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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 5, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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patrol car. we'll give you a live report 2349 t area. is in danger of rusting
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because of what rainwater. previously, bridge officials expressed concern that rods at the base's tower could be corroded by water, but did chronicle obtained minutes back in july during which the lead designer said the danger of corrosion is a real concern and the -- needs to be protected. no word on how caltran plans to deal with this latest issue. >> a lot of problem. 4:01 is the timing. i want know what the whole week looks like in weather. >> sunny and warm. >> unless you're in southern california. are you going to southern california? then sunny and warm. >> should i? what's happening down there? >> they're seeing way more rain than we are. it's crazy. >> you notice that trend in >> yeah. >> we did have our system friday night, saturday. wind picked up. had a decent little thunderstorm.
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everything is towards the sierra. down on the desert and also southern california. not here. on the drier side. fiftys on most of the temperatures. a little chill in the morning air. there's a slight breeze for a few, not for all. there's really not much yet. things really kind of picked up saturday night and disappeared as far as that low goes all the way down to southern california and las vegas. if you have plans, they are dealing with off and run rain. sunshine. patchy fog. a little cool morning. chill in the morning. upper 70s to very low 80s. sixtys or 07s over by the water. 4:02. here is sal. q hello, steve. how are you? >> traffic is doing well. we're off to a good start. >> thank you, steve. right now, traffic is doing well. we're going to start at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the traffic is moving nicely. if you are driving into san
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francisco, there are no major delays. southbound 880, a little bit of roadwork. it's so light, though, the traffic that social security not -- it's not causing a big delay. 4:02. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. the town of roseberg, oregon is remembering the nine people gunned down on a college campus. umpbuoa commune -- umpquoa community college is opening it doors. >>reporter: just days after the school shooting at a campus, if community of roseburg is beginning heal. >> nobody is without pain today, so we're here gathered in what we
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do in church, but our heart is with everyone out there. >> students and staff will be able to return to campus monday to get their belongings and receive counseling. however, classes won't resume until the following week. >> law enforcement presence will be continue to be present on our campus to make sure that registered students and faculty and staff are here. >> the president of ucc saying she's grateful for the outpouring of support she's received from the community. >> they have given me personal encouragement. they have offered themselves so that i can call if i need help. >> reunited the gun control debate in the u.s. with presidential candidates weighing in on the issue on sunday. >> no matter what you do, guns, no guns, it doesn't matter. you have people who are mentally ill and they're going to come through the cracks and going to do things that people won't believe are possible. >> in many of the places around the country, they have violent crime rates. >>reporter: the gunman whose
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death has been ruled a suicide owned 14 guns. he had six on him at the same of the -- time of the shooting. kelly wright, fox news. well, here in the bay area, there was also a memorial and rally for the victims of the umqua college shooting. people gathered yesterday outside the congregational church in soon mato to honor the nine people killed in oregon. may place -- they placed roses and rang a bell for each of the victims. there is also hope, though, that their deaths might bring about change in gun control laws. >> don't forget we lose 89 people every single day to gun violence. these hats shootings only amply faye and people pay attention. we are in a crisis. >>reporter: now, expanding background checks to include gun shows, web sales, and private buyers may or may not have prevented the oregon gunman in acquiring
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a dozen weapons. but advocates say federal loopholes need to be closed. >> one of them, three men, who helped stop a terrorist attack is now prisoning the man who put his life on the line by confronting the gunman. >> i hope mercer doesn't get known, but i hope we get known for chris mentz, more or less. that is what the story needs to be about. and the shooter, frankly, who cares about him? >>reporter: the deadly shooting hits close to home for alek skarlatos. he is a student at the community college and could have very well been on campus the day of the shooting had he not put his studies on hold to compete in the show "dancing with the stars." happening today, students at summerville high school are headed back to class. after four students reportedly planned to carry out a mass shooting there last week. the plot was foiling foiled,
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but many parents are upset about how they were notified about the potential attack. most of them received a voice message on thursday of last week, but say they didn't know how serious the threat was. nowhere does it mention students intended to shoot and kill other students and faculty. several of them posted their concerns on social media. >> i got a text from my friend who was in washington asking me what is going on about this shooting plot. what shooting plot? if we can find some way to notify parents, just, you know, not to scare us, but just to let us know exactly what is going on. >>reporter: well, the school's superintendent says the voice message was left vague because the investigation was ongoing. he says he didn't want to give away too many details. three universities in philadelphia sent out alerts about a threat of violence on their campuses today. the university of pennsylvania, temple university and drexl university all sent out alerts
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to students. the university said the fwi -- tg arcbi warned them social media hented to some sort of violence at quote a university near philadelphia. the schools all plan to operate normally today, but they are urging students to report any suspicious activity. governor jerry brown is currently considering legislation that would ban people from carrying concealed handguns at colleges and schools in california. now, under california law, it is illegal to carry a gun within # thousand feet of a school or college campus, but there are exceptions for people cannen -- with concealed carry permits. the bill passed by lawmakers last month would expand the ban of guns on campus to include people with concealed carry permits. the governor has until october 11th to sign the bill. san francisco police aring looing for an attempted home invasion suspect. the intruder ran off after the victim turned the tables on him. police released this security video reported last month. -- monday.
