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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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the search is is on for whoever shot and killed a 67- year-old man. good afternoon i'm
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our office. right now we don't have any reason to believe that this is anything but an isolated act. >> reporter: authorities are act asking -- are asking people to be on the lookout for a silver 2003 volkswagen hatch back and the person driving that car should be considered armed and dangerous. the victim has not been identified. investigators will only say he had been staying with friends in marin county and left to take his dog on a hike last
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night. later on today a search team will be called in here top comb through this wooded area for any other evidence that might help lead to the killer. >> we've expanded our crime scene because obviously the person or persons involved in this crime had to come to and from the location. >> this killing happened while there was quite a few people out on this trial. with that being said investigators would like anybody who was in this area between 5:00 and 6:00 last night to put in a call to the marin county sheriffs office. alex savidge ktvu fox 2 news. another bay area jail is facing allegations of inmate abuse. this time it's the city though ma county jail -- sonoma county jail. an attorney announced a federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of two inmates. guards subjected them and others to quote systematic beatings that went on for hours. according to the suit, it all started with guards beating and stripping one man for arguing
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back in may. when other inmates objected, they say the guards turned their focus to them. >> they came to their rooms one at a time, unlocked the doors, entered, tortured them, beat them, drug them out into the yard and beat them. and then threw them back in their cells. >> there is video of the beatings they say supports their claim but the jail officials haven't turned over that video to them. in a statement sonoma county sheriff says deputies were responding to a coordinated mass disturbance that was interfering with the safe operation of the facility. the facility say there is is absolutely no basis toolings of torture or sadistic action. oakland police are look for a man they are calling a person of interest in the death of an oakland artist. they describe him as 6 feet tall with a dark complex and he is probably in his 20 -- dark complexion and he is probably
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in his 20s. antonio ramos was arguing with the man before he was shot to death. police have increased patrols in the area and organized called fathers united against drugs and violence is providing security. the mural is part of an oakland project called oakland super heros in which students create characters or images aimed at bringing peace to the community. now to fremont where police have arrested a college student they say is an online sexual predator. janine de la vega reports police think he arranged personal meetings so he could drug and rape his victims. >> reporter: the suspect is actually from san ramon but the case originated here in fremont. they're not saying exactly where these incidents occurred but they say more women could be involved from other bay area cities.
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police arrested 20-year-old kwangmin jin in champagne, illinois where he was attending college. he contacted women over social media sites. he used several aliases including kevin and jeremy. investigators say when jin would meet his female victims he would give them an alcoholic drink tainted with a sedative drug. the alleged incidents occurred between may and august. police are investigating jin's actions before those dates as well. at this point that is what we are trying to figure out. he has done it several times and it's over a length of time and this is what they have discovered. that is what we are trying to reach out. >> reporter: so far fremont police have identified four victims but they say there is evidence there is more. it is possible they may not remember everything that happened. detectives here would like to talk to anyone who may have come in contact with jin. right now he is is awaiting extra diction back to alameda county. janine de la vega ktvu fox 2
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news. a former morgan hill schoolteacher has been sentenced to 40 years in prison after pleading no contest to molesting four girls. 53-year-old john lloyd entered the plea on four felony counts yesterday. prosecutors said the three victims were molested. the fourth victim was abused more than a decade ago. president obama is scheduled to travel to roseburg, oregon on friday. there he will meet privately with the shooting victims. authorities say the 26-year-old gunman who killed nine people at that school was angry he didn't have a girlfriend. christopher harper mercer thought other people were crazy and he was the sane one. investigators say they learned this from writings he left at the shooting scene. they say his mother told them he was struggling with mental health issues. tensions are high in philadelphia after a campus went on lock down.
