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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 7, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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deputies now want to find. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for waking up be us. just about 32:59. >> not even 4:00 in the morning. >> i'm bryan flores. let's get your faye started. steve is here. 4:00 now u. >> perfect. rise and shine. >> here we go. >> all right, thank you, bryan, pamela, sir. >> steven. >> thank, you good morning. >> well, if you liked yesterday and you liked monday, you'll like today. there's really not much changing here. a little bit of low clouds and fog. after that, we'll start with 50s and 60s. we'll end up with 70s and 80s. a little slow is don't -- low is continuing to move out. it's in there. trust me. you'll find it eventually. what's interesting is this is going to backtrack and visit southern california. until then, 50s. santa rosa
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says 51 degrees. a little bit of a breeze. yes, a little stronger. we'll see if it holds. yesterday, it fell apart. high clouds north. high pressure over us. that qualms the same as we had. same, same, only different. morning fog. sunny and nice. a little breeze at times. nice to mild to warm. that would be 80s to the interior. seventys around the bay. it's 4:01 on a wednesday morning. good were monthing, steve, we're off to a decent start. the traffic looks good. take a look at the bay bridge teleplays at that. -- plaza. you can see we're off to a good start. there's not a lot of traffic as you would expect this time of the morning. we'll let you know everything is okay. sometimes things happen. this morning is not one of them which is good. no major problems there driving through. interstate 880 s. traffic is moving well in both directions here. and if you are driving a little bit further south. south to union city and beyond.
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to question three people in connection to the shooting death of a man out hiking on a trail near fairfax. the man killed was 67-year-old steve carter. he was a relationship therapist and had moved this summer so miss wife could receive cancer treatment. amber lee has more on him and the persons of interest investigators are now looking for. >> the sheriff's office says this is surveillance video from a convenience store in fairfax showing two individuals investigators want to identify and talk to about the killing. one photo shows a man in a hat. the other, a woman. there is a third person, the man whose image the sheriff is not releasing because of the poor quality. investigators say tips have poured in. >> every bit of information we had described him as being out of place, behaving strangely. >> the sheriff's department says the hiker found the body of 67-year-old steve carter about a hundred yards from the trail head with
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the leash of his dog, a doberman pinscher still in his hand. both have been shot. carter died, and his dog is now in critical condition. >> i'm absolutely shocked. fourteen >>reporter: people who live in the area often use the trail for recreation. they say this killing makes them think about their own safety. >> i would never expect something like that to happen on the hiking trail around here. i have lived here for 38 years and never heard of anything like that. >> looking around at who was nearby. it was definitely unnerving and made me tense and wary. >>reporter: carter and his wife had been staying with friends. authorities say their silver vw wagon that looks like the one pictured is missing. >> so someone comes across
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this car 66 pg, 662. at this point, they do not have enough information to say what the motive might be for the killing. >>reporter: investigations are underway into shootings in san francisco and berkeley. just after 8:00 last night, san francisco police received a report of a possible shooting victim on mason street near market. when officers arrived, they found a woman had been shot. they performed cpr but could not save her. police did identify what they are calling a person of interest in the case and took that person in for questioning. in the meantime, a neighborhood in south berkeley was on edge as police searched for a gunman in. officers received 3911 calls at about 8:30 last night in the area of russell and california streets. the man had been shot several times. he was rushed to the hospital. there is no word on his condition. police ordered people living in the area to stay indoors because the shooter was on the loose.
