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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> just over an hour ago, the family of kate steinle who was shot and killed in july announced legal action against the officials who they blame for releasing the undocumented immigrant accused of killing her. the family filed a claim against the bureau of land headquarter, and the department of immigration and customs enforcement in hopes of holding them accountable in the deadly
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shooting. sal castaneda is live now with what he heard. >> reporter: good afternoon, gasia mikaelian. today's press conference did get emotional at times, and today's claim is the first step in filing a lawsuit if the agencies reject the claim. that's when a lawsuit could proceed in the death of 32-year- old kate steinley. the family holds three agency responsible, and the sanctuary city policy responsible as well. it was a shooting that captured the attention of the entire nation. kate steinle was gunned down by a mexican national who had been deported five times. the family says 45-year-old juan francisco lopez sanchez should have never been in the united states and should not have been released by the sheriff without being turned over to immigration officials. today the steinle family came back to san francisco to file a claim against sheriff ross, the bureau of land management and the department of immigration,
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and customs enforcement. >> you can come to san francisco next week, be walking with your daughter or son, and in a moment they could be taken from you. the failure to respond and make any changes says to me that what was done to kate was okay, that she was collateral damage. >> this is for accountability for public officials that we have voted for and put in office, not doing their job. this is for humanity. this is for the future. ours is gone. it's gone from us. but we want it better for the good of all. >> reporter: the steinle's say rather than taking responsibility for the incident, the three agencies have been pointing fingers deflecting blame. the sheriff has said his interpretation of san francisco's sanctuary city
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policy prohibited him from basically scooping up lopez sanchez or letting ice know that he was there. the bureau of land management was named in the claim because it was their agent who left the gun in plain sight in a car, in a backpack. that backpack was subsequently stolen. now, the steinle family says they want some of the prominent politicians who made comments after kate's death to step up to the plate and prevent this from happening again by enacting policies that would do just that. let's go back to you. >> more on this on the floor. thank you. kate steinle's death has sparked a national discussion. santa clara county is re- examining its policy which prohibits local law enforcement from collaborating with federal immigration officials. during yesterday's public comment session, the committee heard from people who said they didn't trust immigration officials officials and want people who are nonviolent to be
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shielded from ice. others think better cooperation is needed and that it's time to get rid of the sanctuary policy. >> do what is right immediately and stop the sanctuary policy before another innocent american citizen gets killed. >> singling out immigrants to be punished twice, simply due to status is not just unfair. it is ineffective. >> reporter: the committee will prepare a report with its recommendation. county supervisors will discuss the recommendation at their september 15th meeting. following a developing story out of illinois this noontime, where an intense man hunt is underway for three men accused of killing a police officer. it happened at 8:00 a.m. local time, about one hour north of chicago in the suburb of fox lake. sheriff's department officials say the officer radioed in that he was chasing three suspicious suspects on foot. communication was lost shortly after that. somehow the officer was overtaken, then shot and
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killed. the suspects also took the officer's gun. schools in that area have been on lock down and residents have been asked to shelter in place. back at home, san francisco police department says one of its officers is under investigation for an alleged sexual assault while off duty. the department says the allegations came to light last month. the unidentified officer was put on desk assignment and had his gun taken away. detectives are working with the da on this investigation. california has agreed to stop keeping imprisoned gang members in solitary confinement for years on end. the nonprofit center for constitutional rights today settled a class action lawsuit on behalf of inmates held in isolation units in state prisons. 500 of them had been held in 80- foot square windowsless cells for more than ten years. the settlement will limit how long inmates will be kept in isolation. oakland police are investigating a reported kidnapping. they told police, a man grabbed
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a woman and put her in the trunk of a black car after 10:00 on sterling drive. the man is described as calf can american, in his mid-20s. 6 feet tall, wearing 200 pounds. wearing a red shirt and dark pants. he told the police the woman was african-american and wearing a halter top. if you have any information, call police. san jose police are investigating a deadly stabbing. it happened last night before 10:00 on story and center roads. police say people walking on a trail near coyote street found the man stabbed to death. there's no word on what led to the stabbing and no arrests have been made. we are learning that are that more people in the east bay make ex ex-- may have been exposed to the measles. alex savage has more on the action public health officials are taking. >> reporter: students are opening up an important e-mail this morning, a health warning about a fellow student who's
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come down with the measles. junior antwon albert was happy to see the alert but tells us he's certainly he was vaccinated. >> i feel confident that i'm safe. but i'm sure that other people around here have no idea. >> reporter: the student in question tested positive for the measles yesterday and was immediately isolated at home. but before that, they attended classes all of last week and also rode an ac transit bus from berkeley to richmond, where they went shopping at a ranch 99 supermarket. we talked with passengers who also take the 25a line. >> that was my number that i take, yeah, so i'm a little concerned. i mean, like one of the guys on the bus says why does that guy go to school that day. i don't have if he had symptoms already. >> reporter: measles is a highly contagious virus that can live in the air.
