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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 6, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. a homicide investigation is under way along a popular marin county hiking trail just west of fairfax after a person was found shot to death here last night. we'll tell you how this victim was discovered and the evidence investigators have to go on. >> more allegations of inmates being beaten. this time at the sonoma county jail. the claims of brutality by almost two dozen inmates now at the center of federal lawsuits. >> plus a driver pulled to safety in south carolina but some others were not so lucky. the growing death toll from that historic flooding in south carolina and why the worst is still not over. all ahead on mornings on 2.
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how is the does the weather look steve? >> about the same as yesterday. >> about the same as yesterday. >> great. >> over all mostly clear. fog again. seems to be near sima run and sonoma. that allows the over night lows to be a little bit warmer here especially near the coast and san francisco at 61 we will go to 73. same for oakland. 61 on that water temp. yesterday was 59. the low was 59. this morning at 61. low clouds and fog will give way to sunshine. our low is finally moving. more rain for arizona. much of the four corners out of california, southern california. 52 napa yet we have 60s.
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livermore is in there. half-moon bay 62. there is not much of a breeze. still holding at 10. there will be an on shore component. a lot of high clouds to the north. it looks like high pressure to me. subny and nice, mild to warm. temperatures near average for inland areas. a little bit above around the bay. all right 7:02. usual slow traffic. has anything developed? it's getting slower steve. for the most part it's a bunch of slow traffic. we will start off with a look at the east bay commute and the traffic will be busy at the bay bridge toll plaza as it normally is for about a 15-20 minute delay. nothing that is going to shock you or anything but it's certainly not going to be easy getting through that commute. also looking at the commute on interstate 92 excuse me on highway 92 near interstate 880. so 92 away from 880 is going to be slow and interstate 880 nearby i have a map of the area
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for you is slow because of an earlier accident at tennison. dumbarton bridge and san mateo bridge delays are just moderate. 7:02 let's go back to the desk. now to new development this is a suspicious death on a hiking trail in marin county. we have just confirmed the person who's body was found last night was shot. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge is live with more on this new development. alex. >> reporter: gasia, good morning to you. a startling discovery along this popular hiking trail just west overfar-- just west of fairfax. this was called old railroad grade fire road. this is right off of sir francis drake boulevard. as you can see this morning the trail is shut down as deputies continue to search for evidence here and they are waiting for the sun to come up so they can really comb through this area and look for any clues. a hiker came across this victim
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at 6:00 last night. a sheriffs lieutenant won't tell us if the victim was a man or a woman but investigators do confirm the person had been shot to death. authorities also say that a dog was found here at this scene. that animal was turned over to the marin humane society. we do not know the dogs condition or if it belonged to the victim. be deputies say they talked to a few witnesses last night. they are looking for more people to come forward with any information that might help out investigators. no one has been arrested at this point in connection with this killing and the situation here they have guarded the scene over night and they are waiting for the sun to come up which it is beginning to do and then investigators will comb through this area, search for any clues and try to figure out who shot this person to death along this popular trail. >> certainly part of the concern while it's a popular trail, it is not a scene of
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violence. it is very peaceful, calming area. >> reporter: absolutely not. there were a few hikers. they walked up here and saw this crime scene tape blocking their favorite trail that they hike every morning. they were startled and stunned to say the least. they were in disbelief about what they heard took place here along this trail. this is not something you hear about. very, very unusual here. investigators they blocked this entire area off. the trail will be shut down for most of the day. they are asking anybody who normally comes up in this area to stay away for the time being. to the east bay where oakland police are asking for the publics help. police have released this photo. it is of a man of a person of interest. they describe him as thin, african american with a dark
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complex and complexion and probably in his 20s. ramos was painting a mural that was designed by middle school students when he was gunned down. police vin creased patrols in the -- police have increased patrols in the area. students who designed the art work hoped it would bring a message of peace and good will. >> if you keep making rules, we might have a chance to make it back as a thriving community. >> the mural is part of a project called oakland super heros. students will send cards to the artist this week to thank them for finishing the mural. time is 7:06. more allegations of abuse at a bay area jail and this time in sonoma county. ktvu fox 2 reporter allie rasmus is in the newsroom. allie. >> reporter: one of the attorneys for the inmates called it a quote deliberate and systematic beating.
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the victims according to the suit 21 different inmates at the sonoma county jail. >> we have 21 letters from 21 different inmates. >> reporter: those inmates accuse guards at the jail of subjecting them to a five hour beating spree back in may. the incident began with guards angry at one of the inmates for arguing with them. the guards are accused of beating, stripping, and humiliating that inmate. when other inmates heard the cries for help and objected, the guards turned their focus on everyone else. the attorneys say the inmates were beaten and tortured one by one and he does not believe this is an isolated incident. >> we do know there is a climate of violence and a climate of abuses and authority within that facility that is condoned if not ratified by the jail staff. and that goes all the way up to
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sheriff roe vas. >> reporter: they did send out a statement saying deputies were responding to a coordinated mass. now the sheriffs office goes on to say there is quote absolutely no basis to allegations of torture or sadistic actions. the attorney for the inmate says there is video that exists of these alleged beatings and that video will support their legal claim but so far jail officials have not turned that video over to them. dave. >> allie rasmus, hank. and now to the latest on the devastating floridaing in south carolina. we have drone video here that shows some of the damage left behind in downtown charleston and surrounding areas. at least 12 people have died in two states including a number of people who were trapped in their cars by rising waters. more flooding is expected in south carolina as the rain swollen rivers rise. >> yeah he just made a mistake.
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there he goes. >> this video shows you how quickly the driver gets in trouble. you can see the truck drifted away out of control before hitting a tree. the good news here is this. a good sal mare tan and res -- samaritan and rescue crews broke the window to get the driver to safety. one of hundreds of rescues happening during the height of the flooding. governor jerry brown signed a bill to require law enforcement agencies to publicly report the race, ethnicity, age, and gender of any person stopped by police officers. now yesterday members of the youth justice coalition gathered at the state capitol to thank the governor for signing the racial and identity profiling act. civil rights activists call it a big step toward protecting minorities from racial
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profiling. however many law enforcement organizations are against the bill. they say it's reporting requirements will be a burden top police officers and very expensive to taxpayers. some of the bigger police departments they will start reporting that information in 2019. the smaller departments they will begin in 2023. the publishing company mcgraw hill says it will make changes to a geography textbook that referred to slaves from africa as workers who immigrated to the united states. a freshman in the houston, texas area was assigned the textbook and it refers to the slave trade bringing quote millions of workers from africa to the southern united states to work on agricultural plantations. the student showed that paragraph to his mother who happened to be a professor. she is outraged about how the textbook down plays the brutal realities of slavery.
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>> they worked for their lives, literally. boy did they work. the fact they mention the slave trade in the complex of patterns in the book that is also problematic because immigration is a choice. >> a video she posted on facebook attracted national attention. mcgraw hill the publishing company says it agrees. the caption did not convey that africans were taken to the u.s. to work against their will and the company will change that text in future editions. so many of us think we are doing the right thing to bring a coffee mug to work, well it turns out we might not be doing the right thing because it turns out no more plates and silverware. the real thing is not allowed in fort bragg. a bay area college student
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arrested. >> the morning commute doesn't look bad as if few yo driving in trans. 101 traffic is not all that bad but southbound 101 a little slow. >> expect for a little bit of low clouds or fog. it looks like another nice day but what about the rest of the week? cooling down or warming up?
