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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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sedated. she expected to make a full recovery. the attack caught on video. >> the assault does not appear to be a random act. it's believed to be related to a night club incident of >> reporter: shortly after midnight thursday on the streets of downtown sacramento. an argument between two asian men and spencer stone and his friends turned violent. stone believed to be in a long white-sleeved shirt and dark pants was stabbed multiple times. >> this is not a terrorism related incident more is it related to what happened in france. >> reporter: police believe the argument started outside these bars on the street. this afternoon blood was cleaned off the sidewalk. >> it looked like the victim was attacked and dropped right there. >> reporter: the attack comes less than two months after stone and his friends thwarted a terror attack.
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hailed as heroes, the men were celebrated last month with a parade in sacramento. skarlatos tweeted this today. >> i'm glad. >> reporter: police are looking for two asian men who fled in a dark-colored car. a stunner on capitol hill today when republican california congressman kevin mccarthy abruptly dropped out of the race to be the next speaker of the house. he ran into opposition from a small block of conservatives. >> if we're going to unight and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. nothing more than that. i feel good about the te and be
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strong, we need a new face to help do that. nothing more than that. i feel good about the decision. >> reporter: he also said his remarks on the benghazi investigation hurt. i could listen to that sound all day long. that is the blue angels. they are back practicing today for this week's fleet week performances, an annual tradition here. they're able to fly just 18 inches apart in some cases. >> reporter: you can't miss them. the blue angels, blue and gold, f18 hornet jets are loud and fast. the star performers for this week's fleet week activities along the waterfront. the blue angels flight leader says the team loves to come to
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san francisco each year. >> definitely one of our signature sites. it had huge military implications, and we've got tremendous supporters here. >> reporter: the blue angels fly air shows not only to wow the crowds but to show how skilled they are as a way of encouraging young people to stay the course and work together as a team. >> we do it to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the military wprecision and discipline. >> reporter: how do they fly so close together? they can be just 18 inches apart from wing tip to canopy. and they use the golden gate, alcatraz, and other landmarks to guide them. >> to be able to fly closely and precisely. >> reporter: up in the air, he guides the rest of the team by
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introducing each maneuver on the radio. the five others check in with their call signs. even the biodegradable smoke that comes from the exhaust nozzles of the jets is activated on his command. when he says smoke oall the pilots pull a lever simultaneously. >> when we move, we do it very precisely. so they're going off my voice. and it allows us to look like we're in perfect unison. so i would say up we go, a little more pull. and then i start moving the stick, and they start moving the stick as well. that's where that trust comes into play. >> reporter: they fly at 3:00 pm friday, saturday, and sunday. >> 18 inches apart. >> crazy. >> such incredible pilots. i remember a couple years ago i
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was excited to see them, and we waited and they came out for a second, flew around, and the problem was cloud cover was too low. that's the big question this weekend. >> i got a live camera up here. that live camera, that's how it's going to look certainly tomorrow. saturday and sunday, similar to this as well. there might be a little patchy coastal fog. but you're going to be able to most likely see -- i don't see a problem at all. now i got this current imagery. a little forecast we put together for fleet week on friday. this is tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s. by 3:00 in the mid-70s, partly sunny and warm. that's your friday. saturday, and sunday. cooler in terms of cloud cover. when the angels flyering, you should have great visibility. that's my hope.
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and i'll see you back here with the forecast. >> you can get the latest on the conditions anytime, including the blue angels this weekend on our app. dozens held a rally today saying san francisco needs to finish the job when it comes to the central subway system. >> eventually to fisherman's whatever. >> they gathered calling for the city to purchase the land in order to connect the subway line from chinatown and north to north beach and fisherman's warf. >> we didn't build one more inch of subway and we're paying the price now. we have 200,000 more people in san francisco without 1 inch of additional subway capacity.
