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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> good morning. san francisco police noticed similarities between these two crimes and reached out the authorities in marin county shortry after the hiker was killed on monday night. police have been trying to figure out who killed audrey cary. he was killed in golden state park. that was after the hardly strictly blue grass festival. cary was killed in a wooded area. steve carter was killed in a heavily wooded hiking trail in fairfax on monday night. on wednesday three people were arrested in oregon in connection with carters killing. morrison lampley. 24-year-old sean angle and
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lilaalgood. they will be facing murder charges with her death and there's evidence linking them to the killing of steve carter. they were found with the gun used to shoot the hiker and his dog on that trial monday night. it's the weapon we believe is the weapon used in the commission of the crime. confirmation will only come through testing. >> authorities say someone found carters wallet tossed alongside of the road. he and his wife were staying with friends while she was going through treatment for cancer. the trio accused of the two killings here in the bay area, they remain behind bars in portland and it's unclear when they will be brought back here
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in the bay area to face charges. >> such a crazy case. hopefully we find out more information about motives in this. we're going to get a third look. >> what was that event. >> the philippine american press club. >> happy friday, we have a little change, the higher clouds are gone. that looks like a cooler pattern for coast and bay, inland temps, upper 80s to near 90. looks like next week may be warm to hot again. good morning mr. p, my new pet. he's in the backyard with the sand due to the lack of rain.
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i agree, it's been very dry for a long time. higher clouds have moved off. a new system will move over us. 40s, 50s 60s. mountain view 63, hayward 60, 62 concord. a few 60s and 50s. a few locations are running mild. others are trying to get on the cool side. very deep, strong system in the gulf of alaska, that fired up the ridge of high pressure for us. we'll have sunshine today, warm for most. with a increase of fog at the coast. 80s to near 90s inland. i hope friday light today. i hope snap too, right now we have -- i hope so too.
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let's see what we have now. starting off with a look at the commute in the south bay, south bay 880 at coleman is an injury accident. traffic is so light at this hour, it's not causing a big delay. there may be a delay past the scene. out to live pictures, we have a look at the san mateo bridge, heading out to the highrise with no major issues. at the bay bridge toll plaza it continues to be light. here's a look at the top stories we're following. a reported shooting at northern arizona university at the flagstaff campus. university police posted a tweet saying one person is dead and three others are injured. the shooter is in custody and
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the campus is not on lockdown. the prognosis is good for spencer stone, the american who helped stop a terrorist attack on a train bound for paris, france. two men stabbed him during a brawl yesterday morning outside a sacramento bar. the stabbing is not related to the terror attack on the train. san francisco animal control workers are asking for help to find a puppy stolen from a shelter. the pit bull was taken from the city shelter 15th street yesterday afternoon. authorities released photos of the people they say took the dog. this young woman and young man tampered with the lock on the cage, grabbed the puppy and took off. the search continues for a oakland man who left his injured daughter behind after crashing his car after a police
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chase. the police tried to pull m over because they hout he may have been involved in a home invasion robbery earlier in the morning. he ended up leading police on a chase with his 6-year-old daughter on a chase. he ended up crashing. the girl suffered injuries and will require surgery. san mateo county are mailing ballots to registered voters. this is the first all mail in voting. voters are encouraged to send back the ballots through the mail. they can drop them off at the town or city hall. they can get the i voted stickers. voters in san francisco will be asked to weigh in on
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jen triification. >> last night in the mission district a concert for yes on prop i. putting a moratorium on mum tie units for 18 months unless they are low income. neighborhoods determine the housing not the market. >> the solution is not the say let's stop anything, in particular housing. that's the wrong thing to do. both sides are campaigning heavily. it will be on the ballot on november 3. pro points of -- opponents of the vaccination laws have failed to get enough signatures. it takes 366,000 to get a
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measure on the ballot. the law requiring vaccinations takes efficient next july. i'm a newly released and scathing report on pg&e says they continue to have problems tracking the natural gas system. this comes five years after the explosion and fire in san bruno. they have upgraded the system, but the report done for the cpuc says they have not computerized all the maps. >> we've implemented significant improvement to enhance and ding ties records. they are trying to do it their way rather than the legal way.
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>> the report says pg&e failed to restrict the pressure on smaller distributions pipes that feed towns and neighborhoods and failed to properly locate the pipes. indiana fraternity has been shut down following the release of a video. they are volkswagened the charter after a video shows members cheering on a brother involved in a sexually explicit act with a woman. it involves a man and two female exotic dancers. >> that's disgusting, i'm embarrassed for the greek system that it happened. >> the national office said no pledges were forced to take
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part. the organization says the chapter must be punished. that's not the first time this chapter has been investigated. after throwing a controversial kanye western themed party an ucla is being investigated. some party goers dressed like kanye west. time is 4:40. elan musk had something to say about tesla being hired to work on the apple car.
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musk said they have hired people we fired. we jokingly call apple the tesla grave yard. i'm not kidding. business insider says that musk thinks building a car is the next logical thing for apple. seaworld in san diego can build bigger tanks for the killer whales but cannot breed them. animal rights feared they were going to breed them. the expanded blue world exhibit is set to open in 2018. a biology professor is helping to document zombie honeybees in california. a beekeeper spotted the first
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case in new york. he discovered a parasite that ineffects and kills bees. his web site allows people to up load pictures of bees that come out at night and stagger like zombies. mostly on the west coast. it's 4:42, it's one of the highest international awards and the winner was just aannounced. the recipient of the noble peace prize. >> there's a new hockey team in the bay area. how the coach's son is serving as a source of inspiration. we're looking at the south bay commute. so far so good on 280, as you drive up to highway 17, we have a couple things to watch in the south bay. higher clouds are gone,
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made for a beautiful sunrise and sunset on thursday. now we have some fog cooling down the inland temps.