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening right now the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is facing some tough questions in washington about american troops. we are there live in washington. general john campbell is testifying. originally this hearing was expected. there is the general right
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there. the hearing was supposed to center on how many troops should stay in afghanistan after 2016. it is still a major topic of discussion. but the general's testimony comes just three days after a deadly air strike on a medical clinic in don deuce. he says it's up to the u.s. military to do their own verification before they carry out air strike. snowen was a contractor worker who leaked details of -- he faces 30 years in prison if he returns to the u.s.. in an interview with the bbc,
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snowden said he is waiting for u.s. officials to give him a formal plea deal but so far they have not called him back. a former san francisco police officer due in court to be arraigned on felony embezzlement and grand theft charges. he is accused of stealing $16,000 in dues from a gay police officers union. he took the money while he was the organization's treasure. now evans resigned from the department last year when these allegations surfaced. he was arrested last week in texas. that is where he's been living. dining out may not be as fancy at restaurants in one northern california town because of a drought. new water emergency rules in fort bragg are forcing restaurant there is to use disposable plates, silverware, and plastic cups. the city is under a stage three water emergency. residents and businesses have to cut their water use by 30%.
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that includes not using water on lawns, taking long showers or washing cars. and a lot of us in our newsroom we were confused because we thought we were doing the right thing by bringing in our own bowls and class ware. reusing them and washing them. because i think with this, this goes in the garbage or the compost if you are really good. this usually just goes in the trash because it looks like it's a water over garbage fight which one is better? >> i don't know. >> sal do you do the reusable mug guy? >> i just think that it's better for a variety of reasons. plus i don't like the paper cups as i like the sir-- sir ceramic. the traffic is substantial. you will see a lot of slowing. let's go to highway 101 in san francisco.
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we had a noninjury crash near caesar chavez. that is the good news. the bad news is it was there for a bit and traffic will be slow leaving san francisco on southbound 101. you might want to think about using 280 instead. be southbound 101 caesar chavez noninjury crash or if there were injuries very minor injuries. i just spilled my cup. there was nothing in it. there is our friend boris the spider. westbound bay bridge that is backed up out to the maccarthur maze. it's a 25 minute delay. i also want to mention the nimitz freeway southbound 880 as you drive past 238 it will be slow all the way down to fremont but it's getting a little better. we had a couple accidents that have been cleared and that made a little bit of an improvement. let's go to steve in today's weather. >> did i see two spider there is or just one? >> mow they are -- now they are
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gone. >> all right. they are camera shy. thank you, sal. we have mostly clear skies. a lot of low clouds to the north bay but that will burn off. temperatures near average inland. a little bit above around the bay. water temps have come up so that has a lot to do with it. 61 to start. 68 at noon. we will go 73 on the high side today. for san francisco 73 and 61. average is 7054. there in lies the rub if you will. the water temps go up and the lows are hard pressed to get below 60. 94 in 1992. 48 way back in 1908. oakland also starting off on the mild to warm side at 61. we will go 71 for a high today. and san jose mostly clear this morning. 78 today that is is the forecast. that is exactly where they should be this time of year but again the low 64. the normal is 51.
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the record high 95 in 1987. yesterday san francisco buoy 59. today is 61. that makes a difference. bodega bay holding steady at 59. they were 5 yesterday -- they were 57 yesterday. saturday night about midnight is now pushed off away from l.a. and san diego moving almost out towards arizona. it looks like it's on its way now throughout much of the four corners. 50s and 60s for us. 59 santa rosa. 62 half-moon bay. 58 san jose. 58 brentwood. 50s and 60s for some. 54 seems rather popular. lafayette 56. alamo a little cooler. west, southwest at 10 or 5. not much of a breeze but i think it will pick up a little later. 30 truckee. 49 up in reno.
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57 ukiah. the low leaving behind some cooler air in southern california but look at the rain developing salt lake city wrapping back into northeast nevada and higher clouds up and over because the ridge of high pressure is building in. that will allow inland temps to warm up. morning to sunny and nice. a little breeze kicking up now and then. 60s and 70s. mainly 70s around the bay. upper 70s and low 80s. pittsburg 81. 80 for livermore. 75 oakland. alameda at 73 degrees. 82 morgan hill and gilroy. cupertino at 79. 60s and 70s in the city south san francisco, peninsula mainly upper 70s to low 80s. a little warmer as we go into thursday and friday and a slight cool down on the weekend. >> so a good day for certain people to go for a run. >> the slowest jog ever. it is interesting because i went at 2:00 yesterday afternoon and it's warm at 2:00. >> it's muggy. it is muggy. >> now is is the time to go.
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>> you just go ahead. time is 7:21. still ahead they certainly look real. more and more of these official looking street signs seem to be going up around san francisco. the artist behind this campaign reveals who he is. >> first we will talk about one of the most popular breakfast cereals around. we'll tell you what we need to know about a major recall involving cheerios.
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time is 7:24. president obama is is going to roseburg, oregon on friday. he will meet privately with the families of the shooting victims at umpqua community college. the 26-year-old gunman who killed nine people at that school was angry he didn't have a girlfriend. christopher harper mercer thought other people were crazy and he was the sane one. they learned this from writings he left at the shooting scene. his mother told them he was struggling with mental health issues. governor jerry brown talking about the controversial decision to sign california's new right to die law. he says he seriously looked at both sides of issue before signing the end of life option act. it allows terminally ill patients to legally end their lives using drugs prescribed by a doctor. the governor says in the end he was left to reflect on what he would want in the face of his
7:26 am
own death. now this bill wassish spired by a bay area woman named brittany menard. she suffered a brain tumor. she moved to oregon to avoid a painful death. a popular cereal is being recalled. general mills is voluntarily pulling some boxes of cheerios and honey nut cheerios from store shelves. they were labeled gluten free but wheat flour was introduced into its oat flour system. people with gluten intolerance should avoid eating the cereal. the recall effects cheerios products made at the lodie tail in july. at we have posted details on what you should look for on your cheerios box. you will find the information in the trending section of our home page. if you do not have wheat sensitivity, the cheerios are fine for you to eat. pocket dialing becoming a big challenge for 911
7:27 am
dispatchers. the research showing accidental cars are straining the 911 system. >> and we're also live in san francisco as well where if you block the red dedicated lanes for hewn know buses you will be -- for muni buses you will be caught on camera and the fine coming your way. >> we're looking at a lot of slow traffic although it's good to say there has been some improvement in some areas. this is a look at the richmond bridge approach. it's slow as you drive on 580 and through richmond. >> pretty quiet weather pattern. it looks like a nice day. temperatures continuing to warm up a little bit or cool off. we'll have your tuesday temps. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ ♪ let us share what we see ♪ ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ ♪ let us share what we see ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are live in san francisco at 7:30 this morning. you may have been seeing these red lanes around town. they are designated for muni buses but if you're in a car and blocking those lanes you may get caught by a camera and face a big fine. in a few minutes we will bring in brian flores and help us explain this new law. it's a good morning for all of us that drive in the city. it's tuesday, october 6th i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. we are going to check your weather and traffic.
