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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we have breaking news in the south bay. three people have died in a crash, possibly from a street race. these are live pictures. the san jose traffic investigation unit are there. santa clara street near 22nd. the police have closed westbound traffic. a honda and acura raced against each other. the honda hit a light pole and a tree. two people died at the scene. two others were rushed to the hospital. one person died at the hospital and the other suffered possibly life-threatening injuries. there's no sign of the acura. you can see the kind of scene that's out there. she will have a live report at 5:30. we're following breaking news in the east bay, where some
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people were awakened by small earthquakes. the strongest one was a magnitude 2.9. it hit the san ramon area before 4::00 this morning. you may have felt them. there have been 18 small quakes in the past day. there's no word of injuries or damage. the people on the facebook page say they felt it in san ramon, danville, dublin, castro valley and santa cara. if you felt it log on to our facebook page and tell us what you felt and what you knee. we want to -- what you know. it is starting to cool down. >> a little bit. we'll take it. >> even a little bit. >> we'll take a little bit cooler over a little bit warmer. >> it was hot at 8:00 at night. >> my ac kicked on.
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>> we have a different twist, there's increase in some fog, it's very shallow. on the golden state bridge. there's not a lot but it's a sign of things to come. cooler for coast and i think the bay, john borrelli in reno said good morning. 54 in reno now, high yesterday 89, i put in that, it was a record. tahoe 80 was a record. driving home this morning, hope the fall temps for the bay area great me. it will be humid today but cooler tomorrow. a lot of high clouds, maybe a few showers toward the south. we're on the northern edge. the lows are warm. 50s for a few, a lot of 60s, hard to see the fog but it's there. this will move up, it will move in around central or south california. it's possible for a few.
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i will mention that for san jose south. 80s or 90s. >> since you have power, guys in the control room on most days like you. >> dave is one of them. he's in the captain's chair. >> that's combat bridge. i have to tell -- golden state -- golden gate bridge. let's take a look at what we have. i'm looking at 580. you can see slow traffic, but not bad for the rest of the east bay. let's see other live pictures. the san mateo bridge looks
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good. we look at the bay bridge, the most commute in the bay area. let's go back to the desk. an arraign. is scheduled for the three people accused of killing a hiker in ma rain county -- ma rain county and a tourist. the three suspects will be charged with murder. the three defendants will go before a judge for the first time in marin county. they will be arraigned on the charges. all three defendants are accused in two separate killing. they are drifters, captured last week in portland, oregon. lampley, angle and algood. murder with special
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circumstances and murder. they used a stolen handgun to shoot and kill audrey kerry. and authorities say they gunned down steven carter. prosecutors accused the defendants of lies in wait to kill carter and steal his car. morrison lampley was the trigger man in both of the killings. but the other two defendants are just as responsible for the crime as cording to prosecutors. all three are eligible for the death penalty based on the murder with special circumstances charge. that's a decision that the attorney's office has yet to make. >> we'll talk in depth with the law enforcement agencies involved. we'll reach out to the family members of the murder victims, because their feelings are important us to in making that
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decision. [singing] >> yesterday some friends of steven carter held a vigil on the trail where he was killed last week. a memorial stands at the trail head to honor the husband and yoga instructor. in san francisco mourners came together in great park -- golden state -- golden gate park. in a couple hours the three defendants accused of these two murders in separate jurisdictions will face a judge for the first time. >> very disturbing, they took place in areas where people feel very safe. >> they cerny were shocking for people in both of the
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communities. >> particular leung nerving. we want to talk more with the attacks. it makes people nervous people near golden gate park. a meeting with police turned into a packed shouting match with people voicing concerns about transients. people in the hate -- haight have to call police. investigates, continue into crashes involving four bay area transit agencies. four separate incidents involving bart, cal train, and the bta. a light rail train hit and killed a person yesterday after that. person was trapped beneath the train. investigators are trying to figure out why the pedestrian was on the track. that haltd rail service and
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caused vta to use buses. a bart train hit and killed a person at the san bruno station. that prompted the station to close for a couple hours. san trans provided bus service. there were accidents yesterday involving amtrak and cal train. amtrak train heading to sacramento hit a car in santa clara, no one was seriously hurt. 10 minutes later a commuter train hit a person at the station. 500 passengers had to get off the train and board another train. an oakland hand is accused of setting halloween costumes on fire. he's expected to be charged with arson. a customer sent us this cell phone. this is in san leandro, video
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shows the man leaking lighter fluid around the store. then the fire started. the store had to be evacuated. it was closed for hours. it did reopen at 5:00 last night and no one was hurt. the suspect was arrested. he was taken to a hospital for exam nation -- examation. a lot of talk about the first democratic debate. we'll have a live report on the memorable moments from the debate. . we're looking at the mcarthur maze, traffic is moving well, if you're driving around the corner to the bay bridge. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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welcome back to the morning on two. it's back to the grueling campaign trail for the democratic presidential candidates looking for support, votes and money after the long and bruising debate in receive. which -- las vegas. which candidates have the edge. doug, maybe you have the answer. >> maybe, maybe not. this has been a tough race to predict. bernie sanders is getting fund- raising out of his performance. there may not be much change in
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the numbers when we get our poll. from the get-go it was clear that hillary clinton front runner status was going to make her a target. >> why i'm in the middle and lots of things coming from all directions. this biggest line of the night came from bernie sanders. >> the secretary is right, and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e- mails. >> thank you. me too. that reference to the e-mail scandal was met with a standing ovation and handshake from clinton after clinton initiated an attack over gun control. >> senator sanders voted five times against the brady bill, since it was passed 2 million pro human beinged purchases before a have been prevented.
