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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 6, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> new developments in the shooting death of a man out walking his dog on a scenic trail in marin. deputies want help locating two people here in surveillance video. good evening everyone. i'm heather holmes.
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>> and i'm ken wayne. frank and julie are off tonight. three people seen in a convenience store before a man was shot to death walking his dog. the victim is 67-year-old steve carter. he was a relationship therapist and had lived in lake county until december. he and his wife located to marin this summer so she could receive cancer treatment. the shooting took place in an open space preserve outside fairfax. the victim's car is missing along the trail head at sir francis drake boulevard. amber lee is live in marin with the search for the killer. >> reporter: tonight, this popular trail is no longer a crime scene, but the search for the killer is intensifying. there is a flier here asking for information from anyone who saw or heard anything related to this crime. the sheriffs office says this is surveillance video from a convenience store in fairfax showing two individuals investigators want to identify as talk to about the killing. one photo shows a man in a hat.
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the other, a woman. there is a third person, a man whose image the sheriff is not releasing because of the poor quality. investigators say tips have poured in. >> every bit of information we have described them as being out of place. >> reporter: around 6:00, they found the body of 67-year-old steve carter 100 yards from the trail head with the leash of his dog in his hand. both had been shot. carter died and his dog is in critical condition. >> i am absolutely shocked. >> reporter: people who live in the area say they often use the trails for recreation. they say this killing makes them think about their own safety. >> i would never expect something like that to happen on the hiking trail around here. i have lived here 38 years and i have never heard of anything like that. >> i'm looking around at who was nearby. and, it was definitely
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unnerving. and it made me tense and worried. >> reporter: the sheriff'sedness says he and his wife had been staying with friends in marin county. their silver vw jetta wagon that looks like the one pictured is missing and possibly in the hands of whoever kill carter. >> so if someone comes across the car, they need to back away. call 911. >> reporter: the license plate is 6ppg662. sheriffs officials say they don't have enough information at this point to say what the motive is. ken? >> here is another look at the surveillance images showing two of the three people being sought for questioning in this case. as we heard, chef sheriffs deputies were acting strangely in the area at the time carter was killed. there is developing news to tell you about. crews had managed to safely bring down a 100-foot tall tree that was at risk of falling on homes and power lines in mill
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valley. a battalion chief told us that a man on marin drive tried to cut down the pine tree by himself. but the tree started leaning in the wrong direction. three nearby homes were temporarily evacuated during the operation. and pg&e had to cut power to at least ten homes until the tree was safely out of the way. cal train just resumed normal directions in burrlinggame after a person was struck. 260 people were on board at the time. bart provided service to help the passengers. an hour after the deadly accident. cal train started single tracking in the area. the state of california took a big step toward providing equal pay to women doing the same work as men. some are calling it landmark legislation and governor jerry brown came to the area to sign it. ken pritchett is live at the
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spot that provided the backdrop for the bill's signing. ken? >> reporter: well governor brown picked a fitting location to sign the fair pay act. the rosie the riveter museum. what governor brown signed today was historic. mainly because it passed existing holes in california's equal pay laws. >> this is really a big day. important. the inequities that have plagued our state and burdened women forever are slowly being resolved with this bill. >> reporter: it has more than passed injustice. equal pay is a justice now and for women going forward. >> i know that is really a big problem in the workplace. it is something i will hit at some point. >> reporter: the stakes are very high. the fair pay act is a major
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step forward. giving women and california make 84 cents on the dollar to women. >> if women earned salaries equal to men for comparable work. >> reporter: it prohibits people from punishing or discriminating against women who try to find out what their male coworkers are earning. >> one of the aspects that is talked a lot about in equal pay is the negotiation. >> it is hard to challenge pay equity if you don't know who is getting what. >> reporter: the new law places the burden on employers to justify pay inequity between men and women of similar jobs. >> you can certainly have different pay based on education levels or based on merit or seniority. but you can't do it based on gender. >> reporter: it is often said
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as california goes, so goes the nation. shaken and others believe the act signed today will be mirrored in other states. >> all right, ken pritchett live. thanks ken. a day after the governor signed california's right to die law, opponents are working to overturn it. the new law allows terminally ill patients to obtain drugs to end their lives. a group called seniors against suicide filed paperwork to collect signatures for a ballot measure to challenge the law. 65% of california voters favor the new end of life option. a former san francisco police officer at the center of an embezzlement scandal pleaded not guilty. 34-year-old mike evans is accused of stealing $16,000 while he was treasurer of the pride alliance. this is video of evans while he was still working with this department. the pride group discovered the money was missing early last