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police are not confirming a report that three people were detained. a spokesperson tells ktvu more information about the shooting will be released late they are morning. a man hit and killed by one of its trains. it happened about 7:00 last night. there were # 260 people onboard the train, but no one was. so both trucks were back open by 9:00 last night. time is 4:05. today, governor jerry brown is expected to sign into law a plan that supporters say will help in the battle against climate change. it is designed to increase california's renewable electricity use by 50%. california is already on track to get at least one-third of all electric power from renewable sources by 2020. it also requires existing buildings to double their energy efficiency in the next 15 years. the governor wanted to include a requirement that would have cut petroleum use in half, but oil
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companies and drivers opposed that. well, opponents are already looking to overturn the state's new right to die law. a group called seniors against suicide began working to collect signatures ifer a valid measure to challenge the new law. the new field poll shows 65% of california voters support the new law allowing terminally ill patients to obtain drugs to end their lives. nurses on the picket line. today is the second day of their two hoff day strike. they began striking yesterday at contra costa and other clinics in the county. they have been in negotiations for more than a year and working without a contract since july. this is video of the nurses on a picket line in martinez. the cam cool nurses association wants the county to increase their pay to reduce the number of experienced pleasures leaving for a private hospital. there is a 30%
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wage gap between the nurses at the county hospital and nearby private hospital. a last-stitch effort to keep a school from closing down. >> they're trying to shut down our school. our school is very important to us. >>reporter: students walked out of class and marched to make their case to keep the school open. the district says enrollment is low and closing it would save $400,000. students, parents, and teachers say that would be a mistake. >> it just breaks my heart that my dream high school might close. >> the district should be studying the school and learning from the positive outcome they have created instead of closing it down. >>reporter: it would be merged with a small science and tech school.  there is another planning meeting later this month. the final decision on the closure is expected on november 3rd. well, a troubled south bay charter school has a new leader.
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rep ported william overton as the new president and superintendent. the school opened in august, but a month later, a part-time lunch monitor was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a student on campus. two days after the arrest, the santa clara county office of education says school satisfy could not verify employees went through background tests and tb tests. the school was shut down for a week until approve -- it proved all the tests and checks had been performed. there's a report that the ceo of -- >> according to the soon jose news, the santa clara water district board has been negotiating departure in closed session meetings. the paper says goldie has had numerous run-ins with board members. only 27 had trusted in the management. he denies he's on the way out telling the news he's not aware
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of any effort by the board to remove them. usfs backing the new arena in san francisco. the university, the city reached a deal to manage gameday traffic problems near the hospital in mission bay. now, it calms for a $10 million transportation improvement fund that would be paid for by revenues from the arena. the city says that the fund is desteined to guarantee that resources will be in place to manage the flow of visitors, traffic, and transit around the arena once it opens. there sales a hospital access plan that would keep certain streets clear of he vent traffic. one neighborhood group opposes the new agreement. the mission bay alliance says it accomplishes nothing but permanant gridlock and delays. they will anything to harder. proposed its own site about a mile south from the mission bay locations.
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rebuilding efforts are underway in the aftermath of a valley fire. coming up in 20 minutes, complaints of some homeowners about the clean-up of the burn zone. >> they are often seen in isis p propaganda videos. investigation into who supplied the terror group with toyota trucks and suvs. we're looking at the east bay commute. it looks good z you head to the mc arthur maze. >> a plume taking -- making way to the pacific northwest. your wednesday temperatures coming up.
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thirteen people confirmed dead. reporter kelly wright explains. >> as south carolina tries to recover from this week's historic flooding, the state is facing new problems. at least 11 dams have collapsed since saturday, and
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officials say they are monitoring dozens more currently at risk. >> we're putting eyes on these dams. we're not just looking and saying what could happen. we have people on the ground assessing it literally as we go. we know which numbers are watching and which ones we're watching. >> deputies are going door-to- door to warn residents about potential danger. >> that reaches a lot of water that could come down. obviously, i don't know how high it's going to come. >>reporter: the national guard is also working to repair breaches like this one in the wall of the canal. we want to maintain the money maximum water level. >> as the water reseeds in parts of the state, residents are returning home to survey the damage left behind. >> it was coming in through the kitchen wall, the bathroom walls, the bedroom wombs, through the living room walls. it was up -- walls. it was up over the sandbags. >> donations are pouring not
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from all over the country with people working to get food and bottled water to those in need. >> i didn't hesitate to drop anything and put as much water as i could in my car. >> we need to see what that immediate need is. maybe it's staying in the hotel or we put it somewhere. >> about 40,000 people in south carolina are without safe drinking water. that is down from about 130,000 at the height of the storm. kelly wright, fox news. >> the national transportation safety board is now leading the investigation into the disappearance of a cargo ship near the bahamas. the last contract with the ship was last wednesday. experts say it sank in 15,000 feet of water. there were 33 crew members onboard. in maine, relatives and friends of the missing drew members gathered for a candlelight vigil and to pray for a miracle. >> we are hoping for the best.