7:31 am
i just ran out and checked the weather for steve. steve has me on the clock. i have to check the weather. >> how are we doing? >> it's a mixture of little gray clouds but the sun will come up. >> it will be be a nice day. >> we have a little bit of fog there. thank you, sir. gasia also we do have temperatures that look to be running a little warmer around the bay. inland temps are around where they should be. kind of a push on the temps. i don't think they will change too much until tomorrow then we will warm up a little bit. low clouds. 50s and 60s. most locations are running a little warmer expect for sfo compared to 24 hours ago. anywhere from 1-7. fairfield 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. power house little low move into the four corners. extensive high clouds but they are moving up toward portland and seattle, not here. sunny and nice. cool to mild to warm. upper 70s and low 80s and lots
7:32 am
of 70s by the waters edge. all righty sal 7:31 how are we doing? we are okay. we did have that problem on highway 101. we had a couple different crashes. they were noninjury crashes but the crash itself has left 101 a little bit slow and chp has done a good job getting them out of the way. support vehicles have been moved over to san bruno avenue but it did its damage. southbound 101 traffic will be slower than you would like. so you might want to use 280 instead to get out of the city or give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes what would normally take you 158 minutes to leave the city it might take you 20- 25. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for a 25-30 minute delay. i want to mention the traffic is going to be slow this morning on 880. right at 238 which is not unusual. all the way down into fremont, dumbarton bridge is slow and so is the san mateo bridge but
7:33 am
those are all normal slow downs. as we take a look at 580 in livermore the main traffic will be slow. it gets better in dublin. 680 slows from pleasanton down to the sunol grade. let's go back to the desk. the four women who use social media to arrange dates in the east bay they ended up as crime victims. janine de la vega is joining us live. you're at fremont police headquarters. investigators you say are looking for other victims janine. >> reporter: they are, dave. fremont police say the suspect would meet his dates on social media. and then when he would meet them he would drug them and lose unconsciousness and then the sexual assault would take place. so far police have identified four women as victims but they think there are more out there. here is is a picture of 20-year- old kwangmin jin who is from san ramon. they say he used the aliases
7:34 am
kevin park, kevin jin, kevin lee and jeremy lee on social medial sites. sometime between may and august investigators say jin contacted women through tinder, scout, and facebook. used basically social media websites to connect with women and then when he met them in the cases that we're investigating he used an alcoholic beverage and put a sedative in there. the women may not have a clear recollection of what occurred. >> reporter: police say two of the sexual assaults occurred in fremont. the others happened elsewhere but do have a fremont connection. detectives say they have evidence that suggests there are more victims in the bay area as you heard it is possible those women methought remember everything that happened. so that is why police would like to speak with anyone who may have had contact with jin or one of his aliases through social media to help them with
7:35 am
their investigation. dave. >> janine de la vega in fremont, thank you. time is 7:34. new details about the body of a canadian woman found over the weekend during the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. the san francisco examiner says the victim was 23-year-old audrey kerry. her body was found by a passer by near jfk drive. right near the golf course. she had serious head injuries. they are call her death a -- they are calling her death a homicide. miss kerry was backpacking across the west coast. she was in san francisco for the final week of her trip. so far police have no suspects. meantime in oakland police are still searching for the person who shot and killed a popular ice cream vendor in broad daylight. 45-year-old sing was shot saturday afternoon on peach street near 94th avenue. it happened about 4:30. police have not identified suspects yet. the bay area news group says it
7:36 am
was the 74th homicide in oakland this year. that is 15 more than at the same time last year. a warning for drivers in san francisco. if you block a muni bus, you could be caught on camera and ticketed. ktvu fox 2 brian flores is in san francisco where governor brown's signature has made a pilot program a permanent addition to muni. >> reporter: this had been a pilot program since 2008 and only enforce when drivers would stop and block these dedicated red lanes. see a muni bus coming from behind me. the new laws signed by governor brown on sunday would also ticket drivers for blocking crosswalks or intersections. all muni buses are equipped with front facing video cameras. what these cameras would do is is snap pictures of the license plate of drivers that would block the dedicated lanes for muni buses or taxis. this allows for enforcement of drivers illegally stopped or
7:37 am
blocking crosswalks. once you are caught on camera or video, a ticket is sent to you by mail. now the reason for this according to the bills author is to essentially make muni more efficient and safer. since the problem started they say there is a reduction in transit delays. many times before this law was passed hewn know drivers would have -- muni drivers would have to unsafely maneuver among cars that were parked. the ticket is going to cost you $110. >> have you had a chance to ask any drivers or muni riders about this? >> reporter: not yet. >> it looks like we lost brian's signal. >> we'll catch up with him in a little bit. time is 7:37. dispatchers have a difficult and challenging problem to deal
7:38 am
with. more people accidentally dial 911. and that makes up a big part of calls in san francisco. the calls are often made when the smart phone is in your pocket or a purse. researchers recently shadowed the dispatchers you see here. found that 30% of wireless calls that were received it was an accident. dispatchers who hear an open line and they don't know whether the call is a mistake or a real call. they've got to follow up to see if it is a legitimate call for help. 7:38 now. learning more about the artist that created those fake street signs. ivan cash put up the no text zone signs throughout the city. he has launched a website selling the signs for $100 each to help with expenses. he tells the guardian newspapers the sign is to start a dialogue about the role of technology and the amount of time people spend on their
7:39 am
phones. cash says he doesn't want to be seen as antitechnology, he just wants people to consider the impact mobile devices have on our lives. for people that use the website reddit -- what the new website up loaded is all about. a scandal is brewing over fantasy sports. >> and we're still looking at a tough morning commute. we've had a couple issues. 280 northbound you can see there is slow traffic and it looks like there is a paramedic vehicle on the freeway heading up to what could be a problem just up the road. >> no problems with the weather it looks pretty nice here. no rain in sight. we'll talk about the temps for this week.
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my name is marcus jenkins. i'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing
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reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
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president obama has ordered federal aid for the areas hardest hit by historic flooding in south carolina. at least 11 people have died and the damage is estimated to be at more than $1 billion after a solid week of rainfall. the rain is mostly come to an end for now but reporter joel walden live in charleston and a lot of areas are still very wet. flooded even. >> reporter: that is exactly right. and you are bringing us some good luck because all of a sudden out of nowhere the sun we have not felt it since we have been here. today forecasts are actually for about 75 degrees and sunny skies but it's been over cast and as you eluded to flood waters remain. look at this car. this one is stuck here. dry on the inside but the engine got over run with water.
7:43 am
five more cars over here and although the weather appears to be clearing up, we are far from being out of danger. >> this is completely unexpected. not anything we would have ever felt happen. >> reporter: residents across south carolina are picking up the pieces after flood waters forced them from their homes. some parts of the palm meadow state receiving two feet of rain since last thursday. >> it is nothing to worry about. >> reporter: the flooding has caused serious problems for the states infrastructure with bridges collapsing and hundreds of roads still under water. >> we are looking at 550 roads and bridges that are closed. you are probably going to see some roads closed. >> reporter: crews are also worried about a series of dams that are breaking near columbia. >> it was frantic. it was crazy. you just do what you have to do. >> a very stubborn old lady
7:44 am
would not leave. so we had to pick her up and carry her out. >> reporter: to provide food and supplies to those in need. >> the group that brings in the food to take care of all the people we have nurses on stand by. >> we'll be happy to make them their plate and send it out. >> reporter: back out to a live look here in the city of north charleston. this is a home where the resident had to be evacuated into shelters around the city of northerly charleston and charleston proper. they are saying 40,000 people are still without power and drinking water. we're also getting unconfirmed reports that up to about 100 people are trapped in their homes in the high country outside columbia, south carolina which is where this road i-26 leads to. but as you can see gasia right now the ramp is shut down and it's impassable. >> joel, thank you. time is 7:44.
