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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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federal government. >> drivers catch a break at the gas pump as the labor day weekend approaches. >> california's top educator california apart when it comes to classroom instruction. the four on 2 starts now. she stops, she takes a selfie, she turns around, and was shot. as she fell, she said help me, dad. that's my bedtime story every night. and if you want it to be your bedtime story every night, then do nothing. >> the family of cat steinle speaking out on the steps of san francisco city hall. welcome to the four on 2, everyone. >> today kate's family filed a claim against the san francisco sheriff, u.s. immigration and customs enforcement, and the bureau of land management
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blaming them for the death of their loved one. they made that announcement outside city hall. >> we are live from the city with the latest on this story. a very emotional news conference today. >> reporter: yeah, it was. all of the family members sort of got choked up at one point or another. the mother, father, and brother all stood on the steps basically saying we want the finger pointing between politics and law enforcement to stop. we want officials to take responsibility. so today the family of kate steinle filed a claim. this is sort of the precursor to a lawsuit against the city of san francisco as well as the bureau of land management. the claim alleges it was the lack of oversight of several agencies that led to steinle's killing. they are forbidding them to contact, undocumented immigrant
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and felon sanchez out of the country and blm for improperlying for the handgun that killed kate. >> we're here to make sure a change is made so nobody has to endure the pain my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis because the system failed our sister. and at this point, nobody has taken responsibility, accountability, and nothing has changed. >> reporter: july 1st, she was shot and killed while walking on pier 14 arm in arm with her father. the family attorney said the gun used to kill kate was stolen from a car fully loaded inside a backpack in plain view. the sheriff's office did release a statement saying
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while the sheriff can't comment on potential litigation, he continues to extend his deepest sympathy to the family for their loss. the bureau of land management says it takes seriously the loss of any human life and we are continuing to fully cooperate with on going investigations. we have also reached out to ice, and they say a statement is pending. back to you. >> what's the feeling that you get from the family out there? what do you think was the final straw that made them go ahead and push through this course of action? >> reporter: it was an interesting story when you heard kate's father talk about how the last words that his daughter said were help me, dad. he said those words are now serving as a source of empowerment for them. they want to help her in death, and they want to help others so that this doesn't happen to them. they were also angry. the father made a point of saying, you know, when kate died we got all of these phone calls, all of these condolences from politicians, the sheriff,
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mayor ed lee. but since then, they say the silence has been deafening with no one stepping forward to help to prevent this from happening to another family. >> this has nothing to do with money. the family is saying this is about their frustration regarding sanctuary cities, and that is why we are taking this legal action. it is not the money. >> reporter: they did make a point of saying that, but their attorney frank pietre said it's the money that talks. when you start talking money and you sue people for money, that's when real change comes about. he said that was unfortunate but that's just the way our society is. >> is lopez still in jail in san francisco? >> reporter: yes, he is. i believe his next court date is actually on thursday, and we will of course be there in the morning around 10:45 to see what is happening with his preliminary hearing and if there is enough evidence for him to go to trial.
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>> live outside city hall in the city. >> with us now is matthew davis, the attorney. ramos was convicted of the killings. he is an undocumented immigrant and known gang member that mistook one of the sons for a rival gang member. >> the family lost in court regarding the sanctuary city policy. i want to go to today, matt. the claim against the bureau of land management. what are your thoughts about that, that they did not have that gun stored away properly? >> first of all, let me just say the family did an excellent job in terms of selecting their lawyers. they got a high-powered lawyer that has a great reputation with the courts. if anyone can help them prevail, they will do a good job. nevertheless, there are going to be some questions that the court is going to have. mostly, is it too attenuated
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between this blms agent's carelessness with his gun and the later murder of the daughter. were there too many intervening steps that took place so it would be unfair to hold the bureau responsible for her death. >> ice wanted them to detain him. the sheriff let him go after all. does the sheriff hold some blame? will this stand? >> there's a question of moral blame and a question of legal blame. of course the sheriff, like a lot of public officials, enjoy what are called immunity from certain types of laws or lawsuits. he may have violated some laws and statutes with his conduct, especially his particular order telling his deputies not to cooperate with ice. the problem is that the family's going to have not only show he violated a law but the
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law he violated was intended to protect against the type of harm that befell kathryn steinle. frank and his team, it's as good a legal team you can get. >> what about immigrations and customs enforcement saying they didn't get the warrant that the city of san francisco, the sheriff's department requested ice to get in order to keep him in jail? >> i think it's going to turn on the facts of the particular case. we don't know if there's enough to see if there's a legal factual conception. >> how difficult will this be for the family? you were in a similar situation. how difficult will this be? >> they have an uphill battle. if there's ever a sympathetic set of facts, they've got them in this particular case. it's going to be a great finger pointing exercise amongst the various city officials, federal agents, and so forth. everyone's going to be pointing the finger at each other.