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. welcome back, mornings on two. talking about hockey. the san jose shark minor league team relocated to san jose from worcester massachusetts. they will make their debut tonight. >> as amber lee found out the heart and soul of the team does not wear skates. >> here we go. here we go. the pace is fast. and the stakes are high. each player with the san jose
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barracuda minor league team is looking for a chance to move up and earn a spot on the sharks roster. >> there's a lot of ups and downs, when you're not playing well. >> but the players have an edge over other teams in the american hockey league. mo. he keeps the room loose, that's what we need with our group of guys. >> good job. he's the locker room attendant and takes care of the players gear. >> you bring it down. he's the son of the coach. he's fourth generation oakland native. he's brought his son to the locker room for 18 years and it's helped him become more social. >> we're playing ice hogs.
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>> hogs. >> majerle's speak is limited. he has down's syndrome and autistic. >> they need responsibility, jobs and to be part of the community and the fabric, and makes them feel good. two year as question he sang the national anthem at a game. for a man like move to do that took a lot of courage, he's a big inspiration. >> the barracuda players say the 25-year-old taught them
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appreciation for imperfection. his rituals is evident. >> taught me to enjoy the little things in life and not get caught up in what i have or don't have. last year is our first healthy year in a while and caught called up. i give mo the credit for that one. >> he's a huge blessing for us and does more for us than for him. his place is in the locker room, his gift, is comfort and camaraderie. >> he's grown into part of the fabric around here. in san jose, amber lee, ktvu, fox two news. it is 4:48, let's check in with sal. what's your theme for friday traffic jams today. >> flying.
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because of the blue angels. so here's one song, i'll play. >> tom petty. >> lenny kravitz. that's right. see what i'm talking about. this is called "fly away." we want to hear songs from you that have fly in the title or talk about flying somehow. thats to honor the blue angels who are in town. let's look at the commute, there's not a lot going on. turn that down for a second. thank you guys. we're looking at how 24, doesn't look bad. looking at the accident list. the only thing we in the south bay, traffic continues to look good. also looking at the san mateo bridge, the traffic looks good heading to the peebeens la,
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southbound 880 -- peninsula. let's go to steve. fly like an eagle up. >> i think someone will request that. we have mostly clear skies, the higher clouds that gave gorgeous sunset. the fog is parallel to the coast more than making a push inland. it's there. it will be cooler for a few near the coast and in san francisco. very strong system in the glove of alaska -- gulf of alaska. allowing a cooler pattern. there's hints of another warm one. 40s, 50s 60s, half moon bay 52, hayward 60, 66 livermore, san
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jose 62. fairfield 62, for some it's cool. others warm. low 60s, 50s for others, 58 at santa cruz, 53 in ukiah, 40s in the mountains. 50, 60s 70s from redding to the valley and fresno and bakersfield. we're getting a westerly breeze, here comes the low, it will backtrack back to baja and eventually take it's time, it looks like it will move back into southern california next week. it's a dry forecast, coming back around, i doubt we see much but higher clouds. sunshine, warm for most, 90s inland. the fog has moved in toward the coast. slightly cooler for some, 60s, 70s, 80s to 90 again for some. rebound on monday and tuesday,
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back into the upper 80s inland. >> nice weather to watch the blue angels. lou clouds will be -- low clouds will be increasing. >> sometimes the fog comes in. >> by the time they fly it should be fine. big clouds hidden in 140 characters. what your tweet specifically are revealing about you. from beer the pumpkins it is looking like fall across the bay area. we'll look at the events happening this weekend.
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. welcome back to the mornings on two. the half moon bay pumpkin way off is on monday. there's other fun events this weekend. >> it's october, that means it's understander way. the san francisco sell request division: sell brace is underway. in san francisco the oldest italian american parade in america will fill the streets.
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the columbus day parade will move from fisherman wharf to the square. the family event features art work, live entertainment, car shows, microbrews, food and entertainment for children. how about country fun in fremont, harvest korb and press cidar at the harvest time at the farm. the farm has a train and pumpkin patch, tickets are $6 for children and 10 for adults. bacon and brew event, live music, food, and breweries. the niners are on the road in new york and the raiders are hosting the broncos.
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we are following breaking news out of arizona there's been a shooting at northern arizona university. what we're learning about the victims and the person accused in the shooting. police need your help to find a dog that was stolen from a shelter in san francisco. the two people police would like the question. we're looking at the san francisco commute and north bound 101 looks good. it's a warm week, the higher clouds are on the way out but the fog has returned for some.
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. we have new developments surrounding the three people charged with the shooting death of the marin hiker. the new death they are linked to. the spike of cal train accidents is prompts action. what they are doing to prevent trains and cars from colliding. iding. good morning, thank you for joining us, if you are just waking up i'm pam cook. >> i'm just waking up. i'm here but i am just waking
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up. >> good morning i'm dave clark. steve paulson. >> i just woke up. >> he's been sleeping in here. >> it's friday. rather warm as it not. >> yes. extremely. >> i agree. 90s yesterday for many, inland will be cooler for some coast and on the bay. fog is moving north and south, that will usher in a slightly cooler pattern. the higher clouds are moving out. cooler on the low, 57, 67 at noon, 70 today. still there's a few areas near 70. 47 at santa rosa. that sounds nice to me. other locations in the 60s, low 60s to upper 50s. the breeze continues to come


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