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we are not giving up. >> i know he's out there floating around there. they are just going to pick him up any time now and bring him home. >> the ship had two lifeboats onboard. one of the boats was found in pieces. no sign was of the other lifeboat e. professional landscapers cut down a 100-foot tree last night. >> there it goes. >> the large pine tree safety came down without damaging nearby houses. a homeowner tried to cut the tree by himself but realized it was starting to fall in the wrong direction. at first, three homes were evacuated, and then as a precaution, pg ande was called and crews cut power to ten houses now. once the tree came down, everyone returned to their homes. >> yeah, don't try to cut down
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a big tree by yourself. that doesn't seem like a good plan. >> get the professionals involved. >> it's not cheap to have a big tree cut down. i have had to do that before. >> yes. >> no, it's not easy. >> no, they have to take it apart limb by limb. that is where the expression can came from, i guess. they claim up there. >> anyway. >> i was going to go there, but you know, it's too early in the morning. let's just go to the traffic. my goodness. i haven't had my coffee yet. 4:17. right now, we are looking at a commute on highway 4 that is actually doing pretty well. coming up. the traffic looks very good, and there have been no major problems by the way, if you are driving this morning on 680 nearby or on highway 24, we have a live look at highway 24 for you between walnut creek and oakland. it is a nice-looking drive. when you get to the san marxpteo brian, traffic looks good from the hayward side to the peninsula. we're looking at the bay bridge because it's one of the busiest commutes in the bay area. right now, it looks very nice
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heading across from oakland to san francisco. at 4:17, let's go to the weather now. let's go to steve. >> well, we have a little bit of fog out there and a few high clouds towards the north bay. overall, everything continues to be south and north of us. it looks like it's going to stay that way for a while. a pretty good warm front toward the pacific northwest. rain near portland and seattle. just some higher clouds drifting by. a few maybe to the south. and water temperatures went up. bodega bay now 61. san francisco, 62. sixty-three. sixty-one. sixty-two. sixty-three. sixty-four. that means the coastal temperatures. the lows stay pretty much near 60. that is where we have for san francisco. we go 72 for a high. slightly above average. it should be 70 this time of year. a combination of a few high clouds. interesting. the low. this is the same low that gave thunderstorms to parts of the bay area saturday night. went down to southern california. now moving off into the four corners.
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it's going to put on the air brakes. other 50s and 60s. santa rosa at 52. a few 50s more so the no north. fifty-one. these will a lot cooler than yesterday. that is for sure. heelsburg at 53. any breeze? a little stronger out towards travis. sixteen. that's a couple miles per hour more than yesterday. then it fell apart by 9:00. we'll see what happens. thirty-six. fifty-four. sixty warm degrees. that makes sense. 646789 look at the moisture plume. just sources taking aim at portland, seattle, and extreme northern california with some higher clouds. this low will move into about al but kerr i can and start to retrogrid to baja and come back up here on tuesday or wednesday. believe it or not. southern california probably for something active weather. wouldn't be until next wednesday. morning fog, sunny and nice. breezy at times. eightys for some. just about where they should be to slightly above. they are above
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san francisco, oakland, around the bay, starting off very mild. except for some high clouds, we will get a little warm-up thursday into friday. kind of level it off into the weekend. very quiet for us. >> looks good. kind of like your physique right now. >> i was going to say you too. you been taking a boxing class or something. >> you guys been working out? >> hey, never mind, pam. don't get me started. >> i saw your picture finally. yeah. it's a tough work-out, but it's a lot of fun. >> correct. well, she hit a $310 $310 million powerball. no, not you. not me either. coming up in 20 minutes, the first thing a michigan woman did when she found out she won. >>reporter: next, the county known to have some of the highest breast cancer rates in t country. the reason experts believe there have been a significant drop in new cases.