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perhaps there's a basis, legal or factual. >> they have to be held accountable at times. it seems like they never are. >> the basic rule in the law is that the king is immune from liability. you start with the concept that you can't sue the city or the state, and then you have to find an exception to the rule to allow the suit to go forward. the immunities are so broad they sweep in a lot of outrageous conduct. >> as tara suggested in her live report, do you think the suit enough, the possibility of money having to be exchanged, will that be enough to wake up and make some changes? >> i would hope so. i was hoping it would be 5-6 years ago with the family. rather than learning and making some corrections, the city seems to have gone in a more extreme position with respect
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to its policies with ice. i'm hoping that there's a political wake up on this one. it's just outrageous. if you spoken to her in depth since the death of kate? >> i have not. i can only imagine. i think that all of us had a visceral reaction, and hers just has to be so much more because of what she went there. >> he said she loved san francisco before the death of half her family. did she move out? >> i can't talk about that. other stories that we are following for you making headlines around the bay area today, a san francisco police officer is under investigation for sexual assault. police officials say the allegations involve an officer
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from the taralave station. the allegations are that the officer was drinking with a woman at her home in sunset and forced himself on her. the department says it has taken his service gun and removed him from patrol duties. a second officer is being investigated for allegeddedly warning the first officer. no criminal charges have been filed against either officer. in oakland, police there are investigating a kidnapping. witnesses told police a man grabbed a woman and put her into the trunk of a black car. the man is described as african american in his mid-20s, about 200 pounds. he was wearing a red shirt and dark pants. the woman was also african american and wearing a halter top. even more than first people than first thought may have been exposed to measles after a student tested positive for the virus. a health warning has gone out to all students after public health officials say a student
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tested positive yesterday and was immediately isolated at the time. before that student's illness was confirmed, the student attended classes all week and even road an ac transit bus to richmond to go happening at the ranch 99 supermarket. the virus can live in the air for up to two hours. the rash starts on the neck or face and spreads to the rest of the body. those who came in contacted with the infected student are being tested for the virus. she says she gets her authority from god. the battle one county clerk is waging to block same-sex marriages. afternoon highs are running cooler today. we'll check in on your current conditions. california state assembly approved legislation being called the strongest equal pay protection in the nation.