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in is a home in the outer sunset near irving street. the suspect there in the gray hoodie started attacking the man in the garage. the victim fights back. the two start struggling. e haven'tly, the victim actually wrestled the gun away from the suspect out on the sidewalk. the suspect then runs away. police say the gun did not have any bullets. now, we want to show you a closer look at the suspect here. the man in the gray hoodie. if you have any information, you're asked to call san francisco police. oakland police are investigating a car crash that could have been tragic. shortly before 9:00 last night, an suv slammed on a house near market street. the suv slammed into one house mending up in the living room. fortunately, no one was in that room and police say no one was hurt. a neighbor said she didn't see the crash, but she heard something bounce on her roof and then ran outside. >> a piece of the debris flew over the fence and struck my house. that is how i hurt it.
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i thought it was an earthquake at first. i wasn't sure what it was. and i knew it was a car accident and i could look out the window and see the guiser-like water coming up from the fire hydrant. neighbors say this is at least the third time there's been a car crash at that corner, and they blame drivers going too fast on a winding section of market street. the search continues this morning for a sales force employee still missing after a boating accident on friday. thirty-one-year-old was one of eight people on a light aluminum fishing boat. they were being ferried back from a team- building workshop when the boat started to sink. authorities say the boat was designed to carry four to eight people and that no one was wearing a lifevest. work will restart again today on an oakland mural where an artist was shot and killed last week. the 27-year-old artist, antonio ramos got into an argument with a man who later pulled out a gun and fatally shot him.
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police are still looking for his killer. the mural on the 580 overpass is meant to promote peace and bring vie brandy to the neighborhood. the nonprofit organization that ramos worked for is asking community members to come out to the mural while the work is taking place to help make the artist feel safe. >> the blue angels are now in town for the 35th annual fleet week which kicks off today in san francisco. the elite flying squadron flew into the oakland airport last night. they have a practice set for thursday, and then three days of air shows this friday, saturday, and sunday. the week-long events combines a traditional air show and parade of shifts along with critical disaster response training between military and civilian trainers. >> lots of memories with the blue angels. love that. time now 4:11. coming up, big changes coming to a program to help prevent people from urinating on public walls in san francisco. in just 20 minutes, what the city will soon do to expand it.
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>> but first, the historic amount of rainfall leads to deadly flooding in south carolina. we're going to have a live report from marl son where the latest on the rescue efforts now underway.
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coast guard continues to search for the ship. it started to tip during the hurricane. a crew of 33 people onboard. now, the ship's owner said it carried two lifeboats that could hold 434 people each. so far, the only confirmed trace of the ship, though, is a life preserver ring a. degree, including cargo containers has been found. but not certain if any of that came from the el, ifarro. rain continues to fall in south carolina as record flooding has killed several people in the state and left hundreds of homes and businesses under water. >> and south carolina this
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morning while rescue operations are standing underway. and rescue operations are going on from charleston, to columbia. and this is actually a sidewalk in downtown charleston. you can take a couple of steps over here. and this is one of the residential streets. it gets a little bit deeper. we're getting reports of at least five deaths in the state of south carolina as it is experiencing its worst flooding in its history. >> if for any reason, you're in your car, and you're driving and you see water, turn around, don't drown. that is the one thing they always say. it doesn't matter. barning residents about the severity of what is being called a thousand year rainfall. >> this is an unprecedented event. >> one of the hardest-hit
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areas is the state capital, columbia, pummeled with about a foot of rain over the weekend. the flood watering flooding hundreds of homes and businesses. >> it was all over the house. >> in everything. >> the toilet backing up in the in the house. >> were also deployed to help with recovery efforts while specially-trained firefighters are moving throughout hard-hit areas to assist with evacuations and water rescues. >> overnight, we took someone of 30 pete people. assisted 30 residents to the shelter. >> with the rain expected to continue into tuesday, officials are now enforcing overnight curfews in certain parts of the state. >> so please follow that. stay safe. stay at home so we don't have to create a call. >> and that, gentlemen, right there, dealing with one of the hazards of driving not flood waters. the car just stalled out and getting a little bit of help from what appears to be a
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national guardsman. when you hit this water, the car will stall out. president obama has already declared a federal state of emergency. some neighbors here are just waking up today. they have their coffee in hand heading out. it is not a fun commute today. a lot of businesses are closed as well as scott schools in the area. >> i can't imagine heading out to a normal day. thank you so much for that live report in collar son, south carolina. a lot of rain out there. 4:18. we want to get you out the door and keep an eye on traffic. sal is doing that. how are you doing? >>reporter: good morning. doing well. pam? we're off to a good start. i know it's monday. it's hard to get out there, but if you do have to get out there, we're going -- you're going to like what you see. we're going to start in the east bay. highway 4 does look good. and no major problems driving over to concord. 680 looks good.
