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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 12, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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hundreds of flight delays and very long lines across the country. what you need to know if you are flying today. mornings on 2 starnow. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us. it's monday morning. >> and new this morning, a marin county native and washington postreport bore has been jailed in iran has been convicted. a spokesperson says jason was convicted. he does not have the details of the verdict. he faces four charges, the most serious is espionage. unclear if he is convicted of all all charges or some of those charges. u.s. officials have heavily criticized the trail trial held behind closed doors. faces a sentence of up to 10 to 0 years. right now, 4:00 right on the dot. let's check in with steve. and i remember on friday, you
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said it was probably going to heat up monday and tuesday. is that still the case? >> it is indeed. never ends. >> it feels like it; right? >> never ends. >> it will be very toasty for many today including parts of the coast. there is a little fog. i don't think it has much of a chance. tuesday into wednesday. today sunny side up. warm to hot. same low nine days hah ago. eight days ago gave us that thunderstorm. went all the way to the four cairn corners. backtracked. it's on its way. fiftys and 60s. napa is in there. santa rosa. fifty to 51 no. breeze. slight offshore for oakland. everything goes up and over. plenty of energy up here. we will tackle this little low and see what is in store for us tuesday and wednesday. today lots of sun. warm to hot. it's been my forecast since june social security.
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ninetys near some inland areas. some mid 9 0á9s for others. eightys around the bay. south 401. if good morning, sir. >> right now we're looking at a commute where traffic is actually doing very well. no major problems from san francisco. the bay bridge traffic is light in the city. the san mateo bridge looks like it's frozen. the traffic looks good. if you are drive until san jose, northbound 101 traffic is doing good. northbound 2280 and 85. all the freeways are off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. it could be another rough day for passengers of southwest airlines. the dallas-based company is advising travelers to arrive early for their flights today. as reporter kelly wright explains computer problems cause the airline to delay hundreds of flights over the weekend and still working to resolve the issue. >> frustration in the sky has
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hundreds of southwest airlines flights are delayed due to computer problems t. the dallas-based company forced to process customer transactions manually sunday because of the issues approximate. >> we have an hour in the express line. it hasn't moved in the last 30 minutes, the so it's going to be a long day. we decided we are going to go to the bar and drink. >> passengers use key crossing and tags for luggage. some crowded southwest terminals waiting to be issued. handwritten tickets. >> i don't know if we're going to make our flight. we leave at 1:15. the glitch that -- the app, website, and reservation centers began sunday morning and continued into the evening. the cause has not been determined, but southwest says there is no indication the problems were the result of a hack. regardless, passengers say the whole experience has been frustrating. >> they're not saying
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anything. that's the problem. there's not a person doing anything. >> in is not the first time the computer problems have impacted the travel industry. last month, a technical glitch at american airlines prevented passengers from checking not and briefly halted flights on select routes. and in july, hundreds of united airlines flights were grounded because of computer issues. considering everything is dependent on computers, if there is a glitch, you need a back-up system and need to be able to handle things. >> southwest the asking passengers to arrive for flights at least two hours early. a cyclist in san francisco was killed after being hit by a bus. it happened yesterday afternoon on market street. police say the man was riding near the streetcar track when his wheel got stuck and he fell under the bus. police say he was wearing a helmet, but the 48- year-old man died at the scene. >> that is the scene.
