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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 29, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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the 10:00 is starts now. evacuations are underway
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and concordes. i am heather holmes. >> i am ken wayne. the volunteer has a neighborhood evacuated tonight the bombings it is near the intersection of meadow and robin lanes, just north of monument boulevard. deborah villalon is on the scene waiting for police to given the all clear.>> reporter: ken, it may be another hour before things return to normal in the neighborhood. we have the hazmat squad there. to the right, the walnut creek bomb squad. the focus here is the apartment building. a second-floor apartment they are working to clear up, any potential explosives, that's after they arrested a man for allegedly trying to build a bomb in his apartment tonight. we are joined now by cpl. chris blake who will explain to us exactly how the call came in.>> had about five tax 59, --
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5:59, officers were dispatched in regards to specific issues -- suspicious circumstances. i woman said her husband was intoxicated and mixing chemicals. officer smelled the heavy chemical odor. they evacuated female in the two children inside. we also evacuated four or five other complexes in the area.>> -- >> reporter: that would be four or five complexes, a dozen apartments, 50 or 60 households?>> that's correct. >> reporter: what can you tell us about the wife and children?>> we got them out of the danger. we pulled him aside and interviewed them, making sure their okay physically and mentally. as of right now, the 37-year- old male resident was placed under arrest for child endangerment and some other charges.>> reporter: when you arrived, the family was outside and he was still inside the
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apartment. did here is is?>> no, we called up and asked him to come down and he complied. >> reporter: how serious is the threat? what have you been able to learn about the chemicals?>> whenever someone is experimenting with chemicals is a big threat. that's why we called the professionals out.>> reporter: will be evacuations go on much longer? or are they satisfied it's safe? >> maybe for the next hour or so. they are rendering the area safe, and we'll be able to open the area up and get the families back to their houses. >> reporter: does the suspect have a record was concordes? >> i don't believe we have been called here before, but that is being investigated. >> reporter: thank you very much. that's the latest from concordes -- concordes --
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concord where the man was arrested tonight. his wife said he was drunk trying to build a flash bomb. the children are safe. a dozen people are still evacuated, but they are expected to go back to their homes. reporting live in concord, deborah villalon.>> we will let you know when the all clear is given. thank you, deborah. the search is on for the gun man involved in a shooting last night on an oakland freeway at about 11:15 in the northbound lanes of interstate in the northbound lanes of interstate 80. officials shut down the freeway for a few hours during the investigation. police say when officers arrived they found a man and a woman suffering from gunshot wounds. another person was hurt by shattered glass. you're looking at the aftermath of the shooting. the victims are expected to recover. a woman in a second vehicle was also hit by a stray bullet and was taken to the hospital in
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stable condition. no word on a motive or description of the shooter's car. two northbound lanes of highway 101 are closed in burlingame after construction accident dropped live electrical lines. ann rubin tells us how the shutdown affected lives up and on the peninsula.>> reporter: at 2:30, the southbound lanes reopened. at 3:40, the north down, putting an end to the nightmare that began in burlingame the night before. >>'s terrible, just terrible. >> reporter: this is the scene after a crew accidentally toppled the transmission tower, sending high-voltage lines onto the overpass, pedestrian bridge, and cars on highway 101, trapping the people inside for hours.>> this is a complicated situation with high- voltage. we need to make sure we are doing everything exactly
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right.>> reporter: crews rushed in, grounding the wires, isolating them, and beginning repairs. meanwhile, chp was forced to do this, shutdown 101 completely. >> it was heavy traffic. once you shut down the freeway and everything stops, all the cars pile up.>> reporter: drivers were told to take alternate routes, but those who didn't were backed up for miles trying to exit. >> it has been a nightmare. i am late for work. >> i am actually about to go to an interview, and i told the guy i would be there about two hours ago. he is still waiting on me. this is pretty bad. >> reporter: crews say the outcome was pretty good. they are pleased no one was hurt and no one lost power. all drivers lost was time.>> we should have picked a different data come to san francisco.>> reporter: the headaches aren't
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over yet. the authorities announced 101 will be closed sunday from 10 pm to 4 am to restring power cables onto a temporary tower. chp and traffic signage will direct drivers to alternate routes. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2news. a string of robberies on campus has berkeley officers taking action. three armed robberies and one attempted robbery happened earlier this week. the suspects are taking backpacks, wallets, and cell phone. officials brought in portable showers for san quentin inmates after a confirmed case of legionnaire's disease. at least one prisoner has been diagnosed with the illness, a severe form of pneumonia. three inmates have been hospitalized with symptoms consistent with legionnaires. 45 others are under observation. none is said to be critical --