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viewers are discussing the decision on our facebook page. tell us what you think about it. just like that, today is the first day of september. here's a look at the approach to the richmond bridge toll plaza. that's 588 going westbound. a lot more people commuted monday through friday. the time now is 4:12. you're watching four on 2. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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a massive man hunt in illinois. fox lake is located 60 miles north of chicago. the officer was there pursuing three suspects on foot when backup officers arrived and discovered the officer was injured with gunshot wounds. he later died at the hospital. police with dogs and helicopters are searching a heavily wooded area. roads have been blocked during this man hunt, and schools in the area were on lock down. a county clerk in kentucky continues to defy a court order and refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> why? >> kim davis argues issuing a license goes against her religious beliefs. a federal judge ordered davis to issue licenses and it was
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upheld by an appeals court. ban today protesters gathered at her office demanding she follow the law. >> she has a right to her beliefs, but we're talking about the law now. i have beliefs too, but i would never impose my beliefs on somebody else's rights. >> gay couples are asking davis to be held in contempt of court for her decision. she and her staff have been summoned to appear before a federal judge thursday morning. lots of photo bookmaking websites, but one here in the bay area says you can make an album in less than 10 minutes. >> their albums are so easy to make, even a guy can do it. that's their target and growing audience. >> in today's tech tuesday, paul chambers exchanges why it's an untapped market. >> you just got back from vacation where you took a ton of pictures sitting on your computer's hard drive. if you're like most people,
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nothing's going to happen. >> you have drop box and goggle photos and amazon and all these different places where people are storing their photos. >> reporter: they want to change that by making your life easier using modern-day technology to make custom photo books to last a lifetime. >> it's powerful people getting people to find these photos, to have access to them, and put them in a place where they can relive them. >> reporter: they allow users to customize their albums. montage supports most cloud services and saying using those photos are easier because they're pre-sorted. it will up load the album and narrow down the field of pictures. >> it will find all the blurry photos, all the dark photos, all the photos with flaws. those will be excluded. >> reporter: the site uses an algorithm to find duplicates or
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similar photos using the time, date, location, even who's in the pictures to make sure it pick yous the best photos. >> every smile has a smile core. >> reporter: it takes an average of 15 minutes to make a photo book using montage. with a few clicks, you're done. you can view the finished product in 3 d. pages lay flat available to sit on your coffee table in 3-4 days. >> although it's quick, what if you don't have that much time to dedicate to do it at your computer? they have you covered. there's an app you can put on your phone. pick 20 pictures and your toe toe book's done. >> reporter: men only make up 10-12% of the photo book market. they created mosaic a quicker, faster way to make an album in less than 15 minutes.
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for $25, this is what you get with mosaic. the company says it's a hit with guys as that's 30-40% of its market. besides making photo books, you can create calendars and cards. >> that is pretty interesting. i have to admit i'm a little old-school. i go to the store and print them out. i have my books and i stick them in the books and i put the books away. what do you think of that? you're a little more technically advanced than i am. >> i think it's cool because you can get the best of both worlds. you get an actual book you can put on your coffee table and i think is overwhelming to try to do it yourself. >> the book actually comes pretty quickly too. >> i like it. >> you're asking me to try it. firefighters quickly extinguished this grass fire in the oakland hills this afternoon. the smoke was spotted just
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after 3:00 just off highway 13. the fire department says homes were threatened, but luckily none of them burned. hats off to the fire department there. pleasant day out there. you could tell a difference. you're starting to feel it. >> temperatures coming down this afternoon. by tomorrow, our inland communities will actually be below average for this time of year. giving you a live lookout side our doors. in san jose, mostly clear skies. 79 in san jose. take a little tour giving you a view here here of mt. diablo. good air quality. the on-shore breeze keeping our temperatures in check. one last look over san francisco toward the west where you can see we have low clouds piled up against portions of the coastline. we'll take a look at the satellite view in a moment. 85 degrees right now in fairfield. 88 livermore. a warm day but definitely manageable and cooler than where we were yesterday.