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there was some kind of argument outside the community college of philadelphia and a 17-year- old boy threatened a student with a gun. police say the two had a prior history. there are no reports of gunfire or anyone beinginjured. this all comes after an internet threat of violence. the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan is telling congress some 5,000 american troops could remain stationed there through 2016. as jennifer griffin reports they also face tough questions. >> reporter: u.s. and coalition forces are struggling to fight a resistance of taliban in afghanistan. president obama is weighing whether to keep thousands of american troops through next year. it's a move senator john mccain has long called for. >> because the threats we face
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are real and the stakes are high for the lives of the afghan people. especially women and girls for the stability of the region and for the national security of the united states. >> reporter: testifying before the committee, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan general john campbell admitted the country's own military isn't ready to fight the taliban on its own. >> the afghan security forces also under scores their short falls will persist well beyond this year. >> reporter: the u.s. is dealing with the fallout of the deadly accidental bombing of a vital doctors without borders run hospital in kudux city. this morning doctors without borders blasted the u.s. military saying in a statement quote until proven otherwise, the events of last saturday amount to an inexcusable violation of this law. we are working on the presumption of a war crime. following the mistaken bombing
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of the hospital, general campbell promised a full review of training and the u.s. militaries rules of engagement. jennifer griffin fox news. a united airlines co-pilot passed out on a flight to san francisco. the plane which was coming from houston was diverted and made an emergency landing in albuquerque. the co-pilot was unconscious but stable. here at home as fleet week wraps up in san francisco, the faa has a special safety message for drone owners. it puts flight restrictions in place for the blue angels and they apply to drones and other aircrafts. starting thursday no aircraft are allowed to fly within a 12- mile area centered near the bay bridge lower than 15,000 feet in altitude. that is unless they have specific permission. over at you will find
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much more information on the fleet week. just look for the link right than there on our home page. the rain is gone but the threat continues. the latest on the deadly flooding in south carolina after a short break. but here in the bay area another gorgeous day. rosemary orozco is here to tell us when to expect another warmup and take us on a cruise. >> governor brown deciding what is being called the strongest equal pay law in the country.
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we are starting with breaking news out of oakland. live pictures with the grass fire burning in the laurel district of oakland. you can see from the live picture smoke rising from the scene. the laurel district is east of interstate 580. essentially right in the heart of oakland in the area of 35th avenue and high street right along 580. we do have a viewer in the redwood heights area saying he can smell the smoke. we understand the fire itself was along maccarthur boulevard. as you know if you live in oakland, that is a major street that goes across the city. maccarthur boulevard in the lower district of oakland right now pretty well packed with emergency vehicles. any time you think about a grass fire here in california these days, you have to think about the risk of it spreading. as we take a look at this live
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picture. you can see smoke is hanging there in the air. it's not being whipped around or blown out immediately. i just talked with rosemary orozco she says winds in the area are fairly light right now. so that is why you are seeing the smoke hanging there. temperatures fairly mild. 70 degrees. at this point we do know crews are responding to a grass fire in the laurel district of oakland. equal pay for equal work. california now has the strongest equal pay law in the country to help close the wage gap between men and women. governor jerry brown signed the legislation a couple hours ago at a symbolic location in the bay area. he is at the national history park. employers now have to pay women and men equally for similar work. >> it is my hope that the other
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49 states will take heed, will take a look at what we are doing here and use it as a template to insure greater wage equality for the women of their states and their families and their economies as well. >> according to a recent survey, women in california make $0.84 for every $1 a man makes. now the governor is opening up about his decision to sign the states new right to die law. he says he seriously considered both sides of the issue. it allows terminally ill patients to legally end their lives. the governor says in the end he was meant to rehack. the new law takes effect in 90 days. south carolina still
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indated with water after getting swamped by a massive storm. at least 16 people in two states were killed. as joel walden reports, more dangers lurk still even though the sun is in the forecast. >> reporter: the rain finally letting up here in south carolina. but the trouble is not over yet. officials warn it could be several weeks before conditions get back to normal. >> from what i saw, was deserving. and it is hard to look at the loss that we are going to have. but everything will be okay. >> reporter: dams are failing and hundreds of roads and bridges remain closed. residents are being urged to use extreme caution when traveling. >> people are starting to move barriers and drive through them so other people are driving after them. people are starting to go around barriers. >> reporter: concern now shifting to the state's low country. the flood water flowing to those coastal areas that could