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year. he resigned shortly after the allegations surfaced an eventually paid the money back. he was arrested last week in texas where he had been living. now to lake county where trees are being cut down as part of the cleanup process following the devastating valley fire. some residents say the tree cutting effort is overzealous. has ktvu fox 2 news' john sasaki tells us, it is all happening much too fast. >> reporter: in this small devastated anderson springs community not far from middletown, crews are removing trees damaged by the valley fire. every tree marked with an x is at least being considered for removal. this man lost his house and now expects to lose all of his trees. >> we can't rebuild until the trees are gone. >> it is because you are worried they will fall. >> oh they will fall. >> reporter: up the road, not everyone is happy. >> i think the company that is cutting them, they are just letting them just do whatever you think needs to be cut. >> reporter: dan neilson who owns this plot of land says the
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utility is taking advantage of a bad situation. >> pg&e is just cutting what they can while they can. >> reporter: his trees were cut down without his knowledge. >> they want to just take this time to cut everything back as far as they can because they don't want to deal with them. >> reporter: there is an online petition to slow the process down. and many residents went to the lake county board of supervisors meeting to complain about the situation. >> there are a lot of people who are upset about it. they came from the board of supervisors meeting in lake port. they are aware of the concerns that people have. >> reporter: the resident who lost this home says he wants all the trees taken down. if they stay up and come down in a storm, they could block this creek causing another disaster for homeowners in the area. >> it will dam at the bridges. and, you will lose our bridges. and it will wash out the homes that are still standing. >> the trees are like the rock stars of the eco systems. >> reporter: cal fire is having several trees removed for a simple reason. >> those trees will be taken
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down as a precaution to keep them from falling on people. >> reporter: pg&e is taking out trees because especially damaged trees can easily knock downpour lines but officials say they are focused on trees that are hazardous now or have the potential to become hazardous in the future. in lake county, i'm john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. firefighters in the south bay say a live power line hampered efforts to put out a two-alarm fire in sunnyvale. started just after 3:00 this afternoon in a house on west eaglewood avenue. crews had to wait for pg&e to cut the power line. cut power to the line before being able to fully extinguish the flames. the blaze started in the home's garage. plans to build a new arena in san francisco for the golden state warriors received a boost today. mayor ed lee used csf and the warriors announced a plan to mitigate game day traffic problems at the uc hospital at mission day. the centerpiece is a
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transportation improvement plan funded by arena revenues and paid for by more light rail cars. a new platform and increase movie service on game days. there is also a hospital access plan that would keep certain streets clear of traffic to allow easy access to the mission bay hospital. the warriors hope to have the arena built for the 2018 season. the mission bay alliance says it accomplishes nothing but permanent gridlock and life threatening delays for san francisco. they say they will fight harder to protect the hospital. the neighborhood alliance has proposed its own site for the arena about a mile south of the mission bay location. a study shows breast cancer rates have dropped significantly in marin county. the county has been known for some of the highest breast cancer rates in the country. but today, researchers from the cancer institute of california says breast cancer diagnosis have now dropped 31% since a peak in 2001. they say breast cancer deaths
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have also fallen 65% since 1988. researchers attribute that drop to a variety of factors including a decrease in the use of hormone replacement therapy. cameras can get you a traffic ticket. at 10:30, how the governor jump started a program that turns muni buses into traffic cops. >> tracking your bay area wednesday forecast. we will see a little fog. i will tell you how much it will warm up in the afternoon. >> high school students walk out of class to keep their school from closing. with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. in just under 5 minutes you can see how you use energy and get quick and easy tips on how to keep your monthly bill down and your energy savings up. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator.
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>> students walk out of class in a last ditch effort to save their schools from closing. they marched from east bay high school in san lorenzo to the school board meeting. noelle walker was there. and this is a school with less than 200 students. why is it on the chopping block? >> reporter: tight budgets. tonight, school, staff, and students told this board tonight that they were blind sided by a proposal so close east bay arts and merge it with another small learning community. on a clear day, they marched.