7:45 am
a scandal is brewing in the world of fantasy sports where people bet on real players but the teams are made up. pam cook is in our studio with a look at what is being compared to insider trading. >> the two big players in the fantasy sports gambling business draft kings and fan dual some of their employees are being called out for not playing fair. draft kings and fan dual have acknowledged some employees have won big jackpots by betting on each others website. one person won a $350,000 website. since employees have draft kick offers real money rather than the traditional fantasy football game where is you
7:46 am
draft one team and that is your team for the entire season. with daily fantasy you can enter new contests and draft fresh teams each week. both draft kings and fan dual have banned employees from playing fantasy games for money until a details industry policy is established. i kind of compared it to the parents say i didn't say you could go to the party. it is still slow gasia. we don't have a lot of major accidents which is good. sometimes we have things that will really effect everyone. today seems like the normal traffic on hay 24 as you take a live look.
7:47 am
traffic is also going to be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. 25-30 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge itself. [ technical difficulties ] along most of the coast we are holding court early this morning. it was kind of patchy san mateo and santa cruz but now it looks like it has filled in there making a little push over the bay. morning fog. cool lows. sunny and nice. high clouds expected in the extended outlook but no rain. not yet. and believe me i'm looking. 10-15 days out. maybe we will keep an eye to
7:48 am
the south. it would make sense but nothing the next couple of days. 61 in san francisco this morning. the lows much warmer. 68. 73 for a high today. very close to yesterday. 73-61 so above on both. 1908 on this date it was 48 in san francisco and in 1992 it was 94 for a record high. oakland also starting off on the mild to warm side. 61. we will go 75 for a high after patchy low clouds and san jose under clear skies at least mostly clear. 78 forecasted high. that is exactly where you should be for this date. but again the low is 61. what is normal? 54. 1893 on this date it was a brisk 37 and in 1987 it was 95 for the the record high. water temps came up about two degrees for most. bodega bay and san francisco buoy were 51 and 69. plenty of low clouds and fog.
7:49 am
they were dancing around missing the san mateo, santa cruz coast. and also up to the north bay it looks like sonoma county has a little bit of fog. few high clouds and here we go again. the low is moving out of southern california so it's done l.a. and san diego on the rain. and it looks like even south now las vegas but picking up again from phoenix to flagstaff and back into the four corners arizona all the way to new mexico and colorado looking for rain and thunderstorms. 50s and 60s for us. temperatures haven't moved much all morning long. some are on the cool side. alamo 52 degrees. lafayette 56 and danville at 54. a good swath of high clouds. and this could be a big weather maker as it starts to get out of the four corners. there will be pretty good rain in texas. morning fog sunny and nice. cool to mild to warm. but most locations are running near average to slightly above. so 60s and 70s and a few upper
7:50 am
70s to low 80s. vacaville and clearlake in there at 83. walnut creek 78 and 75. 60s and 70s coast and in the city and 70s mainly on the peninsula. upper 70s to a few soft 80s as we say. no record highs. >> no hundreds. >> no hundreds. won't see that. thank goodness. we had enough of those. time is 7:50. there is annapolis for all kinds of things -- there is apps for all kinds of things but now there is a way to take the awkwardness out of asking for money. >> it's all about the blue angels in the bay area this
7:51 am
week but there are new restrictions being put in place as fleet week's most anticipated attractions take to the the sky.
7:52 am
7:53 am
welcome back to mornings on 2 time is 7:53. making something positive out of a horrible tragedy. that is the reason the santal cruz community came together on what would have been the ninth birthday of maddy middleton. the city declared october 5th maddy middleton day in honor of
7:54 am
the young girl that was found dead in july. teenage neighbor is charged with her murder. the celebration at harvey west park included balloons and cup cakes, crafts for the kids all in an effort to ease their grief. >> all the children in town need joy. they need some fun. they need to focus on something other than the grief. this is the best way i know how and this is going to be an annual thing and hopefully it will get bigger and bigger. >> laura jordan says she wants to turn the event into a fundraiser and use it as a platform to educate people about mental health problems. american airline is praising its crew when a pilot became ill and died. the pilot suffered a medical emergency. the co-pilot took every and safely landed the flight until syracuse, no,. the pilot has been identified
7:55 am
as 57-year-old michael johnson. news of his death left passengers on that flight shaken. >> we just thought he wasn't feeling well. we didn't know he passed. >> you've got to hand it to the co-pilot. i don't know what i would have done in that situation. >> the preliminary investigation shows captain johnson died of natural causes. he lived in utah. he leaves behind a wife of almost 35 years as well as eight children and five grandchildren. time is 7:55. a new program that lets ride share companies operate out of san jose's mineta international airport appears to be unsuccessful so far. the city launched this program five weeks ago but so far no drivers have signed up for it. according to the mercury news the main reason is a requirement for fingerprinting all participating drivers. it's similar to what is required by cab drivers. the companies like lift and uber they already put their drivers through background
7:56 am
checks but fingerprinting is not required. city officials now plan to take another look at the airports ride share requirements. it's fleet week in san francisco. the city's annual celebration of the u.s. navy. the navy brings some of its ships and the blue angel precision flying team to the air every year. but the navy and city leaders say there is a very serious side to the event. yesterday the navy coordinated with city agencies to simulate an earthquake that made it difficult to get emergency supplies from the east bay over to the city. the faa has put out a special safety message for drone operators for fleet week. it has put flight restrictions in place during the blue angels practices and performance and they apply to drones as well as other aircraft. starting thursday no, ma'am aircraft are allowed to fly within a 12-mile area that is centered near the bay bridge lower than 15,000 feet in altitude. that is unless they have
7:57 am
specific permission. over at you will find more information on this week's fleet week events. just look for the link at the top of our home page. if i can say one thing, take mass transit. don't try to park by the water. new this morning on mornings on 2 a major revelation from the international monetary fund. they downgraded the global economic forecast. and up next we will tell you what the imf's decision means and why they did et. >> allegations of inmates being beaten and tortured. the lawsuit tiled against guards at the sonoma county jail. >> good morning. we are looking at the south bay commute and right now northbound 280 is very slow getting into the west valley. >> fog is filled in on parts of the coast. in fact most of it and around the bay but there are signs of a warmer pal tern ahead. we'll take a look at when and how much.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. a disturbing scene on this popular marin county hiking trail. a person found shot to death here last night. we'll tell you about the other evidence investigators found nearby. >> plus the art work in oakland continues in the name of a muralist killed while painting that mural. who is finishing up the mural and who police want to talk to about that crime. good morning. welcome to tuesday october 6th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm gasia mikaelian. let's get you out the door. is this one of the jacket in the morning, leave it at the office in the afternoon? >> pretty much.