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>> the border marks the path of the subway to the north. they say it will generate more jobs and business. when completed, it will connect so . oakland taking another step to keep a large marijuana dispensary in business. the u.s. justice department is trying to take over the property housed in the harborside health center as part of a nationwide crackdown on marijuana dispensaries. oakland is trying to block that process. in august, a panel found the city has no standing. oakland has asked for a rehearing before a larger panel. harbor side says it serves 200,000 registered medical marijuana patients and is the largest dispensary anywhere in the united states. a chiropractor now convicted of sexual battery
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faces four years in prison. he was the owner of good life chiropractoric on hamilton avenue. arrests made after thieves broke into a south bay drone store last month. the suspects stole $5,000 worth of merchandise. police arrested the suspects and recovered the property. a scathing report just released today on pg&e. it says pg&e continues to have problems related to the safety of its natural gas system. this comes five years after the san bruno explosion and fire that killed eight people and devastated the neighborhood. it t >> reporter: more than five years after the deadly
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explosion, san bruno's crestmore neighborhood still bears the scars of that disaster. since then, pg&e says it spent billions upgrading its natural gas system, especially its delivery system. >> we're maintaining a system that goes back 100-plus years of >> reporter: but the report done by an independent firm says pg&e still has not computerized all its records and maps showing the exact location, type, and condition of its pipelines. >> we've implemented some significant improvements to enhance and digitize records associated with 6,750 miles of admission pipeline and 40,000 miles of distribution pipeline. >> reporter: the report says pg&e has failed to restrict the maximum operating pressure on smaller pipes that feed towns and neighborhoods. >> it says they haven't changed! >> reporter: state senator jerry hill. >> they're still trying to do it their way rather than the legal way and the regulatory way. >> reporter: other violations include failing to consider how
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what's learned from one incident can be used to prevent others. and failure to properly mark the location of pipes when a third party needs to dig in the area. >> our employs in the field are empowered to stop the work if what they find in the ground does not match the records they're using. the majority of the processes associated in the report for pg&e have been identified as best practices. >> reporter: but senator hill says silver linings don't make safe pipelines. >> they may be too large to succeed. when you look at these problems that keep occurring, and they're the same problems, they may not be able to correct those. it may be time to split them apart, create one gas division, one electric division, or let's move to a public utility. >> reporter: this neighborhood's rebuilding has taken many, many years. the rebuilding of trust will take a lot longer.
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three people in jail tonight accused in the killing of a man on the north bay trail. >> three people who all identify as three lost souls. >> what we're learning about the suspects and the critical evidence. >> the bay area county leading the way this election season. where residents won't be able to head to the poems this november. >> a live look at the thursday evening commute. these are the conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> and now interstate 80 in berkeley, the commute direction obviously on the right, very slow-going as they head up to the university enue exit there at the top of the screen.
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tonight three suspects are behind bars hundreds of miles away. investigators also recovered a key piece of evidence. >> reporter: this is where steve carter was killed monday evening. >> all three suspects are being detained and interviewed by investigators. >> reporter: sheriff doug pittman released little information about the suspects. morrison lamply, sean engald, and algood. officials told me morrison had been booked there on five different occasions. >> it appears we have three people that all identify as having three lost souls, and we're trying to identify exactly what their motivation, their state of mind, all these
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things are going to come into play in the process. >> and the weapon we believe is the weapon used in the commission of the crime. confirmation will come through staphs testing of >> reporter: it was before 6:00 pm monday that carter was shot and killed on the trail. his dog is still being treated for a gunshot wound. earlier that day, one of the suspects stopped at perry's dell nefairfax. >> he wasn't asking for free food. he just wanted the most he could get for $5. but he looked a little antsy. i'll say that. >> reporter: he left without buying anything. >> it was a little nerve racking. it was the same day. and the fact that i interacted with him. >> reporter: investigators found evidence in marin on wednesday. >> a citizen happened to be
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hiking along a road in west marin county, seeing a wallet, and seeing that it belonged to our victim. >> reporter: it's unclear when the trio will return to marin county. they could fight their extradition. a search underway in the south bay for a man who escaped custody right before being booked into the santa clara county jail. he was being booked by two bondsmen when he managed to escape while still handcuffed. he had just been picked up for two outstanding warrants. anyone with information about him is asked to call police. polls for local elections
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could be a thing of the past. last year governor jerry brown authorized san mateo county to hold all-mail elections. there will still be limited physical polling and drop-off locations. lawmakers are considering adopting the model statewide to save money and streamline the voting process. it's so nice. the weather. but we need that rain! >> it's amazing when you think of how much they got from hurricane joaquin. >> overnight in parts of south carolina they got 20-some inches of rain. that's almost sfrn's entirely yearly rainfall. >> it still feels like -- >> it's going to happen. no matter how much we get though, you're not going to break out of this drought. >> but it'll help! >> it'll help.