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74 for oakland. mid-70s sfo. mid-70s in napa. take a look at a few numbers here. 77 foster city. west side you're currently at 76. palo alto, a warm 86 degrees. the 24-hour temperature change, we're down by 5-7 degrees in napa and concord. may or may not notice in oakland and hayward. santa rosa down by about 3 degrees. you can see mostly clear skies around the bay area. we have just a little bit of fog right here banked up against the coastline. as we move into the evening hours, the clouds will roll back in. we'll have the possibility of patchy drizzle along the coastline. the marine layer is thicker. 16 miles an hour at fairfield. 15 in concord. an on shore breeze in oakland. napa 18 miles an hour right
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now. the thicker marine layer, and our temperatures cooler today. the system dropping out of the gulf of alaska will continue our cooling trend. tomorrow morning we wake up with the clouds. the on-shore breeze continuing for tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 60s to upper 70s. that includes our inland air areas. tomorrow morning we step out the door. upper 50s san rafel. 60 degrees for freemont. 60 san jose. 55 to the north bay where we start our day in santa rosa. afternoon highs upper 70s to near 80 degrees in areas like santa rosa and valejo. mid to upper 70s for our warmer spots inland. 77 in concord. shifting south, we have
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temperatures around 80 degrees for san jose. 79 expected mountain view. low 80s morgan hill as well as gilroy. a little change in the forecast for thursday. temperatures will rebound some on friday. and for your bay area weekend also a holiday weekend, we're going to be warmer but we'll also be nice. >> thanks. coming up after the break, the long labor day weekend is approaching. families make plans for the long weekend, numbers show they could save money this year. the california school year is in full swing. we're talking to the state superintendent about the changes reshaping education here in california.
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u.s. stocks stumbled as fears about china's weakened economy continue. the dow jones industrial average kicked off september with a triple digit loss sinking almost 740 points. traders continue to worry about china's manufacturer sector. it follows a miserable august where the dow had its worst month in more than five years. some good news this weekend. a major drop in the price at the gas pump. investors are keeping a close eye on the hot commodity on wall street. how trading is impacting the price you'll pay. >> reporter: crude oil is in
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sell-off mode coming off its biggest three-day rally since iraq invaded kuwait in 1990. crude trading as low as $46. >> traders trade on psychological and feeling-based moves, not really rational. i don't think we can take too much from the volatility that's rational. it's reactive. >> reporter: the sell-off in crude couldn't come at a better time. in fact, the price of regular. >> it seems like they're trying to shake off the initial shock of that weekday out of china. a lot of people believe it's not as bad as potentially reported. the reason they think that is because of the shut down of the chinese factory and because of the slow down ahead of the big
4:28 pm
military parade. >> aaa tracks the price you pay every day at the pump. the state average is $3.32 for regular. in oakland, you'll pay about $3.19. in san francisco, $3.33. in san jose, the average is $3.16. that is for today. >> i'm looking on gas buddy. $2.29 is the cheapest in minneapolis. california students getting a new kind of education. today in the four by four, we're talking to the state superintendent about what makes the california common core curriculum unique. homelessness is a problem but they're trying new tactics to clean up the street before the super bowl comes to town. crews are working on these stories for 5 and 6. smith is tweeting dramatic video shows
4:29 pm
safety accident down in santa clara county. this caused a critical delay.
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california schools have undergone sweeping changes in recent years. transitional kindergarten was added. exit exams instituted for high school graduates which are now
4:32 pm
on hold, and common core curriculum is changing the way teachers instruct their classes. >> we're taking four minutes to talk to the state superintendent who joins us now via skype. i have to get to the exit exams. we know the 5000 seniors once in limbo won't get their diplomas, but i have to ask why we even got to this point. did we not know and specifically yourself that the california high school exit exam wasn't really matching up with the common core standards being taught? >> that's in fact the reason that it was discontinued and we had legislation to discontinue it. there were no students threatened with not being able to go on in their four-year college career. the colleges have accommodated in the past students who don't have the results of the k.c . exit exam. that test is outdated and not aligned to standards. i sponsored ledgelation to put
4:33 pm
it aside and develop a new system of greater accountability and relevance, skills for the 21st century. that's why that bill was so important. we're hoping the governor will sign the bill into law in a few weeks. >> at what point did you know the exit exam wasn't matching up to common core standards? >> about a year ago. we knew we needed to sunset it and set up a legislative process in order to focus on what should be done to replace it. we had the new smarter balance assessment that's computer adaptive, it's excellent, we did an incredible job implementing it statewide. 3.2million students took the test with virtually no hiccups or problems. it requires team work, critical