8:01 am
it's a little cool in the morning. but then it's pretty nice in the afternoon. temperatures near average to slightly above and that theme of above looks like it will kick in tomorrow. today we have a little bit in the way of fog. that is about what we will have today. maybe 1-2 degrees cooler. over all the water temps came up so the lows are higher. and it does make a big difference. especially for those near the coast and for those in san francisco. low clouds though join the party early to the north and filled in along the san mateo, santa cruz coast. 62 half-moon bay. upper 50s and 60s. everyone is close on the temps. not much of a breeze. it should pick up a little bit later but nothing outrageous. one strong low moving into nevada, arizona, the four corners and a good swath of high clouds but they are all to the north. kind of higher humidity with the added low cloud deck in place. upper 70s and low 80s for some.
8:02 am
a lot of 70s around the water. all right sal 8:01. we still have slow traffic. anything new? we have a crash in a bad spot. this one is especially bad because it's effecting two freeways. northbound 101 in mountain view right near ellis there is a crash and that is effecting not only 101 which is backed up solid from san jose but 237 is a joke. that is because 237 and 101 come together right before this crash and this crash is blocking several lanes. just going to move some of these icons just to show you bad 237 is driving over to this part of the bay. just because of the crash people have nowhere to go or they are going very, very slowly and there is no brakes. if you can put the trip off getting into that part of mountain view and santa clara, it is going to be to your benefit. if you have to go, at least you know you will be driving into really terrible traffic. all right let's move along and
8:03 am
take a look at another part of the bay area. 880 is getting a little slow past the coliseum. if you are going to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up for a 25-30 minute delay. 8:02 let's go back to the desk. marin county sheriffs deputies have sealed off a popular hiking trail that is near fairfax. >> they are investigating a homicide in which the victim was shot to death. >> alex savidge you are there at the trail and the deputies hope to find some answers alex. >> reporter: they sure do dave. good morning to you. people who use the trail on a regular basis are stunned by this discovery. the victim of a homicide was found in this area where we are this morning. this is west of fairfax. this is called the old railroad grade fire road. and you can see the trail it's shut down to the public this morning as marin county sheriffs deputies continue to search for evidence out here. a hiker came across this way at 6:00 last tight. a sheriffs lieutenant won't say
8:04 am
if the victim was a man or woman but the person had to been shot to death. authorities also say there was a dog discovered here at this scene. it's unclear if the dog was also hurt. we also don't know if the dog belonged to the victim or not but that is one thing authorities are looking at. the animal was turned over to the marin humane society. deputies have been talking with a couple witnesses. we understand they have good solid information but they are obviously looking for anyone else that might have been in this area to come forward with additional information. this is a popular hiking trail. especially in the early evening hours. at this point you guys no arrests have been made. and anybody who uses this trail
8:05 am
should be aware it will be shut down for a good portion of the day. >> alex savidge in marin county, thank you. oakland police released the photo of a man of a person in interest. take a look at that photo described as a thin african american man about 6 feet tall. dark complex probably in his 20s.
8:06 am
[ technical difficulties ] the mural is part of a project coulded oakland super heros where students create characters aimed at helping their community. the students will be sending cards to the artists this week thank youing them for finishing that mural. the san francisco police officer accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a gay police officer's group is is due in court today. mike evans is set to be arraigned on felony embezzlement charges and grand theft. evans resigned last year. another bay area jail is facing allegations of abuse and this time it's the sonoma county sheriffs department. >> allie rasmus is live in our newsroom with disturbing allegations made by former inmates saying they were beaten and tortured. >> reporter: the attorneys for those inmates say there is video of that alleged beating
8:07 am
that they say supports their legal claim but jail officials have not turned that video over to them. for now this federal civil rights lawsuit is based on the written accounts of 21 sonoma inmates. they say back in may guards at the jail subjected them to a systematic five hour beating. the suit alleges it started with guards beating and stripping one man for arguing with them and when other inmated objected, the guards turned their focus on everyone else according to the suit. >> they came to their rooms one at a time, unlocked the doors, entered, tortured them, drug them out into the yard and beat them there. and went to the next door. >> reporter: in response sonoma county sheriff says there is absolutely no basis to allegations of torture or sadistic action. the sheriff himself wouldn't talk about the lawsuit on camera but his office did send out a statement. it went on to explain the
8:08 am
deputies are responding to a coordinated mass disturbance. and they said they had to take action for the safe operation of that facility. now attorneys for the inmates plan to talk more about this at a news conference that is scheduled to happen later this morning in santa rosa. gasia and dave back to you. >> thank you. emergency dispatchers are now dealing with a rising challenge and a difficult challenge and it deals with cell phones accidentally dialing 911. accidental phone calls make up a big percentage of 911 calls in san francisco. according to new reports by google. the calls are made when a smart phone is in someone's pocket or purse. researchers recently shadowed dispatchers. they found 30% of wireless calls received were accidents. dispatchers that hear a line they've got to follow up on it to make sure it's legitimate call for help.
8:09 am
governor brown plans to sign a bill to address gender wage inequality. we'll talk about the special place here in the bay area where the governor will sign the fair pay act and explain how it works. >> cuts have been announced at the olympics in rio. the reason why and the changes you could see in 2016. >> good morning. the south bay commute is a mess because of an accident in a spot where two freeways meet and this freeway 237 really is terrible. more slow than it normally is. we'll tell you what happened coming up. >> we'll also have more fog than we had yesterday but temperatures are poised to start warming up. we'll talk about when and how much.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
we are following developing news out of philadelphia. we have a live picture to started with. this is a scene over a community college in philadelphia. the school is on lockdown at this hour. our sister station in philadelphia says there are reports of a man pulling out a gun this morning on campus. so far we are not seeing any reports of any gunfire or any victims. at this point we are monitoring this story. although you can see here the campus looks quiet from what we can see. this being mid to late morning there. you would expect to see students milling about the campus. the campus is in a state of lock down as authorities are responding.
8:13 am
we will stay on top of this and everyone's mind is going to what we covered less than a week ago that mass shooting up in oregon at umpqua community college. again at this point we are just seeing there are reports of a man with a gun seen on this community college campus in philadelphia. we'll stay on top of that here. we are getting a clear picture of law enforcement on the scene. we'll stay on top of this situation. time is 8:13. the economy in brazil is bad. that is forcing organizers of the 2016 olympic games to cut back on plans. budgets for the olympic games have been cut by almost a third. olympic officials say the days of spending lavishly they are over. olympic venues and infrastructure they won't be effected but in order to stay within an operating budget, they will be making cuts in the opening ceremony and ticketing operations. there is a new animal poaching case in africa causing an uproar around the world.