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like an approaching storm. >> school is very important to us. >> reporter: the dark cloud hanging over them, a proposed closure of east bay arts high school. nearly the entire student body came to the board meeting. >> we wanted to tell the superintendent, we have classes. as you can see, we have a lot of support. >> reporter: there was a standing room only overflow crowd. >> how many of you have come to make a cement? >> reporter: students, staff, and parents made their case to stay open. >> the district should be studying this school and learning from the positive atmosphere they have created instead of trying to shut it down. >> reporter: the district says it lulled save $400,000 by closing east bay arts and combining it with a science and tech schools. it points to enrollment numbers which have dropped to just under 200 students. >> administrators are hackively telling students not to go to east bay art.
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>> i have heard that. >> reporter: the school wants time to get enrollment numbers up. >> let us recruit students to come to our school. >> reporter: many expressed concern they just got word of the proposed closure three weeks ago. >> it just breaks my heart that my dream high school might close. >> we are making an important decision. >> reporter: before that decision in november, they want the board to know. >> this campus has changed lives. saved lives. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> reporter: and if words don't convince the school board ... , students hope the song in their hearts will. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: so there is another board meeting october 20 to talk about the options, that final decision is expected november 3. and heather, the school board president told the crowd clearly, these kids are engaged and whatever happens,
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he wants to make sure that engagement continues. >> have they talked about what will happen with the students if the school closes? >> reporter: one of the options is to merge them with a small learning community which is a tech school. but, there are other options that are still being discussed right now as to where these kids night go and what might happen in the long run. they are hoping one of the options is to keep their school open. >> i heard you mention merging with the other school. but i didn't know if they would all be able to go. when you are a teenager and you build those relationships you want to maintain those. thank you noelle walker. a construction worker was killed today building a home just south of san jose. the accident involved an excavator and happened around 11:15 this morning at bruce way. the santa clara county sheriff's department tellstous bucket on the excavator hit the man in the head and killed him. they say the worker was a hispanic man in his 20s . he was pronounced dead at the
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scene. the sheriff's office and cal osha are talking to witnesses. they have suspended the site for now. police in san francisco are trying to figure out who killed a tourist from canada in golden gate park over the weekend. they identified that woman. but as henry lee tells us, they have a lot of questions and few answers. >> reporter: about 9:15 saturday morning, a passer by found the body of 23-year-old audrey kerry lays face down in the park. police would only say she suffered trauma and that her death is being investigated as a homicide. the night before, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival had the first few acts further east in the park. san francisco police don't know if kerry attended the festival which is free meaning there are no tickets or wristbands to track who showed up. >> we do know we had the bluegrass festival over the weekend. we do not know if the victim attended this or not. it started on friday. and, the victim was discovered saturday morning.
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we don't know the motive. we don't know if it was robbery. or what the circumstances surrounding the homicide are. >> reporter: kerry is from a city outside montreal, quebec, in canada. it is not clear how long she had been in the city. >> i felt safe here. i come almost every weekend with my kids. >> i feel safe unless there is any trouble, but there are a lot of people down by the don't feed the animals place who feed the animals and are very bad when you call them on it. i walk midday. i wouldn't come in the park after dark. >> reporter: no arrests have been made. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. biologists at the marine mammal center says a whale that washed up in fremont last month had been hit by a ship's propeller but what caused the death remains unclear. scientists performed a necropsy and confirmed it was a juvenile female gray well. the whale was undernourished which may have been caused by
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an abnormal sign. there was evidence of a ship strike, but it only penetrated the whale's blubber without breaking bones or causing bleeding. tracking a little bit of fog out there now. it has been a nice weather pattern and it continues tomorrow. today's temperatures, a lot of 07s , a couple of low 80s . tomorrow's temperatures, maybe the same deal. a little warmer. checking the east coast, things look good out there. finally drying out after the hurricane and all the rain in the carolinas. for us, that is is a nice moisture plume but it is going north of here. we expect this to drop down. this would be an el niño event. this type of moisture coming from the islands. once it points at us, it is game on. it is not happening this week. but that moisture is present, the longer it sits out there in the pacific this time of year, that is great for the potential for rain. it is encouraging. fog along the coast as we mentioned. another nice day tomorrow. temperatures are mainly in the mid 50s to low 60s right now.