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a recall. most just need a software update. some need new injectors. the entire recall to be done before next year. the solution of lawsuits
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against bill cosby continues as he faces another lawsuit. a model is accusing cosby of drugging here at the playboy mansion in 2008. she filed a suit in a federal courthouse inl. yesterday seeking punitive damages for a variety of problems including mental anguish since the incident. the lawsuit is a third filed against cosby since last year and includes a list of 40 women who have accused the comedian of some form of sexual misconduct. a san francisco superior court judge struck down a law requiring landlords to pay astricted tenants $50,000 in relocation costs. the judge said that amount exceeds the reasonable relocation assistance authorized. and that is the state's law that allows landlords to evict their tenants when they leave their rental business. the city plans to appeal this decision. the rate of breast cancer is dropping. the county has been known for some of the highest breast cancer rates in the country. but researchers from the cancer
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prevention institute of california say marin has seen a 31% drop in new cases since 2001. deaths from breast cancer in the county have decreased by 65% since 1988. researchers attribute to a variety of factors including a decrees in hormone replacement therapy. chelsie clinton made with -- met with students involved in the educational group. it's part of the microfinance group. it offers resources to students and teachers who want to learn more about global poverty and finance. clinton spoke to a small group yesterday and praised its work. >> i believe so strongly in your model because it's ultimately predicated on dignity and the believe that everyone deserves a shot. >> clinton linked their efforts to new book titled it's your world. they shared stories of young people around the world making an impact in their community. time is 428 -- 45:00. one of the
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largest releases of inmates. thousands of prisoners will benefit from an effort to cut costs and reduce overcrowding. >> and a stanford graduate one won -- won one of the highest honors in science. the recognition given to one of the world's top researchers in genetics. >> good morning, we're looking at a commute here where the traffic is not bad on 280 and san jose. we'll tell you a little more straight ahead. >> well, not much change. maybe a few high clouds. temperatures staying the same or warming up. pretty good moisture in the pacific northwest. what about here?
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good morning. welcomes to mornings on 2. i liked monday and tuesday, so i'll like today. >> i might as well enjoy it. >> we are. >> some of us are looking for rain. >> yes. >> but at least it's not ridiculously hot. >> the nights are cooler and they get here much sooner now. that is a good thing. we are locking at high clouds. a few clipping extreme northern california and a few in the north bay. that is about it. this is a pretty good source of moisture towards portland and seattle. water temperatures have come up. low 60s to mid 60s. and about 60 degrees on the low. and low clouds like -- low moving into the four corners. we'll eventually backtrack to baja and end up near us by next wednesday. fiftys, 60s on the
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temperatures. west/southwest. sixteen. a little stronger. fifty-four. and lock at that. and moisture. it's heading north, and again, this low may plan to the middle of next week. that's then. today's high is 70s and 80s. i hope things are still okay. >> things are still looking pretty good. good morning, everyone. if you are looking at a commute on the freeway. it should be a decent one for you. we look at the golden gate bridge and all of north bay commute. that looks good. it looks like traffic is three and three on the golden gate bridge. if you are driving on the bridges, we have a nice-looking commute. the best pictures. i did see a couple of lights up there, a couple of flashing lights. it looks like it's just roadwork being picked up and traffic is so light it's really not affecting anything at all. if we look at the toll plaza, you can see it is very, very light. there is not a lot going on even when there is a


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