8:14 am
in july you remember an american dentist on a hunting trip in zimbabwe shot and killed a famous lion. cecil the lion. and now there is a story of a beloved cheetah in botswana. it was killed bay shotgun and left along the highway. they call this an unthis and unprovoked act. they don't know who did it but they are investigating the case as a poaching case. edward snowden says he would be willing to two to prison if he was allowed to return to the united states. you may remember snowden was a contract worker with the national security agency who leaked details of nsa programs. he flew to moscow two years ago. he faces 30 years in prison if he returns to the u.s.. in an interview snowden says he is waiting for u.s. officials to give him a formal plea deal and so far they have not called him back. governor jerry brown has
8:15 am
signed a bill that requires law enforcement agencies to report the race, ethnicity, age, and gender of my person stopped by police officers. yesterday members of the youth justice coalition gathered at the state capitol to thank the governor for signing the racial and identity profiling act. they call it a big step toward proprotecting minorities against racial profiling. however many organizations oppose the bill. they say the reporting requirements it will be a burden to the police and very expensive for taxpayer. some of the bigger police departments will start reporting that information in the year 2019. the smaller police departments will begin in 2023. time is 8:15. mcgraw hill has apologized for a geography textbook that referred to slaves from africa as workers that immigrated to the united states. a 15-year-old freshman noticed the caption. it refers to the slave trade
8:16 am
bringing millions of workers from africa to the southern utah to work on agricultural plantations. he showed that paragraph to his mom. she by the way is a college professor. >> he took a picture and sent it to me and says we were real good workers weren't we? they worked for their lives literally. boy did they work. >> you could tell mom is upset. she posted a video about her concerns on facebook and that drew nationwide attention. mcgraw hill says they will be changing that text in future editions. time is 8:16. let's get you to where you immediate to go. sal you are watching the bridges and the roads. how does it look? >> things are improving in some areas and not in others. we have a crash at ellis. it's right near moffett field. two freeways come together there 237 and 101 and they are
8:17 am
both ridiculously slow. 101 is backed up all the way back from blossom hill road all the way up to mountain view. 237 is backed up to 680. just because of that crash. and again that crash is clearing northbound 101 at ellis. please give yourself plenty of extra tile. people have heard about this. they are on 280 and 85 and both of those highways are very slow. let's move along and take a look at highway 4. still have slow traffic from pittsburgh to bay point. it is improving a little bit. there is more traffic on 680. and of course at the bay bridge toll plaza it's a 25-30 minute lay at the pay gates. 8:17 let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. sunrise here. a lot more in the way of low clouds. filled in along most of the coast. there is always a few breaks but a lot more fog than what we had on monday morning. temperatures starting off on the mild side. water temps did come up. that makes a huge difference for coastal locations in san francisco. low clouds will burn back but yesterday was more patchy.
8:18 am
today i would say it's a little more extensive. san jose is all right. gorgeous morning in downtown san jose. my work is done. perfect. it would be perfect. thank you lindsay. 78 speaking of san jose. 61. average is 78 and 54. the lows never gets cool anymore. the record low in san jose is 1893 when it was 37. won't see that anymore. 95 in 1987 was the record high. we still see that. 50s and 60s water temps came up about 1-2 degrees. especially for bodega bay. kind of enhance the fog bank a limit bit that is still on the mild side. and there is a lot more today than yesterday but it will burn back. temperatures are about the same. a little low churning. same one that gave us our thunderstorm saturday night went down to southern california. gave l.a. and san diego some rain. now that is moving off to the east. everything is lighting up in arizona. much of utah and also later on
8:19 am
for colorado if not already. and then into new mexico and texas. 50s and 60s. 61 santa rosa. had low clouds most of the morning. 63 half-moon bay. 60 mountain view. 60 fairfield. so temperatures it doesn't matter north, south, east they are all within the same couple degrees. 63 san jose. even santa cruz at 60 with mid 50s to upper 50s morgan hill to gilroy. 58 ukiah to 59 monterey. there goes the low. this will be a real power house as it move into the rockies. deep system here may not make a move until about the weekend which will only end result will be to cool us down. morning fog or low clouds. sunny and nice. the breeze will crank up once the low clouds break up. 70s and 80s. could be a few 60s if you are stuck in that cloud deck.
8:20 am
coast and bay are running a little bit above. tomorrow we'll take that right into thursday and friday. some upper 80s maybe briefly to near 90 as we head toward thursday and friday and cooler on the weekend. >> have you ever had breakfast for dinner? >> yes. >> like pancakes for dinner. >> yes. >> you're in luck because you don't have to cook. mcdonalds officially rolling out its all daybreak fast -- all day breakfast menu today. and coitments into response to other restaurants boosting their breakfast menu. >> you go anywhere in the country and you find something that is good quality and the food and everything is consistent. the prices are nearly all consistent. so i want them to hang on and do everything they can to be a very profitable company. >> people want ham and eggs 24
8:21 am
hours a day. you know. some people they don't get up until 2:00 in the afternoon. so i think it's a good idea. >> meanwhile 2:00 is our nap. mcdonalds testing the all daybreak fast menu in select locations. >> i have to try all of the above. still ahead seriously flooding. still a big problem in parts of south carolina. look at these pictures. coming up in the 8:30 half hour we will get a live report on the recovery efforts after that historic flooding. >> plus the american economy may seem better for some but a new study details how many people are living paycheck to paycheck.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
taking a look at the opening bell from earlier this morning. trading has been under way for two hours. just checked wall street. markets are mixed so far this morning the dow is up 60 points. s & p and nasdaq in the red right now. the u.s. trade deficit grew a lot in august. the commerce department says exports dropped to their lowest level in three years. also there was a surge in cell phones coming from china. it widened the trade deficit to $34.3 billion. that is the biggest gap since last march. the international monetary fund downgraded its forecast for global economic growth. it sites falling commodity
8:25 am
prices. >> it did say the global economy would grow a little more than 3% this year. that is down slightly from the july forecast. it's also the slowest pace since 2009. now the imf is predicting americas economy will grow 2.6%. that is higher than forecast from july. the state attorney general is urging t-mobile customers to protect themselves from identity theft following that massive breach. >> experian says hackers stole the information of 15 million t- mobile applicants dating back to september of 2013. so attorney general cam hall harris says if those t-mobile customers should place fraud alerts on your credit information. there is a new survey out. most americans are really living close to the edge when it comes to their finances. >> in fact 62% of americans have less than $1,000 in a
8:26 am
savings account. 21% don't even have a savings account. that comes from a google consumer survey. and dave that really goes against advice from all the extras to have a cash reserve that could cover an emergency. and it means those people likely will be relying on friends, family, credit cards, or their retirement accounts to get them through. there is there is also a new app out that suggests you can remove the awkwardness. it's aimed at helping people that need slower microloans. >> and that money can be used for things like crowd funding or living expenses. borrowers set up their own interest rates and pay back schedules and post it to social media. money doesn't exchange hands until the loan is fully funded. they can be paid back through services online. this is really targeting millennials. the web content site reddit
8:27 am
they launched a spin off believe it or not. >> it's called up voted. it just went live. it's a site that features original articles, pod casts and videos. but unlike reddit there will be no comments allowed on the site. san francisco based reddit is known for its free wheeling sometimes explicit content and commentary from its users. you want to send your friends a super sized instant message? >> twitter released a program where you can send a super sized emoji. now the super size option is available right now. it can be seen on both mobile apps and the web. time is 8:27. the search for the person or people responsible for killing a man that was selling ice cream. >> and we're live in san francisco where if you block a
8:28 am
muni bus that is in those red dedicated lanes, you will be caught on camera and you will get a ticket. coming up we will tell you about the program signed into law by governor brown. >> good morning. we are looking at the golden gate bridge. right now traffic looks pretty good here on the span. nice looking weather too. the traffic looks good into the marina district. >> we have low clouds around. temperatures really not doing too much until tomorrow and then they will start well i'll tell you what.
8:29 am
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or call your travel agent. oh yeah.