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highway 24 is also looking good. if you are driving over to the tunnel from walnut creek to oakland, it is a nice-looking driver. we continue to look at the bay bridge teleplay z so. it is light. if you do need to go this early right now, you don't have a lot of obstacles. 4:18. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> we don't have very many weather obstacles, at least not here. southern california does. as you just saw in the carolinas, it looks like a very quiet week for us. under mostly clear skies. patchy fog, chilly lows. the fog might increase a little bit here. overall, sunny and warmer weather and no rain expected this beak. as we talked about, joqoqu -- a lot of feeder bands and moisture the continue to stream in. it looks like the line is lifted a little bit. very slowly. some of the rain totals as you just saw and heard are just incredible. 22 inches
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of rain. twenty-four to 25. i mean just unbelievable. and it does look like that line is slowly heading out. charleston, south carolina. ten and three quarters to approximate 13 inches of lain. just amazing amounts. for us, we had that system that dropped down. it's now in southern california. fiftys and 60s left blind. there will be a few 40s. can't find any yet. fifty-three. bodega bay at 58. fifty-five. windsor. might be a little breeze for some. thirty-six. fiftys and 60s for many. southern california deal being that low down there. it's slowly heading its way towards las vegas and phoenix. it won't be today. continues to bring in some rain for southern california but the low will kick out as it usually does. patchy fog for us. mostly sunny. there might be a few high clouds. overall, dry forecast. sunny and nice. cooler this morning. fiftys. but a cool morning and a little bodily harmer on the afternoon
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temperatures. sixtys. seven 0ás. very low 80s. it looks like a quiet pattern. not much brewing until main the weekend. in will be some patchy fog. the trend is the warm temperatures up. we're getting long in the tooth on the days here. the nights are much, much longer. so it does cool off. >> i'm looking, but not right now. >> we'll be keep asking. >> thank you, steve. it's 4:21. drama continues. the newest name to enter the race to fill the speaker of the house position. >> but first, a small dog takes on a big threat. how this pintsize pup would be able to scare off two bears.
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a small french bulldog has become an internet sensation after she was caught on surveillance video fearlessly chasing away two bear cubs in southern california. five-year-old jewels sprang into action on friday when the two bears jumped over a gate and into her backyard in monrovia. jewel sprinted down the stairs lunging toward one of them and then seconds later, both bears ran away. i don't even know where all that came from. she's just 20 pounds of fury. and she's 20 pounds of heart.
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>> where was the mama bear, by the way. jewel's owner said he said the -- set the surveillance cameras after bears began damaging his property. wildlife officials say the bears are probably just looking for water and food during the drought. >> that is aphisty little dog. >> yes, it is. the founder will open doors to the new bakery chain. it will open at la boulangerie in san francisco. the first store is opening with plans to open six more locations in former l -- la boulange. starbuck acequiad it in 2012 to boost food offerings and unexpectly closed the chain last month. the new bakery will be more rustic with more baked goods made with fresh fruit. nasa asking the u.s. navy for help as it prepares to send people to mars. the space agency wants to use the lab to learn how teams cope with stress to being -- from being isolated in confined spaces for
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long periods of time. for five years, the navy lab has been researching how to help submarine crews work better together. they believe it can help during months of space travel to mars. nava opens its experiment will start shortly after the first of year. a napa farmer won $12,000 for his giant labor of love at the annual pumpkin weigh-off in elk grove over the weekend. this is individual you from the elk grove pumpkin festival's facebook page. the giant pumpkin was nicknamed the flying saucer, as you can see, because of its kind of awkward shape there. about 50 pumpkins were entered in the weigh-in. the sacramento reports that is about half as many than previous years largely again because of the drought. >> oh, the pumpkins are not going to be as big. >> no. 4:26 is the time. the nba champion golden state warrior back in action today.
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-- tonight. the special treat for fans as the team heads for one game. >> a san francisco police officer in the hospital after getting pinned by a car responding to a call. the latest on the investigation coming up. >> good morning approximate. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be busy if you are driving in san francisco. northbound 101. that commute is not bad getting up to the 80 split. >> well, a pretty good lightening show for us over the weekend. that system has since gone south. any more in the forecast. we'll have youer your forecast coming up to see what's in store. mi'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide.
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this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california. ed
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining
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us. we are following breaking news. a san francisco officer in the hospital after responding to a burglary. live at the scene, with information. >>reporter: that's right. you can see the street is shut off here blind us, but there are still police officers here. they have their flashlights out. they are gathering evidence. we saw some of them taking some measurements a short time ago. the good news is that police believe all the people involved in this incident have in custody. there shouldn't be a threat to the public anymore. a san francisco police officer responded to a call about an auto burglary. shortly after he arrived, one of the burglars tried to run the officer over pinning him up against his patrol car. hitting another police patrol car and police were able to stop and arrest the suspect. now, two other people at the scene were detained in connection with that incident. police are not looking for anyone else involved in this. paramedics rushed the injured off to san frano


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