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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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. two bay area homicides are linked and three young drifters who wound up in portland oregon face charges. the evidence that led police to connect those cases. good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. san francisco police are about to give up updates on the murder of a hiker in marin and the three young people. audrey kerry was found last saturday morning in golden gate park. initially police say she died of a head injury. today they reveal she had been
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shot to death. two days later, an of 67-year-old yoga teacher was found shot sto three others wounded death in a hiking trail near fairfax. they linked the two killings because of the similarities in the cases. victims shot to death in wooded areas. carter's car was traced to portland, oregon where the three suspects were arrested and n evidence came to light. >> when the arrest was made in oregon there, was property that belonged to our victim that was located in the possession of the suspects and again, we can't go into detail as far as what property that was, but that is what made the connection to the san francisco case. >> 23-year-old morrison lamply, sean angold and lia scott allgood will be arraigned in court today. we expect to hear the latest from investigators. here is tara moriarty with what
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you expect to hear from them. >>reporter: any moment now, the commander of investigations will be coming out and making an announcement, giving us a lot more detail about how san francisco's murder case is connected to the marin county murder case. we know that the well known yoga instructor, steve carter, was killed on a popular hiking trail. his body was discovered monday. his dog had also been shot and a few days before on saturday morning, 23-year-old audrey kerry's body turned up in golden gate park. she had also been shot to death. san francisco police made the connection between the two cases. they sent somebody up to oregon on wednesday when portland police arrested that trio of drifters. the suspects again identified as 24-year-old sean ang gold. morrison lamply and lila all good. none of the suspects has a permanent address according to authorities they were discovered in oregon with carter's car and
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we were told that items in the car linked the trio to kerry. someone close to the investigation told me kerry had bought new camping gear and that is what inspectors found inside of the car. they also have recovered the gun that they believe was used to kill carter. we don't know yet if the same gun was used to kill kerry but we should hear in a few minutes from lieutenant chaplain. more details about the case and the connection that both authorities in marin county and san francisco and portland were able to make. back to you. >> tara moriarty, as soon as the investigators start speaking we hope to hear back from you and have more coming up on the 4's. now a developing story from houston, texas where police are on the scene of a deadly shooting near a college campus. one person was killed, another was wounded. this is at the apartment complex owned by texas southern university right across the street from campus. the school was placed on lockdown and classes have been
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cancelled for the day. the shooting happened at 9:30 a.m.. no word yet on if whether or not the victims were students at school. police say the suspected gunman has been taken into custody. this is the third shooting on the tsu campus in the past two months. the second at this apartment complex. a confrontation between students at northern arizona university turned deadly this morning when police say one pulled a gun and started shooting. four male students were hit. one of them is identified as colin braough. he was killed. they identified the shooter as 18-year-old steven jones. it started as an argument at 1:30 a.m. in a parking lot on the dorm of a flagstaff campus. some students locked themselves in their dorm rooms. >> this is the safest place. i hate to think something like this to happen to people that are part of the community. it breaks my heart. >> the conditions of the three wounded students aren't known. university police arrested jones
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after the shooting. president obama is in the process of being in roseburg oregon this hour to meet with the families of the shooting victims of umpqua community college. he arrived in oregon a few minutes ago. he became emotional and renewed his call for tougher gun legislation. the white house says the president's visit today is strictly to offer comfort and sympathy to grieving families. not everybody in roseburg supports the president's call for tighter gun regulations. some supporters are protesting during the visit. in just a few hours, the men accused of killing scott lund gren is due in court. he is charged with murder with special circumstances in the deadly shooting. he is accused of killing him during a traffic stop on july 22nd. estrada is expected to enter a plea today. doctors upgraded spencer stone to fair condition at uc davis medical center where he is being treated for stab wounds he got during a fight in sacramento. the hospital says stone can now
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get out of bed and is in good spirits. sacramento police are searching for two men accused of stabbing stone. one of the heros who prevented an attack on a paris bound train. this surveillance video shows him in a street fight. at one point, doctors feared stone would not survive. >> air man stone's condition is serious. while he has sustained significant injuries, air man stone's care team anticipates that he will make a full recovery. >> stone's left hand was injured when he and two childhood friends from northern california stopped the train attack in europe. sacramento police say there is no connection between that incident and the street fight. police searching for a man who left his 6-year-old daughter behind after crashing his car during a police chief. san leaned roe police say -- leandro police say they tried to pull him over and he crashed at 85th avenue and east oakland. he and his passenger ran away
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leaving his injured 6-year-old daughter in the car. a fender bender led to a fight that left a man hospitalized with life threatening injuries. san francisco police say the victim was driving near taylor when he got into a minor accident with the driver of a merchandise. the two -- mercedes. the two men got into an argument and the mercedes driver punched the other driver. the parade of ships is rolling in under the golden gate bridge and people are crowding to the san francisco water front to catch the fleet week festivities including the air show that gets under way. ktvu fox two brian flores is live with a perfect view i imagine, brian. >>reporter: an awesome view. good afternoon to you. the parade of ships at 11:00. you're looking at the crowd that is lined up here next to the yacht club in san francisco with
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the ships coming under the golden gate bridge. this is the beginning of a weekend full of events. and that was the navy's southwest band playing. there they're currently playing along pier 39. the marine corps band is playing at union square. several people lined up along the water front here along san francisco to see the parade of ships led by the san francisco fire boat guardian and uss saint george and other ships followed. we spoke with some who trekked far to see this for the first time and others who have come to fleet week every year. >> it is awesome seeing the ships come under the golden gate bridge. i've never seen anything like. that all of them in formation. yeah. i'm really excited about it. >> just being here in the bay and san francisco. it is a beautiful city.