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any number of students and faculty members could have been exposed. health officials have identified a handful of people who are most at risk of becoming sick. those who came in close contact with the student during the time they were contagious are now being tested to see if they're immune to the measles. so far there have been no other confirmed measles cases. >> the message to people who may have been exposed which is anyone in our community is check your immunization status. if you have had your two doses doses of vaccine, you're good to go. if you haven't this would be a good time to get a dose. >> the symptoms include, runny nose, a rash on the face and neck and then spreads to the rest of the body. if someone is exposed it can take anywhere from one to three weeks for that person to show symptoms. alex savage, ktvu, fox 2 news. there were scary moments for a dozen people, including a 5-year-old boy who escaped a
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fire at their san jose home. janine de la vega tells us what may have sparked the fire. >> reporter: the doors down, but inside it is a blackened mess. the family who lives here tells us they're buddhist and they had a shrine inside where they burned incense. that's next to an electrical box that is charred. fire officials are looking at both of those for a cause. the fire started at 5:15 in the garage, and the smoke quickly traveled to the house that's located in a neighborhood near center avenue. it triggered the smoke alarms waking up the family inside. all 13 people got out safely as well as their dogs. we're told that nobody was living inside the garage. it was used for storage. the family says they're grateful the smoke alarms were working. >> i smelled smoke and heard the smoke detector go off. i just immediately, my instinct kicked in. i didn't grab anything at all. maybe my cell phone. i was just like, we have to get out of there.
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>> thank goodness the smoke detectors went off and the family got out because it was the middle of the night, came in at 5:00 a.m. it's dark. a couple more minutes of uncontrolled fire and it would have gotten into the family structure and cost lives. >> four officials believe the fire was accidental. it was contained to the garage. we're told there's likely smoke and water damage inside. it's unlivable right now so the red cross did come to help. they're going to put the family up in a hotel. right now they're shaken up but glad the home was not last. report from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu fox news. one bay area city council considering a way to better protect rentals. the proposal to keep long-term rents from skyrocketing. and a cool down for inland areas, rosemary orozco is here to tell us what to expect for the holiday weekend. and a big announcement from pope francis, what he says about the issue of abortion as part of his latest effort to focus on inclusion. now that there's foster farms simply raised,
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today pope francis announced he's giving priests permission to forgive women who have had abortions. women can be absolved during a holy year of mercy. abortion is normally grounds to be barred from the church. the pope says he has met many
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women who bear the scar of an agonizing decision. this is the latest in a series of steps from the pope focusing on inclusion. a county clerk in kentucky who's refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples has now been ordered to a federal hearing. >> under who's authority. >> under god's authority. >> rowen county clerk kim davis refused to issue marriage licenses again today to gay couples, despite the u.s. supreme court ruling against her she's been citing her christian faith and constitutional right to religious freedom. davis' refusal prompted a summons today, and she and her deputies are set to appear thursday in federal court. >> she has the right to her beliefs, but we're talking to the law now. this isn't about beliefs anymore. i have beliefs too, but i wouldn't impose my beliefs on someone else's rights. >> davis could be held in contempt of court for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses and may face steep
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fines and jail. president obama is scheduled to hike on a glacier today as he continues his three day visit to alaska, focused on climate change. the president will fly by helicopter to stewart alaska to hike one of the many glaciers that are melting due to warmer temperatures. president obama says climate change is no longer a distant threat, calling it a crisis that needs took addressed now. >> the time to heed the critics and the cynics and the deniers is past. the time to plead ignorance is surely passed. those who want to ignore the science, they are increasingly alone. they're on their own shrinking island. >> president obama also took part in a round table discussion with native alaskans told. that i have thanked him for renaming mount mckinly to denali, the tallest in north america. he sure dominated the political headlines all summer long but donald trump's reign
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atropical the republican -- atop the republican field could be in jeopardy. there is another antiestablishment candidate vote reverse interested in. and hillary clinton's private server controversy is overshadowing her campaign. joe walt mapman has the late -- walletman has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: the fourth and largest document dump to date contained 125 messages with material now considered classified. >> we have upgraded. we have always said that that certainly does not speak to whether it was classified at the time it was sent or handled or however, forwarded or received. >> reporter: many of the e- mails in the batch just released were redacted underscoring their sensitivity. they contain conversations about global issues in countries including haiti, china, and sudan. clinton continues to insist she did nothing wrong as the fbi
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delves deeper into its investigation about whether classified material was mishandled. >> she hasn't been truthful. she has hid all this. this has all been secretive, took a subpoena to get the information, and she talks about it in a cavalier attitude. >> reporter: on the republican side, antiestablishment candidates continue to lead the crowded field of 17. donald trump now shares a lead with neurosurgeon dr. ben carson. each candidate now at 23% in iowa, according to a new monmouth university poll. >> 66% of those republicans surveyed want someone outside the government. >> reporter: it's been a different story for traditional politicians. only 18 people showed up for a mike huckabee event in iowa last night. in washington, joe waldman, fox news. the la city council just minutes ago voted to clear the way for mayor eric garseti to