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a biker. last week, i also fell on market street. >> the man's that imhas though the been released. this is muny's second death. released a statement saying in part, quote, the sfmta and its more than 5000 employees wish to express our deepest sympathies and can dollnesses of the family and friends of the cyclist who lost his life. the three people accused of the deadly shootings in san francisco and fairfax are expected to be brought back to the bay area tomorrow. police arrested morrison, shawn ingall and lyla allgood last week in portland. accused of killing 23-year-old audrey carrie in golden gate park and accused of killing 67-year-old steve carter in the space preserve in marin county. they found evidence and the murder weapon with the
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suspects when they were you arrested. an unmarked car. the three suspects are said to appear before a judge later this week. >> it's not something you see every day, but in weekend, tour itselfs in san francisco got a rare sight when a great white shark attacked something in the water. ktvu's noel walker talked with research scientists saying this is something they have never seen before. >> such a great white. >> this video at al coo as the island was posted to youtube on saturday by chris shindley. it shows what appears to be a eight to ten-foot shark attacking a seal or a sea lion. >> the shark is what many have come to refer to as a great white. >> they need no superlative. they are great, so we call them white sharks. >> david mcguire a research scientist with california academy of scientists. he says the video shows something never before seen in the san
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francisco bay. a white shark attacking its pray. >> it is san francisco bay. you have top predators coming in. >> sharks tend to follow their food, fields and sea lions are staples. mcguire says sick and starving sea lions coming to shore this year show a need for more predators like white sharks. >> and no one is dipping their toes in the water thinking about sharks off alkatr as island. >> in is pretty scary. >> they can't get past. we can't go past the bridge. i guess they can. >> they can, and do. >> it's jaws. >> but that doesn't mean white sharks are looking for a snack along the bay mother. >> there are people swimming, enjoying the bay every single day without risk of shark attack. there are much higher risks like getting hit by a
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boat especially on a day like today. >> when everybody else is looking in the water. noel walker, ktvu. 4:08 is the time a new insurance products for lift drivers. the first of its kind for drivers. he plans to talk about the future of the projects and will be available later there afternoon. and the district process. of finding cain instruction firm to build the suicide barrier. the bidding process for the $76 million project begins tomorrow. the project just got the green light from the national service on friday. and restore their equipment on parklands during construction. the barrier will be made up of a giant steel net extending 20 feet below and 20 feet from both speeds of the bridge.
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>> well, there is a revolutionary new traffic signal being tested in san jose nor producing pedestrian safety. it is on snail avenue. here is how it works. the lights are gash until a person on foot pushes -- until a person pushes a button to cross the street. now, this video is from the delaware department of transportation. many parts of the country already have these lights and several bay area cities are planning to add them also. well, it is the battle of the giant pumpkins. the annual world championship pumpkin weigh-off is being held at half moon bay. the winner of the heaviest pumpkin will get paid $6 a pound. there's an additional $30,000 prizer up -- up for grabs for any grower whose pumpkin breaking the world record is 2323 pounds. ktvu heading to half moon bay as we speak. take a look at some giant
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contenders. he'll have a live report in the next hour. >> the pumpkin festival at half moon bay. a lot to do. so 4:09 is the time. well, let's talk about a plane crash in south lake tahoe. it was deadly. coming up in 20 minutes, the reason so many people actually expected it. >> and it's the democrat's turn in the race for the white house. the preparation is underway for tomorrow's first debate. good morning. we're looking at the east bay commute, and right now, traffic is moving along pretty well in interstate 880 in both directions. well, like a broken record. sun in i and warm to hot again today. we will focus our attention to the south for tomorrow. more on that coming up.
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welcome back. democrats are getting ready for a big week in the race to the white house. today's first at the bait is tomorrow. hillary clinton trying to submit her lead. more from washington. well, we know this about tomorrow night's debate. had oilery clinton will be positioned stage-center. she could face attacks from both sidings. this will be a critical -- sides. this will be a critical week for hillary clinton.
