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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 24, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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police investigate video of a guy at the movies who -- >> appears to be snapping a picture up the woman's skirt. >> hear his shocking reply. >> are those videos you shoot up skirt for your youtube channel? new angles from a spectacular race car crash. >> it looks like a hollywood special effects. >> how the other driver's dash cam captured all the high speed drama. everybody's fighting everybody in a street brawl except one dude. >> he's like you guys go ahead and fight. i'm going to finish my lunch. >> why nothing is keeping him from enjoying his noodles.
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plus the buzzword for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and is this house haunted? >> ooh. those ghosts like to party on the chandeliers. >> see if you can see the clue casting doubt on a woman's claims. >> they should have edited that out. this video is all kinds of creepy. this guy recording the video noticed another man at this mall so he decides to start rolling. keep an eye on the guy with the blue and white striped shirt. >> is he up skirting? teaking pictures up the skirts? >> that is the claim. the guy recording this video said he saw this guy taking pictures up skirts. when the creeper saw him he started walking out of the mall. this guy keeps following and tries to confront him. >> how's it going? >> good. how you doing? >> good. this is for my youtube channel.
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>> oh, yeah? >> yeah. are those videos you shoot up skirt for your youtube channel? >> no? >> okay. >> this guy continuing recording and documents the car he's driving and the license plate. this all happened in ontario. he posted this video online to show people what's happening. >> if that's in fact what he was up to, super creepy and i'm glad this guy got video of him. i wish he would have reported it to security or police. >> ontario police are investigating the matter. but they want to speak to the man that recorded the video and the guy in the video first. as a triathlete he's putting quite a beating on his body. but it's a car that does it this time. >> dude, no. >> whoa. >> that wasn't like a glancing blow. he ram ld right into that guy. >> was it an accident or
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intentional? >> i believe it was an accident. you could see the car coming right at this person. cars have to remember we share the road with cyclists. there is no bike lane so they have to share. but that car didn't. you could see that car hit that man and then you could hear his groaning. >> oh, no. >> the next thing you see after you see all that footage, you see a gloved hand n. that is one of the paramedics to treat the person. >> what happened to the car? did they stop at least? >> they did stop. >> look what i found. can i turn it off? >> this is the car. that's where he hit the car. not just the fender but the top of that car got some damage and the side mirror. did you see that? >> ooh. >> he bit straight through his tongue. >> these are stitches he got on the back of his leg. this guy really took a beating from a accident. but he survived. now, this next accident really caused by somebody who should have waited just a little while
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longer. this video captured by a person on their cktm motorcycle, it's about a make a left hand turn and that's why this happened.
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>> everybody's fighting everybody. >> the fight just got real because the guy just tore his shirt. or was it torn off his chest? that's not what we're looking at. saying you guys have a fight, i'm going to finish my lunch. >> this person is nose deep in noodles. >> he has remained unmoved the entire fight. you've got ladies, you got men,
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you got law enforcement, you got kids. >> dude. and they're fighting inches from him. >> this is what you call dinner and a show. >> if this restaurant was smart, they would take this video and turn it into a commercial. our food is so good -- >> seriously, i want some of that food. >> right? >> it must be good. >> it's probably delicious. he hasn't even looked up. he's still eating. then he gets up, it's been real, y'all have a great day. >> i do want to know what they were fighting about, but i really want to know what he was eating. >> he knew the whole time that was going on, this is my opportunity. if i eat this all real quick, i'll just dine and dash, nobody will know. >> who are they going to call? the police? they're fighting.
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asking people of all ages to reveal the best advice they've ever gotten. >> and there are some classics. >> hear all their words of wisdom next. >> stay out of my way. >> you can tell he's had a bad experience, right? >> he got burned. and whipping up some mini corn dogs in the mini kitchen. >> this is actually working. >> it works. >> the astill want to dig into. try the delicious lunch double burger. then tap, swipe, and go. ♪ ♪ soil is the foundation... for healthy plants. just like gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair toothpaste. it helps remineralize enamel and fight plaque germs for healthier teeth and gums. strengthen the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ earlier in the week i showed you this video. a porsche gt-3 race getting just nudged and over he goes.