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overnight lows getting chilly right? upper 40s in the very cool spots. tomorrow, you wake up and it looks like that. tomorrow afternoon's highs look like today. and then, a little bit warmer. then after that, these temperatures are going to show some red. we will get upper 80s and low 90s toward the end of the week. tomorrow a lot like today. i will see you back here after a couple of breaks. a u.s. air strike hits a hospital in afghanistan. the top u.s. general took responsibility saying the training of u.s. forces is already changing. >> nurses stage a strike and send a message about why the nurses are leaving the county medical center for private hospitals. ♪ ♪
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>> nurses at contra costa regional medical center walked the picket line and plan to be
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back at it tomorrow. there is is a wage gap between the private hospitals and the public hospitals. >> reporter: after negotiating for 15 months, today they marched demanding they look at serious patient care concerns. with plenty of sign to go around, the nurses gathered in martinez and marched from the hospital to the administration building where the board of supervisors was meeting. they used megaphones and drums to chant their commands. the national nurses united represent almost a thousand nurses and other healthcare workers there in the county and the unions say they want to see improved working conditions and higher pay to prevent experienced insurances from going to private hospitals. private hospitals pay as much as 30% more. >> we are wasting money on educating new nurses who once
10:25 pm
they receive training, go off to other hospitals that are paying more. and have better benefits. so in a sense, we become the training ground for a bay area hospital. >> reporter: after a closed door session, one county supervisor says he believes they are getting close to a competitive offer. now nurses are expected back in front of the contra costa regional medical center for day two of this two day strike. keba arnold, ktvu fox 2 news. u.s. counterterrorism officials want to know just where isis fighters are getting all the toyotas. islamic state fighters are often seen in toyota suvs and pickup trucks and featured prominently in their videos. toyota says it doesn't know how isis got them and there is a strict company policy against sending vehicles to terrorists. it is possible that isis got them through middlemen. the u.s. government is trying to track down the source. the top american commander in afghanistan said the bombing of the hospital on saturday was
10:26 pm
a mistake. and it was a u.s. decision. general john campbell testified before a senate committee on capitol hill today. the hospital was run by the group doctors without borders. at least 22 people were killed. general campbell said u.s. forces will undergo new training to reveal when air strikes can be used. the general also said he is recommending that more american forces be kept in afghanistan beyond 2016. >> the afghan security force's uneven performance underscores that the shortfalls will persist. >> there are about 9800 american troops in afghanistan. president obama is said to be considering the military's recommendation. another flight diverted after a pilot is incapacitated. then, a bay area high school student arrested. the threatening photo and message that landed him in handcuffs. >> if you stop in a bus lane or a bus only zone in san francisco, you might get a ticket from a muni bus camera.
10:27 pm
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>> cameras mounted on muni buses. that can ticket drivers. the pilot program that just got the green light from the governor. those cameras already issued thousands of ticks a year to drivers who block buses. >> but now, the governor has signed a bill authorizing the camera program on a permanent basis. and if you don't pay the fine, the dmv can block your car registration. ktvu fox 2 news' jana katsuyama live in the city with what can get you a ticket and how much they cost. jana. >> reporter: well here is how it works. if you stop in one of these bus lanes. the muni bus has a camera that will take a picture of your license plate and send it back wirelessly to a command center where traffic officers can view
10:30 pm
it and mail out a ticket. on the streets of san francisco ... >> it is changing a lot. >> reporter: officials have paveed the way for more bus only lanes and bus zones. off limits to cars. except taxis. >> it gets confusing especially if you are not from here. i see people not doing it right all the time. >> reporter: wheel many drivers have seen people double parking, illegally using the bus lanes or bulling into bus zones, what you may not have seen are the hundreds of cameras mounted on the front of muni buses that are now watching and can give you a ticket. >> the purpose of it is not to generate revenue. it is really to speed up transit service. >> reporter: the cameras are aimed straight ahead to capture any vehicles that may have illegally been blocking the bus. it stands for transit oriented lane enforcements. >> now, all 800 of our vehicles are toll equipped with a toll