4:34 pm
thinking, problem solving, and career readiness. >> we know for the class of 2015, those 5000 students got their diplomas. what about this upcoming class, the class of 2016 and future classes? is that still in limbo? when will you know for sure? when you talk about common core, it seems like the exit exam is irrelevant. >> we have more rigorous standards for our students to be prepared for the global economy. my bill i'm sponsoring in the legislature is moving along and strong support we hope will get to the governor's desk. that will sunset the old k.c test. it may take us two years to develop a new exam where we can measure the basic ingredients of what defines a high school
4:35 pm
diploma and success for our students. >> it costs $11 million to administer the tests. would you be in support of axing a future test and leave it up to the teachers if these students can graduate and use that $11 million to boost teacher salaries or put it back into the schools? >> by canceling the july k.c . examed, we saved about $2.5 million that can be used for other purposes. i think there's too much testing overall in our schools. we need accountability, we need data, but we can do it with the new smarter balance testing. we'll go to a process where we consult with parents, teach everies, and education exexcerpts on what should be done to replace the exit exam in the future. >> but you think it should be replaced, though? >> oh, yeah. history is not going to be done again. we're not going to spend $11 million. july i said let's not even spend $2 million on an
4:36 pm
antiquated test that's not relevant. >> let's talk about common core. is it working? how do we know if it's working? and are parents understanding more what it means for their child to be taught this common core? >> this is an exciting time in education. we're going through many transformations which are so positive. the common core i've changed it to talk about california state standards, the california way. it's not just math and english language arts. it's also social studies and science. we want to make sure our students are exposed in all airs ya that prepares them for the job market and college. we have done this because we consulted with parents and business leaders. we have consensus. compared to other states where there's partisan bickering and bickering between the legislature and the governor on whether these standards are great, we know they're great. our business leaders say these
4:37 pm
are great standards, critical thinking, problem solving, not rote memorization. not filling in bubbles on an old-fashioned test. this is a test for the 21st century. and how our teachers teach to this set of skills. >> the state will provide $50 million to connect schools to the internet. talk about how important this is and when can schools start to apply for these grants for the money? >> they can start to get ready right now to apply for grants. i've had an initiative called no child left offline. we need to enter the age. we need textbooks that are digital. the $50 million is going to help us get to school sites that aren't connected to the internet. we did do the first assessment system with adaptive computers. only 900 students out of 3 million did not have access to
4:38 pm
the internet. we're working to close the gap. we connected 226 school sites that did not have access before. we need to go digital. no child left offline. that's my mantra. >> should all schools teach coding? >> yes. that's a great idea. >> got it. appreciate you taking the time for this conversation. have a good rest of the week. >> you too. thank you. chronic homelessness has been a long problem in san francisco. one city leader says there are solutions we can implement now to tackle it. outside our doors, a bay area cooling trend is under way. i'll have your evening forecast and line up your temperatures for tomorrow coming up. a live lookout side, a closer look at the golden gate bridge. traffic starting to pick up in the northbound direction of 101 as folks make their way home. the four on 2 is back in just a bit.
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san francisco mayor says the homeless need to go before super bowl 50 celebrations kick off in the city. san francisco supervisor agrees but he also says the city needs to go farther. the supervisor says the situation is the worst he's seen in years.
4:42 pm
he says better enforcement of city laws is needed. >> let me read this real quick. it's not okay to and crap on sidewalks and on people's homes and other spaces that people use. it's not okay to shoot up in public. those are your words. why did you write it? >> well, we have a lot of challenges right now on our streets in san francisco in terms of how people are acting and behaving. >> the city of san francisco spends 10s if not 100s of millions to attack this issue, but it doesn't seem like it's working. >> we spend almost a quarter billion on homeless related services, and i've been a strong supporter of making sure we're building supportive housing to get people off the street, of mental health services, substance abuse services. we need to distinguish between
4:43 pm
homelessness and street behavior. we need to send a very clear message that certain kinds of behaviors on our streets is not acceptable. >> is this on the police department? >> it's not only on the police department. we have a lot of outreach workers, people who try to get people off the streets, but enforcing the laws are important. the laws are there for a reason. either the voters have adopted them or the board of supervisors have adopted them. some of these laws are, they're on the books, but they're not enforced very much. >> for example? >> so for example, people shooting up in public. people are not allowed to set up camp sites, pitch tents, create living spaces on our sidewalks. >> but they're everywhere. >> and it's not okay. it's against the law, and the law needs to be enforced.