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like a trash can down a windy street. right? now the in-car camera videos from all the other cars in the field that were right behind this incident have been released. the fact that pedro survived basically with minor bruises, it's just awesome to watch. >> my gosh. it looks so different from this angle. >> the slow mo is really intriguing as you see his car way up in the air flipping over. it looks like a hollywood special effect from a blockbuster movie. >> what i can't get over is the car has flipped over. you don't know what kind of trajectory it's got. >> you don't know if you're going to go slamming into it or not. the slow mo is fascinating. the is the image inside the car. the guy who nudged him and rolled him over. that was high speed, high-dollar porsche racing. let's move over to $10,000 bounty. >> this is rock climbing and all the big have gone up this steep
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rocky ridge. it's now the turn of the much smaller polaris. >> now what? >> ut. s it in reverse and he's going to give it another shot. there's money at the top of this thing. >> just got to press on that gas and just go dukes of hazzard style. >> oh! >> down he comes. but i love this part right here. the guy started to say back up before it was finished rolling because he was like, i'm going again. >> i . if you need something to make you feel good during the day, you can always watch "right this minute" or you can go to soul pancake. they always have positive videos. this newest one i love. they're calling it zero to 100 advice meaning they ask people zero to 100 for advice. what was the best advice you got and here are classics. >> would you get a cheeseburger
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at a restaurant, make sure you say i want cheese and meat and a bun. >> and you can tell he's had a bad experience. >> right. >> he got burned. >> make friends with the chef. >> i don't think people realize how many opportunities they're given on a daily basis and to go after those things. >> you're not above any job. >> stay out of my way. >> most people said something positive. that guy was like stay out of my way. >> get comfortable being uncomfortable. >> let go or get dragged. >> keep moving. >> don't worry about it. there's no problem right now that's going to be that big in like a week, a month, a year. >> you're never going to spend your last day on earth wondering why you did something but why you didn't. >> cool. 100 years of advice in 2:45. >> but i think the last bit of advice is probably the one that i found to be the most true. >> as you probably already know
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is we give the best advice to other people as opposed to taking it for ourselves. >> what's the best advice you guys have gotten? >> don't sweat the small stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff. >> that's bad advice. >> that's really bad advice. >> we're not going to use that. so for all you ladies out there, let's say you og's in the toy game, you remember polly pocket? ♪ ♪ polly pocket >> well, this is the 2015 version, if you will. these mini corn dogs -- >> get out. >> are they really cooking that? >> yes. it's all made by a company called miniature space. and they make edible miniatures. >> so you can't buy the kitchen and just feel like a giant. this is actually working.
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>> it works. >> get out. this is a great way to go on a diet. >> exactly. portion control at its finest. i could eat 20 of those mini hot dogs and still not be -- >> you still might gain some pounds if you eat too many of them. >> but it'd take you so long to cook them, you'd get tired of eating to make them all. because you can only make one at a time. >> i can't decide which is better. the fact you get the mini corn dogs, but it's more of the process of watching it being done. even the little ketchup is adorable. >> you've got the mini chairs, the mini set. the refrigerator. they had me up to the ketchup. everyone knows mustard goes on a corn dog. this is a san francisco real estate sales video. >> you want to get into a house, you see corgis, you foond the paper. still to come, a slack liner and wing suit pilot team up for an epic stunt. see what happens when they go for a close call. >> this is amazing.