10:31 pm
camera. so any vehicle on any lane at any time is capable of capturing a violation. >> reporter: violations can come at a hefty price. tickets are $103 for blocking an intersection or crosswalk. $110 for blocking a transit only lane. and $279 for blocking a bus zone. sf muni says revenue has ranged from a high of $750,000 a year in 2012 to $300,000 last year. just below what muni says it takes to operate the program. muni says the goal is to convince drivers to stay out of bus lanes. and some people hope it will make for better traffic flow and faster rides. >> i definitely think it helps. it keeps double parked cars out of the way. illegally parked vehicles so the buses can continue scheduling. >> reporter: muni's transit director tells me that right now, they are about 25 miles of these bus only lanes in the city and they plan to expand
10:32 pm
that to about 35 miles by next year. so, just be warned. there will be muni buses out there and they will be watch. >> i empathize with the woman from oakland who doesn't live in the city. it is difficult when you are just visiting. thanks jana. the governor signed a bill adding new protections against so called paparazzi dronesful it prevents them from flying drones over private property. the bill changed the definition of a physical invasion of privacy to include the air space above someone's land. southern california assemblyman ian calderon said they needed to be clarified because paparazzi used drones to catch celebrity ins their private activities. mean tile, illegal drone flights over new york and chicago could cost one drone company nearly $2 million. federal regulators proposed a record $1.9 million fine against sky pan international for conducting dozens of
10:33 pm
unauthorized flights in two of the nation's most heavily trafficked areas. they are afraid they will hit an airplane in flight and bring it down. a united airlines flight headed to san francisco made an emergency landing after the co- pilot passed out. the co-pilot lost consciousness and the captain diverted to albuquerque. the pilot revived and was taken off the plane to the hospital. just the other day, an american airlines pilot died after suffering a medical emergency. he likely had a heart attack. a superior court judge struck down and ordinance for landlords to pay $50,000 to cover the cost of moving and fining an apartment. they called the amount unreasonable saying it is more than the cost associated with being evicted and having to move and more than three times higher than what is currently
10:34 pm
available for evicted tenants. a new audit paints a bleak pictures about rank and file officers in the police department. the vacancy rate has hit an all- time high of 28%. ktvu fox 2 news' azenith smith talked to them. >> reporter: long gone are the days of wanting to be a san jose police officer as a new audit founds they had quadruple the original amount of 50 to fill. only 16 applicants were hired. one lived in san jose. >> there has to be more residents than that who are willing and able to be san jose police officers. >> reporter: san jose city auditors sharon erikson says the problem lies in the recruiting efforts. despite a $200,000 advertising budget. only half was spent last year. meanwhile, billboards for other
10:35 pm
jurisdictions are popping up in san jose. >> i don't know fit is shocking that contra costa is trying to poach our wonderful residents. but on the other hand, it points out to me that we need to be doing much more. >> reporter: other issues only three other people are devoted to police hiring. she wants to have more staff and diversify the applicant pool especially when it comes to female. 15% of the police force is asian american. 32% make up the city's population. >> the elephant in the room is what is missing the report. the settlement frame work has not been implemented. >> they are referring to the measure b settlement ending a long standing feud with the city over pay and pension benefits. it won't be implemented until the city's other unions finalize their agreements. >> it can never be put into place. would we be making these changes and looking at these
10:36 pm
recommendation ins and that is one thing we have to ask ourselves. >> the city council was supposed to talk about the audit at today's city council meeting but since the agenda is so long, the issue will now be taken up on october 27. at san jose city hall, i'm azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. twitter's new feature that some are calling critical to the company's future plus, you remember the signs that say no tech zone? we have some new information tonight about the person behind them. >> told you about what your wednesday is going to be like. we are headed for a warmup. how much warmer will it get and which day of the week will be the hottest? i'll' you back here. >> we are following developing news from berkeley where a search for a gunman is underway right now.