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it still is. and fresh air, it is not foggy today. that is kind of. >> yeah it was great weather today. the highlight of fleet week is of course the air show that gets under way 20 minutes from now and the blue angels set to do their performance at three this afternoon. the military and several first responders set-up what is called a humanitarian assistance center along the marina green. like a mini city that shows first responder capabilities at the time of a disaster. that is open along the marina. as we take it back out here live, you couldn't ask for better weather. it is an amazing time to be out here along the marina to watch the air show which gets started in 20 minutes from now. people have lined up here, still, as you can see, plenty of space to see the air show which kicks off at 12:30 this afternoon. blue angels around 3:00. gasia, back to you. >> thank you so much. just so you know, we're waiting to hear from san francisco police as we expect them to give us the updates of
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the killing of a hiker in marin county and a hiker in the goelten gate park. -- golden gate park. we spoke with tara moriarty. she expects to hear from the investigators, how they linked the two and she gave us new information saying that one of her police sources, oh, let's listen i. >> her body was discovered in the golden gate area golden gate park area of chain links of jfk around noon time on october 3rdrd. she is a canadian national that arrived here on september 19th. she has been back packing and camping in the area of golden gate park from what we've been able to gather so far. she was in communication with her family via e-mail. the last date that she was in contact with her family that we've been able tos certa october 1st. there is no
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contact that we can verify on october 2nd. her body was located in a wooded area in golden gate park chain of lakes park around noon time. she was found suffering from a gunshot wound and as of right now that is the listed cause of death. the investigators opened up a homicide investigation. later on it was discovered that was there was a second homicide that occurred in marrip county and investigators -- marin county and investigators noticed similarities in time, location and manner. we then were in contact with marin county sheriff's office they tracked their suspect to oregon via gps. we discovered oregon police department, portland, police department made an arrest of three individuals in that case and in connection with marin county's shootings, responded. some of the investigators responded to oregon to assist
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marin county in the investigation of the homicide because of the similarities. there was evidence recovered connecting the suspect's of both murders the weapon used in the homicide was then tracked to an auto burglary that occurred here in san francisco. that auto burglary occurred near in a residential area near fisherman's wharf and that happened on september 30th in the evening hours ar 8:30 p.m. to thursday, the first of october, 4:45 a.m.. it was not reported until noon on the 1st of october the victim made a counter report at central station. the investigators immediately opened an investigation into the auto burglary and stolen gun
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case. they found some video that did not show the auto burglary. we've been canvassing the area looking for additional video. we haven't been able to locate any. there was one location identified as having video. the premises appeared to be vacant. they were in contact with the owners and trying to secure the video. can you repeat what the location was? >> it was in a residential area near fisherman's wharf. >> and was it a civilian or a police officer. >> a civilian. >> so the weapon taken in the burglary was the same weapon used for the homicides and golden gate park? >> we believe so, yes. >> so again, tony, can you tell us what happened in terms of that burglary where the gun was
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stolen again? just do that over for us . >> the vehicle, speaking to the owner, the vehicle owner believed he lockth vehicle. it appears he did not. he had the weapon secured in a lockbox that was stolen. >> a lockbox? >> correct. >> you said he was a civilian but he had a lockbox for his gun like law enforcement agents do. >> no. it was portable. it was secured inside the vehicle locked. >> so the car was parked where at fisherman's wharf? >> a residential area. >> are you charging the three suspects with the auto burglary? or are you -- >> at this point all charging decisions will be made by the prosecutor's office. we'll present our entire case to them and let them know what we have and what we've obtained
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during interviews. >> so again, the gun stolen, was believed to be the gun used in both crimes or one ? >> at this point we believe the same weapon was used in both crimes. >> can you describe it. >> i don't want to get into too many particulars it is an open investigation involving two different counties. >> when will you present your evidence to the prosecutor? >> within the next 24 hours. >> you thought there was a connection between these. can you walk us through that. it was a hunch or you heard what happened to carter, did you say you wanted to keep following it and say portland, you want to come? >> all of the above. when the second homicide occurred, when they died from
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gunshot wounds, there were too many similarities in the time and manner. . they will reach out and try to see the investigation. they got an early heads up in on things that point them in a direction that these things might be involved. >> and did you assess what was found inside the vehicle that may have linked the case to audrey kerry. >> some of the victim's camping . >> was there a reason why the gun was stolen on the 30th that the owner decided to wait. >> you're listening to a news conference getting new information in the death of 23-year-old audrey kerry found in golden gate park days before marin county hiker steve carter was found not far from the golden gate park site. they're talking about the gun used in both homicides.
