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good morning, i'm pam cook. it's almost 4:30. can you believe that? 4:30 in the morning. >> boy, that is early. what are we doing here? pamela blue again. nice job pip don't plan this. >> i'm wearing dark blue. >> he has a little blue. >> got half the memo. [ laughter ] it will be cooler today for many. the water temps are what is holding up a lot of the lows. the afternoon highs it doesn't take much to get warm to hot. it will be cooler today. there is an increase in the low cloud deck. you can see from about san francisco south again. i'm sure it will start to sneak its way northward. but for san mateo coast and also santa cruz there is a little bit more fog today than yesterday. 50s and 60s. only a few 50s. mainly the north bay. after that, there is a lot of 60s. fremont and palo alto we're in there. west, southwest. south wind napa. expect for bodega bay which is
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56. water temps in the low to mid 60s. and inside the bay in the 70s for many. the fog south cool tort north. we expect that to fill in as that system punches southward. that will push up the breeze and increase that low cloud deck. so 70s and 80s around the bay. 60s and 70s coast. from out of the gate yesterday you were moving fast. let's hope today is quieter. >> i really hope so. just for the sake of commuters we don't want a lot going on right foul. if you are leaving the house soon, you should be in pretty decent shape here on the roads. bay bridge toll plaza doesn't look bad. there are no major problems coming into san francisco and the trouble on the bridges is just not there. that is good. we don't have any i'm looking at all the bridges here and looking for reports of anything going on and we haven't found anything. let's two to the south by and take a look at 237 as you cross
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880. it is very light here. mid the of the east bay hayward, fremont, dublin. all are off to a good start. 4:31 let's go back to the desk. here's a look at top stories we're following for you. police in san jose are investigating a deadly stabbing. it happened just before 10:00 last night. police found a man who had been stabbed at least once. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police don't know what led up to the stack. the man's name has not been relisted. so far no arrests have been made. lawyers for the family of kate steinle plan to file a lawsuit against san francisco sheriff. u.s. investigations and the bureau of land management. steinle's family say they all bare responsible for her death. and there is a health alert this morning at uc berkeley after a student tested positive for the measles. the university posted a notice yesterday that students who attended classes last week could have been exposed.
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the student apparently road a public bus as well. a man is injured after being hit by a car. it happened just before 9:00 last night. we don't know the condition of the man who was hit but police say the driver stopped and is cooperating with the investigation. the intersection there in los altos was blocked off for about two hours but all lanes are back open now. a monthly bike ride turned violent. shows a tense situation between some bike riders who were heading the wrong way down the street and then they confronted driver in the city's marie that district. tara moriarty is showing us the video clip that captured a rider pounding a woman's zip car and hitting it with his bike lock. >> reporter: cyclists at marie
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that boulevard pedal into on coming traffic. it's part of friday's critical mass protest where bikes swarm city streets once a month to prove a point that they too share the road. but this cyclist is yelling that the zip car driver hit him. bikers surround the driver as she tried to get away. eventually she pulls out, the cyclist striking her car with his bike lock. we showed the video to cyclists and drivers for their take. >> in this instance who did you side more with? >> i'm with the car. >> reporter: he has had his share of runs in with cyclists. >> bicyclists they block my way. >> reporter: carly used to be an avid cyclists but she seems
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the cyclists were out of line. >> i think the bicyclists over reacted and was basing that frustration on many incidents he had in the past. >> reporter: i think it's one bad apple. >> i would say 99.9% of the cyclists out in san francisco don't do that so this is unfortunate. >> reporter: the incident happened in supervisor mike ferrell's district. >> that type of behavior is not tolerated here in san francisco. we also want to make sure we don't condemn a group or an organization that has been very peaceful for a number of years. >> reporter: zip car issued a statement saying we're aware of the incident with any incident of this kind. the well being of anyone involved is our top concern. as a matter of policy, we are unable to comment further of any investigation that is
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ongoing. cyclists say it's possible the zip car driver was from out of town and didn't know what critical mass was. they do hope that agencies will continue to make road improvements shoebox and cars can share the roads peacefully. tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. time is 4:35. the santa clara sheriffs department is looking into what led to the death of an inmate. the 31-year-old man was found unresponsive in his cell yesterday. correction officer tried to revive him with the help of paramedics. three correctional officers have been placed on administrative leave. they are awaiting autopsy results before commenting any further. some inmate services have been restored at san quintin state prison. there have been six confirmed
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cases of the disease. yesterday the prison announced it's restoring out of cell time for the inmates for law time, dental appointments. a federal appeals court in pasadena is considering a legal challenge to california's death penalty. yesterday a three judge panel heard arguments focusing on the institutional right to swift justice. last year a federal judge over turned the death penalty in the case of a los angeles raper. that judge said unpredictable delays made the administration of the death penalty unfair and dysfunctional however the state disagrees. >> california sits on a is coreful convention and
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sentence. but those facts do not show the system is arbitrary or produces random rums. >> it's if -- pg&e has been fined $50,000 for lack security of substation in south san jose. the state public utility commission says they failed to maintain the met calf substation. burglars stole about $40,000 worth of equipment. despite multiple alarms going off, pg&e personnel were not aware of the net but pg&e says since the gunfire two years ago, it has hired more security and improved cam, lighting and a-- improved cameras, lighting, and alarm system.