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but what happens is if we get that kind of rain, we can't store it all. it runs off into the water. so the amount of water we need to fill reservoirs, we're not going to get enough of that. and in all el niño years, most of the rain falls south of bakersfield or santa barbara. and think how many reservoirs are down there 80% of the water for the entire state is stored up here. if it rains down there, 300% of average doesn't do us a lot of good. beautiful sunset tonight. notice that moving further south. isn't that beautiful? it's going to be beautiful
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tonight. there's the cloud cover that's going to make for that beautiful sunset. and we've got cloud cover pretty much all over the place right now. and that's how it'll be tomorrow. we were talking about the blue angels, and the cloud cover should be fine for them to fly. and it should be. they do high elevation maneuvers. there's tomorrow morning. there's the cloud cover. i suspect saturday and sunday will look like that as well. and temperatures tomorrow that will be about where they were today. then it cools a little bit. this high pressure center after tomorrow drops down a little bit. and when it does, we're going to see a few clouds lingering like we talked about. then it'll trend temperatures down especially on saturday, warmer on sunday and monday. forecast highs, 90 in
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vacaville, brentwood, livermore. most of us won't notice much of a difference between today and tomorrow. 69 in pacifica. there's your 5-day. isn't that pretty? >> it is beautiful. >> it's just a beautiful night. fall in the bay area. right? >> doesn't get any better. raising prices for the most popular internet video plan. the company will increase the standard monthly plan by a dollar. it will only immediately affect new customers. existing ones will continue to pay $8.99 until october, 2016. prices on the basic and premium service will remain unchanged. this is the second time in 17 months the company has boosted
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its u.s. rates by a dollar. netflix stocks soared more than 6% on this news. you can see the spike there. josh donaldson gets injured in today's american league playoff game. it's a newcometory fleet week. on board a ship that look like something straight out of star wars. and continuing coverage of tonight's top story, doctors update the medical condition of the american hero who was stabbed outside the sacramento bar. we'll have these stories and top headlines coming up altd 7:00.
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a yoga teacher from india can't copyright his moves. he is the founder of bikram yoga, a series of 26 postures done in a heated room that he calls a torture chamber. he sued a rival yoga studio accusing it of infringement. the court of appeals says it doesn't imply to processes intended to improve your health. >> ever done that kind of yoga? [ laughter ] baseball playoffs. hard for me to get excited because the giants and the a's -- >> and you're a big hockey guy! and toronto is no longer in there. >> baseball now.
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excited about the blue jays. but it did not go too well! blue jays send david price to the mound but they have other problems. look at josh donaldson. for precautionary reasons, the star is out, at least for now. meantime price has his problems in the postseason. 4-2 texas in the 6th. buttivity awake up for toronto! they got a lot of power in their lineup. cuts it down to 4-3. but look at odur. this is just like a hot laser. 5-3 is the final.
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eli manning, seven touchdown passes, one interception. odell beckham jr., star receiver went to college with 49er stacy eric reed. both were at lsu. and look at that catch. unbelievable. and reed says he knew beckham was going to be a star in this league. >> i thought that he would be one of the lead receivers in this league. i didn't think it would happen so fast. he's doing a ton of stuff this year. he practices and that's why he makes those great catches. the 49ers, a lot of pressure on them to get -- you got to put on a decent show. still got a little something. >> right.
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confidence. i don't know. >> the giants seem to be getting better each week. tonight at 10:00, more stories for you about a young boy inspiring a hockey team. ♪ ♪
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