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they think it was tied to an auto burglary. investigators are in portland, oregon where the three suspects are right now. we're working on getting more information on exactly what they will be charged with, when they'll be brought down to the bay area we'll stay on top of the situation, bring you more coming up on the four. for now we're taking a short break. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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. good afternoon, everybody, the fog has returned, not a lot but there is more there this morning, mainly on the sonoma and marin coast a little cooler coast but still very warm inland. i can't find any rain. i can find a cooler pattern. the higher clouds are on their way out of here. we had spectacular sunsets. most of that cleared off so it won't be as nice tonight as it was thursday night. fog though is there. a sign of things to come. you can see a little bit from bodega bay, going right down the coast, more so than going from west to east. it will be on the move tonight. 599 bodega bay, low 60s san francisco, half moon bay, and also for monterey. a little bit of fog near the golden gate. that will be picking up later on. there is just not a breeze. we're hoping it might turn
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westerly. right now it is easterly for some. napa airport has turned west. system moving into the pacific northwest will help erode this high ridge of pressure, break it down slowly. but just enough to cool us down on saturday interesting, though, the remains of the hurricane came up from hawaii rocking all the way up into the gulf of alaska, gave juno record rain. very rare to see that happen in october. it can happen but usually never in october. a lot of the energy is moving as it does. it will bump the high down for a couple of days. this low gave us the thunderstorm last saturday night, early sunday, came down out of washington, oregon, went over us briefly. went flying by. gave rain to la, san diego, phoenix and tuscon. lots of reports in new mexico and texas. now it is backtracking it will go over very warm water and end up off of the southern california coast and move back in and gib them more rain. maybe next wednesday or thursday. for us it is an a dry forecast. just a little cooler, can't find
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any rain as we talked about. here comes the low. we'll keep an eye on it for next week. we might get clouds out of it but i douth we get any rain. warm for most, near 90s for some, another day for 90s for inland temperatures. 60s, 70s, and 80s for others. these are well above average as you might imagine. most locations will be oip to 79 -- 70 to 79 and san jose, santa rosa, well above redwood city. even with sunshine it is not as warm as the past couple of days. cooler weather but okay for fleet week and the blue angels, the fog will retreat by noon. it does look warmer again, upper 80s and 90s by monday and tuesday. new names being thrown around in the race for speaker of the house. who republicans are pushing for and the california representative who is expressing interest. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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. taking a live look at new york stock exchange, not huge numbers down. the dow will manage to close up just a little bit. s&p 500 will be closing, it looks like it might object track to close just slightly down again by really a fraction of a point here. nasdaq as well going to being a few points it seems but we're about half hour ahead of the close. republicans and congress are putting pressure on representative paul ryan to step in and run for speaker of the
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house. majority leader kevin mccarthy put the process in a tail spin when he withdrew his name to replace john boehner. he didn't have the votes to win. this morning before a meeting of the house leadership, mccarthy thinks ryan would make a great speaker. daniel webster of florida and jason chaffetz of utah are running but he would defer to ryan. >> if ryan got into the race, of course i would support him. he would be the kind of person i could get excited about. part of the reason i got into the race is because people like paul ryan weren't stepping up to do it. >> southern california congressman darryl isa announced he will throw his hat in the ring if ryan doesn't. >> i'm not a candidate for speaker, paul ryan is not a candidate for speaker. the difference is there is a resounding amount of support for paul ryan to agree to be the speaker and i'm part of that team that is trying to get him to be a speaker. all of us have to consider serving if paul .
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>> paul ryan refused to comment today. in the past he repeatedly said he doesn't want to be speaker. that politically messy job could under mine his white house ambitions. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news much hope you follow us on twitter and facebook. more on the two homicides in marin and san francisco linked to three people now in oregon. see you at four! captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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>> today on tmz... >> french montana is trying to drive a wedge between khloé kardashian and james harden. >> a camera guy shows him khloé in nike tennis shoes. >> she can sell whatever she wants. that's my baby! >> he was like, i'm going to push her, as the poster child for nike. it's a chess game. love is a chess game. >> french montana does not know how to play chess. [laughter] >> ice cube comes out. we ask him all the pressing ice cube questions. we say, are you optimistic about the lakers this year? his answer? >> you tell harvey i'm gonna kick his ass for waking me up this early in the morning. >> you know how i know he


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