8:31 am
the time is 8:30 and welcome back to mornings on 2. yeah that is the music of maxwell. somebody is watching you. you are looking live at the bay bridge this morning. if you are driving in san francisco and it feels like somebody is watching you, you are right because cameras on buses aimed to catch people breaking traffic laws hope to eliminating that problem. somebody is watching you. >> somebody is watching you. we are watching brian flores. he is live in the city to talk to us about these bus cameras that are eventually going to be catching people doing something wrong and giving them tickets for it. >> reporter: that is right. i wish i could watch you guys but i can't. this has been a pilot program since 2008. and what it would basically do is only enforce blocking the lanes. the new law signed over the weekend would ticket drivers for blocking crosswalks or intersections. all muni buses are equipped with front facing video cameras. they would snap pictures of the license plate of drivers that
8:32 am
block the red painted dedicated lanes for muni buses or taxis. this allows for enforcement of drivers illegally stopped. once you are caught on camera it's sent to a parking control officer and a ticket is sent to you by mail. this is to make muni more efficient and safer. since the program started officials have said there is a reduction in transit delays and some muni riders agree. >> usually people block the bus lane they kind of get in the way and it gets people. and it ends up blocking the other road. >> reporter: do you still see that a lot? >> sometimes. only once or twice. >> reporter: many times muni drivers before this law had to unsafely maneuver around other cars illegally parked. this is all part of the muni forward program where they hope to expand transit service by 10% over the next ten years and implement another 22-mile of
8:33 am
transit only lanes within the next ten years. but again this pilot program is perm than. by the way if you get caught doing that a ticket will cost you $110. >> we've been warned. thank you. let's check weather and traffic right now. steve paulson is working hard in his office. nose to the grindstone on our forecast. >> yeah. [ laughter ] grinding away on fog. [ laughter ] what's new? but it will be nice. dave, temperatures are not too bad. 70s and upper 70s. it looks like we are heading out and moving out tomorrow on warmer temps. that will be tomorrow. some low clouds and boy did they fill in. san mateo coast, santa cruz coast was on the patchy side and then they came roaring in. been there most of the morning for up on the marin and sonoma coast. can i start this weather over again? se bee that loving -- sabrina loving the weather lately.
8:34 am
well, i do it for you. low clouds and fog will give way to sunshine. 50s and 60s on your temps and there is the low that gave us the thunderstorm on saturday night. it's now on its way out of the picture. and move into the picture a lot of high clouds up to the pacific northwest. morning low clouds sunny and nice. upper 70s, low 80s. a lot of 70s around the bay. help me out sal. >> i'm right here, steve. >> i'm talking to you. >> thank you. you know what, the commute it's all right. it's better than yesterday in some areas like this one. the east shore freeway we will start there. 38 minutes. yesterday was almost an hour to drive this from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. so we have seen some improvement. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see some slow traffic there. it's a 25 minute delay as you drive through the area. contra costa county still very slow on 680 as you drive out of concord to walnut creek.
8:35 am
we go to the south bay where 101 is a complete mess. and so is 237 because of an earlier accident right near moffett field on northbound 101. it's gone now but the damage is done. 8:34 let's go back to the desk. fremont police have arrested a college student they say is an online sexual predator. >> janine de la vega is says the police think he arranged personal meetings so he could drug and rape his victims. >> reporter: the suspect is actually from san ramon but police say the case originated here in fremont. they are not saying exactly where these incidents occurred but they say more women could be involved from other bay area cities. police arrested 20-year-old kwangmin jin in champagne, illinois where he was attending college. he contacted women over social media sites. he used several aliases including kevin and jeremy. investigators say when jin would meet his female victims,
8:36 am
he would give them an alcoholic drink tainted with a sedative drug. once his date was unconscious he would sexually assault him. police are investigating jin's actions before those dates as well. >> at this point that is what we are trying to figure out. he's done it several times and it gets over a length of time and this is what they have discovered. so that is what we are trying to reach out in case there are other victims out there. >> reporter: so far fremont police have identified four victims but they say there is everyday there is more. it's possible they may not remember everything that has happened. detectives would like to talk to anyone who may have come in contact with jin. right now he is awaiting extradition. oakland police and crime stoppers are offering up to $10,000 in reward money that leads to the arrest of a killer of a popular ice cream vendor.
8:37 am
he was shot on peach street. neighbors say they heard several shots. police haven't identified any suspects yet. according to the bay area news group this was the 74th homicide in oakland this year. 15 more than at the same time last year. time is 8:36. president obama will go to roseburg, oregon on friday he will meet privately with the families of the shooting victims at umpqua community college. in the meantime authorities say the 26-year-old gunman who killed nine people at that school was angry he did not have a girlfriend. the gunman apparently thought other people were crazy and that he was the same one. investigators found out about this from writings he left at the the shooting scene. they say his mother told them the young man was struggling with mental health problems. now the shooting in oregon is reigniting a national debate about gun -- gun laws.
8:38 am
hillary clinton called for action and became emotional when she introduced a parent of a child thaws that was killed -- child that was killed in the newtown school rampage shootings. >> i mean ideally what i'd like to see responsible gun owners form another organization and take back the is second amendment from these extremists. >> she would support more gun control and also repeal a law that bans people from suing gun manufactures. governor jerry brown is talking about the controversial decision to sign the states new right to die law. he seriously considered both sides of the issue before signing the end of life option act. it allows terminal ill patients to legally end their lives using drugs prescribed by a doctor. the governor says in the end he was left to reflect on what he would want in the face of his
8:39 am
own death. the bill was inspired by a bay area woman brittany menard. the new law takes effect in california in 90 days and coming up on the 9, we're talking live with dan diaz, brittany menard's husband at the law and why he says his mission is not done. many nurses who would normally be working at the contra costa regional medical center as well as a county medical clinic they are walking picket lines right now. others are marching to the county board of supervisors meeting which starts in 20 minutes. now the nurses are holding a two day strike. they are drawing attention to what they call a pay disparity. they say they are paid 30% less than nurses who work at private hospitals in the county. the contra costa board of supervisors -- that money should have been used to pay them.
8:40 am
and there would be no strike. happening today some of san jose's state faculty won a pay raise so is they plan to rally and march. the engineering faculty, technicians and their supporters are expected to take part in the event. they are calling it five is fair which is the support of 5% pay raise over eight years on flat salaries. that rally will be held at noontime near clark hall near san jose state. it will be followed by a march around campus. up to 100 people are expected to take part. cal state university faculty strike authorization vote that is set to begin later this month. governor jerry brown has chosen a symbolic site in richmond that will close the gender wage gap. the governor's office says he will be joined by women and girls from the community as he signs the measure at 10:30 this morning. the bill requires equal pay for men and women who do
8:41 am
substantially similar work. the -- fantasy sports sports gambling is a multimillion dollar game. >> pam cook has more on what employees are accused of doing. [ inaudible ] >> you know what we might have be having a problem with pam's microphone. i apologize for that. when she gets it fixed, we will bring it to you but a lot of people talking about that fantasy sports scandal. >> and what some of the employees may have been doing. and pam is going to get those details back. now let's talk about something we remember from years ago. remember the silk road scandal? that was a black market website where guns and illegal drugs were sold until the federal government stepped in.