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clinton was attacked by three on the stage. some for the war on iraq. >> i think we need someone that has the best ethical standards. >> senator clinton, do you want to respond in. >> no. >> there was agreement on the stage talking about income inequality and going after the republicans but not to mention of the uncertainty that hangs over the race. will joe biden join the race. maybe one of the days we'll get an answer to the question. google tracked the questions asked to search engine during the debate and found that the most common question asked was how old they were. for the other three second tier
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candidates. who they were. clearly they were unknown. will that change the result. it's not clear. now 5:14, new this morning toyota cars will look different in the future because of the environmental pledge. toyota just announced it does not expect by the year 2050 to sell many cars running on standard gas. most will be hybrids and fuel cells. the company wants to cut the average emission by 90%. and toyota expects have to sold 15 million hybrids by 2020. >> the fire program will not include inmates with violent past. they decided against it after the firefighting union brought up the idea. they will include inmates with
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seven years left on the sentence instead of the current five years. representatives from the u.s. forest service and cal fire will tour the area ravaged by the butte fire. it destroyed 800 buildings. two people lost their lives. the focus will include fire assessment, fire cost and restoration. nancy pelosi will be in san francisco today talking about a prong to rehabilitate public housing. pelosi and ed lee will tour the apartments ataturk and fifth street. they are the site of a project that transfers control of public housing to 45 at developers who get tax breaks
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in exchange for rehabbing the units and keeping the rent low. there's a new public relations campaign to teach propet quick. --et get. the images remind people that the transit system is not a restaurant and to avoid personal grooming and not all passengers enjoy your taste in music. the campaign is based on the types of complaints they hear from riders. i don't -- obviously loud music. >> how is making up offending, perfume, i can understand. >> if you bump someone. you know. >> sometimes i know that i've gotten complaining doing this
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job about people who are inconsider it to others. maybe now they feel they have to jebry remind something. >> people have a rule no eating in the car. sometimes we wouldn't eat if we didn't eat in the car. let's go to the drive- through. let's start with highway 24, if you have to take that cup of coffee to go, highway 24 looks good, no major problems there. i see red and blue lights, someone could be pulled over. so far it looks good as you drive from walnut creek to oakland. san mateo bridge is not bad. highway 101 looks good. at the toll plaza of the bay bridge traffic is light. we get the crowds, doesn't look like there will be one. at 5:30 they show up. at 5:18, let's go to sieve. >> we have a little bit of a
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different forecast today. we'll be warm, but not as hot as yesterday. the humidity factor could be higher toward the south bay, clouds are moving up and the fog has made it to the golden gate bridge. there's not much of a breeze. clouds in antioch, good morning, clear and 70 degrees. yesterday the high 95.9. he's very precise. my forecast was 95. there's a 3-degree guarantee. that's considers a hit. he reminds me what my forecast was. higher clouds from southern california. record lows in southern california yesterday. 77 for the low in burbank, 73 at l.a.x. humidity to match. maybe shower activity for them. >> may be moving north.