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critically ill. the prison is still trying to determine the source of the illness. the nfl's longest weekly tailgate set up outside the coliseum tonight, but this tale got -- tailgate is about more than barbecue in beer. the raiders are being asked to honor the legacy of mark davis by keeping the team here. this group says it is important for the raiders to unveil a plan for a new stadium in oakland not only for fans but for the entire community.>> when you have a team, it's an identity for the kids to hang their hat on, for us to take pride in. this team has a lot of gritty, blue-collar folks that support them. this here almost every home game is sold out.>> the
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group is known for its overnight tailgates in the preseason and its weekend long tailgates during the regular season. the gatherings also raised money for bay area nonprofits. in virginia, friends and colleagues gathered to honor the two slain journalists. favorite memories were shared focusing on how they live their lives.>> so many pictures have been shared of them from personal facebook files to professional, and i really think the pictures speak for themselves. you guys look at them, they always had a smile on their face. they were always goofing off. they always got the job done.>> a spokesman for wd bj says the out pouring of support has meant a lot to the staff during this difficult time. injured but alive after nine days lost the sierras, it is a survivor
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-- survival story from fresno county. the wayward hiker was found by a teenager from the search and rescue team. deborah villalon filed this report.>> reporter: we expect -- >> we expect the condition to improve as time goes about. -- by.>> reporter: harwood, missing since the 20th after getting separating -- separated from her hiking group, found. this paramedic lifted her first -- to safety. >> she was very rainfall. she was very exhausted and tired, but she was very thankful to be saved and to get out of there. >> reporter: it was one of fresno county's longest and largest surf -- search efforts. a wildfire to the south made it tough to search by air. as time became critical, a big
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push came to get more search teams on the ground.>> we relish the opportunity. we celebrate the fact that we had a successful find and rescue.>> reporter: a dozen team members were sent into the forest to search iraqi can year. -- canyon. >> they are calling out her name. the victim responded by blowing a whistle. >> reporter: they got a medic on another team to her, and they package turned out.>> him -- harwood had no food the entire time. as a hiker, she had that whistle and a water filter. plus the toughness to get herself to water even with a broken leg.>> she crawled from where she was injured down to a creek. it took or two days to do that. him>> reporter: harwood had
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more going for than many get loss. hundreds of people didn't give up. >> i was able to visit her for a few minutes. she was conscious and talking. she is very great that she was found. >> reporter: the search and rescue team, 100 strong, has an account on facebook. that team and many others are spending another night in the woods and will bl lifted -- airlifted out tomorrow. deborah villalon, ktvu fox 2news. a community coming together to help one of its own. see the turnout for an elderly man working to fix his route -- roof when a neighbor steps in the house -- help. the latest presidential candidate becoming a real contender. a sheriff's deputy shot down without warning. the houston man facing murder charges. 10:00 news continues in 90
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developing news out of atlanta where a man in his 60s died after falling from the upper deck of turner field where the braves play. the man hit a concrete walkway in front of a row of fans. the incident happened during the seventh inning as the yankees alex rodriguez was walking to home plate. police are trying to determine why the man fell. they do not suspect foul play. a texas man is facing
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capital murder charges in the killing of a deputy at a gas station. authorities say the gun man walked up behind the deputy and shot him without warning. >> reporter: throughout the course of the day, authorities have said that the murder was an assassination and in execution. they say it took place last night in harris county, which encompasses houston. they say shannon miles with no warning shot darren goforth multiple times in the head and back and took off in a red ford ranger. that truck led to his arrest. authorities say they found it outside his house. they took him in for questioning, describing humana's a person -- him as a person of interest. then about 5:30 eastern, authorities say he was the man that gun down one of their own. they say ballistics match so long -- large gun to the crime scene law enforcement is
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celebrating the arrest, but the police shooting was warned to watch out for violence because of anti-police rhetoric across the country. the sheriff expanded on that saying officers need to be on high alert.>> our assumption is he was a target because he wore a uniform. we found no other motive or indication it was anything other than that. >> goforth is the 23rd member of law enforcement to be shot and killed this year. no other motive than the fact he was a deputy. the da and sheriff had strong words earlier in the day.>> there are a few bad apples in every profession. that does not mean there should be open where floor -- warfare declared on law enforcement.>> we have heard black lives matter, all lives matter, cops lives matter, too. why don't we just drop the prefix and say lives matter.