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10:38 pm
>> we have developing news from
10:39 pm
berkeley where a man has been shot. there is an extensive search understood way for the gunman. police received several 911 calls about a gunman. the victim was found on russell street near california street. a man who lives across the street said he heard about nine shots. police have corded out the areas as they search for the shooter. paramedics took the gunshot victim to the hospital. calaveras county judge found a 15-year-old boy guilty of second degree murder in the stabbing death of his eight- year-old sister. it happened in april of 2013. inside the family's home in valley springs. lila fowler's brother called 911 saying and intruder stabbed his sister. days later he was arrested and prosecutors tied him to the crime. the family insists he is innocent and had no reason to kill his sister and dna evidence from an unknown male was found on lila's underwear
10:40 pm
raising for doubt. sentencing is set for next month. chelsea clinton was in san francisco today meeting with students involved in the educational group called kivau. they offer resources to students and teachers who want to learn more about global poverty and finance. clinton spoke to a small group around noon praising its work. >> i believe so strongly in your model. because it is ultimately predicated on dignity and the belief that everyone deserves a shot. >> reporter: clinton linked their efforts to her new book entitled it is your world. it shares stories with young people around the world making an impact in their own community. >> in wall street, stocks closed mixed after monday's big rally. the dow rose 13, but nasdaq dropped 32. s&p lost 7 points ending the five day winning streak. berkeley based pete's
10:41 pm
coffee is expanding. they are buying stump town coffee roasters out of portland, oregon. the purchase price was not revealed. stumptown has ten stores this seattle, los angeles, portland, and new york. twitter launched a new feature designed to help users tap into what is trending without following anyone. the new tool is called moments. it gathers all the top tweets and trending issues and topics. the user just has to choose the subject matter. it is intended to bring users the very best of twitter more quickly. it will combine news and entertainment along with live events. the mystery surrounding those signs in san francisco that say no tech zones seems to have beensoeverred. the signs appeared in alamo square in delores park advising people that electronics were banned. they were the work of an artist named ivan cash. he wanted people to think about how using cell phones interferes with conversation and the enjoyment of public
10:42 pm
spaces. the signs have been removed. warmer weather on the way. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking it and it is expected to be with us through the weekend. >> plus, a high school student under arrest. how an alert parent may have thwarted a school shooting. >> late word of a deadly shooting in oakland. we will tell you what you with learned so far. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> more developing news. police are investigating a homicide. they say a man was fatally shot inside an apartment complex on fifth avenue at east 19th street near lake merritt. it happened shortly after 7:30 tonight. investigators say the man was shot in the head and neck and pronounced dead at the scene. we are told officers are looking right now for that shooter. >> a possible shooting at a high school in fairfield was prevented today. and a 15-year-old student is now in custody. as claire tells us, the arrest
10:45 pm
came after an alert parent found a disturbing photo on twitter. >> reporter: police arrested a 15-year-old after an alarming tweet was flagged by a parent. the teen had a. 22 caliber rifle and claimed he would hurt people on campus today. >> we follow up on everything. >> reporter: students online communication is a great advantage allowing parents to identify threats. says vince matranga. for decades, he was the chief of police for san francisco unified schools. >> they should assign someone, maybe a school administrator, a vice principal to review social media. >> reporter: they arrested fourteens last week for a shooting plot at summerville high school thanks to a tip by other students. >> the students would come to the officers and tell them valuable information that so and so may have a weapon and
10:46 pm
that information will get to the officer who would give it to the school administrator. >> reporter: the sacramento county sheriff's department says school resource officers play a vital role. >> a lot of the officers are assigned to multiple schools within the school district. and they kind of make their rounds in the rotation. so, the presence there is always good. >> reporter: and in preparation for a mass shooting like roseburg, sacramento county deputies are required to undergo training of active shooter scenarios on school campuses. >> in terms of the initial response, how to get a team together to locate, isolate, and neutralize whoever the active shooter is at that point in time. >> reporter: reporting in sacramento county, claire, ktvu fox 2 news. and we are tracking some of those warmer temperatures out there. today, the numbers look like these. tomorrow's numbers look like these. won't be much different. these are the numbers, 83 in fairfield. might be a little warmer inland. you may find numbers that will
10:47 pm
be maybe mid 80s in some of the hotter spots. but you know the local es. san jose will be 80 degrees. the gradual warming trend is occurring. a beautiful night out in the city. patchy fog along the coast now. and i showed you earlier the fog footprint tomorrow morning is going to push in. i know it is kind of hard to make sense of el niño. it is thousands of miles away in the pacific. when you get a warm current down here in the equator. it puts up a lot of storms, a lot of hurricanes especially in the pacific. here is a hurricane that is driving all of its moisture north. now, el niño probably had something to do with the hurricane's location. look at the moisture tap. that is thousands of miles long. that is what el niño looks like. this time of year, the jet stream is too far north, but as we get further into the season,
10:48 pm
the dais get shorter and the nights get longer, this jet stream will drop down. you probably know all this, but i want to make it clear because a lot of people get confused. that 2,000-mile fire hose gets pointed directly at us, that is game on. that is when you have flooding and issues. that is what a strong el niño can mean to the bay area. okay? so, that's a good sign. that plume of moisture is spectacular. it is just not going in our direction. 58 at walnut creek now. 65 livermore. san jose tomorrow. let's take a look at that. you are going 75 degrees at lunchtime. 80 degrees for a daytime high in san jose. the story, then, tomorrow, will be high pressure. and there is that moisture plume going up over the high pressure. this sigh sinnings a little bit. as we head into the bay area wednesday, you are looking at 78 in sonoma. 74 vallejo. 84 antioch. 84 livermore. and the santa clara valley, lots of low 80s . good air quality.