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bodega bay 62. monterey a balmy 75 -- 65 degrees. 60s for many. another 70 for some. upper 60s a few 50s. 62 in gilroy, santa cruz at 60 degrees and 68 at san jose state. 72 in l.a., 71 santa barbara, 54 in ukiah. south lake tahoe a record. the low will continue to work its way in. it will be bumped by this system that will cool us down by the weekend. patchy fog, a few showers possible. 80s and 90s, 70s and 80s closer to the water. cooler weather is on the way. hang in for one more day. over the weekend we see cooler
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temps. >> i've told you steve would come to your rescue. >> we don't have air- conditioning, it's hot. >> i've heard from a lot of people saying the same thing. >> people move to sausalito for the water and the breeze and the cool temperature. to be in the 90s. >> it was 92 there yesterday. >> i couldn't see the stars and planets. >> a few high clouds. boy, a former nba star is fighting for his life right now. we'll tell you the latest what we know about lamar odom and the investigation into what happened to him.
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welcome back. a bay area hospital said it's the first accredited facility in the east bay to offer patients 3-d mammography. this someone at the walnut creek facility takes 15 images where a traditional mammogram takes one. doctors can detect small cancers that would have been missed. >> the studies have shown this equipment will detect cancer 41% more because it is specific i. now the machine cost about a half million dollars each, but it is working to raise money so it can replace all the old machines with the new technology. students from san leandro
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high school came together to help a classmate. look at this. students forming the letter n for a group photo. the latest show of support for naomi lopez. she was diagnosed with leukemia in june. the students with the jefferson service club started raising money. they presented naomi's sister with checks totaling $9,000. they hope she will go back to school next year. former nba player lamar odom is in the hospital fighting for his life. he was found unconscious in a brothel in nevada. he is fighting for his life right now. he's 35-year-old. you may know him as the ex- husband of khloe kardashian. he was at the love ranch south, 60 miles west of las vegas.
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where he was found unresponsive. rescue crews, he's 6'10". they were not able to fit him in a medical helicopter, they had to drive him to a hospital. he had been partying with girls for days. he may have been taking a form of her ball -- herbal viagra. steph curry and iguodala will play in the johnny miller pro-am. steph curry played golf with president obama. steph is very good. it's part of the open. rory mcilroy will be among the great golfers competing. >> beautiful shot.
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time is 5:26, from facebook to san quinten state prison. zuckerberg says the criminal system is not working i'm a deadly crash kills three teenagers, what police think they were doing before the accident happened. we're looking at the east bay compute and interstate 680. that area is looking good. you see it looks good passing mission. a hint of fog has returned for the golden gate bridge, the clouds coming from the south, it won't be as warm today.
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welcome back, middle touch week, i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we continue to follow the breaking news in san jose, an apparent street race has led to 3 deaths on east santa clara street. jeanine, you got new information about the victims. >> in the last 30 minutes the sergeant confirmed that all three victims were juveniles and so was did victim still in the hospital. they were teenagers. the car that they were in has
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been towed. we're told it hit a light pole, then the car crashed into the tree that you see over there that's went. the police were called before 11:00 to santa clara street. a honda and a black acura were racing westbound and the honda lost control and crashed. a female and male in the car died at the scene, the other males were rushed to the hospital where one died. the surviving victim had life- threatening injuries. investigators roped off the scene to find evidence. it's unknown if alcohol were involved. there were no evident signs. we're expecting them to open the road up completely and wrap-
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up this scene at reis in the next five minute -- at least in the next five minutes. time is 5:32. let's move forward now. we'll check your weather. the latest on the forecast. cooler coast and bay, a lot of clouds from the south, they are tropical. >> tropical, yes. the golden gate bridge is foggy. >> i don't know if it will make it past that. it will eventually but not today. it's a sign of things to come. some is lifted. that's my fear. it will tease us and back off. there's some, it is trying to work it's way close do the coast. there's strong high pressure as you can imagine. the clouds move up from southern california associated with the low.
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increasing clouds coming up. more toward monterey, santa cruz mountain. 62 to 65 on the water temps. they are very warm. 50s for a few, 60s to 70s for others the low is on the way up, this will cool us down on the weekend. it will weaken but bring in cooler temps. patchy fog, a few showers for the south way. 80s and 90s. >> anything going on sal. there's slow traffic building up. we'll start at the bay bridge toll plaza, and just as i expected at 5:30 is when it starts to get busy and they turn the metering lights on. just like clockwork, there's a backup of 10 minutes at the toll plaza. there's nothing reported at to bring.
