more looking at it as a -- devil worshipers. >> it is striking. i only imagine what the feels would be in person. >> i'm not a devil worshiper but an interesting piece of art to look at. especially with the two children. something to see. >> the president is in ethiopia. the big issues he's tackle p and he meets with the prime minister.
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president obama is in ethiopia today. he is there to strengthen ties and address concerns about democracy and human rights. today he participated in a round table discussion. topics included the economy, the expansion of trade and investment in ethiopia and security issues. the president said the country must loosen its crack down on political activism. >> we discussed steps to promote good governance, protecting human rights, freedoms and strengthening democracy. this is an area where we intend
4:59 pm
to deepen our conversations. >> as we mentioned president obama jumped into domestic politics, comments by members of the gop, including mike huckaby. he said iran's nuclear deal that is debated is like marching the israelis to the oven door. the president described the rhetoric as lacking in seriousness and honesty and he said ridiculous. >> now to frank and julie. following the latest out of santa cruz. >> we are following new developments tonight in the search for the missing 8-year- old girl in santa cruz. >> she was last seen 24 hours ago and in the past hour police updated us on their investigation. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> it has been a day since she was last seen and still inosine of -- daesh no sign of madyson
5:00 pm
middleton -- no sign of madyson middleton. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am gasia mikaelian. >> no leads in the search for madyson middleton. reporting missing at 6:00 p.m. last night at the tannery arts center. the latest now from ktvu's azenith smith who received an update from police minutes ago. >> reporter: this is a disturbing case. police are not calling it a kidnapping but they say it is suspicious for this 8-year-old girl to be


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