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it was worth it! saving you a bundle when you bundle -- now, that's progressive. my congestion's out of my way strong. allegra-d®. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d®. act dry mouth mouthwash can cause dry mouth. and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. if you want to bring a bit more epicness into your life, there can be few better places to go than epic tv bringing the epic as always. these guys start with some epic hiking up this epic mountain before they decide to do some epic slack lining. >> and that is an epic intro, ollie. >> but the thing is this is
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"right this minute." epic for us is bigger than a dude slack lining in italy. don't worry. as this guy falls you see there's a valley if you happen to be going that way. >> under the slack line? >> that's what this guy is going to do. you see from his view, it's like someone has taken a perfect cut out of the mountain. let's see how close we can get. >> no. >> i wonder if the slack liner could feel the breeze. >> the thing is you want to see how much closer they can get. i'm waiting for someone else to high five the guy on the line. >> remember how dangerous this could be. because that wing suit pilot could easily misjudge the distance or somehow make a mistake and run right into the guy slack lining. this amazing. >> you're right. the risks involved are huge. if he hit this guy, they're at like 100 miles an hour. >> i want to see how far they
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can push this. >> that's why guys get themselves into trouble all the time. coming up with crazy ideas like this. how can we make a wing suit stunt for dangerous? >> the thing is when you get it on video from all the angles like this guy, what is it? it's epic. i don't know what it is, but i do believe kids these days with getting sassier and sassier by the minute. check this little girl out. little lily. >> you should go night night. >> mom is trying to get her to go night night. time for your nap. she's like, no. >> i see sunlight. you're saying night nigh and there's daylight on. >> then put your socks on. we have to go. >> no. >> this is killing me. >> it's like, we can't really understand what she's saying. but we understand what she's saying. the body language. the hand signals.
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>> i have a feeling that lily won this argument. and if you thought lily was impressive, check out this little guy who is training his little buddies. >> you know, if you want to be muscle. >> this little guy in the blue and orange shorts is guiding, is motivating his buddies to work out. >> you have to work out. you have to build up. you have to go down and get strength. >> you can't do push-ups on your knees anymore, get on your feet. >> and that's the key element of a tlaner. they have to motivate you but also pretend like they're a little mad. >> no weakness. >> i'm going to go do some push-ups. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need the buzzword, be at least 18 years
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old and a legal u.s. resident. >> get over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal thursday's buzzword. it's water. >> so get on over to, click on the win ipad button, and enter thursday's buzzword. water. that's w-a-t-e-r. >> and one day later next week we'll have another bonus day where we give away a flat screen tv. so keep watching, tune in, and good luck. things get spooky in this place when a woman captures -- >> what she thinks are her new house guests. >> but see if the paranormal evidence measure
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and dumps it into the trash can. this guy, he's got it down. ♪
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so do you all believe in ghosts? >> not this guy. >> an irish woman who goes by the name of ashy mercy captured what she thinks are her new house guests. >> ooh. those ghosts like to party on the chandelier. >> they do. >> what would you do if you just saw this chandelier swinging? the pan flying across the kountser. then suddenly the cupboard opened. >> i would be freaking out running down the street screaming bloody murder. >> in this case -- >> i think the person on the other side of the room is pulling the thing with fishing line. >> so does she say this happens all the time? >> it's happened several times which is why she pulled out her camera. apparently she says if this continues she's going to move. >> the little red container, do i see a string attached to this? >> i think you see a string. >> what an investigator i am. i never would have guessed that. >> all right. fine you got me.
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some comments say they see a string. they call shenanigans. one of the videos shows her dog. and if this is real, the dog would be freaking out. >> does she have a fourth video of loch ness monster and bigfoot as well? >> no. if this happened in my house i would not be taping. we hope you had as much fun as we did today. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time on thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time on "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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a guy's car is attacked with a brick. >> hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. >> see the video that proves it. >> didn't compliment her outfit. >> we're not that easily offended. scientists catch an octopus in air form. >> i learned something today. >> how it creates its own quick sand cover. a skydiver makes a maneuver, but -- >> it was a little too late. >> why this landing is going to hurt. plus the buzzword for your shot to win a any ipad mini. and a prankster shows his bizarre modeling shots. the awkward


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