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traffic is moving nicely once you make on it the span. looks at interstate 880 in oakland. traffic is looking good in both directions. and speaking of the nimitz from hayward to fremont it's a nice drive. at 5:34 let's go back to the desk. san jose police want your help tracking down a suspected hit and run driver who hit and killed a man. we brought this as breaking news yesterday morning. on white road, the driver plowed into the man walking a long white road. that man died at the scene. police released a photo of the possible suspect, this is from a nearby bakery, the man got coffee and bread before the crash. >> the bottom line is this. he ran over someone and fred the scene. he should have called for help. he didn't call for help. >> the driver was in a full-
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sized ford pickup truck with tinted windows, black rims and a loud exhaust. it had continue truck -- continue truck equipment in the back. >> zuckerberg and his wife visited san quinten. he talked to inmates taking a coding course. he wanted to look at the nation's prison system. he was inspired the book "the new jim crow" saying the war on drugs has unfairly targeted black men. making the justice system fair and more effective is a huge challenge for the country. there's a new revelation
5:36 am
about one of the three santa clara correctional officer accused in the beating death of an inmate. matthew phares, and rafael rodriquez are charged in the killing of michael tyree. rodriquez is being linked to possible internet searches about whether someone can die being punched in the arm pit. the attorney for the victim's family speak out side the court. >> my clients are still heart broken and sad and every day miss their brother. all three deputies are free on bail and the judge ordered the men to stay away from the county jail and inmates. they will return to court next
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month and enter pleas. time 5:36, security will be tightened at a mcdonald's restaurant because of complaints of criminal activity. at haight and stancion treats aagreed to security, increase lighting and the number of security cameras. mcdonald's will pay the city $40,000 and consult with the police every month to go over safety issues. earlier this year herrera threatened mcdonald's over hundreds of complaints over alleged drug trafficking. there's a new complaint for police to undergo psychological testing every five years. it could prevent friction. currently all officers in the state have to pass a psych test
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before they are hired but no other tests are required after that unless there's a specific concern. >> it could be a compounding issues this is my 20th scene for whatever critical event. >> we could ask for the officers to vol tar to come forward. >> they are offering a new resource, a one stop we'llness -- wellness center. today, maybe the final blow for sinbad restaurant. a spokeswoman said the sheriff department will officially evict the restaurant at 11:30 this morning by changing the locks. the restaurant owners have been ordered to vacate in march. they will expand the ferry terminal and the restaurant are
5:39 am
in the way. the agency that overseas the eastern span of the bay bridge have decided to spend millions more to check the troubled anchor rods. the 400 rods are part of the seismic safety system. some were exposed to salt water. the bridge oversite committee voted to spend millions to make sure they are safe. previous tests show they would be safe during an earthquake. >> 406 out of 407 rods passed with full seismic loads. as for the bridge's main cable, officials are asking engineers to look at the idea what else might be kuhn to petter protect it. one recommendation is pump in dry air along the length of the cable. that would cost 10 to $20
5:40 am
million. >> independent investigator will look into claims of one of the two companies competing to improve the naval station improperly lob's the committee. can tell as -- dotel as accused linar of lobbies i can a city council. mayor tim gray son returned $60,000 in contribution to his assembly campaign tied to linar. at the city council meeting an investigator will be hired time to look into the lobbying allegations. despite a decrease in gas prices the bay area is seeing
5:41 am
some of the highest prices in the area. 2.87 a gallon. people across the country are paying 2.31. san francisco has the most expensive in the bay area. if you look at where we stand this morning. in san francisco it is 3 .01. in oakland 2.85. former federal reserve chairman ben bernanki will be in san francisco. he will speak tonight. he served two terms as fed  chairman from 2006 to 2014, in tonight's remarks he will talk about the bursting of the housing bubble and the efforts taken to prevent an economic collapse. time is 5:41, a man arrested in redwood city accused of sexual assaulting a woman. the online posting he used to lure in his victims.