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cause more evacuations and road closures. >> we will be extremely careful. we are watching this minute by minute. >> reporter: utility outages now at a normal level but clean water remains a problem. nearly -- and hundreds thousands already are under a boil advisory. the the water out here remains high. driving conditions are extremely dangerous. some of the cars have been out here for days. officers have responded to about 1800 calls for collisions. in charleston, south carolina joel walden fox news. police say the death of a canadian woman during the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park is considered a homicide. the victim was 23-year-old ah
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tree kerry. police say she had serious head injuries. a family says kerry was backpacking across the west coast and was in san francisco for the last week of her trip. east bay regional park district says they continue to if search. 31-year-old end guy la. he was taking part in a team building workshop when the boat started taking on water. no one on board was wearing a life vest but everyone else was able to swim to shore. let's turn our thoughts to bay area weather. mild for most of the week right rosemary this rosemary? >> yes we are looking at mild weather. let's take a look at this beautiful weather we are
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enjoying. we have a cruise line docked in san francisco. temperatures in the 70s to low 80s for the warmer locations. we do have still just a little bit of fog right along the coastline. our temperature change from yesterday into today not a lot. in fact, today will feel a lot like yesterday. we're within a couple degrees you can see in most areas. 77-degrees in livermore. 72 in concord. 70 degrees oakland. upper 60s half-moon bay. into the south bay low 70s for you san jose. as we get into your afternoon the winds will be on shore. we are looking at a light breeze right now. they should pick up as we get into the second part of the day. fairfield at 8. concord at 6. oakland 6 miles an hour and napa we have a southerly breeze at 9 at this time. a north easterly breeze in nevada at 6 miles an hour. here's a look at the three hour time lapse. the low clouds beginning to pull back and burn away. yust a little bit of thin cloud
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cover along the coastline. and for the afternoon those low clouds almost hold close to the coast. so for your forecast into today, mostly sunny skies. pleasant weather in store for the afternoon. low 60s at the coast. we have 70s around the bay. and a few low 80s for those hotter locations. we do have the ridge of high pressure that will continue to build. as it does it will continue our warming trend as we get into the second part of the week. and we'll cool it off a bit as we get into your bay area weekend. 78 for sonoma. 76 in novato. east bay locations low 70s expected for you. 75 in oakland. upper 70s as we go inland. south bay nice warm day for you. 80 degrees for saratoga. 74 along the coastline. 79 palo alto. 73 until san francisco. mid 60s to upper 60s expected. daly city, pacifica stretching into half-moon bay. the extended forecast here a
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little warmer as we get into midweek wednesday and temperatures take a notable jump as we get into thursday and friday. again those look to be the warmer days as we get into your bay area weekend high clouds in the forecast. a little cooler on sunday. but all and all we are looking at dry weather and pleasant weather for fleet week. >> perfect. thank you rosemary. it may be afternoon but there is good news if you love breakfast. the new offering from mcdonalds that begin today. >> also general mills recalling a popular cereal. that is up next.
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taking a live look at the new york stock exchange. marks are mixed today. the dow jones is not up by much. now to break news out of san jose. a construction worker has been killed by an excavator. it's happening in the area of bruce way. we do expect investigators to be on the scene. we got this confirmed through the san jose fire department. they are telling us the sheriff is is investigating the incident. it happened again bruce way. a worker killed in an excavator accident. we are sending our own crews. we'll have more coming up on the 4. general mills has voluntarily pulling some boxes of cheerios from store shelves.
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this comes after cheerios and honey nut cheerios were mislabeled as gluten free but contained wheat flour by accident. they can contact general mills for a refound. the recall effects cheerios produced at the lodie facility in july. today is the day many breakfast lovers have been waiting for. mcdonalds offering the breakfast menu all day long. that means you can grab your favorite. it's a move by mcdonalds to try to boost its lagging sales and it comes in response to other restaurants boosting their breakfast menus. ktvu spoke to a couple early risers who say they support the move. >> you go anywhere in the country you can find something that is good quality and the food and everything is consistent. the prices are nearly all consistent. i want them to hang on and do
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everything they can. >> people want ham and eggs 24 hours a cayday. some people they don't get up until 2:00 in the afternoon. [ laughter ] so i think it's a good idea. >> mcdonalds began testing the all daybreak fast menu in select locations in march. the web content site reddit launched a spin off called up voted. reddit is known for its free wheeling. sometimes explicit content and commentary from users. up loaded unlike reddit though will not allow comments from users the number of csu grads has hit an all time high. and that is up 2% from the previous year. csu says initiative created to help boost graduation rates has helped to increase the number of students that get a degree
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to 54%. thanks so much for choosing ktvu. we'll be back here for the 4 and this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space
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>> today on tmz. >> the biggest thing ever. future and blac chyna are together. >> they were at a club in d.c. together. they even left together. >> so you abandoned your best friend on the most important weekend of her year. >> i think there is a rift. >> the hottest person ever right now. sometimes when you get good meat you don't want to leave. >> justin bieber gave a private performance at his hotel bar. he was on vacation in bora bora with floyd mayweather. >> what are they doing in bora bora? >> that's not where you go with your boy. >> cameron diaz and benji madden


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