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ktvu debra villalon has more. >> there was definitely a lot more commotion than i thought there would be. >> reporter: kobe pole wants to share the lime night with other teenagers. >> first you wrap around the waist belt. >> reporter: pole says anyone in search and rescue could have done the same. still he joined the unit at 14. the youngest age allowed and this mission was his 15th in less than a year. >> i was a little five-year-old that always wanted to be a firefighter or a park ranger. >> reporter: it was a 20-mile air lift to even get to the search area. prepared to spend many nights in the field. when he heard that faint white house a half mile off, he wasn't sure. >> at first i was more surprised and then i kind of considered it for a second and then i realized that is probably her. >> we do a lot of searching but we don't always do a lot of
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finding. >> reporter: fellow team members are happy. >> some people are are sad. >> reporter: team members lean on each other when rescues become recoveries. >> also if you keep thinking it's going to help out the family with closure. that helps. >> reporter: and then there are the finds. like the little girl lost over night in a state park in west marin who turned up safe. most search and rescue teams are adult only to marin's young searchers sometimes encounter skeptics. >> sometimes you will get a question like have you been on a big search before? and you will be like, yes. i have. >> reporter: in no time all doubts erased. >> it's just neat that she will recover from this and go on.
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>> reporter: the head and search and rescue says it leadership. >> particularly for a high school age member to participate in something like that, it opens up a lot of doors. >> that was debra villalon reporting. marin search and rescue is all volunteer currently taking applications. no age limit but you do have to pass a boot camp. time is 4:40. keeping tourists and residents safe. coming up in 20 minutes the new additions to last nights lombard robbery. >> a bay area man conquers one of the bay area's toughest hikes. how he was able to do it despite being paralyzed. >> we're looking at the bridge commute now and traffic on the east span looks pretty good getting into san francisco. we'll tell you a little more coming up. >> seeing already an increase
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in the low clouds. it will be cooler inland. in fact out of the 90s for most. even well inland. we'll talk about this trend and how long it will last. ♪
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welcome back everybody time is 4:44. a young man from the east bay is beating the odds after being paralyzed from a random act of gun violence. now his friends are helping him doing what he never thought he would be able to do. mission peak in fremont. despite ma rail low being in a wheelchair, his friends helped him climb the more than 2,000 feet to the top. >> how cool would it be for us to get him up on the hill? let us be his legs to be able to see what we get to see.
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>> that is a great story. a group of eight people pushed him to the top by pulling him with straps even through the steepest parts. >> just to think about wow. it's kind of like unimaginable. am i really going up this hill? am i really going on top of this mountain? >> marillo has been paralyzed from the neck down since he was shot when he was 16 years old. he says he is looking forward to the next adventures his friends have planned for him. the attorney for the man accused in the ambush killing of a sheriffs deputy in texas says the suspect has a lifelong history of mental illness. shannon miles appeared in a courtroom in houston on a capitol murder charge. he said very little. miles is accused of gunning down 47-year-old deputy darren goforth last friday night at a gas station. the district attorney says there are witnesses and surveillance video of miles
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firing 15 times at that deputy. >> he runs up behind deputy goforth and puts the gun to the back of his head and shoots. deputy goforth hits the ground and then he continues to unload his gun. >> the harris county sheriff has cited tensions between police and african americans and he says the deputy was killed because of the uniform he was wearing. last night hundreds of people turned out in blue to show their support for law enforcement and deputy goforth. time is 4:46. we talked about the mess it was yesterday. along 880. today is a new day. and sal is keeping an eye on things. >> things are off to a good start. right now things are doing very well. they are cooperating as we like to say. the traffic looks good if you are driving on the east bay commute. this is a look at highway 4. a lot of people coming in. bay point and getting over to concord. 680 nearby also looks good as
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you drive from the benicia bridge to the walnut creek interchange and highway 24 is in good shape driving from the walnut creek, lafayette, all the way to oakland. it's a very nice drive. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light with no major problems getting on to the bridge. so again a nice quiet start. i think we can use that right now. 4:46 let's go to steve in the weather center. all right, sal, thank you. cooler pattern. a lot more fog today than we saw yesterday and it continues to show up here mainly south of san francisco but i expect it to start filling in and working its way northward along the marin coast. that is a sign of a cooler pattern. 60s for many. ocean and bay temp continue to run very warm. only a few 50s santa rosa is is in there and novato a couple palo alto and fremont. southwest 18 at travis.