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a wounded but still clear frontrunner among testimony t i can'ts. at this point, her biggest challenge is coming from bernie sanders. he's more than 16 points behind clinton acornedding to the average of national polls, but coming on strong and actually leading clinton in new hampshire forcing her to move to the left on a number of issues. >> she's got a comfortable lead, but she is in jeopardy. there are questions about flip flopping. there are questions about authenticity, questions about accessibility, and questions about her ed logical positioning. >> if cameras and supporters, meantime, are following vice president's joe biden's every move even to his grandson's flag football game over the weekend. he seemed relaxed, but he is he nearing a decision. there is no plan to include him unless he makes a last-minute bid. he did get some praise from his boss last night but it fell short of an all-out endorsement. >> if you are sitting right next to the president in every meeting and wrestling with these issues, i
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am sure that for him, he's saying to himself, i could do a really god job. >>reporter: the president also indicated that he is pretty confident did. if help to run for a third term, he would win it. it's something that he'll never have to prove. in bashing on the, fox news. >> the leader of house republican heartliners says the group would look favorably on congressman paul ryan if he moves if -- runs for speaker of the house. ryan has said he's not interested in the position, but he also said he would discuss the matter with his family back in wisconsin over the weekend. a chairman of the freedom caucus says for the moment his group is sticking with its endorsement. florida congressman, daniel webster. the freedom caucus responsible for john boehner's early retirement. a military helicopter carrying nato crashed killing five of the people onboard. an afghan security guard who witnessed the crash says the helicopter appeared to strike a mop or thing balloon as it was lapping
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at a nato base. two of those killed were members of the rural airforce. five people were injured. nato has not yet released the nationalities of the other service members who were killed. a plan is being considered that would allow inmates with violent pasts to fight wildfires in california. currently only hundred mates with violent crimes can participate with the fighter program. there are 3800 inmate firefighters in t state. that's down from past years. the proposal comes as new data shows there have been violent incidents involving inmate firefighters in the past ten years. that includes riots, fights, and incidents involving weapons. prison officials say those incidents are rare. governor brown has signed a bill requiring daycare workers to be vaccinated. the legislation mandates people who work or volunteer be immunized. opportunity new law,
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daycare providers will have to obtain records proving their staff has been vaccinated against the flu, whooping cough and measles as well. this latest legislation comes after the governor signed a hotly contested bill in june mandating every student going to public schools be vaccinated. let's check in with sal fresh off a couple of losses be i the niners and raders this weekend. it was not pretty. >> and by cal. >> i wasn't going to mention it, but yes. >> this is when you have to stick with your team. you don't go running off. >> no, you don't. >> my team is playing on thursday night of all things. they're coming up to play san i thursday night. all of us are going to be in bed by seven. >> i know. >> good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at what you have now. this is a charmed life; isn't it? here we are with two. i'm going to show
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you a little bit of something here. you can see highway 21 looks good from walnut creek to oakland. when you get to oakland, the day bridge toll plaza, the traffic is not very slow. it's very light coming in from san francisco. we're not expecting it to be a light monday unless you are going to be traveling in the next hour and a half or so. this is a you look at the south bay commute. whether you see green, that means the traffic is at the speed of it a4:18. glance you. gentlemen mostly clear skies. just a whisper of some fog. that will help. there's just nothing to support it really.
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>> it went almost all the way to texas and wrapping back around. that's not something we expect at all. maybe some rain to the south. eightys and 9 0ás. monday southbound the sunniest day. we'll see clouds increasing sunday and wednesday. best chance for any rain would be wednesday for us. it is also going to throw humidity. fiftys or 60s on your temperatures. low to mid 50s here. any 40s? waiting probably petaluma. we'll check in there, but other temperatures, 52. bodega bay 58. and mid 50s for many. a little bit cooler on sunday. and favor an area offshore in oakland airport. the system will o'connell in later in the week.
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our focus is going to be on this guy. it will send in a lot of cloud cover. we'll tackle that tomorrow. lots of sun. warm to hot today. ninetys for many. not just low 9 0ás. mid 90s for some. seventys and 80s for others. all well above average for this time of year. maybe even hotter and muggier tomorrow. cloudy to mostly cloudy tuesday into wednesday. it clears up thursday. it does look cooler if we go to the weekend. >> broken record. >> it's been a long time. >> it's a long time. >> i can see the frustration in your fear face. >> it's not that. my goodness. in october, we don't get a lot of rain anyway, but when i've read this book before. >> yeah, it feels likable -- it's extending the season. how much of their budget goes to firefighting. fifty-two% verse hearsay 16 ten years ago. -- verses 16 den years ago. spring starts 21 days earlier now. >> it changes. >> all right, steve. >> according to nature.