4:44 pm
>> the mayor wants the streets cleaned by the super bowl? >> i'm glad the mayor has indicated he's moving forward with an approach. if it takes the super bowl as a trigger to have that happen, that's great. >> do you feel politics gets in the way of cleaning up streets, that some on the board are too hesitant, too shy to put their foot down and say enough is enough? >> there are many homeless advocates and organizations who simply, you know, put their nose to the grindstone and do the important work of getting people off the streets and getting people stable in housing and other services, but there are some homeless advocates who are very quick to announce that if you ever take issue with how people are behaving on the streets, then that means that you are not compassionate, you're not a liberal. you might as well be a right-
4:45 pm
wing republican. they same san francisco. >> what's interesting. what other improvements are they looking to make? >> he mentioned the navigation center. there's one on mission street. he wants more of those. they can take 200 people or so a month. there are counselors and bungalows for them. he wants city officials to look at the budget and where exactly is the money going? $230million being sent to fix the homeless problem. >> let's fix it. >> let's look at it better and see if we can spend the money more wisely. let's check in with our meteorologist. it's going to heat up in a few days. >> we have a cooling trend, then a warm up as we get into your bay area weekend. we have the wind turbines in the inner east bay spinning. it's that cool pacific air blowing all the way through the
4:46 pm
delta region this afternoon helping to bring our temperatures down. our inland communities by tomorrow will actually be below the seasonal average for this time of year. partly cloudy skies, the fog will redevelop, maybe a bit of patchy drizzle for tomorrow, the afternoon relatively mild. upper 70s in the forecast for our warmer locations. we do expect to be warming back up as we get into the holiday weekend. no rain to speak up, but there's the low cloud and the fog cover along the coastline. partly to mostly cloudy skies in areas along the coastline. but for the rest of us, plenty of sunshine. we have a southerly breeze in napa at 18. the on-shore breeze is going to continue as we get through tonight and tomorrow and for the next few days. 85 degrees right now in fair field at mid-80s in concord.
4:47 pm
yesterday at this hour we were in low 90s. not the case for today. 79 at san jose. over portions of the north bay, 77 in nevada. 64 half-moon bay. shifting into the inner east bay, take a look at a few more numbers. if i slide you back, i'll show you the elements responsible for our cool down. this system will continue to drop out of the gulf of alaska and bring us the cooler air. as we get into tomorrow and thursday, possibly even friday, temperatures will remain on the mild side. 60s on the coast, upper 70s expected for our inland communities. as we get going tonight and into tomorrow morning, the low clouds will be back as we start the day. and then as we get into the afternoon, we will be partly cloudy to mostly clear once again. temperatures tomorrow, upper 50s to low 60s. patchy drizzle along the coast.
4:48 pm
60 degrees san francisco. low 60s in oakland. upper 50s for the inner east bay. upper 50s, low 60s for the south bay. the north bay, a bit cooler mid to upper 50s around napa and santa rosa. afternoon highs quite nice. mild weather around the bay. 56 in pacifica. low to mid 70s for the east bay. not a lot of change going on for the coast or the bay, but you go inland and temperatures still falling off. 79s expected in fair field. the extended forecast not a lot of changes. we get into thursday. if you like tomorrow, you'll like thursday. friday still nice but temperatures start to rebound. by the weekend, mid to upper 80s in the forecast for inland communities. 70s around the bay, and 60s at the coast. >> enjoy it now. frank live in the news room with a look at some of the stories we are working on for
4:49 pm
5. >> the family of kate steinle filed a lawsuit against agencies they say are to blame for their daughter's death. we hear from the mother, the father, and kate's brother. you can tell they are both angry and heartbroken, especially what kate's dad says about what happens every night when he tries to go to sleep. >> you mentioned the sheriff's department. what's the story about the san francisco police department? >> a police officer is under investigation. he's been taken off patrol. what he's accused of doing and what's interesting is why a second officer is also being investigated for something he said during that investigation. >> we'll see you soon. one of the biggest names in silicon valley is expecting a baby. what surprised even marissa
4:50 pm
meyer about her pregnancy.