10:49 pm
fire danger is not off the charts. and just a nice looking wednesday. five day forecast. the bay area weekend in view. ken and heather, buzz that make sense? >> absolutely. >> i think people think our water off our coast is el niño. no. it is in the equator. it creates storms that go in the atmosphere. get caught up in the flow transporting it to us. superrer charges our storms. >> we know the water is warmer from el niño. but we don't know if the jet stream will bring that weather toward us right? >> yeah. if the jet stream has to phase in with that el niño. that is why it is so important. looks like it is. when they phase in, when our winter phases in, you get that. that signature is kind of what we are talking about. >> looks good. >> thanks bilge. and stay with us. we will be right back.
10:50 pm
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>> mark joins us now talking about baseball playoffs. which, i don't really care about because we are not talking about the giants but i know other folks care. >> it has been a while since the as and giants have not been in the playoffs. so, we just move on. a couple of years ago, they lost 111 games. we were calling them the houston lastros. no longer. they put an end to the pinstripes season. though in fairness, these are not your bronx bombers of yester year.
10:53 pm
they packed yankee stadium tonight and they did not have a thing to cheer about all night long. in fact, the only run the astros were to need provided by colby rasmus. he beat the giants with a long home run like that. that is billy crystal. lit be a long night for you billy. and in the fourth, carlos gomez. another no-doubter. it is a solo shot. what a pickup he was mid season for the astros. 2-0. one of the best hitters around. jose altuve with a single to left. no long ball needed. that is an r.b.i. and a single. plenty for dallas keichel. three relieverrers and the astros put them down, one, two, three for the night. there it is. a beautiful shutout. only three hits for the yankees and the celebration in new york begins for the visiting team. let the bubbly flow as well. look at that party.
10:54 pm
in their clubhouse. onto kansas city in the american league divisional series that starts thursday. royals and astros. nice to see the astros moving on. but come on. wild card series? got to be three games. if you really love baseball, you know what a great story the cubs are. and it would be a shame if they were to get ousted by the pirates in just one game. but, as the cubs work out today in pittsburgh, it is preparation for tomorrow night's game. they have a feel pretty good about the guy they are throwing out there. jake arrieta, he will probably win the cy young award. the cubs have won 17 of the 18 games he has started. needless to say, he is in a groove. >> the confidence was there in the first half. you know. getting in that sweet spot of timing and the tempo of my delivery. was something that slowly transpired and got better.
10:55 pm
as long as the tempo is there with my delivery, everything is going to work out pretty good. >> that guy is just about unbeatable right now. meantime, a little reminder last night of just how insanely popular the warriors are right now. exhibition last night, more than 18,000 fans showed up. not that it mattered but the warriors did win. and right back at it today at the interim coach luke walton, steph curry had 14 and continues his tutelage of ian clark. he has a shot at making the lone roster spot available and happy that mr. mvp has taken him under his wing. >> a lot. i'm learning a lot from him on and off the court. especially him taking the lead role and kind of being the guy i have modeled my game after. i push myself. make the team better.
10:56 pm
>> all right, to answer the question, why do nba players need a whole month to get ready for the regular season? the chicago bulls etwan moore who is denied by the rim. he just didn't get there. that youngster does that. but how about the veteran of 18 years vince carter? that is embarrassing. he goes up, not touched by anybody. he hollers foul. just couldn't get up high enough. and, there you go. exhibition basketball. hey, fleet week of course in san francisco. and to help get it rolling, a few of the 49ers boarded the uss somerset to join in various personnel. national guard, receiver tori smith on board. and, that no contact drills. and, having a little fun out there. doing some recruiting maybe finding someone who can actually throw something. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> i didn't say that. [ laughter ] >> yeah you did. >> that is it. have a great night. >> goodnight, we will see you
10:57 pm
tomorrow everybody. ♪ ♪
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