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well, here is a performance that stunned racing fans before the bank of america. check it out. that is what pam does every morning. this is erin hanging by her feet from a hoop attached to a helicopter. there's no safety net or harness. she used only the strength of her ankles and feet to stay linked to the ring. she performed other poses as the helicopter hovered over the tracks. holy smokes there. she is a seventh generation circus performer and the wife of nick of the legendary flying family. >> those crazy people. >> yeah. >> wow. >> okay. good morning. >> yeah. that would wake you up. 4:21 is the time. if you have been seeing gas prices heading down, it could be coming to an end. coming up in 15 minutes, the reason behind the changing trends. >> but first, how would you like your face to appear on your breakfast?
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up next, the unique stack of flapjacks that could feature your selfie.
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welcome back. chase utley suspended. that is after least to saturday's game. and broke his leg. utley says he was trying to break up a double late. the umpire ruled the slide legal.
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but then major league baseball executive joe torre now says it was an illegal play. the agent will see an appeal that could allow utley to play tonight in new york. now, the dodgers and the mets are tied at one game apiece in the best of five series. warrior's head coach steve curr talking more about the problem that has lead them to take an indefinite leave of absence. his surgery in july to repair a ruptured disk in his back that he actually suffered during the nba finals. during the surgery, he sustained a spinal fluid leak. the second surgery last month to repair that leak, but says that he's still experiencing symptoms such as headaches and a loss of energy, and he won't put a timetable on his return. >> it's a sprained ankle one to two weeks. there's no telling. it's a little bit open-ended. but everybody is very confident that everything will be fine. >> i have to get my health right before i can coach the team, before i can bring the energy that is necessary to
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coach the team. >> assisted -- assistant coach luke walton is acting as interim head coach. he is checking in on a portion of most practices and watching video of the warrior's exhibition game. the warriors open the season in two weeks. well, a mcdonald's customer in dixon outside sacramento was arrested after she says she was denied a refund. it happened at the mecdonald's on pit school road. diana randolph says she asked for a refund but was refused. witnesses say that is when she reached into the cash register and took money. an off-duty sheriff deputy was there and held randolph until police arrived. she now faces robbery charges. selfies are no longer just for social media. now they have been placed on pancakes. this is video where the holiday in express bus offered up selfie pancakes. you made pancakes over the weekend. >> i saw you. >> people who visited the
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special stack station were asked to snap the selfie. it was printed on a pancake. >> i think it's pretty awesome. it's kind of neat to see your picture on a pancake. i think it's a fun and great family experience. >> a pancake. >> the holiday and express bus made a stop similar to this one in san francisco and oakland last week. there's a public relations stunt to get the word out. the holiday inn expresses which is an automated push button pancake maker. >> i think it would be funnel for someone's birthday. i don't really want my face on a pancake. it's 4:27. well, someone is waking up. $15 million richer. >> you sure? >> i'm sure. >> that you might not even know it. we're going to tell you where winning a super lotto ticket was sold. a hint? it was right here in the bay area. >> plus a bicyclist killed in a bizarre crash on market street in san
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francisco yesterday. we'll tell you how a streetcar track in the middle of the road may have lead to his death.
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monday, october 19. i'm bryan floor residence. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning. thes going to be a hot one. >> for most. that is correct. >> like 9 0ás. >> yes, for many. >> i'm going to go with it. we want to know. we need to know. you know how to dress. >> it doesn't last long. at least the nights are a little longer. they do get into the 50s here. so it does cool off a little bit. overall, lots of sunshine today. warm to hot tomorrow. we will see an increase in high clouds to the south which will throw higher humidity. a little bit of fog down towards santa cruz. since


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