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. welcome back to the mornings on two. police arrested a security superintendent for sequoia operate on sexual assault -- hospital for sexual assault. he told a woman she needed to
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pass a medical exam as can't for employment. chow posed as a doctor and sexually assaulted her in a utility room. police say chow tried to do the same thing to an 18-year-old woman but she was suspicion left and called police. a sexually violent predator will be released in a state hospital and will live in motels in southern california laneo county. -- southern california laneo county. two years ago a court ordered smith to be released. efforts to place him in housing have been met with resistance. he will move from motel to mow told every four or five days through the state's conditional release program. he will be released on or
5:46 am
before november 30th. iran is flexing it's muscle despite an agreement. iran announced it successfully tested a new precision-guided ballistic missile last sunday. the u.s. said the test violated the united nation resolution. the u.s. will raise the issue with the united nation. new sanctions are now possible. >> we'll take appropriate level. in addition we have authorities to take action that's appropriate against these individuals involved. >> iran is back. they feel unincumbered by the deal to do what iran does normally. >> the nuclear agreement required iran not the take part
5:47 am
in activities related to missiles. tehran said none of the missiles are designed for that. an artist is giving brats doll a makeover. she redressed them in the likeness of empowering women. one looks like malala. the other looks like j.k. recalling. she will -- rowling. she will sell the dolls on ebay. a lot of parents were not happy about the brats dolls. this is interesting. you busy this morning. how does highway 4 look. >> looking at highway 4, be looking at a long stretch of it. you can see, we have it tilted up, you can see all the head
5:48 am
lighting heading our way. >> things are getting busy. there's no crashes but a lot of people headed out the door and on the road. you can see the traffic is filled up. it happens quickly. if we were here an hour ago no traffic. we have a couple crashes on 580 at greenville road. there's a crash on the altamont pass that may slow you down. they don't seem that serious but they are slowing traffic. if this is your commute, leave early you will combat the delays you will see out there getting off the 680. let's go to steve and the weather center. have fog trying, made it to the golden gate and disappeared. it will probably be a cooler pattern for the coast and the
5:49 am
bay. the delta breeze has decided to wake up. it's not that strong. the lows are mild, a lot of clouds coming up from this low. it's beginning to move. the higher clouds are increasing, possibility of showers out of this. santa cruz, san jose south later today into tonight. water temps are very warm. you can find 70s plenty off southern california. speaks of 70. livermore, you know livermore yesterday was the warmest in northern and central california. warmer than baker field, fresno. it was hot. 60 with a few 50s, even the north bay had 40s, now it's 50s and 60s. petaluma 57. these are running warmer than yesterday. for the first time in a while,
5:50 am
southwest 16, travis was less than 3 miles an hour for several weeks. 54 in ukiah, the low is moving as it ejects northeast. it will weaken but will cool us down as we head to friday and the weekend. more sun to the north, more clouds to the south. patchy fog and cooler. 70s and 80s. coming down for san francisco yesterday, which was 87 degrees. tied record highs. san jose 93, will not tabe that hot. cooler friday, and cooler on the weekend. >> that's cool. lovely. that's cool. the cubs going to the national league championship series. >> he got him! a strikeout. the cubs win! >> the cubs beat the cardinals 6-4. game four of the division
5:51 am
series, the first time in the 100 year history the cubs clinched a postseason there. they will play to winners of the dodgers-mets series. that will be decided tomorrow in los angeles. >> what a series. time is 5:51. a rare sight in southern california. a close of look, this is a whale that hasn't been seen in that area in more than 20 years.
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. look at that. lucky whale watchers had a rare whale sighting. a pod. 40 short finned pilot whales popped up near dana point. only the fifth time since june of 2014 they have been spotted. before that they had not been seen in 40 years. a el nino caused the whales to disappear. fish die offs are not unusual in clearlake. two incidents in october is triggering an investigation. environmental officials found hundreds of dead fish at two locations in the south end of clearlake. scientist think it was caused
5:55 am
by a chemical spill, maybe by tollium base after witnesses reported a strong chemical odor. water samples have within taken to a lab. fish and wildlife officials are running their own test by exam inning the remains of the dead fish. trials are set for a new hiv vaccine. it was developed by the scientist that proved that aids was triggered by the hiv virus. antibodies will attack the virus. the first round will involve 60 volunteers, it will only look at the safety and immune responses of the patient. three environmental groups are suing the forest service
5:56 am
claiming it allows nestly to pipe water out of the forest. nestly withoutels out of the arrowhead brand. >> released the trick or treat index rakes cities where kids get the most candy and be safe. looking at housing density and age of the population. san francisco came out on top followed by los angeles and chicago. here's a look at the five best neighborhoods in san francisco to trick or treat:
5:57 am
. coming up next, a deadly crash shut down a san jose street. three teenagers are dead. one in critical condition. we'll tell you what police say may have caused the crash. >> the three people accused of two bay area murders. they are due in court this morning. the charges they face and who authorities believe pulled the trigger.
5:58 am
5:59 am
lot of the issues, many of the important issues that you have brought up. i want to begin with concerns that votstates. i want to go down secretary is . and that is that the american people are sick and tired of your damn e-mails. >> we can't afford a republican
6:00 am
to follow barack obama as president. good morning, our top story developing news from san jose. part of sand clara street downtown closed off after a crash killed three teenagers there. jeanine has been on the scene, she will have more on what police are saying about the crash and what may have led up to this. you're looking at live pictures as they try to clear that scene. >> they will be out there for a long time. it is since it's a gettal accident they will be out there for a while. thank you for joining us west morning october 14th. let's talk about weather and traffic. elaine in san ramon said you're talking about the earthquake we're having. >> i am. that's all a part. >>


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