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begin negotiations with the u.s. olympic committee. los angeles is widely expected to be the u.s. candidate and replace boston which jumped out of the running in july over costs. international olympic committee will pick the host city in 2017. rome, paris, budapest, all being considered. the san jose city council is considering a proposal that would change the city's rent control laws. the rent control ordinance only applies to apartments built before 1979. landlords at the participants aren't allowed -- apartments aren't allowed to raise rents. the proposal would cap rent increases at 4%. the city council is also considering an ordinance that would protect renters from being evicted without cause. berkeley is now considered the most expensive college city in the nation according to the realty web site found an average home in berkeley is $850,000. the list looked at 300 college
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cities where each town had at least 5000 college residents making up 20 percent of the population. muncie indiana was the least expensive college town. the average home goes for $78,000. back in berkeley, the library director is resigning after an outcry over discarded books. jeff scott came in for criticism as the library started removing thousands of books from the collection. 39,000 books were weeded out since january. last month, supporters and elected officials rallied in front of the library to call attention to the issue. there are also claims that scott gave misleading information about how many books were tossed. jeff scott has been on the job less than a year. turning to bay area weather. cooler for some of us. what direction are we headed in now. the cooling trend is going to last for the next few days a. live look outside the doors this morning. mostly sunny, away from the coastline at this point. a view from san francisco across the bay and toward the
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east, you can see a lot of blue sky. temperatures are down by a few degrees in santa rosa. 2 in concord, 3 in hayward, and areas around mountain view, so for your afternoon today, mostly sunny skies, temperatures a few degrees cooler than what we had yesterday afternoon. we're at 82 livermore. 81 concord. 82 in walnut creek. 771 oakland. 66 in san francisco. low, mid- to upper 70s in areas right around napa, novato, and santa rosa. and along the coastline, those clouds are going to stick for some of us. >> the on shore breeze is thick. and fairfield, 15 miles per hour. we have a soul breeze in concord at 13. oakland report a southerly breeze at 6. napa, on shore breeze to 13 at this time. easterly wind in santa rosa as well as novato. you can see the clouds along
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the coastline, san francisco and farther north, and stinson beach. it's all the way down into santa cruz. partly to mostly cloudy skies will be with some areas for the entire day, 3:00 in the afternoon, and notice still portions of the coastline covered in the low clouds. temperature wise, if you're going to be very very pleasant, even a little bit below the surgery average for our inland communities. 60s at the coast. upupper 60s and 70s around the east bay. inland, 70s and 80s in the forecast for today, with 90s into the central valley, not here for the bay area. a look at afternoon highs. 85 in fairfield. 81 in san rafael. 72 for sausalito. for the east bay, 76 san leandro. 75 in oakland. low 80s walnut creek. livermore, 85. upper 80s in the forecast for antioch and brentwood. 79 san jose. 81 for cupertino, sunnyvale.
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73 san bruno. 70 san francisco. mid- to upper 60s with partly to mostly cloudy skies at the coastline. extended forecast, temperatures falling off as we get into your midweek wednesday. slightly cooler thursday. temperatures will begin to rebound and warm back up as we get into your holiday weekend. >> the weekend looks cooler and dryer than the first half of the weekend. >> all in all, fairly pleasant. a warning for hundreds of thousands of apple users after hackers targeted a specific type of phone and stole hundreds, thousands to have apple ids and passwords. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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taking live look at the new york stock exchange. this has been a rough day overall for markets. you see here, the dow minutes away from closing. down by more than 400 points. it started off, it dropped low and never really recovered. this is some of the lowest numbers we have seen all day. s&p 500 and nasdaq also similarly in the red. each down by 2 1/2 percent. google rolled out its new logo today. the home page shows an animation. you see here it shows the old logo being erased and a hand pops up and draws the new logo. the lettering appears to be streamlines. the company says there will be new identification that will show up better. google recently announced a corporate restructuring under a new umbrella company called alphabet. a warning going out today
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to 225,000 apple users who may have had their user ids and passwords stolen. it's unclock locked by -- unclocked by the user to be used on another carrier. they stole apple information from users in 18 countries. users with jail broken iphones are being urged to change their apple password as a precaution. apple could be gearing up to create its own version of nexflix. variety reports that apple is thinking of coming up with its own original programming. the publication cites unknown sources, that they have had preliminary tests. apple itself hasn't commented on the report. we told you about the legal fight with kate steinle's family, we're taking a closer look at another high profile case involving an undocumented immigrant who was also held in custody before shooting and
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killing three menace of the bologna family. they also sued. we'll talk to their about about the up hill legal fight. that's today with mike mibach and kiba arnold. >> we hope you follow us on twitter and facebook. we'll see you back here for the four. this is the dawn of an old day.
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