4:51 pm
how can i help my daughter with her reading? [beep] searching for help with dachshund breeding. no! let me try. sara's bright, but when she's reading, she has trouble sounding out words.
4:52 pm
there's a bit of a baby boom going on. >> gavin newsome's family posted one line simply saying they are expecting a baby boy this winter. >> he shared this photo a week ago. the family sharing bedtime stories. >> and today he posted the
4:53 pm
photo of his wife on their first day of school. >> four kids, big house, congratulations to the family. yahoo ceo announced today she is pregnant and she is pregnant with identical twins. on a posting on tumbler, she said she expected to deliver twin girls in december. they were surprised to find out they were having twins since there's no history of multiple births in their families. >> she will continue to work through the pregnancy. i am blessed to experience some of my most extraordinary and proudest personal moments being yahoo's ceo. both will require hard work and thoughtful priorityization. have you logged on to
4:54 pm
google today? their famous logo just got a makeover. i was just trying to get the answer. take a look here. the team created this creative animation to unveil a new logo design. it's also a new multi-colored g logo. >> the company says it's part of their goal to become more seemless in branding and look. the old logo was created for a computer desktop. now people search from tablets and phones. google retooled its logo just a couple of years ago. >> no matter what, you're going to log on and use it. i guess you just want to log on and see. let's talk about something going on at the vatican. pope francis says abortion is still a sin, but it's also an agonizing decision for women. the forgiveness he's offering
4:55 pm
during a holy year of mercy when we return.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
pope francis announced forgiveness for women who had an abortion during a year of mercy. till now women could be excommunicated. now the pope says a priest can grant forgiveness. >> in the statement today he
4:58 pm
underscored abortion was tragedy. it is a sin. equivalent to murder. but he also called it an agonizing decision for women and a ordeal for them and he told priests he should be compassionate and they should extend mercy towards women who come to seek forgiveness. >> the penalties remain but the change by the pope means women will have easier access to resolution. and priest can recommend penance. >> starting december 8, the year of mercy begins, the pop's attempt ohighlight his priority, this is the -- to highlight his priority, this is the church should be about compassion, granting forgiveness and everyone is a senor and catholics and others need to be reconciled and
4:59 pm
forgive each other. . >> forgiveness cannot be denied to those who repent. it starts december 8 and ends november 20, 2016. kate steinle's family was emotional, angry, they say no one is taking responsibility for the death of their daughter and they filed claims against the city and two federal agencies who left kate steinle dead at the hands of an illegal immigrant. ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> good evening. i am heather holmes. >> i am frank somerville. the story of kate steinle led to a nation debate. ktvu fox 2 news tara moriarty live from the city from city hall where the family announced their legal filing today. >> reporter: yeah. you know, it is emotional. especially as her brother said that his family was angry, frustrated, osted and trying to
5:00 pm
-- exhausted and trying to make sense of her death and to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else. >> reporter: they stood hand and hand, emotional but strong. >> we are here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure pain that my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis. because the system failed our sister. >> filing a claim against san francisco sheriff's department, the bureau of land management and the immigration and customs enforcement department. >> two months since the death of kate steinle there has been no change in the status quo. >> reporter: july 1, 32-year- old kate steinle was shot and killed on peer 14. >> she fell she said help me, dad. that


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