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-->> reporter: a nonprofit has given the family $20,000 to use now and they plan to pay for the kids college education. will carr, far news -- fox news. three journalists were sentenced to prison time for reporting what they called false news. a canadian journalist and an egyptian producer were sentenced to three years behind bar -- be stop -- bars. the long-running trial stemmed from reporting during the 2013 military ouster of the president. the journalists were accused of being mouthpieces -- for a muslim group.>> it is a solution. your president has said from the beginning of this case that
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he wishes the prosecution had never been brought in he would intervene to grant a pardon if the journalists were convicted. >> -- >> reporter: the managing director says he was shocked by the verdict and plans to appeal. the race for the white house. while republicans watch donald trump continue to rise, democrats are wishing -- witnessing a major shift. a poll finds that bernie sanders is now within seven points hillary clinton in the iowa polls. >> reporter: donald trump told the national federation of republican assemblies nashville that he is a republican, conservative, but he is not happy with the elected republicans in washington 10. here is why. >> they go to washington. we're going to stop obamacare, we're going to do this, that, then they walking did these magnificat -- magnificent
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buildings with the vaulted ceilings and say, i made it, darling, i made it. i vote for you. hive vote for obamacare extensions. i do whatever you want.>> democratic candidates spoke this week. bernie sanders, socialist drawing large crowds, says that kind of enthusiasm will not happen with politics as usual. likely a dig at hillary clinton. another one of clinton's democratic opponents, martin o'malley, slammed the democratic establishment or scheduling only four debates before the primary elections begin next year.>> this sort of rigged process has never been attempted before. this to -- whose degree is this? where did it come from? to what end, for what purpose?>> reporter: one democrat who did not attend, joe biden, who also is considering a run for the president the.
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in washington, molly hendrickson off fox news. crews want people to be prepared for a major disaster. what you need to bring -- need to know to be prepared including the three things every californian should have at the ready. a child collapsing on the baseball field. see how the community is coming together. in weather, i temperature drop, even a few light showers. i will let you know if we have any more shower cases -- chances in your forecast.
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a little league baseball player is still in the hospital after collapsing on the field during a game in may. noel walker with his long road ahead and how the community is coming together to offer help.>> reporter: it has been -- >> it has been so long, 100+
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days. it's been so quiet. the neighborhood is quiet, toys pushed aside, bikes gathering dust.>> now there's nothing, no sound. >> reporter: silence without the laughter of the boy next door shooting hoops. now basketball is rehabilitation exercise. dylan o'leary has been at children's hospital for about 100 dylan o'leary has been at children's hospital for about 120 days. he was in a coma for a month. he had an apparent avm, a tangle of blood vessels in his brain, that burst.>> the last thing he said his i love you, dad. then he went unconscious.>> reporter: dylan's parents put on brave faces while there once talkative, overactive son recovers in a hospital bed. he hasn't been home since that
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day.>> we definitely miss our dealing. -- dylan. it has been tough. it has been a blessing at the same time.>> reporter: dylan's favorite athletes and sports teams have set their support. and cards pour in from friends.>> i would love for dylan to come home. >> reporter: now his neighbor is organizing a fundraiser for the boy next door.>> this is an autographed a small from tim hudson.>> reporter: a's, warriors, they have all contributed, ready for bidding when every little bit helps. his last drawing is preserved on his daughter's whiteboard, everyone tying a green ribbon, waiting for dylan to come home. >> he always has laughter. >> reporter: and bring the neighborhood back to life. >> he has so much life. i want the noise back.>> reporter: the fundraiser is at verona's restaurant in
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pleasanton sunday from 3:30 to 7. we have information on our way to cite -- website -- noel walker, ktvu fox 2news.>> if you can turn out for that, please do. instead of spending saturday putting a new roof on his house, a fremont man spent the day watching others do it for him. we told you about 75-year-old richard to be on yesterday. he spent the past three months working to repair his roof all by himself. a neighbor watched as richard would go up and down that latter, working endlessly to get the job done. a neighbor posted a picture on social media asking for help, and today, it arrived.>> i am so overwhelmed with the kindness and the help and the quality of work. i can't get over the fact that
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people are so generous with their time.>> he is a risk side -- retired test engineer. a little girl battling a devastating disease got the day of a lifetime. see how a city came together to make her dreams of being a superhero come true. it has been a decade since katrina. today people in a former president came together to look back and look forward to the city's future.
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in new orleans, people marked a decade since katrina came on shore, killing almost 2000 people in devastating the community. joel waldman reports.>>
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reporter: a peaceful darkness shrouds new orleans. 10 years ago, it was different. mother nature unleashing its fury on the superdome in the entire city. as hurricane katrina battered the call -- coast, the superdome became a shelter of last year or -- resort. the walls holding back the water surrounding the city below sea level broke a decade ago. one of the hardest hit areas with the city's lower ninth ward. today in a march through the neighborhood, people celebrated how far they have come even though there's still much more to do. more than 1800 people died in katrina's wake all along the gulf coast. earlier today, memorial was dedicated to 30 people who died but were never identified. [ music ]
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>> reporter: all week, current and former presidents made their way to the big easy. tonight, it was bill clinton.>> we have moved mountains and made miracles. it's astonishing, and we're proud. >> reporter: while much of new orleans is thriving, there are still people who never returned. joel waldman, fox news.>> even though hurricanes are no threat here, northern californians need to be prepared for disasters. today the emergency services offices turned sacramento into a natural disaster zone. they gave people a chance to feel with an 8.0 earthquake feels like. families also learned about cpr, how to escape being buried in rubble, and other things. >> i gained a better understanding of how to be more


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