8:42 am
the u.s. marshal service announced last month it will sell off the last block of bit coins seized by the master mind. there are more than 44,000 bit coins. they will be sold off in groups of 2,000 in an online auction november 5th. all right we will swing back to pam. pam is talking about how big fantasy sports is and what some of the employees in that industry are accused of doing. >> reporter: yeah it is very interesting. two of the big players are draft king and fan dual. but their plows are accused of doing something that is considered playing unfair. some employees have won big jackpots on betting on each others sites. each won a $-- it gives them a distinct edge that is similar to insider trading. basically they see things like which nfl players had been selected by users and by how
8:43 am
many users so that could help them select their own power team. draft kings and fan dual offer real money, daily fantasy sports rather than the traditional season long fantasy football games where you basically draft one team and that is is your team for the entire season. with daily fantasy, you can enter new contests and draft fresh teams every week. now both companies have responded to this by saying they do want to protect the integrity of the games they offer to their customers. they have now banned employees for now from playing fantasy games for money until a detailed industry policy is established. now critics say yes there has to be some regulation for the employees but it's not completely like insider trading because there is still an unknown element. dave and gasia, think about it. they can see which customers pick certain players but the players still have to do well. they are going to have to sort of come up with a happy medium
8:44 am
there. >> one of those gray areas. >> yeah. is that enough to keep your heart from failing? up next what a new study says about your exercise regimen. >> plus those deadly floods in south carolina are causing unthink able problems for thousands of people this morning. we'll get a live report from charleston next.
8:45 am
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something you wouldn't expect in a million years. >> it's nothing to worry about anymore. >> it was frantic. it was crazy but you know you do what you have to do. >> this is incredible. people in south carolina reeling from historic flooding this morning. several feet of water covering the ground. it has devastated thousands of people. and while the water is receding, there is still a big worry of the damage that could still come. now take a look at aerials out there. look at this. looking at this from the air. some of the flooding covering parts of south carolina this morning and i know a lot of people from south carolina. let's go to our reporter joel walden on the ground in charleston. you have seen a lot this morning. now where are you now and how
8:48 am
bad is the situation? >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. good afternoon out here. impeccable timing. take a look at this. this is a large tow truck bed. obviously trying to get rid of this van that is stuck here right now. the gentleman -- he told me they have gotten 296 calls over just the last two days or 48 hours and he's a one man band if you will. he says he's only been able to get about 40 of these vehicles out of the water. there is one, two, three, six on this street alone. we are between north charleston over here and if you pan around you will see another tow truck right over there trying to get those two cars out of the water. so quite a job ahead of the people here in south carolina to try to clean up. we're hearing at this hour that
8:49 am
there is about 40,000 people without power and some without drinking water and that obviously is a major concern. there is also unconfirm reports that still about 100 people are trapped in their homes. obviously there have been a lot of dams that have breached up state in the high country right here is interstate 26 and this leads to columbia where a lot of those dams were breached. that is high country up there. this is considered low country along the coast and the fear now is even though the sun is finally coming out, that perhaps some of the water from high country will make its way back to low country and the flooding that is slowly starting to recede we may see these waters rise once again dave. >> yes. you took us right there. you brought us up to date. thank you for the update from charleston, south carolina. you stay safe as well. some americans as we move
8:50 am
ahead now. some americans feel the money they are giving to charitable groups are not being spent wisely. one out of three americans say they have little or no confidence in how their money is being used and being distributed. 41% of those polls say the leaders behind these groups they are paid too much money. and still most americans more than 80% say charities are doing a good job of helping people. now these very key findings have barely changed over the past seven years. that is when researchers at princeton asked almost identical questions in 2008. our time is 8:50. let's get you to where you need to go now. sal has been busy watching our commute. what are you seeing out there now? >> i still see slow traffic out there although it's improving a little bit. we've had a lot of slow traffic. let's start off and take a look at those east bay commutes. east and south bay. 280 northbound will be slow getting up to highway 17. i think a lot of people
8:51 am
diverted to 280 because 101 is such a joke. northbound 101 near moffett field we had an earlier crash. i can put the maps up for you and show you traffic will be busy from basically blossom hill road to mountain view. 237 has backed up from 680. this is even effecting 880 as people come down from 880. fremont is a huge mess as a result of that. if you can avoid this area, you do yourself a favor. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is backed up to the maccarthur maze. about a 25-30 minute delay. 8:51 let's go to steve in the weather center. >> you were not joking, sal. it's a mess down there. it's an outrage. morning fog increase maryland was holding court on this. working its way in around petaluma and up to santa rosa. so morning fog. cool lows to mild lows.
8:52 am
water temps came up so the coast and the city their lows came up as well. sunny and nice but warmer tomorrow. that will take us into thursday and friday. maybe upper 80s to near 90. but again the days are getting shorter and nights longer. low clouds and fog around. from california and up to utah there is snow on the rockies. found a picture of snow around colorado. 50s on some of the temps. 60s for others but it's close. bodega bay and all the way down to half-moon bay and brentwood are all in the 60s. there is the low. that is a big weather maker. look at the cloud cover streaming toward portland and seattle. coming up along a very deep system. out ahead of that teeter totter effect the ridge of high pressure is building out ahead of us. nice to mild to warm. 60s and 70s but a lot of 70s and 80s.
8:53 am
inland temps are right about where they should be although they are ready to warm up tomorrow. around the bay because of the over night lows are warmer. the days are also near average to slightly above. so temperatures are really not on the cool side even though we are getting cooler readings at night. let's face it the nights are longer. warmer wednesday, thursday, and friday and we'll cool down as we head into the weekend. >> like you said no hundreds. >> near 90 though. for some on thursday and friday. >> thank you. time is 8:53. a new study showing getting the right amount of exercise may not be enough to protect you from heart disease. people who exercise 150 minutes per week which is is the recommended amount lowered their risk of heart failure by only 10%. the research shows that is not good enough. they also found people who doubled the recommend amount saw a 19% decrease and if you exercise 10 hours a week, you
8:54 am
had a 35% lower chance of heart failure. time is 8:53. still to come on mornings on 2, now we know some of the most popular video games that may be hard to find this coming holiday season. details next.
8:55 am
8:56 am
we have new developments in that marin county homicide we've been telling you about on a hiking trail. in the past ten minutes a sheriffs department spokesman told us that the victim was a 67-year-old man who was walking on a trail with his dog last night. now it happened in an area west of the town of fairfax near sir francis drake boulevard. that dog a doberman pinscher was shot and survived. detectives are still out there at the scene. they are looking for evidence. now authorities are also asking for your help in finding the victims car which they believe was stolen during that crime.
8:57 am
the car believed to be a silver volkswagen hatch back. california license plate 6ppg662. now stay tuned for ktvu. we'll have more details on this still developing story coming up on mornings on 2 the 9. shifting gears now if you are getting ready for breakfast, pay attention for a moment. a popular cereal is being recalled. at least certain parts of it. general mills is voluntarily removing box of cheerios and honey nut cheerios from store shelves. the cereal was labeled gluten free but wheat flour was mistakenly introduced into its oat flour system. people with wheat allergies don't eat that cereal and you can contact general mills and get a refund. the recall effects cheerios that were produced at the facility in lodie in july. we have an idea what people
8:58 am
may be fighting over to put under the christmas tree for video gamers this year. call of duty, halo five top the list. call of duty topped that list with 98 out of 100%. all of those games are expected to be released by the end of the year. coming up in two minutes mornings on 2 the 9 and today we are talking live with singer nick jonas. i'm not kidding. we'll tell you when you can see the celebrity right in your own home and there is sal and gasia and mike. have a good show you guys.
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