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yesterday i think this time it was 12. that is a little stronger west or a south component. expect for bodega bay. 62, 62, 63. but you don't have to go far to find 60s. and inside the bay you can find 70s. 36 in truckee. ukiah 57. sacramento and monterey low 60s. the fog continues to work its way south and eventually it will start to work its way north because of the system right up there. that is on its way. as it does it will dig in. that is moisture moving in from hurricane ignacio. sending in a lot of moisture to southern california. so if you are heading down there, you have to deal with that. for us morning sun and breezy. cooler lows and cooler inland high temps. 80s now. mid 80s to a few upper 80s and then 60s and 70s around the bay with the increase in the fog and on shore breeze. it will be significantically cooler wednesday and thursday.
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>> very nice. pretty quiet. >> yes for now. a kentucky county clerk must issue same sex marriage licenses. this after she refused to issue them to anyone after gay marriage became legal. county? clerk tim davis. since that ruling davis has been sued by two same sex couples who argue she must fulfill her duty. if davis continues to refuse, she could be held in contempt of court which carries jail time and fines. 4:49 is the time right now. well i hate to even ask this question. how much sleep are you getting at night? coming up in 20 minutes we have the result of a new study and it shows you how much sleep you need to avoid getting sick. >> the golden state warriors
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announced the first game of the upcoming preseason.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 4:42. taking a look at the uss ronald reagan it's heading for its new
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home port in japan. nuclear powered aircraft carrier left san diego yesterday. it will come across the pacific as part of a three way swap. the uss george washington will move from japan to virginia and the uss theodore roosevelt is moving to san diego. the uss ronald vegan called san diego home for the past 11 years. a new target store set to open in chicago could be the first to serve liquor inside the store. target has applied for a two city liquor licenses. one to sell packagedly your and another to serve alcohol on site but there is no word yet on whether the licenses will lead to a full bar or if the in store liquor concept will expand to other locations. the new high-tech restaurant in san francisco is revamping fast food. itza is completely automated. you order and pay for your food through an ipad. the menu consists of bowls
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feeled with keen what and other items. when it's ready your meal appears in a box like a vending machine. >> we have built a system and pent spent a lot of time building a system so we can provide a really high quality nutritious product but at a much more accessible price point and speed than you would find elsewhere. >> pam says let's hope there is people in the back making the food. >> it's on spear street near the embarcadero. right now it's from monday through friday from 11:00 in the morning. the l.a. council is set to vote today on the bid for the 2024 olympic bids. city analysts seem to have similar concerns. they do say developing in olympic village could exceed the projected $1 billion cost.
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rome, paris, and budapest are already in the mix. the international olympic committee is expected to choose the host city in 2017. the nba champion warriors will begin their seven game preseason schedule against toronto on october 5th and there is a special treat for fans. the warriors announced the first 10,000 fans at the game will receive this. a sharks themed steph curry bobble head. well that is pretty cool and interesting. the nba mvp will be portrayed wearing a sharks sweater. tickets for the game goes on sale today. tickets go on sell tomorrow for the general public. you may have gone to sleep before it ended, i know we did but the giants are 4.5 games back from the nl west after a marathon game with the dodgers. the giants forced extra innings by tying the game in the eighth. marlin doubled down the right field line. matt duffy was able to score
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from second. the game would go all the way until the 14th when the dodgers and san diego native and former padre adrian gonzalez hit a deep fly ball to knock in the winning run. l.a. won 5-4 in the five hour and 20 minute game. teams get relief today as rosters expand up to 40 players. the giants added outfield depth by trading with the boston red sox. the second time the 31-year-old has been traded this season going from baltimore to boston in june. the giants gave up minor league pitcher louie isla. down 3-2 in the third jake smalinsky hit a double down the right field line. and then there was a strange
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delay in the fifth. shane victorino crash into the left field wall while trying to catch a fly ball there. a section of the fence fell down. the field was cleared for ten minutes while the wall was fixed. that didn't distract the a's. however just let it collapse there. they went on to win 11-5. the giants need to win. this is a time to catch up sips they are playing the dodgers. coming up next. capping skyrocketing rental prices in the silicon valley. the measure being considered today to try to keep people from getting priced out of their home. >> chris brown is facing a lawsuit for an incident in the bay area. how brown is responding following a shooting. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is doing okay on interstate 880 in oakland. we'll tell you a little bit more about the east bay commute and where it's beginning to get
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slow. >> finally looks like a little cooler pattern for many here. system moving in from the north. fog son the move. we'll take a look at tuesday forecasted temps.
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